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宜春韩美医院蒜头鼻瘦鼻歪鼻价格江西省荣军医院隆胸多少钱江西省宜春市第一人民医院做抽脂手术多少钱 原味人文风情:The Legend of Chinese New Year中国新年的传说A long, long time ago in China, there was a big, scary, nasty beast named ;Nian,; whose name means ;year.;He had razor-sharp teeth, giant claws, and a really mean growl. Most of the time he lived in the wilderness,but on the darkest night of the year, when the new moon was in the sky, he would sneak into the village and scare everyone inside, even the animals.很久很久以前在中国,有一只又大又吓人又坏的怪兽叫「年」,他的名字是「一年」的意思。他有很锐利的牙齿、巨大的爪子,还有十分可怕的低吼声。他大多时候住在荒野中,但在一年中最黑暗的夜里,新月高挂空中之际,年兽就会溜进村庄吓村里的每个人,就连动物也不例外。People ded the new moon for many, many years,until a wise man taught them the three things Nian was afraid of: loud noises, fire, and the color red. The next time Nian came, the villagers fought back. They hit their drums as loud as they could, lit every firecracker they had, and wore the color red from head to toe. Nian ran far away and never came back.人们许多年来都惧怕新月,直到一位智者教他们年兽害怕的三件事物:巨大的噪音、火,以及红色。年兽下一次来时,村民们反击回去。他们使尽全力让鼓声大作、点燃他们拥有的每鞭炮,并且从头到脚都穿着大红色。年兽逃得远远地,而且再也没回来过。After that, the people started celebrating the new moon instead of fearing it. That celebration became a 15-day festival of family, food, and good fortune called Chinese New Year.在那之后,人们开始庆祝新月而非害怕新月。那庆典变成一个名为中国新年,关于家人、美食和福气且为期十五天的节日。 Article/201703/498537高安市中人民医院激光去胎记多少钱

樟树妇幼保健人民医院雷射去斑镭射去痘印雷射净肤要多少费用宜春哪家手术祛疤医院最好 one in our particular case第一章,生物起源takes us back to 4.5 million years.要将我们带回450万年前to when the earth was really quite young.当时的地球,初生不久Exactly what triggered life here is still a mystery生命的起源至今仍是未解之谜but there are several theories.但也有不少理论The most common one is that life began purely by accident.最常见的理论认为生命的起源完全是巧合In pools of primodial soup,起源于原始汤的水池里full of chemicals called amino acids富含名为氨基酸的化学物质These molecules would have collided at random for millions of years数百万年来,这些分子不断地随机碰撞until the perfect combination just happened直到一次完美地化合反应发生the ultimate lucky break that started the chain of life.这次幸运之极的碰撞,开启了生物起源之门It is extremely unlikely that life could spontaneously create itself.生命的自发产生,乍看之下让人难以置信But I don#39;t think that#39;s a problem with this theory.但在这一理论中,这却并非不可能之事It#39;s like winning a lottery.就像是中票with the odds are astro-nomical most weeks someone hits the jackpot.虽然概率微小,但几乎每周都有人中头But there is another intriguing idea called ;panspermia,;另一种有趣的理论,被称为;有生源说;which says that life could have originated somewhere else ..称生命可能起源于其它地方and it#39;s been sp from planet to planet被传播到各个行星by asteroids.载体就是小行星It seems possible that lumps of rock could carry frozen organisms inside them小行星内部似乎可以携带被冰冻的微生物organisms able to with stand extremes of temperature and the vacuum of space.能够忍受极端的温度和真空条件的微生物If so, asteroids could even now若真如此,小行星现在依然be transporting life to other worlds.能够作为行星间生物传播的载体Regardless of which theory is right,无论哪一种理论是对的once life begins, the next chapter starts.生命一旦出现,我们便进入了下一章That#39;s all about survival.物竞天择,适者生存survival links you me and ET它将你我还有外星人联系在一起and it generates rules all of its own.并且演变出了一套自己的法则Survival demands a source of energy what we call food,生存需要能量,即食物来维持 or else it would grind to a halt.否则生命便会慢慢消亡Once nourished, life can then copy itself to一旦有了养料,生物便开始了繁殖protect against the death of any one individual.来抵御种族的灭亡Ultimately, that leads to evolution最终,这导致了进化evolution that would happen even on alien worlds,这种进化即使在其它星球同样可能发生producing, in some instances,在某些情形下 animals that I think we would recognize as being alive,产生的动物我认为我们可以称之为生命even if they look a bit strange.即便它们看起来有些奇怪 Article/201505/376689宜春美白祛蝴蝶斑哪家医院好

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