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2018年04月21日 04:21:52 | 作者:飞度免费答 | 来源:新华社
Animal Trainer Killed by Grizzly BearAnimal Trainer Steven Miller Was Attacked by a Five-year-old Grizzly Bear. Rachel Calderon Reports. A deadly grizzly bear attack took the life of the bear trainer yesterday. The bear was the same one used in the film Semi-Pro with Will Farrell. It happened at a training facility exotic animals used in movies and TV shows. Rachel Calderon is in Running Springs with more on this story. Good morning Rachel.Good morning, Frank, yes, we are in Running Springs just several miles away from er, Big Bear Lake where as you mentioned that er, Predators in Action training facility is located. Now I want to bring you up to speak with some inmation I got just a few minutes ago from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. As this point, it believes that its part, its role and its investigation is wrapped up at this point because they were just looking to see if there is anything criminal that could have happened in this case. As far as they know, this is just an accident. And that’s how they have left it at this point. But there's still an investigation going on by Cal OSHA as well as the Department of Fish and Game to determine what will happen to the bear. Now, this is a picture of the victim in this case. He’s 39-year-old. Stephan Miller, he was one of three experienced trainers at the Predators in Action Facility who was working with the five-year-old grizzly bear known as Rocky. Now this is aerial footage of the scene shot just after it happened around :30 on Tuesday now during training an upcoming commercial, that 700 pound, seven-and-half-foot bear launched at Miller an unknown reason and had to be subdued with pepper spray. Untunately, Mill did not survive; he died of massive neck and head wounds. So he was used to people, used to the trainers, and it just happened to be a sad accident today, it was just an initial single bite, so there was no other further aggression. He didn't attack anything, or…that was just simply, you know, something is unexplainable. Rocky was recently, as you motioned in film Semi-Pro. In this scene it appears he’s wrestling Will Ferrell, but it’s actually a stunt man who is actually Randy Miller the cousin of Stephan, and he also is the owner of Predators in Action. Randy Miller has trained wild animals 5 years, and his company Predators in Action. Its website says it trains animals film and television. Several different kinds of animals like lions and cougars as well as bears. And it says it hasn’t had any incident in recent history now again the Department of Fish and Game is investigating to see whether or not this animal will be destroyed, and the investigation is still ongoing as well with Cal OSHA. That is the latest from Running Springs this morning, Rachel Calderon back to you in Hollywood.-------------------------------------grizzly bear——灰熊cougar——美洲狮subdue——To quiet or bring under control by physical ce or persuasion; make tractable. 69855  What In a Game?  Computer games are a billion industry globally and playing games is a big part of many children daily lives. Parents are often concerned about the violent content of some computer games. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil, both rated 18+, feature significant scenes of graphic violence and are not supposed to be sold to children. Yet younger children are still getting access to these games. The parents are to blame young kids playing 18+ games. Retailers simply advise them and say that game is an 18+. If a kid goes into a store and says, ;Mum, can I get that game?; the parent often says yes.  The manufacturers could also do more to help by avoiding the bloody content but keeping the games action-packed children. example, Grand Theft Auto is senseless violence. There are people getting crushed and there blood all over the place. So if there were games that were a bit less bloody but still action-packed, younger children would steer away from buying, or wanting to buy.  Young game players shared their experience of buying and playing computer games. Samir Pasha, from London, was concerned about the violent content of PC games. ;I think it a bit too violent young people. When people are coming at you to shoot, you stab them and all that and run over people.;  Ryan McLaughlin, from Derry, disagreed and felt young people could distinguish between and felt young people could distinguish between violent content in games and real life. ;I think there nothing really there to support an 18+ certification. This game, Evil Dead, of course there is a lot of mad violence, but it is only a game. And where isnt there violence these days?; Ryan also thought manufacturers could design more different types of games the younger children to prevent them from pestering parents more violent but exciting games.  The high cost of buying PC games was another major concern. Connor Donnelly , from Derry said, ;I can hardly afd games. I got a game recently, a week ago, and Ive been saving up since Christmas just to get enough money it.; Connor felt manufacturers were making excessive profit from selling PC games. ; the amount of money it costs to make a game, it way too excessive, and I something, and it was, like to make one game and were paying Paris Terror Attacks Mean France Is at War巴黎已处战争状态Francois Hollande, the president of France, has declared that France is at war, following the terror attacks in Paris on November . ISIS has claimed responsibility six coordinated terror attacks in Paris that killed at least 9 people and injured 350 more. The attacks took place at bars, restaurants, a stadium, and a concert hall. Hollande said that France will intensify its military campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and try to establish a single military coalition with the US and Russia. There will also be a three-month extension of the state of emergency in France, which will include a greater police presence.月日,巴黎遭遇恐怖袭击,法国总统奥朗德随即宣布法国已处战争状态“伊斯兰国”极端组织声称对6起恐怖袭击负责,事件至少造成9人死亡,350多人受伤袭击发生在酒吧、餐馆、体育场以及音乐厅奥朗德称法国将加大对伊拉克和叙利亚“IS”的军事打击力度,并试图与美国,俄罗斯建立单方军事同盟法国也将紧急状态期限延长至3个月,包括增加军警人员数量译文属原创,,不得转载 71, so I think the price is too high.; 18659

|]1yiorpm+o|*H7C#TxSk.bgcSre3eO1jbCall US Vote Recount Is RejectedGeorge W. Bush becomes US president after the Supreme Court rejects a call a vote recount.In 01, the Supreme Court of the ed States rejected a call a recount of crucial votes in the state of Florida which determined the result of the US presidential election.Republican candidate George W. Bush was declared the winner by a few hundred votes and became U.S. president despite widesp doubts about the accuracy of the count.zh~bM~lN_-~S)(AugQ38hGdoLx;-h,3M;LOvb]zB.G1sCrM9%0]|JuRFuEK^JNa 5

U6CTaKN;@HoDUDsa#-!puM0US Troops Kill 0 Native AmericansAt least 0 Native American men, women and children are shot dead at Wounded Knee Creek.In 1890, a US army commanding officer, Colonel James syth, ordered his troops to shoot Native American men, women and children at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota.At least 0 people were killed and another 50 wounded.Colonel syth was charged with ;killing the innocents; but was never punished his actions.keH,,TN1bK%,3[HcN#YCQHYJ3QY6n]mEmWbWY,1hWt96+d(gsH8ZrWew|1ad 95

One day a father was teaching his son and said, "The keys to your success are keeping your word and cleverness. Once you give somebody a promise, you must carry it out on matter what will happen. This is called 'keeping one's words.'"What is cleverness? asked his son."Cleverness is that you'll never make such a promise, " the father answered.一天,父亲教育儿子说:“一个人成功的关键就是严守诺言和足够聪明一旦你给了别人承诺,无论发生什么事,你都得实现它,这个就叫‘守诺言’”儿子问:“那么什么是聪明呢?”父亲回答:“聪明就是任何时候都别做这样的承诺” 8


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