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宜春韩美医院骨粉隆鼻清创水刀水滴型假体价格宜春做双眼皮哪家医院好樟树妇幼保健人民医院绣眉多少钱 European Union foreign ministers meet in Brussels Monday in the aftermath of deadly attacks in France and anti-terror raids in Belgium.应对法国发生的致命袭击以及比利时发动的反恐突袭行动,欧盟星期一在布鲁塞尔举行外长会议。The ministers will discuss a range of options as the bloc prepares for a special summit next month dedicated to fighting terrorism.欧盟外长们将商讨一系列选择方案。欧盟准备下月举行一次特别峰会,专门讨论反恐问题。Much of Europe remains tense and on high alert as Belgiums justice minister says the alleged mastermind in last weeks foiled terror attack remains at large.比利时司法部长吉恩斯表示,上星期恐怖袭击的涉嫌策划者仍然在逃。这让大部分欧洲地区星期天高度戒备,气氛紧张。Koen Geens says the suspect was not among four people arrested in Greece where he was believed to have fled. But Belgian prosecutors still plan to ask Greece to extradite one of those arrested in connection with the thwarted terror strike.据信嫌疑人已经逃到希腊,但吉恩斯说,嫌疑人并不包括在希腊被捕的4人当中。不过比利时检察官仍计划要求希腊把他们逮捕人中的一人引渡到比利时。此人因为与一起未遂恐怖袭击有关而被逮捕。Belgian media have named the wanted mastermind of the plot as Abdelhamid Abaaoud. The 27-year-old Belgian of Moroccan descent is suspected of leading an Islamic extremist cell in the eastern town of Verviers. Authorities say the cell was about to launch a major terrorist attack on police targets before officers raided their hideout Thursday, killing two in a fierce gunbattle.比利时媒体披露,被追捕的恐怖袭击策划人叫阿卜杜勒哈米德.阿布德,今年27岁,是一名洛哥后裔的比利时公民。他被怀疑领导一个在东部城市韦尔维耶的伊斯兰极端小组。当局说,这个小组准备对警方目标发动重大的恐怖袭击,但当局星期四捣毁了他们的窝点,并在激烈的战中打死两人。Meanwhile, Europe is still reeling from terror attacks in Paris earlier this month that killed 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo magazine, a police officer, and four people in a Jewish supermarket.与此同时,欧洲仍未摆脱月初《查理周刊》社恐怖袭击造成的惊愕2人在那场袭击中被打死。一名女警和一家犹太超市的4名顾客在随后发生的袭击中丧生。French authorities say the two brothers in the Charlie Hebdo massacre who were killed by police have been buried in secret, unmarked graves in France.法国政府表示,被警察击毙的袭击查理周刊的两兄弟被埋葬在法国没有标记的墓穴中。来 /201501/355498“I am not a crook.Richard Nixon resigned as president of the US 40 years ago this week, and of all the things he said in his political career this e is the one that lives on. He did also popularise the phrase “the silent majority although it is seldom attributed to him.“我不是骗子。0年前的这一周,理查#8226;尼克Richard Nixon)辞任美国总统,他在政治生涯发表的所有言论中,这一句流传下来。他也让“沉默的大多数”这个短语广为人知,不过人们很少提到这是他说的。To state the obvious: we remember the first e because it seems to us in hindsight to have been so audacious a lie. It takes its place with “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky(another US president, Bill Clinton) and the promise to “cut out the cancer of bent and twisted journalism in our country with the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play by a man jailed after admitting perjury and perverting the course of justice (Nixon biographer Jonathan Aitken).说一句显而易见的话:我们之所以记住前面那一句,是因为事后看来,那是一句如此大胆的谎言。可以跟这句话媲美的还有,“我没跟那个女人、莱温斯Lewinsky)女士发生性关系”(出自另一位美国前总统比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)),和承诺“以简单的真理之剑和英国式公平竞争的信任之盾,切除腐败扭曲的新闻业之癌”,说这话的人在承认伪罪和妨碍司法公正罪之后被投入监狱,他就是尼克松传记的作者乔纳森#8226;艾特Jonathan Aitken)。But in the moment it was uttered, it is reasonable to assume it would have been pretty effective as a piece of rhetoric. “I am not a crookis a special use of ethos (the speaker’s connection with the audience). Logically speaking, it is redundant: if you are accused of X, to say X is untrue is to deny, rather than to disprove, the charge. But by adding the barefaced lie to the mix you raise the stakes. It puts doubt in your audience’s mind. Indignation sounds even though it is not like evidence of innocence.但在尼克松说出那句谎话时,人们可以合理地假定它作为一种辞令是有效的。“我不是骗子”是一种对精神特质(发言者与听众之间的联系)的特殊使用。从逻辑上讲,它是多余的:如果你被指控犯有X罪,表态称X罪不属实,是在否认指控,而不是在明指控不正确。但加上一句厚颜无耻的谎言,你就加大了赌注。这让听众心里产生不确定性。愤慨听上去像是(即便实际上不是)无辜的据。Something in all of us resists believing that people can look into a camera, or into our eyes, and shamelessly fib. Hitler argued that “the big liewas effective with ordinary people because it “would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously Can anyone think that the fierceness of Lance Armstrong’s repeated doping denials was not part of what kept his lie afloat for so long?在我们所有人心里,都有些东西让我们拒绝相信,有人竟可以瞪眼对着镜头或我们的眼睛,不知羞耻地撒谎。希特勒(Hitler)曾主张,“弥天大谎”能骗得过普通人,是因为“他们从未想过撒大谎,他们也不相信别人放肆到如此无耻地扭曲真相的地步”。有谁会认为,兰#8226;阿姆斯特Lance Armstrong)情绪激动地反复否认吸毒,不是使他的谎言延续那么久的原因之一?Nixon welcomed the Watergate investigation because “people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook He had triumphed by going on the offensive in a tight spot before. Whatever his ethical shortcomings, he was a brilliant speaker. Take his 1952 “Checkers Speechdelivered to counter criticism of an election-expense slush fund when he was running for vice-president. He used the accusation to turn the tables on his accusers: making himself a spokesman for the honest common man against the corrupt Washington establishment. His wife Pat didn’t own a mink coat, he said, but “a respectable Republican cloth coat. And I always tell her that she’d look good in anything.”尼克松欢迎水门(Watergate)调查,是因为“民众必须知道他们的总统到底是不是一个骗子”。他以前曾在困境中采取攻势,结果取胜了。无论他在道德上有何瑕疵,不可否认他是一个杰出的演说家。以他在1952年发表的“跳棋演讲”为例,那次演讲是为了回应他竞选副总统时一个竞选费用小金库招致的批评。他巧妙利用对方的指控猛轰对方:把自己包装成诚实普通人的代言人,对抗着华盛顿的体制内人士。他说,他妻子帕Pat)连一件貂皮大衣都没有,只有“一件像样的共和党式布外衣。我总是告诉她,她穿任何衣都很靓丽。”He famously poured on the pathos, revealing that a political supporter had sent him a gift: a cocker-spaniel puppy. “Our little girl Tricia, the six year old named it Checkers. And you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog and I just want to say this right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we’re gonna keep it.Now that really was shameless. And without Checkers, we probably would never have had “I am not a crook广为人知的是,他竭力引起人们的怜悯,透露一名政治持者送了他一件礼物:一只可卡犬幼崽。“我们的小女儿,6岁的特里西娅(Tricia)给它起名叫‘跳棋’。你们知道,孩子们,就像所有的孩子那样,都喜欢,我现在想说的是,不管他们怎么说,我们都要把它留下。”现在看来,那真是太无耻了。而且,要不是“跳棋演讲”的话,我们很可能根本没有机会听到他说出“我不是骗子”。The personal, flat, categorical denial is the all-or-nothing bet: a manoeuvre of absolute last resort. If you are lucky it works and the caravan moves on. But when the wheels fall off: oh boy.个人层面发出的断然而明确的否认属于孤注一掷:拼命的最后一搏。如果你够幸运,这办法管用了,大篷车将继续前行。但如果车轮掉下来,那就惨了。The high-stakes poker player who goes all-in with 7-2 unsuited, the worst hand possible, and comes unstuck is the one we remember. We do not even notice the one who does the same thing and quietly wins the pot when his opponent folds.这个高筹码扑克玩家把一切筹码都押进去了,拿到的是最差的-2非同花,于是我们记住了这个赌输的家伙。我们甚至没有注意那个做了同样的事、然后在对手罢手时悄悄赌赢的那个人。That is why Nixon’s e lives on. It might just as easily not have. And had he not been a crook, he might have been remembered as a great orator.这就是尼克松那句知名谎话流传至今的原因。这句话也很有可能不会流传下来。如果他不是骗子,那么他可能被人们铭记为一位伟大的演说家。来 /201408/320476宜春做腋臭比较好的医院

袁州区妇幼保健人民医院腿毛脸毛唇毛除毛汗毛哪家便宜价格宜春祛斑 China has closed down nearly 70;illegal; golf courses, a government statement said, in what appearsto be the first sign of enforcement of a decade-old ban.中国关闭了将0座的;非法;高尔夫球场,一份政府声明中说道,这貌似是对十年之久的禁令进行首次执行。The announcement by Chinas ministry ofland and resources comes amid a high-profile anti-graft campaigr spear headed by President Xi Jinping, which has seen crackdowns on banquets, lavish gift-giving and other of ficial excesses.中国国土资源部的这份声明正值习近平主席高调的反腐败行动。宴会,奢侈的送礼以及其他官方过度开销都被打压。The ruling Communist Party has long had an ambivalent relationship with golf, which is both a lucrative o pportunity forlocal authorities and a favoured pastime of some officials, but closely associated with weal th and Western elites.中共一直以来都对高尔夫有矛盾看法,高尔夫对地方政府来说是个有利可图的机会,而对于一些官员来说是他们最喜欢的消但是又与财富和西方精英紧密相联;Presently, local governments have shut down a number of illegally-built golf courses, and preliminary resultshave been achieved in clean-up and rectification work,; the announcement on the ministrys website late Monday.“目前,地方政府已经关闭了好多非法建造的高尔夫球场,清理和矫正工作已经获得了初步的结果,”该部门网站上的这份声明中如此写到。Three of the 66 ;illegal; golf courses listed by the ministry are in Beijing. Eight are in the eastern province of Shandong, while the southern and southwestern provinces ofGuangdong and Yunnan are home to six each.其中3;非法;高尔夫球场位于北京,8座位于山东,广东和云南分别有6座。Even the tropical island province of Hainan-- considered the capital of the sport in China -- has not been spared, with three unsanctioned courses shut down, according to the statement.即使是作为中国体育之都的海南省也没能逃脱,有三座未经批准的高尔夫球场被关闭。It did not give a time period for theclosures.声明中没有说明关闭的时间是多长。Central authorities ordered a nationwide moratorium on new courses in 2004, but development continued #163; revenue-minded local officials went their own way, even offering tax breaks for operators of new courses in places such as Hainan.2004年中央政府要求在全国范围内停止建设新的高尔夫球场,但是并没有停下来,因为热衷收入的地方官员自行其,甚至给新球场的营运者提供税收减免,比如在海南。Government officials keen on joining golf clubs often do so under false names, wary of being perceived as corrupt or out-of-touch, according to author Dan Washburn, who has written a book on Chinas relationshi| with the sport.根据作家DanWashburn的看他写了一本有关中国与高尔夫球关系的书籍),由于不想被别人认为是腐败人士或者特权人,喜欢打高尔夫的官员一般都会以假名字加入俱乐部。No reason was given by the land resources ministry for the facilities closure, but water and environmental concerns were cited among the factors that drove the 2004 ban.国土资源部没有给出关闭这些高尔夫球场的理由,但是2004年禁止建造新球场时提到了水资源和环境破坏等因素。Nonetheless the number of courses in China has flourished, from fewer than 200 in 2004 to more than 600 at present, according to the official Xinhua news agency.中国的高尔夫球场的数量确实增加了很多,从2004年的不到200座到现在00多座,这是新华社提供的数据。来 /201503/367435宜春韩美整形点阵激光点阵激光术耳软骨垫鼻尖哪家便宜价格

丰城市中医院共振抽脂共振吸脂菲思挺膨体要多少费用BEIJING -- If you think water is in short supply in California, you should see whats happeningin China. The situation is so dire that next month, the communist governmentwill turn on the taps in the worlds biggest water-diversion project.北京——如果你认为加州缺水,那你应该去中国看看。中国所面临的情况是如此的严峻,以至于下个月共产主义中国政府将开启世界上最大的引水工程。The Yongding River, which once fed Beijing,ran dry along with 27,000 other rivers in China that have disappeared due to industrialization, dams and drought.曾经供养北京的永定河和中国其7000条河流都干涸消失了,主要原因是工业化,大坝和旱灾;Some of the large parts of the north China plane may suffer severe water shortages,; said environmentalist Ma Jun. ;Some of the cities could literally run out of water.;“中国北方的某些平原可能面临严重的水危机,”环保主义者马军如是说。“有些城市可能面临水干涸。”To try to solve the problem, Chinas government is planning to spend nearly billion to build nearly 2,700 milesof water ways -- almost enough to stretch from New York to Los Angeles.为了解决这个问题,中国政府正计划耗资800亿美元建700英里长的水路——几乎是从纽约到洛杉矶的距离。Four-fifths of Chinas fresh water lies inits south. The idea behind the project is to move some of that water to the parched - and populous - north by connecting existing bodies of water. Thats meant relocating 350,000 people to settlements.中国五分之四的淡水资源分布在南方。这个项目的理念是通过连接现有水体的方式将南方的水资源输送到干旱和人口众多的北方。这意味着要对35万人进行移民。Zhang Xiaofeng, who was moved to a settlement, was asked if she wanted to come to this place.;It does not matter if youre willing or not,; said Zhang. ;We had to move here. If we didnt our homewould be under water.;一名叫做张小凤的移民被问及是否愿意搬到这个地方时,他说:“愿不愿意都不重要,我们不得不搬到这里来,如果不搬的话,我们的房屋就会被淹没在水里。”She used to sell jade but now scrapes by selling whatever she can from a small shop in her ;relocationvillage; -- dubbed ;Harmony; by the local government.她以前以卖玉为生,但是现在在移民村里开了一家小店勉强维生,当地政府授予这个移民村以“和谐之村”的称号。She walked us through her new home but said she misses her old one. Still, she said, her suffering is worth it for more people to have water. But was she being serious or just being polite?她带我们看了看她的新家,但是她说想念自己的老房子。但是她说他的牺牲是值得的,因为可以让更多人获得水资源。但是她真的是这么认为的吗,还是只是出于礼貌;As a Chinese citizen we all ought to be like this,; answered Zhang. ;We can survive anywhere.;“作为一名中国公民,我们都应该这么做。我们可以在任何地方生存。”Back in Beijing, Ma Jun feels the projectis a short-term ;emergency measure.;而在北京的马军认为这个项目是一种短期的“应急措施”;It will help to buy some time,;said Ma Jun. ;I wouldnt call this a real final solution because the current volume of transfer will not be enough to fill up the gap.;“这或许会给我们争取点时间,但是我不认为这是最终的解决方案,因为目前所输送的水量还无法满足空缺。”The water supply for some cities, he fears,may someday run out.他担心有些城市的供水可能最终会耗尽。来 /201412/345461 丰城市红十字会医院瑞蓝玻尿酸瑞蓝二号瑞蓝2号哪家便宜价格江西宜春市韩美医院激光祛痘多少钱



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