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Revelations about inspection检查规定A: Good morning Mr. Liu. I am Tom from China Daily. We had an appointment. Here I come.A: 早上好,刘先生。我是中国日报的汤姆,我们约好了今天见面,我来了。B: Sure, come on in. Welcome to China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau. What can I do for you?B: 哦,是啊。快请进。欢迎你来到中国进出口商品检验局。我能为你做点什么?A: Heres the thing. I am going to do a report on the import-export commodity inspection. So I am here to collect some information and materials. I hope you can help me on it.A: 事情是这样的。我要作一篇报道,是出口商品检验的报道,所以我来您这解一下情况并搜集一些有用的信息希望:您能给我提供一些帮助。B: No problem. This is also our responsibility to make the public comprehend some knowledge about import-export commodity inspectionB: 没问题啊。让公众了解一些关于进出口商品检验的有关问题也是我们的责任。A: Thats really nice of you to say so. Shall we begin now?A: 您能这样说真是太好了。我们现在开始好吗?B: Sure, please go ahead.B: 当然可以,开始吧。A: My first question is what significance it is to do the commodity inspection.A: 我的第一个问题是进行商品检验的意义是什么?B: Commodity inspection is done in order to protect the public interests and the lawful rights and interests of the parties involved in foreign trade. And the other great significance of commodity inspection is to promote the smooth development of economic and trade relations with foreign countries.B: 进行商品检验首先是为了维护社会公共利益和进出口贸易有关各方的合法权益。其次商品检验的另一个重要意义在于它能够促进对外经济贸易关系的顺利发展。A: Great.thank you. Then my next question is that is it the case that all import-export commodities should go through the inspection formality !A: 很好,谢谢您。我的下一个问题是所有的进出口商品都要进行商品检验吗?B: Not really. The import and export commodities which meet the conditions for exemption of inspection provided for by the State may be exempted from inspection upon the examination and approval of an application from the consignee or consignor by the State Administration for Commodity Inspection.B: 不完全是这样的。进出口商品中符合国家规定的免予检验条件的,由收货人或者发货人申请,经国家商检部门审查批准,可以免予检验。B: OK.I get it. Then how exactly the commodity is inspected, or I mean on what basic principles should the inspection be carried out?A: 好的,我明白了。那么,究竟是如何进行商品检验的呢?或者我的意思是说进出口商品检验是基于什么样的基本原则呢?A: Import-export commodity inspection should be done on the basis of human health and safety, the life or heath of fauna and flora, environmental protection and public safety and prevent fraud.B: 进出口商品检验应当基于保护人类健康和安全、保护动物或者植物的生命和健康、保护环境、防止欺诈行为、维护国家安全而进行。B: What will be done to the disqualified commodities?A: 不合格商品该怎样处理?A: Imported commodities which do not go through the inspection formality are not allowed to sell or use; exported commodities which prove to be disqualified in the process of inspection are forbidden to be exporled.B: 进口商品未经检验的,不准销售、使用出口商品未经检验合格的,不准出口。B: Thank you so much. The information you offered to me is really helpful to me. I appreciate it.A: 非常感谢您刘先生。您给我提供的信息非常的有价值,再次感谢您。 /201602/425131



  Scripts:A: The Fed has got to cut rates , there’s no question.B: How much?A: Er.. I think what we need to see is er, a process of cutting rates, so it’s less about how much today and about the, the holding up the hope of more rate cuts to come, what I’m expecting is a quarter point of the Fed funds rate today. Er, half of a percent of the emergency discount rate that’s where banks go when they are in difficulties. But clearly, a statement which says more is going to come. Don’t worry, guys, we’ll keep on cutting.B: And what’s their key focus right now, is it trying to get the banks to er… reduce their inter-bank lending rate, is that the key focus right now?A: That’s part of the process. Er… but it’s slightly wider than that , because of course what you’ve got at the moment is actually a monetary policy tightening. You’re a consumer, your interest rate hasn’t come down 3 quarters of a point along with the Fed funds rate. If you are a consumer, the chances are your interest rate's gone up because banks are tightening credit standards, and raising the cost that they pass on to the consumer. So what the Fed is concerned to do is to stop that process of monetary policy tightening.B: And whatever the rates are , the other problem is the fact that the banks are just reducing their lending generally, and they don’t wanna lend to anyone with any sort of risky background, so that's gonna cause problem within itself. There is nothing the Fed can do about that, is there?A: No, there is not much that the Fed can do about that. Er…, at the margin, we are, I think going to less credit, now, I’m, we can go back to Japan in the, in the 1990s, it doesn’t matter how much you cut rates. You cannot force banks to lend if they don’t want to. But in actual fact, one of the things that we’re concerned about is not so much new borrowers, but existing borrowers who’ve got adjustable rate debt er… where the interest rates go up and down, those are the guys who are vulnerable in this current environment, and the Fed's got to try and limit the damage to them. Because of course there are far more existing borrowers than there are potential new borrowers.B: And you mentioned that the discount er.. rates which is the rate that the, you say that the banks go to the Feds asking for money if they really need it. Er… but that’s kind of epidemic, isn’t it? Because once people start using or once banks start using that facility, there is a huge stigma attached to that , so they are gonna avoid that , anyway, aren’ they?A: Well, there is a stigma, and particularly here in the ed Kingdom, er…borrowing from the Bank of England attaches a huge stigma. In the States it will…B: Northern Rock was the classic example.A: Precisely. In the ed States it’s less so, and there has been more willingness to borrow from the discount window er in the ed States. So,er…I think actually as the credits crisis of confidence continues, banks will get over the social stigma and recognize that, hold on, if here's someone prepared to lend his money. We might as well take advantage of it, and that will then help to at least smooth over some of the problems in the market...Notes: smooth over: To mitigate or alleviatediscount rate: The discount rate is the interest rate charged to commercial banks and other depository institutions on loans they receive from their regional Federal Reserve Bank's lending facility--the discount window.200807/43329

  Afghanistan Says Foreign Agency Had Role in Indian Embassy Bombing阿富汗称外国机构策划阿炸弹袭击 Pakistan's government is denying it played a role in Monday's suicide bomb attack on India's embassy in Afghanistan. But Afghan officials say it is "pretty obvious" who was behind the attack. 巴基斯坦政府否认,它在星期一对印度驻阿富汗大使馆发动的自杀式炸弹袭击中起了任何作用。但是阿富汗官员说,这次袭击的幕后策划者是谁“非常明显”。A day after a massive suicide car bomb attack killed more than 40 people and wounded scores more outside India's diplomatic mission in Kabul, a spokesman for President Hamid Karzai said investigators believe that a foreign intelligence agency was behind it.  阿富汗总统发言人哈米德扎达星期二说,调查人员相信,一个外国情报机构是这次袭击的幕后策划者。星期一,印度驻喀布尔大使馆外遭到一个威力巨大的自杀式汽车炸弹的袭击,造成40多人死亡,150多人受伤。Humayun Hamidzada said that although the investigation is still continuing, officials believe they aly have evidence that the attack had significant foreign support. 哈米德扎达说,虽然调查仍在进行中,但是有关官员相信他们已经获得据,显示袭击得到了充分的外国持。"The sophistication of this attack and the kind of material that was used in it and the specific targeting - everything has the hallmark of a particular intelligence agency that has conducted similar terrorist acts inside Afghanistan in the past," he said. 他说:“这次袭击的周密性、使用的材料以及特定的目标等,都带有某个情报机构的特征,而这个机构过去曾在阿富汗进行类似的恐怖袭击。”In June, Afghan officials accused Pakistan's spy agency of being directly involved in April's assassination attempt against President Karzai. But at a news conference in Kabul, Hamidzada refused to directly blame Pakistan in the bombing targeting its historical rival India. 今年6月阿富汗有关官员指责巴基斯坦特工直接卷入了4月份企图暗杀阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的行动。但是在喀布尔举行的一个新闻记者会上,哈米德扎达拒绝直接指责巴基斯坦针对其宿敌印度进行爆炸。"We believe firmly that there is a particular intelligence agency behind it. I am not going to name it anymore. I think it is pretty obvious," he said. 他说:“我们坚信,某个外国情报机构是这次袭击的幕后策划者。我不会指名说出这个情报机构。我认为,一切都很明显了。”Pakistani officials have strongly denied the government was involved in the Karzai assassination attempt or the Indian embassy bombing. The head of Pakistan's Interior Ministry, Rehman Malik, told a group of reporters in Islamabad that no part of the government played any role in the bombing.  巴基斯坦有关官员强烈否认巴基斯坦政府卷入暗杀阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和炸印度驻阿富汗大使馆的行动。巴基斯坦内政部长马利克在伊斯兰堡对记者们说,巴基斯坦政府没有任何部门在爆炸袭击中扮演任何角色。He said Pakistan does not involve itself in such acts because it is not in its interest. He said that for Pakistanis, a safe Afghanistan is a guarantee for a safe Pakistan. 他说,巴基斯坦不会卷入这种行径,因为这不符合它的利益。他说,对于巴基斯坦来说,一个安全的阿富汗是一个安全的巴基斯坦的保。Pakistan's top intelligence agency, called the ISI, had fostered close ties with Afghanistan's Taliban government until 2001. Pakistan officially turned against its ally before the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan. Since then Pakistan has been praised as a partner in the war against terrorism.  巴基斯坦最高情报机构“国内情报局”在2003年以前同阿富汗塔利班政府的关系密切。在美国领导的盟军攻打阿富汗之前,巴基斯坦正式同其盟友阿富汗反目为敌。从那以来,巴基斯坦一直被称赞为反恐战争的夥伴。But in recent years, continuing attacks by Taliban militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan have strained relations between the two countries and raised questions about whether Pakistan's intelligence agency truly cut all ties with its former Taliban allies. 但是近年来,塔利班激进分子在阿富汗和巴基斯坦持续发动袭击,导致巴基斯坦和阿富汗的关系紧张。外界不禁怀疑,巴基斯坦情报机构是否真正切断了同前塔利班盟友的所有关系。200807/43677Oil Prices Reach a Record High意大利首都罗马召开国际能源论坛  Government energy ministers from oil-rich nations and international oil company executives are attending a three-day International Energy Forum in Rome. The meeting, which ends Tuesday, is being held as crude oil prices reached a record high.  盛产石油国家的能源部长们和国际石油公司的管理人员在罗马参加一次为期三天的国际能源论坛。这次会议举行之际,原油价格达到创记录的高水平。国际能源论坛将在星期二结束。 Participants at the oil summit in Rome do not seem to find agreement on what is causing the rise in oil prices. International Energy Agency head Nobuo Tanaka warned that current prices, which hit a record of 7 a barrel, are too high for all consumers and particularly punishing for developing nations. 这次罗马石油峰会的与会者看来不会就石油价格上涨的原因达成一致意见。国际能源机构总干事田中伸男警告说,目前的油价已经达到创记录的每桶117美元。这个价格对所有消费者来说都太高,高油价特别对发展中国家带来冲击。Speaking at the biennial International Energy Conference, Tanaka said the problem is not underground, but above ground. He added that better infrastructure and more stable policies in producing countries are important to increase capacity and stressed the need for investment.  田中伸男在两年一度的国际能源会议上说,现在问题不是在地下,而是已经凸显出来。他补充说,产油国改善基础设施、稳定石油政策对提高产油能力很重要。田中伸男强调投资的必要性。But OPEC and its member nations maintain that raising capacity is unlikely to have any impact. The Iranian Oil Minister Gholam-Hussein Nozari said more than enough oil is being supplied. He added that other issues are affecting oil prices like the dollar.  但是欧佩克及其成员国坚持表示,提高产油能力不大可能产生任何效果。伊朗石油部长诺扎利说,目前石油供过于求。他说,其他问题,比如美元兑换率也在影响油价。OPEC Secretary-General Abdalla Salem al-Badri has said the group is prepared to raise production if the price pressure is due to a shortage of supply - but also said he doubted the connection. 欧佩克秘书长巴德里曾表示,如果价格压力是供应短缺造成的,欧佩克愿意提高产量。但是他也表示,他不认为价格跟供应有关系。"There is a common understanding now that [oil prices] has nothing to do with supply and demand," he said. 巴德里说:“大家共同的理解是,石油价格跟供求关系没有任何关系。”The OPEC chief said more oil would not solve the high prices. Al-Badri added that OPEC's production levels are just one of many factors, while others included the political situation, market speculation, labor issues and natural catastrophes. 欧佩克秘书长巴德里表示,提高产量不能解决价格居高不下的问题。他说,欧佩克的产量只是许多因素中的一个。其他因素包括政治形势、市场投机、劳工问题和自然灾害。意大利前总理普罗迪也谈到他的关切。Italy's former prime minister Romano Prodi also spoke of his concern. He says what is taking place is a conflict between food and fuel, with disastrous social consequences. He adds that governments cannot just watch this happen.  普罗迪说,现在发生的事情是食品与燃料的冲突,结果导致灾难性的社会后果。他说,各国政府不能任其发展。In another industry development, Iraq Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani said contracts between the autonomous Northern Iraqi Kurds and foreign companies remain invalid, despite recent talks between the two sides to discuss the country's long-delayed federal oil law. 另一个石油工业领域的发展是,伊拉克石油部长沙赫利斯塔尼表示,尽管巴格达当局同伊拉克北部库尔德自治区最近在谈判拖延了很久的联邦石油法,但是库尔德地区同外国公司之间签署的合同仍然无效。The Kurds have signed about 25 production-sharing contracts with several small and mid-sized oil companies, but Al-Shahristani said they do not meet the conditions of the draft 2007 law. 库尔德人已经跟几个中小型的石油公司签署了大约25个分享石油产出的合同,但是沙赫利斯塔尼说,这些合同不符合2007年伊拉克石油法草案的规定。The draft law requires an open bidding process and would establish which foreign countries are eligible to work in Iraq. The dispute between the the central government in Baghdad and the Kurds has dragged on for many months, delaying agreement on a final oil law that Iraq badly requires to attract foreign investment and increase oil production. 石油法草案要求公开招标,并确定哪些家外国公司有资格在伊拉克营运。巴格达中央政府跟库尔德人之间的争议已经拖了很多年,导致双方迟迟不能就石油法最终版本达成一致意见。伊拉克急迫需要通过石油法,以吸引外国投资,增加石油产量。200804/35989国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[1]Not too far away is a little girl who has never known a mother, and she's never known a father, and she's never known a big sister. And today she's gonna get out of that.Hi, welcome to Ultimate Explorer, I'm Lisa Ling. Tonight, a story I've been wanting to do for a long time. Over one quarter of all the babies adopted from abroad into this country come from China, and most are girls. It's a consequence of one of the biggest efforts to control population growth in history, China's so-called "one child" policy. It limits millions of families there to having only one child. Now traditionally baby boys are preferred, and as a result, girls are often abandoned, aborted, or hidden, sometimes they are even killed. Where do they end up and what does it all mean for China? Take a look. China, one of the world's oldest civilizations, with more than 4,000 years of history and culture. Today, China is booming. With over a billion people, it has the world's largest population. One in every five people on the planet lives here. And for China, that is a big problem. So the Chinese government has put limits on how many children people can have. When combined with the centuries-old preference for boys, this means that untold thousands of Chinese girls are being aborted, hidden, or abandoned every year. Where do some of these abandoned girls end up? Marissa, whatever you do, don't touch the tits...Places like Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Ready?Richard and Denise Holler adopted their daughter Marissa from China three and a half years ago. Today they are taking Marissa to her Chinese dance performance.Can I give you a hug. Ok. Oh, that's sweet.Not long after, they'll take her back to China. Marissa, why do you close your eyes when you take a picture?I'm going with Richard, Denise and Marissa who frankly looks more like me than her parents. I just smiled.That's the way you smile?In every way Marissa is an ordinary American kid. But this American kid was abandoned in a park in China when she was three days old. Now her parents are headed back to China because they want to adopt another baby girl."Well, actually, sometimes my parents say that, like I was meant for them, and sometimes I really do think that. But sometimes I think it's just a miracle, or sometimes I just think it just happened."As soon as we arrive in Beijing, we meet dozens of families from all over America who are also adopting little girls. Some of them have never been out of the US."And these are the Knives. They are also gonna be adopting a baby girl."Orson and Tracy North Ross from Alabama. Donna McPhillips and Gary King from North Carolina. Richard and Lisa Foaken from Texas who are also going back to adopt their second child."It's not about us getting a daughter, it's about her getting a sister, you know"The adoption process has taken more than a year for most of these couples and cost them upwards of ,000. (First time you get the picture of your new child. How is, it's real...) They've waited anxiously for the Chinese government to approve them and then assign them a baby whom they've never even met. The couples are given little more than a photo which many of them carry everywhere. Now in three days they'll meet the babies for the first time.So what do you do for the three days before your life changes forever? How about take a tour of Beijing?"This is Chairman Mao. OK? Chairman Mao lighter.""OK. First, let's look at this building.""Is that a temple over there?""One, two, three, cheeeeeese. Thank you.""This is a bald man.""Do you know who that is? It's in the big picture right there.""Chairman Mao.""Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao Zedong. We have his Little Red Book at home."Under Mao in the 50s and 60s, China's population exploded. By 1980 Mao's successors began limiting most families to only one child, or in some cases two. It's been called the largest population control effort in human history.200709/17503

  But despite the Mongol's attempts to master siege warfare, the Chinese were still much more advanced in their military technology. They responded by filling bombs with crude oil, molten metal, chemicals and excrement. Despite the ferocious bombardment, Genghis Khan ordered his men to advance to the walls. Once again, Chinese prisoners were in the front line. As the city fell, the Chinese commander had just one option. Genghis Khan was so confident of victory that he left his army to capture the city. His final command to his generals was to fulfill his prophecy. He ordered total annihilation. molten: melted, liquefied by heatexcrement: waste discharged from the body, fecesannihilation: destruction, ruin; extinction, extermination200809/50120Obama Keeps Hectic Schedule After Clinching Democratic Nomination奥巴马乘胜前进 克林顿尚未认输  U.S. Senator Barack Obama is spending his first full day as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee giving a major foreign policy speech, addressing a powerful American labor union, attending a high-powered fundraising event, and doing interviews for American television networks. His rival, Senator Hillary Clinton, has remained visible, but tightlipped as to when she will concede and throw her support behind Obama. 美国参议员巴拉克.奥巴马成为预料中的民主党总统候选人提名后,他在第二天就在一个很有影响力的美国工会发表重要的外交政策演讲。他还参加了一个热情高涨的募款活动,并接受了美国几家电视台的采访。他的对手,克林顿参议员虽然也出现在公共场合,但是,她对自己什么时候准备承认败选,然后全力持奥巴马的问题守口如瓶。Congratulations and further endorsements poured in for Barack Obama Wednesday, including acknowledgments from some Republican quarters. The White House says President Bush congratulates Obama for his "historic achievement" that "reflects the fact that the country has come a long way." 星期三,对奥巴马的祝贺和持纷纷而来,他获得了更多的持,包括一些共和党人的赞许。白宫说,布什总统赞扬奥巴马取得了“历史性成就”。他说,这反映了美国走过了很长的历程。Hours after becoming the first person of color to clinch the presidential nomination of a major U.S. political party, Obama addressed a Washington gathering of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). There, he pledged an unyielding commitment to Israel's security, spoke of the need for peace in the Middle East, and clarified previous comments about his willingness, as president, to one day meet face-to-face with the leaders of Iran. 奥巴马成为第一个有色人种人士获得美国重要政党的总统候选人提名。几个小时后,他在美国-以色列公众事务委员会举行的大会上发表演讲。奥巴马坚决表示自己将毫不动摇地致力于以色列的安全。他谈到了中东和平的必要性,并且对自己先前发表的有关当选总统后与伊朗领导人进行面对面会谈的说法进行了澄清。He also paid tribute to fellow-Democratic contender Hillary Clinton, who vied to become America's first woman president. 奥巴马还赞扬了他的竞争对手希拉里.克林顿。克林顿一直在争取成为美国第一任女总统。"I want to publicly acknowledge Hillary Clinton for the outstanding race that she has run," he said. "She is a true friend of Israel. She is a great Senator from New York. She is an extraordinary leader of the Democratic Party, and she has made history alongside me over the last 16 months. So I am very proud to have competed against her." 奥巴马说: “我要公开承认克林顿进行了一场出色的竞选。她是以色列的朋友。她是来自纽约的杰出参议员。她也是民主党的杰出领导人。在过去的16个月里,我和她在一起共同创造历史。我非常骄傲能和她一起竞选。”Clinton has yet to officially drop out of the presidential race, although she has told supporters that she would be open to serving as Obama's vice presidential running mate. Short of a formal concession, however, Clinton has signaled that she is aware of Obama's status as presumptive presidential nominee. The senator also spoke at AIPAC, moments after Obama left the stage. 克林顿还没有正式退出总统竞选,尽管她已经告诉持者,她有意成为奥巴马的副总统竞选夥伴。虽然还没有正式承认失败,不过,克林顿已经表示,她知道奥巴马已经是预料中的总统提名人。在奥巴马结束在美国-以色列公共事务委员会的讲话后不久,克林顿也在那次大会上发表了讲话。克林顿说: "The Democratic Party's strong commitment to the state of Israel is one of our party's most-cherished values," she noted. "And it will continue under the next Democratic president. I know [that] Senator Obama understands what is at stake here. It has been an honor to contest these primaries with him. And let me be very clear: I know that Senator Obama will be a good friend to Israel." “民主党坚定地持以色列国是我们党最珍视的价值观之一。下一任民主党总统也会一如既往地执行这样的政策。我知道奥巴马参议员明白这里的利害关系。我一直感到很荣幸和他一起经历了这些初选。现在我可以很清楚的告诉大家:我知道奥巴马参议员将会是以色列的好朋友。”In a telephone call early Wednesday, Obama and Clinton agreed to meet face-to-face, but discussed no specifics. Just how and when Clinton exits the race - and what, if any, concessions she may want from Obama in doing so - will be closely watched as Democratic officials work to rebuild party unity after an often-bruising primary campaign season. 奥巴马和克林顿在星期三早上通了电话,同意进行面对面的会谈,但是不对具体问题进行讨论。不过,克林顿将如何以及何时退出竞选,以及她可能要求奥巴马作出何种让步等问题都会被密切关注。与此同时,在经历了伤痕累累的竞选季节后,民主党官员也在共同努力,让民主党重新团结起来。On the Republican side, Arizona Senator John McCain continued to question Obama's message of bringing change to Washington. Speaking in Louisiana, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee called for an expanded debate schedule between him and Obama that would include weekly joint town hall meetings across the country leading up to the November election. 在共和党方面,亚利桑那州参议员约翰.麦凯恩对奥巴马发出的要为华盛顿政治带来新的变革的讯息继续提出质疑。这位预料会获得共和党总统提名的候选人在路易斯安那呼吁增加他和奥巴马参议员的辩论场次,包括两人在11月竞选前每周共同出席一次全国各地的市政厅会议。"Joint town halls would show we both understand that this election could not be more important to the future security and prosperity of American families," he said. "It is, indeed, a 'change' election. No matter who wins this election, the direction of the country is going to change dramatically. But the choice before the American people is between the right change and the wrong change." 麦凯恩说: “共同参加市政厅会议将显示,我们两人都清楚这次选举对美国家庭未来的安全和繁荣是最重要的。这确实是一次“变革”的选举。不管谁最后赢得胜利,这个国家未来的发展方向将发生急剧的变化。但是,美国人要作出的选择是,要好的变化还是坏的变化。”An Obama spokesman calls the joint town hall proposal "appealing." 奥巴马的一名发言人说,两人共同出席市政厅会议的提议“很吸引人”。Barack Obama, 46, is vying to become one of America's youngest presidents. His age contrasts sharply with that of John McCain, 71, would become one of the oldest to enter the Oval Office. 现年46岁的奥巴马将竞选成为美国最年轻的总统。他的年龄与麦凯恩形成鲜明的对比。麦凯恩今年71岁,一旦当选,他将成为入主白宫最年老的人之一。200806/41191


  Formalities for Customs Clearance通关手续A:What are you planning to do after your graduation from college?A:大学毕业了之后你打算做什么工作啊?B:Professor Wang.to be honest I do not have interests in my major now. I am quite interested in knowledge about customs. I prefer to become a civil servant in the customs field. Thats why I came to your lecture.B:王老师,老实说,我不喜欢我目前的专业,我对海关的知识非常感兴趣。毕业之后我更想成为一名海关部门的公务员。这也是我来上您的课的原因。A:Thats a fantastic idea. To be a civil servant is very lofty and you can make your contribution to the country as well as the people.A:这个想法很不错啊。当公务员是非常圣神的,你可以为国家和人民做出你自己的贡献。B:Thank you. But I am just interested in it. Actually I have little knowledge about this field. Could you supervise me a little bit?B:谢谢老师,但是我只是感兴趣而已,对海关的知识却是知之甚少。您能稍微指导我一下吗 ?A:Of course. ld love to. What exactly would you like to know?A:当然可以,我非常乐意。你想了解些什么呢?B:I am especially keen on the customs clearance. Could you please first tell me the definition of customs clearance?B:我对海关通关尤其感兴趣,首先您能给我讲讲通关的概念吗?A:Yes.sure. It refers to the act that the people in charge of the inbound or outbound vehicles.consignors and their agents .or the owners of the items make a declaration to the customs about applying for the formalities for their import. export cargoes or items. And it also refers to the whole process in which the customs officers audit. inspect. collect duty, approve import or export of the documents and the cargo provided by the consignors.A:当然可以。海关对发货商呈交的单和申请进出口货物、物品依法进行审核、查验、征收税费、批准进出口的全过程。通关是指进出境运输工具的负责人、货物收发货人及其代理人、物品的所有人向海关申请办理进出口货物、物品手续。B:Thats the account for it. Then what are the official formalities in terms of customs clearance?B:原来如此啊。那么,海关通关的官方手续都有哪些啊?A:The inbound or outbound passengers have to enter or depart from the place where a customs office is located so that their personal possessions and belongings can be supervised and managed by the customs oflice. Passengers ought to make declaration in accordance with the regulations. Except for the exemptions from inspections. the personal possessions and belongings of passengers must be examined and released by the Customs. Passengers who bring articles which have to be declared ought to hand in the China Customs Declaration Form for Incoming Outgoing. Passengers or the declaration document the customs specifies to the declaration counterA:进出境旅客行李物品必须通过设有海关的地点进境或出境,接受海关监管。旅客应按规定向海关申报。除法规规定免验者外,进出境旅客行李物品应交由海关规定查验放行,旅客进出境携有需向海关申报的物品,应在申报台前向海递交 《中华人民共和国海关进出境旅游行李物品申报单》或海关规定的申报单,按规定如实申报其行李物品,报请海关办理物品进境或出境手续。B:Amazing. There are so many regulations and stipulations.I never thought it that way before.I seems that being a customs ofticer is not an easy task. It is very challenging. I must study harder to make myself qualified for the post. Then I have one more question. On what basic principle is it based for customs officers CO inspect the passengers luggage and articles?B:真是不可思议、竟然有这么多的规章制度,我以前从来没有想过,看来当一名海关部门的公务员可不是一件容易的差事,是很有挑战性的。我必须更加努力才使白已有资格成为一名合格的海关公务员?我还有一个问题,海关官员是基于什么样的基本原则来对旅客的行李物品进行检查的呢?A:The basic principle the customs uses to examine the luggage and arlicles of the passengers is for personal use and in reasonable quantities. to stipulate different scope and different duty limitations for difterent passengers belongings.A:海关验收进出境旅客行李物品,以自用合理数量为原则,对不同类型的旅客行李物品规定不同的范嗣和征收税限量或限值。B:I get it. Thank you so much. I understand that there is still a long way for me to go if I want to become a competent civil servant in the customs.B:我明白了,非常感谢您王老师。我明白了一点,我要想成为一名合格的海关公务员还有很多知识要学习。A:I can see that you are a very promising student. I have full confidence in you that you will make your dream come true.A:你是个很有前途的学生。我很看好你,你的梦想也一定会实现的。 /201602/426427。

  US Envoy to Visit Beijing, Moscow for Talks on North Korean Nuclear Program希尔下周访中俄磋商北韩核问题   The chief U.S. envoy to the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program, Christopher Hill, visits Beijing and Moscow next week to consult on efforts to move the stalled disarmament process forward. Officials say the assistant secretary of State may meet his North Korean counterpart in the Chinese capital. 美国助理国务卿、美国出席朝核六方会谈的首席代表希尔下星期访问北京和莫斯科,就争取推动停滞不前的北韩拆除核设施的进程与中俄两国磋商。美国官员说,希尔可能会在中国首都北京会见北韩代表。Hill's mission to China and Russia, following his Washington meeting earlier this week with South Korean and Japanese envoys, reflects a quickening pace in the nuclear talks. 希尔前往中国和俄罗斯,以及他此前在本周早些时候与韩国以及日本特使的会晤,显示出北韩核项目问题会谈的步伐正在加快。The six-party deal reached early last year - under which North Korea is to give up its nuclear program in return for aid and diplomatic benefits - has been stalled by Pyongyang's failure thus far to produce a declaration of its nuclear holdings and activities. 根据六方会谈去年年初达成的协议,北韩放弃其核项目,以换取援助和外交方面的好处。由于北韩未能全面公布其核材料以及核项目活动,这项协议陷于僵局。However, in what is seen here a show of good faith, North Korea earlier this month turned over to the ed States thousands of papers documenting plutonium production at its now-shuttered Yongbyon reactor complex. 不过,北韩最近表现出诚意,于本月初交给美国数以千计有关在目前已经关闭的宁边反应堆生产钸的情况的文件。The North Korean declaration, which Hill indicated this week may be imminent, would open the way to implementation of the final phase of the accord - leading to normalized relations between North Korea and the ed States and Japan, and new regional security arrangements. 希尔本周表示,北韩公布这些情况至关重要,这将开启协议最后阶段落实的进程,也就是北韩与美国和日本的关系正常化以及签署新的地区性安全协议。State Department deputy spokesman, Tom Casey, said Hill, at this point, has only meetings with his Chinese and Russian counterparts scheduled in Beijing and Moscow.  美国国务院副发言人汤姆.凯西说,目前希尔只计划在北京和莫斯科和中方以及俄方代表会晤。But Hill has also met frequently in the Chinese capital with North Korean envoy Kim Kye-Gwan and Casey made clear he is y to do so again: 希尔在中国首都北京与北韩代表金桂冠举行过多次会晤。凯西明确表示,希尔准备再次这样做。"In terms of whether he's meeting with Kim Kye-Gwan or not, the usual rules apply," said Casey. "Nothing is scheduled. But the North Koreans know he's traveling. And if they see an interest or have a desire to do so, I'm sure they'll arrange something." 他说:“在希尔是否会与金桂冠会晤这个问题上,我们将循惯例。目前没有计划。不过,北韩方面知道希尔的行程。如果他们有兴趣,或者有意愿这样做,我敢肯定,他们会安排会面。”A senior official here told VOA U.S. experts are continuing to examine the more than 18,000 papers submitted by North Korea, and that so far there is nothing to suggest that they are not authentic. 一位高级官员告诉美国之音记者说,美国专家正在继续研究1万8千多份北韩提交的文件,他还说,到目前为止没有任何迹象显示这些文件不真实。The papers, some of them handwritten logs, document plutonium production at the Yongbyon reactor for a five-year period ending in 2007, when the facility was shut down in the first phase of the nuclear deal. 这些文件中包括一些手写的日志,显示出2007年之前的5年间宁边核反应堆生产钸的情况。宁边核反应堆已经根据北韩核项目问题协议的第一阶段规定于2007年关闭。The official said the logs will be critical in determining the validity of the pending declaration, including North Korea's accounting of how much fissionable material was produced at Yongbyon. 这位官员说,对于确定北韩公布情况的真实性方面,这些日志至关重要,包括确定北韩在宁边生产出的核裂变材料的规模。In addition to declaring its plutonium stockpile, and the number of weapons produced, North Korea is also to account for the uranium enrichment project U.S. officials believe it conducted, and any proliferation activity it engaged in. 除了公布储存的钸以及生产出多少武器之外,北韩还要公布美国官员相信北韩进行的浓缩铀项目,以及它所进行的核扩散活动。U.S. officials believe North Korea was helping the Damascus government build a nuclear facility in northern Syria that was destroyed in an Israeli air strike in September of last year. 美国官员相信北韩在叙利亚北部帮助大马士革政府建立一个核设施,这个核设施去年9月在以色列的空袭中被摧毁。200805/39932

  Explanation海关检查A: Jack, can I have a word?A: 杰克,我能和你说句话吗?B: Well, yes, as long as it is a word. Ive got a meeting in three minutes.B: 嗯,可以,只要是一句话就行,三分钟以后我要开会。A: We are all busy people, Jack.A: 杰克,我们都是大忙人啊。B: Yes, well, what can I do for you?B: 是啊,那找我有什么事啊?A: Its about those GW35s for CNOC.A: 是有关于卖给CNCC公司那批GW35s的问题。B: Mark was asking about them yesterday. No problem. Its all sorted out.B: 昨天马克也问起这件事情。没问题,一切都已经解决了。A: It may be sorted out now, Mike, but it put us in a very embarrassing situation. We told Roman hed have complete order by the end of the month.A: 也许眼下问题解决了,杰克。可是这件事情使我们处于非常被动的局面。我们原来通知罗曼,全部订货于本月底之前交付。B: We had delivery problems ourselves. Ive aly explained all that.B: 我们自己也遇到了交货问题。我原来都解释清楚了。A: Frankly, Im not interested in explanations. Im more interested in being able to deliver goods on time.A: 坦率地说,我对解释不感兴趣。我所感兴趣的是能不能按时交货。B: Oh, come on, Jane—be resonable. How can my people produce the units if were missing a vital component?B: 啊,好了,杰尼,你要通情达理。如果我们缺少一种关键的元件,我们的工人怎么能生产出设备呢?A: It shouldnt have been missing. Its not good enough, Jack. My team is out there in a very competitive market, fighting for orders. When we get customers, theyre entitled to good service. They want deliveries too. If we werent selling the units, would you be interested in my excuses?A: 这种元件本来就不该缺的。杰克,你的理由不充分。我的人马在竞争非常激烈的市场上正在为争取订单而拼命。我们一旦找到客户,就应该给他们提供优质的务。他们需要的是按时交货,而不是借口。对于我们来说也是如此。如果我们卖不掉这些设备,你对我的借口感兴趣吗?B: OK, point taken.B: 好,我明白你的意思了。 /201602/426587


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