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哈尔滨医科大学附属第一医院重症监护室尝试为张丽莉停用呼吸机。目前张丽莉已经恢复自主呼吸。A heroic teacher from northeast China’s Heilongjiang province remains in hospital after undergoing her second surgery.29-year-old teacher Zhang Lili has earned the honour the ;most beautiful teacher; for risking her life to save 2 students from an oncoming bus earlier this month. Her heroic acts have attracted great admiration from across the country.This is Zhang Lili’s second surgery after being hit by a runaway bus 2 weeks ago. She saved two children from the crash, but was run over in the process, resulting in the loss of her legs. In total, 5 people were injured in the accident.After thorough discussions, top doctors carried out a 4-hour long operation to remove dead tissue. Doctors say the operation went smooth, but Zhang’s condition is still complicated. The main problem now is correcting damage done to her skeletal structure.Zhang has been carefully treated since the accident and her students are praying for their beloved teacher.Zhang’s good deed has also won public recognition. Many people have sent their best wishes, and a local charity federation has received over 2.8 million yuan or about 430, 000 US dollars to pay for her treatment.Police have since detained the driver of the bus.Wang Zhonglin, traffic police, said, ;The driver Xiao Yuyan parked the bus in front of No.19 middle school. Then she stood up and moved around, accidentally started the engine of the bus, causing the car to move forward. And then she missteped on the accelerator pedal instead of the break.;Xiao was detained by local police on May 9. On Monday, the case was transferred to the local people’s procuratorate for examination and prosecution. Article/201205/183297If a run-in with an arts and crafts project has led to a sticky situation, these tips will clean things up and save you money on new clothes at the same time.如果不小心撞到艺术品或雕塑导致衣站上胶水,以下这些步骤可以帮助你进行清洁,同时节约买新衣的钱。Step 1 Scrape excess off1.刮掉多余的胶水Remove any excess glue by scraping it off with a butter knife or another hard-edged instrument.用一把黄油刀或其他边缘比较钝的工具刮掉任何多余的胶水。Step 2 Soak in water2.水中浸泡Allow the clothing to soak in room temperature water for 24 hours, and then wash the garment and let it air dry. Check for residual glue and repeat if necessary.倒一些温度与室温相当的水,将衣浸泡24小时,然后洗涤,风干。查看是否仍有胶水残留,如果必要的话重复洗涤过程。Step 3 Pre-treat with stain remover3.先用去污剂处理Pretreat the glue with a stain remover and wash the garment in your washing machine. Then allow the garment to air dry.Don#39;t use hot water, an iron, or a clothes dryer if the glue has aly hardened. Heat will cause the glue to permanently adhere to the fabric fibers.先用去污剂处理衣物,然后用洗衣机洗涤。让衣物自然风干。如果胶水已经硬化,不要使用热水,电熨斗或衣物烘干机。热量会导致胶水永久性地粘在衣物纤维上。Step 4 Apply petroleum jelly4.涂抹凡士林油Apply petroleum jelly or a waterless hand cleaner to the glue if it has aly dried and hardened. Test an inconspicuous area of the garment for staining beforehand.如果胶水已经干燥硬化,向胶水上涂抹凡士林油或无水洗手剂。提前在衣不太显眼的部位试验一下效果。Step 5 Fold paper towels5.折叠纸巾Fold paper towels into several layers and wrap the petroleum jelly and glue covered area. Allow it to sit for one hour before checking the spot.将纸巾折叠成几层,把凡士林油和被胶水覆盖的地方裹起来。静置一小时,然后检查污渍处。Step 6 Contact manufacturer6.联系生产商Contact the glue manufacturer for specific tips if the glue is not water soluble or if it is a commercial-strength adhesive.如果胶水是不溶于水的,或者粘性很强,联系胶水生产商,咨询特别建议。 Article/201302/224713

You are a nerd, but it doesn#39;t mean you have to stay that way forever. We want you to be cool, you want to be cool...here#39;s how to be cool.你是个呆子,但是这并不意味着你永远都是这样。我们希望你能酷一点,你也希望能够酷一点。以下是我们的一点建议。Step 1: Get Some Skills1.掌握一些技巧Take something you like and get really good at it. Video games don#39;t count. They isolate you. Write. Surf. Snowboard.Anything. Being good at something makes you interesting - it gives you something to talk about and builds your confidence.培养一些兴趣爱好,并且要擅长。视频游戏不算数,因为这会让你和外界隔离。书法,冲浪,滑雪,任何事情都可以。某个方面的特长会让很有趣,也让你有和别人谈论的话题,并增强自信心。Following the fads is a dead end. Choose your own adventure and stick with it.追逐风尚是行不通的,选择自己的爱好,并且坚持下去。Step 2: Don#39;t Advertise2.不要做广告Everybody has a MySpace page, but you don#39;t need to load it up with revealing photos of yourself. Don#39;t overpost. Over-advertising yourself - or your iPhone or your sports car - is not cool.每个人都有自己的个人主页,但是你不需要上传炫耀自己的照片。不要过度宣传。大肆宣扬你自己,或者你的手机,或者你的跑车,都不能扮酷。Step 3: Get A Gimmick3.耍一点花招Quote Shakespeare. Do a card trick, or appreciate art. This will become your guaranteed ice breaker in any awkward social situation.引用莎士比亚的话。玩牌,或者欣赏艺术。在任何难堪的社交场合,这些都可以成功地帮你打破局面。Step 4: Don#39;t Be The Last To Leave4.不要最后一个离开You have better things to do than just hang around your friend#39;s house.你还有更好的事情去做,而不是一直逗留在你朋友的房间。Step 5: Don#39;t Do Everything You#39;re Told5.不要跟随别人的指令Really. Even by us.是的,即使是我们说的。Thanks for watching How To Be Cool.感谢收看“怎样扮酷”视频节目。 Article/201211/209260

在这个短小而生动的演讲中,Marisa Fick-Jordan将为我们介绍一个祖鲁村庄的传统线手工艺人,以及他们是如何建立起一个世界范围的市场来销售他们精致的线工艺品的。 Article/201302/226360Not everyone enjoys a co-worker flirting with them in the office so Irma Kurtz has lent us her valued advice on how to deal with this tricky situation.并不是所有人都喜欢同事在办公室和自己调情。Irma Kurtz为我们提供了非常有价值的建议,帮助我们应对这种尴尬的局面。Step 1: Think1.思考You may be flattered by the attention but do you want to pursue this? Most likely not. Relationships in the work place are never a good idea. Even though the boost to your ego might be welcome, be clear in your mind that you want this to stop.Otherwise you may end up giving mixed signals.别人的关注或许使你受宠若惊沾沾自喜,但是你想要这样吗?大部分人可能都不喜欢。办公室恋情从来都不是好现象。尽管这样可以满足自己的虚荣心,但是头脑要保持清醒,你要制止。否则,你可能会发出错误的信号。Step 2: Act fast2.迅速采取行动As soon as the flirting starts, stamp it out. If you let it slide the flirter will presume you enjoy the dalliance, and any, and we mean any, interaction with you will be seen as encouragement. The straight forward task of passing a stapler will turn into an innuendo fuelled exchange.一旦出现调情的迹象,立即消灭在萌芽状态。如果你任其发展,调情者会认为你喜欢调情,你们两人的任何互动都会被视为鼓励。简简单单地传递一下订书机都会被认为交流感情。Step 3: Humour diffusion3.幽默感Make a gentle joke of his advances, and let others in on the gag. This shares the situation, making it obvious that you aren#39;t going to put up with any provocative behaviour. The slight embarrassment he publicly receives should be enough to stop him trying it on again. Don#39;t be cruel or make unkind remarks, as this will embitter him and make you appear bitchy.对他的行为开一个友好善意的玩笑,让其他人也加入。这样可以表明你不想忍受任何调戏的行为。他在大庭广众之下的尴尬足以让他不敢再越雷池一步。不要鲁莽或不友好,否则会让他痛苦,让你自己看上去不矜持。Step 4: Be honest4.诚实If the flirting continues, speak with your offender face to face. Be clear that you don#39;t enjoy the attention and you want it to stop. Keep your tone firm but stay friendly.如果调情仍然继续,与冒犯者面对面谈话。明确表示你不喜欢这样,希望他不要这样做了。语气要坚定,但是要友好。WARNING警告Never send an email instead of talking. Not only does it lack the tone you need, but can also be easily overseen.千万不要发送电子邮件而不是谈话。这样不仅会缺乏必须的坚定语气,还很容易被别人发现。Step 5: Complain5.投诉If after the chat the flirting continues, or even worse, escalates, have a word with your immediate supervisor who will deal with your complaint. Explain what has been happening and how it makes you feel uncomfortable. It is your employee#39;s duty to provide a safe working environment, they must follow the correct procedures to ensure a healthy productive atmosphere is restored.如果谈话过后调情仍然继续,或者变本加厉,向你的直接上司反应,他们会处理你的投诉。认真解释发生了什么事,怎样让你感到不舒。雇主有责任提供安全的办公环境,他们必须遵循正确的程序,确保重建健康高效的工作氛围。The flirting will stop, allowing you both to get on with your work, professionally.调情会结束,让你们两人都能继续专业地对待自己的工作。Thanks for watching How To Cope With A Flirtatious Co-Worker.感谢收看“怎样应对同事的调情”视频节目。 Article/201302/226325【视频欣赏】【视频文本】Forget what your mom told you about being yourself—there are definite things you can do to tip the odds in your favor!You Will NeedEye makeup An inquisitive mind And a willingness to laugh at his jokes Hair volumizer Lip plumpers Step 1: Don't starve yourself(有身材曲线的女人)Don’t starve yourself. Study after study proves that men prefer curvy over skinny.Step 2: Grow out hair(长发飘飘的女人)If your hair is short, grow it out. Surveys say that men love long, full, wavy manes.Use volumizer to boost your hair, and lip plumpers to pump up your pout, since pillowy lips denote youth.Step 3: Make eyes appear larger(大眼睛的女人)Have a makeup expert show you how to make your eyes appear larger. Large peepers are universally appealing.Step 4: Be choosy(很难得到的女人)Be choosy. People who are picky are actually more desirable to the opposite sex than those willing to give everyone a shot.Step 5: Be informed amp; well (有涵养的女人)Be informed and well . A pretty face may get you that first date, but in fact men aren’t as shallow as we think—for the long haul, they want a woman they can talk to.Step 6: Flatter him(会说话的女人)Found a special guy? Use targeted flattery. Figure out how he likes to think of himself—does he fancy himself an intellectual? A jock? A good-time Charlie?—then reinforce that perception.Step 7: Laugh at his jokes(幽默的女人)Laugh at his jokes. While women want a man who can make them laugh, men want a woman who will appreciate their wit.Step 8: Enjoy yourself(大方的女人)Enjoy being the belle of the ball!Research shows that while being seriously unattractive makes it harder to find love, being attractive actually doesn’t give much of an advantage over being average. Article/201002/97326

New York City, March 25, 1911.1911年3月25日,纽约市4:45 p.m.The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, 8th Floor.下午4时45分,三角女式衬衫厂,8楼 260 girls work here--most of them teenagers.260名女工在此工作,大多数是十几岁的女孩 Someone-- we don#39;t know who--tosses a match or maybe a cigarette into the scrap bin.不知道是谁往废布桶里不知道是扔了根火柴还是香烟 Eva Harris, a seamstress, smells burning.制衣女工伊娃·哈里斯闻到了焦味There#39;s a fire, Mr. Bernstein.有东西烧着了,伯恩斯坦先生 Production manager Samuel Bernstein grabs one of the three fire pails... but the fire is aly sping.生产经理塞缪尔·伯恩斯坦一把抓来全部三只消防桶中的一只,但火势已蔓延开来There#39;s a mad dash for the exit, but it is too narrow.人们拼命地奔向出口,但它太狭窄了 Only one at a time can pass through.一次只能允许一个人通过 It#39;s been designed that way so their bags can be checked for stolen fabric.它被有意设计成此以便检查女工的包里是否藏有偷来的布料 There#39;s a fire hose...but it#39;s not working.厂房里有根消防水管,但无法使用 There#39;s no water!里面没水The only way to warn the floors above is through the switchboard two floors up, on the tenth floor.现在能通知楼上的唯一办法就是呼叫两层楼以上,位于10楼的电话总台Hello, switchboard?Tenth floor.Fire, there#39;s a fire.Put me through to the ninth floor!喂,是总台吗? 这里是10楼,火,着火了,帮我接9楼 She drops the phone and runs to get help.她扔下电话,跑出去求救 The message never reaches the ninth floor.9楼的人一直没有收到火灾警报 Samuel Bernstein races up the main stairs to help the 160 workers trapped there.塞缪尔·伯恩斯坦匆忙沿主楼梯往楼上跑,一心想解救被围困的160名工人But blocking the front door, there#39;s a barrel of motor oil.但一只装着机油的桶抵住了前门On the ninth floor, flames are aly shooting through the walls and windows.在9楼,火舌已经透过墙和窗向里喷射 The girls on nine rush to the fire escape, but it#39;s locked.9楼女工争相跑向防火通道,但门已上锁Only two escape routes are left on the ninth floor: the elevator and the metal fire escape.现在9楼只剩下两条逃生通道,电梯和金属防火梯 Kate Weiner makes it to the elevator door,but she#39;s lost her sister.凯特·韦纳好不容易挤到了电梯门边,她的却不见了 /201212/214679【视频欣赏】(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Penguins at a South Korean aquarium are in training for the upcoming 2010 World Cup.在韩国的一个水族馆里,几只企鹅在为即将到来的2010年世界杯做训练准备。At the Everland aquarium one hour outside of Seoul, 11 penguins, wearing South Korean kits, showed off their kicking skills and teamwork.爱宝乐园(据汉城1小时的车程)的水族馆里,11只企鹅,身着韩国队队,向游客们展示它们的球技和团队配合。"We have formed a group of 'Penguin Supporters', hoping that our South Korean team will go to the next round at the World Cup finals in South Africa," said 33-year-old trainer Lee Kwang-hee.33岁的驯养员李光羲说:“我们之所以组建这个“企鹅啦啦队”,是希望在南非世界杯决赛中,韩国队能过晋级下一轮。”South Korea is grouped with Argentina, Nigeria and Greece in Group B in the World Cup finals this year. It is their seventh consecutive finals berth.在今年的世界杯决赛中,韩国队被分在了B组。同小组的还有阿根廷,尼日利亚,和希腊。韩国队已连续7次闯入世界杯决赛。The South Korean team reached the semi-finals in the 2002 World Cup co-hosted by Japan and South Korea.在2002年的日韩世界杯的角逐中,韩国队挺进了二分之一决赛。Korean supporters, who call themselves the "Red Devils" show their support for the team by wearing the team colour, red.韩国队的球迷们把自己称作“红魔”,身着与球队球衣相同的红色,为球队加油助威。 Article/201006/105610

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