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Where are we right now? We're on the cusp of the second half, when we're supposed to see recovery.Yeah, I think it's unlikely for a while. I mean I get figures on dozens of, dozens of businesses. I get them daily. I mean we own them. And we have not, there is no uptick yet. There will be. I wanna assure everybody that. This country always comes back. I mean if you go, you know, we've had the Civil War, we've got the Great Depression, we've had Pearl Harbor, we get a lot of unpleasant surprises, but we always overcome them and we will this. But we haven't yet, and it doesn't look to me like it's imminent. It will happen.You know, it's rare to hear you as the Dr. Doom. I mean you know, look, the rate of jobless, job layoffs has slowed down. We got the report today on big ticket items. We have a second month of gains. (Yeah) We had existing home sales up for three, for a couple of months. So there are signs of growth. You are not encouraged by this.Well, I'm encouraged by the fact that it's gonna work over time. But I'm not, but in terms of looking at all the figures that I see, whether, you know, retail sale, everything. The unemployment is gonna keep going up significantly. But we will overcome it, I don't wanna be Dr. Doom in that respect. I'm a huge bull on America, I always have been. But I also don't believe in kidding myself. So when I look at numbers of how many yards of carpet we sold yesterday, or how many items of jewelry, or how many watches, or whatever it maybe. And I just was talking with the gentleman that runs this, this restaurant, you know, the same, the same situation. We have not bounced yet.You mentioned one of the things, rate of unemployment going up. (Yeah.) There's this talk of a jobless recovery, is there such a thing?No, eventually, but there will be, at the beginning of recovery, there will be jobless. I mean when firms tighten up, they don't start hiring a month or two months after their business turns up. They do start hiring later on. But unemployment will peak after businesses aly start/ turning up somewhat. So it won't be a jobless. We'll add millions and millions of jobs in the next decade in this country. We just won't add them in the next few months. 08/82103Somalia's Transitional Government Fears Withdrawal of Ethiopian Troops索马里过渡政府担心埃军撤离Officials in Somalia's transitional federal government are expressing deep concern about the future of the government after its chief military backer and political ally, Ethiopia, announced its intention to withdraw its forces from Somalia by the end of the year. The government is battling for its survival as Islamist insurgents close in on the capital Mogadishu and the seat of parliament in Baidoa. 索马里过渡联邦政府官员对该政府的未来深表担忧,因为索马里政府的主要军事后盾和政治盟友埃塞俄比亚宣布准备在年底之前从索马里撤军。伊斯兰叛乱分子正在向首都加迪沙和议会所在地拜多阿逼近,索马里政府正在为自己的生存而战。Somalia's Deputy Speaker of Parliament Osman Elmi Boqore says if Ethiopian troops leave Somalia next month, the government, which depends heavily on Ethiopian forces to protect it from insurgent attacks, may cease to exist. 索马里议会副议长奥斯曼.艾尔米.克尔说,如果埃塞俄比亚军队下个月撤出索马里,索马里政府可能会不复存在。索马里政府严重依赖埃塞俄比亚军队的保护,才能免受叛乱分子的攻击。The deputy speaker says an Ethiopian troop withdrawal is necessary because it is stipulated in a peace agreement signed between the government and an Islamist-led opposition faction earlier this year in Djibouti. But he says the Ethiopians should not leave before the deployment of a more robust African Union peacekeeping unit, which can protect the government and maintain security. 索马里议会副议长克尔说,埃塞俄比亚从索马里撤军是必要的,因为这是政府跟一个伊斯兰分子领导的反对派系今年年初在吉布提达成的和平协议规定的。不过克尔表示,在实力更强大的非洲联盟维和部队进驻索马里之前,埃塞俄比亚军队不应该撤离。非盟维和部队既能保护索马里政府,也能维持治安。There are currently about 3,000 AU troops from Uganda and Burundi in Somalia, who patrol only a small area of Mogadishu. 目前索马里有一由乌干达和布隆迪军人组成的3000人的非盟维和部队,他们只在加迪沙的一小块地区巡逻。In late 2006, Ethiopia sent thousands of troops to Somalia to oust Islamists from power and install a secular-but-unpopular government made up largely of former factional leaders. Since then, Ethiopian troops have been battling a ferocious Islamist-led insurgency while factional feuds, corruption, and allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses by both Ethiopian and Somali troops have continued to weaken the government and drain popular support.  2006年年底,埃塞俄比亚向索马里派出几千人的部队,推翻了伊斯兰分子掌权的政府,扶植了一个政教分离、但不受欢迎的政府,政府成员基本是原来的派系领导人。从那时起,埃塞俄比亚军队一直在打击由伊斯兰分子领导的残酷的叛乱活动,同时,派系争斗、腐败、以及有关埃塞俄比亚军队和索马里军队犯有战争罪行和践踏人权的指控继续削弱索马里政府,使之失去民心。The situation has also created a humanitarian disaster in Somalia, where more than three million people are said to be in critical need of food aid.  这种局面还在索马里造成人道主义灾难,据说该国有300多万人急需食品援助。The violence has also dampened enthusiasm for the deployment of several thousand more AU peacekeepers in Somalia. And a U.N. peacekeeping force called for in the Djibouti accord has yet to be formed. 索马里的暴力状况也打消了非洲联盟向索马里增派几千名维和军人的热情。吉布提协议中要求部署的联合国维和部队还没有组成。For months, Ethiopian officials have expressed frustration at the transitional federal government's inability to function as a governing body. Ethiopia says this has allowed Islamist groups, including the militant Shabab group listed by the ed States as a terrorist organization, to steadily regain control over most of the country.  几个月来,埃塞俄比亚官员对索马里过渡联邦政府无力行使政府职能表示失望。埃塞俄比亚认为,过渡政府的无能得以让被美国列为恐怖组织的青年党激进分子组织等伊斯兰分子组织稳步重新控制了索马里大部分地区。Earlier this week during an interview with a local news agency, Ethiopia's Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin openly lashed out at Somali leaders, saying they "have shown little, or at times, no iness to shoulder responsibility for the situation in Somalia."  埃塞俄比亚外长塞尤姆.梅斯芬这个星期早些时候接受当地新闻机构采访时公开抨击索马里领导人,说他们几乎没有表现出或者有的时候没有做好为索马里承担责任的准备。Mr. Seyoum warned that Ethiopian forces would not stay long in Somalia sacrificing themselves in defense of the government. 塞尤姆警告说,埃塞俄比亚军队不会继续待在索马里,牺牲自己来保卫这个政府。A spokesman for fighters in the Islamic Courts Union, Abdurahim Isse Adow, tells VOA that while he welcomes the announcement of an Ethiopian withdrawal, he remains skeptical that it will happen.  伊斯兰法院联盟武装分子发言人阿杜对美国之音记者说,他对埃塞俄比亚宣布撤军表示欢迎,但是他仍然怀疑埃塞俄比亚是否会真地撤军。Adow says if Ethiopian troops, who are seen as an occupying force, left Somalia, it would stop much of the violence and bloodshed in the country. But he says there is still no evidence to suggest that the Ethiopians are serious about pulling out. 阿杜说,如果被视为占领军的埃塞俄比亚军队撤离索马里,索马里大多数暴力和流血事件就会停止。不过他表示,目前仍然没有据显示埃塞俄比亚当真要撤军。Ethiopia says it is committed to the withdrawal plans. But it has assured African Union officials that its troops would remain on the border, y to intervene again in Somalia if conditions deteriorate. 埃塞俄比亚表示决心执行撤军计划。不过埃塞俄比亚向非洲联盟保,埃塞俄比亚部队会待在边界一带,一旦局势恶化,埃军随时准备重新进入索马里进行干预。200811/57481Dale Aden has been farming most of his life, just like his father, and his father’s father. "I am a third generation farmer on this land." His land is in Okabena, Minnesota, right along the Okabena creek, where for many years, Aden watched helplessly as the creek flooded its banks and soaked his crops. "In wet years, this crop all drowns out. And when you lose your crop, it, basically it takes another five years to pay for that one, that one year that we have lost. After the losses took their toll, Aden had an epiphany of thoughts--why not stop farming the marginal land and set it aside for wildlife? "I thought it as a legacy, I would do this, put it back to where it should be better than where we found it. Aden heard about a conservation program called Reinvest in Minnesota or RIM, that would pay him to return some of his farmland to its natural state. The RIM program encourages farmers to keep farming their productive land but sell the marginal land that’s susceptible to soil and water erosion. Aden planted trees and shrubs. And here a friend is planting prairie grass that will soon provide cover for animals. "There, you see, she’s taking her head out of there." Aden also made dozens of birdhouses like this one for a pair of tree swallows that will soon get a lot more crowded when these eggs hatch. "They are community of 5 , 6 or 7. " Aden broke drainage tiles and let his farmland return to wetland. "Up to about 3 years ago, this is all farmed. It's hard to believe now, but it was all farmed. Corn and soybean rotation as what it was across the road here it was the same way. 3 years ago it was all farmland."Here’s a look at Aden’s crop a few years ago. Here’s that same spot today, a wetland with a thriving wildlife population. These days the sound of tractors on the Aden family farm has been replaced by a different sound. "As I call it music, I guess, wildlife music, is just wonderful to hear." And Aden is happy to sit back and listen. "I couldn’t be happier for the way it’s turned out."epiphany: A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization200810/54340Rescue Efforts Continue After Indonesia Earthquake印尼地震救灾工作继续进行Rescue efforts continue in the aftermath of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hit Indonesia. The government has confirmed the deaths of 64 people but that number is expected to rise.印度尼西亚7级地震后的救援行动继续进行。政府实有57人死亡,不过预计这个数字还会上升。The earthquake that shook the Indonesian island of Java caused a landslide in the village of Cikangkareng, burying 13 homes and the people who were inside. 撼动印尼爪哇岛的地震在芝康卡让村引起滑坡,掩埋了13所房屋和里面的人。Arifin, a retired teacher, lost most of his family. 退休教师阿里芬失去了他的大部分亲人。He says he can only pray that they will be in a better place. 他说,他只能祈祷,愿他们到更好的地方。This village in the Cianjur district has reported the highest number of earthquake deaths, and the toll is likely to rise. 展玉区的这个村庄报告了最高的地震死亡数字,而这个数字可能还会上升。Rescue efforts are underway. Bulldozers work to remove tons of dirt, rocks, and trees. 救援工作正在进行。推土机为清除大量的泥土、岩石和树木而忙碌。And soldiers using shovels and sticks are both searching for survivors and recovering the dead. 军人们用铁铲和棍棒搜寻幸存者和死者。Dede Jusef, the vice governor of West Java is coordinating rescue efforts. 西爪哇省副省长尤瑟夫正在协调各项救援行动。"Our main concern is to rescue as much people as we can get, and afterwards then we can manage for the reconstruction," Jusef said.他说:“我们主要关心的事情是尽我们所能去救人。然后我们才能规划重建。”In addition to scores of casualties and the hundreds of wounded, the earthquake damaged thousands of houses, schools, and buildings in the country. 地震除了造成数十人死亡和数百人受伤以外,还损坏了这个国家的数千座房屋、学校和建筑物。The earthquake, which occurred just off the southern Java coast, shook tall buildings in city of Jakarta, 190 kilometers to the north, but caused little damage. 这场发生在爪哇南部海岸的地震摇撼了北边190公里以外的雅加达市,不过几乎没有造成损坏。Rural towns and villages to the south were hit hardest. 南边的乡间城镇和村庄受灾最严重。In the town Tasikmalaya, 115 kilometers from the epicenter of the quake, 500 houses were destroyed leaving about 2,000 homeless. 在距离震中115公里的塔斯克马拉亚镇,500所房屋被毁,致使2000人无家可归。In the village of Sukanagara, which has a population of 30,000, one person died and 198 houses were damaged. 在拥有3万人口的苏卡纳加拉村,1人死亡,198所房屋遭到损坏。While Indonesia is prone to frequent seismic activity, Sukanagara official Firman Edi says for his small village an earthquake of this magnitude is a rare occurrence. 尽管印尼地震活动频繁,但是苏卡纳加拉村官员艾地说,对于他这个小村庄来说,达到这样的震级的地震是罕见的。He says this was big for them. It never happened there in 20 years. 他说,对他们来说,这次震灾是很大的。20年都没有发生过。Tents have been erected in the affected areas for the over 5,000 people in need of temporary housing. Assistance, including food, water and medicine is beginning to arrive.在受地震影响的地区,一顶顶帐篷已经为需要临时住所的5000多人搭建起来。包括食物、水和药品在内的援助正在开始陆续到达。09/83443

China uses web to find loved onesWith thousands of people still unaccounted for after the earthquake, Chinese people are turning to the internet in a desperate bid to find loved onesSurvivors pulled from the rubble of the China earthquake have begun describing their dful ordeal and the other voices are also emerging on the Internet. Many are searching desperately for relatives and friends, hoping someone else on the message boards has news of them. Others trapped in the earthquake zone are appealing for help via their mobile phones. Once the images would have been censored in the information holdback, but today Chinese are watching this horrifying story unfold. Many bypassing government sources are turning to the Internet communities for answers and for action. One says, Mum, are you ok? After the earthquake I have not been able to get in touch with you by phone. It's May 13, your phone seems to work, but no one answers. I don't know whether you're ok. I'm really concerned about you.Another posts an image of his relative's car in an effort to track him down. Later adding his thanks, saying he's been in contact. A soldier awaiting orders to join the rescue effort in Wenchuan says his pregnant wife has told him she's starving, without food or water, in Jiangyou. "Why doesn't the television report the situation in Jiangyou? I'm willing to devote all of my energy to save the people from my hometown. But there's nobody to save my wife. Please, everyone. Her name is Wang Zhou. She's a teacher. Please help, everyone."Another has heard of a group of minors, safe, but again without food in Qingpin. They could die if they have to wait too long. Please help to sp this message to let everybody know because this message could save the lives of a thousand people. And there are messages direct from the disaster zone. One man trapped near Wenchuan lists all the landmarks he's passed in a text message to a friend to help rescuers find him. These places haven't got any signs. But there are so many people waiting to be rescued. Please forward this message for me so people can send a rescue team to us. Please, quick!So are the messages from the Internet. We're joined now by Doctor Yi Lu from Nottingham University's China Policy Institute. Yi Lu, what is without precedent, despite the horribleness, is that we are seeing more of something happening in China that we've ever seen in history? Yes, I think so far Chinese people are generally happy with the Chinese government's response. People feel that the government responded to this major disaster very swiftly and they mobilized a large resources and also people feel that this time the medium has been very open in reporting all aspects of the disaster.Yeah, there was some sort of new act that came in that I think May 1, demanding more transparency, perhaps to coincide with the Olympics. Has that played a part? I think that has definitely played a part. This new regulation which became effective on May 1, basically it's about government transparency and government has the obligation to disclose the information. So people see this as really a test to see how well the government is going to implement this new regulation. In fact in commentaries in Chinese media, many people are all sublinking this media coverage to the regulation and saying they seem to be doing well so far. To what extent are their questions beginning to come for around China about how well the cities were built? I was watching sort of Chinese media coverage and ing article online just earlier. And I saw people have aly raised these issues, for example, we know that some school buildings collapsed and many children who were in class at that time were trapped underneath. So I saw an article sort of questioning whether the government buildings, maybe they're of higher quality. So if that's a case, then that'll tell you something. Well that in itself is quite extraordinary, isn't it? That's sort of criticism should aly be surfacing? Yes, although I think at the moment the mainstream voice is still of supporting the efforts to help the victims and also praising the government effort in general. You also hear some of these voices questioning, er, you know, whether, for example beforehand whether they could have done better in terms of forecasting this disaster and also as I said raising this issue of building quality. So I think at the moment also the voices do get heard. Doctor Lu, thank you very much indeed for joining us from Nottingham University.200811/55511

Myanmar缅甸Chinese takeaway kitchen中国的外卖厨房Three articles look at China’s influence in South-East Asia: first;resentment in Myanmar;second, Cambodian rivalries; third, Banyan on the strategic implications三篇文章都关注了中国在东南亚的影响问题:第一篇,缅甸之怨;第二篇,柬埔寨的对抗;第三篇是Banyan专栏关于战略意义的一篇文章。WAIST-DEEP in the muddy water, hundreds ofpeople swirl their pans, scouring the black sediment for the sparkle of golddust. They have come from all over Myanmar to Kachin state, where the N’Mai andMali rivers merge to form the mighty Irrawaddy, knowing that a good day mayyield ,000-worth of gold—and that time for gold-panning is running out.在缅甸的克钦邦,恩梅开江和迈立开江交会成为浩荡的伊洛瓦底江。在齐腰深的浑浊的江水中,可以见到数百名淘金者晃动淘选盘,在黑色的沉淀物中仔细搜寻闪闪发光的金粒。这些人是从全国各地来到克钦邦的,他们知道,如果幸运的话,一天的淘金收入可以达到1000美金,但他们也清楚,淘金的时日已然不多。Across the river, the corrugated-iron roofsof a prefabricated barracks glint in the midday sun. They house hundreds ofChinese labourers working on the Myitsone hydropower project. This, accordingto Myanmar’sgovernment, will be the sixth highest dam in the world, and generate 6,000MW ofelectricity a year. On completion in 2019, the dam will flood thegold-prospecting area and displace more than 10,000 people. All the electricitywill be exported to China.All the revenue will go to Myanmar’sgovernment. If an environmental and social impact study was conducted at all,it did not involve consulting the affected villagers.在江对面,预制棚屋的波形铁皮屋顶在正午阳光的照耀下闪闪发光。在那些屋子里寓居着数百名修建密松水电站的中国劳工。缅甸政府表示,该水电站的大坝高程位列世界第六,每年能够发电6000兆瓦。2019年工程竣工后,大坝周边的金矿勘探地区将被淹没,并且还要转移1000人到其他地区。所有的电能将被输送到中国,而所有的收入将统统流入缅甸政府的钱袋。即使他们真地做了环境和社会影响研究的话,但那也并未涉及征询受影响村民意见的环节。A local Catholic priest who led prayersagainst the dam says his parishioners were moved to a “model” village, intotiny houses on plots too small for cultivation. The letters of concern he sentto Myanmar’sleaders went unanswered. He says he will stay in his historic church “till thewaters rise over the doorstep”.当地的一个天主教神父曾组织过祷告活动,以抗议修建大坝,他表示他的教区居民被迁移到一个“模范”村,那里的房子非常小,而且房子周围的土地也很少,根本不适合耕种。他寄给缅甸领导人反映问题的信件,至今仍然未予回复。他表示他将呆在的那座历史上著名的教堂中,直到江水没过门阶。201106/140599

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