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  • And its not just these two cats.不仅是这两只猫Other cats, like Billy and Molly...其他的猫 比如比利和茉莉Interesting. Molly is out at one, two oclock in the morning,很有趣 茉莉通常在凌晨一二点钟出门a lot of activity here in the early morning,在凌晨十分活跃when Billy wasnt out.而此时比利正待在家Ones going in, ones going out.一个在内 一个在外And Claude and Thomas seem to be doing the same thing.克劳德和托马斯似乎也在做着同样的事Claude comes over into the area of Thomas,克劳德进入托马斯领地的时候Thomas is much further over,托马斯远在那里theyre not in the same place at the same time,他们并不同时出现在同一个地方they may time-share that area.他们在不同时段分享这片地区It seems to be happening all over the village.这种现象发生在城镇各处And heres how theyre doing it.他们是这样做到的A set of chemical signals and scents which are secreted一系列化学物质和气味from the cats glands in their cheeks when they rub...在他们蹭树以及抓挠时and from their paws when they scratch...从面部和脚掌的腺体中分泌出来Marks out who was where, and when.标记了何时何地谁来过这里重点解释:1.seem to be 看来, 好像例句:We seem to be missing two chairs.我们好像少了两把椅子。2.come over 从远处来例句:He has come over to China for the summer.他不远万里来中国度暑假。3.a set of 一套例句:I want to buy a set of air conditioning.我想买一台空调。201608/459557
  • TED演讲视频:关于泰迪熊的奇怪故事1902年,总统西奥多·罗斯福传奇性地给了一只黑熊一条生路--这促使了人们对一个叫做泰迪熊玩具的狂热。作家乔恩·莫阿拉姆深入讲述了这个故事,并让我们思考我们如何讲述关于野外动物的故事对一个种类的生存机会,以及整个自然世界会有怎样真正的影响。201703/495819
  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463936
  • 【视频讲解】Peacocks strut; bowerbirds build lovenests; spiders gift-wrap flies in silk. Such courtship rituals play an important role in what Charles Darwin called sexual selection: when the female of a species bears most of the costs of reproduction, males use extravagant displays and gifts to demonstrate their “reproductive fitness” and females choose between them.孔雀开屏,园丁鸟筑巢,蜘蛛用蛛丝把苍蝇作为礼物包起来。上述动物求偶仪式在达尔文的性选择理论中举足轻重。性选择理论中说:当雌性动物承受了繁衍下一代的大部分代价时,雄性们则会用精美绝伦的表演和礼物来表明自己是适合交配的,从而让雌性从中做出选择。peacock n.孔雀strut v.趾高气扬地走bowerbird n. 园丁鸟lovenest n.爱巢gift-wrap v.包装礼物- wrap v.包裹住courtship n.求爱- court v. 追求,拍马屁ritual n.仪式bear v. 承担,忍受 (to accept or endure something)- I cant bear seeing you cry.reproduction n.繁殖,生育- reproductive adj.繁殖的extravagant adj.奢华的耀眼的 (fancy)- We are going on a less extravagant vacation this year.For human males, shards of a crystalline form of carbon often feature. A diamond engagement ring signals a man’s taste, wealth and commitment, all to persuade a woman that he is a good bet.对于男人们来说,碳晶体碎粒往往是他们求爱的重头戏。一枚钻戒透露出的是一个男人的品味、财富和承诺,进而使女人相信他就一个好选择。shard n.碎片 (a sharp piece of something)- shards ofcrystalline adj.结晶的carbon n.碳- carbon dioxide二氧化碳feature v.扮演主要角色signal v.预兆commitment n.承诺bet n.赌注,选择 (a choice made by thinking about what will probably happen)- This is your best bet.This particular courtship gift was dreamed up by an ad agency for De Beers, the cartel that sold almost all of the world’s diamonds throughout the 20th century. In the 1930s it started to promote a link between diamonds and marriage. Diamonds’ unmatched hardness would symbolise love’s endurance and their “fire”, or brilliance, its passion. Two months’ salary, the firm suggested, was what the ring should cost—a good investment since, as the admen said, “A diamond is forever.”“求婚就要给钻戒”的观念最初是由一家为戴#8226;比尔斯集团(De Beers)务的广告公司编出来的。戴#8226;比尔斯集团是钻石行业的卡特尔,该集团几乎垄断供应了上个世纪全球所有的钻石。在上世纪30年代,该集团开始做宣传,将钻石与婚姻联系在一起。钻石那无与伦比的硬度象征着爱情的持久,而钻石的“火光”或亮光象征着爱情的热烈。该集团当时称,两个月的工资就能买到一枚钻戒,配上广告中的宣传语 “钻石恒久远,一颗永流传”。这样算起来钻石还是一份不错的投资。dream up 想出De Beers 戴比尔斯(钻戒品牌)cartel n.卡特尔,垄断组织throughout prep.在...期间promote v.宣传unmatched adj.无与伦比的endurance n.持久- endure v. 忍受,接受,持久- He endured great pain.- The style endured for centuries.admen n.广告人201705/509080
  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466631
  • Baikal is the oldest lake in the world贝加尔湖是世界上最古老的湖泊and despite the harsh conditions, life flourishes here in isolation.尽管生存条件恶劣,生命仍在这个与世隔绝的地方得到了兴盛80% of its species are found nowhere else on Earth, including the worlds only freshwater seal.湖里80%的物种在地球上其它地方都不存在,包括世界上唯一的淡水海豹With this seal and its marine-like forests of sponges,有了这种海豹再加上海底森林一般的海绵Baikal seems more like an ocean than a lake.贝加尔湖看起来更像是海洋,而不是湖泊There are shrimp-like crustaceans, giant amphipods as large as mice.这种长得像虾一样的甲壳动物是一种大型端足类动物,它有老鼠那么大They are the key scavengers in this lake.它们是湖里不可或缺的“清洁工”The water here is just too cold for the bacteria that normally decompose the dead.由于湖水过于寒冷,分解尸体的细菌很难在此存活Most rivers do not end in lakes but continue their journey to the sea.大部分河流并非止于湖泊,而是一直奔向大海。201706/512356
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