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I send my best wishes to everyone in Britain and around the world celebrating Vaisakhi, one of the most important dates in the Sikh calendar and a time when families and friends come together to commemorate the birth of the Khalsa. As Sikhs across the globe take part in spectacular processions, and neighbourhoods and gurdwaras burst forth with colour, I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the immense contribution British Sikhs make to our country. Whether its in the fields of business, the armed forces or the charitable sector, you consistently follow the pillars of your faith and in so doing, set an example to us all. Your values – of equality and respect, of fairness and helping those less fortunate than yourselves – are values we need more than ever, as we forge a new, ambitious role for Britain in the world. I am determined to build a country that works for everyone; a country where no matter who you are, you can achieve your goals, and the Sikh community is a vital part of that mission. So as the dancing and the festivals begin at home and abroad, Id like to thank you for all that you do and to wish you a very happy Vaisakhi.201705/507780。

19. 2006 FIFA World Cup Openning Ceremony Address19. 2006年世界杯开幕国际足联主席约瑟夫.布拉特致辞Welcome to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.2006德国世界杯欢迎你。Seventeen years after the fall of the Berlin wall, a reunified Germany will throw open its doors to the world. Germany 2006 will be a place where people from all around the world will be welcomed by friends, in the spirit of the string slogan chosen by the organizers: Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden.推倒柏林墙的17年后,一个重新统一的德国向世界打开了他的大门,德国世界杯将成为全世界各国球迷欢聚一堂、结交朋友的场所,这就是赛事组织者选择比赛口号的精髓:欢聚德国结缘天下。The tournament is being held on the finest stage in the world, one whose symbolism far transcends the boundaries of sport. Hark back to Germanys triumph in the 1954 FIFA World Cup in Switzerland, which sealed the countrys return to the international fold in the most beautiful manner possible.本届世界杯将在全世界最好的赛场进行,它的象征意义已经远远超越体育的界限。如同返回到 1954年德国在揣士赢得世界杯的成功,它标志着一个国家可以以一种最优美的姿态回到世界大家庭。In 2006, Germans will have the opportunity to rectify certain cliches and preconceived ideas. The world will have the chance to see what a fantastic country Germany truly is: the beauty and diversity of its landscapes, its rich cultural heritage and the intelligence and good humour of its people.2006年,德国人将有机会改变某些陈腐之询和先入为主的观念,整个世界也有机会亲眼目睹一个想象中的国家最真实的一面:它美丽多姿的风景、丰富的文化遗产和智慧幽默的人民。201704/503874。

英语会话800句 43 /200608/9179。

That day was a turning point for our nation.那天是我们美国的转折点。It put the countries of this world on notice that the sellout of the American worker was over.这一举动提醒着全世界的国家:对美国工人的背叛行为终结了。In the following weeks, I took unprecedented actions to reverse Federal overreach and unleash job creation.在后来的几周,我采取了前所未有的行动,扭转联邦政府越权趋势,释放创造就业的能力。We have slashed burdensome regulations, and imposed a policy that for each new regulation,我们削减了繁重的条例,为各个新条例实施了政策,two regulations must be erased from the books.强制废除了两个法规。Weve done it all while moving quickly to restore the most basic protection for all citizens, the rule of law.我们完成行动的同时,也在快速去恢复对全体公民最基本的保护——法治。A truly great judge, Neil Gorsuch, now sits on the ed States Supreme Court.Neil Gorsuch是一位真正伟大的法官,他现在在美国最高法院任职。Justice Gorsuch is deeply devoted to our Constitution.Gorsuch法官全身心地投入于我们的宪法中。My Administration is the first in the modern political era to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice in the first 100 days在近代政治时期,本届政府首次在开头100天内确认新人最高法院法官the last time it happened was 136 years ago in 1881.上一次发生在距今136年前的1881年。Defending the rule of law is a priority, not just in the courts, but also on the streets and on the border.捍卫法治是头等大事——这不仅指在法庭上,还在街头巷尾和国界边关。201705/509660。

美国习惯用语-第79讲:sleaze gridlock 在竞选过程中,候选人进行互相攻击似乎是常事,只是在手法上有所不同而已。今天我们先要给大家介绍一个和候选人互相攻击有关的常用词汇:sleaze。Sleaze这个字听起来就不太悦耳,它的意思也很不好。Sleaze指的是“下流的人”,或是“低级的东西”。可是在1992年的美国总统竞选中,sleaze是指“攻击对方的私生活”。也就是,竞选一方散布有关竞选对手私生活中的丑闻,以此在选民中毁坏对方的名声,他们散布的丑闻有的可能是属实的,但是也有一些是完全捏造的。下面请听一个例句: 例句-1: "On the campaign trail today the Republicans and the Democrats both hurled charges accusing the other side of using sleaze despite promises by Bush and Clinton to stop such tactics." 这是说:“今天在竞选活动中共和党和民主党互相攻击,指责对方使用人身攻击的手法,尽管布什和克林顿都做了保不再这样做。” 下面请听一位候选人是怎么说的: 例句-2: "I don't intend to use sleaze against my opponent although there are plenty of things in his personal life that the voters ought to know about." 他说:“我并不想利用竞选对手的丑闻来攻击他,但是他的私生活中也确实有很多东西选民应该知道的。” 在七十年代,纽约有一次发生严重的交通堵塞事故。当时汽车无法前进,排成几里长的长蛇阵,所有主要街道的路口全部都被堵死了。人们把这一现象叫做:gridlock。Gridlock这个字在有些字典里还查不到。在1992年的美国总统大选中,美国人用gridlock这个字来指美国政界存在的那种两派僵持不下,任何问题无法得以进展的现象。出现这种现象的主要原因是布什总统是共和党人,而负责制定法律的国会却在民主党控制之下。在布什总统执政的四年内,布什提出的大多数提案国会都没有通过。而国会提出的提案,很多都被布什否决了。民主党在国会虽占多数,但还没有到足以推翻总统否决的三分之二多数。这个局面使得许多重要问题无法进展,造成了gridlock的现象。请听下面这个例句: 例句-3: "Both the Republicans and the Democrats agree that the big problem with the government in Washington is political gridlock. But they certainly don't agree who is to blame." 这句话的意思是:“共和党人和民主党人都同意,美国政府的一个大问题就是在政治上的僵局。至于究竟哪一方应该对这个局面负责,双方意见却完全不同。” 这种现象不仅仅是美国联邦政府的问题,连州一级政府也同样存在类似情况。下面就是一个例子: 例句-4: "Our State is just like Washington--we have a Republican Governor and a Democratic legislature. So we usually have gridlock on new programs because one side won't approve what the other side does." 这人说:“我们州和华盛顿一样,我们的州长是共和党的,而立法机构却在民主党控制下。往往一方不同意另一方的计划,所以我们经常会在新的项目上出现僵局。” 今天我们给大家介绍了两个同美国竞选有关的词汇。一个是sleaze。Sleaze是攻击竞选对手私生活的手法。第二个是gridlock。Gridlock是在政治上处于僵局的现象。 /200601/3034。

And it wont matter whether theyre black kids or brown kids or white kids.无论是黑人孩子 白人孩子 棕色人种孩子.Or native American kids.还是美国原住民孩子.Because hell understand what theyre going through.因为他理解他们所经历的不幸.And hell be fighting for them.他将为他们而战.Hell be in their corner.他会和他们站在一起.Thats leadership.这就是领导力.Thats a Morehouse man right there.这就是一个莫尔豪斯人.Thats what weve come to expect from you Morehouse.这就是我对你们莫尔豪斯人的期望.A legacy of leaders.领袖的传承.Not just in our black community, but for the entire American community.不只是对黑人群体 更是对整个美国社会.To recognize the burdens you carry with you.你们要意识到身上的重担.But to resist the temptation to use them as excuses.同时也要避免总想着拿它当借口.To transform the way we think about manhood.转变我们对男性责任的认识.And set higher standards for ourselves and for others.为我们自己和他人设立更高标准.To be successful, but also to understand that each of us has.成功是一方面 但还应理解我们每个人.Responsibilities not just to ourselves.不仅对我们自己负有责任.But to one another and to future generations.还对相互以及子孙后代负有责任.Men who refuse to be afraid.男人不应当害怕.Members of the class of 2013, you are heirs to a great legacy.2013届毕业生 你们是伟大遗产的继承人.You have within you that same courage and that same strength.你们体内流淌着相同的勇气和力量.The same resolve as the men who came before you.你们拥有和前人一样的决心.Thats what being a Morehouse man is all about.这就是莫尔豪斯人所应有的.Thats what being an American is all about.这就是作为美国人所应有的.Success may not come quickly or easily.成功没有捷径 成功无法轻易获得.But if you strive to do whats right.但如果你努力做正确的事情.If you work harder and dream bigger.如果你为更大的梦想而努力.If you set an example in your own lives and do your part to Help meet the challenges of our time, then I!m confident that.如果你用自己的行动树立榜样, 并以实际行动迎接当今的挑战.Together, we will continue the never ending task of perfecting our union.我将很确信 我们会永不止步地完善我们的联盟.Congratulations, class of 2013.祝贺你们 2013届毕业生.God bless you.愿上帝保佑你们.God bless Morehouse.愿上帝保佑莫尔豪斯.And god bless the united states of America.愿上帝保佑美利坚合众国.201605/443093。

21 Transportation Problems and Complaints 交 通 问 题 及 抱 怨Part One: Expressions1. There’s another traffic jam on the highway.公路上又堵车了。2. I wonder if there was an accident.我想是否又出事故了。3. Let’s put on some music.我来放点音乐。4. Should we get out and help?我们要出去帮帮忙吗?5. It’s pretty bad.真糟糕。6. It looks like we’re in for a long drive.看来我们驾车时间是不会短的了。7. That sunset is beautiful.日落真漂亮。8. I never knew that.我可从不知道。9. It’s your turn to drive next week.下个星期轮到你开车了。10. Give me a call if you can’t make it for some reason.如果有什么原因不能来就给我打个电话。Part Two: Dialogues1. Traffic Jam交通堵塞A: Oh, damn. There’s another traffic jam on the highway.B: How can there be a traffic jam on a 16-lane highway every day?A: There are just too many people, and too many cars.B: I wonder if there was an accident.A: No, they just said it too many people were trying to get off at the Capitol exits.B: Well, let’s put on some music. We’re going to be stuck in this for a while.A: All right, what do you want to listen to?B: How about some Beatles?A: Yeah, all right.A: 哦,真糟糕。路上又堵车了。B: 16车道的主干道上怎么可能堵车?A: 因为人太多,车太多。B: 我想是否又出车祸了。A: 不是,据说只是太多人转车到去国会大厦的出口。B:哦。我们放点音乐吧。可能要困在这里一会儿。A: 好吧。想听点什么?B: 披头士的怎么样?A: 好的,挺好。2. Car Crash车祸A: That looks like a bad accident.B: Yeah, should we get out and help?A: No, there’s a police car behind us. He’ll stop.B: Looks like the one guy lost control in all this rain, and the other one hit him.A: Yeah. It’s pretty bad, that car looks like a coke can.B: These accidents always cause traffic jams on rainy days.A: Yeah, it looks like we’re in for a long drive.B: Ah, well. Put on the news. I got up late and missed it.A: All right.A: 好像又出了严重的车祸了。B: 是呀。我们要下车帮帮忙吗?A: 不用了,后面有一辆警车。他会停的。B: 好像是有人的车在这样的下雨天车失控了,另一辆撞上了这辆。A: 是。真是糟糕。那辆车撞得象个汽水罐一样。B: 下雨天出车祸往往引起堵车。A: 对。看起来我们的驾车时间不会短了。B: 哦,那么,听点新闻吧。我起得晚,没听到新闻。A: 好的。3. Pollution污染A: Man, that sunset is beautiful. I’ve never seen one so red.B: Yeah, it’s pretty nice, but its so red because of air pollution.A: Really?B: Yeah, the smog from all these cars gets into the air and turns the sunlight red.A: I never knew that. B: Yeah, more people need to take public transportation or carpool.A: Well, we’ve aly done our part.B: Yeah, it’s your turn to drive next week. Don’t be late picking me up.A: Don’t worry. I’m getting more sleep these days. The baby’s finally growing up a little more.B: Well, give me a call if you can’t make it for some reason.A: 瞧,日落真漂亮。我从未见过这么火红的日落。B: 对,很漂亮。可是颜色之所以这么红是因为空气污染。A: 真的吗?B: 是的,汽车产出的烟雾进入空气中,日光便显出这种红色。A: 我可不知道这个。B: 是呀,应该有更多的人搭乘公交车或合伙使用小汽车。A: 噢,我们自己已经尽力了。B: 是呀,下个星期轮到你开车了。接我可别迟到了。A: 不用着急。我近来睡眠时间更充足了。小孩子终于长大了一些了。B: 哦,如果因为什么原因你不能来的话给我一个电话。Part Three: Substitution Drills1. A: There’s another (traffic jam/ back-up/ accident) on the highway. B: How can there be?公路上有(堵车/塞车/出车祸了)。怎么可能?2. A: (I wonder if/ Maybe/ Perhaps) there was an accident. B: No.我想(是否/可能/也许)又是出车祸了。不是。3. A: Let’s put on (some music/ the news/ a traffic report). B: O.K.我们放点(音乐/新闻/交通报道)来听。 好的。4. A: Should we get out and (help/ offer assistance/ help them out)? B: No. There’s a police car behind us.我们要出去(帮忙/帮手/帮助)他们解决困难吗?不用了。我们后面有一辆警车。5. A: It’s (pretty bad/ awful/ horrible). B: Yeah.真(倒霉/糟糕/不可思议)。是呀。6. A: It looks like we’re in for a long (drive/ trip/ journey). B: Ah, well, put on the news.看上去我们(驾车时间/旅途/旅程)不会短的了。啊,那么,来点新闻听吧。7. A: That sunset is (beautiful/ delightful/ gorgeous). B: Yeah, it’s pretty nice.日落真(漂亮/好看/迷人)。是呀,真是好看。8. A: I (never knew/ didn’t know/ would have never guessed) that. B: Yeah, well it’s true.我(从不知道/从未知晓/从未知道)这个。是呀,可是是真的。9. A: It’s your turn to (drive/ pick me up/ take me to work) next week. B: I know.下个星期轮到你(驾车/接我/搭我去上班)。我知道。10. A: Give me a call if (you can’t make it/ you’re going to be late) for some reason. B: I will.如果因为什么原因(你不能来/你要迟些时候到)给我打个电话。我会的。Part Four: MonologueModern transportation revolves around cars. Americans drive everywhere, to the store, to work, to school. Everybody wants they’re own car. This creates a tremendous amount of traffic, which leads to many traffic accidents. In addition, all those cars release pollution into the air. Efforts have been made to get people to use public transportation and to carpool, which means sharing rides with other people. Many people believe what we really need is a cleaner car. Companies are trying currently working on designs that would run on water and electricity. People seem likely to buy these cars because of the money they would save on gasoline. They would help the environment a great deal, because they only release water into the air. The first sales of these cars are expected in California around 2005.现代交通离不开小汽车。美国人去什么地方都开着车,去商店购物,去上班,去学校。人人都想拥有自己的车。这就使得交通负荷增加,导致不少的交通事故。而且,小汽车也在空气中释放污染。在要求人们使用公共交通系统或合伙使用汽车(即和其他人共用汽车)方面,社会已经做过这种努力。很多人认为我们真正需要的是更为环保的车型。汽车公司目前也在试图设计只靠水和电两种能源驱动的汽车。人们也可能购买这种车因为这样可以节省买汽油的费用。因为释放到空气中的只是水份,这样也可以为环保做出很大贡献。这种款式的车有望2005年在加州首次出售。Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases--traffic jam交通拥挤--highway 公路;干道--accident 事故;灾祸--stuck stick的过去时和过去分词--get out 动身,下车(飞机)--lose control失控--sunset 日落,,日落的景象--pollution 污染--smog 烟雾--carpool合伙使用汽车 /200703/11788。