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宜春市中医院增高手术外切眼袋术外切眼袋要多少费用Chinas top legislature has debated repealing the crime of sex with underage prostitutes and reclassifying it as rape, which would face a tougher punishment.中国最高立法机关已经就是否取消嫖宿幼女罪而定性为强奸罪进行审议,一旦成立,将面临更为严重的处罚。The National Peoples Congress (NPC) Standing Committee deliberated the draft amendment to the Criminal Law as its six-day bimonthly legislative session started on Monday.全国人民代表大会常务委员会从周一开始对刑法修正草案)进行每两月一次每次为期六天的立法会议。Under the current law, people who have sex with prostitutes less than 14 years old face a maximum of 15 years in prison, while those convicted of raping a child may face death sentence.根据现行法律,与不4岁的幼女发生性行为最高面5年的监禁,而被判犯有强奸幼女罪则可能面临死刑。Legal professionals have been questioning whether to scrap the crime of sex with underage prostitutes since it was written into the Criminal Law in 1997.1997年刑法修订时,嫖宿幼女罪被写入刑法成为了单独的刑法罪名,自此法律专业人士一直质疑是否应该取消嫖宿幼女罪。Legislature has carried out multiple investigations on the issue and consulted academics and specialists.立法机构在这个问题向有关学者和专家进行了多方考和咨询;There is no need to define such a crime. Having sex with minors should be considered rape, no matter who she is and what she does,; said Jia Chunmei, a prosecutor from North Chinas Hebei province and an NPC deputy, during a legislative session last August.“嫖宿幼女罪应该废除。只要是与未成年人发生关系就应当定为强奸无论她是做什这样才能确保刑法对幼女实行无歧视(差别)的保护。”身为检察官的贾春梅作为河北省全国人大代在去月的立法会议提出该建议。。The conflicting provisions have helped offenders escape harsher punishment, as they have argued that the underage girl has consented and was paid, Jia said.在贾春梅看来,“该法规的争议之处给罪犯以可乘之机,使其逃避了更为严厉的处罚,因为在他们看来,是在受害者同意并且给付金钱的情况下发生的关系。Gu Yongzhong, an expert with All China Lawyers Association, said having sex with underage prostitutes was extremely vile that should be firmly cracked down upon.中华全国律师协会的法律专家顾永忠表示,与未成年女性发生性关系的行为非常恶劣,应该坚决打击,予以严惩。Although establishing the crime of sex with underage prostitutes is to increase the protection of minors, in practice, it caused more controversy as lighter penalties were imposed on the crime which brought complaints from families of victims, Gu said.虽然初衷是为了加大对未成年的保护,但在司法实践许多嫖宿幼女案被害人和家长对该罪名都非常不满,抱怨对罪犯处罚过轻,因此引发了极大争议,顾永忠说。Especially when the criminals who had sex with underage prostitutes were government officials, the public reacted strongly to the lenient sentence instead of tougher punishment when sentenced as rape, Lao Dongyan, associate professor of the Tsinghua University Law School.清华大学法学院的副教授劳东燕表示,当与未成年女性发生性关系的对象是政府官员时,公众反应尤为强烈,认为应该按强奸罪论处进行严厉处罚而不是予以轻判。Moreover, the crime imposed stigma on young girls who might engage in forced prostitution, but as victims of the crime, ;prostitutes; forever became the label of the girls.此外,嫖宿幼女罪给受害幼女贴上了“卖淫女”标签,这无疑是对她们的侮辱。虽然是犯罪的受害但“”一词却永远成为女孩身上的标签。Lao proposed separating ;rape of minors; into its own law, in order to stress the protection of young girls, adding that lawmakers have responded to the publics calls while considering if to abolish the crime.劳东燕提出,为了加强对年轻女孩的保护,应当将“嫖宿幼女”当作强奸罪定罪,并称立法者已对公众的要求进行回应,考虑是否应当废除“嫖宿幼女罪”。In a high-profile case in , eight people, including four government officials and a teacher, were jailed for terms ranging from seven years to life for child rape in Southwest Chinas Guizhou province.年发生在中国西南部的贵州省一个案件备受关在本案中包括四名政府官员和一名教师在内的八人因强奸幼儿被处以七年有期徒刑至无期徒刑不等。Yuan Ronghui, an unemployed woman who abetted and forced 10 schoolgirls into prostitution in Xishui county from October 2007 to June 2008, received a life term handed down by local court.0070月到2008月期在一名叫袁蓉晖(化名)的失业妇女威逼利诱下,浠水县10名在校女生开始卖淫。最终袁蓉晖被当地法院判处无期徒刑。Yuan offered her own apartment as a venue for the rapes, after her two teenage accomplices abducted schoolgirls, three under the age of 14, from a primary school and three junior high schools, the court heard.法院审理时发现袁蓉晖(化名)伙同两名十几岁的青少年诱拐了六名在校女生后,便将自己的住所当做卖淫场所。六名女生中三名是高中生,另外三名则为小学生,年龄尚不满十四岁。Seven other people were jailed for terms of seven to 14 years after being convicted of child-rape.与本案有关的其余7人因被指控强奸儿童而被判处7年至14年有期徒刑。来 /201508/395995宜春治疗狐臭医院 宜春市人民医院乳头隆乳巨乳副乳哪家便宜价格

宜春韩美美容医院额头纹干纹抗皱小帽子鼻沟多少钱China froze out Britain in 2012 over Tibet policy. Now, Beijing is signaling a thaw by mapping its business ambitions in the U.K.2012年,中国因西藏问题而与英国交恶。现在北京方面通过规划在英国的商业雄心,发出了双方关系解冻的信号。A 30-point U.K.-China communique signed by the prime ministers of both nations Tuesday highlights possible new inroads for China to participate in construction of British nuclear power and other infrastructure, and for the yuan to trade more freely in Londons big foreign exchange market.英国首相和中国总理周二签署的联合声明包0点内容,其重点是中国在参与英国核电站和其他基础设施方面可能有新的进展,以及人民币在伦敦这个大规模外汇交易市场中实现更自由的交易。Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is in London for a three-day visit hosted by his British counterpart David Cameron. The officials renewed a commitment to achieve two-way trade of 0 billion within a year.中国总理李克强应英国首相卡梅David Cameron)的邀请,在伦敦进行为期三天的访问。两人重申了一年内实现双边贸易总额1,000亿美元的承诺。Mr. Li also met Britains Queen Elizabeth, a rarity for a foreign official who isnt a head of state.李克强与英国女王伊丽莎白二世会晤,这对于并非国家元首的外国官员来说是罕见的事情。With the visit, China signaled a warming in the bilateral relationship. China curtailed ties with Mr. Camerons government in 2012 shortly after he entered office and met with the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama. This week, Mr. Li described the U.K. as a great country and an important partner of China.在此次访问中,中国发出双边关系回暖的信号012年中国缩减了与卡梅伦政府的关系,当时上台不久的卡梅伦会见了西藏精神领袖达赖喇Dalai Lama)。本周,李克强说英国是一个伟大的国家,也是中国重要的合作伙伴。Dollar-wise, the biggest deal was a signing witnessed by the prime ministers of a long-term, billion agreement for BP Plc to supply liquefied natural gas with China National Offshore Oil Corp. in southeastern China, according to the companies.如果以美元计算,此次访问中最重要的协议是英国石油(BP Plc)与中国海洋石油有限公China National Offshore Oil Corp.,简称:中海在各自首相和总理见下签署的200亿美元长期协议。据两家公司透露,协议内容是双方合作在中国东南部地区供应液化天然气。Here are selected highlights of Tuesdays bilateral agreement, which on balance appears to pave the way for more Chinese participation in the U.K. economy.以下是周二联合声明的部分重点内容。总的来说,这份联合声明为中国更多地参与英国经济铺平了道路-The U.K. agreed to welcome Chinas continuous investment in infrastructure sectors such as transportation and energy, particularly nuclear, high-speed rail, offshore wind power and photovoltaic projects, the statement said.――英国欢迎中国企业继续投资英交通、能源等基础设施领域,尤其是核电、高铁、海上风电和光伏项目-Nuclear energy gets a chunky section of the agreement. The U.K. said it is open to the use of Chinese reactor technology and to permitting Chinese engineers to take the lead on possible future nuclear projects, both subject to meeting the stringent requirements of the U.K.s independent regulators. The two sides agreed to complete a nuclear project called Hinkley Point, for which two Chinese companies have been tapped as strategic and industrial partners.――核能在两国协议中占了很大一块。英国表示,在符合英国独立监管机构严格标准的条件下,英方对使用中国核反应堆技术、允许中国工程师在未来可能开展的核项目中发挥主导作用持开放态度。两国还同意完成欣克利角(Hinkley Point)核电项目的建设,两家中国公司已被选为该项目的战略与工业合作伙伴-China reiterated an agreement to use London to promote a more internationalized yuan. The sides agreed to establish a yuan clearing bank in London as well as to allow Chinese companies to sell and list bonds denominated in yuan on the London Stock Exchange. China Construction Bank Corp. will become a clearing bank as part of the deal.――中国重申了一项协议,将利用伦敦推进人民币国际化进程。两国同意在伦敦设立一家人民币业务清算,并允许中国企业在伦敦交所发行和交易人民币计价债券。按照协议,中国建设(China Construction Bank Co.)将成为人民币在伦敦的清算-On human rights, the statement cites an aspiration to get a bilateral dialogue on the subject back on track. (China reportedly cancelled the most recent round of talks.) But on the specific issues of particular sensitivity for China -- Tibet and Hong Kong -- the two sides appeared to use boilerplate language that broke no fresh ground.――在人权方面,声明表示两国愿意重新就该问题展开对话。(据悉中国取消了近期的大多数人权会谈。)但是在中国特别敏感的西藏和香港问题上,两国似乎使用了没有新突破的公式化措辞-Chinas government will sponsor 10,000 students and scholars in the U.K. over the next five years while 80,000 British students will study in China by 2020.――未来五年中国将向英国派万名公派留学人员,英国将020年前输万名学生到中国学习-China will open a consulate in Belfast and the British Foreign Office will establish a branch in Wuhan.――中国将在贝尔法斯特开设领事馆,英国外交及联邦事务British Foreign Office)将在武汉开设分机构。来 /201406/307966 As part of their basic training, American soldiers are sent on a course that simulates being captured by the enemy, where they are taught how to withstand abusive interrogations. When the CIA started rounding up suspected members of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in 2002, it called in two former instructors from the course to give them advice.作为基本训练的一部分,美国士兵会被送去参加一个模拟被敌人俘虏的课程,他们会在课程上学习如何忍受严刑拷问002年,美国中央情报局(CIA)开始在阿富汗追捕基地组al-Qaeda)成员嫌犯时,把该课程的两名前教官请了过来做顾问。Reverse-engineering their insights on surviving torture, the two men recommended to the CIA a series of interrogation methods that included mock burials, standing in stress positions for long periods of time and the now infamous “waterboardingto mimic drowning.这两个人逆向运用如何忍受酷刑的知识,帮CIA设计出了一系列逼供方法,包括模拟活埋,让囚犯长时间保持痛苦姿势,以及如今臭名昭著的“水刑”(模拟溺水的感觉)。Over the course of the next six years, the two retired Air Force psychologists became the central figures in a CIA programme that detained more than 100 suspects in secret prisons around the world, subjected many of them to torture and opened up the biggest crisis at the agency in a generation.在接下来年里,在CIA的一个在全球各秘密监狱关押了00名嫌犯的项目中,这两名空军退休心理学家扮演了核心人物的角色,让该项目的许多嫌犯遭受了刑讯,也为CIA带来了二三十年来最大的一场危机。According to a report into CIA torture released this week by the Senate intelligence committee, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen were present at many of the interrogations suggesting new techniques, while they also provided reports to the agency claiming that the use of torture worked.根据美国参议院情报委员会(Senate intelligence committee)最近发布的一份CIA虐囚报告,詹姆斯#8226;米切James Mitchell)和布鲁斯#8226;耶森(Bruce Jessen)参加了许多次审讯并提供新的审讯手段建议,两人还曾向CIA提供报告,称酷刑有作用。The report contained two other extraordinary claims about the psychologists. Despite their responsibilities, neither man had “experience as an interrogator, specialised knowledge of al-Qaeda, a background in terrorism or any relevant regional, cultural or linguistic expertise Yet the company they formed was paid a total of m by the agency for its services. The CIA outsourced one of the most questionable programmes in its history to two men with questionable qualifications.报告中还提到了关于这两名心理学家的另外两个不同寻常的事实。尽管责任重大,但两人都没有“担任审讯官的经验,不具备关于基地组织的专业知识,缺乏抗击恐怖主义的背景,也没有任何相关地区、文化或语言的专长”。尽管如此,CIA总共向两人创办的公司付100万美元的务酬劳。CIA将其历史上最具争议的项目之一外包给了两个资质可疑的人。With its mixture of amateurism, profit and casual brutality, the outsized role played by the two psychologists in the interrogations has become one of the most jarring symbols of the CIA’s post-9/11 torture programme which was exposed in excruciating detailby the release of the 525-page Senate report.参议院那份长25页的报告详细曝光/11后CIA的虐囚计划,其中最触目惊心的地方在于,这两名心理学家业余、唯利是图、恣意残暴,却在CIA审讯中扮演了过重的角色。Based on internal documents, the report contains the most damning rebuke of the CIA since the early 1970s when a committee led by Senator Frank Church, who called the agency “a rogue elephant investigated its failed attempts to assassinate leaders, such as Fidel Castro, former Cuba president.此次的参议院报告以CIA内部文件为基础,对CIA发出了自上世0年代初以来最猛烈的抨击。上世纪70年代初,参议员弗兰克#8226;丘奇(Frank Church)领导的委员会调查了CIA一次次失败的领导人刺杀行动,比如刺杀前古巴总统菲德#8226;卡斯特罗(Fidel Castro)。丘奇当时称CIA为“离群的野象”。Unlike the 1970s, the agency will probably be insulated this time from a shake-up because of the strong backing it retains from many Republican members of Congress. Prosecutions in the US of CIA officials remain unlikely.与上世纪70年代不同,CIA这次很可能将幸免于重创,因为它仍然得到国会中众多共和党议员的持。CIA官员仍然不太可能在美国受到起诉。Yet the report will have much broader ramifications. It will deepen anti-American sentiment around the world and potentially open up former CIA officials to international prosecution. It solidifies the image of an American intelligence establishment that obeys only its own rules. And with its rich documentation from inside the CIA, it will play an important role in framing the historical narrative about the post-9/11 period and the way the American political elite lost its moral bearings amid the trauma and panic that followed the attacks.然而,报告有更广泛的影响。它将加深全球各地的反美情绪,还可能让前CIA官员在国际上受到起诉。它强化了CIA作为一个只遵循自己规则的美国情报当局的形象。此外,报告包含了丰富的CIA内部文件,在叙写/11时代的历史、和美国政治精英是如何在9/11袭击后的创伤和恐慌中失去了道德准绳方面,它将发挥重要作用。Tim Weiner, author of a celebrated history of the CIA, points out that before 9/11, every official at the agency had a handbook that insisted it did not engage in: “torture, cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment or punishment or prolonged detention without charges or trial.”一部讲述CIA历史的著名著作的作者蒂#8226;韦纳(Tim Weiner)指出,在9/11事件以前,CIA的每个官员都有一本手册,强调CIA“不使用酷刑,以残酷、非人道和羞辱性的方式对待或惩罚嫌犯,或在未经指控或审判的情况下长时间拘留嫌犯”。He says: “They were so afraid after 9/11 about a second attack that they essentially threw out their own rule book, which was based on 50 years of experience that torture does not work.他说:“在9/11事件后,他们是如此担心袭击会再来一次,以至于他们基本上把自己的规则指南抛到了一边,而这本指南的基础就是一条通过50年经验得出的结论——严刑逼供是不管用的。“We now find ourselves asking again: are we as Americans capable of running a secret intelligence service in an open democratic society?”“如今我们不禁再次发问:我们美国人有没有能力在一个开放的民主社会开展秘密情报工作?”Legal fight“合法”之争Five years in the works, the report was released by Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who chairs the Senate intelligence committee until the end of this year. “The CIA’s actions a decade ago are a stain on our values and on our history,she told the Senate.这份准备年的报告,是由加州民主党议员、参议院情报委员会主席黛安娜#8226;范斯Dianne Feinstein)公布的。她对参议院说:0年前CIA的行为,如今成为我们的价值观和历史上的一个污点。”范斯坦的任期截至今年底。Ms Feinstein had three specific objectives with the release of the report.范斯坦发布这份报告有3个具体目的。First, she wanted to establish beyond doubt that the CIA did use torture. Even after a decade of revelations and after President Barack Obama acknowledged this year that “we tortured some folks former senior officials at the CIA insist that the interrogations did not constitute torture. Memos prepared by the justice department during the Bush administration argued that techniques such as waterboarding were legal, allowing the CIA to claim it was just following guidelines.首先,她希望确定无疑地明CIA确实进行了严刑逼供。即0年来不断被揭露,巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)总统今年也承认“我们对一些人进行了刑讯”,但前CIA高层官员仍坚称他们在审讯中没有使用虐待手段。司法部在布什主政时期准备的备忘录称,水刑等手段是合法的,这使得CIA能够宣称它只不过是在遵循指南。The details in the report demolished such legal parsing. During one of the 83 times that he was waterboarded, Abu Zubaydah a high-profile al-Qaeda suspect still being held at Guantánamo Bay was “completely unresponsive, with bubbles rising through his open, full mouth After a doctor intervened, he began passing “copious amounts of water Gul Rahman froze to death while being kept in a facility that CIA officials called “the dungeon报告用具体事实驳斥了所谓合法的说辞。被83次施以水刑的著名基地组织嫌犯阿布#8226;祖鲍伊达(Abu Zubaydah),在其中一次被施以水刑时,“完全没有反应,他张着嘴,气泡从满是水的嘴里冒出来”。医生施救后,他开始吐出“大量水”。祖鲍伊达眼下仍被关押在关塔那Guantánamo Bay)。古#8226;拉赫Gul Rahman)在被关押在CIA所谓的“地牢”里时被冻死。Two detainees with broken feet were “subjected to walling, stress positions and cramped confinement Another with a prosthetic limb was kept in a standing position for an “extended period of time A detainee called Majid Khan had his lunch of hummus, pasta, nuts and raisins “puréed#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;and rectally infused Another was subjected to “rectal feedingthat left him with “chronic haemorrhoids, an anal fissure and symptomatic rectal prolapse两名足部骨折的囚犯“被施以墙刑(walling)、被迫保持痛苦姿势、并被拘禁于狭小空间里”。还有一名装有义肢的囚犯被迫“长时间”保持站姿。一个名叫马吉德#8226;Majid Khan)的囚犯,他午餐中的鹰嘴豆泥、意面、坚果和葡萄干“被搅拌成浓浆……给他灌肠”。还有一名囚犯被“直肠灌食”,使他患上了“慢性痔疮、肛裂,并有直肠脱垂症状”。Second, Ms Feinstein cast the CIA as an almost renegade agency that ran its torture interrogations in a slapdash manner and persistently misled the White House, Congress and the American public about what it was doing.其次,范斯坦将CIA描绘为一个近乎变节的机构,随意地实施刑讯,在有关自己所作所为的问题上持续误导白宫、国会和美国公众。The report is particularly harsh on Michael Hayden, the director of the CIA from 2006 to . In one instance in January , it says Mr Hayden gave a briefing to members of then president-elect Obama’s transition team which included examples of the effectiveness of the interrogations. “The examples provided were nearly entirely inaccurate,the report said.报告006年至年间担任CIA局长的迈克#8226;海登(Michael Hayden)提出了格外尖锐的批评。报告称,在月,海登有一次向当时刚刚当选总统的奥巴马的过渡团队成员做简报,举了一些例子明审讯非常有效。报告称:“他提供的那些例子几乎完全不准确。”In her speech, Ms Feinstein referred to a 2007 Senate hearing called after press reports claimed that the CIA had destroyed tapes of interrogations.在讲话中,范斯坦提到007年的一次参议院听会,在那次听会之前,有媒体报道称CIA已销毁审讯过程的录像带。“Director Hayden said the CIA had concluded that the destruction of tapes was acceptable because Congress had not yet requested to see them,she said. “But, of course, the committee had not known that the tapes existed.”“海登局长表示,CIA认为销毁录像带的行为是可以接受的,因为国会当时还未要求查看录像带。”她说,“但当然了,委员会当时根本不知道那些录像带的存在。”In an interview with Politico, Mr Hayden said the report was unfair to him because most of the detainees had been held under his two predecessors and because procedures were much tighter by the time he took over.在接受Politico采访时,海登表示这份报告对他并不公平,因为大多数囚犯都是在他的两位前任任期内被关押的,当他接手时,程序已经变得严格得多。“I’m the dumb son of a b who went down [to Congress] and tried to lay out this program in great detail to them,he said. “I did not lie.(Ms Feinstein had a different style of rebuke for the current CIA director John Brennan. While he gave a press conference on Thursday defending the agency, the 81-year-old senator took to Twitter to rebut his comments using the hashtag #ReadTheReport.“我是个傻叉,跑到(国会去),试图向他们详细解释这个项目。”他说,“我没有撒谎。”(范斯坦对现任CIA局长约#8226;布伦John Brennan)进行了另一种方式的抨击。他日前召开记者招待会为CIA辩护,1岁的范斯坦则在Twitter上反驳他的话,并用了#请读报告#的话题标签。)Good cops and bad cops好警察与坏警察It is Ms Feinstein’s third objective, to show that torture was ineffective, that has created the most political heat. She had hoped the report, with its copious footnotes from internal CIA communications, would establish as fact that torture does not work.引发最大政治争议的是范斯坦的第三个目标,即明严刑是无效的。她希望这份包含丰富CIA内部交流记录的报告能够实一点:严刑是没有用的。It includes 20 case studies of interrogations that used torture, including the hunt for Osama bin Laden, and claims that in each example the valuable intelligence was gleaned from conventional techniques rather than after the use of torture. The report also indicates false intelligence that was produced by torture, including claims that formed part of the case for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.报告列举0个使用了虐待手段的审讯案例,包括追捕奥萨#8226;#8226;拉登(Osama bin Laden)行动。报告称,在每一个案例中,有价值的情报都是通过常规手段(而非虐待手段)得到的。报告还指出,逼供曾逼出过假情报,在2003年美国入侵伊拉克所依据的情报中就有这类假情报。However, former CIA leaders and some Bush administration officials have taken to the airwaves in recent days to aggressively dispute this claim. In its own response, the CIA insisted that information from the interrogations played a role in the hunt for Bin Laden.然而,前CIA领导人和布什政府的一些官员近日在电视和广播上激烈反驳这一说法。CIA本身的反应是,坚称从审讯中获得的情报在追捕本#8226;拉登行动中发挥了作用。“This program was effective in getting information that led to the capture of additional senior operatives that stopped plots that would have killed Americans,said Michael Morell, former deputy director of the CIA. “I have no doubt about that,he said.“这个项目对获取情报是有作用的,这些情报让我们俘获了更多高级别特工、并粉碎了一些原本会导致美国人被杀的阴谋。”CIA前副局长迈克尔#8226;莫雷Michael Morell)说,“我确信如此。”Mr Brennan tried to present a more nuanced position at his press conference, suggesting it was “unknowableif what he called “enhanced interrogation techniqueswere the reason detainees later provided useful information.布伦南在记者招待会上试图表达一个更模棱两可的观点,称“无法确定”他所谓的“高级审讯手段”是不是嫌犯后来提供有用情报的原因。Mr Mitchell, one of the psychologists, made a similar argument in an interview with Vice News. Citing a confidentiality agreement, he refused to comment on the Senate report other than to say it was incorrect. However, he said the point of aggressive interrogation was not to produce information immediately but to make later conventional questioning easier. The goal was “a bad cop that is bad enough that the person would engage with the good cop he said.两名心理学家之一米切尔在接受Vice News采访时发表了类似的看法。他以保密协议为由拒绝对参议院的报告发表,只说这份报告是不正确的。然而,他表示,激进审讯手段的意义不在于马上获取情报,而在于让后来的常规审讯变得更容易。他说,目的是制造一个“足够坏的警察,让这个人愿意跟好警察合作”。Amid pushback from the CIA, the political waters have also been muddied by sharp criticism of Ms Feinstein from many leading Republicans. John McCain, himself a torture victim, may have spoken in favour of the report but Richard Burr, who will replace her next year as chair of the Senate intelligence committee, said that “the only motive here could be to embarrass George W Bush在CIA奋起反击的同时,许多共和党要人也对范斯坦提出了尖锐批评,进一步搅浑了政治局势。虽然作为一个曾经受过刑虐之苦的人,约翰#8226;麦凯John McCain)已表态持这份报告,但将于明年接替范斯坦担任参议院情报委员会主席的理查德#8226;伯尔(Richard Burr)表示,“这里唯一的动机可能就是让乔治#8226;W#8226;布什(George W. Bush)难堪”。In the short term, Ms Feinstein’s report has become another example of the partisan division in Washington. But over the long haul it will also provide a constant reminder of a dark period in modern American life.简而言之,范斯坦的报告已成为华盛顿党派分歧的又一例。但从长远来看,它也将持续提醒人们现代美国生活中曾存在这样一段黑暗时期。来 /201412/350211丰城市中医院修眉多少钱丰城市中医院激光祛斑手术多少钱



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