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2017年10月23日 19:55:05 | 作者:安心新闻 | 来源:新华社
Some people are born lucky. Parents in China, however, would rather not leave their kids’ fate to chance.据《华盛顿邮报》报道,有些人生来就是幸运的,然而中国的父母们可不想仅凭机遇来决定他们孩子的命运。For the past few weeks, many couples have been trying desperately to conceive, racing against time to have a baby in the fortuitous Year of the Horse. Their reasoning: No one wants a baby born in 2015, the ded Year of the Sheep.过去几周内,许多夫妻拼命努力地尝试受,争分夺秒地想要在幸运的马年生下一个宝宝。他们的理由很简单:没人想在可怕的羊年要小孩。Sheep are meek creatures, raised for nothing more than slaughter. Babies born in the Year of the Sheep, therefore, will grow up to be followers rather than leaders, according to some superstitions. The children are destined for heartbreak and failed marriages, and they will be unlucky in business, many Chinese believe. One popular folk saying holds that only one out of 10 people born in the Year of the Sheep finds happiness.羊是一种温顺的动物,养着就是为了长大后宰掉吃肉的。按照一些迷信的说法,羊年出生的小孩长大后会像温顺的羊一样永远只能追随别人、永远都成为不了领袖。很多中国人认为,羊年出生的孩子注定要遭受痛苦的心碎,失败的婚姻和生意上的霉运。其中一个流传甚广的民间说法是在十个羊年出生的人中只有一个能找到幸福。Health professionals say fertility consultations have spiked in recent months. Some doctors even have expressed worries that there may be a corresponding jump in abortions later this year, as couples realize they missed the horse-year cutoff.健康专家表示,近几个月的生育咨询数量大增。有些医生甚至担忧年末会有大量的夫妇因错过马年生育而选择堕胎。According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Year of the Sheep (also called goat or ram) begins Feb. 19, 2015, so the window for conception closes around the end of this month.根据中国农历日历,羊年(亦称山羊或绵羊年)从农历2015年2月29日开始,所以今年最理想的怀日期大概在本月月末。Many patients have inquired about early delivery via Caesarean section to ensure a horse-year birth, said Li Jianjun, an obstetrician at Beijing’s ed Family Hospital.北京和睦家医院产科医师李建军表示,很多夫妇都询问过可否通过剖腹产以提前在马年产下孩子。Some doubt the furor will have a significant effect on the Chinese birthrate this year. But the babymania is so widesp that the state-run China News Service issued a report trying to debunk the “unfounded” myth of bad luck for those born in Year of the Sheep.有些人认为这种“马年赶着生小孩”的狂热会给今年中国的出生率带来巨大影响。这种过度狂热、且大幅传播的“婴儿潮”促使官方的中国新闻社专门发表了一期报道,以揭穿“羊年生的小孩走霉运”这种“毫无根据”的民间传说。“We try our best to dissuade couples from believing the sheep superstitions,” one official at China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention said. The woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to give an interview, said the subject has become such a prominent issue that it is often addressed in classes for would-be parents.中国疾病预防控制中心一名不愿透露姓名的女官员表示,“我们正尽力规劝夫妇不要相信所谓的羊年迷信。”她表示,关于羊年的迷信已经成为一个很严重的问题,甚至很多时候需要专门的课程来帮助“准父母”们在这方面答疑解惑。But the medical professionals do not have an easy sell. The official said that even her colleagues at the disease-control center are obsessed with the supposed luck a horse year brings.但医务人员不容易。这位官员说,即便是她在疾病控制中心的同事,也对这种马年好运的说法深信不疑。‘All that pressure’“全都是压力”It’s unclear how the Year of the Sheep came to acquire its bad reputation.没有人清楚羊年霉运的臭名是从哪里得来的。Each of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac has it virtues and faults. The undisputed favorite is the dragon, often followed by the tiger and the horse — an energetic animal closely associated with success, according to Chinese sayings.中国的十二生肖各有优缺点。最受人们喜爱的生肖当属龙、虎和马,因为根据中国的民间说法,这三种充满力量的动物往往会带来成功。Even rats (considered clever and agile) and snakes (which look like mini-dragons) are considered lucky. But sheep have fewer advantageous qualities, according to some interpretations.即便是老鼠(通常被认为是聪明和灵巧的)还有蛇(看起来像是一条小龙一样)都被认为是幸运的生肖。但就一些对生肖的解读而言,羊的优点却寥寥无几。Those born in sheep years are thought of as passive, loyal, generous and kind. Some of those virtues may be wonderful in an ideal world, but not so useful in the dog-eat-dog real world.羊年出生者通常被认作是被动,忠诚,慷慨和善良的人。这些品德在理想的世界里或许是美好的,但在“咬”的现实世界中却没什么用途。“It’s an unfair and outdated superstition,” said Dong Mengzhi, 74, honorary president of Beijing’s Folk Literature and Art Society. “But it’s a convenient way for many to explain an unpredictable world.”“这是一个不公平的、过时了的迷信,”74岁的北京民间文艺家协会名誉主席董梦知说,“但是对很多人而言,这是一种便于用来解释不可预知世界的方法。”Unfair or not, one of the first things Zhang Xiaolei’s parents did when she got engaged in 2012 was to sit down with a Chinese zodiac calendar.不管这个生肖的说法公不公平,张小蕾2012年订婚时,她父母首先做的事情就是坐下来仔细地研究中国的黄道日历。“We all agreed to hurry up and avoid the sheep,” said Zhang, 26, a government worker in Shangdong province.“我们都想要快点生孩子,避免赶上羊年。”26岁的山东省政府工作者张女士说。Her husband quit drinking and started exercising in an effort to increase his fertility. Zhang went on a diet and got more sleep. But after a year and half of trying, nothing.她的丈夫戒酒同时也开始了锻炼,努力提高生育率。张女士也开始节食并且增加了睡眠。但是经过一年半的尝试之后,张女士还是没有怀上孩子。“I don’t know what happened,” she sighed. “Maybe it was all that pressure.”“我不知道怎么回事,”张女士叹息道,“可能都是迷信带来的压力。”She and her husband — both born in a dragon year, the luckiest of all — have consoled themselves with the hope that, if they do conceive later this year, their baby will be that one lone sheep in 10 to find happiness.张女士和她的丈夫都出生于最幸运的龙年,他们安慰自己“如果在今年后段怀,他们的孩子一定会是十个羊年生人中的可以找到幸福的那一个”。Others who fear they will miss their window have flocked to support groups that have sprung up online.其他担心错失生育良机的夫妇纷纷蜂拥向迅速涌现的在线持组寻求帮助。Boom periods繁盛时期While demographers acknowledge the Chinese zodiac’s cultural importance, some have thrown cold water on the idea that it affects birthrates on a national scale.虽然人口学家承认中国十二生肖文化的重要性,有些人还是向这种文化泼来了冷水,因为他们认为这种文化影响了全国人口的出生率。Some Chinese provinces and hospitals have at times shown increases in births during lucky animal years and decreases in sheep years, but there is no discernible effect on national demographics, according to Duan Chengrong, a population expert who in 2003 published one of the only studies available on the phenomenon.根据人口学专家段成荣所言,虽然中国的一些省份和医院的新生儿出生数屡次在幸运生肖年和羊年之间起落,但是它对国家人口却没有什么明显的影响。段成荣先生在2003年出版了对这一现象研究仅有的几部可用专著之一。“It doesn’t mean it isn’t a factor,” he said by phone last week. “But its effects are likely diluted and overshadowed by others.”“这并不意味着生肖迷信没有影响,”他在上周的一次电话通话中说,“但这种迷信的影响可能被其他因素的影响给淡化或者掩盖了。”Among the factors that have affected China’s birthrate in recent decades, and complicated the interpretation of such data, are political and economic upheaval and the government’s one-child policy.在近几十年来影响中国人口出生率的因素中,使这些数据很难解读的一大部分原因就是政治经济动荡和独生子女政策。In other countries, demographers have also grappled with theories of baby booms linked to specific events.在其他国家,人口统计学家还坚持着婴儿潮与特定事件有关联的理论。In the ed States, for example, New York newspapers famously announced a boom in pregnancies after the massive blackout of 1965, during which couples supposedly had nothing better to do than procreate. But such a phenomenon was debunked in later years by population experts.比如在美国,纽约的报纸曾宣布,在1965年大规模停电后,怀者数量大增,因为在这期间夫妇可能除了生育之外没有什么其他可以用来消遣的事情了。但在一些年后,人口专家揭露了这种现象的真实原因。For those in China most schooled in the mystical arts of fortunetelling, all this attention to the Chinese zodiac calendar year is wasted.对于中国那些精于算命的人而言,所有对中国生肖日历年的关注都是徒劳的。“Ordinary people only care about the zodiac because it is much easier to understand than the truth. To us true feng-shui masters, the zodiac doesn’t matter at all,” said Wen Chaoliang, 39. “What matters most isn’t the year you are born but the exact time of delivery.”“平常人仅仅关注生肖而非真理是因为生肖更加简单易懂。对我们而言真正有影响的是风水,而非生肖,”39岁的文超良说,“对你命运真正有影响的不是你出生的年份而是你出生的具体时间。”Feng shui is the ancient art of arranging objects or numbers to improve luck.风水是一种通过合理安排物品或数目来提升运势的古老艺术。For 0, Wen said, he has been helping couples pick the most fortuitous hours for their planned C-sections-.交五百美元,文超良就会帮助夫妇挑选最幸运的时间进行剖腹产。For an extra 0, he throws in a lucky name. For ,000, he will rearrange your home’s furniture to ensure the best possible future for your child.再交130美元,他就会给孩子起一个交好运的名字。交3000美元,他就会重新安排你家具的位置,以确保孩子最优秀的未来发展。“Don’t you want your baby to be successful? Don’t you want your baby to be healthy and beautiful?” he said. “Think about it. Isn’t it worth it?”“你不想让你的孩子成功吗?你不想让你的孩子健康可爱吗?”他说,“认真考虑考虑吧,这不是很值得的交易吗?” /201405/297872Leaders of the Brics group of large emerging countries have named Shanghai as the headquarters of their new development bank and nominated India to provide its first president.由大型新兴国家组成的“金砖国家”(Brics)集团领导人已决定将上海作为其新建开发的总部,并决定由印度选出首任行长。Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, accompanied by the leaders of Russia, India, China and South Africa, announced the plans at their sixth summit in Fortaleza after a last-minute debate between China and India over who should host the New Development Bank.在俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非领导人的陪同下,巴西总统迪尔玛#8226;罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)在巴西福塔莱萨召开的金砖国家第六次年度峰会上宣布了这一计划,此前中国和印度在最后一刻就新开发(New Development Bank)总部设在哪里进行了辩论。A statement from the group, titled the “Fortaleza Declaration”, also said a “regional centre” would be established in South Africa concurrently with the headquarters.金砖国家的联合声明“福塔莱萨宣言”(Fortaleza Declaration)还表示,在设立总部的同时,还将在南非设立一个“区域中心”。The declaration said Brazil would head the bank’s board of directors and Russia would lead the board of governors of the institution, which will have initial authorised capital of 0bn aimed at fighting financial crises and initial subscribed capital of bn.宣言称,巴西将派出代表担任新董事会董事长,俄罗斯将选出代表担任该理事会主席,该的法定启动资金为1000亿美元,旨在应对金融危机,而各成员国认缴的启动资金额度为500亿美元。“Based on sound banking principles, the NDB will strengthen co-operation among our countries and will supplement the efforts of multilateral and regional financial institutions for global development,” the declaration said.宣言称:“在稳健的原则下,新开发将加强各成员国之间的合作,并对多边和区域金融机构致力于全球发展的努力提供补充。”Ms Rousseff told journalists later the establishment of the bank had turned the Brics into “a partnership based on institutions”.罗塞夫随后告诉记者,该的设立将金砖国家变成了“一种基于体制的合作关系”。Having won the right to host the head office, China is expected to be the last of the countries to receive the revolving presidency.中国已赢得设立总部的权利,因此预计中国将是五国中最后一个担任该轮值行长的国家。 /201407/312750LONDON — The Church of England overturned centuries of tradition on Monday with a final vote allowing women to become bishops, with the first appointments possible by Christmas.伦敦——英格兰国教会(Church of England)周一通过最终投票,推翻了一个有着几百年历史的传统,允许女性担任主教。首批女主教的任命可能会在圣诞节前。Approval of the historic change, which was first agreed to in July, was announced after a largely symbolic show of hands at the General Synod, the lawmaking body of the Church of England. The British Parliament supported the measure last month.英格兰国教会的立法机构总议会(General Synod)在进行了很大程度上是象征性的举手表决后,宣布通过了这一具有历史意义的变革。这项变革是在7月达成一致的。上月,英国议会对这一举措表示持。“Today we can begin to embrace a new way of being the church and moving forward together,” the archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, said after the vote.“今天,我们将迎来一种新的教会模式,并携手前行,”坎特伯雷大主教贾斯汀·韦尔比(Justin Welby)在投票结束后说。Two decades after the first female priest was ordained, the issue of women taking senior roles in the church hierarchy remains divisive. As recently as 2012, the proposal had been defeated by six votes.在首位女性被任命为牧师20年后,女性在教会层级中担任高级职务这个问题,依然存在分歧。就在2012年,这一提议还因反对方多出六票而未能通过。But Archbishop Welby, the spiritual leader of the church and the global Anglican Communion, who supported the vote from the start, had warned fellow church leaders this year that the public would find the exclusion of women “almost incomprehensible.”英格兰国教会和全球圣公宗(Anglican Communion)的精神领袖韦尔比大主教从一开始就持该提议。他今年告诫教会的其他领袖,民众会认为将女性排除在外“几乎无法理解”。On Monday, however, he acknowledged that a split in the worldwide Anglican community was now a serious possibility. “Without prayer and repentance, it is hard to see how we can avoid some serious fractures,” he said.然而,韦尔比大主教周一承认,全球圣公宗现在很有可能会发生分裂。“如果不祈祷和悔过,很难看清我们如何才能避免一些严重的分裂,”他说。The change involves the addition of a sentence to Canon 33, stating: “A man or a woman may be consecrated to the office of bishop.”这一改变将让第33条教规新增一句话,注明:“男女皆可被任命为主教。”Half a dozen British dioceses may soon appoint new bishops, including Oxford, Gloucester and Newcastle. Southwell and Nottingham are reportedly aly considering applications from women, with a first appointment might be made before the year’s end. Last month, the church floated the idea that affirmative action could be used to ordain underrepresented female bishops.包括牛津、格洛斯特和纽卡斯尔在内的六个主教教区可能很快就会任命新主教。据报道,绍斯韦尔和诺丁汉已在考虑来自女性的申请。首位女主教的任命或许会在年底之前进行。上月,教会提出了一个观点,即可以采取积极行动,任命未被充分代表的女性为主教。One faction within the Church of England that opposes women as bishops is a conservative evangelical group called Reform. Arguing that “the divine order of male headship” makes it “inappropriate” for women to lead dioceses, Reform claims that at least a quarter of the church will find this incompatible with their beliefs.英格兰国教会内部反对女性担任主教的派别之一,是一个保守的福音派团体,被称作改革宗(Reform)。该团体称,“男性占领导地位的神圣旨意”决定了女性“不宜”领导主教教区,并表示至少四分之一的教众会觉得此举有违他们的信仰。But Monday’s vote was welcomed by longstanding campaigners like the Very Rev. Jane Hedges, the first female dean of Norwich, who called it “very exciting and good news for the church and our mission to the world.” Dean Hedges said she had not expected to see this change in her professional life.但周一的投票,得到了教长简·赫奇斯(Jane Hedges)等长期活动人士的欢迎。作为诺威奇的首任女教长,赫奇斯称此事“对教会和我们向全世界布道来说,都是非常激动人心的好消息”。赫奇斯教长称没想到会在职业生涯期间目睹这一变化。Archbishop Welby predicted after Monday’s vote that half the Church of England’s bishops could be women within a decade, which would mean that about 50 dioceses could be led by women.韦尔比大主教在周一的投票后预测,十年之内,英格兰国教会一半的主教职务将由女性担任,也就是说,可能会有大约50个主教教区由女性领导。Hilary Cotton, the chairwoman of Women and the Church, or Watch, told the B that she hoped the change occurred quickly.女性与教会(Women and the Church,简称Watch)组织的主席希拉里·科顿(Hilary Cotton)告诉B,她希望这一改变能尽快成为现实。“It is not just about having women wearing purple,” she said. “It is about changing the culture of the church to be more equal.”“此事涉及的,不仅是女性能否穿上紫色主教,”她说,“还涉及改变教会文化,让它更加平等。” /201411/343582Britain has fallen behind Germany and France in Beijing’s estimation, China warned, in unusually blunt language, before its premier visits the UK.中国总理访问英国之前,中国以异常直率的措辞警告称,按照北京方面的估计,英国已落后于德国和法国。China’s ambassador to the UK complained that visa restrictions and delays in expanding Heathrow airport had hurt Britain’s competitiveness while a freeze in relations after David Cameron met the Dalai Lama had left Britain at a disadvantage to its European rivals.中国驻英国大使抱怨称,签限制和伦敦希思罗机场扩建工程的延误,损害了英国的竞争力,而在戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)会晤达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama)之后两国关系冻结,使英国相对于它的欧洲竞争对手处于劣势。“Before I came here, we used to say, when we talked about Europe: ‘Britain, France and Germany’, Liu Xiaoming told journalists.“在我来这里之前,我们过去在谈到欧洲时会说:‘英国、法国、德国,”刘晓明告诉记者。“But unfortunately many opportunities were missed in the past year or so – and we all know the reason behind it – people now start talking about ‘Germany, France and Britain’.”“但不幸的是,过去一年左右时间里,很多机会都被错过了——而我们都知道这一切背后的原因——现在人们开始说‘德国、法国和英国’。”Li Keqiang, the Chinese premier, arrives in London on Monday at the start of a three-day trip. This is the first by a Chinese premier to the UK since 2011, before Mr Cameron’s meeting with the Dalai Lama sparked anger in Beijing and put relations on hold for 18 months.中国总理李克强将于周一抵达伦敦,对英国展开三天访问。这是自2011年以来中国总理首次访问英国。上一次中国总理访英之后,卡梅伦会晤达赖喇嘛引起北京方面愤怒,导致两国关系被搁置了18个月。The trip is meant to cement the full restoration of diplomatic ties after Mr Cameron visited China last year.卡梅伦去年访问中国后,英中全面恢复外交关系,李克强此行意在巩固这一成果。But trade data show the UK still performing substantially worse than France and Germany in its exports to China. Britain’s exports to the fast-growing market were worth .1bn last year, compared with Germany’s .4bn and France’s .bn.但贸易数据显示,英国在对华出口方面仍远逊于法国和德国。去年,英国对快速增长的中国市场的出口达到101亿美元,而德国和法国对华出口分别达到734亿美元和190亿美元。China has often complained about restrictive British visa rules, comparing the UK unfavourably with the Schengen border-free zone covering most of the rest of the EU. Mr Liu said: “Visa restrictions are eroding Britain’s strength.”中国经常抱怨英国的苛刻签规则,称英国的制度不如覆盖欧盟大部分国家的申根(Schengen)区。刘晓明表示:“签限制正在削弱英国的优势。”Ministers are expected to announce a liberalisation of visas to Chinese tourists on Monday.预计英国大臣将在周一宣布对中国游客放宽签。Another worry is the lack of capacity at Heathrow, with a consultation on whether to build a third runway not due to report until after next year’s election. Mr Liu said: “We do expect, maybe even pray, that Heathrow airport will have a third runway.” China Investment Corporation, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, has a 10 per cent stake in the consortium that owns Heathrow.另一个令人担心的地方是希思罗机场的承载力,围绕要不要建造第三条跑道的意见征询工作要到明年大选后才会发表报告。刘晓明表示:“我们确实期望,也许甚至祈祷,希思罗机场将有第三条跑道。”中国的主权财富基金中投公司(CIC)在拥有希思罗机场的企业集团中持有10%股份。Both countries are keen to build business. Mr Cameron last year led what Britain said was the biggest trade delegation ever to visit China. Mr Li will reciprocate next week with a similarly large group of business delegates, 200 in all, although they are not part of the premier’s official entourage.两国都希望发展商业关系。卡梅伦去年率领号称英国史上最大规模的贸易代表团访问中国。李克强本周将带领类似规模的商界代表(200人)回访,尽管这些人不是中国总理官方随行人员的一部分。Mr Liu said bn of deals will be signed between the two countries during the visit, although he was unclear on the status or timescale of the spending.刘晓明表示,李克强访英期间,两国将签署总值300亿美元的协议,尽管他不清楚这些出的具体情况或时间表。One deal is authorisation for China Construction Bank to clear renminbi trading, enhancing London’s lead over European rivals in a race to be the continent’s main centre for the Chinese currency.其中一份协议将是授权中国建设(CCB)在伦敦清算人民币交易,在成为欧洲主要人民币中心的竞赛中使伦敦进一步领先于欧洲竞争对手。Other planned investment from Chinese sources has been slow to materialise. Beyond some much hyped UK property projects with long timetables backed by private sector Chinese tycoons, Beijing’s plans for major state investments in British infrastructure are proceeding slowly.中国其他对英投资计划迄今落实得较慢。除了一些大肆吹嘘的英国房地产项目(这些具有漫长时间表的项目由中国私营部门富豪参与出资)以外,中国国有部门对英国基础设施的重大投资计划进展缓慢。George Osborne, the chancellor, has announced that two Chinese state-owned companies would take up to 40 per cent in the planned #163;16bn Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in Somerset. But industry executives say it could be the end of the year before the companies confirm that investment.英国财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)宣布,两家中国国有企业将在160亿英镑的萨默塞特郡欣克利角核电厂项目中持有最高达40%的股份。但业内高管称,这两家公司可能要到今年底才能确认这笔投资。Mr Li’s suggestion that China could invest in the UK’s HS2 high-speed rail network met a cool response as London says the project will be entirely taxpayer funded.李克强曾提议,中国可以投资于英国的HS2高铁网络,但英方对此反应冷淡。伦敦方面称,该项目的建设资金将完全来自纳税人。Mr Cameron’s focus on Chinese trade has seen the British government do all it can to ensure Mr Li is given a warm welcome, including arranging a meeting with the Queen. Mr Liu described reports that Mr Li had threatened to call off the trip if he was not allowed to meet the Queen as a “misunderstanding”, adding: “Chinese diplomacy is more subtle than that.”卡梅伦对英中贸易的重视意味着,英国政府将竭尽所能确保李克强得到高规格欢迎,包括安排他与女王会晤。此前媒体报道称,中方曾威胁,如果李克强不能见女王,他将取消访英行程。刘晓明形容这样的媒体报道是“误解”。他补充说:“中国的外交做法要更加细腻一些。”A Downing Street official said: “We are focused on how the relationship can benefit both the Chinese and British people. That’s about building a strong economic partnership between our two countries that delivers growth, reform and innovation.”英国首相府一名官员表示:“我们专注于让英中关系造福于中英两国人民。这意味着在我们两国之间构建牢固的经济伙伴关系,带来增长、改革和创新。” /201406/306065

Another Hong Kong-listed Chinese property company has put out the begging bowl. On Monday, Agile Property announced terms for the sector’s third capital raising in two months. Shareholders can take one new share for every five they hold at a price of HK, a 31 per cent discount to the price before the announcement. This will raise about HK0m.又一家在香港上市的中国房地产公司寻求“化缘”。本周一,雅居乐(Agile Property)公布配股融资计划:股东可以4港元的价格配股,每5股配1股,融资约3.6亿港元。这个价格较声明公布前的股价有31%的折让。这是中国内地房地产行业两个月内的第三起配股融资。Country Garden began this run of cash calls late last month with a heavily discounted (also 31 per cent) 1 for 15 rights issue amounting to HK0m. Yuexiu Property followed in early September offering 33 shares for every 100; a deal worth nearly HK0m which came at a 25 per cent discount.碧桂园(Country Garden)上月末开始融资,配股价格有很大折让(也是31%),每15股配1股,共融资4亿港元。9月初,越秀地产(Yuexiu Property)紧随其后进行配股,每100股配33股,共融资近5亿港元,价格较市场价有25%的折让。The sector has swooned as the cash calls have mounted. And there may be little hope for a short term fillip from the government. Recent economic data have spooked the market with fears of a slowdown. House price data from the National Bureau of Statistics show August prices falling month on month in all but two cities, an unwelcome trend given that floor space under construction rose 18 per cent year on year in the same month. But at the weekend, finance minister Lou Jiwei backed away from encouraging stimulus speculation, deflating the excitement that followed last week’s short term liquidity injection.资金需求陡然上升,让中国房地产行业承压。短期内政府可能不会推出刺激举措,最近的经济数据令市场担心经济正在放缓。中国国家统计局(NBS)公布的房地产数据显示,今年8月,在中国70个大中城市中,除两个城市以外,其他所有城市的房地产价格都较前一个月下跌。鉴于8月在建房地产面积同比增加18%,这个趋势令人担心。中国央行上周向业注入短期流动性,一度让市场兴奋。但上周末,中国财政部部长楼继伟没有鼓励刺激传闻,又给市场浇了一盆凉水。Some forms of activity are picking up. Mortgage lending has shown signs of loosening and land purchases were up nearly 8 per cent from a year ago in August. For those companies with solid balance sheets, then, there may be opportunities to put money to work. For the weak, the scramble to raise cash is unlikely to be over. Net debt to equity ratios range from 30 per cent at China Overseas Land to nearly 120 per cent at Evergrande Real Estate.楼市的一些活动正在升温。抵押贷款已显示出放宽迹象;今年8月,土地购置面积同比增长近8%。对于那些拥有稳健资产负债表的房地产企业而言,它们可能有机会将资金投入运作。而对财务较弱的企业而言,它们还会继续纷纷融资。中国房企的净负债产权比率跨度很大,从中国海外发展(China Overseas Land)的30%到恒大地产(Evergrande Real Estate)的近120%不等。Companies that are not well capitalised may run out of willing donors. The housing cycle cannot be predicted. Expect more begging bowls to come.资金不足的房企可能很难找到心甘情愿的投资者。我们无法预测房地产周期,但预计未来将出现更多“化缘”行为。 /201409/331775

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