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宜春市第三人民医院调q激光祛斑调q激光调q激光治疗仪调q激光器多少钱宜春韩美整形美容医院去除抬头纹手术怎么样IN the ed States today, thousands of children under 18 have recently taken marital vows — mostly girls married to adult men, often with approval from local judges. In at least one case, a 10-year-old boy was legally married.在当今美国,近年有数以千计不满18岁的孩子立下了结婚誓言——主要是女孩嫁给成年男人,他们通常会获得地方法官的许可。至少在一个案例中,一名10岁的男孩已经合法结婚。How is this possible? The minimum marriage age in most states is 18, but every state allows exceptions under which children under age 18 can wed.这怎么可能呢?大多数州的最低结婚年龄为18岁,但每个州都允许存在例外,允许18岁以下的未成年人结婚。The first common exception is for children marrying with “parental consent.” Most states allow children age 16 or 17 to marry if their parents sign the marriage license application.第一个常见的例外就是子女在“父母同意”的情况下可以结婚。大多数州允许16或17岁的孩子结婚,只要他们的父母签署了结婚申请书。Of course, one person’s “parental consent” can be another’s “parental coercion,” but state laws typically do not call for anyone to investigate whether a child is marrying willingly. Even in the case of a girl’s sobbing openly while her parents sign the application and force her into marriage, the clerk usually has no authority to intervene. In fact, in most states there are no laws that specifically forbid forced marriage.当然,某人的“父母同意”可能意味着另一个人遭到“父母强迫”,但州法律通常不要求任何人调查孩子是否自愿结婚。哪怕一个女孩当场在哭泣,看着她的父母签署申请书,强迫她结婚,工作人员通常也无权干涉。实际上,在大多数州,没有法律明确禁止强迫婚姻。The second common marriage-age exception is for children marrying with judicial approval. This exception lowers the marriage age below 16 in many states, and many states do not specify a minimum age. Judges in those states can allow the marriage even of an elementary school student.第二个常见的例外是未成年人在获得司法批准的情况下可以结婚,这种例外将很多州的结婚年龄降至16岁以下。这些州的法官甚至可以允许小学生结婚。But judges would never do that, right?但法官们绝不会这么做,对吗?Unchained at Last, a nonprofit I founded to help women escape from arranged, forced marriages, recently retrieved health department data on the ages of people married in New Jersey, where 16- and 17-year-olds may wed with parental consent, and children under 15 may marry with judicial approval.我创办了非营利组织“终于挣脱链锁”(Unchained at Last),以帮助女性逃脱包办、强迫的婚姻。我们最近检索了卫生部门有关新泽西州结婚年龄的数据,在该州,16、17岁的未成年人在获得父母同意的情况下就可以结婚,而15岁的孩子获得司法批准后也可以结婚。Unfortunately, the available records do not include any identifying details about marriages beyond the ages of the participants. Nevertheless, the data show that 3,499 children were married in New Jersey between 1995 and 2012. Most were age 16 or 17 and married with parental consent, but 178 were between ages 10 and 15, meaning a judge approved their marriages.遗憾的是,可获取的记录中不包括除年龄外的任何婚姻细节。尽管如此,这些数据显示,在1995年至2012年间,新泽西州有3499名未成年人结婚。其中大多数是16或17岁,在父母同意的情况下结婚,但有178人的结婚年龄在10岁到15岁之间,这意味着法官允许他们结婚。Shockingly, 91 percent of the children were married to adults, often at ages or with age differences that could have triggered statutory-rape charges, not a marriage license. A judge in 2006 approved the marriage of a 10-year-old boy to an 18-year-old woman. A judge in 1996 allowed a 12-year-old girl to marry a 25-year-old man.令人震惊的是,91%的孩子与成人结婚,其年龄之小、或年龄差距之大,本应触发法定强奸罪的指控,而不是一纸结婚。2006年,一名法官批准一名10岁的男孩与18岁女性结婚。1996年,一名法官允许一名12岁的女孩嫁给25岁的男子。Based on my own experience working with forced-marriage victims across the ed States, I am sure many of these children had to marry against their will. Forced marriage is a widesp but often ignored problem in the ed States. A survey by the Tahirih Justice Center, an NGO that provides services to immigrant women and girls, identified as many as 3,000 known or suspected forced-marriage cases just between 2009 and 2011, many involving girls under age 18. Tactics used against the victims included threats of ostracism, beatings or death.根据我自己与美国强迫婚姻受害者共事的经历,我确定很多孩子被迫结婚。在美国,强迫婚姻是一个广泛但通常遭到忽视的问题。为移民的女性和女孩提供务的非政府组织塔希莉法律务中心(Tahirih Justice Center)所做的调查发现,仅在2009年至2011年期间就有多达3000个已知或涉嫌强迫婚姻的案例,其中很多女孩不满18岁。对付受害者的手段包括对其发出驱逐、殴打或死亡的威胁。Forced and child marriages happen almost everywhere, yet only 10 states or jurisdictions have specific laws that can be used to prevent or punish forced marriage. The Tahirih survey focused on immigrants, and it identified child marriages or forced marriages, or both, in immigrant communities from 56 countries of origin in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, but it also identified such marriage in so-called American families.几乎每个地方都存在强迫婚姻和童婚,但只有10个州或司法管辖区有能够用来防止或惩处强迫婚姻的具体法律。塔希莉法律务中心的调查侧重于移民,该调查发现来自亚洲、非洲、欧洲及美洲的56个国家的移民社区存在童婚或强迫婚姻,或者两者都有,但也发现所谓的美国家庭也存在此类婚姻。The survey found child marriage or forced marriage, or both, in families of many faiths, including Muslim, Christian (particularly Catholic), Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh. I have seen child and forced marriage in the Orthodox Jewish community, and I know survivors from Mormon and Unification Church backgrounds.该调查发现,存在童婚或强迫婚姻或两者都有的家庭遵从各种信仰,包括穆斯林、基督教徒(特别是天主教徒)、印度教徒、佛教徒及锡克教徒。我看到正统犹太教社区存在童婚和强迫婚姻,我遇到过门教、统一教背景的受害者。Parents give many reasons for forcing their children into marriage, including controlling the children’s sexuality and behavior and protecting “family honor.” Often families use forced marriage to enhance their status or gain economic security.父母给出了很多迫使孩子结婚的理由,比如控制孩子的性取向和行为,保护“家族荣誉”。这些家庭通常利用强迫婚姻提高他们的地位或获得经济保障。The New Jersey data show that 90 percent of the children married were girls, which is consistent with global trends. Across the world, child marriage and forced marriage disproportionately affect girls and women.新泽西州的数据显示,未成年人结婚有90%是女孩,这符合全球的趋势。在世界各地,童婚和强迫婚姻对女孩和女性的影响尤其大。Unchained at Last also requested health department data on the ages of people recently married in New York State, where 16- and 17-year-olds may wed with “parental consent” and 14- and 15-year-olds may wed with judicial approval. The data show that 3,853 children were married between 2000 and 2010.“终于挣脱链锁”组织还从卫生部取得了纽约州最近结婚人群的年龄数据,在该州,16、17岁的子女获得“父母同意”就可以结婚,15岁的孩子获得司法批准也可以结婚。这些数据显示,在2000至2010年期间,有3853名未成年人结婚。Data after 2010 excludes New York City, where statistics are kept separately. Still, the state data show that in 2011 alone, a 14-year-old married a 26-year-old, a 15-year-old was wed to a 28-year-old, another 15-year-old was wed to a 25-year-old and a 15-year-old married someone age “35 to 39.” All of those marriages were approved by New York judges.2010年以后的数据不包括纽约市的数据,其数据被分开保存。但该州的数据显示,仅在2011年,一名14岁的孩子跟26岁的成人结婚,一名15岁的孩子跟28岁的成人结婚,还有一名15岁的孩子跟年龄在“35岁到39岁之间”的成人结婚。这些婚姻都获得了纽约法官的批准。Globally, 88 percent of countries set 18 as the minimum marriage age, but over half allow minor girls to marry with “parental consent,” according to the World Policy Center. More than 700 million women alive today were married before 18, including some 250 million who wed before 15, according to the ed Nations Children’s Fund. Most live in South Asia or sub-Saharan Africa, but as these new numbers show, too many live right here in the ed States.据世界政策中心(World Policy Center)的数据,从全球来看,88%的国家将最低结婚年龄设定在18岁,但有一半的国家允许未成年女孩在“在父母同意的情况下”结婚。据联合国儿童基金会(ed Nations Children’s Fund)的统计,逾7亿在世女性在18岁前结婚,其中有大约2.5亿名女性在15岁前结婚。大多数人生活在南亚或撒哈拉以南的非洲,但就像新数据显示的那样,在美国就有太多这样的女性。Marriage is a legal contract and it should be reserved for adults. The dangers of child marriage are, after all, very clear: A recent report found that child marriage “undermines girls’ health, education and economic opportunities, and increases their risk of experiencing violence.”婚姻是一种法律契约,应该是仅针对成年人的。毕竟,童婚的危险显而易见:最近的一份报告发现,童婚“损害女孩的健康、教育及经济机会,增加她们遭遇暴力的风险”。The solution is relatively simple. State legislators should eliminate the archaic legal exceptions that allow children to wed. This is the only way to end child and forced marriage in the ed States.解决方法相对比较简单。州立法者应该清除陈旧的允许未成年人结婚的法律例外。这是在美国终结童婚及强迫婚姻的唯一方式。 /201510/403781江西省荣军医院开双眼皮多少钱 宜春著名整形医院

宜春去眼袋费用Zhu Xi (1130~1200), whose courtesy name was Zhonghui and literary name Hui#39;an, was born in Wuyuan, Huizhou (now part of Jiangxi Province) in the Southern Song Dynasty.朱熹(1130~1200),字仲晦,号晦庵,他是南宋徽州婺源(今属江西)人。As one of the most significant philosophers of the Neo-Confucian school in the Song and the Ming dynasties, he held that the universe has two aspects: the formless and the formed. The formless, or li, is a principle or a network of principles that is supreme natural law and that determines the patterns of all created things. This law combines with the material force or energy called qi to produce matter, or things having form. Li is never separable from qi: there is no li without qi and no qi without li.他是南宋思想家,宋明理学的代表人物,主要学术成就是对理学的发展。在字宙观上,朱熹持理气论,他认为宇宙万物是理与气妙合而成的,“理是形而上者,气是形而下者”。理是看不见的事物的本体,是形而上之道,气是看得见的物质的质料形象,是形而下之器。合而看,理气浑然一体; 离而看,理气又有先后。Based on this theory, Zhu Xi believed that ;it is the interaction between li and qi that human beings are created.;以理气论为哲学基础,朱熹认为“人之所以生,理与气合而已。”In human beings, li (manifested as human nature) is essentially perfect, and defects, including vices, are introduced into the body and mind through impurities of qi.禀受天地之理为本性,为天命之性; 禀受天地之气为形体,为气质之性。Thus in reality the human nature embodies the conflicts between “Heaven#39;s laws; and “human desires;, and they can never coexist. Therefore, to preserve Heaven#39;s laws and eliminate human desires becomes the core of Zhu Xi#39;s ethical thoughts.所以,现实人性中存在着“天理”与“人欲”的对立,“天理存而人欲灭,人欲胜则天理灭”,于是“明天理,灭人欲”就成了朱熹伦理思想的核心。Zhu Xi#39;s concept of li actually echoes the Confucian ethical and moral principles. To preserve; Heaven#39;s laws; means to preserve the hierachical system and established moral values. To eliminate; human desires;, on the other hand, is to eliminate the cravings against the feudal hierachical system and moral values.朱熹之所谓“理”是儒家伦理道德观念的体现,“明天理”就是要维护封建等级制度和纲常秩序,“灭人欲”就是要清除违反封建等级制度和纲常名教的各种非分的物质欲求。In this way, Zhu Xi seemed to justify feudalism by channeling humanism into ethics and strengthened the traditional Confucian values.这样,朱熹从伦理学角度论了封建统治的合理性,同时把伦理学安置在人性论的基础上,并强化了传统濡家价值观念。Zhu Xi#39;s idea of putting ethical principles over physical desires bears some features of rationalism, but it also has a negative side of suppressing individuality.朱熹以伦理来主宰物欲的理欲观,明显具有一种理性主义的特征,也有压抑人的个性的一面。 /201510/405844宜春哪里纹眉毛的比较好 宜春韩美整形韩式隆鼻多少钱

高安妇幼保健人民医院c6激光opt嫩肤OPT光子嫩肤价格 Archaeologists have discovered the oldest tea in the world among the treasures buried with a Chinese emperor. New scientific evidence suggests that ancient Chinese royals were partial to a cuppa – at least 2150 years ago. Indeed, they seem to have liked it so much that they insisted on being buried with it – so they could enjoy a cup of char in the next world.考古学家在一位中国皇帝的陪葬品中,发现了世界上最古老的茶叶。这一新的科学据表明,中国的古代皇室是偏爱茶,至少在2150年前是这样的。事实上,这些皇室似乎很喜欢茶叶,以至于他们坚持要与它一起埋葬,这样他们可以在另外一个世界享受一杯热茶。The new discovery was made by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.这一新的发现是由中国科学院的研究人员提出的。The high-quality tea leaves found in the tomb of the Han Dynasty Emperor Jing Di, who died in 141 , are 2,150 years old.这些高品质茶叶是在汉景帝墓中出土的。汉景帝卒于公元前141年,因此这些茶叶已有2150年历史。By examining tiny crystals trapped between hairs on the surface of the leaves and by using mass spectrometry, they were able to work out that the leaves, buried with a mid second century Chinese emperor, were actually tea.研究人员通过研究茶叶表面绒毛间的微小晶体并利用质谱分析法,分析出了与这位公元前2世纪皇帝一起埋葬的陪葬品中的叶子就是茶叶。The scientific analysis of the food and other offerings in the Emperor#39;s tomb complex have also revealed that, as well as tea, he was determined to take millet, rice and chenopod with him to the next life.对汉景帝墓葬群中的食物和其他祭品的科学分析结果显示,除了茶,汉景帝还决定带着谷子、大米以及藜科植物去另一个世界。Other items included weapons, pottery figurines, an #39;army#39; of ceramic animals and several real full size chariots complete with their horses.此外,其他发现的物品还包括武器、陶瓷雕像,陶瓷动物和几辆马匹完备的真正的战车等等。 /201601/422068宜春韩美整形美容医院文眉手术怎么样宜春市第五人民医院腋毛脱毛腿毛脸毛要多少费用



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