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袁州区妇幼保健人民医院方脸瘦脸针嘴巴瘦肩要多少费用靖安县韩式三点双眼皮的价格Google is attempting to put itself at the centre of domestic wireless networks with a new “smart router” that promises to improve WiFi quality and security.谷歌(Google)正力求让自己置身于家庭无线网络的中心。该公司发布了一款有望改善WiFi质量和安全性的新型“智能路由器”。OnHub’s launch comes weeks before Apple is expected to unveil its latest home technology device, with an update to its Apple TV set-top box that will act as a wireless “smart home” hub. The launch also puts Google into competition with many cable companies which offer their own home hubs for watching TV and getting online.谷歌发布OnHub路由器,比外界预计苹果(Apple)将推出其最新家庭技术设备的时间早了几周——苹果即将发布最新款的电视机顶盒Apple TV,可用作无线“智能家居”中心。此次新品发布也使谷歌处于跟有线电视公司竞争的境地,许多有线电视公司也提供用于看电视和上网的家居中心。The inclusion of Bluetooth and other methods of wireless connectivity means Google’s 0 OnHub will be able to control the “internet of things” inside the home as more consumers buy connected peripherals such as wireless speakers, thermostats and security cameras.谷歌定价200美元的OnHub路由器包含蓝牙和其他无线连接技术,意味着它将能够控制家庭内的“物联网”。如今,越来越多的消费者购买了无线音箱、恒温器和监控摄像头等可连接外设。The project has been developed over the past two years by teams who worked on the Chrome operating system and Google Access, the unit responsible for its superfast fibreoptic-based network.这个项目是由负责Chrome操作系统的多个团队和Google Access历时两年联合完成研发的。Google Access是谷歌旗下负责其超快速光纤网络的部门。Google has taken an Apple-like approach to designing OnHub, concealing the antennas that usually protrude from a router inside a cylinder that can be customised with a range of colours and patterns. Google has made other internal improvements to regular routers that it says will make OnHub easier to manage and allow WiFi networks to run faster and over a wider area.谷歌在OnHub设计上采用了类似苹果的方法,把通常突出在路由器外面的天线隐藏到一个圆筒中,圆筒可以定制为不同颜色和样式。谷歌还在其他方面对常规路由器进行了内部改进,并表示,这将使OnHub更便于管理,使WiFi网络运行得更快,覆盖到更广范围。While OnHub will remain part of Google after the internet company becomes a subsidiary of new parent Alphabet, under a corporate shake-up announced by chief executive Larry Pagelast week, no information about browsing or viewing behaviour will be used to tailor online advertising, the company says.谷歌表示,尽管OnHub在公司重组后仍将是谷歌的一部分,但用户浏览或观看行为的相关信息将不会被用于量身定做在线广告。上周,谷歌首席执行官拉里椠奇(Larry Page)宣布了公司的重组方案,谷歌此后将成为新成立的母公司Alphabet的子公司。The OnHub device may in time work with peripherals from Nest, the smart-home unit that will become a separate Alphabet subsidiary to Google.OnHub以后或许会跟Nest的外设产品相互兼容。Nest这一智能家居部门将成为Alphabet旗下一家平行于谷歌的独立子公司。 /201508/394792靖安县opt嫩肤多少钱 Anyone who wants to know whether we should leave the EU should speak to Boris. I mean, of course, the vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz. 任何想知道我们应不应该退出欧盟的人都应该跟鲍里斯(Boris)谈谈。当然,我说的这位鲍里斯(本文作者的哥哥是持英国退出欧洲的伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊——译者注)是剑桥大学(University of Cambridge)校长、教授莱谢克#8226;里塞维奇爵士(Sir Leszek Borysiewicz)。 This city by the Fens has been a centre of scholarship for more than eight centuries, long before the EU and many of its member states even existed. Monks and scholars flocked here from Paris, Bologna and Salamanca in the Middle Ages and, over the years, our own benefited from reciprocal hospitality across Europe. 八个多世纪以来,剑桥这座位于大沼泽旁的城市一直是学术成就的中心——那时欧盟及其许多成员国根本不存在。中世纪时期,大批修道士、学者从巴黎、洛尼亚和萨拉曼卡涌到这里,在此后的几百年里,我国的修道士和学者在欧洲各地也得到礼遇。 Today these continental networks are deeper than ever and help explain why this university has more Nobel Prizes to its name — 92 — than any other institution. They also play a part in its success in turning research into good business. With more than 1,500 technology companies, employing nearly 60,000 people, it is the most successful innovation cluster in Europe. 如今,这些遍布欧洲大陆的网络比以往任何时候都更加深入,而且有助于解释为什么剑桥大学育的诺贝尔奖得主(92位)比其他任何机构都多。在将研究成果转化为优秀业务方面,这些网络也发挥了作用。拥有1500多家科技公司,雇佣近6万人,剑桥已成为欧洲最成功的创新聚集地。 The big question, then, for Boris is how much of this success is due to our membership of the EU? Let us be clear: Britain has been a science superpower since the dawn of the Enlightenment and our scientific temper will help us thrive either way. 那么,对剑桥校长而言,大问题在于这种成功在多大程度上应归功于英国的欧盟成员身份?让我们明确这一点:英国自启蒙运动开始以来一直是一个科技超级大国,我们的科学素养将帮助我国不断结出科学的硕果,无论我们留在还是退出欧盟。 The issue, though, is whether we would be as strong as we could be, without the funding and the partnerships that we gain through the EU. 然而,问题在于,若失去通过欧盟获得的资助及合作伙伴关系,我们还能不能保持强大,把我们的优势发挥到极致? European research funding offers a good example of how the EU can get things right — and of how the UK benefits from a seat at the table when the rules are framed in Brussels. We have successfully argued for EU research money only to flow to where the best science is done, regardless of geography or pork barrel pressures. And because of the excellence of our research base, we end up winning an outsized slice of EU research programmes. 欧洲研究经费提供了一个很好的例子,说明欧盟能够正确安排事情,说明当布鲁塞尔框定规则时,在谈判桌前拥有一席之地让英国受益。我们已经成功地说让欧盟研究经费只流向科研工作做得最好的地方,而不考虑地理或“笼络民心的政治拨款”压力。而因为我们的研究基地非常优秀,我们赢得了超出比例的欧盟研究项目。 The UK puts in about 12 per cent of all EU funding yet wins about 15 per cent of research funding, making us one of the largest beneficiaries of EU science programmes. In the latest funding round, we have to date secured 15.4 per cent, second only to Germany. 英国贡献欧盟全部经费的约12%,但赢得约15%的研究经费,这使英国成为欧盟科技项目的最大受益者之一。在最近的一轮经费划拨中,英国迄今已争取到15.4%,仅次于德国。 Britain’s universities flourish under this system. Cambridge topped the list of EU universities for participations in the most recent funding programme. And Oxford, Imperial College London and University College London occupied the next three positions. Some argue non-EU countries also benefit from EU science. But there is a big difference. They may be part of the European Research Area but they do not sit at the table when the European Council or Parliament set rules or decide budgets. 英国的大学在这一体系下蓬勃发展。在最近的经费分配中,剑桥大学在欧盟所有大学中获得的资金最多。紧随其后的是牛津大学(Oxford)、伦敦大学帝国理工学院(Imperial College London)以及伦敦大学学院(UCL)。有人辩称,非欧盟国家也受益于欧盟的科研。但这里有很大的区别。他们或许是欧洲研究区(ERA)的一部分,但当欧洲理事会或欧洲议会制定规则或决定预算时,他们毫无话语权。 Of course, British scientists will be able to call for support from the UK government. Indeed, since 2010 we have protected the science budget at a time of significant savings elsewhere, but we should not pretend that replacing these rich additional European funding streams would be easy. 当然,英国科学家有能力从英国政府争取到持。的确,自2010年以来,在其他方面开大幅削减之际,我们保住了科研预算,但我们不该自欺欺人地认为,替代欧盟的大笔额外经费将是容易的。 To keep our knowledge factories winning Nobel Prizes, we must in addition recognise that research is rarely a solitary undertaking or even a narrowly national one. About half of UK research publications now involve cross-border collaborations. And EU countries are among our most crucial partners, representing nearly half of our overseas collaborations. Free movement of people makes it easier for our universities to attract the best talent. 要继续让我们的“知识工厂”获得诺贝尔奖,我们还必须认识到,科研极少是一项孤立的事业,甚至很少是仅仅一个国家就能开展的。如今,英国约一半的研究成果都涉及跨境合作。而欧盟国家是英国最重要的合作伙伴,占到英国海外合作的近一半。人员自由流动让英国大学更易于吸引到最优秀的人才。 I am not suggesting that Brexit would reverse eight centuries of progress, returning “Silicon Fen” to marshland. However, those who want Britain to leave the EU must explain how they will sustain the same levels of investment and the same depth of partnership under different circumstances. 我并不是在暗示退出欧盟将使英国八个世纪以来取得的进步付诸东流,把“硅沼”(Silicon Fen)变回沼泽。然而,那些希望英国退出欧盟的人士必须解释,在不同的环境下,他们将如何维持相同的投资水平以及同等深度的合作伙伴关系? A vote to leave would be a leap into the dark that would put our status as a science superpower at risk. That is why I will be joining Boris in making a positive case for Britain’s future in a reformed EU. 赞成退欧的公投结果将使英国跃入黑暗,进而危及英国的科学超级大国地位。这就是为什么我将加入剑桥校长的行列,为英国在改革后的欧盟中的未来提出正面的理由。 /201603/430559I arrived in Johannesburg to find it sunk in gloom — literally. The lights go out regularly, often for hours at a time.抵达约翰内斯堡后,我发现这里已陷入黑暗之中——是字面意义上的黑暗。停电熄灯是家常便饭,一停往往就是几个小时。Eskom, the state-owned electricity company, compensates for its lack of investment with “load shedding” or power cuts.南非国家电力公司(Eskom)用“拉闸限电”或停电来弥补其投资匮乏。The darkness is tough on families, but on businesses too, and is a drag on investment and expansion.黑暗让南非家庭的日子不好过,也让企业的日子不好过,还拖累着投资和扩张。Economic growth is low and unemployment high. Beggars with cardboard signs plead with drivers as they stop at red lights. That is, when the lights are working; during power cuts they go dark.经济增速缓慢,失业率高企。在司机等待红灯时,乞丐举着硬纸壳做的牌子向司机行乞。当然,那是在红绿灯仍然正常运转的情况下。在停电的时候,红绿灯也不亮。After falling for five years, murders rose in 2013-14 for the second consecutive year, to more than 17,000.在谋杀案件数量第五年下降之后,2013-14年度南非的谋杀案件数量连续第二年上升,增加至逾1.7万起。Jacob Zuma, the president, sneered in May at opposition members of parliament who demanded that he pay back taxpayers’ funds spent on his private residence at Nkandla.南非议会反对党议员要求总统雅各布嘠魹(Jacob Zuma)退还花在其位于恩坎德拉(Nkandla)的私人住宅上的纳税人的钱,而5月祖玛曾对此嗤之以鼻。Although a report by the public prosecutor last year recommended that Mr Zuma return some of the money, a police investigation said that upgrades at the residence were security necessities. They included a swimming pool that could be used to put out fires.尽管去年一位检察官公布的报告建议祖玛返还部分资金,但警方调查称,对祖玛私人住宅进行升级是必要的安全措施。住宅升级包括建造一座可以用来灭火的游泳池。But amid the malaise, I saw three reasons to be cheerful.但在弥漫的不满情绪之中,我发现了3个值得庆贺的理由。3 Speech in South Africa is free and ferocious. An MP debating the government’s decision to allow Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese president, to leave South Africa in spite of an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court and a local court order, called the ruling African National Congress “a lawless regime” in a debate broadcast live on television.圠幓蒗v论是自由而激烈的。政府决定不顾国际刑事法院(International Criminal Court)的逮捕令和地方法院的命令,允许苏丹总统奥马尔巴希尔(Omar al-Bashir)离开南非,一名议会议员在电视直播的辩论中对政府的这一决定提出异议时,称执政党非洲人国民大会(African National Congress,简称非国大)是“一个无法无天的政权”。Journalists assail Mr Zuma and his government. “Where is the ANC’s leadership? Too many have given up and are looting as much as they can while the going is good,” the columnist Justice Malala wrote in The Times, a local newspaper.媒体人士抨击祖玛及其政府。“非国大的领导层在哪里?太多人已经放弃了,并且趁情况良好时尽可能多地掠夺,”专栏作家贾斯蒂斯氠拉拉(Justice Malala)在当地报纸《The Times》上写道。South African press freedom faces threats. Parliament passed the Protection of State Information Bill, with severe punishments for leaking or possessing a wide range of information. But Mr Zuma has not yet signed it. Journalists I spoke to thought he was wary of the law being challenged in the Constitutional Court, which brings me to the second reason to be cheerful:南非媒体自由面临威胁。议会通过了《国家信息保护法案》(Protection of State Information Bill),对泄露或掌握各种信息施以严厉惩罚。但是祖玛尚未签署该法案。跟我聊过的记者认为,祖玛担心该法案会在宪法法庭(Constitutional Court)受到挑战,这便引出了第二个值得庆贺的理由:The judiciary remains resolutely independent. There have been persistent fears that South Africa’s judges would be forced to bend to the will of the government. It hasn’t happened. Even Mr Zuma’s new appointments, selected from a list submitted to him by the Judicial Service Commission, have dispelled fears that they would do his bidding.圠幓蒗司法体系仍然是绝对独立的。人们一直担心南非的法官会被迫屈从于政府的意志。这种情况并未发生。即使是祖玛新任命的法官——从司法务委员会(Judicial Service Commission)提交的名单中选出——也打消了人们对他们会遵照祖玛的命令办事的担忧。The Mail amp; Guardian, a critic of South African malpractice, called Mogoeng Mogoeng, a controversial appointment as chief justice, “the ‘puppet’ who tore off his strings”. The paper said of Mr Mogoeng: “He was widely expected to be President Jacob Zuma’s lackey, but he has since proved some detractors wrong.”对南非的不法行为进行批判的媒体《邮政卫报》(Mail amp; Guardian),把莫洪恩莫洪恩(Mogoeng Mogoeng)称为“扯断了掉提线的‘木偶’”。莫洪恩被任命为宪法法院院长引起了争议。该报纸是这样说莫洪恩的:“他被广泛认为是雅各布嘠魹总统的听差,但是后来的事实明一些诋毁他的人错了。”The government does not enjoy this judicial independence. Blade Nzimande, the higher education minister, accused some judges of “deliberately overreaching”.政府并不那么享受这种司法独立。南非高等教育部部长布莱德椠偠曼德(Blade Nzimande)指责一些法官“故意干涉职权范围以外的事情”It is also disturbing that the government ignored the Pretoria high court’s order that it detain Mr Bashir. The court responded by asking prosecutors to consider charging the government and added: “A court is the guardian of justice, the cornerstone of a democratic system based on the rule of law. If the state...搠漀攀猀 not abide by court orders, the democratic edifice will crumble stone by stone until it collapses and chaos ensues.”政府对比勒陀利亚(Pretoria)高级法院要求其逮捕巴希尔的命令置之不理,这也令人不安。该法院对此的回应是要求检方考虑指控政府,并补充称:“法院是司法的守护者,是以法治为基础的民主体系的基石。如果政府……不遵守法院命令,这座民主大厦将一块一块地坍塌,直到大厦倾覆、混乱随之而来。”Independent judges are helping to keep that chaos at bay.独立的法官有助于阻止这种混乱。So are ordinary people, whose projects are the third reason to be cheerful. I was in Johannesburg to chair a symposium last week on corporate longevity, part of a year-long Financial Times investigation into why some companies live for centuries while most die within a few years or, at most, decades.渠通百姓亦然,他们是第三个值得庆贺的理由。不久前我在约翰内斯堡主持一个关于企业寿命的座谈会,这是英国《金融时报》关于为何有些企业存活数个世纪而多数企业则在短短几年或至多几十年内消亡的调查的一部分。There were several old companies at the event, but there were new ones too. There was Ezlyn Barends, whom I interviewed on stage, a young businesswomen and leader of two mentoring organisations. There were others who came up to me afterwards to discuss their business ventures.在那次活动中有几家老牌公司,不过也有新公司。我在台上采访了埃兹琳巴伦兹(Ezlyn Barends),她是一位年轻的女商人、两家人才孵化机构的老板。后来也有其他人过来找我讨论他们的经商经历。In downtown Johannesburg, once seemingly abandoned to squatters and crime, entrepreneurs are restoring apartments and running restaurants, markets, galleries and cinemas. These places are filled with relaxed, racially mixed crowds, busily proving that a country is more than its government.约翰内斯堡市中心一度似乎被抛弃,沦为寮屋者的天下,犯罪活动猖獗,而如今创业者正在收回公寓,开办餐馆、市场、画廊和影院。这些地方随处可见来自各个种族的人群,他们神态放松,忙着明政府不能代表一个国家的全貌。 /201507/386033宜春哪里能洗纹身

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宜春隆胸费用Beijing Capital International Airport北京首都国际机场Beijing Capital International Airport is located in northeast of Beijing , capital of the People#39;s Republic of China, and 25. 35km from the Tiananmen Square, to the north-east of the Beijing cit)t-center. It is not only an aviation gateway of Beijing and a window for international communication, but also a radial center for China civil aviation network, featured in a large-scale international airport, with most important location, biggest scale, fullest facilities and busiest transportation in China.北京首都国际机场简称首都机场,是中华人民共和国北京市的主要的国际机场。北京首都国际机场位于北京市区东北方向,距离天安门广场25. 35千米。中国地理位置最重要、规模最大、设备最齐全、运输任务最繁忙的大型国际航空港。北京首都国际机场不但是中国首都北京的空中门户和对外交往的窗口,而且是中国民航最重要的航空枢纽,是中国民用航空网络的辐射中心。并且是当前中国最繁忙的民用机场。也是中国国际航空公司的基地机场。Beijing Capital International Airport is the only airport that consists of three terminal buildings in China. Beijing Airport was opened on March 2, 1958. The airport then consisted of one small terminal building, which still stands to this day, apparently for the use of VIPs and charter flights. On January l, 1980, a newer, larger building opened, with 60000 square meters of space, The terminal (Tl) was larger than the one in the 1950s, but by the mid-1990s, it was too small. Terminal 2 (T2) was officially opened on November l, 1999, with 336000 square meters of space. Terminal l was then closed for renovation after the opening of Terminal 2 and was reopened on September 20, 2004.北京首都国际机场是中国国内唯一拥有三条跑道的国际机场。首都机场于1958年3月2日投入使用,是中国首个投入使用的民用机场。当时仅有一座小型候机楼,主要用于VIP乘客和包租的飞机。1980年1月1日,面积为6万平方米的一号航站楼及配套工程建成并正式投入使用。随着客流量的不断增大,一号楼客流量日趋饱和。重新规划的建筑面积达33.6万平方米,装备先进技术设备的二号航站楼于1995年10月开始建设,并于1999年11月1日正式投入使用。二号航站楼投入使用的同时,一号航站楼开始停用装修。2004年9月20日,整修一新的一号航站楼重新投入使用。The third colossal expansion, including Terminal 3 (T3) , a third runway and a rail link to the city-center, was completed before August, 2008, in time for the Beijing Olympics. At its opening with a south-to-north length of 2900 meters, Terminal 3 was the largest man-made structure in the world in terms of area covered (986,000 m2 ) , and a major landmark in Beijing representing the growing and developing Chinese city. Fresh from hosting the 2008 0lympic Games and completion of its new terminal building, the Beijing Capital International Airport has overtaken Tokyo Haneda to be the busiest airport in Asia based on scheduled seat capacity.为迎接2008年北京奥运会的召开,首都机场进行了第三次扩建,包插3号航站楼、第三条跑道和机场到北京市区的北京机场轨道交通线。扩建工程于2008年8月之前全部建成投入使用。三号航站楼建成后是国内面积最大的单体建筑,总建筑面积98.6万平方米,南北向长2900米。扩建后的北京首都国际机场成为代表北京成长和发展的地标,北京奥运会的召开和3号航站楼的建设也使得北京首都国际机场取代东京国际机场(羽田)成为亚洲飞机起降最为繁忙的机场。 /201603/430099 Synthesized Crystalline Bovine Insulin第一个人工合成牛胰岛素Synthetic bovine insulin, which was fully developed in 1965 following 6 years of hard work by a group of Chinese scientists, was the first case of human beings synthesizing live proteins. This is the first time that zoetic protein has been synthesized by human in history. In the past it was a universal belief that man could by no means synthesize living body. The success made it possible for Chinese scientists to deflate the traditional concept. Synthetic bovine insulin marked a significant breakthrough in the fIeld of life science and has substantially influenced human endeavors in finding out the secrets of life.1965年,我国的科学工作者经过6年多坚持不懈的努力,获得了人工合成的牛胰岛素结晶。这是世界上第一个人工合成的蛋白质。过去世界普遍认为生命体是天然的,大都认为人工合成生命体是不可能的,是中国人首次让它变成可能。人工牛胰岛素的合成,是生命科学领域的重大突破,对于人类探索生命奥秘的影响是巨大的。 /201602/419388丰城市中人民医院脱毛手术多少钱宜春隆鼻大概多少钱




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