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Swimming and English Learning游泳与英语学习Can you swim?你会游泳吗?Do you like swimming?你喜欢游泳吗?Yes? Well,how can you learn to swim?喜欢?那好,你是如何学游泳的?I think the best way is to go into the water and learn.我认为最好的办法是跳到水里去,Im afraid youll never learn to swim just by ing books about swimming你永远学不会,仅凭游泳方面的书or looking at others swimming.或看别人游泳It the same with English study.英语学习也是如此,We must practice, practice,practice.我们必须学练习,练习,再练习!Listening and speaking are very important beginners.对初学者来说,听和说十分重要Children in English- speaking countries first listen to others.在那些说英语的国家里孩子们起初只是听别人说话,Then they try to imitate and speak.然后开始试着模仿着说We can listen to English programs on the radio.我们可以听收音机里的英语节目,You may just understand a few words.It doesnt matter.可能你仅能听懂很少的词,但这无关紧要Just be relaxed and try to catch every word.你要放松自己,尽量领会每一个词Somebody may be a good listener. But he dare not speak.某人可能听力很好,但不敢说,He afraid of making mistakes.因为害怕出错You know we sometimes make mistakes when we speak Chinese.其实用不着害怕,我们说汉语的时候也可能出错Dont be afraid. We must be brave.不要害怕,一定要勇敢If you really want to learn English well,如果你真想把英语学好,you must try to speak with anyone you meet who knows English.就得敢于同任何人说话Whether you know him or not is not important.只要他懂英语,你是否认识他并不重要When there nobody to talk with, you can talk to yourself in English.在没有人交谈的时候,你可以用英语同自己说话,It very interesting and also a good way to practice your spoken English.这也是一个又好又有趣的办法Remember,the more you speak the fewer mistakes youll make.记住,你说得越多,你出的错就越少Reading and writing are more important senior school students.对高中生来说,阅读和写作更为重要First we must choose the books were interested in.首先,我们必须选择感兴趣的书籍,A lot of ing will improve your language sense.大量的阅读会提高我们的语感This is the most important.这是最重要的方面Keep writing English diaries.坚持写英语日记We can also write English s.我们还可以写些英语文章,You may even post them to English magazines.并把它们寄给杂志社Dont be afraid of failure.不要害怕失败Failure is the mother of success.失败是成功之母Easier said than done.说来容易做来难Well,let do more practice from now on.好了,从现在开始,让我们做更多的练习Im sure youll learn English well this way.我相信,通过这种方法,你可以把英语学得更好 037

Lesson Four[00:01.78]Section One:Dialogues[00:.67]Dialogue 1:[00:.57]Sophie:Here's some coffee.[00:.]George:Oh,fantastic..er...is there any sugar?[00:.3]Sophie:Sugar...yes,ofcourse...here you are.[00:18.76]George:Thanks...er...[00:1.6]Sophie:What's the matter now?[00:3.30]George:Er...are there any chocolate biscuits?[00:5.97]Sophie:No,there aren't.[00:7.69]Geogee:Oh...[00:30.]Dialogue :[00:33.38]Kathy:Where do you live?[00:35.19]David:Near Victoria station.[00:37.]Kathy:In a alat or a house?[00:38.5]David:In a flat.Houses are terribly expensive.[00:1.35]Kathy:What's your flat like?[00:.79]David:It's small and the building is old,but it's comtable.It's very near my office.[00:9.3]Dialogue 3:[00:53.66]Christine:When did you buy that new necklace?[00:56.56]Libby:I didn't buy it.It was a present.[00:59.9]Christine:Oh,who gave it to you?[01:01.96]Libby:A friend.[01:.3]Christine:Anybody I know?[01:.71]Libby:Don't ask so many questions.[01:.65]Dialogue :[01:.8]Tom and Anna saw a film yesterday.[01:.61]Tom:It was exciting ,wasn't it?[01:19.57]Anna:Yes,it was.[01:.6]Tom:Charles Bronson was good,wasn't he?[01:.78]Anna:Yes,he always is.[01:.61]Tom:I thought the girl was good too.[01:6.31]Anna:Did you?[01:9.]Section Two:Conversation[01:33.6]A.Conversation 1:[01:39.87]Eustace:What are you doing?[01:1.]Lucinda:I'm packing.[01:.]Eustace:Why?[01:.9]Lucinda:Because I'm leaving.[01:.18]Eustace:You're not.[01:.86]Lucinda:Yes,I am.I'm catching the firsh train tomorrow.[01:7.57]Eustace:But,I...[01:8.]Lucinda:...and I'm not coming back.[01:9.5]Eustace:Oh,oh...where are you going?[01:5.]Lucinda:To..to... Hawaii.[01:5.]Eustace:Oh darling.[01:58.60]B.Conversation :[:.]Philip:Excuse me,Mr.Jones.Can you help me?[:.]Mr.Jones:Of course.What's the problem?[:.]Philip:Well,I haveto wear an overall but I can't find one.[:.75]Mr.Jones:That's easy,Why don't you look in the cupboard beside the washbasin?You'll find one there.[:.33]C.Conversation 3:[:3.6]Jean:785.Jean Williamson speaking.[:.]Tom:Oh,it's you ,Jean,Sorry I had to rush off this morning.How are the boys?[:39.56]Jean:I'm taking them to the doctor at twelve o'clock,but I'm sure they're going to be all right.[:3.]Tom:That's good.What about you?[:5.75]Jean:Oh,I'm fine now.I'm going to bake a birthday cake tomorrow.[:9.59]And..I've got a camera Peter and some records Paul.[:53.]Tom:You spoil them.I'm going to open a savings them.[:57.5]They need to learn how to save money.[:01.58]Section Three:Dictation[:.67]Dictation 1:[:.]My grandfather lives with us.He is seventy yesrs old and I like talking to him.[:.85]Every day I go a walk with him in th park.My grandfather has a dog.[:37.60]The dog'd neme is Nelson.Nelson is old and he has very short legs and bad eyes.[:57.30]But my grandfather likes him very much.[:.7]Dictation :[:.71]I have a small black and white television and I can get a good picture.[:.1]But my brother has got a color television.[:.]It is bigger heaviner and more complicated than mine.[:3.01]My brother gets a better picture on his television than I do on mine. 757

It not easy to knuckle down to the responsibilities of a working week and a wounded world after the excitements of the Olympic experience which has taken us all by surprise. There a rather strange story in the Christian gospels which might be of help to us. It tells how Jesus goes up a mountain with his closest friends, Peter, James and John to be with God. There they see Jesus transfigured, glowing with a bright aura. Nor is Jesus alone, in this vision Moses, representing the Law of God, and Elijah, representing God prophets also seem to be present. And the transfixed disciples, hear God saying, ;This is my Beloved Son. Listen to him.; Well, Peter and James and John want to hold on to that great vision, that peak experience, by making the mountain top their permanent base. But they cant because in the bible there are always two ingredients to any peak experience. Firstly, the experience deeply enriches its recipient, but secondly it leads directly to a deeper calling to involvement in the life of the world. And so it was in this story. Peter, James, and John would gladly have stayed on the mountain top where the world was glowing with wonder and meaning but there was work to be done. Jesus leads them down from the mountain top and immediately the truth of messy, everyday experience challenges them and theyre facing a sick hysterical young man and a distraught father, and the reality of the world. We can all be encouraged and uplifted by peak experiences. And we too want to hold on to golden moments such as weve experienced during the Olympics, but the reality is that over time these may fade. And maybe it much better and wiser to regard them as pure gift, but perhaps to then be able to use that gift to see our messy, fragmented, bewildering world in a new light. And in the Christian tradition there is that linkage. The transfigured Christ of the mountain top is also the healing teacher from Nazareth in the foothills. And hopefully so it will be in the aftermath to the Olympics, the determination and dedication demonstrated by the medal winners, the efficiency and effectiveness of the planners, the patience and good humour of the volunteers, the joy and exhilaration of the crowds. That dedication, that effectiveness, that patience, that excitement can be transmuted into the bigger task of winning the battle against poverty, hunger and disease. Having seen what can be done in the peaks, we can be more encouraged to transm the foothills.在令人惊叹的奥运会之后,人们一时间很难从激动的状态中抽身投入工作,投入这个伤痕累累的世界基督教的福音书中有一则奇异的故事,可能对我们有所帮助故事讲述了耶稣和他最亲密的朋友,彼得(Peter)、雅各(James)还有约翰(John)一起登山并遇到了上帝在山上,他们目睹了耶稣的容貌发生改变,全身闪耀着明亮的光环不仅仅是耶稣,上帝法制的代表人西(Moses)和先知以利亚(Elijah)也现身了目瞪口呆的信徒们听到上帝说:“这是我的爱子你们要听从他的指引”彼得、雅各和约翰都想永远地待在山顶以保留这一伟大的异象、这一高峰体验但他们不能这样做,因为在圣经中任何高峰体验都包含着两个因素首先,这一经历使接受者变得富有,然而,拥有这一经历就意味着这一接受者担负着更大的责任去为尘世务在故事中同样如此彼得、雅各和约翰非常高兴他们能待在山顶,身处闪耀着奇迹和寓意的世界中但他们还有工作要完成耶稣领着他们走下山,很快,他们面临着麻烦的现实和日常琐事的挑战他们遇到了一位歇斯底里的年轻人和他心急如焚的父亲,以及世界真实的一面我们都可能受到高峰体验的鼓舞和激励而且我们也都想留住这黄金时刻就像我们在奥运会上体会到的那样但事实是,随着时间的流逝,这些体验终将淡去也许更明智的做法是把它们当作礼物,这个礼物让我们在全新的光亮下看清这一纷繁复杂、令人迷惑的世界在基督教传统中存在某种联系山顶上改变容貌的基督同时也是山脚下来自拿撒勒的治愈师但愿奥运会后的情形亦是如此,获得金牌的运动员表现出的决心与奉献、设计者的效率、志愿者的耐心与幽默、人群的激动与喜悦这些奉献、效率、耐心和兴奋都能注入到更加重大的任务中去,与贫穷、饥饿以及疾病作战,并赢得胜利目睹了我们能在巅峰时做到什么,我们就有更多的勇气去改变山脚的景色 99


  A Little Care Goes a Long Way撒播爱心He was driving home one evening, on a two-lane country road. Work, in this small, mid-western commy, was almost as slow as his beat-up Pontiac. But he never quit looking. Ever since the Levis factory closed, hed been unemployed, and with winter raging on, the chill had finally hit home.一天晚上,在一条双车道的乡间小路上,一位男子正驾车回家在这个中西部的小村落,生活节奏犹如他那辆破旧了的旁蒂克车一样缓慢,但他还是对未来充满了希望自从利维斯牛仔裤工厂倒闭后,他就没了工作冬天渐渐来临,生活的艰辛犹如寒流一般侵袭着这个家庭It was a lonely road. Not very many people had a reason to be on it, unless they were leaving. Most of his friends had aly left. They had families to feed and dreams to fulfill. But he stayed on. After all, this was where he buried his mother and father. He was born here and knew the country.路上一个人也没有,这个时候没人会经过这条路,除非他们是远走他乡他的许多朋友都离开了,他们要养家糊口,要实现梦想,但他留了下来毕竟,这里是他出生的地方,也是他安葬父母让他们安息的地方,他对这里了如指掌He could go down this road blind, and tell you what was on either side, and with his headlights not working, that came in handy. It was starting to get dark and light snow flurries were coming down. Hed better get a move on.即使他闭着眼睛开车,即使车的前灯已经坏掉,他也能信手拈来地告诉你路两边的景色天色暗了下来,开始飘起雪花,他的赶快回家You know, he almost didnt see the old lady, stranded on the side of the road. But even in the dim light of day, he could see she needed help. So he pulled up in front of her Mercedes and got out. His Pontiac was still sputtering when he approached her.他差点没看到滞留在路边的哪位上了年纪的老太太,即使天色昏暗,他也看得出来她需要帮助他在她的梅赛德斯车前停了下来,下了车他都走到他面前了,他那辆旁蒂车还在那儿呼哧呼哧的喘气呢Even with the smile on his face, she was worried. No one had stopped to help the last hour or so. Was he going to hurt her? He didnt look safe, he looked poor and hungry. He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold. He knew how she felt. It was that chill that only fear can put in you. He said, ;Im here to help you maam. Why dont you wait in the car where it warm. By the way, my name is Joe.;尽管看到他脸上挂着微笑,她还是很担忧刚才的一个多小时里一直没有人停下来帮忙他会伤害她吗?他让人感觉不安全,因为它看上去又穷又饿他看得出来,她站在冷风中,惊恐万分他知道他在 想什么,这么冷的天,人心中就只剩下恐惧了他说:“女士,我是来帮助你的,你在暖和的车里等着吧顺便说一下,我叫比尔 018。

  I was on vacation in Yosemite and I decided to send a postcard to my friend, Elaine, who was on her own vacation in Europe. ...Dear Elaine, I arrived safely two days ago and I’m having the time of my life. I met some nice people here and we’ve been keeping each other company. The weather has been ideal and we’re off on another hike tomorrow. This is the life. Wish you were here. I hope you’re having as good a time as I am. See you soon! Vivian...On the day I sent my postcard to Elaine, I got one from her. She wrote: Dear Vivian, I’ve had a nightmare of a trip. Our flight was delayed and we missed our connection to Oslo. I’ve been here three days and it has poured the entire time. There’s nothing to do but sit in the hotel. What a dump! It looks nothing like the pictures and it’s not at all what I expected. I even got food poisoning the first day I was here! I hope your trip wasn’t a washout like mine. I can’t wait to get home! Elaine 967

  My New Home-Home-Real Estate 我的新家-家里-房地产Because of father work. our family had to move to San Diego. Father wanted to lease but mother insisted on buying. Both of them had good points. so the compromise was a short-term lease as tamporary settlement and buying a new home at a better location late. Soon, father found out that loan interest rates had been dropping and the real estate market was at an all time low. He changed his mind.因为父亲的工作关系,我们家得搬到圣地亚哥去父亲想要用租的,但是母亲坚持用买的他们俩各有各的理由,于是就妥协为暂时买个新房子不久,父亲发现货款利率一直在降低,而且不动产市场正值谷底,于是他改变了主意Now they had agreed on buying, father must search carefully the new home. It was difficult at first, bacause we lived way up in Seanle Washington. Following a friend suggestion father contacted a real estate broker at Century 1. Things went much smoothly after that.现在他们都同意用买的,所以父亲必须为新家而谨慎地寻找开始时比较困难,因为我们当时是住在华盛顿州的西雅图但在听了一个朋友的建议之后,父亲找了个1世纪房地产经纪人从那之后,事情进展得顺利多了The ideal location was found, negotiated, and bought. Father chose a single story, twenty-five hundred square feet house on an eight thousand square feet lot. It has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a garage with room two cars.理想的地点找到了,经过出价协商,最后成交了父亲选的是单层的房子,佔地8000平方英尺的土地,建筑面积是500平方英尺这房子有三个卧室,两个半的厕所,和一间可以停放两辆车的车库We hired a moving company to ship our belongings to the new address with a trailer truck. It was not a major change me, I just had to change my destination when flying home on vacations.我们雇了一家搬家公司,他们用拖车把我们所有的物品都搬到新地址这对我来说并没有太大的变化;我只需要在回家度假时改变飞机到达的目的地即可 31966Olga: Are you going to take me on, or are you chicken?奥尔加:你是打算接受我的挑战,还是当胆小鬼?Apollo: Me chicken? No way! Bring it on!阿波罗:我胆小鬼?绝不可能!放马过来吧!Olga: Okay, but get y to get trounced. Im going to teach you a thing or two about how this game should be played. Ready some humiliation?奥尔加:好吧,不过等着被痛扁吧我来教你一两招这个游戏的玩法做好准备等着被羞辱吧Apollo: Stop trash-talking and get over here. What are we playing ? How about or 30 dollars?阿波罗:别废话连篇了,过来吧赢了有什么奖励?赢了获得或者30美元怎么样?Olga: Those stakes are too high. Let say that the champion will get bragging rights.奥尔加:这赌注太高了咱们先假定冠军有吹嘘的权利Apollo: Bragging rights?! If I cant have a cash prize, I was hoping at least a trophy or a medal.阿波罗:吹嘘的权利?!如果没有现金奖励,我期望至少能得到一个奖杯或者一枚奖章Olga: Yeah, right. You want a medal winning at thumb wrestling?!奥尔加:耶,行玩拇指摔跤你还想赢奖章?Apollo: As far as Im concerned, thumb wrestling should be an Olympic sport!阿波罗:就我而言,拇指摔跤就相当于一项奥林匹克运动!原文译文属! 366

  Deft boys and pretty girls.Reach an understanding while boating;Their prows veer slowly,But the winecups pass quickly;Their oars are entangled,As they cut through the duckweed,And girls with slender waists.Turn to gaze behind them.Now spring and summer meet,Leaves are tender, flowers fresh;With smiles they protect their silks,Drawing in their skirts, afraid lest the boat upset.于是妖童媛女,荡舟心许;鷁首徐回,兼传羽杯;欋将移而藻挂,船欲动而萍开尔其纤腰束素,迁延顾步;夏始春余,叶嫩花初,恐沾裳而浅笑,畏倾船而敛裾There we have a picture of these merry excursions. This must have been a delightful event, and it is a great pity we cannot enjoy it today.可见当时嬉游的光景了这真是有趣的事,可惜我们现在早已无福消受了I also remember some lines from the poem West Islet于是又记起《西洲曲里的句子:When they gather lotus at Nantang in autumn;The lotus blooms are higher than their heads;They stoop to pick lotus seeds,Seeds as translucent as water.采莲南塘秋,莲花过人头;低头弄莲子,莲子清如水If any girls were here now to pick the lotus, the flowers would reach above their heads too-ah, rippling shadows alone are not enough! I was feeling quite homesick the south, when I suddenly looked up to discover I had reached my own door. Pushing it softly open and tiptoeing in, I found all quiet inside, and my wife fast asleep.今晚若有采莲人,这儿的莲花也算得“过人头”了;只不见一些流水的影子,是不行的这令我到底惦着江南了这样想着,猛一抬头,不觉已是自己的门前;轻轻地推门进去,什么声息也没有,妻已睡熟好久了 3553Jae: Hi, are you done with this weight machine? Sally: Yeah, I am. I was just trying it out. I think I must be doing something wrong. My muscles are aching aly. Jae: Maybe I can help. I’ve been working out on these machines a few months, so I’m pretty used to them. Sally: I just joined the gym this week. I usually do a cardio workout on a tmill or stationary bike, and I’ve used free weights at home bee. But now it makes sense to do my strength-training here. Jae: Have you thought about getting a personal trainer? When I joined, I signed up a trainer a few sessions and she helped me set up a good regimen. Sally: That’s a good idea. Jae: If you want help with those machines, though, I’m usually here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sally: Thanks, I’ll definitely look out you. I’m Sally. Jae: I’m Jae. Nice to meet you. Sally: You, too. I think I’ve sweated enough today. I’m off to the locker room. Jae: Yeah, me too. See ya! Sally: Bye! 67


  Tired with all these, restful death I cry,难耐不平事,何如悄然去泉台;As, to behold desert a beggar born,休说是天才,偏生作乞丐;And needy nothing trimmd in jollity,人道是草包,偏把金银戴;And purest faith unhappily sworn,说什么信与义,眼见无人睬;And guilded honour shamefully misplaced,道什么荣与辱,全是瞎安排;And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted,少女童贞可怜遭横暴,And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,堂堂正义无端受掩埋;And strength by limping sway disabled,跛腿权势反弄残了擂台汉;And art made tongue-tied by authority,墨客骚人官府门前口难开;And folly doctor-like controlling skill,蠢驴们偏挂着指谜释惑教授招牌;And simple truth miscalld simplicity,多少真真话错唤作愚鲁痴呆;And captive good attending captain ill善恶易位,小人反受大人拜Tired with all these, from these would I be gone,不平,难耐,索不如一死化纤埃,Save that, to die, I leave my love alone.待去也,又怎好让爱人独守空阶? 5。

  6 From Place to Place[00:.88]Part I Warming up[00:.75]A:key words:[00:.1]call fight passenger[00:.6]depart board[00:6.93]Vocabulary:[00:3.39]depart board due[00:39.]shuttle check in[00:.]Albania Frankfurt Karachi Edinburgh[00:53.58]Nairobi Madrid Hamburg[01:00.63]Muscat Kuala Lumpur Dublin[01:.7]Here are some announcements broadcast at some airports.[01:.83]Listen carefully to each announcement[01:.96]and pay special attention to flight numbers,[01:1.68]departure times and boarding gate numbers.[01:6.86]Write them in the correct spaces.[:.3]B:key words:[:9.60]chief steward buffet car on sale[:57.5]Vocabulary:[:01.90]steward buffet toast[:.98]ham cress licensed[:.93]Here is an announcement made by the Chief Steward about the buffet car on a train.[:3.]Listen carefully and write a check()next to the things you can buy in the buffet car.[:.55]Part II[:1.73]Villa Rentals[:6.88]Key words:[:31.7]Villa Rentals holiday villa bedroom bathroom[:1.19]kitchen sitting-room terrace car[:50.] rent fishing village[:57.31]Vocabulary:[:.77]villa facilities terrace grand[:.70]inclusive advert whereabouts[:1.73]convertible divan agency[:.58]Naples Metro Renault d Fiesta[:37.93]the Mediterranean Minorca Gatwick[:5.30]A:In this part you are going to hear two telephone conversations[:53.]between a travel agent and two different customers[:58.1]who want to rent holiday homes.[:.5]Listen carefully and complete the following chart with key words[:.1]according to the inmation you hear on the tape.[:.99]B:Now listen again.[:.]Decide which two of the pictures of holiday homes the travel agent is talking about.[:.]Give reasons your choice. 7768



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