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宜春学院医学院增高手术外切眼袋术外切眼袋要多少费用宜春市第一人民医院黄褐斑祛斑去斑辐射斑价格37.交流与学习常用应急场景范例一:How to become popularHi, Lucy, you are very popular with people around you, what are your tricks?Thank you for saying so. I don’t know, probably because I like sharing my experience and knowledge with them. I think this kind of communication helps to improve our work efficiency and also helps to get along with colleagues.Sharing knowledge can be very settled and some second stances. People may think you are telling them how to do their work. If they take it personally, they feel angry at you and even become reluctant to support you at work.That is true. Some people will misunderstand your intention and lets you do it in the long threatening way. For example, it is not sensible at all to arguing with the others or correcting someone in front of other people. To show your friendliness and willingness to share is much more important than to show off.You are quite right. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I learned a lot.You’re welcome.范例二:Share computer knowledgeMy computer isn’t running at the same speed it used to be, it is testing my patience everyday. Can you tell me how to make it run faster?If you want to speed up your system, you’ve got to clean it up first.How?You need to free your disk space. The simplest way is to use a Disk-Cleanup tool to remove temporary files and in store programs that you no longer use. Things should be fine next time you start. You also need to control what starts up. There is a program calls Start-up Delayer, It can help to set after how much time programs should be loaded after Windows boosts. For example, you can choose to set your Fox Mail program to load 30 seconds after Windows starts up.Very useful advice, I will try them right now. /12/93361宜春铜鼓县治疗疤痕多少钱 To be our sole agent you should not sell similar products from other manufacturers without our prior approval.作为我方的独家代理,你方在未经我方许可前不可代理类似的产品。To be our sole agent you should not sell similar products from other manufacturers without our prior approval.作为我方的独家代理,你方在未经我方许可前不可代理类似的产品。We know the rule.我们知道规矩。Every six month, wed like to receive from you a detailed report on current market conditions.每六个月,你方要向我方递交一份有关 目前市场状况的详细报告。If you can push the sales successfully for the next 6 month, we may appoint you as our agent.如果你方能够在今后的六个月内提高销 售量,我方便指定你方为我方的代理。We hope that you will redouble your efforts in your sales pushing.我们希望你方可以加倍努力进行推广。Are you familiar with the market for our production?你熟悉我们产品的市场吗?Are you familiar with the market for our production?你熟悉我们产品的市场吗?The market situation is not known to us. But I am sure your market still has great potential.我们还不了解市场情况。但我相信你们的市场仍有很大潜力。We can discuss further details when you have a thorough knowledge of the marketing possibilities of our products.等你们全面了 解了我 们的产品销售可能性之后,我们再进一步细谈。According to your estimate, what is the maximum annual turnover you could ftilfill?据你估计,你能完成的最大年销售量是多少? /201506/381391澳洲广播电台商业英语教程 12:商务会谈A meeting(2)澳洲广播电台商业英语教程全套文本 /200706/14576宜春市中医医院线雕隆鼻面部线雕肋软骨隆鼻多少钱

宜春新建医院保妥适瘦脸针保妥适除皱音波拉皮价格第一句:You will soon make bigger profits when market fluctuation stops.等到市场波动停止时,你们可以很快赚取大笔利润。A:We hope you can reduce the price.我们希望你方降价。B:This price is workable.这个价格是可行的。A:But with this price it is hard for us to push the sale in our market.但是以这个价格买入,我们很难扩大销售。B:You will soon make bigger profits when market fluctuation stops.等到市场波动停止时,你们可以很快赚取大笔利润。第二句:The present market situation is on the upward, so you dont have to worry about the profit.目前的市场行情处于上升阶段,所以你不用担心盈利。A:How can it be stopped?怎么样才能停止呢?B:The present market situation is on the unward.目前的市场行情处于上升阶段,所以你不用担心盈利。A:We still face risks.但是我们仍旧面临风险。其他表达法:在贸易中承担风险是不可避免的,但是可以借助对今后走势的分析来处理还盘。The price we e you for belts is much lower than that of last years. You must find it very competitive.我们的皮带报价比去年的低,你们一定会觉得我们的价格很有竞争力。Our product is very competitive so there is no question of profit.我们的产品很有竞争力,所以你们一定会有利润的。 /201208/193961宜春市中医医院鹰钩鼻驼峰鼻翘鼻鞍鼻多少钱 In this Business English Pod lesson, we’ll see how important it is to strategize and plan when you’re handling a crisis.在这节商务英语播客中,我们来看下当你处理危机时策划和计划时多么的重要。Any crisis is a test of business strength. To be more specific, it’s a test of people in business. There’s nothing like a crisis to show us who can handle the pressure and who will crack. Can your business come through a crisis well? Do you have people with the right leadership skills and decision-making abilities to handle the crisis successfully? Let’s see how our team handles things.什么样的危机都是对商业实力的测试。具体来说,是对处理商业的人的测试。再没有像危机那样能够显示谁能处理好压力,谁会崩溃。你的商业能度过危机吗?你有拥有领导技巧并能成功处理危机的决策能力的人吗?我们来看下如何处理危机。Our last episode was about taking control in a crisis. We heard Sandy and Mike report a factory accident to their boss Frank. Frank handled that early part of the crisis well. He calmed his employees down, gave them clear orders, and reassured them.上节课说到控制危机。Sandy 和 Mike向他们的老板Frank汇报工厂事故。 Frank处理了危机的前半部分。他让员工冷静下来,给出明确的命令,并消除他们的顾虑。Today, we’ll see how they develop a strategy to handle the crisis. Mike has been instructed to call the company’s VP of Communications in Singapore. Her name is Monika Jing, and she’ll show some clear thinking in assessing the problem and making a plan going forward.今天,我们来看下他们是如何制定策划来处理危机的。Mike被要求给新加坡公司的VP of Communications 打电话。她的名字是Monika Jing,她会对事故进行估计并给出清晰的想法并使计划生效。Listening Questions:1. Who has Mike talked to about the incident?2. What does Mike say could happen if the situation is really bad?3. What does Monika want Mike to do while she contacts other people? /201104/132694宜春哪家脱毛比较便宜

宜春哪个医院会做埋线治疗 Q:What have you learned about our company from customers,employees,or others?A:I actually called several of the key accounts mentioned in your brochure.Two of the customers I spoke with explained why they continued to buy from you year after year.Your distribution operation is phenomenal.Are there any service improvements you think could still be made?问:你从我们公司的顾客、员工,或者别人那儿了解了我们公司的一些什么情况?答:我确实给你们小册子上提到的几个客户打过电话。我与之交谈的顾客中有两人解释了他们为什么年复一年地购买你们的产品。你们的供销运作是很棒的,但还有没有一些可提高的务项目呢?叙述通过你个人与公司代表们的接触后,你的兴趣又是如何增长的。为面试进行而富有创造性地思考。例如,在你面试之前,和一些零售商或公司生产线上别的供销点的工人交谈。他们能告诉你一些什么?给出一到两个你所了解到的例子来解释你为什么对这家公司感兴趣。什么是你可以用来明你兴趣的最有力的例子?? /200803/30817樟树市人民医院激光去痣多少钱宜丰县妇幼保健人民医院做丰胸手术多少钱



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