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THE sartorial puzzle is solved: Mo Yan, this year#39;s winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, is taking five outfits in both traditional Chinese and Western styles to receive the award.着装难题解决了:莫言,今年的诺贝尔文学奖得主,带了包括传统中国风和西方风格在内的5套装来领奖。Mo#39;s wardrobe for the trip became the subject of much Internet debate in China, with some unhappy over earlier reports he would wear a tuxedo because it wouldn#39;t be uniquely Chinese.为此行莫言的衣橱在中国成了互联网上热议的话题,对先前的报告说他会穿燕尾有一些不满,因为它不是独一无二的中国风。China#39;s first Nobel laureate will leave today for Sweden with his wife and daughter. Translators for several languages including English will accompany him, said Shao Chunsheng, an official with Mo#39;s hometown of Gaomi City in Shandong Province.中国第一位诺贝尔文学奖获得者今天将与他的妻子和女儿一起前往瑞典。包括英语翻译在内的多名翻译陪同,莫言家乡山东省高密市的官员邵春生说。;He may dress in a tailor-made tuxedo prepared by his daughter while attending the award ceremony,; Shao said.“他可能在参加颁奖典礼时穿他女儿准备的特制燕尾,”邵说。;He has prepared five outfits, including a tuxedo, Western-style suit and #39;Mao suit,#39; for different activities,; Shao added.“他为不同的活动场合准备了5套装,包括燕尾、西装和中山装,”邵补充道。The Mao suit is a tunic suit popularized by China#39;s revolutionary forerunner Dr Sun Yat-sen. It is known in the West as an icon of China.中山装是由中国革命先驱孙中山推广开来的外套。它以中国标志而享誉西方。Some netizens unhappy over the tuxedo have been trying different Chinese-style clothes on edited images of the author on the Internet, saying they would make him stand out.对燕尾不满的一些网民在互联网上一直尝试用不同的中式衣来编辑这位作家的形象,说它们将使他脱颖而出。One photo showed Mo in a loose-fitting robe worn by the Chinese for over 3,000 years before the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).一张照片显示莫言穿着一件清朝以前的3000多年以来 (1644 - 1911)中国人常穿的宽松长袍。The writer has learned to waltz because Swedish king and queen will also attend the ceremony, set for December 10, Qilu Evening News reported.这位作家已经学会了跳华尔兹,因为瑞典国王和王后也将出席这个定于12月10日的仪式,《齐鲁晚报》报道。 /201212/212385Peter was a clever boy. On his first day at school, he learned three words: I, You and She. The teacher taught him how to make sentences with those words. The teacher said, I, I am your teacher; (then pointing to a girl) She, She is your classmate; You, You are my student.   When Peter went home, his father asked him what he had learned at school. Peter said at once, I, I am your teacher; (then pointing to his mother) She, She is your classmate; You, You are my student His father got angry and said, I, I am your father; (then pointing to his wife) She, She is your mother; You, You are my son.   The next morning at school, the teacher asked Peter if he had learned the three words by heart. Yes, he said proudly, I, I am your father; (then pointing to a girl) She, She is your mother; You, You are my son.彼得是个聪明的孩子。在学校的第一天,他学了三个词:我,你,她。老师教他如何用这三个词造句子。老师说:我,我是你的老师;(然后指着一个女孩)她,她是你的同学;你,你是我的学生。   彼得回到家里,爸爸问他学了什么。彼得马上说:我,我是你的老师;(然后指着他的妈妈)她,她是你的同学;你,你是我的学生。他的爸爸听了非常生气,说:我,我是你的爸爸;(然后指着他的妻子)她,她是你的妈妈;你,你是我的儿子。 第二天,老师问彼得是否用心学那三个词了。是的,彼得自豪地说,我,我是你的爸爸;(然后指着一个女孩)她,她是你的妈妈;你,你是我的儿子。

Many have said that sorry is the hardest word but they#39;d be wrong, linguistically speaking at least.很多人说,“对不起”是最难说出口的词。不过,他们其实错了——至少从语言学的角度上说。According to a poll, the word we find hardest to pronounce is #39;phenomenon#39;.根据投票调查发现,最难发音的单词其实是“phenomenon”(现象)。Next in the top 10 of tongue-twisters are #39;remuneration#39;, and #39;statistics#39;.在十个最拗口的词中排在其后的是“remuneration”(报酬)和;statistics;(统计数字)。Speakers also have a problem getting their tongue around ethnicity, hereditaryand particularly, according to the body charged with recording public utterances.根据一个负责对人们在公共场合讲话进行录音的组织发现,讲话者在发音时会遇到困难舌头打结的还有:ethnicity(种族)hereditary(遗传的) 和 particularly(特别地)。The British Institute Of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR) is the UK’s leading organisation for professionals involved in taking down speech at court and tribunal hearings.英国速记人员协会是英国数一数二的专业速记人员团体,这些速记人员负责在法庭和法庭听会上进行速记。A poll of its members found 10 words that Britons consistently find the most challenging to pronounce.通过对其成员的一项调查,十个英国人认为最难发音的词浮出水面。Completing the list are conjugal, specific, processesand development.这十个词中还包括:“conjugal”(婚姻的), “specific”(特殊的), “processes”(过程)和“development”(发展)。Leah Willersdorf, of the BIVR, said: ‘We work with many different types of professionals and hear all kinds of voices during our work.利亚·文德斯朵夫是英国速记人员协会的一名成员,她说:“我们和许多不同类型的专业人士合作,在工作中听过各种不同的发音。”‘However, when it comes to the English language it always seems to be the same few words that verbally trip people up, with the speaker having to repeat the word in order to get it right, or just abandoning their attempts and moving on.’“然而,在英语口语中,人们总是在某几个特定单词上犯错。有时讲话者需要重复一遍单词把音发对,有时就索性跳过这个单词直接说下面的话。”BIVR members were quizzed by the team behind the popular word game Scrabble.调查团队通过给英国速记人员协会的成员们玩拼字游戏的方式完成了这个小测试。According to the words buffs, one in 10 players admit to being reluctant to producing words that they cannot pronounce.根据拼字游戏的结果,有十分之一的玩家承认,要拼出他们不会发音的单词有些困难。Scrabble is a favourite with British families over the festive period, with an estimated 11 million going head to head on Boxing Day, according to its makers.拼字游戏是英国家庭在节庆期间最喜欢的游戏。据该游戏生产商的估计,在节礼日约有1100万人进行拼字游戏比赛。University of York sociolinguistics expert Professor Paul Kerswill said the English language has evolved to compensate for tricky pronunciations but some words remain a challenge.约克大学社会语言学专家保罗·凯斯维尔说,随着英语的演化,一些拗口的单词已经渐渐进化发展,但是一些很难发音的单词依然存在。He said: ‘People always find a way of simplifying words that they find difficult to get their tongues round, so that an everyday word like ‘handbag’ sounds like ‘hambag’.他说:“人们总是能够找到方法简化那些难以顺利发音的单词,这样,‘handbag’这种日常单词会听起来像‘hambag’。”‘Our forebears simplified ‘waistcoat’ to ‘weskit’ - but we’ve turned our backs on that.“我们的祖先把单词#39;waistcoat#39;(背心马甲)简化成了‘weskit’——不过后来我们又放弃了后一种说法。”‘We certainly don’t pronounce Worcester and Gloucester the way they are spelt any more. And ‘York’ used to have three syllables, not one.“现在我们当然不会照着拼写直接发#39;Worcester#39;和#39;Gloucester#39;的音。另外,‘York’以前也有三个音节,而非一个音节。”‘And most people talk about ‘Febry’ and ‘Wensday’.’“还有一些人把‘二月’读成‘Febry’,把‘星期三’读成‘Wensday’。” /201212/216519

;It could be the full moon that turns you into a werewolf or it might just be a stress management issue.;也许是圆月,也许是一份压力管理文件能使你变成一个凶残的人。 /201507/388139

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