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Local residents queued up at major banks since morning yesterday to get their hands on 5-yuan commemorative coins issued by the People’s Bank of China. 昨日中国人民发行纪念版五元硬币,自清晨便有居民人在当地各大排队等候购买。 The PBOC issued 50 million 5-yuan brass coins nationwide yesterday that has the Chinese character “Harmony” on the back. The coin costs 5 yuan and can be used as currency. 中国人民昨日在全国范围内发行5000万枚5元黄铜硬币,背面主景图案为“和”字的行书书法。这些硬币面额5元,可与普通货币一样用于流通。 More than 60 residents had lined up at the gate of a Bank of Shanghai branch in downtown even before it opened. Most of them were middle-aged and elderly people. Some of them were holding children or carried folding chairs. 在上海市中心,60多名居民在上海分行营业之前就在大门外等候。其中大部分都是中老年人,还有些甚至抱着孩子或带上折叠椅排队购币。 The first woman in the queue, surnamed Zhao, said she reached the bank about 6am. She was not a coin collector but came to the bank for her husband who was on night shift. 排在队伍最前面的赵女士说,她早晨6点就已赶到。她不是硬币收藏家,但她的丈夫爱好硬币,由于要值夜班,只能代替他前来购币。 When the bank opened at 8am, 10 people were allowed to enter the bank at a time and each person could only get one coin. Some of them queued up several times to collect as many coins as possible. 8点开始营业,每次只允许10人进入,每人限购一枚。有些人为了多买些硬币还排了好几次队。 “I will keep one and give the other coins to my friends as gifts,”said an office worker surnamed Zhang. 一位姓张的办公室职员说:“我自己留一枚,其余的当礼物送给朋友。” Residents can also get the coins at the branches of other major banks including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China and China Construction Bank, but according to an STV news report, most of the coins were sold out by yesterday morning. But there were some still available at some coin markets. 当地居民可以在其他行分购硬币,包括中国工商、中国和中国建设。但据上海新闻电视台播报,大多数硬币已在昨日早晨被一抢而空。但可能一些硬币市场上还有部分尚未售罄。 This is the third set of coins issued by central bank since 2009 which carry the Chinese inscription “Harmony.” 这是自2009年以来央行发行的第三套含有“和”字图案的普通纪念币。 The first set of 10 million 1-yuan coins was issued on November 26, 2009, while the second 2-yuan set of 50 million coins was released on November 9 the next year. 2009年11月26日第一套1元纪念币问世,发行总量1000万枚;第二套是5000万枚2元纪念币,已于2010年11月9日发行。 /201310/259108

A research report headed by senior economists in China has predicted a huge gap will occur in China#39;s pension system as early as 2013, Economic Information Daily reported.据《经济参考报》报道,由资深经济师牵头发布的一份研究报告预测,到2013年,我国养老金体系将出现重大资金缺口。A report entitled ;Resolving Mid- and Long-term Risks in National Balance,; co-sponsored by Bank of China and Deutsche Bank said the gap will be 18.3 trillion yuan next year, and that gap will keep widening to demand more than 20 percent of fiscal expenditures by 2050.中国和德意志共同主导了名为《化解国家资产负债中长期风险》的报告。报告指出,养老金缺口将会继续扩大,至2050年将超过当年财政出的20%。Meanwhile, statistics from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security did not show any fund gap in the pension system on a nationwide scale, and a long term balance is expected.与此同时,据人力资源与社会保障部统计数据,从全国层面看,不存在养老金缺口的问题,未来全国养老保险基金能够做到长期收平衡。But both allegations admit the aging population will exert pressure on the pension system, demanding more subsidy from the state revenue as the situation worsens.但两种说法均承认我国人口老龄化将会给养老金体系带来压力,随着形势恶化,将需要更多中央财政补贴。Raising the retirement has been a frequently debated topic in solving the problem.提高退休年龄以解决这一问题,则一直被热烈讨论。 /201206/187232

A research report headed by senior economists in China has predicted a huge gap will occur in China#39;s pension system as early as 2013, Economic Information Daily reported.据《经济参考报》报道,由资深经济师牵头发布的一份研究报告预测,到2013年,我国养老金体系将出现重大资金缺口。A report entitled ;Resolving Mid- and Long-term Risks in National Balance,; co-sponsored by Bank of China and Deutsche Bank said the gap will be 18.3 trillion yuan next year, and that gap will keep widening to demand more than 20 percent of fiscal expenditures by 2050.中国和德意志共同主导了名为《化解国家资产负债中长期风险》的报告。报告指出,养老金缺口将会继续扩大,至2050年将超过当年财政出的20%。Meanwhile, statistics from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security did not show any fund gap in the pension system on a nationwide scale, and a long term balance is expected.与此同时,据人力资源与社会保障部统计数据,从全国层面看,不存在养老金缺口的问题,未来全国养老保险基金能够做到长期收平衡。But both allegations admit the aging population will exert pressure on the pension system, demanding more subsidy from the state revenue as the situation worsens.但两种说法均承认我国人口老龄化将会给养老金体系带来压力,随着形势恶化,将需要更多中央财政补贴。Raising the retirement has been a frequently debated topic in solving the problem.提高退休年龄以解决这一问题,则一直被热烈讨论。 /201206/187232

  One in five graduates earns less than a person who left school with as little as one A-level. 英国1/5的大学毕业生赚得比那些只参加过中学高级水平考试的高中毕业生还少。The official figures raise doubts that thousands of students have wasted their time with ‘useless’ degrees. 这组官方数据让人怀疑,成千上万的学生是否把他们的大好时光都浪费在了“没用”的学历上。On average, the Office for National Statistics says that a person with a degree or higher academic qualification, such as a PhD, earns pound;16.10 an hour. 英国国家统计局称,一个拥有大学以上学历的人,比如士,平均每小时赚16.1英镑。By comparison, a person who got at least one A level, or an equivalent qualification, typically earns pound;10 an hour.相比之下,一个参加过中学高级水平考试或学历相当的人,一般每小时挣10英镑。But 20 percent of graduates earn less than pound;10 an hour, the amount they would have earned without a degree. 但是20%的英国大学毕业生每小时的薪水还不足10英镑,这点工资就算他们没有大学学历也能赚到。The figure could be even worse in reality because the ONS did not include graduates who are unemployed or who have never worked. 现实的情况可能更糟,因为国家统计局并没有把那些失业的或没工作过的大学毕业生统计在内。The study also said the proportion of graduates doing low-skilled, badly-paid work has quadrupled to 2.3 percent since 1993. Many of these end up doing jobs which require little or no training such as hotel porter, postman, cleaner or catering assistant. Business groups have repeatedly warned that employers are turning their backs on graduates. 该研究还称,从事低技能、低薪水工作的大学毕业生比例相比1993年的2.3%翻了两番。他们中的很多人最后都从事了一些几乎不用或根本不用培训的工作,如酒店门房、邮递员、清洁工或是餐饮助理。 商业团体反复警告说大学毕业生正被雇主们拒之门外。A recent report from the British Chambers of Commerce said too many graduates have ‘fairly useless degrees in non-serious subjects’. 最近一份英国商务部的报告称,太多的大学毕业生“空有一纸无用的文凭,而且学的专业也没什么意义”。Phil McCabe from the Forum of Private Business said: ‘The value of a degree is dwindling.’来自私人企业论坛的菲尔#8226;麦凯布说:“学历的价值正在缩水。”Tanya de Grunwald, founder of Graduate Fog.co.uk, a website for job-seeking graduates, said many are devastated by the salaries they are offered. 毕业生求职网站Graduate Fog.co.uk的创始人塔尼亚#8226;德#8226;格伦沃尔德说,很多大学毕业生都对自己能拿到的薪水感到崩溃。She said: ‘Finally, the figures from the ONS back up what our graduates have been saying – that they are just not getting the quality of job that they thought their degree would lead to. 她说:“最终,国家统计局的数据明我们的大学毕业生所言非虚——他们得不到自己当初以为凭学历能拿到的那种工作。‘People say that a graduate typically earns pound;26,000, but this doesn’t reflect the reality. Many of them are just scraping the barrel.’ “人们说大学毕业生一般年薪2.6万英镑,但这和实际不符。他们中的很多人都只能勉强度日。”One anonymous contributor to a student website wrote: ‘If I could have my time back, I wouldn’t have gone to university. 一位学生网站的匿名投稿者写道:“如果时光倒流,我不会去上大学。‘I graduated last year and work in a friend’s café for pound;6 an hour.’ “我去年毕业,现在在一个朋友的咖啡店打工,每小时6英镑。”Vocabulary:A-level: 英国的中学高级水平考试quadruple: 使成四倍,翻了两番porter: (旅馆、学校、医院等的)看门人,门房,警卫turn one's back on: 拒绝,冷眼相看dwindle: 渐渐减少;变小devastate: 使垮掉;使震惊scrape the barrel: 勉强度日;刮家底;采用最后的办法 /201108/151160



  原作:Steven Jiang,CNN | 2012年11月14日翻译:教授翻译fking86China#39;s young talent: To stay or to go?中国的青年才俊:是去是留?Beijing (CNN) -- On the leafy campus of Beijing Foreign Studies University, one of China#39;s most prestigious foreign language schools, graduating senior Gao Yue and her classmates go about their daily routine of studying and playing, showing little sign of anxiety over the impending dive into the real world.北京(CNN)——北京外国语大学是中国最负盛名的外语院校之一,在绿树成荫的校园里,即将毕业的四年级学生高悦(音)和她的同学每天作息依旧,学习和玩耍,对于即将要融入现实世界没有显示出一丝焦虑。Gao, a 22-year-old journalism major, has long planned her future outside China ever since she spent a month in the ed States as an exchange student during high school. Going overseas after college is not a question of if, but when, she says. And it#39;s not about a higher living standard.高22岁,新闻专业,在高中期间她曾作为交换学生赴美一个月,从那时起,她就计划好了自己的未来。她说,大学毕业后出国不是去不去的问题,而是何时去的问题。而且,出国不是为了更舒适的生活。;Press control is quite strict in China and we#39;re looking for free speech,; she said. ;I think critical thinking is one of the most important things I want to pursue abroad.;她说:“在中国,新闻控制相当严格,我们在追寻言论自由。我认为批判性思维是我出国最重要的追求之一。”;In China, the kind of education pushes people to think the same way, to drive them to the #39;right#39; answer -- and I think being a journalist, being critical is the most important thing,; she added.“在中国,教育压制人们思维求同,驱赶他们去找到那个的‘正确’的——而我觉得作为一名记者,批判性至关重要。”她补充道。Gao is hardly alone in preparing to leave China, despite the nation#39;s rapid economic growth during a global slump. As Beijing embarks on a once-in-a-decade leadership change, many observers say the opaque process of power transition is adding more uncertainty to a country aly faced with challenges ranging from a widening income gap, a worsening natural environment, to rampant official corruption and the lack of free speech.尽管在全球性衰退中中国经济反而快速增长,和高一样准备离开中国的学生却不乏其人。北京正在进行十年一度的国家领导换届,许多观察家说,权力过渡的不透明增加了更多的不确定性,这个国家已经面临着各种挑战,包括收入差距扩大、自然环境恶化、官员腐败猖獗和缺乏言论自由。Nationwide, the education ministry#39;s latest statistics show that almost 1.5 million Chinese are studying overseas, making China the largest source of foreign students for the rest of the world. The number of Chinese students going abroad has grown more than 20% every year since 2009, according to the government.从全国范围来看,教育部的最新统计数据显示,中国留学海外的人数几近150万,成为世界各地海外留学生的最大来源地。根据官方消息,2009年以来每年出国留学的中国学生数量年均增长20%以上。A likely more worrying trend for the authorities is how billionaire entrepreneurs are moving away, along with their money and talent. Hurun Report, a magazine best known for its ranking of the wealthiest individuals in China, recently surveyed 1,000 super-rich Chinese, finding 60% of the respondents either in the process of immigrating or seriously considering it.对于当局来说,更令人担忧的趋势可能是身家亿万的企业家们也在逃离,带走他们的财富和人才资源。《胡润百富》是出版中国个人富豪榜最著名的杂志,该杂志最近调查了1000名中国超级富豪,发现60%的受访者正在移民过程中或在认真考虑这个问题。;What we are seeing is a sense of insecurity or, perhaps you want to look at it from another side, looking for a sense of insurance policy,; said Rupert Hoogewerf, publisher of Hurun Report. ;So they are beginning to quite actively try and get a green card in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Singapore.;《胡润百富》的出版人胡润(Rupert Hoogewerf)说:“我们看到的是一种不安全感,也许你可以换个角度看,是在寻找一份保险单的保障。于是他们开始相当积极地去尝试,努力拿到美国、加拿大、澳大利亚或新加坡的绿卡。”The latest wave of exodus, especially among the younger generation, is helping people like Jinbo Xie do brisk business.这是最近一波的“出埃及记”,尤其是在年轻的一代当中的这种浪潮,使得像谢劲波这样的人的生意火爆起来。Xie founded and runs BeBeyond, a personal development training firm with some 40 employees as well as branches in Beijing and Shanghai. His company prepares thousands of young Chinese like Gao every year to study abroad and charges them as much as ,500 for a six-week course.谢先生是BeBeyond公司的创始人兼总裁,这是一家约有40名员工的个人发展培训公司,在北京和上海都有分机构。他每年培训数千名像高那样的年轻中国人准备出国留学,为期六周的课程收费最多达到2500美元。Xie, 45, belongs to a group called ;sea turtles; -- a nickname that plays on the sound of the Mandarin word for overseas returnees. When he came back to China in 2001 after studying and working in the ed States for eight years, ;sea turtles; were all the rage.谢先生45岁,属于被称作“海龟”的那群人——海归的汉语同音昵称。他在美国学习和工作了八年,2001年回到中国,当时“海龟”风靡一时。The phenomenon has tapered off in recent years as China#39;s economic growth -- though still impressive by global standards -- slows. Xie says many returnees also start to find adapting to their motherland much harder than they thought.近年来,随着中国的经济增长放缓,“海龟”热逐渐降温——尽管就全球标准而言仍然难以小觑。谢先生说,很多海归也开始发现适应自己的祖国比他们想象的要困难得多。;In the past two years, people made up their mind to go abroad again due to the exposure of environmental pollution, food safety and other problems in China,; he said.他说:“在过去的两年里,由于中国暴露出环境污染、食品安全以及其他问题,人们再次下决心出国。”Xie remains unfazed himself and even did something unthinkable to most Chinese: To focus on growing his company, he gave up his American green card two years ago.谢先生自己倒是不为所动,甚至做出了令大多数中国人感到不可思议的事情:为了着力发展自己的公司,他两年前放弃了美国绿卡。;It#39;s very exciting here -- a lot is happening,; he explained. ;We do have the chance to make some impact.;他解释说:“这里的一切令人激动——发生着很多的事情。我们一定有机会干出一番事业。”;Even though we have a lot of problems, setbacks and whatever, at some point, we#39;ll be there -- that#39;s how I feel,; he added.“尽管在某些时候我们有很多的问题、挫折什么的,但我们肯定能成功——这就是我的想法。”他补充说。 /201211/210065

  China#39;s job market has started to show signs of stress, putting pressure on the government to intensify fiscal spending to prevent the economy from weakening further. 中国就业市场开始显现承压迹象,这给中国政府带来压力,要求其加大财政出力度,以防经济进一步走弱。 Like politicians the world over, Chinese leaders#39; biggest single economic worry is whether unemployment is under control, and analysts say the job outlook will help determine whether they launch a big stimulus effort as they did nearly four years ago. 与全世界的政界人士一样,中国领导人最担心的经济问题是:失业是否在控制之下。分析师们表示,就业市场前景将是决定中国领导人会不会发起大规模刺激努力的因素之一。中国在将近4年前出台过类似的大规模刺激。 So far, the labour market has held up much better than in late 2008 when 20m migrant workers lost their jobs. 与2008年末的情况(当时有2000万农民工失去工作)相比,中国就业市场迄今的形势仍要好出不少。 But cracks are appearing and that experience showed how the situation can change virtually overnight in China. 但裂缝正在显现,而以往经验显示,中国的形势几乎可能在一夜间发生改变。 ;Depending on how deep the growth slowdown is, unemployment can deteriorate very suddenly,; said Ding Shuang, an economist with Citi. ;关键问题是增长放缓的幅度有多大,这将决定失业状况是否会突然恶化,;花旗(Citi)经济学家丁爽表示。 China, which publishes the bulk of its second-quarter economic data tomorrow, is expected to have grown about 7.5 per cent, its slowest pace in three years. 中国将在明日发布第二季度的大部分经济数据,预期该季度经济增速为7.5%,是三年来最慢的。 To arrest this slowdown, Wen Jiabao, premier, has vowed in recent days that the government will spearhead more investment projects and the central bank has cut interest rates twice in the past month. 为遏制经济增长放缓势头,中国总理温家宝近日誓言,政府将上马更多投资项目,而中国央行已在过去一个月里两次降息。 But getting a on China#39;s labour market is no easy task. Amid the blizzard of data released this week, there will be no reliable number equivalent to the unemployment rates published in Europe and the US. 但是,掌握中国就业市场的形势并非易事。在本周发布的大量数据中,并没有类似于欧美发布的失业率那样的可靠数据。 This is because China#39;s official jobless figure does not count the 200m migrant labourers who staff the factories and construction sites, and are the most vulnerable during a downturn. 这是因为,中国的官方失业数据并不计入在工厂和建筑工地劳动的2亿农民工,这些人在经济低迷时期最容易受到冲击。 However, partial indicators and anecdotal evidence suggest job cuts are sping and that it is getting tougher for workers to find jobs. 不过,部分指标和坊间据表明,裁员正在扩散,劳动者找到就业岗位的难度正在加大。 First, China#39;s purchasing managers#39; index, an important gauge of the manufacturing sector, pointed to a mild contraction in the number of jobs on offer last month. 首先,中国制造业的重要指标——采购经理指数(PMI)显示,上月招工数量出现小幅收缩。 Second, a central bank survey showed that sentiment about employment prospects fell sharply in the second quarter, nearing its lowest since 2009. 其次,一项央行调查显示,人们对于就业前景的信心在第二季度大幅下降,逼近2009年以来的最低点。 Finally, the human resources ministry estimated that the ratio of job openings to job seekers fell from 108 to 105 over the past three months. The implication is that there are still more jobs than would-be workers – a testament to China#39;s remarkably tight labour market, a big frustration of companies in recent years – but that the tide may be turning. 最后,据中国人力资源和社会保障部估计,过去3个月招聘岗位与求职者人数的比率已从108:100降至105:100。这意味着就业岗位仍多于求职者(明中国劳动力市场相当吃紧,近年来这让企业颇为头疼),但势头可能正在逆转。 Anecdotally, there have also been reports of mounting trouble, especially among the companies most exposed to the rapidly cooling property market. 坊间也有报道称这方面的麻烦越来越大,尤其是那些直接面向正在快速降温的房地产市场的企业。 Several of the country#39;s largest heavy industrial companies have fired workers or implemented hiring freezes over the past several months, though they have been cautious over how they discuss the news. 中国多家大型重工企业已在过去几个月里裁员或冻结招聘,尽管它们在谈到这方面的消息时表现得很谨慎。 Sany Heavy, China#39;s biggest maker of construction equipment, insisted last week that it was not making any large-scale job cuts, though it was controlling the growth of its 51,000-strong workforce owing to the ;slowing pace of development in the industry; in China. 中国最大的工程机械制造商三一重工(Sany Heavy)上周坚称,它并没有进行任何大规模裁员,而只是在控制其5.1万人的员工队伍的扩充步伐,原因是该行业发展速度放慢。 But an employee told the Financial Times that job cuts had been occurring in its manufacturing, sales and research divisions since last year. 但一名三一员工对英国《金融时报》表示,从去年起,三一在制造、销售和研发部门都进行了裁员。 China#39;s coal industry – the largest in the world and the backbone of the power sector – could also be heading for job cuts, according to traders. 交易商们表示,中国煤炭行业(全球规模最大,而且是中国电力工业的主要后盾)也可能迎来裁员。 ;Some coal mines have started taking turns taking ‘holidays#39;,; said a gloomy coal trader in Dalian. ;If the situation continues, the coal industry will see job cuts.; ;一些煤矿已开始轮流‘休假#39;,;大连一名悲观的煤炭交易商表示。;如果这种形势持续下去,煤炭行业将出现裁员。; At Sinovel, the third-largest wind turbine maker in the world, employees who leave are not being replaced, and hundreds of new hires had their contracts cancelled in May before they had even started work, according to an employee who was not authorised to speak to the media. The company declined to comment. 在全球第三大风力发电机制造商华锐风电(Sinovel),据一名没有权限与媒体交谈的员工透露,公司没有安排新人接替离职的雇员,5月份,数百名新招聘的员工在尚未开始工作之前就被取消了劳动合同。华锐风电拒绝置评。 Workers at thousands of smaller companies in the construction sector are also feeling the pinch. 在建筑业的成千上万的中小企业,工人们也正感受到压力。 On a recent sunny afternoon, a dozen men rested on cloth sacks packed with their belongings under a tree near Liuliqiao, a junction for migrants from the countryside who come to Beijing for work. But they were leaving the city, going back to their small patches of farmland. 在最近一个烈日高照的下午,十几位男子坐在六里桥附近的一棵树下,靠在装着自己衣物的布袋上。这里是到北京来找工作的农民工的集散地。但这些人正要离开北京,返回家乡照看自己的小块农地。 One of them, a Mr Yang, said the group had been working on a 17-storey apartment building in Xianghe County, just outside Beijing, but construction had stopped and their wages were only half paid. 一名姓杨的男子表示,他们此前在北京边上的香河县一栋17层公寓楼的工地上工作,但这栋楼已经停建,他们只拿到一半工资。 ;It#39;s really not easy finding work this year, so I#39;m going to go home to look after the wheat and cotton,; he said, sighing. ;今年找工作真的很不容易,所以我打算回家照看小麦和棉花,;他叹口气说道。 /201207/190103Statement 2012 on World Day Against Child Labor: Human Rights and Social Justice2012年世界无童工日:人权与社会公正Spokesperson Victoria Nuland美国国务院发言人维多利亚·纽兰June 12, 20122012年6月12日On this World Day Against Child Labor, we partner with members of the international community to reiterate our commitment to ending exploitative child labor around the world, with a particular recognition of the important relationship between eliminating child labor, and promoting broader human rights.在世界无童工日这一天,我们与国际社会一道重申我们制止世界各地剥削童工劳动的行为的承诺,并特别指出制止童工劳动与推进人权之间的重要关系。The most recent estimate by the International Labor Organization (ILO) suggests that 215 million boys and girls are involved in child labor throughout the world, often in hazardous and exploitative conditions. The U.S. Department of State#39;s Country Reports on Human Rights Practices and the annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report call attention to global trends in child labor each year.根据国际劳工组织的最新估算数字,世界各地现有2.15亿男女童工,他们经常在有害的环境中工作并遭受剥削。美国国务院发布的《各国人权报告》和年度《人口贩运问题报告》呼吁有关各方关注每年全球各地使用童工的趋势。As Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has stressed, ;The exploitation of children anywhere should be a concern to people everywhere.; Children in situations of exploitative child labor are deprived education, and lack the opportunities to rise to their full potential and lift themselves, their families and their communities out of a cycle of poverty.正如希拉里·克林顿国务卿所指出的:;任何地方对儿童的剥削都应当为各地人民所关注。;沦为童工遭受剥削的儿童被剥夺了受教育的权利,他们缺乏发挥出自己的全部潜能并让自己及家庭和社区摆脱贫困的恶性循环的机会。It is essential to continue to strengthen efforts to abolish child labor to ensure that the world#39;s children remain free from exploitation. Through its labor diplomacy efforts in diplomatic missions, as well as key partnerships at home and abroad, the Department of State will continue to promote labor rights, and develop and implement effective approaches to combat exploitative child labor.必须继续加强努力废除童工劳动,确保世界上的儿童不受剥削。国务院将通过其外交使团以及国内外的关键伙伴关系展开劳工外交工作来继续倡导劳工权利,制定并执行打击剥削童工行为的有效方针。 /201206/187532

  Even with sales of e-ers surging, only 10% of respondents said they had abandoned traditional books. More than half of them said most or all of the books they are in printed form. The pleasure of ing endures in the digital age, even with its nearly boundless options for entertainment, according to data collected from 1,500 voters. More than 20% reported ing books for more than 10 hours a week. Owners of e-ers are more likely to books, more books and spend more hours each week in ing. About 4 in 10 said they devoured four or more books a month.即使电子阅读器的销售风起云涌,但在有电子阅读器的受访者中,只有10%的人说他们已经抛弃了传统的书本。超过一半的受访者表示他们读过的大部分书是纸质书。根据从1500名投票者那所收集的数据,即使数字时代有无限的方式选择,阅读还是有其乐趣所在。超过20%的人表示每周会读书10小时以上。有电子阅读器的人更可能读书,读更多的书,每周花更多的时间阅读。大约40%的人表示他们每月“消化”4本或者更多的书。 /201211/210267


  FROZEN meals containing horsemeat may be given to the needy.含有马肉的冷冻肉可能将被发放给穷人。Charities have put up their hands to claim meals that have been yanked from retail shelves as the growing horsemeat scandal engulfs Europe.随着愈演愈烈的马肉风波席卷整个欧洲,已有慈善团体表示申领这些从零售超市下架的马肉。Three French charities say they’re prepared to hand out thousands of frozen dinners that contain horsemeat.三家法国慈善团体表示将把含有马肉的数千份冷冻食品发放出去。Six French supermarkets have recalled - or are planning to recall - y-made meals found to contain horsemeat, despite being labelled as beef.六家法国超市已经召回——或打算召回——发现含有马肉(虽然标签为牛肉)的即食肉制品。The charities, Restos du Coeur (Restaurants with Heart), Secours Populaire (People Rescue) and Banque Alimentaire (The Food Bank) want to get hold of the meals and re-distribute them among their clients.“爱心饭店”、“人民救援”与“食品”三家法国慈善团体打算申领这些肉制品,然后再将其分发给资助对象。The three charities met last week to try to work out a plan of action, according to English-language French newspaper The Local.据法国一家英语报纸The Local报道,这三家慈善团体上周末进行了碰面,力求制定一份行动计划。#39;#39;Above all, these cannot be thrown out. If the meals are safe, we will take them,#39;#39; a branch manager from Secours Populaire told Europe 1 radio.“最重要的是,不能将这些肉制品统统扔掉。如果这些肉制品可安全食用,我们将要申领”,“人民救援”的一个分的负责人接受欧洲一台采访时说道。Philippe Le Mescam, head of the Brittany branch of Restos du Coeur said, #39;#39;It would be scandalous to destroy all these tonnes of food, if tests show that they don’t pose a health risk.#39;#39;“爱心饭店”慈善组织布列塔尼分负责人菲利普·勒·梅斯堪姆表示,“如果检测结果显示这些食品不会对健康构成威胁,那么将这些重达数吨的食品摧毁就太丢脸了”。The meals would also have to be re-labelled before being handed out, as their packaging wrongly suggests they only contain beef.由于弄错的包装上说明仅含有牛肉,这些肉制品在被分发前将会重新贴上标签。A spokeswoman for Restos du Coeur said the charity wouldn#39;t accept meals for the moment, saying there were many health issues to be sorted out before they could be redistributed.“爱心饭店”组织的一位女发言人称该慈善团体眼下不会接受这些肉制品,她表示这些肉制品在分发前还有诸多健康问题需要解决。#39;#39;Our goal is to fight waste. These products are now in storage, awaiting some sort of resolution. So if they can’t be sold, we could take them and distribute them to deprived people,#39;#39; said director of the French Federation of Food Banks, Maurice Lony.“我们的目标是消灭浪费。这些肉制品现在都已储存起来,等待解决办法的出炉。所以,如果这些肉制品不能出售,我们就会买来分发给困难群众,”法国食品联合会会长毛里斯·罗尼如是说。The food scandal began on January 15 when horse DNA was discovered in frozen beef burgers sold in Irish and British supermarkets.这一食品丑闻肇始于今年1月15号,当时在爱尔兰和英国超市销售的冷冻牛肉汉堡中发现了马肉DNA。Further investigations revealed horsemeat was also in frozen packaged beef lasagna and spaghetti bolognese as well as meatballs. The meat has been traced to European abattoirs.进一步的调查发现,冷冻包装牛肉千层面、意大利番茄牛肉面以及肉丸中均含有马肉。经追查这些马肉来自欧洲的几家屠宰场。 /201302/226145

  WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama vowed to press for tighter gun laws early next year, as he sought to turn national outrage over the Connecticut school massacre into action to ban assault weapons and ensure better background checks on gun buyers.华盛顿—总统奥巴马郑重宣布争取明年初出台更严格的法律,让国民把对康涅格州学校杀行为的愤怒转移到禁止购买攻击性武器的行动上,并确保对购买者的身份背景作更好的调查。Obama held a White House news conference to announce that Vice-President Joe Biden will lead an interagency effort to craft new gun policies. The group is expected to offer its proposals in January.奥巴马在白宫举行的新闻发布会上宣布,副总统拜登将带领各部门起草新的政策。草案有望于明年一月出炉。 /201212/216269

  In 2005 Robert Zoellick, as US deputy secretary of state, proposed that China might play the role of “responsible stakeholder” in shaping the international agenda. Despite its rise, most observers now do not see Beijing playing this role. China is often seen as unco-operative on issues ranging from trade and investment flows to intellectual property rights, climate change and the acquisition of natural resources. This has created the impression that Beijing is more inclined to use its clout to advance core interests than strengthen partnerships.2005年时任美国副国务卿的罗伯特#8226;佐利克(Robert Zoellick)提出,中国应在国际事务领域扮演“负责任的利益相关方”角色。虽然中国日渐崛起,但绝大多数观察家目前并未看到中国担负起这一职责。在贸易与投资流动、知识产权、气候变化以及自然资源采购等问题上,中国常被看做是一个不愿合作的国家。这给外界留下了一种印象,即中国政府更愿意运用自身政治影响力来增进核心利益,而非加强伙伴关系。Some observers have interpreted President Xi Jinping’s “China dream” to mean that he will adopt a more nationalistic policy. But in advance of his first state trips to Russia and Africa, he stressed that his country’s great national renewal” would benefit the world and that “as its strength increases, it will assume more international responsibilities”.某些观察家把中国国家主席习近平提出的“中国梦”解读为,这意味着习近平将采取一种更具民族主义色的执政风格。但在对俄罗斯和非洲进行首次国事访问之前,习近平强调说,中华民族的伟大复兴将有益于整个世界,“随着国力不断增强,中国将承担更多国际责任”。Mr Zoellick may have been right, just a decade premature. Evolving circumstances could lead China to becoming a responsible stakeholder but much will depend on its actions and those of western powers.佐利克或许是对的,但他的提议较现实超前了十年。国际局势的不断演进可能促使中国成为一个“负责任的利益相关方”,但这在很大程度上将取决于中国自身与西方大国的行动。The nation is becoming a more “normal” economy – relying less on centrally driven investments in moving to a more market-driven growth path. But normality means slower growth and greater vulnerability to cycles. The country can no longer maintain stability by controlling interest and exchange rates and limiting capital movements, while internationalising the renminbi involves greater risks.中国正在逐步成为一个更加正常的经济体,较少依赖于中央主导型投资,转向以市场驱动为主的增长路径。但“正常”意味着经济增速的放缓以及更易受到经济周期波动影响。中国无法继续依靠控制利率和汇率以及限制资本流动来保持经济稳定,而人民币国际化则蕴含着更大的风险。The result is that Beijing’s instincts are reactive rather than designed to forge long-term solutions. Its economic success is pushing it to act as a leading power prematurely.由此产生的结果是,中国政府的才能仅限于应对当下问题,而不适于设计长期解决方案。中国的经济成就正迫使中国过早地像一个世界主要大国那样行事。China’s tensions with the west intensified as its trade surpluses surged in the past decade. These surpluses have been depicted as the result of exchange rate manipulation and unfair subsidies.近十年来,随着中国贸易顺差规模的快速增长,中国与西方关系的紧张程度加剧。贸易顺差被外界描绘为中国操纵本国汇率以及实施不公平贸易补贴的结果。But country’s long history also affects its thinking. It is a returning economic power – one that accounted for 30 per cent of global production two centuries ago but saw its share fall to less than 5 per cent by 1950. Even today at 15 per cent it is only half of what it once was. Moreover, China’s ability to escape the middle-income trap is not guaranteed. Only a handful of middle-income countries have made the transition in the past four decades, and none with China’s formidable handicaps. Foremost among these is that the country will become old before becoming rich, with the needs of the elderly representing a huge financial burden.悠久的历史对中国的思维方式也有影响。中国是一个正在复兴的经济大国。在两个世纪以前,中国在全球总产值中所占比重高达30%,但到1950年,这一比重降至不足5%。即使如今中国在全球总产值中所占比重已回升至15%,但也依然仅是过去的二分之一。此外,中国并不一定有能力避开中等收入陷阱。在过去的四十年中,成功实现转型的中等收入国家屈指可数,而且没有一个具有像中国这样难以克的不利条件。其中最主要的困难在于,中国社会将未富先老,对老年人的福利出将带来沉重的财政负担。Many observers do not appreciate that China ranks only 90th internationally in per capita income. China also recognises the reality that if it succumbs to a debilitating economic crisis, adequate external financial support is unlikely to materialise because of its sheer size.按人均国民收入计算,中国在全球仅名列第90位,很多观察家不正视这一点。中国也意识到,如果经受不住经济危机的负面影响,自身过于庞大的经济规模将使其不太可能获得充足的外部财政持。All this suggests the nation may not be y to move into the role of a responsible stakeholder. But more positive outcomes are possible as its status in the international financial system is recalibrated to reflect its enhanced standing.所有这些都表明,中国或许还没有准备好担当起“负责任的利益相关方”的角色。但如果中国在国际金融体系中的地位得到重估,以反映其影响力的提升,那么就有可能产生更为积极的结果。Beijing has incentives to support more open markets domestically and fight protectionism. This would help counter criticisms of its trade practices and put pressure on those countries inclined to raise barriers.中国政府愿意持进一步开放国内市场和打击保护主义。这将有助于回击对中国贸易举措的批评,并给那些有意提高贸易壁垒的国家以压力。Nudging China in the direction of becoming a responsible stakeholder will gain momentum if Beijing has more say in the system. There are lessons from the way that the US has been pushing the trans-Pacific Partnership. If it had been more flexibly designed, China might have seen itself as having a stake in developing a productive outcome.如果中国在国际体系内拥有更多的发言权,将有助于推动中国朝着成为一个负责任的利益相关方的方向迈进。美国推动跨太平洋伙伴关系协定的方式值得借鉴。如果当时的机制设计更为灵活,中国或许会把取得更有建设性的结果看作与自身利益密切相关。Criticism of China’s economic policies affects Beijing’s perception of itself if it believes it is suffering from a system not of its making. The key is convincing China that its interests are best served by forging solutions through compromise and co-operation and reassuring Beijing that its concerns will be heard.如果中国认为一个自身在其中说不上话的体系正损及本国利益,那么对于中国经济政策的批评将影响中国对自身的认知。问题的关键在于说中国相信,通过妥协与合作形成解决方案是最符合中国自身利益的,此外还应打消中国方面的疑虑,使其相信自身的担忧将得到倾听。The writer is a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment and a former World Bank director for China本文作者为美国卡内基国际和平基金会(Carnegie Endowment)高级研究员,曾任世界(World Bank)中国业务局局长 /201304/232959

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