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宜春市中医院激光点痣多少钱樟树市中医院腿毛脸毛唇毛除毛汗毛哪家便宜价格原味人文风情:Think of all the hundreds of things I could do with my time if I#39;m not thinking about clothes.想想我可以拿我的时间去做的好几百件事,如果我不用思考要穿什么衣的话。Steve Jobs had, you know, his famous black turtleneck and his jeans, his mom jeans.史提夫·贾伯斯穿,你知道,他著名的黑色高领跟牛仔裤,他的老妈裤。For Mark Zuckerburg, it#39;s a cardigan and a T-shirt.马克·祖克柏的话,就是一件开襟毛衣和一件 T 恤。Yeah, maybe that#39;s the right idea.对啊,或许那才是对的想法。Yeah! A work uniform.对!一套工作制。I would describe my work uniform as ;business lady who can get things done.;我会形容我的工作制为「可以完成事情的上班女郎」。I would call my style ;PJ-businesslike-ish.;我会称我的造型为「上班睡衣风」。It#39;s very ;ninjaesque-power; outfit.那是非常「忍者力量般」的穿著。I#39;m really digging the work uniform.我真的非常喜欢我的工作制。I spent a good part of my day just pulling down my skirt, hoping it doesn#39;t ride up.我光整理裙子就花掉一天大半时间,希望它不要一直往上跑。I have two of the same outfit.我有两套同样的衣。I wear each one for two days and then throw it in the wash.我每一套穿两天后就把它丢去洗。No one said anything to me; no one#39;s noticed anything. I have no complaints.没有人跟我说什么;没有人注意到任何不同。我没有抱怨。I#39;ve also been switching up the cardigan, which gives me a little bit of a change.我有换外面那件开襟毛衣,这样给我一点点改变的感觉。I have definitely been able to focus on other things, especially in the mornings.我肯定能专注于其它事情,尤其是早上的时间。I#39;m getting a little tired of this outfit, but so far, so good. Jeanie has turned this into a challenge now.我有一点厌倦这套穿着,但目前都还好。珍妮已经把这变成一个挑战了。It#39;s not just one week—we#39;re gonna see who can go the longest without changing their outfit. Um...and I think I#39;ll win.这不只是一个礼拜而已--我们要看谁能撑最久不换衣。嗯...我觉得我会赢。I think, um, Justine is gonna lose.我觉得,嗯,贾丝汀会输。Because I haven#39;t been doing this in the most hygienic fashion, I haven#39;t been washing my shirt every single day...因为我不是以最卫生的方式在参加这个挑战,我没有每天洗衣...It is getting a little bit uncomfortable.这开始让人有点不舒了。I use deodorant, so B.O. hasn#39;t been that big of an issue. But it is something I#39;m worried about.我用体香剂,所以体味不是那么严重的问题。但那是件我满担心的事情。You can ask any of your Asian friends, but we don#39;t really sweat that much in our armpits. And we don#39;t have to wear deodorant.你可以问你任何一个亚洲朋友,不过我们的腋下不会留那么多汗。我们也就不需用体香剂。My boyfriend likes my smell, so he hasn#39;t been complaining about that.我男友喜欢我的味道,所以他没有抱怨这点。Men can wear the same thing to work every day—no one really notices or cares.男人可以每天穿一样去上班--没有人真的注意到或在意。But women have something different expected of them.但对女人就有不同期待。I feel like women are expected to spend more time on what they#39;re wearing and on their makeup and on their hair.我觉得女人好像被期待要花更多时间去想要穿什么跟化妆还有发型。It#39;s Day 5, and I am totally sick of this outfit.今天是第五天,我已经完全厌倦这身装。I just looked at what I have, and it was stinky and gross. And I didn#39;t wanna put it on.我刚刚看我有什么可以穿,都又臭又恶心。我根本不想穿它。I actually really like wearing one outfit all the time.我其实很喜欢一直穿同样的衣。I don#39;t care if people are starting to notice that I#39;m wearing the same thing every day.我不在乎别人是否开始注意到我每天都穿一样。So I won the Work Uniform Challenge by a day.所以我以一天之差赢得「工作制挑战」。Congratulations. I think that this is, like, a concept that could actually potentially catch on as long as people are accepting of people wearing the same thing every day.恭喜。我觉得这像是一个确实有潜力会流行起来的概念,只要人们能接受大家每天都穿一样。 Article/201611/477399宜春哪里有绣眉的 Jackie Chan: martial arts warrior, comedic master and now, Academy Award winner. 成龙,是武术勇士、喜剧大师,现在是奥斯卡奖得主。The 62-year-old actor received an honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards on Saturday night. 周六晚上,这位62岁的演员在荣誉奥斯卡颁奖礼上获得终身成就奖。My dad always said, Son, you get so many movie awards in the world, when will you get one of these?Then I just look at my dad ...,Dad, I only make comedy-action movies.我爸爸总是说,儿子,你在这个世界上获得这么多的电影奖项,你什么时候会得到这个?然后我看着我的爸爸,爸爸,我只拍喜剧动作片。Chan might not be the prototypical Oscar winner, but with over 200 films spanning a more than 50-year career, he#39;s certainly left his mark on two important genres. 成龙可能不是典型的奥斯卡奖得主,但在50多年的职业生涯中拍出200多部电影,肯定的是他在两个重要流派上留下了自己的印记。More than awards, though, Chan said his fans are the reason he keeps ;kicking and punching and breaking his bones; to make movies. 除了获得奖项,成龙表示粉丝是他“又踢又打、把自己弄骨折”继续拍电影的原因。译文属。 Article/201611/478570Walpole#39;s appeal was to shameless self-interest.沃波尔坚持追求无耻的私利From the pursuit of it, he believed,would come the country#39;s greater good.他坚信在追求私利的同时 也会给国家带来莫大的好处;Which do you prefer?; He might#39;ve said.你会怎么选呢 他可能会说;A battle over principles and religious convictions?;是为了原则和宗教信仰而战吗That was only going to lead to war, turmoil and poverty.那只会带来战争 动乱和贫穷Or would you rather have what I offer you?还是你会想要我能给你的一切呢Peace, political stability and low taxes.和平 稳定的政局还有低税收What today we#39;d call A healthy business environment.也就是今日我们所称的;健康的商业环境;From the beginning, Walpole, nicknamed ;Cock Robin;, had made a bet从一开始 外号;知更鸟;的沃波尔就打赌说that the politics of the future would be about portfolio management未来的政治会和资产组合管理一样rather than religious passion or legal debate.而非宗教或法律辩论In 1712, he#39;d been sent to prison for embezzlement1712年 他因为挪用公款锒铛入狱and the experience gave him a painful lesson而这次的经验给他上了痛苦的一课in how tightly intertwined were political and financial fortunes.告诉他政治和财富是互相依存 缺一不可的But perhaps his greatest asset was his unerring grip on the psychology of loyalty.但他最大的财富也许就是 他对忠诚心理准确无误的把握Walpole made a point of taking every new Whig member of the House out to dinner.Tete-a-tete.沃波尔会邀请每个 新晋入议院的辉格党成员出去大快朵颐 促膝长谈And there, with a glass of his best claret in your fat little hand,席间 佳酿在手 觥筹交错and a haunch of mutton juicily oozing on the trencher羊肥肉嫩 汁溢香飘and Cock Robin#39;s glittering eyes twinkling amiably at you,;知更鸟;乌溜溜的眼中带着亲切assuring you that the life of the party, the state of the nation,信誓旦旦地称你为党国之栋梁depended on you, the new member from Little Mucking-on-the-Wold.尽管你只是个新晋的无名小卒How could you not express undying devotion and loyalty to his interest?你当然恨不得肝脑涂地 报答他的知遇之恩 /201705/509894樟树第二人民医院做双眼皮手术多少钱

宜春妇幼保健院开双眼皮手术多少钱【视频讲解】Now, that promise is dimming. Though a growing Chinese middle class will probably prop up demand for a while, millennials in Western countries seem keener on memorable experiences than on bling. Diamonds’ image has been blemished by some being mined in warzones and sold to pay for the fighting. Meanwhile, laboratory-grown “synthetic” diamonds, long fit only for industrial use, are becoming good enough to compete with gems from out of the ground.但如今钻石与婚姻的联系正逐渐减弱。尽管中国不断增长的中产阶级或将在一段时间里刺激一下钻石的需求,但是相较于奢华的珠宝,西方国家的千禧一代似乎更加喜欢值得回忆的经历。另外,有一些在战区开采出的钻石成为了军费开的资金来源,这给钻石的形象蒙上了一层阴影。与此同时,在实验室中生产出的合成钻在过去很长一段时间里只能用于工业使用,但如今合成钻的品质正不断提升到能和天然钻媲美的程度。dim v.变弱 (to make something less bright or strong)- The latest setback has dimmed our hopes.prop up 撑 (support)millennial n.千禧一代keen on 热衷于bling n.闪闪发光的炫耀(珠宝)blemish v.玷污- The incident blemished his reputation.mine v.开采warzone n.战争地带laboratory n.实验室synthetic adj.合成的,人造的gem n.宝石But the long-term threat to diamonds’ lustre is more surprising: that their price could plummet. In recent years regulators (and market forces) have undermined De Beers’s cartel by limiting the share of other producers’ stones that it can buy. Now responsible for just a third of global sales, the company can no longer manage supply by stockpiling gems when demand turns down.但出人意料的是,对钻石造成长期威胁的却是:其价格可能下滑。近年来,监管机构(市场也起到了一定作用)限制了戴?比尔斯集团能够从其他钻石开采公司采购钻石的比例,动摇了它的卡特尔地位。现在戴?比尔斯集团只占有全球三分之一的钻石销售份额,因此当钻石需求下滑时,该集团不能再用囤货的方法来控制钻石的供给量了。lustre/luster n.光泽- luster v.发光- The necklace lustered softly in the candlelight.plummet v.猛跌 (fall suddenly)- The prices plummeted.- The car plummeted into the ocean.undermine v.削减- He is trying to undermine his political rivals.cartel n.垄断组织stockpile v./n.大量储备- The country is stockpiling weapons.It is spending less on advertising, since it no longer gets the lion’s share of the benefits. But the very value of diamonds lies in being scarce and coveted—that is, costly. In the jargon, they are “Veblen goods”, named after a 19th-century economist: prestige-enhancing trinkets for which a higher price encourages buyers. With most products, lower prices increase demand; with diamonds, they could kill it.没有了巨额的利润,该集团的广告出也相应减少了。但是钻石的真正价值在于它的稀有度和人们心中想要得到它的渴望——也就是它是否足够昂贵。经济学中,钻石是一种“韦伯伦商品”(以21世纪的一位经济学家的名字命名),即用来提高声望、价格越高人们反而越想得到的饰品。对于大部分商品,价格越低市场需求量越高。但对于钻石,价格过低对它来说反而是致命。lion’s share 最好的一份 (the biggest part)very adj.特殊的 (special), 仅仅的(mere/bare)- The very thought of having to go through that again is scary.scarce adj.稀有的coveted adj.梦寐以求的- covet v.渴望- I#39;ve been coveting that car for some time now.jargon n.行话Veblen Goods 凡勃伦效应(商品价格定得越高越能受到消费者的青睐)prestige n.声誉,名望- Her career as a lawyer has brought her enormous prestige.trinket n.饰品 (a piece of jewelry) Article/201705/509087宜春韩美整形美容医院除皱价格好吗 I used to have this recurring dream where I#39;d walk into a roomful of people, and I#39;d try not to make eye contact with anyone.我过去常常做同一个梦 我走进一间站满人的房间 不去跟任何一个人对视Until someone notices me, and I just panic.直到有个人注意到我 我内心很慌乱And the person walks up to me, and says, ;Hi, my name is So-and-so.然后这个人走到我跟前说 嗨 我叫某某某And what is your name?; And I#39;m just quiet, unable to respond.你叫什么?” 我什么也答不上来After some awkward silence, he goes, ;Have you forgotten your name?; And I#39;m still quiet.尴尬的沉默后,他继续问道,“你忘了自己的名字吗?” 我还是保持沉默And then, slowly, all the other people in the room begin to turn toward me and ask, almost in unison,然后屋子里其他的人也开始慢慢地转向我 几乎同时问道;Have you forgotten your name?;你忘了自己叫什么了吗As the chant gets louder, I want to respond, but I don#39;t. I#39;m a visual artist.声音越来越大,我很想回答,但是答不出口。我是个视觉艺术家。Some of my work is humorous, and some is a bit funny but in a sad way.我的工作有时候很幽默,有时候却是黑色幽默。And one thing that I really enjoy doing is making these little animations where I get to do the voice-over for all kinds of characters.我最喜欢做的一件事就是制作这些小动画 然后给动画里的各种角色配音I#39;ve been a bear. Hi.我为熊配过音 你好。I#39;ve been a whale. Hi.我为鲸鱼配过音。你好。I#39;ve been a greeting card. Hi.我还为贺卡配过音。你好。And my personal favorite is Frankenstein#39;s monster. Grunts而我个人最喜欢的是科学怪人。咕噜I just had to grunt a lot for that one.这一个 我只需要发出咕噜咕噜的声音。A few years ago, I made this educational about the history of games.几年前 我做过一个教育片 是关于史的。And for that one, I got to do the voice of Space Invader. Hi.在那部片子里,我为太空侵略者配音。你好。A dream come true, really,我的梦想实现了,真的。And when that was posted online, I just sat there on the computer, hitting ;refresh,; excited to see the response.当这段视频被传到网上之后 我只坐在电脑前 不停地按刷新键 当看到回复时我很兴奋The first comment comes in. Great job. Yes! I hit ;refresh.;第一个是这样说的:干得不错。太好了!我接着敲“刷新”键,Excellent . I look forward to the next one.很棒的视频,期待你的下一部作品。This was just the first of a two-part .这只是那段视频的前半部分I was going to work on the second one next. I hit ;refresh.;我正在准备着制作下半部。我再敲“刷新”键Where is part two? where? I need it now!下半部在哪儿 在哪儿啊 我现在就想看到People other than my mom were saying nice things about me, on the Internet!除了我妈以外,所有人都在夸我。这可是在网络上啊!It felt like I had finally arrived. I hit ;refresh.;我感觉像获得了最终的胜利一样。我继续敲“刷新”键,His voice is annoying. No offense. OK, no offense taken. Refresh.他的声音真不好听,别介意啊。好好好,不介意,刷新。Could you remake this without peanut butter in your mouth?你能不含着花生酱再录一次吗OK, at least the feedback is somewhat constructive. Hit ;refresh.;这个反馈勉强算是有点用。接着刷新。Please don#39;t use this narrator again u can barely understand him. Refresh.别再用这个人配音了,根本听不懂他在说什么。刷新。Couldn#39;t follow because of the Indian accent. OK, OK, OK, two things.这印度口音让人根本听不清。好吧好吧,我就说两件事,Number one, I don#39;t have an Indian accent, I have a Pakistani accent, OK?第一,我没有印度口音,我是巴基斯坦口音好吗And number two, I clearly have a Pakistani accent.第二,我明显是巴基斯坦口音嘛。But comments like that kept coming in, so I figured I should just ignore them and start working on the second part of the .像这样的越来越多 我决定无视他们 开始制作视频的下半部。I recorded my audio, but every time I sat down to edit, I just could not do it.我录下了音频 但每次我想剪辑的时候 我就是做不下去。Every single time, it would take me back to my childhood, when I had a much harder time speaking.每一次 这都让我想起我小时候 那时我说话更糟糕。I#39;ve stuttered for as long as I can remember.我说话一直都结结巴巴的。I was the kid in class who would never raise his hand when he had a question or knew the answer.我就是班里那种从不举手提问也从不回答问题的学生。Every time the phone rang, I would run to the bathroom so I would not have to answer it.每一次电话铃声响起 我就会跑到厕所 这样就可以不用接电话了。If it was for me, my parents would say I#39;m not around.如果电话是找我的,我爸妈就会说我不在家。I spent a lot of time in the bathroom.我总是躲在厕所里。And I hated introducing myself, especially in groups.我最讨厌自我介绍 尤其是面对很多的人的时候。I#39;d always stutter on my name, and there was usually someone who#39;d go, ;Have you forgotten your name?;我连自己的名字都说不顺 这时总会有人问 你连自己叫什么都不记得了吗And then everybody would laugh. That joke never got old.然后所有人都笑了。这个笑话一直伴随着我。I spent my childhood feeling that if I spoke, it would become obvious that there was something wrong with me, that I was not normal.小时候我总觉得,只要我一说话,别人就会觉得我有问题,觉得我不正常。So I mostly stayed quiet.于是我总是很安静。And so you see, eventually for me to even be able to use my voice in my work was a huge step for me.所以你看,把我自己的声音用到我的作品里,于我而言,已经是非常大的进步了。Every time I record audio, I fumble my way through saying each sentence many, many times,每当我录音的时候,我总是笨手笨脚的,一句话要说好多好多遍。and then I go back in and pick the ones where I think I suck the least.然后当我剪辑的时候,我就会挑一个我觉得最不糟糕的。Audio editing is like Photoshop for your voice.音频剪辑就像给你的声音Photoshop一样。I can slow it down, speed it up, make it deeper, add an echo.我给它减速、加速,让它变得深沉、加上回音。And if I stutter along the way, and if I stutter along the way, I just go back in and fix it. It#39;s magic.如果我说得不顺畅,如果我说得不顺畅,我就重新再修改一遍。这就像魔法一样。Using my highly edited voice in my work was a way for me to finally sound normal to myself.将经过大幅度修饰的声音用到我的视频里,才能让我觉得自己的声音正常了一些。But after the comments on the , it no longer made me feel normal.不过自从看了那些,这也不能让我觉得正常了。And so I stopped using my voice in my work.于是我不再把自己的声音用到视频里。Since then, I#39;ve thought a lot about what it means to be normal.自从那之后我思考了很多关于在人们眼中到底什么才算正常的问题And I#39;ve come to understand that ;normal; has a lot to do with expectations.后来我开始理解了,所谓的“正常”与人们的期待值有关。Let me give you an example.举个例子吧,I came across this story about the Ancient Greek writer, Homer.我想到一个故事,是关于古希腊作家荷马的。Now, Homer mentions very few colors in his writing.在荷马的作品里只提到了非常少的几种颜色。And even when he does, he seems to get them quite a bit wrong.即使在描写颜色的时候,荷马笔下的颜色也和现代人的常识不尽相同。For example, the sea is described as wine red, people#39;s faces are sometimes green and sheep are purple.比如说他笔下的海是酒红色的 人们的脸有的时候是绿色的 绵阳是紫色的But it#39;s not just Homer.不光是荷马会这么写If you look at all of the ancient literature Ancient Chinese, Icelandic, Greek, Indian and even the original Hebrew Bible they all mention very few colors.纵观所有的古典文学你会发现 无论是古代中国、冰岛、希腊、印度的文学还是希伯来圣经 颜色都很少被提到And the most popular theory for why that might be the case is that cultures begin to recognize a color only once they have the ability to make that color.解释这一现象最流行的理论是 那可能是因为一种文化开始识别一种颜色的前提是他们已经有能力制造出这种颜色So basically, if you can make a color, only then can you see it.简单的说,你只有先制造出一种颜色,才能“看见”这种颜色。A color like red, which was fairly easy for many cultures to make they began to see that color fairly early on.像红色这种比较方便制造的颜色就能比较早的出现在各大文明的认知中。But a color like blue, which was much harder to make many cultures didn#39;t begin to learn how to make that color until much later.但是像蓝色这种颜色是不太容易被制造出来的 很多文明直到很多年后才知道如何制造这种颜色They didn#39;t begin to see it until much later as well.那么他们也只能在多年后才“看到”那种颜色So until then, even though a color might be all around them, they simply did not have the ability to see it.在一个颜色被制造出来之前就算它随处可见 人们也对它视而不见。It was invisIble. It was not a part of their normal.就好像这种颜色是隐形的一样 这种颜色不在人们“正常”的认知范畴里。And that story has helped put my own experience into context.这个说法和我的自身经历很契合。So when I first the comments on the , my initial reaction was to take it all very personally.当我第一次看到那些时,我的第一反应是那些都是针对我的。But the people commenting did not know how self-conscious I am about my voice.不过事实上那些者并不知道 我对自己的声音那么在意。They were mostly reacting to my accent, that it is not normal for a narrator to have an accent.他们的都是关于我的口音。他们认为一个带口音的配音者是不常见的、不正常的。But what is normal, anyway?不过话说回来,什么才算正常?We know that reviewers will find more spelling errors in your writing if they think you#39;re black.家会在你的作品里挑出很多拼写错误,仅仅因为他认为你是个黑人。We know that professors are less likely to help female or minority students.教授会不那么情愿去辅导女学生、或者少数族裔学生。And we know that resumes with white-sounding names get more callbacks than resumes with black-sounding names. Why is that?一份有着看起来像是白人名字的简历,比起写着黑人名字的简历Because of our expectations of what is normal.这都是因为我们对常识的刻板印象。We think it is normal when a black student has spelling errors.常识告诉我们,黑人学生往往会有拼写错误。We think it is normal when a female or minority student does not succeed.常识告诉我们,女学生和少数族裔学生往往在学术领域少有建树。And we think it is normal that a white employee is a better hire than a black employee.常识告诉我们,一个白人员工往往要比黑人员工好。But studies also show that discrimination of this kind, in most cases, is simply favoritism,但是研究表明,像这一类的区别判断,通常只是偏见而无事实依据。and it results more from wanting to help people that you can relate to than the desire to harm people that you can#39;t relate to.而这种偏见让我们倾向于去帮助同类,而伤害异类。And not relating to people starts at a very early age.人类在很小的时候就开始区分同类与异类。Let me give you an example.举个例子,One library that keeps track of characters in the children#39;s book collection every year,一个图书馆追踪记录了每年出版的儿童图书册里的人物they found that in 2014, only about 11 percent of the books had a character of color.他们发现在2014年出版的儿童读物里 只有大约百分之十一的书使用了有色人种作为它们的角色And just the year before, that number was about eight percent, even though half of American children today come from a minority background. Half.但是在2013年 这个数值只有大约百分之八 尽管现在有一半的美国儿童拥有少数族裔背景 一半呀So there are two big issues here.这就导致了两个问题,Number one, children are told that they can be anything, they can do anything,第一,我们一方面告诉孩子们他们可以成为任何人 他们有能做任何事的潜力,and yet, most stories that children of color consume are about people who are not like them.然而大多数有色孩子们看到的故事是关于不太像他们的人的Number two is that majority groups don#39;t get to realize the great extent to which they are similar to minorities第二,多数族裔的人没有意识到他们其实与少数族裔的人有很多相似之处our everyday experiences, our hopes, our dreams, our fears and our mutual love for hummus. It#39;s delicious!我们的日常生活,我们的期待,我们的梦想,我们的恐惧,都是相似的。甚至我们对鹰嘴豆泥的喜好Just like the color blue for Ancient Greeks, minorities are not a part of what we consider normal,就像蓝色之于古希腊人,少数族裔之于我们的社会而言也不在“正常”的范畴之内。because normal is simply a construction of what we#39;ve been exposed to, and how visible it is around us.因为我们对“正常”的界定形成于日常生活之中,取决于我们的见识,And this is where things get a bit difficult.这就是症结所在。I can accept the preexisting notion of normal -- that normal is good,我可以选择认可所谓的“正常”所有在正常范畴内的都是好的,and anything outside of that very narrow definition of normal is bad.而在“正常”这个狭隘的定义之外一切都是不好的。Or I can challenge that preexisting notion of normal with my work and with my voice我也可以选择挑战所谓的“正常”,就凭着我的作品,我的声音,and with my accent and by standing here onstage, even though I#39;m scared shitless and would rather be in the bathroom.还有我的口音,以及我现在的演讲。尽管我现在紧张得要死,恨不得马上躲进洗手间里。I#39;m now slowly starting to use my voice in my work again. And it feels good.现在我又逐渐开始用自己的声音给作品配音了。这感觉真好。It does not mean I won#39;t have a breakdown the next time a couple dozen people say that I talk like I have peanut butter in my mouth.这不是说我的声音完美无缺了,下一次还会有一堆人说我的声音好像含了花生酱It just means I now have a much better understanding of what#39;s at stake, and how giving up is not an option.而是说我现在更加清楚什么是至关重要的,以及放弃The Ancient Greeks didn#39;t just wake up one day and realize that the sky was blue.古希腊人不是一觉醒来就发现天空是蓝色的。It took centuries, even, for humans to realize what we had been ignoring for so long.人们花了很长的时间才渐渐注意到那些曾经被忽略了很久的事物。And so we must continuously challenge our notion of normal,所以我们必须要经常挑战我们对“正常”的界定。because doing so is going to allow us as a society to finally see the sky for what it is.因为这样做可以使整个社会最终看清天空的颜色。Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Grunts Thank you.谢谢!谢谢!谢谢!谢谢!谢谢!咕噜 谢谢。 Article/201706/514716宜春韩美整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

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