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Something Light吃点清淡的东西 May l take your order,sir?现在点菜吗,先生?Yes. please bring me chicken curry.是的,给我一份咖喱鸡OK.sir.Excuse me.madam. what do you want to have?好的,先生夫人,您想吃点什么呢?Could you fix me something light?能给我来点清淡点的东西吗?What about steamed crabs? It not that greasy.清蒸螃蟹怎么样呢?不是很油腻That sounds fine.听起来不错 3886

  1. Have you had any medical experience in any hospital bee coming here?在此之前你有在医院的医药相关经历吗?. How long have you been there?你在那里做了 多久?3. I was responsible taking care of patients nutrition and diet.我负责照顾病人的营养和饮食. A doctor should have sense of post, mentality quality, first aid ability, etc.医生需要岗位责任感、心理素质、急救能力等等5. A person with what kind of disease cant be given blood transfusion?患有哪些疾病的人是不能输血的?6. Roughly speaking, there are two common ways of TCM curing diseases: drug therapy and non-drug therapy.大体来说, 中医有两种治疗方式:药物治疗和非药物治疗7. As drug therapy, traditional medicines are used such as herbs and mineral.至于药物治疗, 中医常用草药和矿物质等8. Americans think highly of the dental hygiene and they pay visits to their dentists regularly.美国人对牙齿卫生非常重视, 他们会定期拜访牙医9. If we dont pay enough attention to our teeth, we probably will get toothache, loose teeth, swollen gums, and bad breath, etc.如果我们不重视自己的牙齿, 就会出现 牙痛、牙齿松动、牙龈红肿、口气等诸多问题. Though I had learned much in that hospital, I want to try more different things in life.尽管我在该医院学到了很多东西, 但我还是想去过不同的生活 Dialogue 1对话 1A: Have you had any medical experience in any hospital bee coming here?A: 在此之前你有在医院的医药相 关经历吗?B: Yes, I worked as a doctor at Beijing People Hospital.B: 是的, 我在北京人民医院做 医生A: How long have you been there?A: 你在那里做了多久?B: A little over 3 years.B: 3年多吧A: In what section did you work in the hospital?A: 你在哪个科室工作?B: I worked in the Infection Medicine Division.B: 我在感染病房工作过Dialogue 对话 A: What did you exactly do there?A: 你在以前的医院具体做什么?B: I was responsible helping patients restore their organic functions, training them in speech and organism,B: 我负责帮病人恢复肌体功能, 对病人进行语言和肌体训练, carrying our massage and physiotherapy, taking care of patients nutrition and diet.进行和理疗, 照顾病人的 营养和饮食A: What do you think are the qualifications being a doctor?A:你认为医生应该具备怎样的素质?B: They are sense of post, mentality quality, first aid ability, emergency adjustment, and law consciousness.B:医生需要岗位责任感、心理素 质、急救能力、应变能力及法 律意识 36001

  修胡须要不要修一下胡子?A: Very well, sir. Do you want me to trim your beard?好的,先生要不要修一下胡子?B: Yes, please.要的同类问句:Do you want me to trim your moustache?胡须要不要修一修?剪刘海您要留刘海吗?A: Yes, Miss. Do you want any fringe?您要留刘海吗?B: Just a little. Oh, the hair-dryer is a bit too hot.留一点儿就行哦,吹风太热了同类问句:Could you trim my bangs a little bit? 请把我的刘海儿剪一下,好吗?Please dont cut the front too short. Leave some bangs. 请别把前面剪得太短,留一些刘海儿 365。



  货已发出We have aly shipped the goods.A: Im calling to tell you that the merchandise ordered last month has not arrived yet.B: Im sorry,hold on a moment.Ill check it out.But we have aly shipped it to you last month.Would you like us to contact the express company to know what going on?A: Please find out the reason as soon as possible.We are in bad need of it.B: Ok,I am terribly sorry the trouble you are getting into.We will contact you first thing, once we know the reason.提前交货 advance your shipmentA: Could you do something to advance your shipment?B: It hard to say.But why?A: We expect the goods to be on the market bee the end of Decemberto catch up with the Spring Festival sales.B: I can understand your position.We cannot make any promise,but well try our best.准时发货 prompt shipmentA: May I know the definite date of delivery?B: Let me check.Well,in October.A: Is there any possibility you to ensure prompt shipment?B: We assure you that shipment will be made no later than the first half of October.分批发运partial shipment ship by installmentA: We hope that partial shipment is allowed.B: Could you explain in detail?A: Shipping the goods is to be made in three equal monthly installments.B: How about 60% the first load,then % each?交货日期 delivery dateA: I dont think we can meet the delivery date you suggest.It too soon.A: Well,is it possible you to effect shipment by the middle of June?B: The earliest we can do is by the end of June.延长交货期extend the delivery periodA: Couldnt you extend the delivery period by two weeks?That would make things much easier us.B: Well,you know the time of shipment means a lot to us.A: I can understand,but our company is fully committed at the moment,and hundreds of clients are placing orders delivery these days.B: I see.OK,that agreed then.运到之货情况良好The shipment has arrived in good condition.A: Im calling to tell you the shipment has arrived in good condition.B: That good!This is our first transaction.I hope youll be entirely satisfied with this initial shipment.A: Quite satisfied.Im looking ward to our future cooperation.对今后装运的货,请多加注意Please handle future shipments with more care.A: Ive got a bone to pick with you over your last shipment to Dalian.A part of the goods were damaged in transit.B: Im very sorry to hear that.A: Please handle future shipments with more care.B: Well take great care. 3590第一句:My car has broken down.我的车坏了A: What wrong?怎么了?B: My car has broken down.我的车坏了A: Well, what should we do with it?哦,我们该怎么办?B: Ill ask someone to repair it.我找人来修第二句:I have a flat tyre.我的轮胎扁了A: I have a flat tyre.我的轮胎扁了B: Then Im afraid you have to pump the tyre.恐怕你得给轮胎打气关于汽车出了问题的相关表达还有:The battery went dead. 电池没电了The engine wont catch. I cant start the engine. 引擎打不着火 07

  解释账单第一项是附加费A: Excuse me, what are items 1 and 5?这第一和第五项是什么,能给解释解释吗?B: The first item is the cover charge. You know that the main course was $ 7.8 not $ 6.8. so item 5 is the difference.可以,第一项是附加费主菜是7.8美元,不是6.8美元,第五项是差价同类问句:Oh, I see. But how could I be expected to know that? 哦,明白了不过,怎么能让我看懂呢?Sometimes it is a bit hard to follow. I am afraid.有时还真不易看懂 Could you kindly explain this to me? What is item 6?请给我解释一下,第六项是什么?The first item is the cover charge. Number is the beer. Then your starts vegetables. The main course was 5 not , so item 6 is the difference. 第一顶是附加费;第二项是啤酒钱,接着是第一道菜、主菜、和蔬菜钱, 主菜是5而不是,故第六项是补差价账单出错这90元是什么?A:900 Yuan. Why so much? (Checks the bill carefully) What this 90 Yuan ?怎么这么多?(仔细查看账单)这90元是什么?B:That shrimp with fresh mushrooms.是蘑菇虾仁同类问句:We didnt have shrimp with fresh mushrooms. Do you remember back?我们没要蘑菇虾仁,您不记得我让您把它撤走了吗?Im awfully sorry, sir. There must be some mistake. Ill have it changed right away… Sorry to have kept you waiting sir. Would you mind checking it again? 我十分抱歉,先生一定是出锗了我马上去改一下……对不起,让 您久等了,先生,您再核对一下好吗? 053




  Get lost in the Art Gallery在美术馆迷失方向Excuse me. I think I have got lost in the Art Gallery. Can you tell me the way to the exit?打扰一下,我恐怕在美术馆里迷路了,能告诉我怎么走到出口吗?Sure. Go back and take the third turning on the left.好的,往回走,在第三个路口左转Thank you very much. I have been wondering here almost half an hour.非常感谢,我已经在这里徘徊了近半个小时了It is really like a labyrinth.这里确实很像个迷宫 6691

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