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铜鼓县治疗蝴蝶斑多少钱宜春韩美整形美容医院大腿吸脂暖心小男孩!人犬相拥,温情满满 -- :35:5 来源: 近日,在路易斯安那州的一座小镇上一人一犬上演了温情一幕:一名9岁的小男孩因心系自家去世的宠物,偷偷溜进邻居家的车库拥抱对方养的宠物视频在Facebook上的点击量达到了0万,令无数网友欢笑动容 This might just be the cutest garage bandit you’ve ever seen.这可能是你听说过的最可爱的车库“大盗”Little Josh Breaux of Pierre Part, Louisiana, was caught on his neighbor’s surveillance quickly sneaking into their garage to give their pet dog a loving hug.住在路易斯安那州皮埃尔帕特的小乔希·布鲁偷偷溜进邻居家的车库,给了车库中养的宠物一个充满爱的拥抱,而监控摄像头则记录下了这温馨的一幕The homeowner, Hollie Mallet, noticed the adorable encounter when scrolling through the security footage in early-May and posted the to her Facebook page in hopes of identifying her pup’s newfound pal. The now has nearly million views.小男孩的邻居叫做荷莉·麦勒特,在五月初翻看监控录像时注意到了这名可爱的不速之客她将这段视频贴到了Facebook的主页上,希望能找到自家交的新朋友,视频的点击量已达到近0万次“We had an underground fence set up so my dog can roam freely so she just stays out, but doesn’t go in the road,” Mallet told A News. “We had noticed once or twice the little boy would stop at the end of the driveway and he would bring a ball and throw it to her.“车库装了栅栏,我们的只是在车库里闲逛,而不会跑到马路上去”麦勒特在接受A新闻采访时表示“我们曾注意到过这个小男孩他总是停在车道口,然后把自己带来的球朝我们的丢过去,和它一起玩耍”“One day, we were going through the footage and I told my husband, ‘You’ve got to see this,’ and he [Josh] came in and gave him a quick hug, and we wanted to find out who he was,” she recalled. “We live in small town so everyone pretty much knows everyone, but we don’t know all the neighborhood kids because we don’t have small children anymore.”“有一天回放录像时,我对我丈夫说:‘你一定得看看这个’,然后我们看到他(乔希)冲了进来,快速地拥抱了我们的然后离开了我们都希望找到这名小男孩”她回忆道“我们住在一座小镇子里,每家每户间都很熟悉但是我们的孩子都长大了,所以并不认识邻居家的小孩”It didn’t take long bee Josh’s mother, Ginger Breaux, was alerted of the , and commented to confirm it was indeed her sweet son.很快乔希的母亲金吉看到了这段录像,在回复中确认录像中的男孩正是自己的儿子“Josh talks about your dog all the time!” Breaux wrote on the post. “Every time we pass he looks to see if she was sitting where he could see her. Just didn’t know he was doing things like this. Last night when I first saw it, I was torn as a momma being happy and upset because he knows he shouldn’t be on someone’s property, but I wake up this morning more happy that he just absolutely adores dogs so much.”“乔希总是在说你家的!”金吉在帖子中写道“每次路过,他都要试试能否看到坐在哪,可没想到他干出了这种事昨晚看到录像时,我作为一名母亲的心情是很矛盾的:既开心又沮丧,沮丧是因为乔希很清楚自己不应该闯进别人的房子里不过今早醒来,我还是觉得更开心些,他是因为太喜欢才干出了这种事”The Breaux family does not own a dog. Their family pet recently died, and they have yet to replace her.布鲁家目前没有养,他们养的宠物最近刚刚去世,这家人没有继续养“We had our dog Bella since Josh was , but she passed away last year,” his mother explained in another post. “Things have been busy and Josh is active with after school activities so we have not jumped back into taking on the responsibility of starting all over again with a new pup quite yet. It will happen though!”“乔希两岁时,我们就养了一只叫贝拉的,可是贝拉去年去世了”金吉在另一张帖子中写道“我们工作很忙,乔希放学后也有活动,所以暂时还无法照顾一只新的宠物,当然我们早晚还会养一只新的”Mallet is thrilled her beloved black Labrador, Dutchess, has been able to fill that void 9-year-old Josh.麦勒特非常高兴自己养的拉布拉多犬达琦丝能填补9岁的乔希内心的空虚“My dog is super friendly and loves to play,” Mallet said. “With my husband and I at work all day, it’s great him to come and find her to play. Every day since, he’s been coming back and he’s been playing with her and it’s so fun to check the at the end of the day to watch them.”“达琦丝非常友善,很喜欢和人玩,”麦勒特说“我和丈夫整天要忙工作,乔希能来陪着达琦丝玩真的太棒了后来乔希每天都要来找它玩,每天下班后看着他们在一起玩耍的录像真的很开心”When Mallet was home early from work last week, she finally had the opporty to meet the little boy who had brought so many smiles to her and her husband, and now the entire internet.上周的某一天,麦勒特提前下班回家,终于有机会见到了乔希乔希不仅将欢笑带给了麦勒特夫妇,也将这份喜悦带给了无数网友“He’s the sweetest little boy,” she said. “It’s a win-win. They both get a friend.”“他是最可爱的小男孩,”麦勒特说“这是双赢的结局,他们俩都找到了朋友”Mallet and Breaux have just one word to describe this entire touching situation: Amazing.麦勒特和布鲁在描述这段暖心的故事时只用了一个词:令人惊叹“That’s the same word that’s been coming up,” Mallet said. “When we saw the views, and now that it’s almost million, it’s surreal. It’s a positive story and I’m so glad I was able to capture it on camera. It is just pure innocence and we’re so glad to have made a friend.”“这个词在帖子中出现了很多次,”麦勒特说“视频的点击量已经接近0万了,简直像做梦一样我非常庆幸摄像机能记录下这样充满正能量的故事,记录下一份如此纯粹的童真我们也非常开心又交到了一个朋友”A proud Breaux added of her son: “I’m so glad that it’s brought smiles to so many, and it truly captures just the kind of kid that he is.”金吉为儿子感到骄傲:“我非常高兴乔希给大家带来欢笑,这正体现出他是个怎样的好孩子”宜春激光去除雀斑费用 世界最性感罪犯:网友“先偷走你的心 再偷财物” --5 :58:59 来源: Stéphanie Boudoin was arrested last month in Victoriaville, Canada on charges she broke into some homes in the area.  斯蒂芬妮上个月在加拿大的维多利亚维尔被捕,警方指控她强闯该地区的户民宅  But Boudoin's small-time scheming made internationals news when the Montreal Journal published a photo of the 'hot' hoodlum in a bikini.  之后《蒙特利尔新闻登出的一张斯蒂芬妮的热辣比基尼照让她更受关注  Canadian authorities believe Boudoin worked with three underage accomplices - ages , and - to burgle residence in the Athabaska and Maple areas.  加拿大警方认为,斯蒂芬妮并非单独作案,她和3名分别为岁、岁和岁的未成年人一起在阿萨巴斯卡等地区强闯民宅并实施盗窃  The nursing student and her cohorts allegedly broke into the homes using the back door or basement windows.  这个护理专业的女学生和她的同伙通过民宅的后门或者地下室窗户入室盗窃  Last week, the Crown filed even more charges against Boudoin, bringing the total up to a staggering 1 counts.  上周,法院对斯蒂芬妮提出了多项指控,加在一起总数竟高达1项  She faces charges of breaking and entering, receiving stolen property, as well as illegally owning and storing a cache of nine firearms.  这些指控包括强闯民宅、窝赃、私藏赃物9等  Police found the guns in the back of Boudoin's white Mitsubishi Lancer.  警方是在斯蒂芬妮的白色三菱车后发现的  'The record is impressive. I was given a document that [is] at least inches thick,' her lawyer Denis Lavigne told La Nouvelle union newspaper.  “她的个人档案让人吃惊,我拿到手的文件材料至少有英寸(约30厘米)那么厚”斯蒂芬妮的律师丹尼斯说  Mr Lavigne says his client has seen a doctor to determine her mental state during the time of the robberies.  丹尼斯还说斯蒂芬妮已经看过医生确认了她在盗窃期间的精神状况  Boudoin is due back in court on November .  斯蒂芬妮被要求于月日再次出庭  Since pictures of Beaudoin were published online, Twitter users have dubbed her the newest world's sexiest criminal.  自从斯蒂芬妮的照片被上传至网络之后,推特上的网友称她为“世界最性感罪犯”  'Stephanie Beaudoin will steal your heart, then your stuff,' one Twitter user wrote.  “斯蒂芬妮会先偷走你的心,然后再拿走你的财物”一位推特用户写道小女孩因妈妈生弟弟患上“同胞竞争障碍” -- ::7 来源:chinadaily 浙江湖州一个岁的小女孩原本活泼可爱,成绩优异,但是,在妈妈生了弟弟以后,却经常抱怨头痛,吃不下饭想吐,人也变得孤僻了父母带到医院一查,拍各种片子都是正常的,最后医生诊断这名小女孩患上了“同胞竞争障碍”请看相关报道:Suspecting the daughter may have caught encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain with similar symptoms, the worried parents then brought her to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine treatment. Medical checks excluded encephalitis and doctors finally determined the girl's symptoms are the result of a sibling rivalry disorder.因为怀疑女儿患上了脑炎(脑炎的症状与之相似),忧心忡忡的父母将女儿带到浙江大学医学院附属第二医院治疗医学检查排除了脑炎的可能性,医生最终诊断小女孩的症状是“同胞竞争障碍”引起的“同胞竞争障碍”英文表达是sibling rivalry disorder,所谓同胞竞争障碍,是指通常在年龄稍小的弟弟出生之后,发生的某种程度的情感紊乱(emotional disturbance)程度轻重和表现形式个体存在很大差异,还可能出现焦虑,抑郁等精神症状这个岁小女孩出现头痛、呕吐和精神萎靡(suffered from headaches, vomiting and low spirits)等症状,是典型的“同胞竞争障碍”的症状据报道,这个小女孩原本活泼可爱(happy and active),成绩优异(enjoyed good academic scores),在班里还是班长(class monitor),但是因为父母有了二宝之后,对她的关注少了,忽略了她的情感需求,导致她患上了同胞竞争障碍专家建议打算生二胎的父母要注意大宝的心理,不要高估了孩子的心理承受能力(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)高安妇幼保健人民医院收窄鼻翼切开双眼皮切开重睑术哪家便宜价格

宜春万载县假体丰胸多少钱看看这些令人啼笑皆非的英文翻译 --6 ::7 来源: 随着旅游业的发展,英文翻译越拉越多,但是一些奇葩的翻译却总是闹出许多笑话 English signs and translations are almost a necessity as tourism continues to grow but the difficult task has meant more than a few phrases have been lost in translation.随着旅游业持续发展,英语标识和翻译几乎成为了必须,而在英文翻译中,很多说法都词不达意As a result, more than a few humorous signs have been popping up across non-English speaking countries.由此带来的结果就是,在不讲英语的国家里,到处都出现有一些令人捧腹大笑的英语标识Whether it’s a fire extinguisher that’s labelled as a ‘hand grenade,’ a bomb sniffing dog wearing a vest labeling him as an ‘explosive dog’ or a sign warning you to ‘slip and fall carefully’, they never fail to impress.不论是标有“手榴弹”字样的灭火器,或者穿有“爆炸”标签背心的搜爆犬,还是提醒你“小心地滑倒”的标识,它们从来不会不吸引人眼球A sign attempting to warn pedestrians of slipping instead warns them to be careful on the way down这个标识看起来是在鼓励行人滑过去,而不是提醒他们小心下坡路滑倒Google translate appears to have failed miserable translating the names of dishes to include ’cat ear’ and a ’rotten child’在这幅图里谷歌翻译似乎没有起作用,翻译出来的“猫耳朵”和“烂子”似乎有点问题A street sign warns the public to be aware of a ’missing foot’ that appears to be on the loose街上一个标识在提醒人们要敢于“失足”A translator appears to have failed miserably on this calling a drink ’whatever’翻译软件似乎没有起作用,把菜单上一份名为“随便”的饮料翻译成了“我不在乎”Menus appear to take the brunt in failing translations as one meal is labelled as ’Germany sexual harassment’, another dish inms you that the meal will consist of ’rotten children’ as well as ’fried cat ear.’菜名受到了来自错误翻译的冲击,有一道菜叫做“德国性骚扰(德国咸猪手)”,另一个菜名则告知你这道菜里有“腐烂的孩子(烂子)”和“炸猫的耳朵(找猫耳朵)”One translator that appeared to give up on attempting to find an English term the meal instead chose to inm guests that Google wasn’t working but to trust that it was a ’delicious’ dish.另一名译者似乎放弃了为这道菜寻找一个合适的英语名字,反而选择去告诉顾客说谷歌翻译不起作用,但是请你相信这道菜很好吃What is meant to be an endearing message instead asks a partner to ’put your shoes on my face’这段标语上半截让人欢喜,但是下半截叫人“把脚踩在我脸上”是什么鬼?This translator had a recipe disaster wand will be left red-faced over this crude interpretation of a duck dish stating ’f**k the duck until exploded’这份菜单的译者应该对他粗糙的翻译感到脸红,他把一份鸭肉菜翻译成了“把鸭子干到爆”A bomb sniffing dog was made to wear a vest that incorrectly labelled it as an ’explosive dog’一只搜爆犬穿了一件带有标签的背心,但是背心上去错误地写着“会爆炸的”However s are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to looking at translation failures.但是,在错误翻译这个问题上,菜单还只是冰山一角A warning sign attempting to ask pedestrians to not walk on the grass instead inmed passersby to not disturb the green grass because ’tiny grass is dreaming.’一个警示标志试图告诫行人不要在草丛上行走,但是却告诉过路的行人让他们不要打扰绿草,因为“小小的草正在做梦”Another sign attempting to warn people about an upcoming hazard instead requested pedestrians to ’slip and fall carefully.’另一个标语试图告知人们注意危险,但是却要求行人“小心地滑倒”While a can of drink appeared to successfully pass manufacturing stages to ’The jew’s ear juice’.一罐被成功生产出来的饮料,它的名字是“犹太人的耳朵汁”Endearing phrases were also lost in translation leaving you scratching you head in confusion as one : ’you are my love my angle don’t treat me like potato.’在翻译中,一些可爱动人的语句也被遗失了,这样最后翻译出来的东西让你挠头抓耳不得其解:“你是我的爱,你是我的天使,不要像对待土豆一样对我”Unless this translator was deliberately attempting to be humorous hey incorrectly translated a dish to ’roasted husband.除非这个译者是有意要幽默一把,他错误地把一道菜的名字翻译成了“烤丈夫”宜春美白祛真皮斑哪家医院好 香港上百名妈妈地铁公开哺乳 抗议歧视 -- 19:39:18 来源: 5月7日,上百名年轻妈妈在香港地铁站联合上演了一场;母亲节母乳快闪;活动,以此来抗议公开母乳喂养曾遭受的歧视More than 0 nursing mothers participated at a unique subway station flash mob in Hong Kong on Saturday aimed at dispelling the social stigma against breastfeeding in public.5月7日,上百名年轻妈妈在香港地铁站联合上演了一场;母亲节母乳快闪;活动,以此来抗议公开母乳喂养曾遭受的歧视The flash mob kicked off at the Tai Wai Mass Transit System (MTR) station at 3pm local time, with hundreds of nursing mothers accompanied by children wielding pink signs saying ;Breastfeeding everywhere!;.当地时间下午三点,上百名哺乳的母亲在孩子的陪同下聚集在香港地铁大围站,挥舞着手中写有;持自由哺乳;的粉色标语,开始了这次快闪行动The event, organized by breastfeeding advocate group the MamaMilk Baby Alliance, called on nursing mothers on Motherrsquo;s Day to join in the cause ;to raise public awareness of the importance of breastfeeding and the need to breastfeed in public,; according to the grouprsquo;s website.这场活动由持公开母乳喂养的妈妈牌同盟发起并组织据该组织网站的相关资料显示,妈妈牌同盟号召哺乳的母亲在母亲节这一天加入这场快闪行动,以此来提高公众对于母乳喂养重要性的认识,了解公开场合母乳喂养的需要Breastfeeding, called a rsquo;magic bullet to survivalrsquo; by UNICEF, prevents up to percent of all infant deaths while boosting childrenrsquo;s immune systems against diarrhea and pneumonia.联合国儿童基金会曾表示母乳喂养可防止高达%的婴儿死亡率,并可以提高孩子的免疫系统,防止出现严重腹泻或肺炎等症状,是孩子得以存活的;灵丹妙药;;Breast milk is the best food childrenrsquo;s health and development... it provides all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antibodies that children need to grow and thrive,; says the UN organization, which since 1977 has condemned the Swiss Nestle confections company marketing baby mula that has increased infant mortality in developing countries by between six and 5 times.联合国儿童基金会强调:;母乳可提供孩子生长发育过程中所需要的维生素、矿物质、酶以及抗体等物质,可以说是保障孩子健康成长和发展的最佳食物;瑞士雀巢公司曾向发展中国家出售含有有毒物质的婴幼儿配方奶粉,使当时婴儿死亡率增加了6到5倍该组织自1977年以来一直谴责该事件的发生According to a survey by the Hong Kong Committee, up to 0 percent of nursing mothers in Hong Kong are shamed breastfeeding in public, with people either staring or making remarks, the Hong Kong Free Press cited.据香港自由媒体报道,根据香港委员会所进行的调查显示:在香港,有将近0%的哺乳期妈妈不好意思在公共场合哺乳喂养,因为这一举动会遭到周围人群的注视或指指点点The Department of Health has also noted that as few as .3 percent of all Hong Kong mothers exclusively breastfeed their children the first half year of their lives, as recommended by the World Health Organization.卫生部指出,在香港,仅有.3%的母亲照世界卫生组织的建议,在孩子出生后整整上半年期间都通过母乳的方式喂养孩子宜春美容去皱纹的价格贵吗

宜春韩美整形美容医院打玻尿酸好吗香港强 你看好谁?(双语) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 香港二十强入围名单近日公布这个一年一度的美丽盛会帮助了像张曼玉和李嘉欣这样的超级明星走向世界下一个超级明星会是谁呢?让我们欣赏下佳丽们的照片吧! The twenty finalists of Miss Hong Kong, an annual beauty pageant that has introduced Chinese mega-stars like Maggie Cheung and Michelle Reis to the world, were released recently. Here are their profiles. 左 姓名(Name): Bonnie Chan 年龄 (Age): 6 职业(Occupation): 在线电子商务 Online commerce 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 打羽毛球,做瑜伽,读书,绘画,参加教会活动 Badminton, yoga, ing, drawing, attending church. 梦想(Goal): 成为TVB演员和主持人和能够代表香港的积极形象 A TVB artist and host and represent Miss Hong Kong with a positive image. 右 姓名(Name): Vicky Chan 年龄 (Age): 5 职业(Occupation): 学生 Student 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 搜寻美食和美事食谱,瑜伽,唱歌,学习中医 Searching delicious food and recipes, yoga, singing, learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine. 梦想(Goal): 成为一名专业的中医,以香港的身份传播准确有效的中医知识Sp more accurate and useful knowledge about Traditional Health Medicine as a Miss Hong Kong and a TCM practitioner. 左 姓名(Name): Cherub Chan 年龄 (Age): 3 职业(Occupation): 学生 Student 学历(Education): 硕士研究生 Master's candidate 爱好(Hobbies): 弹钢琴,唱歌,看电视 Piano, singing, watching TV 梦想(Goal): 以一名主持人或制片人的身份在媒体工作 I want to work in media as a host or a producer. 右 姓名(Name): Vanessa Cheung 年龄 (Age): 3 职业(Occupation): 学生 Student 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 烹饪,烘焙,跑步,唱歌 Cooking, baking, running, singing. 梦想(Goal): 成为香港中的一个金融教授 I want to be the first finance professor who has been elected as Miss Hong Kong. 左 姓名(Name): Bowie Cheung 年龄 (Age): 职业(Occupation): 产品经理 Product manager 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 弹钢琴,唱歌,旅行,读书 Piano, singing, traveling, ing. 梦想(Goal): 使生活过的多姿多又有价值 To live a splendid and valuable life. 右 姓名(Name): Rachel Cheng 年龄 (Age): 3 职业(Occupation): 市场营销总监 Marketing director 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 泰拳,绘画,烹饪 Thai boxing, drawing, cooking. 梦想(Goal): 成为一名成功的艺术家同时,我想更多关怀老年人和回馈社会I want to be a successful artist. At the same time, I want to care more about the aged and give back to society. 左 姓名(Name): Daisy Doi 年龄 (Age): 3 职业(Occupation): 学生 Student 学历(Education): 硕士研究生 Master's candidate 爱好(Hobbies): 弹钢琴,跆拳道,唱歌,有氧运动 Piano, Taekwondo, singing, aerobics. 梦想(Goal): 成为一名成功的珠宝时尚设计师和企业家 To be a successful female entrepreneur, jewelry and fashion designer. 右 姓名(Name): Crystal Fong 年龄 (Age): 职业(Occupation): 学生 Student 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 跳舞,瑜伽,旅游 Dancing, yoga, traveling. 梦想(Goal): 成为一名营养师,帮助人们形成一个健康的饮食习惯和生活方式To be a nutritionist and help others build a healthy eating habit and lifestyle. 左 姓名(Name): Melody Ho 年龄 (Age): 5 职业(Occupation): 钢琴和古筝老师 Piano and guzheng teacher 学历(Education): 硕士研究生 Master's Degree 爱好(Hobbies): 古筝,钢琴,吉他,笛子,跑步,瑜伽,游泳 Guzheng, piano, guitar, flute, running, yoga, swimming. 梦想(Goal): 成为一名古筝演奏家和音乐老师To become a great guzheng player and music educator. 右 姓名(Name): Angellica Kwan 年龄 (Age): 5 职业(Occupation): 电子商务总监 E-commerce director 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 芭蕾;,跳舞,读书,极限运动,篮球 Ballet, dancing, ing, thrilling sports, bastketball. 梦想(Goal): 成为一个对社会有用的人 To be a person who gives back to society. 左 姓名(Name): Tiffany Lau 年龄 (Age): 5 职业(Occupation): 电子商务总监 E-commerce director 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 篮球,旅行,摄影 Basketball, traveling, phpotography. 梦想(Goal): 帮助那些穷困的人,用自己积极的态度影响他人 To help those in need and influence others with my positive and optimistic attitude. 右 姓名(Name): Winky Leoi 年龄 (Age): 6 职业(Occupation): 会计 ant 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 唱歌,看电视 Singing, watching. 梦想(Goal): 快乐生活每一天 Live happily. 左 姓名(Name): Joyce Ngai 年龄 (Age): 6 职业(Occupation): 律师 Lawyer 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 旅行,唱歌,跳舞,瑜伽,美食 Traveling, singing, dancing, yoga and dining. 梦想(Goal): 做一个不断挑战自我,充实生活的成功女性 To be a successful woman who continues to challenge herself to enrich her life. 右 姓名(Name): Phoebe Sim 年龄 (Age): 6 职业(Occupation): 装设计师 Textile designer 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 瑜伽,跑步,设计装,做手工,旅行 Yoga, running, designing textile, crafts, traveling. 梦想(Goal): 从香港竞选中突破自我迎接挑战 To breakthrough from competing Miss Hong Kong and face challenges. 左 姓名(Name): Andrea So 年龄 (Age): 3 职业(Occupation): 电视主持人 TV host 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 演戏,唱歌,跑步,瑜伽,烹饪,烘焙,旅行,骑行,攀岩Acting, singing, dancing, yoga, cooking, baking, traveling, cycling, rock climbing. 梦想(Goal): 成为一名成功的演员或歌手 To be a successful actress or singer. 右 姓名(Name): Eunice So 年龄 (Age): 3 职业(Occupation): 客舱乘务员 Cabin Attendant 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 旅行,烹饪 Traveling, cooking. 梦想(Goal): 为维护动物权益贡献自己的力量 To care more animal rights. 左 姓名(Name): Bridget Tse 年龄 (Age): 5 职业(Occupation): 注册牙齿保健师 Registered dental hygienist 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate college 爱好(Hobbies): 钢管舞,听音乐,针织 Pole dancing, listening to music, knitting. 梦想(Goal): 帮助每个人拥有健康的口腔和灿烂的笑容 To maintain everyone's oral health and give them back brighter smiles. 右 姓名(Name): Nicole Wong 年龄 (Age): 1 职业(Occupation): 学生 Student 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 读书,旅行,做运动 Reading, traveling, playing sports. 梦想(Goal): 成为一个对社会有贡献的成功女性 To be a successful woman who contributes to the society. 左 姓名(Name): Peggy 年龄 (Age): 1 职业(Occupation): 学生 Student 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 读书,旅行,做运动 Reading, traveling, playing sports. 梦想(Goal): 在圈工作,建立个人基金回馈社会 To work in showbiz fame and tune, and establish a personal foundation in the future to give back to the society. 右 姓名(Name): Mandy Jyun 年龄 (Age): 1 职业(Occupation): 学生 Student 学历(Education): 本科 Undergraduate 爱好(Hobbies): 跳舞,和别人交谈,美食 Dancing, communicating with others, dining. 梦想(Goal): 成为一名挑战自我的艺术家 To become an artist who challenges herself. 看了这么多佳丽,哪位在你心中最有可能夺冠呢?留言给我们吧 English Source:China daily 开学寄语——就由着他们吧 --01 :8:6 来源: 圣地亚哥州立大学去年在其Facebook和Twitter官方账号上向即将来报名的新生发布了一段文字:假如你的妈妈想帮你收拾床铺,就让她收拾吧;假如你的爸爸要跟整个楼层的同学打招呼,就让他打吧;如果他们时刻拿着相机,想要记录下你这两天的每一个举动,就让他们尽情拍吧以下为全文:Attention Freshmen who are moving in tomorrow: A little request ... When your mom wants to unpack all of your clothes and make your bed - Let her. When your dad wants to introduce himself to all the people on your floor - Let him. When they want to take pictures of every move you make this weekend - Let them. If they embarrass you or act crazy - Let them. As you start the new chapter of your life, they are also starting the new chapter of theirs. And believe it or not, this is probably more difficult them than it is you. So let them treat you like their "baby" one last time.明天入学的新生们注意了:一点小要求你妈想帮你收拾衣,收拾床铺的话,就随她吧你爸想跟整个楼层的同学都打招呼,就随他吧他们想把你这周末的一举一动都用相机拍下来,就由着他们吧如果他们让你有些尴尬,有些疯狂的举动,由着他们吧当你展开生命的新篇章时,他们也开始了人生新的阶段不管你信不信,这个阶段对他们来说要更困难一些所以,就让他们最后一次把你当“宝宝”照顾吧开学了,自然还是要跟大家分享一些相关的词汇的大一 freshman大二 sophomore大三 junior大四 senior本科生 undergraduate研究生 postgraduate士生 PhD student开学典礼 opening ceremony春季学期 spring semester秋季学期 fall semester注册、报到 register必修课 compulsory course选修课 optional course学分 credit奖学金 scholarship宜春治疗狐臭最好的医院宜春市人民医院激光去痘多少钱



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