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Since all living things need it, and it makes up two-thirds of our bodies, it seems obvious that water is vital to our health. Most people, however, drink fewer than the eight recommended glasses each day. An alarming one-third drink no water at all! So why is drinking enough water so important? A minor water deficiency can lead to headaches, sleepiness, and moodiness, while prolonged dehydration can cause high blood pressure and other serious problems.Drinking water helps our bodies in a variety of ways. It helps us get rid of toxins, which enables our kidneys to do a better job, and it helps prevent bladder infections. It improves digestion and helps us develop antibodies. Finally, water is a great moisturizer and gives our skin a healthy glow.Drinking water throughout the day is an important habit to pick up. For your health, give this simple substance the importance it deserves.既然所有的生物都需要水,而且水占了人体的三分之二,所以似乎很明显水对我们的健康极为重要。然而,多数人的饮水量比建议的每天八杯水要少。更令人担心的是,有三分之一的人甚至一口水都不喝。为什么喝足够的水这么重要呢?轻微的水分不足会导致头痛、嗜睡和情绪低落;而长期脱水则会造成高血压和其它严重问题。喝水在许多方面都有助于我们的身体。它帮助我们排出毒素,使肾脏运作地更好,它也能避免膀胱受感染。水能促进消化并帮助我们产生抗体。最后,水是最好的保湿剂,可赋予肌肤健康的光泽。全天候饮水补水是个必须养成的重要习惯。为了你的健康,给予这个简单物质足够的重视吧. Article/200803/28391Seafarer William Carlos Williams The sea will wash in but the rocks - jagged ribs riding the cloth of foam or a knob or pinnacles with gannets - are the stubborn man. He invites the storm, he lives by it? Instinct with fears that are not fears but prickles of ecstasy, a secret liquor, a fire that inflames his blood to coldness so that the rocks seem rather to leap at the sea than the sea to envelop them. They strain forward to grasp ships or even the sky itself that bends down to be torn upon them. To which he says, It is I! I who am the rocks! With out me nothing laughs. Article/200909/83893WHO attacks tobacco firms 世界卫生组织指责烟草公司Thailand has some of the toughest anti-tobacco laws 泰国是拥有最严厉的禁烟法律的国家之一 The World Health Organisation (WHO) has attacked tobacco companies over their marketing practices, saying they are particularly targeting young people in Asia. In a campaign entitled "Tobacco Kills - Don't Be Duped" for World No Tobacco Day on Wednesday, the organisation criticised the sponsorship, and advertising of tobacco in films, music and sports. "We want to highlight the dubious, deceptive practices of the industry," said Derek Yach, project manager of the WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative. South East Asia now has the world's second highest growth rate of smokers after the Middle East, Mr Yach said. 世界卫生组织(WTO)指责烟草公司的市场运作,说它们特意将亚洲青年人作为作为销售对象。在周三世界无烟日,世界卫生组织发起了一场名为“吸烟害命,不要被骗”的活动,谴责烟草公司在电影、音乐和体育中作赞助和广告。世界卫生组织的“无烟发起者组织”的项目负责人戴莱克-亚科说,“我们想引起人们对这一行业不明朗的、欺骗性的操作的注意。”戴莱克-亚科说,现在东南亚是仅次于中东的世界上烟民增长速度最快的地区。 Article/200803/31755Broadcast: December 5, 2004((THEME)) VOICE ONE:I'm Faith Lapidus.VOICE TWO:And I'm Steve Ember with People in America in VOA Special English. Today, we begin the story of the life of a famous Southern writer, William Faulkner. He wrote about an imaginary place and described changes in the American South. ((THEME))VOICE ONE:William Faulkner was born at the end of the nineteenth century. It was a time when there were two Souths in the ed States. The first was the South whose beliefs had existed from before the American Civil War which began in eighteen sixty-one. This South did not question rules, even when those rules did not satisfy human needs. It was a South filled with injustice for black people. It held the seeds of its own destruction. The other South was a land without any beliefs. It was a place where success was measured by self-interest. This was a South where each person had lost his place in the group. It was a place where people owned things that they did not know how to use. Faulkner Faulkner saw that the old beliefs were not right or even worth believing. And he saw that they could not provide justice because they were based on slavery. Yet he felt that even with their lies and half truths the old beliefs were better than the moral emptiness of the modern South. VOICE TWO:In Faulkner's story called "The Bear" a group of men are talking after the day's hunt. One man s from a poem by the English writer, John Keats:"'She cannot fade, though thou has not thy bliss, Forever wilt thou love, and she be fair. '"He's talking about a girl," one man says. The other answers, 'He was talking about truth. Truth is one. It doesn't change. It covers all things which touch the heart -- honor and pity and justice and courage and love. Do you see now. '"The American writer, Robert Penn Warren says about Faulkner, "The important thing is the presence of the idea of truth. It covers all things that involve the heart and define the effort of man to rise above the mechanical process of life. "VOICE ONE:Faulkner has been accused of looking back to a time when life was better. Yet, he believes that truth belongs to all times. But it is found most often in the people who stand outside what he calls "the loud world. "One of the people in his story "Delta Autumn" says, "There are good men everywhere, at all times. "Faulkner's great-grandfather accepted the old beliefs. He was one of the men who had helped build the South, but his time was gone. Now money had replaced the old order of honor. What Faulkner saw was that there could be no order at all, no idea of doing what is right, in a world that measured success in terms of money. VOICE TWO:This is the changing South that Faulkner describes in the area he created. He named it Yoknapatawpha County. He describes it as in the northern part of the state of Mississippi. It lies between sand hills covered with pine trees and rich farmland near the Mississippi River. It has fifteen-thousand-six-hundred-eleven people, living on almost four-thousand square kilometers. Its central city is Jefferson, where the storekeepers, mechanics, and professional men live. The rest of the people of Yoknapatawpha County are farmers or men who cut trees. Their only crops are wood and cotton. A few live in big farmhouses, left from an earlier time. Most of them do not even own the land they farm. The critic Malcolm Cowley says, "Others might say that Faulkner was not so much writing stories for the public as telling them to himself. It is what a lonely child might do, or a great writer. "((Music Bridge))VOICE ONE:William Faulkner was born in New Albany, Mississippi, in eighteen-ninety-seven. His father worked for the railroad. William's great-grandfather had built it. His grandfather owned it. When the grandfather decided to sell the railroad, William's father moved his family thirty-five miles west to the city of Oxford. Growing up in Oxford, William Faulkner heard stories of the past from his grandmother and from a black woman who worked for his family. He heard more stories from old men in front of the courthouse, and from poor farmers sitting in front of a country store. You learn the stories, Faulkner says, without speech somehow from having been born and living beside them, with them, as children will and do. VOICE TWO:Faulkner was a good student. Yet by the time he was fifteen he had left school. Except for a year at the University of Mississippi at the end of World War One, that was the last of his official education. He took a number of jobs in Oxford, but did not stay with any of them. He began to think that he was a writer. Then in nineteen-eighteen the woman he loved married another man. Faulkner left Mississippi and joined the British Royal Flying Corps. He was sent to Canada to train to fight in World War One. The war ended before he could be sent to Europe. He returned to Oxford, walking with difficulty because of what he said was a "war wound. "VOICE ONE:At home Faulkner again moved from one job to the next. He wrote bad poetry, drew pictures that looked like other men's pictures, and wrote uninteresting stories. A book of his poetry, The Marble Faun, was published in nineteen-twenty-four. A year later he went to the Southern city of New Orleans, Louisiana. There he met the American writer, Sherwood Anderson. They became friends. Anderson told Faulkner to develop his own way of writing, and to use material from his own part of the country. He also told Faulkner he would find a publisher for the novel Faulkner was writing. But Anderson also told Faulkner that he would not the book. VOICE TWO:The book was called “Soldier's Pay.” It would not be remembered today if it were not for Faulkner's later work. The same could be said of Faulkner's next book, “Mosquitoes.” Money from these books made it possible for him to travel to Europe. He educated himself by ing a large number of modern writers. Among them was the Irish writer James Joyce. From him, Faulkner learned to write about people's inner thoughts. He also the books of the Austrian doctor, Sigmund Freud. From him, Faulkner learned some of the reasons people act in the strange way they often do. Instead of remaining in Paris, as many American writers did, Faulkner returned to Mississippi and began his serious writing. "I was trying," he said, "to put the history of mankind in one sentence. " Later he said, "I am still trying to do it, but now I want to put it all on the head of a pin. " He created Yoknapatawpha County and its people, and gave them a meaning far beyond their place and lives. ((MUSIC BRIDGE))VOICE ONE:In nineteen-twenty-nine Faulkner married Estelle Oldham, the woman he had loved since they were in school together. Her earlier marriage had failed. She had returned to Oxford with her two children. They bought an old ruined house and began the costly work of repairing it. Faulkner also took on the job of supporting the rest of his family. His letters from this time on are often full of talk about what he must do to support his family and to continue the repairs to his house. VOICE TWO:Faulkner's next book, “Sartoris,” presents almost all the ideas that he develops during the rest of his life. First, however, the book Faulkner wrote had to be cut by about twenty-five percent. Faulkner resisted. He said, if you grow a vegetable, you can cut it to look like something else, but it will be dead. Yet, when Faulkner the book after his editor cut it, he approved. He even cooperated in more re-shaping of the book. In “Sartoris,” Faulkner found his subject, his voice, and his area. He writes about the connection between an important Southern family and the local community. He describes how the Sartoris family seems to help in its own destruction. VOICE ONE:In the next seven years, between nineteen-twenty-nine and nineteen-thirty-six, he seemed to re-invent the novel with every book he wrote. "Get it down," he said. "Take chances. It may be bad, but that's the only way you can do anything good. "At that time, most novels about the South described a land that never existed. After Faulkner, few northerners were brave enough to write about a South they did not know. And no serious Southern writer was willing to describe a South that did not exist. (THEME)VOICE TWO:This program was written by Richard Thorman. It was produced by Lawan Davis. I'm Steve Ember. VOICE ONE:And I'm Faith Lapidus. Join us again next week for the rest of the story about William Faulkner on People in America in VOA Special English. ((THEME)) Article/200802/28032

At that moment a group of people passed just behind him and he caught a few words of what they were saying.正巧,一群人从他身后走过,他听见了些只言片语:;; packed with Muggles, of course;;;;;当然,到处都是麻瓜;;;Harry swung round. The speaker was a plump woman who was talking to four boys, all with flaming red hair. Each of them was pushing a trunk like Harry#39;s in front of him ; and they had an owl.哈利转过身,发现刚才说话的是一个肥胖的女人。她正和四个长着火焰般红发的小男孩讲着什么。男孩们每个人都在推着他们前面一个和哈利的皮箱一模一样的箱子,而且他们有一只猫头鹰。Heart hammering, Harry pushed his cart after them. They stopped and so did he, just near enough to hear what they were saying.哈利推着小轮车紧跟着他们,心里七上八下。每当他们停下,哈利也跟着停在近得刚好可以听清他们间对话内容的地方。;Now, what#39;s the platform number?; said the boysrsquo; mother.;现在,站台的号码是多少了?;孩子们的母亲问。;Nine and three-quarters!; piped a small girl, also red-headed, who was holding her hand, ;Mom, can#39;t I go;;;九又四分之三!;一个牵着她的手的同样是红头发的女孩尖声说道,;妈,我能不能去;;;;You#39;re not old enough, Ginny, now be quiet. All right, Percy, you go first.;;你还不够年纪。金妮,听话,安静点啊。来,伯希,你先上。;What looked like the oldest boy marched toward platforms nine and ten. Harry watched, careful not to blink in case he missed it ; but just as the boy reached the dividing barrier between the two platforms, a large crowd of tourists came swarming in front of him and by the time the last backpack had cleared away, the boy had vanished.较年长的一个孩于朝着第九、十站台大步走去。哈利瞪大眼睛看着,生怕一眨眼便错过了好戏。就在那男孩刚好走到两个站台的分界线时,一大群游客突然蜂拥地出现在他面前,就在最后一个旅行背包被运走之前,男孩已经消失了。;Fred, you next,; the plump woman said.;弗来德,你跟上。;胖女人说。;I#39;m not Fred, I#39;m George,; said the boy. ;Honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother? Can#39;t you tell I#39;m George?;;我不是弗来德,我是乔治。;其中一个男孩说道,;夫人,老实说吧,还说自己是我们的妈妈呢,难道你连我乔治都认不出来?;;Sorry, George, dear.;;哦,乔治;;对不起!我的心肝宝贝。;;Only joking, I am Fred,; said the boy, and off he went. His twin called after him to hurry up, and he must have done so, because a second later, he had gone ; but how had he done it?;我开玩笑罢了,我确实是弗来德。;男孩说着上路了,他的孪生兄弟在身后催促他快点,而他确实很快,一瞬间便消失了,可究竟他是怎么做到的呢?

About 100,000 people die each year in US hospitals from infections that they get while they are in the hospital. Less than half that many die on US highways. The hospital deaths are due to poor housekeeping and poor hygiene. Floors, walls, and doors are not cleaned regularly or thoroughly. Room dividers are almost never cleaned. The carts that carry food trays, and the trays themselves, are usually contaminated from handling and coughing. Cooks and other food handlers can easily infect the food by not washing properly after using the bathroom.Doctors and nurses are just as guilty as other staff. Doctors rarely clean their stethoscopes after each patient. Nurses apply blood pressure cuffs to patient after patient without cleaning the cuffs. Doctors often put on gloves without washing their hands first. As a result, the germs on their hands are transferred to the outside of the gloves.Consumer groups warn patients that they must demand cleanliness. If they see or suspect unsanitary conditions, they must tell someone immediately. It could be a matter of life or death. But, as one patient said, "No way! You don't tell your boss that he has bad breath, and you don't tell your doctor that he needs to wash his hands." Article/201104/131266

On the night of December 1, 1930, a dense fog moved over the Meuse Valley, in Belgium. Many factories in the valley poured smoke and fumes into the foggy air. This created a dark smog of smoke and fog combined. People in the valley began to cough and train for breath. The smog remained for four days. During that time, thousands of people became ill. The hospitals were filled with patients. Sixty people died. Most of them were older persons with heart and lung problems. Finally, a heavy rain washed away the smog. Scientists studied the causes of the disaster. They concluded that the illnesses and deaths were caused by chemicals in the smog.The first reported event of this kind in the ed States happened in Donora, a factory town in a valley near Pittsburgh. In 1948, a killer smog made half of the population sick, there were 17 deaths. Again, older people with lung or heart diseases were hit hardest.London, England, has always been known for its "black fogs." In the winter of 1952, a milky white fog rolled into the city. It soon turned into black smog as the smoke of the city poured into the air. It was so hard to see that people had to walk in front of the buses to guide them. In this way, the most serious air pollution disaster in history began. When it was over, more than 4,000 people had been killed by the thick black smog.New York City has had several London-type smogs since 1950. Each time, there were from 100 to 400 deaths caused by the smog. Although these smogs were not as deadly as London's, New York City has the worst air pollution problem in the ed States.In all the killer smogs, factories and homes poured smoke and fumes into the air from the furnaces. The chemical fumes combined with the water droplets in the fog to form harmful substances. These substances caused the illness of those who breathed the polluted air.Usually, such harmful fumes rise into the upper air and are blown away by the wind. But sometimes there is an unusual weather condition called a temperature inversion. A layer of cold air remains near the ground as smoke and fumes pour into it. This is covered by an upper layer of warm air that acts like a lid. It prevents the polluted cooler air from rising. The harmful fumes pile up and make people ill. The smog may be so thick that airports are closed and chains of collisions occur on the highways.Another type of smog occurs in Los Angeles. Here the weather may be clear and sunny. But stinging eyes and dry coughs show that harmful chemicals fill the air. The smog is due to invisible gases, mostly from automobile exhaust. Because these chemicals are changed by the sun high up in the air, Los Angeles smog is called photochemical smog. It contains automobile exhaust fumes and nitrogen oxides changed by the sun's rays. Added to these are sulfur dioxide and other fumes from factories and oil refineries. Photochemical smog is found in many large cities all over the world.Killer smogs don't happen very often, fortunately. But in many large cities, a combination of automobile exhaust fumes, home furnace smoke, and factory waste gases pours into the air. This may also happen in the suburbs, or out in the country, where large factories have been built. A number of harmful substances have been found in the air there. When these substances are breathed in day after day, the health of the population is affected.在1930年12月1日夜,一场浓雾漂移到了比利时的默兹山谷地区。在这山谷中的许多工厂都把烟尘和各种有害的微粒排放到这一场大雾当中了,于是就形成了烟与雾结合在一起的一大片浓黑的烟雾。这一山谷里的人们开始咳嗽,呼吸紧张。这场烟雾在这山谷里足足延续了四天,在这四天里成千上万的人病倒了。各家医院里都挤满了病人。结果60人死亡。死者中绝大多数都是患有心脏病和肺病的老人。最后,是一场大雨把这场烟雾冲洗掉了。科学家倦研究了这场灾难之后得出结论说,这场烟雾中的有害化学物质导致了人伞兵生病和死亡。据报导,在美国的第一起这类事件发生在靠近匹兹堡的多诺拉。多诺拉是一个城镇,那里全是工厂。在1948年,一场烟雾导致了该镇有壮大数人口生了病,17人死亡。这里也还是患有肺病或心脏病的老年人受害最重。英国伦敦一向以其"黑雾"称著于世。在1952年冬季,一厚层奶白色的雾滚滚漂进伦敦的空气当中。这场雾浓得令人什么也看不见,以致人们不得不步行在公共汽车的前头引导着司机慢慢开车前进。就这样,开始了历史上最严重的一场空气污染所造成的灾难。灾难结束时有四千多人被这场浓黑的烟雾夺去了生命。自从1950年以来,美国纽约市发生了数起类似伦敦型的烟雾杀人事件。每次都因为有毒烟雾导致了一百到四百人的死亡。虽然这些烟雾令人致死的程度没有伦敦烟雾那样厉害,但是纽约市的空气污染问题在全美国是最坏的,最严重的。在所有这一切烟雾杀人的事件当中,都是由于各大小工厂和各个家庭把他们炉火中的烟尘和微粒排放到空气中所造成的。这些化学微粒同雾中的极微小的水珠结合起来就形成了各种有害的物质,这些有害物质是那些呼吸这些被污染了的空气的人致病的原因。一般情况下,这些有害的微粒漂浮到空气的上层以后,会被风吹走。但有时会有一种被称作"温度逆增"的不平常的天气状态。当烟尘和微粒拜谢到空气中以后,有一层冷空气仍然在贴近地面。这层冷空气就阻挡了这些被污染的冷空气,使之不能上升的高空中。这些有害的微粒越聚越多,于是就使人生病了。这些烟专利号有时很浓以致各个机场被迫关闭,公路上发生了一串一串的汽车相撞的事件。在美国洛杉矶出现过另一种烟雾。这里天气晴朗阳光灿烂,但是人们感到眼睛刺痛,出现干咳嗽。这些症状表明空气中充满了有害的化学物质。这种烟雾是由看不见的无色气体所组成,这种气体主要是汽车尾气中的微粒和被阳光照射后起了化学变化的氮氧化物,此外还有从工厂和炼油厂排放出来的二氧化碳和其他的悬浮微粒。在全世界很多大城市中都发现有光化学烟雾。幸好,这种烟雾杀人事件并不是经常发生的。但在许多大城市中,都把汽车尾气中的微粒、家庭火炉冒出来的烟尘及工厂的废气汇合在一起排放到空气中去了。这种做法也会出现在郊区或城市的农村,因为这些地方都盖起了大型的各类工厂。在这些的空气中发现有很多的有害化学物质,人们日复一日地呼吸了这些有害物质,身体健康就会大受影响。 Article/200802/27990

But the HEPA filter for Oliver’s Vibe got dirty very quickly. And, it was not cleanable—it was simply replaceable. When it turned filthy brown, Oliver went back to Target to buy a new filter.Oddly, Target sold the F15 belt for the Vibe, but not the filter. He informed the store manager. She said she would e-mail this discrepancy to Target headquarters. She told him to try Sears or Wal-Mart. If they didn’t have it, he could try the Dirt Devil web site. He drove to Wal-Mart and to Sears, but neither carried the filter. The Sears salesman told him to try the vacuum cleaner repair shop on East Colorado.Oliver drove to the address, but the shop was closed. A note on the door said, “Because of car problems, the store is not open today. We will be open on Monday, if we can get the car fixed.” If they had car problems, how did they leave the note on the door, Oliver wondered.When he got home, he went online to Dirt Devil. The F15 filter was only .99. But shipping (5-7 days) was an extra .95. Express shipping (1-2 days) was .70.Including driving time, Oliver figured that he had spent two irritating hours that day looking for one stupid filter. He wondered how much of his life he had wasted just searching for things. Article/201108/149241

On Friday afternoon a judge sentenced lawyer Mickey Mantle to 24 hours in jail for contempt. Mantle had just won a lawsuit against a man who had struck Mantle’s client. The client had accidentally spilled a diet soda onto the defendant’s new sneakers, so he broke the client’s jaw. The judge sentenced the defendant to two years in jail for assault and battery. But after handcuffing the defendant, the sheriff’s deputy also handcuffed Mantle. “What the heck do you think you’re doing?” Mantle shouted.“Sorry. Judge’s orders,” replied the deputy, as he escorted Mantle and the defendant out of the courtroom. “She said to throw you in jail overnight for contempt of court.” Because the judge had aly left the courtroom, Mantle had no one to protest to.Mantle and the convicted man were put in the back of the same van and driven five miles to the city jail. When they were taken out of the van, Mantle had a black eye and a bloody nose. He told the deputy that the defendant had head-butted him. The defendant called Mantle a liar. He told the deputy that Mantle had gone flying when the van made a sharp turn and banged his face on the defendant’s knee.The deputy took Mantle to the jail emergency room. Mantle couldn’t believe what was going on. He was a respected lawyer about to spend the night in jail with violent criminals, some of whom he’d helped to convict. He’d be lucky to get out alive. And all because of a stupid cup of coffee.Mantle was in jail because he had displeased Judge Brown. Brown had asked Mantle to bring her a caffe latte from Moonbucks on Mantle’s way back from lunch. Mantle had had previous run-ins with Brown. He didn’t like Brown, and refused to be her errand boy. When Mantle returned from lunch, she asked him where her coffee was. Mantle said, “They ran out. They said to come back tomorrow.” Article/201108/147102

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