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深圳市人民医院整形美容中心深圳市人民龙华分院光子脱毛手术多少钱Reservation confirmation确认预约Hello, I am calling to confirm my reservation a single room.你好,我来确认我的预约,我订了个单人间On which day?哪一天的呢?This Friday.这周五Well, let me check you. Yes, you are booked aly. It a single room with a bath, facing the south.让我查查看是的,你已经预定过了一个朝南的带浴盆的单人间That right. Thank you.没错,谢谢 35深圳宝安治疗胎记多少钱 A total of 28 tourists, including five children, have been extremely frightened when their bus was trapped by eight tigers in Jinan Wildlife World on Feb. 4, Shandong TV reported.山东广播电视台报道,2日,济南跑马岭野生动物世只老虎围困了一辆游览巴士,车内28名游客(包括5名儿童)受到极度惊吓。Tourists said the bus was under attack as it was about to leave the Bengal tiger zone. The tigers destroyed the wipers and broke the windshield, injuring the driver.游客说,游览车准备离开孟加拉虎区的时候,受到了袭击。老虎把雨刷咬了下来,又把前挡风玻璃撞坏,司机因此受伤。Zoo staff came to rescue them 10 minutes after the attack had occurred, said the tourists.游客说他们受攻击10分钟之后,才有工作人员前来解救。The scared tourists were offered cash compensations including admissions refunds.动物园给这些受惊吓的乘客退还了门票款,还提供了现金补偿。来 /201202/170541深圳中医院隆鼻多少钱

深圳整容医院哪家最好City Bank. This is Tom. May I help you?花旗,我是Tom,我能为您做些什么吗?Yes,I expecting some money wired to my from Taiwan. Could you please check if themoney available yet.我在等一笔送台湾电汇到我的帐户上的钱你能帮我查一下我的钱到了吗?Sure, may I have your name and number please?当然,我需要知道您的姓名和帐号 679宝安区上睑下垂矫正多少钱 感觉太冷哦,还有,房间有点冷A:Ah, yesvthejroom is too cold me. I feel rather cold when I sleep. Can you turn off the air conditioner.哦,还有,房间有点冷我睡觉时感觉很冷你能关上空调吗?B:(Checks) The air conditioner is aly off, madam. (检查)空调已经关上了,女士同类问句:Maybe Im getting a cold.也许我要感冒了Would you like an extra blanket? 你要再加个毛毯吗?OK. And would you please get me some hot water, too? I think I need to take some medicine 好的你能再给我送点热水吗?我想我需要吃点药Certainly, madam. Ill be right back...Here is a blanket, and hot water you. Anything else? 当然可以,女士我一会儿就来……这是毛毯,这是热水,还有事吗?弄错账单这个账单不对A:Yes, Id like to complain. This bill is wrong. Ive been overcharged. lt says I sent two faxes from your business centre, but I’ve never even been to the business centre. I dont even know where it is! 是的,我这个账单不对多收我钱了账单上说我在商务中心发了两份传真,可是我根本没去过那儿,我甚至不知道它在什么地方B:I see. Mr. Hendrickson. So youve been charged faxes you didnt send?明白了,亨德里克森先生,您是说您没有发过传真,我们却向您收钱了?同类问句:Well, sir, Im terribly sonry, but it appears weve made a mistake. The business centre confused you with a Mr. H-e-n-d-e-r-s-o-n who is staying in the hotel at the moment. I must apologize the inconvenience, Mr. Hendrickson. 噢,先生,非常抱歉,看来是我们搞错了商务中心把您和一个叫亨德森的先生混淆了,那位先生也住在我们酒店很抱歉给您带来了不便,亨德里克森先生That all right. Everyone makes mistakes, I suppose. Now, can I settle my bill please? Ive got a plane to catch.没有关系,我想每个人都会犯错现在我可以结账了吗?我要赶飞机 19广东深圳治疗胎记多少钱

深圳光明新飞顿激光飞顿嫩肤飞顿脱毛哪家便宜价格Taiwanese police evicted dozens of protesters from the cabinet building early Monday morning, as tensions continued spiraling between the government and students occupying two major government buildings over a controversial trade pact with China.台湾警方周一凌晨将数十名抗议者驱离行政院大楼,当地政府与占领两座主要政府大楼的学生之间的紧张关系仍在急剧恶化,而矛盾的焦点是台湾与中国大陆签订的一份具有争议性的贸易协议。Shortly after midnight, police made several attempts to remove protesters who stormed the Executive Yuan--the governing cabinets office--on Sunday evening, hours after President Ma Ying-jeou rejected protesters demand to retract a services trade agreement signed with China in Shanghai last year.午夜过后不久,警方几次试图驱离周日晚上强行占领行政院的抗议者。此前几小时,台湾领导人马英九拒绝了抗议者提出的撤销两岸务贸易协议的要求。该协议去年在上海签订。Antiriot police, wearing helmets and clutching shields, rammed through a human wall of protesters linked arm-in-arm to block the entrance of the Executive Yuan. In the midst of the brawl, some protesters held their hands up to show they meant no harm and were yanked away by police.戴着头盔、手持盾牌的防暴警察强行冲破了抗议者用胳膊挽成的封锁行政院入口的人墙。冲突中,一些抗议者高举双手表示他们并无恶意,后被警方带走。Police arrested 58 people for trespassing, and a dozen were injured in the scuffle, government-run Central News Agency reported. Police officials werent immediately available for comment.台湾官方通讯社中央社(Central News Agency)称,警方以非法入侵为由逮捕8人,有十来人在扭打中受伤。无法立即联系到台湾警方官员置评。The Executive Yuan is a block away from the legislative building, which has been seized by thousands of students and protesters since Tuesday. Police havent made any attempt to remove protesters there.台湾行政院与立法院只隔一个街区,立法院从上周二开始便被数千名学生和抗议者占领。警方尚未驱离那里的抗议者。During a news conference in Taipei early Sunday, Mr. Ma--also the head of the ruling Chinese Nationalist Party, or the Kuomintang--said retracting the trade agreement would undermine Taiwans credibility as a trade partner, and he dismissed concerns the deal would hurt small businesses.周日早上在台北举行的新闻发布会上,台湾执政党国民Chinese Nationalist Party)主席马英九说,撤销两岸务贸易协议有损台湾作为贸易合作伙伴的信誉,他还批驳了有关该协议会伤及小企业的说法The pact must be passed for the sake of Taiwans economic future, Mr. Ma said. He noted that Taiwan now has only seven free-trade partners, while its main export competitor, South Korea, aly enjoys tariff-free treatment in more than 40 countries. Signing free-trade agreements is an inevitable trend on which Taiwan cant afford to miss out, he said.马英九说,协议完全是为了台湾经济的未来。他指出,台湾现在只有七个自由贸易伙伴,而台湾的主要出口竞争对手韩国已在40多个国家享受零关税待遇。他说,签订自贸协议是不可挡的浪潮,这个机会台湾不容错过。In a statement issued late Sunday, Mr. Ma condemned the violence and asked police to exercise all legal means to expel the protesters. He had said in his previous statements the government wouldnt evict protesters by force.马英九在周日晚间发布的声明中谴责了暴力行为,并要求警方动用一切合法手段驱逐抗议者。他在之前的声明中曾表示,政府不会动用武力驱散抗议者。One of the student leaders, Lin Fei-fan, urged Mr. Ma to halt all eviction orders and asked protesters to fight by peaceful means.学生领袖之一林飞帆呼吁马英九停止所有驱逐令,并呼吁抗议者以和平方式抗争Dont let our hard work in the past week go down the drain, Mr. Lin told protesters. He added that the crowd that stormed the Executive Yuan did so on their own accord, and that their actions dont represent the student-led movement.林飞帆告诉抗议者,不要让我们过去一周的努力付诸流水。他还表示,占领行政院是民众的自发行为,他们的行为并不代表学生牵头的运动。Earlier Sunday, one of the leaders, vowed to continue occupying the legislatures assembly hall until the students demands are met. The president has completely missed the point. Our demand is to retract the pact and establish a mechanism to monitor all cross-Strait deals in the future, said Chen Wei-ting.周日早些时候,另一位学生领袖誓言将继续占领立法院议事厅,直到学生的诉求得到满足为止。陈为廷表示,总统根本搞错了我们的诉求。我们的诉求一是退回务贸易,还有就是通过两岸协议监督条例立法进度。The protests have been among the islands most divisive since Mr. Ma came to power six years ago, promising to build closer economic ties between China and Taiwan, former antagonists in the decades-old Chinese civil war. According to Mr. Mas government, the pact, which focuses on services, is an essential step to further liberalize cross-Strait trade and will provide select businesses with wider access to Chinas market.这次抗议是马英九执政六年来台湾岛内引起纷争最激烈的一次抗议活动。马英九政府承诺将进一步加强两岸的经济关系。马英九政府称,务贸易协议是进一步开放两岸自由贸易往来的必要步骤,将扩大部分企业进入中国大陆市场的机会。Protesters, though, have demanded that the agreement be nullified and seized the meeting chamber of the Legislative Yuan on Tuesday. They argue that the deal will hurt small businesses and job prospects for people in Taiwan, especially the young. They say that the negotiations lacked transparency and that the deal may enable China to exert more influence over Taiwans economy and politics.但是抗议者要求撤销该贸易协议,并在上周二占领了立法院议事厅。抗议者们表示,该协议将影响台湾的小企业和民众(尤其是年青人)的就业前景。他们表示,协商过程缺乏透明度,该协议还可能使中国大陆对台湾的经济和政治施加更大的影响力。Some opponents also fear that growing Chinese clout in self-ruled Taiwan may undermine the islands democratic system. Despite warming ties, Beijing hasnt retracted its vow to take back Taiwan, by force if necessary.一些反对者也担心,如果中国大陆对实行自治的台湾施加越来越大的影响,台湾的民主体制可能遭到破坏。尽管两岸联系日益密切,但北京从未放弃必要时动用武力收复台湾的决心。Dubbed the Sunflower Movement, the students seizure of the legislative chamber followed the KMTs unilateral passage of the pact during a first ing without bipartisan deliberation on March 17. Protesters interpret the KMTs move as backing away from its earlier commitment to the opposition Democratic Progressive Party to review the pact one clause at a time.由于国民党于37日在初审中单方面通过了务贸易协议,未经过两党共同商议,台湾学生发动了此次“太阳花学运Sunflower Movement),抢占了台湾立法院大楼。抗议者认为,国民党此举违背了其早些时候对反对党民主进步党(Democratic Progressive Party, 简称:民进所做的逐条审查协议的承诺。Three days into the occupation, the KMT softened its stance by agreeing to review the agreement line by line during the second legislative ing of the deal.占领活动进入到第三天,国民党的立场有所软化,同意在第二次审查协议时逐条审议务贸易协议。The protest, once numbering more than 10,000 people, is the biggest student-led protest in Taiwans history. It is also the first time that the legislature has been taken over by protesters. Many professors have publicly stated their support for the students, agreeing to cancel classes for the duration of the protest.此次抗议活动是台湾历史上规模最大的一次学生抗议活动,参加人数一度超万人。这也是立法院第一次被抗议者占领。很多教授此前公开表达了他们对学生的持,同意在抗议活动期间暂时停课。Thousands of antiriot police are on the scene, but so far there have been no major altercations. The government said it wont forcefully evict the protesters but hopes the students end the occupation to allow the legislature to resume operation immediately.抗议现场部署了数千名防暴警察,但迄今为止尚未发生严重的争执。政府表示,不会强行驱逐抗议者,但希望抗议学生能够停止占领活动,让立法院即刻恢复工作。At least one major cross-border acquisition will depend on the fate of the trade agreement. Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd.s planned NT billion (US5 million) acquisition of a 20% stake in Taiwans midsize Bank SinoPac, announced in April, is pending ratification.至少有一宗两岸大规模收购交易将取决于这次务贸易协议的命运。中国工商股份有限公Industrial amp; Commercial Bank of China Ltd., 1398.HK, 简称:工商)去年4月份宣布,计划斥资新台币200亿元(约.75亿美元)收购台湾中型永丰(Bank Sinopac) 20%的股权,该交易仍有待批准。Vivien Hsu, spokeswoman for Fubon Financial Holdings, Taiwans second -biggest financial provider, said failure to pass the trade pact would impede the financial industrys entry into China because many investment regulations are tied to the pact.富邦金融控股股份有限公司(Fubon Financial Holding Co., 2881.TW, 简称:富邦金控)发言人许婉美(Vivien Hsu)表示,若贸协议一直在立法院过不了关,台湾金融业往大陆发展会受到限制。她说,有很多金融相关大陆投资限制都是与贸协议绑在一起。富邦金控是台湾第二大金融务提供商。Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research, a government think tank, said earlier the agreement could add 12,000 jobs to Taiwans services sector, with the biggest beneficiaries being retail and storage sectors. It could also add around 0.025-0.034 percentage point to Taiwans gross domestic product, it said.台湾政府智库中华经济研究Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research)早些时候表示,两岸务贸易协议估计将在台湾务业创.2万个就业就会,其中以批发和零售业受益最大。该研究院还称,该协议还将带动台湾本地生产总GDP)增加.025-0.034个百分点。The service sectors account for nearly 70% of Taiwans GDP and employ more than 60% of the islands workforce, according to the Bureau of Foreign Trade.据台湾国际贸易局(Bureau of Foreign Trade)的数据显示,务业产值相当于台湾GDP的近70%,就业人数占总就业人数的60%以上。来 /201403/281824 必背句型:A:The term of the loan is fifteen years.贷款期限为年B:I dont expect so long.我没想到这么长时间The period of the loan is fifteen years.贷款期限为年The term of going abroad is two years.出国期限为年The term of living in the house is half of a year.住这座房子的期限为半年延伸阅读:A:The interest on a loan may not be deducted from the principal in advance.借款的利息不得预先在本金中扣除B:When will the interest be deducted?利息什么时候扣除?The interest on a loan may not be took off from the principal in advance.借款的利息不得预先从本金中扣除You have the right to deduct the money from his salary.你有权从他的工资中扣除这笔钱Why do you deduct my money?你为什么扣我的钱?罗湖区提眉手术多少钱深圳割双眼皮价格多少



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