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Often, there is really only one thing standing between your sensitive information and criminals ; your password. If they get it, they can get into banks accounts and private files, and wreak havoc.For this reason, it#39;s important to know what makes a password strong and secure.通常,个人敏感信息和犯罪分子之间仅有一墙之隔;;密码。如果密码泄漏,他们就能肆无忌惮地入侵你的账户和私人文件。因此,密码的设置就有讲究了。This is Secure Passwords Explained by Common Craft. Chances are, you use passwords everyday. To open your computer, to log into your favorite websites, to get work done. The easy route is to have a simple password that works everywhere. Unfortunately, this can be a problem.本期介绍如何设置安全密码。密码天天都用。开电脑要密码、登录网站要密码、处理工作还要密码。你可以图方便,设置统一的密码。但这么干,准会出事。Criminals are very good at guessing passwords. Some have computer programs that can make millions of guesses until something works. And if they aly know information about you, it#39;s even easier. Your job is to create a password that is very hard to guess. Here#39;s how:犯罪分子的特长就是破解密码。有些甚至利用电脑程序来破解密码。如果知道你的个人信息,密码破解起来就更简单了。所以你需要设置一个难破解的密码:Your first thought may be to use a pet#39;s name, a birthdate, an address or parts of a phone number. These things are too easy for criminals to discover, so don#39;t use them.通常宠物的名字、生日、地址或电话号码都是密码的首选。但这类信息太容易泄漏,所以这种密码想都不要想。Your password should not include info about you. Thankfully, there are ways to have memorable, but hard-to-guess passwords. Consider this: In addition to single words, phrases can also be easy to remember. Maybe it#39;s a favorite song lyric, or e.密码不应包含个人信息,有些办法可以让密码又好记,又不易破解,短语是个不错的选择。可以选喜欢的歌词或者名言。An example is ;Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill; That#39;s easy to remember, right? Well, your password is there ; it#39;s the first letter of each word. In this example, this would be your password. That#39;s not something that is easily guessed.比如 Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill. 好记吧?把每个单词的首字母组合起来得到一个词,用这个词当密码,就不容易被破解了。Here#39;s why. First ; it#39;s not in the dictionary. This makes guessing it harder. There are about 60,000 words in English. A computer can test out those words pretty quickly, so don#39;t use them.首先,词典里没这词,破解的难度就增加了。英语单词大概6万个,计算机可以将它们很快试个遍,千万别用这种密码。But there#39;s more. This password could still be stronger by adding upper case letters, numbers or special characters. So this is a very strong password ; but there#39;s still a risk.但还不保险。可以在密码里加入大写字母、数字或特殊字符。这密码就碉堡了,但还是存在风险。If you write it down, be careful where you keep it. And be aware that someone can look over your shoulder or find it in your trash.如果把密码写在纸上,千万要小心。保不齐别人偷窥或从垃圾桶里翻出来。Giving it to loved-ones is also risky ; they may not be as cautious as you are. Only you should know your password.把密码告诉亲友也有风险,没准他们比你还马虎。自己保存密码才靠谱。Criminals may also try to fool you into handing it over via phone calls. Never tell anyone your password over the phone. And be careful when you get an email that asks for a password ; it could be a scam.罪犯分子可能会打电话骗你说出密码。千万不要在电话里面告诉别人。收到要求输入密码的电子邮件时一定要小心,可能是陷阱。To help avoid problems, don#39;t use the same password everywhere ; that#39;s like having one key that unlocks everything you own. The stakes are high if you lose it.也不要在所有地方使用相同密码,就像不要给锁配万能钥匙一样。否则密码丢了就惨了。Also, be careful if you use a computer that is not yours. Let#39;s say you check email using a computer in a store, library or computer lab. You login, check email and walk away.此外 在用别人的计算机时要特别小心,比如用商店、图书馆或网吧的电脑收邮件。登录了账号,查完邮件没退出就走了。The next person to use that computer now has access to your email account and all the information in it. Always remember to log out of each site you visit on a computer that isn#39;t yours.下一个用电脑的人就能进入你的账户,所以一定要记得 用完要退出账户。Passwords are an essential part of life online. And if we#39;re not careful about keeping them secret, they can cause big problems. By understanding the risks and making passwords stronger, we can feel a little more secure.网络离不开密码。密码保存不注意,很可能吃大亏。提高防范意识,设置强大的密码能省心不少。 /201201/168036If you#39;ve been through it, this will probably come as no surprise. Divorce can add years to a person#39;s face, it is claimed.如果你已经经历了,你可能不会感到惊讶。研究称,离婚会让人容颜变老。Researchers found that marriage breakdown can take a significant toll on appearance.研究人员发现,婚姻破裂会对人的外貌造成很大的影响。They looked at identical twins, who would be genetically predisposed to age at a similar pace, to determine whether certain experiences affected ageing.为确定某些经历是否会影响衰老,研究人员对同卵双生的双胞胎进行了研究,这些双胞胎在基因的设定下衰老速度完全一样。;A person#39;s heritage may initially dictate how they age but if you introduce certain factors into your life, you will certainly age faster, and likewise, if you avoid those factors you can slow down the hands of time,; said Professor Bahaman Guyuron, who led the study.研究负责人巴哈曼;古尤伦教授说:;遗传可能是决定一个人如何变老的基本因素,但如果在人生中加入某些因素,那么肯定会加速衰老,同样,如果避免这些因素,则会减缓衰老。;Professor Guyuron and his colleagues gathered information from questionnaires and digital images taken from 186 pairs of twins.古尤伦教授和同事对186对双胞胎进行了问卷调查和数码拍照。An independent panel of judges then viewed the images for perceived age differences between the siblings.一个独立评审小组浏览了这些照片,并根据照片判断这些双胞胎外表上的年龄差异。The results showed that the twin who had gone through a divorce appeared two years older than the one who was married, single or had been widowed.结果显示,一对双胞胎中的离婚者比已婚、单身或守寡者看起来要老两岁。Those who took antidepressants or were overweight also aged quicker.而用抗抑郁药物或体重超标的人衰老速度也较快。It is thought antidepressants can calm the facial muscles, causing them to sag in longterm users.据称,抗抑郁药物能够使面部肌肉松弛,所以长期用者肌肉容易下垂。The research was conducted by the Case Western Reserve University in the U.S., and published in the Journal Of The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons.该研究由美国西储大学开展,研究结果已在《整形和修复外科医学期刊》上发表。Sun exposure, smoking and alcohol use were all found to have a negative effect on appearance.另外,日晒、吸烟和酗酒都会对外表造成不良影响。 /201202/171250

With roads and tube lines set to be more congested than ever this summer a few people may be tempted to use it an excuse for a day off.今年夏天,英国的马路和地铁将出现前所未有的拥挤,有些人可能会很想以交通堵塞为由请假。But for employees at data services provider Interxion a chaotic commute during the Olympics will hold no weight.然而对数据务供应商Interxion的雇员来说,奥运期间混乱的交通不足为惧。That#39;s because, in a bid to keep things ticking over this summer, bosses at the London company are asking staff to sleep at work - in space pods.这是因为这家伦敦公司的老板们今夏为了保持公司正常运转,让员工睡在办公室的“太空舱”里。Far from sleeping on the job engineers at the Brick Lane based firm in east London will be asked to stay behind and sleep in the claustrophobic capsules to avoid the rush hour.这家公司的工程师完全不是在工作时打盹,而是为了躲避交通高峰期,被留宿在幽闭的“太空舱”里。这家公司的总部位于伦敦东部的砖块街。And while other companies are set to offer staff the luxury of working from home during the Games the firm behind the capsules hope to get more workplaces on board.其他公司打算奥运会期间让员工享受在家工作的待遇,而这家设置“太空舱”的公司希望能增加更多工作人员用舱。Podtime, the firm behind the unusual cabins, are billing them as the perfect solution to the Olympics#39; congested commute.发明这种奇特的太空舱的Podtime公司宣称这是应对奥运会交通拥堵的最佳方案。On their official website they state #39;London businesses will be severely affected by the transport problems caused by the Olympics.该公司在官方网站上说道:“伦敦商业将会因奥运会导致的交通问题而受到严重影响。;Cost effective and versatile pods provide the best solution to this by allowing your staff to stay on site as necessary, in comfort and privacy.;“太空舱成本低又集多功能于一身,通过让员工在必要的时候就地留宿,又舒适又清静,为奥运交通问题提供了最佳解决方法。”Coming in a range of colours, the capsules made of polycarbonate, sell at anything from pound;1,375.这种小舱用聚碳酸酯制成,有多种颜色,起价为1375英镑。The stock models are fitted with either foam mattresses or a standard single mattress as well as a storage shelf, mirror and power points.这种小舱的模型内装有储物架、镜子和电源插座,还有泡沫床垫或标准单人床垫。These types of capsules have been around for years, in hotels, but Interxion is thought to be among the first to have them stalled at the workplace.多年前旅馆里就已经有这种小舱,但据认为Interxion是第一个将这种小舱安置在工作场所的公司。An independent report carried out by Oxford Economics last year estimated that around 450,000 visitors will stay in the capital while 5.5 million people will visit for at least a day during the Games.《牛津经济学》去年发布的一份独立报告估计,奥运会期间约有45万游客将在首都伦敦停留,550万人至少会在伦敦停留一天。This will inevitably mean more cars on the road and greater congestion on the Underground.这意味着马路上不可避免地会有更多车,地铁里也必然会更加拥挤。 /201204/179085

A nine-year-old art genius nicknamed ;Mini Monet; is about to become a millionaire after selling his latest collection of 24 paintings for 250,000 pounds, the Daily Mail reported.一个9岁的绘画天才新近卖出了24幅作品,价值25万英镑。这个小男孩的昵称叫“小莫奈”,自此将成为一名百万富翁。Kieron Williamson, from Norfolk, had his landscape pictures snapped up by telephone and internet buyers from around the world in just 15 minutes during a recent sale.据英国《每日邮报》报道,小画家名为克尔隆#8226;威廉森,来自于诺福克。近日,威廉森的风景画遭疯抢,仅15分钟就被世界各地的买家通过电话和网络抢购一空。The youngster only started painting during a family trip to Devon and Cornwall in 2008 - before then he had just colored in dinosaurs his parents had drawn for him.其实,小男孩是从2008年与家人到丹佛和康沃尔游玩时才开始画画的,在那之前都是等父母画好了恐龙,他来上色。The talented schoolboy will not be given free access to his rapidly growing wealth until he reaches 18, as his parents have been investing it on his behalf.尽管这位有天赋的小男生财富迅速增长,但在18岁之前他是不能自由配那些钱的。不过,他的父母用这些钱正在帮他搞投资。 /201207/190419

Ignoring his daughter for years 很多年不承认自己的女儿 Steve Jobs fathered a child when he was just 23. But he spent years denying that he was the father, going so far as to swear in a court document he was, "sterile and infertile, and as a result , did not have the physical capacity to procreate a child." 乔布斯23岁的时候就当上了父亲。他很多年都否认自己是父亲,甚至在法庭文件中发誓:“自己没有生育能力,所以,从生理上讲不可能有一个孩子。”Hiring John Sculley to run Apple 让John Sculley经营苹果 Steve Jobs was young at the time and under the impression that he needed adult supervision to run Apple. With John Sculley he got someone that didn't understand Apple. Eventually Sculley pushed for Jobs' ouster. 当时的乔布斯还很年轻,他需要有经验的管理人员。于是他让一个不懂苹果文化的人去经营苹果,结果还被他赶出了苹果,那人就是John Sculley。Dumping all of his Apple stock when booted from the company 被踢出苹果的时候,抛售了自己所有的股票 Steve Jobs' decision to dump all of his Apple stock probably doesn't seem like a good idea when the company dumped him in the mid-eighties. 乔布斯在80年代中期被踢出苹果时,决定抛售自己的所有股票,这在今天看来不是个好主意。Trusting Eric Schmidt for as long as he did 过分信任Eric Schmidt Google(微) now competes with Apple in just about every major business line for Apple. Both make software for tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. Apple foolishly gave Google a front row seat on how it operates those businesses by allowing Eric Schmidt to sit on the board for three years. 谷歌现在所有产品线都在与苹果竞争,包括平板电脑、智能手机和台式电脑等。苹果让Eric Schmidt进入董事会,这使谷歌知道了如何经营那些生意。Emailing an iPhone4 customer to say, "Just avoid holding it in that way." 给一个iPhone4 使用者发邮件说:“不要那样握着。” "Just avoid holding it in that way," when a customer emailed to say the signal dropped when the phone was held tightly with the bottom left covered. “不要那样握着。”——当一个iPhone4使用者发邮件说,如果遮住机器左下方并且紧握,就会掉线,乔布斯就这样回复了他。Having done no philanthropy, neither does Apple 他和苹果都没有做任何慈善 Steve Jobs is worth billions. And yet, he seems to keep it all for himself. He is not attached to any big donations。 乔布斯的身价高达几十亿美元,但是他似乎没有向社会做大的捐献。 /201110/156393

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