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Dialogue 1:Jingjing: Hey, Xiao Gao, do you know what on the agenda this afternoon meeting?京晶:嘿,小高,你知道今天下午的会议要讨论什么吗?Xiao Gao: Not entirely, but I know what up at the top. There been a lot ofbackroom chatter lately about a possible take-over by one of our competitors.小高:不完全知道,但是我知道最重要的话题是什么最近有很多谣言说公司可能要被一个竞争对手收购Jingjing: Oh,right,Ive heard some talk about that,I thought it was mostly rumors.京晶:哦,对了,我也听过,我还以为都是谣言呢!Xiao Gao: No, weve been perming very poorly lately and Im afraid it time to face the music, unless we see a white knight, there a good chance that well be bought out.小高:不,最近公司确实状况不太好,恐怕我们不得不面对现实了除非遇到一个大救星,不然很可能我们就会被别的公司收购了Jingjing: How do our job prospects look? I just signed a new -year contract, do you think their buy-out will affect our positions?京晶:那我们的工作怎么办?我刚刚跟公司签了一个两年的工作合同,你觉得收购会影响我们的职位吗?Xiao Gao: That one thing were going to discuss today, I know that the boss wants to rally the troops.小高:这就是我们今天要讨论的话题之一,我觉得老板们想把大伙集中起来鼓舞士气Jingjing: Ive got a feeling he gonna scale back our responsibilities just in case we do lose out.京晶:我感觉他会裁员,以防我们真的被收购Xiao Gao: Could be, I know the big cheese has been talking about down-sizing, if that the case, some of us will definitely lose our jobs.小高:很有可能我知道公司的高层最近在商量缩减规模如果是真的话,那我们中肯定有一些人就要丢掉工作了Jingjing: Yeah, I can hear the message loud and clear, shape up or ship out!京晶:是啊,我已经很明确地感觉到了,要么好好表现,要么就得收拾东西走人习语短语1. on the agenda 要讨论的话题. at the top 最重要的事3. backroom chatter 背后议论,谣言. take-over 收购,一个公司吞并另一个公司5. face the music 面对一个不太令人愉快的现实6. white knight 白衣骑士,指大救星7. rally the troops 将员工集结起来为某事鼓舞他们的士气8. scale back 减少(员工或工作职位)9. big cheese 公司里的高层,做重要决定的人. down-sizing 裁员,缩减规模. shape up or ship out 提高工作表现,不然就会被开除Dialogue :(Jingjing and Xiao Gao are attending a meeting. Xiao Gaois ing the part of the Chairman)(京晶和小高在参加公司会议,小高扮演总裁的角色)Chairman: Im calling this meeting to session. As you may have heard, we have a wolf at the door and were here to discuss a possible buy-out by one of our competitors.总裁:我宣布会议正式开始你们可能已经听说了,公司正处于困境之中,所以我们今天要讨论一下:公司可能会被一个竞争对手收购Jingjing: Can you tell us our deadline?京晶:您能告诉我们截止日期是什么时候吗?Chairman: We have one month to the day, but pending a bail-out, I think it anopen and shut case.总裁:从今天算起一个月不过除非有经济援助,我估计收购已经是一个既定事实了Jingjing: Are we looking at becoming a subsidiary or is this a whole-sale buy-out?京晶:那我们将会成为一个子公司还是完全被吞并?Chairman: That is up discussion, however, Im tabling a motion to allow us to operate under the same brand name.总裁:这还没有决定,不过我已经提出建议,让我们仍然保留原来品牌的名字Jingjing: I think we are looking at tightening our belt. Weve been spending too much lately.京晶:我想我们得节省开了,最近我们的花销太大了Chairman: True, weve been in the gutter sometime now, and this buy-out can help us get back on our feet.总裁:确实,我们的状况已经不好了一段时间了,而这个收购可以帮助我们重新恢复实力习语短语1. call this meeting to session 宣布会议正式开始. wolf at the door (门外有一只狼)这里指公司正面临着困境和威胁3. deadline 截至日期. to the day 从今天算起5. bail-out 经济上的援助6. open and shut case 既定事实,非常明确的事情7. subsidiary 子公司,受控于总公司8. whole-sale 完全的9. table a motion 提出建议. tightening our belt 勒紧裤腰,指缩减开. in the gutter 处于不好的状况. get back on one feet 从某事中恢复过来 875

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 Keep the Change零钱不用找了Selling secondhand books at our church bazaar, I got into an argument with a prospective customer.在教堂的义卖市上卖旧书时,我与一名准备买东西的顾客发生了一场争论He was interested in buying The Pocket Book of Ogden Nash but claimed it was overpriced at 35 cents.他对购买袖珍奥金.纳什集颇感兴趣,但是说它要三十五美分开价过高Other paperbacks were selling ten or cents each.其它的平装书每本才卖十或十五美分I pointed out that the book was in good condition. Nash was a fun poet, and it was a good cause.我指出这本书保存状况颇好,纳什是个有趣的诗人,这个要价是合理的He said it was a matter of principle. Ultimately, I agreed to sell him the book cents.他说这是个原则问题最终,我同意以十五美分的价格将这本书卖给他Triumphant, he paid with a $ bill. ;Keep the change,; he said.他得意洋洋,拿出一张十美元的票子付帐“零钱不用找了”他说 Notes:1.changevt.改变,变更;交换,替换;兑换;换衣(床单)vi.改变,转变;交换,互换;换衣,更衣n.变化,改变;交换,交替;零钱,找头;代替物常见搭配:a change of air改变环境, 迁地疗养(a) change of clothes(一套)换洗的衣换一换衣a change of heart改变主意变心, 变节弃邪归正 change of mind改变主意 change of tide盛衰消长的转变时刻; 危急存亡之秋, 关键时刻 change of voice(青春期的)变嗓音small change零钱, 找另头庸俗的话, 闲话; 琐事无关紧要的人物.bazaar义卖会3.prospectiveadj.预期的;未来的;可能的;有希望的prospective advantages预期的利益prospective bride未来的新娘a prospective statute将会生效的法令3.overpricev.将…标价过高,索价过高.in good condition情况良好;完好;完好无缺 本节目可可原创节目, 5683

Page: Mr.Smith will go to the station in a taxi.This is a taxi.Mr.Smith is getting into it.He has his bag with him.This is the station.The taxi is in front of the station.The time is 8:00.The train will go at 8:30.Mr.Smith is getting out of the taxi.Now he is going into the station.Page: This is the waiting room in the station.Those men and women on the seats in the waiting room are waiting.They are waiting their trains.Here is the train.This is the engine of a train.This is the bell on the engine.These are rails.The train goes on these rails.It is a railroad train.Here is the ticket office in the station.Mr.Smith got his ticket here.Page: Here is his ticket.He gave .80 his ticket.These are tickets.How much was his ticket the journey to Los Angeles?It was eighty hundred and ty-one dollars and eighty cents.How long is the journey?Four days.Which days will he be on the train?He will be on the train Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday.The other days of the week are Thursday,Friday,Saturday.How much money did he take with him his journey?He took five hundred and nineteen dollars.Page: Mr.Smith has friends in Calinia.Here are his friends.He and his friends are shaking hands.His friends were waiting him at the station.They say,;Did you have a good journey?;He says,;Yes,But it was a long journey.;His friends says,;Let me have your bag,please.;He will go with his friends to their house.Page: This is a letter: a.These are letters:a,b,c.This is a word: man.Three letters make the word man.The man is writing a letter.He is writing on a paper with a pen.This is the letter.It is in Mr.Roe writing.Mr.Roe will send the letter to Mr.doe.Here is the letter y the post.Here is the stamp.Mr.Doe name and street and town are on the letter.Mass.is short Massachusetts.Middlefield is in Massachusetts.This is the back of the letter.Mr.Roe name,and the town where he is living are on the back of the letter.Me is short Maine.Bar harbor is in Maine.Massachusetts and Maine are two states of the ed States of the America.Page: Mr.Smith is writing a card to Mrs.Smith.He is in San Francisco.On one side of the card is a picture of the harbor.Here is the picture.This is a picture postcard.Here is the other side of the card.Mr.Smith is putting Mrs.Smith name on it.He will put her street under the name.He will put her town under the street.Then he will put the state where her town is.Now the card is y the post.There is a stamp on the card.Mrs.Smith name and street and town are on the right hand side of the card.Mrs.Smith town is in New York State.Mr.Smith is taking the card to the Post Office.He is going up the steps.He will put the card in the letter box on the wall of the Post Office.Page: 18He is sending the card to Mrs.Smith.This morning Mrs.Smith got the card which Mr.Smith sent her from San francisco.She is ing it now.She is ing:;I had a good journey...;Reading and writing are parts of our education.We get a great part of our education in school.These boys and girls are at school.The teacher is teaching them.Mrs.Smith is sending Jane and Tom to school.They will be at school bee nine.They get good teaching at school.At school, Tom and Jane are learning.They were ing and now they are writing.Tom is writing the word learning on the board.The teacher is teaching him the word learning.Page: 19Now Tom and Jane are back from school.Jane is ing a story.It is eight-thirty.Tom is writing at the table.Tom dog is at his feet.Mrs.Smith is ing the newspaper.Tom and Jane are getting a good education.They get some of it at school,and they get some of it from their mother and father.Mrs.Smith is taking a look at Tom work.It is a good work.Now Mrs.Smith is writing a letter to Mr.Smith.She sends love from Tom and Jane to their father.She will send the letter to Mr.Smith.She has the letter in her hand.Now she is sending the letter.She sent the letter. 3951

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