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Deposit the package寄存包裹Excuse me, sir. But you have to put your bags here bee entering the market.打扰一下,先生,在进入超市前您应该把包放在这里Oh, I am sorry. I was busy looking some whisky. Can you tell me the exactly place where I can find any?哦,抱歉我在忙着找威士忌你能告诉我准确的地点吗?Yes. They are on the third floor.好的,在三楼 85596As Japanese nationalism is fueled by friction with neighbors, hostile demonstrations against the countrys Korean residents are gathering steam, raising concerns among leaders and setting off soul-searching among Japans largely homogeneous population.随着日本与邻国的擦点燃了日本的民族主义热情,反对旅日韩国人的敌意示威活动开始升温,引起了领导人的担忧,也引发了日本多为单一民族的民众的反思。While attendance at the rallies is small and such extreme actions are far from entering the mainstream of Japanese politics, the demonstrations of nationalist activists using hate speech and intimidation have grown in size and frequency in recent months. One target has been the central Tokyo neighborhood of Shin-Okubo, known for Korean restaurants and shops selling South Korean pop-culture goods. Starting in February, groups of 200 or so demonstrators have descended on its busy weekend streets, waving Japanese flags and carrying signs that Roaches and Go Back to Korea. They shouted in unison: Lets Kill Koreans, language that passersby told local television they found shocking.尽管集会规模不大,且这样的极端行为远未进入日本政界的主流,但近几个月,这样的示威活动规模不断壮大,次数有所增多,民族主义活动人士在示威中发表仇恨和恐吓言论。他们的一个目标是东京中心地区新大久保(Shin-Okubo),这里以韩国餐馆和售卖韩国流行文化商品的店铺知名。从今年2月开始,大约200名示威者组成的队伍周末来到这里繁忙的街道上,挥舞日本国旗,高举写着“”和“滚回韩国”的标语。他们齐声高呼:“让我们杀了韩国人”。路人对当地电视台说,这样的言论让他们感到震惊。Similar, though smaller, rallies have been held every weekend across Japan. While the demonstrations have raised tensions, there have been no reports of violence.日本各地每周末都举行类似的但规模更小的集会。尽管示威活动令局势紧张,但一直没有有关使用暴力的报道。Alarmed, some lawmakers have started calling for new regulation to ban hate speech, a term unfamiliar to most in Japan where immigration is tightly controlled and racial and ethnic minorities -- mostly descendants of Koreans brought to Japan before and during World War II -- account for less than 1% of the population.一些议员警觉起来,开始呼吁制定新的法规禁止发表仇恨言论。仇恨言论这个词对日本大部分人来说都是陌生的。在日本,外来移民申请受到严格控制,少数民族和种族不到总人口的1%。日本的外来移民多为二战前和二战期间被带到日本的韩国人的后裔When they started shouting Kill Koreans on the streets early this year, I knew they had crossed the line, said Yoshifu Arita, an opposition lawmaker leading a debate in parliament along with a dozen colleagues.反对党议员有田芳Yoshifu Arita)说,今年初他们开始在大街上高呼“杀死韩国人”时,我就知道他们已经越界了。这位议员和10多位同事牵头议会的一个辩论。The emergence of openly racist sentiments come as Japan finds itself mired in thorny disagreements with China and South Korea over territories and Japans role in World War II. A poll jointly released this month by Japans Genron NPO and South Koreas East Asia Institute showed that 37% of respondents in Japan and 77% in South Korea said they had negative images of the other nation.公开浮现这种民族主义情绪正值日本发现自己陷入与中国和韩国的尖锐争端中,争端的起因是领土问题及日本在二战中的角色。日本智库Genron NPO 和韩国的东亚研究East Asia Institute)联合发布的调查显示,日本37%的受调查者和韩国77%的受调查者说他们对于对方国家存有负面印象。To be sure, rallies in Japan touting extreme racism are small and free of physical violence. By comparison, antinuclear rallies in Japan after the 2011 accident in Fukushima drew tens of thousands of protesters. In China, as tensions heightened over disputed islands last year, anti-Japan sentiment led to the burning of Japanese-owned businesses and the harassing of Japanese tourists. In South Korea, protesters recently burned Japanese flags and an effigy of Mr. Abe.不过,日本宣扬极端种族注意的集会规模不大,而且没有出现躯体暴力。相比之下,2011年福岛核事故后发生的反核集会吸引了数万抗议者。在中国,因为去年发生的岛屿争端令中日两国关系吃紧,反日情绪高涨导致了一些暴力行为,比如焚烧日资企业,骚扰日本游客等。在韩国,抗议者近期焚烧了日本国旗和安倍晋三人偶。In 2010, the ed Nations urged Japan to ban hate speech. Tokyo responded by citing a possible conflict with the freedom of expression guaranteed by its constitution. (The U.S. takes a similar position.) It added, The government of Japan does not believe that in present-day Japan racist thoughts are disseminated, and racial discrimination are fanned to the extent that would warrant such a new law.2010年,联合国敦促日本杜绝仇恨言论。东京在回应中称,这可能与日本宪法赋予本国公民的表达自由相冲突。(美国的立场与此相似。)回应还说,日本政府并不认为种族主义思想在当下的日本得以传播,而且种族歧视言论也没有被煽动到足以立法应对的地步。Some 50 protesters -- largely men in their 30s and 40s -- were at the rally in front of a shopping mall. One man held a sign warning of a murder date for ethnic Korean city employees.0名抗议者──大都0多岁0多岁的人──参加了在商场前的集会。一名男子举着一个标语,标语上写着一个号召杀死在日本城市中工作的韩国雇员的日期。Separated from them by 100 or so police officers were a group of counteraction protesters, shouting Racists and Shame on you.另外一群与之对抗的抗议者则大喊“你们这些种族主义者”和“不知羞耻”等口号。有大约100名警察将这两拨人隔开。来 /201305/240012Third, enhance competitiveness. Hong Kong must work hard to increase its competitiveness if it is to win in the increasingly intense regional and international competition. It must have better strategic planning for its long-term development and bring into better play the role of the government in promoting economic and social development. It must update its development concepts, encourage and support various innovation programs, enhance the services sector and foster new economic growth points. It must have a thorough understanding of the profound changes in the global economic landscape, make full use of its extensive international reach and its advantages in other areas and grasp critical opportunities for development. At the same time, it is all the more important for Hong Kong to take advantage of the vigorous economic development on the mainland to expand and deepen its exchanges and cooperation with the mainland in order to achieve mutually complementary, win-win and common development.第三,努力提升竞争力。香港要在日益激烈的国际和地区竞争中立于不败之地,必须在提升自身竞争力上下功夫。要加强香港长远发展的战略谋划,更好发挥政府促进经济社会发展作用。要更新发展理念,鼓励和持各类创新活动,不断提高务业水平,培育新的经济增长点。要把握世界经济格局的深刻变化,充分发挥香港国际联系广泛等方面优势,抢占发展先机。同时,更要善于借助祖国内地经济的蓬勃发展,拓展香港与祖国内地交流合作的广度和深度,促进优势互补、互利双赢、共同发展。Fourth, strengthen human resources development. Human resources are the most important strategic resources and lie at the heart of competition in todays world. It is essential to develop education, science and technology and culture with a view to turning out all types of high-caliber professionals at all levels required for the development of various sectors. Priority should be given to nurturing people of leadership quality who love the motherland and Hong Kong, outstanding young potential political leaders in particular, by providing opportunities and platforms for them to stand out and acquire capabilities so that they will carry on the tradition of loving the motherland and Hong Kong and the cause of ;one country, two systems;.第四,努力加强人才培养。人才是最重要的战略资源,当今世界的竞争最核心的是人才竞争。要大力发展教育、科技、文化事业,全方位、多层次培养造就各项事业发展所需要的大量高素质人才。要高度重视爱国爱港人才特别是优秀年轻政治人才培养,为他们增长才干、脱颖而出提供机会和平台,使爱国爱港传统薪火相传、“一国两制”事业后继有人。Fellow Compatriots, Dear Friends,同胞们、朋友们!The central Government will remain committed to implementing the principles of ;one country, two systems;, ;Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong; and a high degree of autonomy, to fully supporting the chief executive and the Hong Kong SAR government in carrying out administration according to law and to maintaining and promoting the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong together with the people of all sectors in Hong Kong. We are confident that with the joint efforts of the Central Government, the Hong Kong SAR government and people of all sectors of Hong Kong, efforts to practice ;one country, two systems; will bear richer fruits and the road to common prosperity and development of both Hong Kong and the mainland will open broader prospects.中央政府实行“一国两制”、“港人治港”、高度自治方针将毫不动摇,全力持香港特别行政区行政长官和政府依法施政将毫不动摇,同香港各界人士一道维护和促进香港长期繁荣稳定将毫不动摇。我们坚信,在中央政府、香港特别行政区政府和社会各界人士共同努力下,“一国两制”实践一定会越来越丰富,香港与祖国内地共同繁荣发展的道路一定会越走越宽广! /201207/189294

A:Doctor,Ive been suffering from insomnia recently大夫,我近来一直失眠,and that makes me feel rather depressed.这让我十分沮丧.B:How long has this been going on?这种情况有多久了?A:Ever since the start of the Olympic Games.自从奥运会开始以来.B:Then you must be an athlete.那么,你一定是一名运动员了.A:Yes,Im an athlete.I like everything in Beijing是的,我是田径运动员,我喜欢北京的一切.The only thing that worries me is the game.唯一令我感到不安的是比赛.B:I can understand. As an athlete,you want to get the best result,我能理解,作为一名运动员,你想取得最佳成绩,so you are under a great pressure所以你压力很大,which has made you rather nervous and you cant fall asleep.这使你十分紧张,而且失眠.A:What should I do?我该怎么办?B:I can give you some medicine to help you sleep better.我可以给你开些药,让你晚上睡得好点儿.But a more important thing is to overcome your nervousness.但更重要的是你要克紧张情绪.Dont you remember the sayingFriendship First Competition Second?难道你不记得友谊第一,比赛第二这句话了吗?So get your worries忘记你的烦恼吧.A:What you have said makes me feel much better now,Doctor.大夫,你的一番话令我感到好多了.I think I can sleep well tonight.Thank you very much.我觉得今晚能睡个好觉了.谢谢.B:Good luck.祝你好运. 5

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