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The rivers of Zhangjiajieflow northeast intotheYangtse floodplain张家界的河流向东北注入known asthe land offish and rice以鱼米之乡文明的长江平原On an island in a lake in Anhui province在安徽省一个湖泊的小岛上a dragon is stirring一只小龙蠢蠢欲动This is the ancestral home of Chinas largest and rarest reptile这里是中国最大最稀有爬行动物的古老家园A creature of mystery and legend一种传说中的神秘生物Dragon eggs are greatly prized龙卵是非常珍贵的these babies need tohatch outquick这些孩子们需要快点孵化出来It would seem someone is on their trail看起来有人正在进行搜寻For a helpless baby reptile对一只无助的爬行类幼仔来说imprisoned in a leathery membrane inside a choky shell囚禁在令人窒息的蛋壳的坚韧隔膜里a process of hatching在孵化过程中is a titanic struggle需要拼尽全力挣扎And time isrunning out时间在不断流逝Its taken 2 hours for the little dragon to get its head out of this egg小鳄鱼需要耗费2个小时才能将脑袋伸出蛋壳It needs to gather its strength now现在是拼尽全力a final massive push进行最后奋力一击的时刻 /201207/192079。

Sneak some healthy goodness into your familys everyday diet with these tips.根据以下建议,偷偷在家人的日常饮食中加入健康元素。Step 1 Make eating a game1.让吃饭成为游戏Make a game of eating healthy. Hold green bean eating contests that incite competitive kiddies to beat their parents in a competition.让健康饮食成为游戏。举办吃青豆比赛,刺激有好胜心的孩子们在竞争中击败父母。Step 2 Design fun foods2.设计有趣的食物Design plates of veggies and fruits as rainbows or goofy characters that they will eat without thinking about what theyre doing.设计几盘虹或卡通图样的蔬菜和水果,让孩子们不假思索地吃下去。Keep only healthy snacks around so their options are limited to good choices.只购买健康的零食,这样他们的选择范围仅限制在比较好的食品。Step 3 Make smoothies3.制作奶昔Hide the healthy ingredients in flavorful concoctions, like fruity smoothies and milkshakes. Theyll get nutrients including calcium -- its a win-win.在美味的混合物中加入一些健康的成份,例如鲜果奶昔。这样孩子们就可以获得包括钙质在内的营养成分——这是双赢的局面。Step 4 Blend veggies4.混入蔬菜Blend veggies in a tasty tomato sauce so that they never guess theyre getting a healthy variety of goodies. Try the same strategy with homemade soups.在美味的土豆沙司中混入蔬菜,这样他们永远不会猜到自己吃到了多种多样健康的珍品。在煲汤的时候也可以采用同样的策略。Step 5 Trick them with pizza5.用批萨诱惑他们Trick them into eating healthy pizza by preparing it yourself: add veggies and lean protein, reduce the amount of cheese you sprinkle on top.自己准备批萨哄他们吃,加入蔬菜和蛋白质,顶层少抹一点奶酪。Step 6 Turn the tables6.扭转形势Turn the tables and make pizza the side dish to a main course of salad. Make the crust out of eggplant if youre really adventurous.扭转形势,让批萨成为沙拉主菜的配菜。如果你够冒险的话,可以把茄子的外壳削掉。Step 7 Bake healthy7.健康的烘烤方式Bake zucchini into cakes and muffins, and substitute some of the butter or shortening with applesauce. Your family will get healthier without them even realizing it.把西葫芦烤成蛋糕和松饼,用苹果酱代替一些黄油或酥油。你的家人在没发觉的情况下就享用了更加健康的食品。Nearly 1 in 5 American children between 6 and 19 years of age is overweight.接近五分之一6岁至19岁的美国儿童超重。201302/223917。

The biology were trying to under-cover我们试着揭开生物学上的秘密is that if we could imitate that,如果我们能够进行效仿then long life including 100长命百岁can be really terrific.那真是太棒了The population surrounding尼尔教授周围住的Professor Nir Barzilai are Ashkenazi Jews.都是阿肯纳西犹太人They were an ideal group for a study他们是最理想的研究对象because they shared a similar genetic background,他们的基因非常相似therefore any exceptional genes would stand out.因此任何变异基因都很容易被发现If we go in the streets如果我们到伦敦of London or New York and just take everyone,或是纽约的街头随便找一些人were going to have lots of diversity.那基因的差异性就会很大By using the Ashkenazi Jewish population,用阿肯纳西犹太人做实验 this is a population这是一个that was established in the pale of Eastern Europe.居住在东欧的种族It helps the genetic discovery.这有利于遗传学的发现So we started gathering 100-years-old, basically.于是 我们开始寻找百岁老人Hi, Grandma, good to see you again.你好 老奶奶 很高兴又见到你Darling, Im so glad you came.亲爱的 很高兴你能来The old man with the beard is my baby grandson!那个长胡子的男人是我的小外孙201304/233884。

Are you surrounded by lovelorn singles, but still can’t seem to make a love connection? Try this.You Will NeedA pleasant personality A willingness to try new things And a little courage Step 1: Get involved in campus activities(积极参加课外活动)Get involved in campus activities that interest you. You’ll have fun and meet like-minded people.Step 2: Multi-task in class(找机会搭讪)Multi-task in class. If there’s someone you’re interested in, make sure to look nice, try to sit near them, and come up with an excuse to talk to them.If you’re interested in someone who belongs to a fraternity or sorority, make sure to attend all of its open functions.Step 3: Throw a 'potluck' party(举办联谊会)Throw a “potluck” party at your dorm—only guests have to bring a savory friend rather than a dish.Step 4: Vary your routine(经常改变自己的路线)Vary your routine. If you always eat lunch at the same time and always walk the same route to class, you’re going to see—yup—the same people every day.Step 5: Strike up conversations(主动搭话)Strike up conversations. Imagine how many hook-ups never take place simply because both parties were too shy to say something.Don’t only chat up people you’re attracted to—you know never who might have a cute friend they could introduce you to!Step 6: Get real(实事求是,如果你不是安吉丽娜,就不要希望能遇到一个皮特)Get real. Trophy wives aside, most people marry someone of about the same attractiveness. So if you’re no Angelina Jolie, don’t pin all your hopes on Brad Pitt, and vice versa.Step 7: Transfer to Seattle(跨校寻找机会)If all else fails, transfer to Seattle. One study rated it the number one place to hook up out of 80 cities in the U.S.201003/97689。