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  • oh, here she is adorable. I like her smile.yeah, shes a cute little dancer.哦 她好可爱 我喜欢她的微笑 是 她是个可爱的舞者I was watching her earlier too. I was just watching she dance.我前面也在看她 看她跳舞All right, a few weeks ago, we met this woman in your audience.好 几周前 我们遇见了这位观众all right, so we invited her back and this is what happened.好 我们请她回来 然后发生了这个what do you do?I am a full time student. full time student.你是干什么的? 我是个全日制的学生 全日制的学生so you wanna act, this is what you wanna do.Yes你想演戏 这是你想做的 是all right, we are gonna send you out on our, on the street right outside.好 我们将把你送到外面的街上we are gonna see how many people would actually stop and help you and we are gonna give those people cash.看多少人会真的停下来帮你 我们会给那些人现金wait, do you office...oh...That some come out.That some come out to the road.你们办公室会 啊 全部散落出来了 全部掉在地上you really should for sure have a career in this business.You are a fantastic actress.你真的应该在演艺圈有一番事业 你是个很好的演员so we arrange you are gonna meet with the casting directors,and we are gotta try to find you some work.我们会安排你见几个选角导演 试着让你找到一些工作And ShutterFly is giving you a check for ten thousand dollars.Oh,my god! Oh, my god.同时 ShutterFly公司将给你张价值一万美金的票 我的天哪 我的天哪!all right, I really wanna help her getting an acting job.Congratulate, come on, Dontax.是的 我真的会帮你找到一份演员的工作 恭喜 上来吧 Dontax. /201604/438825
  • Homelessness in France法国的流浪者问题Down and out in Paris露宿巴黎街头的流浪汉们Tolerance has its limits包容的底限Sundy nights in Paris are busy on the northern tip of the Canal Saint-Martin. On either side of the water, two groups form long ordered queues, albeit for different reasons. One queue is for those hoping to buy something to eat from a new gourmet hamburger truck (hour-long waits are normal). The other queue, almost all young North African men, is for those hoping to find a seat on a bus to a homeless shelter on the outskirts of the city.周日夜晚,巴黎的圣马丁运河北面热闹非凡。运河的两岸,动机不一的两组人井然有序地排着长队。其中一组人是为了从一家新开的美食汉堡车上购买食品(为此排上几个小时的队毫无稀奇)。而另一组几乎全是北非男性,他们的目的是为了坐上一辆开往城郊流浪者之家的巴士。Paris is no stranger to such contrasts. Luxury and penury have always coexisted there in uneasy tension. But now a growing number of homeless are stretching the limits of the city’s generosity.此般鲜明对比在巴黎早已习以为常。奢华和贫困两种现象一直以来都并存于这个城市,其紧张关系也令人不安。而今,随着流浪者数量的激增,巴黎包容的底限正不断被拉长。“It is easier to be homeless in Paris than any other city in the European Union,” says Julien Damon, a sociologist at Sciences Po, a university. Paris is a magnet for the transient. Parisian police are more tolerant of the homeless than those in other European cities and rarely trouble rough sleepers—an approach that has deep cultural roots. In European surveys French respondents are the most likely to see homelessness as a product of unemployment and the least likely to see it as the result of drug or alcohol addiction.“比起欧盟其他城市,巴黎更容易滋生流浪汉。”巴黎政治大学(Sciences Po)的社会学家朱利安·达蒙(Julien Damon)说道。巴黎吸引了大量流动人口。而巴黎警方对于流浪汉的态度,也比欧洲其他城市的要包容得多,几乎从不为难那些流浪汉。这一态度深刻在其文化之中。在诸多欧洲诸国的记者调查中,在法国流浪的主因通常是失业,而非吸毒或酗酒。Nobody knows how many homeless there are in Paris. Data collection is meagre and infrequent. The last meaningful estimate by INSEE, France’s national statistics office, dates from the mid 2000s and pegged the number, including those sleeping rough or in emergency shelters on any given night at around 12,000. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the number is considerably higher today. Despite a big expansion in shelter capacity since 2004, demand still outstrips supply. Calls to an emergency number run by Samusocial de Paris, a government-funded charity that allocates beds in emergency shelters, doubled between and 2010.巴黎流浪汉的具体数字无人知晓。因为这些数据收集得很少,开展频率也很低。法国统计局(INSEE)最近一项较有意义的数据统计始于2005年左右。据该统计数据显示,街头与庇护所的流浪汉都包括在内,每晚流浪人数约在12000左右。而根据一些非正规数据,现今的流浪人数要比其高得多。2004年以来,专供流浪者的庇护所容量扩大了不少,但仍然供不应求。Samusocial de Paris是一家专为流浪者安排临时住所的公立慈善机构。该机构在年至2010年间接到的紧急电话数相比过去翻了一番。The faces of the homeless are changing too. Twenty years ago, the typical homeless person in Paris was likely to be a single, middle-aged French man. Now, the homeless are more likely to be younger, with a family and foreign-born. Interpreters have become indispensable figures at most Paris soup kitchens. Joint patrols of French and Romanian police, each officer wearing his own national uniform, help deal with an influx of Roma from eastern Europe.与此同时,这些流浪者也在改头换面。20年前,巴黎流浪汉的代表一般都是未婚的中年法籍男性。而今,流浪汉趋于年轻化,并常带有家属或外国籍。在巴黎的众多施粥场(向穷人免费开放的食堂)翻译成了不可或缺的职业。而法国和罗马尼亚的警察则分别穿着自己国家的制,在巴黎街头巡逻,应付大批来自东欧的吉普赛人。“Our problem is too much bureaucracy and centralisation,” explains Mr Damon. Dealing with homelessness, he argues, should be the exclusive responsibility of the Paris city council. Instead, at least 12 different government bodies are charged with caring for the homeless in Paris.“我们面临的问题是政府过度的官僚化和集权化。”达蒙表示。他又称,解决流浪汉问题应是巴黎市议会独自承担的义务。但相反的是,巴黎政府中至少有12个不同部门在负责这一问题。Overlapping responsibility means duplication. Paris has three separate publicly funded groups that transport homeless people to shelters. Some complain about being woken up over the course of an evening by different homeless services. Philippe Redom, a 56-year-old rough sleeper and former chef, prefers to remain in his alcove outside an office block. The shelters are “too big and there is no privacy”.义务重叠则说明工作重叠。巴黎市有三家独立的公立组织负责安排流浪汉留宿。而一些流浪者抱怨称,一个晚上会被多个流浪者务机构给吵醒。Philippe Redom是一名56岁的流浪汉,之前曾担当过厨师。他表示宁可呆在壁凹里,也不愿去留宿处,因为那些地方“太大了,没有一点隐私。”As spaces in shelters are in short supply Paris rents hotel rooms. A report in 2011 by the Cour des Comptes, France’s national auditor, warily noted that more than 90% of the Samusocial’s annual budget of 116m (0m) went to hotels. In September the French government announced 50m in emergency spending on housing the homeless in Paris.由于那些留宿处供应紧俏,巴黎政府开始向旅馆租借房间。法国国家审计法院(Cour des Comptes)于2011年做了一份报告,报告中谨慎地指出,慈善机构Samusocial年均预算额为1.16亿欧元(约1.5亿美元),其中90%以上都花在了旅馆开上。同时,法国政府于今年九月对外声称,在紧急安排巴黎流浪者们住宿上,其开销高达5000万欧元。Some of those funds would be better spent on collecting better data, yet the most useful fix would be for rough sleepers to go closer to the top of the queue for permanent public housing, as happens in London with good results. The problem is not just that there are not enough houses, but also that the wrong people tend to get them. However welcoming the streets of Paris, the homeless would do better with a roof over their heads.这些资金若花费在改善数据收集上,将会更有意义。但是目前,流浪者问题最为有效的解决手段还是让更多人长期进入公共住所,这一政策已在伦敦得到施行,并取得颇佳的成果。但问题并非在于住所不足,而是其现居者并非最为需要者。然而,这些流浪汉们很喜爱巴黎大街,露宿街头对他们来说或许更为快活。 翻译:沈骜译文属译生译世 /201607/457131
  • And you can do that in so many different ways.所以你可以用不同的方式来实现Politics is one important form to do it,政治是一种重要方式And Im glad that people were willing to roll up their sleeves.我也很高兴 有人愿意在政治上挺身而出But I leave it to those folks and you know,I find other ways to...不过我把自己的精力放在大众身上 我找别的方式来...Yeah, theres a lot of ways to help people,and youre helping people.是的 帮助他人的方法有很多 你正在帮助他们And so 22 years of marriage, right? 22? 22 years of marriage and...Theres got to be...话说你结婚了二十二年 是吧 二十二年 二十二年的婚姻加上...肯定有一些.You cant say too much about him that would be bad or nasty.你不能爆料太多他的坏话或者糗事But there has to be something that...bug you.Like...Does he have a habit thats annoying?You know...但肯定有些事情让你困扰 比如...一些让人不愉快的习惯 你懂的...Let me say this about the two decades of marriage plus.二十多年的婚姻生活Its that what Ive come to find out is...That you dont sweat the small stuff.You know.让我领悟到 不要关注鸡毛蒜皮 你知道The journey that weve taken together.The fun weve had,The challenges that we face,我们在一起的日子 有过欢乐 也面临过挑战The two beautiful girls we were raised,I kinda...gave him a pass now when he leaves his socks on the floor.一起养育两个美丽的女儿 所以我不会计较他把袜子丢地板上Or...Tells that story for The 100th times and want us like...to laugh.或者 给我们讲 说过一百遍的老段子 想让我们At it like we first heard it...He has to have good stories though, whatever his 100th story.像第一次听到似得大笑 不管老段子是什么 他肯定还有一些精的故事100 times. You know, its good as a story,100 times, its a lot. I see.I understand.一百遍 你知道吗 再好的段子 讲一百遍也够头疼的 我知道 我理解 /201602/425746
  • A new audience report from the Nielson company says that American adults spend about 10 hours and 39 minutes of each day consuming media. 尼尔森公司的一项新观众报告显示,美国成年人在媒体上每天花费约10小时39分钟。Those numbers include computers, smartphones, games, radio, and other media devices. 这些数字包括电脑、智能手机、游戏机、收音机和其他媒体设备。The report, released Monday, shows an overall increase of an hour over last year. 周一公布的报告显示,在过去一年中整体增加了一个小时。That dramatic rise is being attributed to the increased proliferation of tablets and smartphones.这引人注目的上升归因于平板电脑和智能手机使用的增加。According to the study, about 81% of U.S. adults have a smartphone.根据这项研究,大约81%的美国成年人有一部智能手机。译文属。201607/452330
  • Euro crisis欧洲危机The end of the euro’s Indian summer欧元区小阳春之末After a few sunny weeks, a political and economic storm is battering the euro zone once again度过几个星期的好日子后,政治经济风暴再度席卷欧元区THE sugar-rush brought on by the European Central Bank’s pledge to intervene in bond markets to help troubled euro-zone countries—some diplomats call it “Mario Draghi’s ice cream”—was bound to fade at some point. But nobody expected it to fade quite so suddenly this week.欧洲中央承诺干预债券市场用来帮助欧元区国家摆脱困境,这些“短暂的春天”被一些外交官称为“马里奥.德拉吉(Mario Draghi)的冰淇淋”,在某种程度上注定会失效的。但没有人预料到它在本周消退得如突然。Anti-austerity protests in Spain and Greece, uncertainty over their bail-out terms, the resurgence of Catalan secessionism, the likely departure of Mario Monti as Italy’s prime minister next year, obstacles to creating a credible banking union (see Charlemagne) and a darkening economic outlook all combined to dispel hope that the euro zone was out of the woods. Spanish and Italian bond yields shot back up and European stockmarkets fell.西班牙和希腊的对紧缩的抗议活动,他们获得救助条件的不确定性,加泰罗尼亚分离主义的复苏,可能离任的马意大利总理Mario Monti(马里奥·蒙蒂),以及建立一个安全可靠联盟(见Charlemagne专栏)的诸多障碍和经济前景的暗淡无光,所有这些不利因素都预示着欧元区走出困境的希望越来越渺茫。西班牙和意大利两国债券收益虽有所回升,但欧洲股市整体却已跌入谷底。The summer’s panic about the euro zone had been assuaged by the ECB’s announcement of plans to buy unlimited amounts of short-dated debt of vulnerable countries such as Spain and Italy. This backstop would depend on their governments first seeking assistance from the euro-zone rescue funds, and then submitting to a formal, externally monitored reform programme.今年夏天和欧元有关的恐慌,在欧洲央行的一份申明中——计划向西班牙、意大利等经济危机较为严重的国家,购买大量其无限的短期债务,使得其困境有所缓解。这一担保会取决于他们的政府首先向欧元区救助基金申请帮助, 然后提交一份正式并接受国外监管的改革计划。Both out of national pride, and because Germany does not want Spain to ask for more money, the Spanish government has hesitated about taking the ECB’s outstretched hand. Behind European officials’ public praise for the deficit-cutting measures taken by Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, there is dismay over his ineptness in handling the crisis, not least the ever-changing estimates of the money needed to recapitalise Spain’s banks.这些都出自于民族自豪感,因为德国不希望西班牙借贷更多资金, 西班牙政府对于欧洲央行提供的资金帮助犹豫不定。在欧洲各国对于西班牙首相马里亚诺·拉霍伊(Mariano Rajoy)的赤字削减政策一片赞扬声的背后,这位西班牙首相在处理这些危机时总是让人们对他的无能感到失望,特别是在西班牙重组所耗费的资金的数目上,这个数字总是一而再再而三地发生改变。As The Economist went to press, Mr Rajoy was due to unveil a budget for next year and a new set of structural reforms, as well as the results of a detailed assessment of Spain’s bank-recapitalisation needs. These have been co-ordinated with European officials, perhaps to allow Mr Rajoy to claim that Spain will face no fresh conditions beyond the ones he has announced himself. But the gains from any such choreography have been offset by clashes on the streets of Madrid during anti-austerity protests and by the resurgence of Catalan nationalism. Mr Rajoy’s attempt to rein in spending in Spain’s autonomous regions has prompted Artur Mas, the president of Catalonia, to call an election on November 25th, after his demand for more tax autonomy was rebuffed. Mr Mas is talking of holding a referendum on independence, which could throw Spain into a constitutional crisis on top of its economic one.正当《经济学人》印刷之时,拉霍伊将公布一个下一年预算和一套新的结构改革,以及一个西班牙的资本重组的详细的评估结果。这些都需要与欧洲官员协调,也许是为了让拉霍伊先生声明,西班牙将不再对已声明的条件外另加新的条件。但是,由于反紧缩抗议期间,马德里街巷的冲突,及加泰罗尼亚民族主义的复苏,任何预算之中的收益都已经被抵消了。拉霍伊先生试图控制在西班牙自治区的出的想法,刺激到泰罗尼亚地区长官Artur Mas ,在拉霍伊要求更多自治权遭到拒绝后,他提出11月25日举行一次选举的意见。而Artur Mas先生所提出的举行独立公投,可能使得西班牙不仅要面临经济行危机,又即将陷入宪法危机。If Mr Rajoy’s stock in European capitals has fallen, that of Antonis Samaras, the Greek prime minister, has risen. Once reviled for resisting austerity while in opposition, the conservative leader has, since his election in June, impressed fellow leaders with a new-found zeal for fiscal discipline and reform. Yet it will be hard to reconcile Mr Samaras’s call for an extra two years to bring down the deficit with creditors’ refusal to lend him more money, in effect a third bail-out.如果拉霍伊先生在欧洲各国政要的声望已经下跌,那么希腊总理Antonis Samaras将会逆势上升。这位反对派保守党领袖向来在抵制紧缩中被诟病,然而他在今年6月的选举中上任以来财政纪律和改革上的果断干练风格, 给各派领导人留下了深刻的印象。然而,一方面Samaras要求延长两年时间以缓解财政赤字,另一方面希腊的债权人又拒绝继续向其借贷资金(这其实是第三次援助计划)。Mr Samaras is caught between the rescuers’ demands for more spending cuts and boiling anger on the streets. Police fired tear gas at hooded protesters hurling petrol bombs on September 26th, the day of a general strike, while tens of thousands of demonstrators outside the Greek parliament shouted “EU, IMF Out!”. European officials say much now depends on whether, after some massaging of Greece’s figures, the IMF can be cajoled into declaring its gargantuan debt to be “sustainable”. The fund, for its part, is privately urging euro-zone countries to write off some of their loans to Greece, but that is unlikely until after Germany’s election next year.Samaras 现在被夹在援助者要求更大程度地减少开和希腊民众对此要求沸腾的怒火之间。在9月26日这天的大罢工中,警察向蒙面投掷汽油炸弹的抗议者发射了催泪弹, 而成千上万的示威者在希腊议会大楼外高喊“欧盟、国际货币基金组织滚出去!”。欧洲官员表示,现在大部分取决于,国际货币基金组织经过希腊的‘’是否相信并宣布其庞大的债务是“可持续的”。该基金组织,就其本身而言,在私下敦促欧元区国家放弃他们对希腊的债权,但是这到明年德国大选之前都是不可能的。In Italy there is nervousness about the course of still-fragile reforms after the technocratic prime minister, Mario Monti, declared that he would not seek to stay in office beyond general elections due next spring. Mr Monti told CNN: “I think it’s important that the whole political game resumes in Italy, hopefully with a higher degree of responsibility and maturity.” Given Italy’s politics, and the reforms that Italy still has to undertake, that is asking a lot.而在意大利,学者型总理Mario Monti宣布在明年的大选中,将按照原计划不会寻求连任,而举国上下都对还未完成稳定的改革进程还有些担心。Monti对CNN(美国有线新闻网)称: “在我看来,意大利政治弈的重启是很重要的,希望时机成熟的时候,会实行新的制度,与此同时还需要高度的责任感。”但是考虑到意大利政治现状,和现在仍在进行中的改革,这个似乎有点困难。Confidence in the future of the euro is hardly being helped by signs that Germany and other creditor countries are backtracking on last June’s summit deal to create a new euro-zone bank supervisor and, thereafter, to recapitalise troubled banks directly, in countries such as Spain and Italy, with money from a euro-zone rescue fund. Along with the Netherlands and Finland, Germany now wants direct recapitalisation to exclude “legacy” assets. Karl Whelan, a prominent Irish economist, summed it up with a blog post headlined: “Germany to Spain and Ireland: drop dead”.去年六月峰会上,德国和其他债权国达成创建一个新欧元区监管机构的协议,并希望借此通过欧元区救助基金来直接重组西班牙、意大利等国的问题。而今这些国家开始背弃这一协议,这一信号丝毫无助于增强大家对于欧元前景的信心,因此,就算有欧元区援助基金的贷款的帮助,但是对欧元区一些国家困难重重的(比如西班牙和意大利)重组没有什么直接性的帮助。除了荷兰和芬兰,现在德国也想通过直接资金重组,以冲减“遗留”下来的资产。一名著名的爱尔兰经济学家Karl Whelan用一篇客的题目总结了这一切:“德国对西班牙和爱尔兰说:去你的”。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201607/454835
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