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深圳伊斯佑整形治疗腋臭多少钱深圳坪山治黄褐斑多少钱Hello! Youre joining us again after Annas call from Mr Lime – he asked her to lunch, remember.你们好!在安娜接到Lime先生的电话后,我们又见面了。记得他邀请安娜共进午餐吗?Now Anna and Denise are flapping.现在安娜和丹尼斯都感到很慌张。...Hell be asking you to marry him!……他会让你嫁给他的!Trust me Anna, this has happened to me dozens of times!相信我,安娜。这种事在我身上已经发生过几十次了!But I thought he was only interested in the lemons!但我以为他只是对柠檬感兴趣!Please promise me you won’t mention this to anyone.拜托保不要对任何人讲这件事。OK, I promise.好的,我保。Good morning. Whats going on?早上好,女士们,出什么事了?Mr Lime has asked Anna to lunch! Please…Lime先生约安娜吃午饭! 拜托……And? And its not to talk business!然后呢? 这次可不是商务谈话哦!I saw him looking at her with big eyes, from the moment he first saw her!从他第一次见到她,我就看出他对她有意思!Denise!丹尼斯!Old Slimy Limey eh? Lucky Anna!谄媚的老Limey?好运的安娜!Hes not slimy, its just…他不是谄媚,只是……Dont tell me you said yes? !Well I didnt know what to say.You didnt?别跟我说你同意了?!我不知道该说什么好。你不知道?No, no, I said I was busy and would call back.不,不,我说我很忙,我会回电。I wanted to just say no, but with everyone complaining that Im not polite on the phone...I just...I didnt know how to say it politely.我想说不,但是大家都抱怨我在打电话时不礼貌,我只是……我不知道如何礼貌的回话了。Alright.Ill tell you what to say.好吧。我告诉你怎么说。Hang on, let me write it down...why do all the pens keep disappearing?稍等,让我记下。为什么所有的笔总是都不见了? /201701/483842广东深圳处女膜修复多少钱 Global Financial Crisis Hits Banks in London, Other World Markets金融危机击倒英国大威胁世界As the financial crisis claimed more victims this week on Wall Street, the rest of the world's markets and banks have been in turmoil. In Britain, 45,000 banking jobs are now in jeopardy. 这个星期,随着华尔街 一家又一家的金融机构在当前的金融危机中败北,世界其他地区的金融市场和也同时陷入混乱。在英国,四万多个职位现在都显得岌岌可危。Another financial titan has fallen in Britain. This time, it is the ailing mortgage giant HBOS which owns Halifax Bank and the Bank of Scotland. Lloyds Bank has agreed to take over HBOS but, reports say, that has put 40,000 jobs on the line.  英国又有一家金融巨头轰然倒下。这一次是英国最大的抵押贷款哈利法克斯苏格兰(HBOS)。这家业巨头拥有哈利法克斯和苏格兰。英国的劳埃德(Lloyds TSB)已经同意以122亿英镑收购哈利法克斯苏格兰,但是并购之后势必大量裁员,受影响的四万多职员都感到前途未卜。The buyout comes as fears of a global financial collapse following the heavy losses among some of the world's biggest financial institutions. Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers went into bankruptcy this week, and other large investment houses have been sold off or propped up by the U.S. government. 最近世界最大的一些金融机构接连垮台,人们担心一场全球性金融风暴正在来临。华尔街大投行雷曼兄弟公司这个星期宣布破产,其他机构有的被对手并购,有的被政府挽救。Central banks from the U.S., Japan and the European Union have pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into the banking system to stave off a collapse. Stock markets have suffered sharp losses. 为了防止系统垮台,美国、日本、欧盟、加拿大等国的中央通过大笔注资来联手救市。股票市场几天来出现罕见的大起大落。In Russia, trading on the country's main stock exchanges was halted two days this week because of the turmoil. When regulators suspended trading at mid-day Wednesday, Russia's RTS Index of leading stocks had fallen nearly 6.5 percent, adding to its 50 percent drop since June 1.  在俄罗斯,主要的股票市场在混乱当中被停盘两天。在市场监管人员星期三宣布股市停止交易的时候,俄罗斯交易系统指数下跌了6.5%。从6月1日到现在,俄罗斯股市已经下滑了50%。But Roland Nash, head of research, Renaissance Capital, says Russia should not worry. "It shouldn't have a longer term impact on the Russian economy," he said. "Russian economy is being driven by a lot of factors which is still very very much in place. In that sense Russia has one of the most healthy macro-economies in the world today."  但是复兴资本公司研究部主任罗兰德·纳什说,俄罗斯不必过分担忧。“这不会对俄罗斯经济造成长期影响。俄罗斯经济受到很多因素的推动,而这些因素现在大多一如既往。从某种意义上讲,俄罗斯在全世界都是最健康的经济体之一。”The outlook is less rosy for Britain after new figures show unemployment on the rise. The collapse of Lehman Brothers cost 5,000 jobs in London at its European headquarters.  可是英国的前景却并不那么好,尤其是最新的经济数据显示,英国的失业率正在上升。单单是雷曼兄弟公司破产就导致其设在伦敦的欧洲总部的五千多人失去工作。Taine Randell works in London as a broker. He trades in oil and says while his job is safe, financial positions for others will be scarce.  泰恩·兰德尔是伦敦的一位石油期货经纪人。他庆幸自己还有一份工作,但是他说,金融领域的职位现在是越来越少了。"The repercussions, I think, with the financial sector is going to be huge," said Randell. "There's not going to be as much money floating around and as a result there's not going to be as many people employed to get it."  “金融领域受到的影响将是巨大的。由于资金的流动不像以前那么多了,结果受雇的人也不会像以前那么多了。”But there are those who say that this is just another cycle. Business analyst Robbie Clayton says after the boom, now it is time for the bust, and the world economy will recover.  不过,也有人说,这只不过是一次周期性变化。商业分析师罗比·克雷顿说,在高潮过去之后,现在又到了低潮的时候了,世界经济总是会复苏的。"You know, for the last 10 years it's been a pretty good ride," he said. "Now things have obviously got to where they are, but it is a cycle and there will be new developments and the show will go on."  “你知道,在过去的十年中,经济一直都是相当好的。现在又到了走衰的时候了,这是一个周期。今后还会有新的发展,事情都会循环往复下去。”But with so much volatility, experts say the final curtain is unlikely to drop on the global credit crunch any time soon.  然而目前的局面是如此的反复无常,专家们说,全球信贷危机看来在短期内并不会尘埃落定。Vanessa Rossi is an international economic expert and says the Asian economies are under threat. 瓦尼萨·罗斯是一位国际经济学家。他指出,亚洲经济也受到威胁。"I think it is important to see this as a rather big rock that could drop in a pool in Asia and could cause massive ripples all across these economies so I think China will be working very hard so its own reasons to prevent such a slump but it will also be critical for many of these other economies," she said.  “我认为,重要的是我们要看到这块巨石有可能落到亚洲的某个池子里,有可能引起巨大的波澜,波及各个经济体。所以我认为,中国出于自己的原因将会非常努力地防止经济滑坡,对于其他经济体来说目前也是非常关键的时候。”On the streets of London's financial sector, many say they have been left in shock and are simply waiting to see what will happen next. 在伦敦金融区的大街上,很多人都说,他们对这场金融危机感到吃惊不小,然而他们也只能耐心等待,看看接下来会发生什么。200809/49441Hello , Peter, very nice to meet you. Thank you for giving me this lesson in Chinese business etiquette.Not at all. Now I have to ask you, am I dressed for the part?Absolutely perfect for Chinese business meeting, conservative color, long skirt. All right, good to hear. Well let's start the meeting then. Let's go, this way. This is my business card.Thank you.Notice how I present it to you with the English side facing you.Oh, OK , then I should do the same for you.Here is my business card. Oh, wonderful.Should I have ... you get yourself a Chinese name . Notice how I spend a little bit of time paying attention to detail of the card as a sign of respect. A business meeting sometimes ends with a gift exchange. Here are some CNN branded gifts. Would these be appropriate to give in China?Er , some of them like the iPod might be too expensive, it could carry a bribery undertone. But the other side might feel uncomfortable, because we, he would have to reciprocate with something of equal value. Of this , this is a photo CD. Would this be a more appropriate choice?That is a perfect gift , that is , introduce your company, your city or your country.Ok, well, that wraps up the session here but our etiquette lesson will continue tonight over dinner?Ok, I'll see you then. So Peter, tell me, how important is dinning to building a business relationship in China ?It is a cultural way. Chinese people regard eating as one of the most important things in their lives as they say "民以食为天".What does that mean?That means eating is as important as the sky.Now this is the dish that maybe some overseas businessmen or women might find a little bit unpalatable----it’s sea slug. We also have a sautéed bullfrog . If, if you are a business person you are being offered these as a guest in China, and you don't want to eat it. What'd you do?I would just say "谢谢,这个我免了"."谢谢" like this, and then no one's feelings are hurt , (no one's feelings...) everything is fine (right) . And now we have the fish, I notice it's looking at me, it's pointing this direction. What does that mean? That means er, you would have to drink a glass of white liquor because the head of the fish is pointing toward you. Ok, then ...That's that's a custom from the North.If that is a custom, then I would have to drink a glass of white liquor, so please. Ok, now these white liquors are pretty serious stuff. When being served this, can the guest be in a position to decline at all?Yes, but the, the host would naturally prefer that you join him in drinking it. Well, I'm going to have to join the host then to a toast? That's right .Ok, now I've just struggled to get lower than your glass. That's right , and the host , try to lower his glass under yours to show his respect to you. Bottoms up!"干杯!" "干杯"Kristie Lu Stout, CNN shanghai 200809/48178深圳激光去痘多少钱

坪山区点痣多少钱Olmert Vows Not to Resign Over Corruption Scandal奥尔默特政治处境艰难但拒绝辞职  The noose may be tightening around Israel's embattled prime minister in a corruption scandal, but he is pressing on.  身陷腐败丑闻的以色列总理奥尔默特的处境可能越来越艰难了,但是他仍然没有退意。Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is brushing off demands to resign after an American Jewish businessman said he gave him envelopes stuffed with cash to support a lavish lifestyle. Prosecutors suspect money laundering and bribery; but Mr. Olmert said he is innocent until proven guilty, and like other scandals that have dogged him, nothing would come of it.  以色列总理奥尔默特拒绝那些要他辞职的要求。在这之前,一名美国犹太商人说,他曾经交给奥尔默特许多装满现金的信封,用于维持奥尔默特奢侈的生活方式。以色列检察官怀疑这是在洗钱和贿赂,但是奥尔默特说,在实他有罪之前,他是无辜的。他说,就像针对他的其它丑闻一样,这件丑闻也不会明他有罪。Mr. Olmert's grip on power was put in doubt on Wednesday, when his defense minister, Ehud Barak, demanded that he step down over the corruption allegations. Barak threatened to pull his Labor Party out of the coalition government and force early elections if the Prime Minister does not comply.  以色列国防部长巴拉克星期三要求奥尔默特因腐败指控而辞职,这使奥尔默特对权力的控制受到质疑。巴拉克威胁说,如果奥尔默特不下台,他领导的工党就会退出联合政府,迫使提前选举。But while Mr. Olmert may be down he is not out, says Jerusalem Post editor David Horovitz.  但是,以色列的耶路撒冷邮报编辑霍罗维茨说,奥尔默特可能已经倒在地上,但是还没有失败。"He is a political fighter, and he is going to fight through this," Horovitz said. "Every day that he staves off the immediate threat will be a victory, and knowing Olmert as we do, this is what he is going to try to do."  他说:“他是个政治斗士,他会斗争到底。他能每天挡住对他的直接威胁就是一次胜利,正如我们所了解的一样,奥尔默特就是要争取这么做。”While the corruption scandal is embarrassing and damaging, it is still not clear whether Mr. Olmert broke the law.  虽然这次腐败丑闻令人尴尬,有损名声,但是目前还不清楚奥尔默特是否触犯了法律。"We have to think about first of all, 'Is it a criminal offense, is it against the law on the books or is it not?' And [despite] the circus we've seen in the media, it's a little early to indict him," attorney Haim Katz said. 律师卡茨说:“我们首先必须考虑,这是刑事犯罪吗?触犯了法律没有?尽管媒体进行了大量报导,但是现在起诉奥尔默特还为时过早。”Mr. Olmert says that if indicted he will resign. But a possible indictment is still months away, and until then, the Prime Minister appears determined to hang on to his job. 奥尔默特说,如果他被起诉,他会辞职。但是,即使奥尔默特受到起诉,也将是几个月以后的事情。在受到起诉之前,看来奥尔默特决心继续担任总理。200805/40518深圳北大医院玻尿酸多少钱 深圳市儿童医院切眼袋多少钱

深圳南山区人民医院整形中心We are at the Georgia Home Theater in Atlanta and the idea of a high-end home theater, well, that's still mainly for celebrities and sports superstars. But there are some things you can do with your own home setup. And joining us now with some tips on that is Brian Cooley, editor-at-large with CNET.So Brian, first of all, let's start with the position of the couch relative to your television. And then (right) this is gonna be a sensitive issue in some households. A lot of folks get this wrong. Here is what you should do. Take the size of your TV. I don't care what kind of TV it is, flat, projection, whatever. This is a 55-inch, for example. And count off 2 to 3 times that size. Here's 2, right about where this sofa is. That's gonna seem close to some folks. But you don't wanna take a big TV and sit farther necessarily. You wanna sit close enough so that you are immersed in the picture. But not so close that you can see the pixels and it looks grainy. That's where to put your seating. All right. That's the visual part of this. Let's move on to the audio. Ok.Alright, Brian, well, I think this is what I would have if I could afford it as first home theaters goal. I bet you'll do it.OK. Er, pretty high-end stuff here. The speakers are really nice. But in terms of the position of them, anybody can learn about where to put them. Yes. It doesn't matter if you spent 50,000 dollars on the system like this or more or just a few thousand dollars on your whole home system. The placement is the same. These speakers, for example, in the front, you have two, left and right. They should go up against the picture screen on the front wall to the sides of the picture of course. And you want the main part of the speaker like this here to be at seated ear level. So wherever your ears are when you are sitting down to watch a movie. The front center channel is often a problem. This should go up snugged against the bottom of your picture whether it's a giant screen like this or if you have a smaller screen on the wall. Snug it up to the bottom because this is where the voices come from. You want them to sound as if they are coming from where the faces are. All right, and what about the subwoofer? It can be tricky to find a place for this guy. These tend to be kind of big and cumbersome, not necessarily a great design feature in your room. But the good news is you can put them almost anywhere. Base frequencies that come out of these are very non-directional. They will fill the room very easily almost anywhere you put it. All right. Now to complete the surround sound, we have the rear speakers, which obviously go behind you. (Yeah) But what about the position and the height?I want these to be a few feet behind your head. Not at the same level as your ear. I want them behind you a bit for better depth. And I'd like them to be more close to ear level like the fronts. But these are very special speakers and I’ve mounted them higher. But gemly get them at the ear level. All right, that completes our Home Theater Experience. Brian Cooley, editor at large with CNET. Thanks so much.Thank you200810/51638 深圳福田人民妇幼保健医院激光祛太田痣多少钱盐田区去咖啡斑多少钱



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