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据美国媒体报道,美国前民主党总统候选人约翰·爱德华兹5月3日表示,目前调查人员正在就他的竞选资金出进行调查。而这一调查很可能会将他的婚外情事件曝光度升级,搬上法庭。 Well, there is more bad news, if you can believe it, from former democratic presidential candidate John Edwards with his political career virtually not existing at this point, his marriage and personal life clearly in turmoil. The former North Carolina Senator made headlines yesterday when he admitted that he is now cooperating with federal investigators that are looking into how he's spent his campaign funds. They are looking into why this woman Rielle hunter was paid more than 100,000 dollars from his political election committee. Hunter was a producer; she worked through the campaign for Edwards and admitted later to having an affair with John Edwards. Now investigators are looking into whether or not money that was shuttled to her was actually harsh money for her to keep quite about the affair or whether there was legitimate compensation to back up the work that she did for the campaign. So what is the case against Edwards and what will the political fallout be? If he is guilty, not to mention the fact that he could actually go to prison for these charges. Let’s bring in today's panel Chris Stirewalt, the political editor for the Washington Examiner. She's got the political side of this story for us and Janet, Janet Pennisi is a trial attorney chief. Janet ,you made some excellent points a moment ago. You know, we are looking at how, how good a case is this appears to be? You have services, that were paid for and you have the question whether or not there are appropriate amounts for what she did, right?That's correct, the question is whether or not the campaign funds that went to Rielle Hunter were appropriate payments for the context that what she was giving, was is good or accurate fair payment for the services she provided to the campaign. If she provided services that would worth 100,000 dollars then, you know, the case is over. You know, it does make a difference that he had affair with her. You can cheat on your wife.Well, he is looking at civil and criminal penalty, that's why the will from the survey is important. It also depended upon how much money was used for personal purposes. If it goes into a higher number then it could go to three years. I mean it can go to civil penalties that margin how much money was in the pretax column.Pretty incredible situation, when you look at this man talk about, Chris Stirewalt,talk about fall from grace. I mean John Edwards ran twice for presidential office as vice presidential candidate. We are now looking at a man who was a former senator from North Carolina who literally, things have just crumbled around him.背景资料:爱德华兹为北卡罗来纳州民主党参议员,曾两次参与总统竞选的角逐,去年8月承认自己与42岁的制片人赖莉·亨特有婚外情,今年3月他向患有癌症的妻子承认有私生女。据报道称,爱德华兹的竞选团队曾向亨特的公司付了10万美元的视频制作费。爱德华兹发表声明称:“我自认我的竞选资金没有用于其他不当用途。但我知道政府有责任确保竞选资金用途的合理合法,所以我已经向政府提供相关的人和信息以方便其迅速地解决问题。”据悉,一些由爱德华兹筹措资金的组织也在受调查的范围之内,其中包括两个非营利组织,和他母校的一个贫困捐助中心。05/69115The battle for control of the U.S. Congress has entered its final week and both major political parties are engaged in a furious last-minute push for votes.11月2号是美国中期选举投票日,为争夺国会控制权的角力进入冲刺时刻,两大政党都在为争取选票做最后的努力。According to the opinion polls and political pundits, Republicans continue to have the upper hand heading into the final days of the 2010 congressional midterm election campaign.民调显示,共和党人在2010年国会中期选举竞选中继续保持优势。Most Americans say the domestic economy is the number-one issue this year, and the public's dismal view of the economic climate is bound to hurt Democrats and help Republicans on Election Day, November 2.大部分美国人表示,国内经济是今年的头号议题。民众对经济形势的悲观看法必然会在11月2号选举日影响民主党人,惠及共和党人。Among those campaigning for Republican candidates is Ohio Congressman John Boehner, who is likely to become speaker of the House if Republicans win back a majority next week.如果共和党11月2号赢回多数地位,正在为共和党候选人助选的俄亥俄州共和党众议员约翰·纳就可能成为众议院议长。"If you are tired of the high unemployment, if you are tired of all the takeovers and bailouts, [then] that is what elections are for," he said.他说:“如果你们厌倦高失业率,如果你们厌倦所有这些并购和救市措施,这就是为什么要进行选举。”Polls also give Republicans an edge in voter enthusiasm, though there are signs that lethargic Democrats may be waking up in the final days of the campaign.民调还显示,尽管缺乏生气的民主党人在竞选的最后几天可能振作起来,但共和党人还是更能激发选民的热情。Much of that Republican intensity is being driven by the Tea Party movement, a loose coalition of conservative and libertarian-leaning groups around the country that is demanding spending and tax cuts and a smaller role for the central government generally.共和党人紧锣密鼓的竞选大部分要归功于茶叶党运动。这个全国性的保守派联盟要求削减开,降低税率,缩小政府作用。201011/116977Arava, the disabled tortoise is using her new set of wheels to get around in more ways than one. Keepers at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo say the 10-year-old Spurred Tortoise was fitted with custom wheels to overcome paralysis of her hind legs. The 55-pound tortoise is unable to move herself forward with just her front legs, so the zoo staff built her a metal frame with two wheels that can be strapped around her shell. “We don't really know the reason why it's paralyzed, why this tortoise is paralyzed. We tried to find out to determine what is the cause. We didn't find it. So instead of just leaving it to move only with her front legs, we invented if we may say so ,ur, wheels, that were attached to her rear legs and it's allowed, and supposed to move almost freely in the enclosure." Yedvad says it's not that Arava has come out of her shell with her unique new wheelchair, but that a particularly amorous 10-year-old male has been after her since her arrival. But despite some improvement, Arava still finds it difficult at times to use the new device. The handicapped tortoise is not able to writhe herself without assistance and the employees at the zoo have to do it. "The wheelchair is a little bit heavy so I hope in the future it will have a lighter one." 07/78489The Mediterranean地中海The devil and the deep blue sea魔鬼和那湾蔚蓝深邃的海History’s most important sea 最富有历史意义的海May 5th 2011 | from the print edition The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean. By David Abulafia. Allen Lane; 783 pages; pound;30. To be published in America in September by Oxford University Press; .95. Buy from Amazon.co.uk《伟大的海:地中海的人文史》 大卫#8226;阿布亚著。Allen Lane出版社出版,783页,定价:30英镑。将于今年九月在美国由牛津大学出版社出版,定价:34.95美元。DAVID ABULAFIA’S marvellous history of the Mediterranean is an excellent corrective to oversimplified views of geopolitics. Some people home in on distinctive landmasses, an island such as Crete or a clear shape like Iberia or Anatolia, and assume these have long formed a single cultural or political space, embracing coast and interior, and different from places “across the water”. At the other extreme, romantic types regard a lake or sea as a friendly space where ideas, expertise and merchandise are traded to perpetual mutual advantage. The second view is the more likely. True, the various ports and shores of the Mediterranean influenced one another (if war is regarded as a form of influence), but the impact of hinterlands and of distant powers, like Russia and America, was also huge. 大卫#8226;阿布亚所著的这本对地中海历史的杰出著述是对那些过分简单化的地缘政治观的绝好纠正。有些人将注意力集中于特定的地块,像是克里特岛这样的某个岛屿,抑或是诸如伊比利亚半岛或小亚细亚半岛等具有清晰轮廓的地理区域,并且主观臆断这些地方很久前就形成了单一的、包括海岸和内陆的、不同于“地中海对岸”那些地区的文化或政治空间。这是一个极端。而另一个极端则是那些饱受浪漫主义熏陶的人则把湖泊或海洋视为思想、技能和货物获得交流从而使交易双方都能恒久受益的宝域。后一种观点更接近现实。的确,地中海沿岸的诸多港口和海岸相互影响(如果战争也被视作一种影响的话),但是内陆地区和那些距离地中海路途遥远的大国,如俄国和美国,其影响力亦不可小觑。201105/135680

Football fans attending the World Cup risk permanent damage to their hearing from the vuvuzela horns which are the must-have accessory at the tournament in South Africa, a study said Monday.The din emitting from the tuneless plastic horns is louder than that from a drum or a chainsaw, according to the survey by hearing aid manufacturer Phonak.It said tests had shown the sound emitted by a vuvuzela was the equivalent to 127 decibels. The sound from a drum was put at 122 decibels while the sound from a referee's whistle registered 121.8 decibels."Extended exposure at just 85 decibels puts us at a risk of permanent noise-induced hearing loss," Phonak said in a statement on the SAPA news agency."When subjected to 100 decibels or more, hearing damage can occur in just 15 minutes."While the horns have gone down a storm among South African supporters, players from rival teams have been less enthusiastic.Spain midfielder Xabi Alonso has called for it to be banned as it impedes players' concentration but FIFA chief Sepp Blatter has defended it as a part of South African football culture.【Notes】hearing aid: a small device that fits inside the ear and makes sounds louder, used by people who cannot hear well 助听器decibel: a unit for measuring how loud a sound is 分贝(声音强度的单位)referee: the official who controls the game in some sports, such as football, basketball and boxing 裁判;裁判员go down a storm:受到热烈欢迎201006/105978

President Bush Congratulates Obama, Promises Smooth Transition布什祝贺奥巴马 承诺顺利交接班  President Bush has paid tribute to the historic nature of President-elect Barack Obama's victory at the polls, and promised to stay in close contact with him in the final months of his administration to ensure a smooth transition of power. 布什总统已向当选总统奥巴马历史性的胜利表示敬意,并且承诺在他的政府最后几个月的执政期间与奥巴马保持密切联系,以确保权力的顺利交接。President Bush said he had telephone conversations late Tuesday with the president-elect as well as his Republican rival, Senator John McCain. 布什总统说,他星期二夜间与当选总统奥巴马以及奥巴马的共和党对手麦凯恩参议员通了电话。Speaking from the Rose Garden less than 24 hours after Mr. Obama's overwhelming victory, Mr. Bush, who is no stranger to partisan battles, struck a distinctly non-partisan tone. 布什总统在奥巴马以压倒优势获胜后不到24小时,就在玫瑰园发表谈话,布什在党派之争中已身经百战,而他的言词里回响著超越党派的基调。"No matter how they cast their ballots, all Americans can be proud of the history that was made yesterday," he said. "Across the country, citizens voted in large numbers. They showed a watching world the vitality of America's democracy and the strides we have made towards a more perfect union. They chose a president whose journey represents a triumph of the American story, a testament to hard work, optimism, and faith in the enduring promise of our nation," said President Bush. 布什说:“不论他们怎样投票,全体美国人民都为自己昨天开创了历史而自豪。全国各地的众多公民都参加了投票。他们在举世嘱目下显示了美国民主体制的生命力,以及我们迈向更为圆满的团结所走过的路程。他们选择了一位总统,这位总统的人生历程是美国故事的典范,它实努力工作、保持乐观精神以及对我们国家的承诺抱有坚定不移的信心,会获得成功。”Mr. Bush said the moment is particularly uplifting for those who lived through America's turbulent civil rights era in the 1950s and 60s, when the vestiges of government-sponsored racial discrimination were overcome.Now, the president said, it is time for Americans to move forward as one nation.  布什总统说,如今是美国作为统一的整体齐步前进的时候了。"We are embarking on a period of change in Washington, yet there are some things that will not change," Mr. Bush said. "The ed States government will stay vigilant in meeting its most important responsibility: protecting the American people. And the world can be certain this commitment will remain steadfast under our next commander-in-chief," he said.Mr. Bush said he will inform his successor of all important decisions made in the waning months of his administration, and that he has invited Mr. Obama and the president-elect's wife, Michelle, to the White House at their earliest convenience. 布什总统说,他将告知他的接班人他的政府在当政的最后几个月里所作的一切重要决定,而且他已邀请奥巴马以及夫人在方便的时候尽早来白宫作客。He predicted it will be a stirring sight to watch the Obama family enter the White House, and that he and First Lady Laura Bush will return to Texas with many treasured memories of their time in Washington. 他预告,目睹奥巴马一家入主白宫是激动人心的,他和夫人劳拉将带著他们在华盛顿的许多珍贵回忆返回德克萨斯。During the just-completed campaign, Mr. Obama often criticized President Bush's policies, and sought to link Senator McCain to them. Mr. Bush also paid tribute to Senator McCain, saying the American people will always be grateful for his lifetime of service to the nation. 奥巴马在刚结束的竞选中常常批评布什总统的政策,并且寻求把麦凯恩与布什总统的政策相提并论。布什总统也对麦凯恩表示敬意,他说,美国人民将对麦凯恩终生为国务而永远心存感激。200811/55342

Better busy than doing nothing, scientist provesThe secret to happiness is keeping busy, research has found.Keeping the mind occupied with tasks - no matter how meaningless - staves off negative emotions, the study found.However, the bad news is that humans seem hard-wired to be lazy in order to save energy, according to Professor Christopher Hsee, a behavioural scientist at Chicago University.In a study 98 students were asked to complete two surveys. After they had completed the first they were made to wait 15 minutes to receive the next one.They were given a choice of either handing in the first survey nearby or at a more distant location they had to walk to. Whichever option they chose, they received a chocolate bar.Two-thirds (68 per cent) chose the lazy option.Those who had taken the walk reported feeling happier than those who had stayed put.Prof Hsee concluded keeping busy helped keep people happy.He said the findings, reported in the journal Psychological Science, had policy implications."Governments may increase the happiness of idle citizens by having them build bridges that are actually useless", he proposed.At the individidual level, he advised: "Get up and do something. Anything. Even if there really is no point to what you are doing, you will feel better for it."He added: "Incidentally, thinking deeply or engaging in self-reflection counts as keeping busy, too."You do not need to be running around, – you just need to be engaged, either physically or mentally."Vocabulary:stave off: succeed in stopping sth. bad happening for a while(暂时挡住,避开)hard-wired: 深植于脑中的incidentally: 顺便提一句背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110549

Most lakes are long and thin with even beds. These lakes are some of the deepest in Europe. Lake Loen is more than 100 meters deep. The paddling is hard work,but the view makes it all worthwhile. With a canoe or a kayak,you can get to places that otherwise would be inaccessible. The peace and quiet combined with the spectacular views all make this an 1 experience. Lake Loen is an absolute highlight of any trip to Norway. Southern Norway is one of the most mountainous regions in Europe. The average annual temperature swings from 8 degree along the western coast to below freezing in the mountains. If the summer temperaturs aren't too hot,some of the highest peaks have snow all year round. Trees cannot grow here------a barren wilderness of immense beauty. In Stryn,not far from Lake Loen,there is a summer ski resort. An international kite skiing federation has been here for only a few years. Kites have a long tradition as a means of movement in Norway,but kite skiing itself is a very new sport to the Alps. With soft hills,wide valleys and no -overhead power cables,areas like Stryn are ideal for it. L.A. straps into his skis and attaches himself to the kite. The Norwegians are 2 their new-found passion for kite-skiing. What L makes look easy and gentle requires a lot of practice. The wind needs to be strong enough to give the kite-skiiers power,enabling them to gain enough speed to make high jumps. 注释:① inaccessible adj. 难达到的;难接近的;难见到的例句:1. Heavy snow made the mountain village inaccessible to traffic. 大雪使车辆进不了这个小山村。 2. The scientist discovered the plant in the most inaccessible reaches of the jungle. 这位科学家在丛林深处最难进入的区域发现了这种植物。② spectacular adj. 壮观的,惊人的;公开展示的例句:1. The new play was a spectacular success. 这出新戏获得了巨大的成功。2. The goalkeeper made a spectacular dive to save the goal. 守门员做了一个精的鱼跃动作救回一球。③ highlight vt. 突出;强调;使显著;加亮n. 最精的部分;最重要的事情;加亮区例句:1. The highlight of our tour was seeing the palace. 我们旅游中最有意思的活动就是参观宫殿。2. It is one of the highlight of the match. 这是比赛中最精的项目之一。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157258

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