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宜春疤痕疙瘩宜春韩美医院激光祛痣多少钱英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 四十二天学会英语模范短文:为什么我们要学英文 -- 19:59:9 来源: WHY SHOULD WE STUDY ENGLISH 为什么我们要学英文If you want to ask me why we should study English, my answer will be simple and clear. Now let me enumerate the reasons one by one in the following.In the first place, English has become an international language. If you know English, you van make a trip round the world without being misunderstood.In the second place, most valuable books, newspapers and magazines are written in English. If you wish (hope) to get knowledge, you must learn English.如果你要问我们为什么我们要学英文我的答复很简单明了现在让我来把我的理由一一列举在下面:英文已成为一种国际语言如果你通晓它,你可以环游世界不会被人误解大多数有价值的书籍,报纸和杂志都是用英文写的如果你希望获得知识,你必须学习英文万载县激光治疗鸡眼多少钱 考研英语 年考研英语阅读终极通关之词汇题 -- :8:58 来源: 考研英语阅读理解中,年年必考的题型还包括一个:词汇题即通过指出原文中的一个单词或短语(往往用下划线标明),要求准确理解其意思,意在考察考生在不认识单词的情况下对上下文的理解能力对于这一题型,冲刺通关阶段必须要妥妥滴攻克  一、词汇题常见考查方式  词汇题常见考查对象有四种:对大纲内常见词汇的生僻含义的考察;对超纲词汇的考察;对代词所指代内容的考察;句子理解题(往往涉及对句中某一关键词或关键短语的理解)题干命题模式主要有:  The phrase (word, sentence) “...” (in line...) most probably means...  By “...”, the writer (probably ) means...  What does the author probably mean by “...” in... paragraph?  The phrase (word, sentence) suggests...  From the passage, we can infer that the word “...”is...  According to passage, what is “...” ?  When the author says that..., he means...  二、词汇题破解关键:上下文  词汇题的存在意义不是让你凭空去猜,而是让你理解文章,,破解关键就隐藏在上下文中大多情况下,要求解释的词汇或短语附近会出现一些提示词,通常会以同义词或者反义词的形式出现,只要在上下文中仔细寻找,不难找到此外,还可以根据句间关系来判断句间关系共有五大类:因果、比较、否定、转折,并列,有时句中的一个单词不认识,通过句间关系能够推断出作者想借它表达的意思  三、链接  Curbs on business-method claims would be a dramatic about-face, because it was the federal circuit itself that introduced such patents with is 1998 decision in the so-called state Street Bank case, approving a patent on a way of pooling mutual-fund assets. That ruling produced an explosion in business-method patent filings, initially by emerging internet companies trying to stake out exclusive pinhts to specific types of online transactions. Later, move established companies raced to add such patents to their files, if only as a defensive move against rivals that might beat them to the punch. In , IBM noted in a court filing that it had been issued more than 300 business-method patents despite the fact that it questioned the legal basis granting them. Similarly, some Wall Street investment films armed themselves with patents financial products, even as they took positions in court cases opposing the practice. (年)  The word “about-face” (Line 1) most probably means:  [A] loss of good will  [B] increase of hostility  [C] change of attitude  [D] enhancement of dignity  :about-face 之前是curb“控制”,而之后是approving“赞同”,很明显两者是对立关系,选项A“好的意愿的消失”,选项B“敌意的增加”,选项D“尊严的提升”,表达的都是同一性,而不是相对性,只有选项C“态度的变化”,既然是变化就体现出来相对性,选项C为正确  词汇考察是表象,关键还是要读懂上下文掌握了这点,即便再难猜的单词也可以轻松图索骥,找出其隐藏在上下文的意思祝你阅读、词汇双通关,考试成功!0个精选替换词在手,作文不再怕() -- 18:: 来源:qnr  61.patheticlamentable(very uncomtable and disappointing)  6.fielddomain(a particular field of thought, activities or interest)  63.appearemerge(come into existence)  6.wholeentire(the whole of something)  65.wetmoist(slightly wet), damp(slightly wet), humid(very damp and hot)  66.wrongerroneous(incorrect or partly correct)  67.difficultmidableExamda.com  68.changeconvert(change into another m)  69.typicalquintessential(this word means represent a typical example of something)  70.carefulcautious(very careful in order to avoid danger), prudent(careful and sensible)  71.abilitycapacity, capability(the same as ability)  7.strangeeccentric(if some one is eccentric, she behaves in a strange way, or hisher opinion is different from most people)  73.richaffluent(if you are affluent, you have a lot of money)  7.use utilize (the same as use)  75.dubiousskeptical(if you are skeptical about something, you have doubts on it.)  76.satisfygratify (if you are gratified by something, it gives you pleasure and satisfaction)  77.shortfleeting, ephemeral(if something is ephemeral, it lasts a short time)  78.scholarshipfellowship  79.angryenraged(extremely angry)  80.smellymalodorous(used to describe an unpleasant smell 词汇 在手宜春全身美白针价格

宜春市人民医院娜绮丽假体娜高假体曼托假体哪家便宜价格浅谈写作中副词的用法 -- :: 来源: 在写作中,副词往往能使文章变得更加的生动,同时也有助于表达情感适当的在文中插入一些符合语境的副词也必然能使人眼前为之一亮所以,考生们要在备考阶段多加注意这些特定副词的用法,以便在写作考试中能够熟练的运用1、用插入语开头,表示说话人的态度,或使句子的意思更加准确:Strangely enough,Jennifer does not enjoy sunshine and beach.Generally speaking,winter in Vancouver is gloomy.、用副词开头,常见的情形有:(1) 副词表示某一地域或某一领域Geographically, Canada is the biggest country in the world.Financially, she is independent, but emotionally she is dependent.() 强调副词Hurriedly, the man drew me a scratch map to show me the direction.Dangerously, the drunkard sped down the street.Slowly and gently, snowflakes were drifting down from the sky.(3)副词修饰全句Luckily, he didn't know my phone number; otherwise, he would bother me.Incredibly, Helena got straight A in her school report this semester.Interestingly, cats and dogs can hardly get along well in a house.修饰全句常用的副词有:obviously,undoubtedly,apparently,tunately,clearly,untunately,incredibly,luckily, without doubt, surprisingly,frighteningly这些副词大多数表示说话人对全句的看法,在意思上相等与“It is …形容词 that …” 副词宜春韩美整形美容医院治疗上睑下垂手术怎么样 make yourself comtable 不用约束 (招待客人时说的话)樟树市中人民医院激光祛斑激光去痘坑红蓝光治疗仪要多少费用

宜春市中医院祛眼袋多少钱考研英语 考研英语二阅读Text3 -- :3:30 来源: 考研英语二阅读Text3  【31】参考:[C] it feels strange to do differently from others  细节题本题题干在问,高校毕业生没有空档年的原因之一是____此题定位第一段第二句话After all, if everyone you know is going to college in the fall, it seems silly to stay back a year, doesn’t it? 本句用反问的形式,表达了原因之一在于他们不想和其他人不同所以C正确  【3】参考:[D] relieve freshmen of pressures  细节题本题题干在问,来自美国和澳大利亚的研究暗示了空档年有助于_____此题定位到第三段的第二句话,Rather than pulling students back, a gap year pushes them ahead by preparing them independence, new responsibilities and environmental changes-all things that first-year students often struggle with the most.此句中pushes them ahead by preparing them ...与D选项 relieve freshmen of 进行同义改写often struggle with the most对应的是本句中的Pressure,first-years students 对应freshmenD选项全方位替换  【33】参考:[A] adaptation  词义题本题题干在问,;acclimation;最接近下面哪个意思?定位第三段最后一句话,Gap year experiences can lessen the blow when it comes to adjusting to college and being thrown into a brand new environment, making it easier to focus on academics and activities rather than acclimation blunders. 本句是说,当谈到适应大学生活并且很快融入到一个全新的环境这个问题时,拥有空档年方面的经验可以减少相关的打击,这就使得专注去学习并且参与活动而不是______更容易各选项代入,A最符合语义,和前面的adjusting to形成复现  【】参考:[D] decide on the right major  细节题本题题干在问,空档年或许可以通过______来帮助学生节省一些钱此题定位到第四段第一句和第三句话If you’re not convinced of the inherent value in taking a year off to explore interests, then consider its financial impact on future academic choices.本句中financial impact与题干中的money 相对应,顺沿看后面的信息第三句This isn’t surprising, considering the basic mandatory high school curriculum leaves students with a poor understanding of themselves listing one major on their college applications, but switching to another after taking college classes. 此句提到学生在确定专业时会有困难综合前后语义,我们发现D属于正确  【35】参考:[A] In Favor of the Gap Year  主旨题这篇文章最合适的标题是什么?  本文开篇通过学生对于空档年的看法--不接受,引出文章的主题词the Gap Year然后第二段通过BUT作为转折,引出作者的态度,提到空档年的各种好处,可以帮助新生缓解压力,可以帮助学生确定专业以减少经济上的一些损失,由此可见,所以是持,赞成的态度所以A选项正确 年(TOEFL)考试词汇分类记忆:植树节 --5 ::58 来源:qnr 植树节  Arbor Day植树节;  plant trees植树;  sapling树苗;  branch树枝;  twig嫩枝;  woodtimberlumber木材;  afestationestation绿化;  deestation砍伐森林;  reest the hills在山上重新造林;  est coverage森林覆盖率; 词汇 植树节 词汇 记忆 考试 TOEFL江西省宜春市第二人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱高安市中医院激光去胎记多少钱




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