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Veteran tabby Nutmeg has outlived all of his nine lives to become the world oldest cat at the grand old age of 31.一只名叫肉豆蔻的老虎斑猫已经活得比九条命还要长了,它以31岁的高龄成为了当今世界上最长寿的猫That makes the OAP – old age pussycat – 1 in human years. Despite having just three teeth and being no longer willing to venture outside looking adventure, Nutmeg is still going strong.这只“可以领退休金”的老猫相当于人类的1岁尽管只剩下了三颗牙齿,也不再愿意去室外探险,但肉豆蔻还是很健康He inherits the title from Scooter, a Siamese from Mansfield, who was named a record breaker at the age of 30 by the Guinness Book Of World Records but died in May.肉豆蔻是从Scooter手中接过的这个头衔,那是一只来自曼斯菲尔德的暹罗猫,曾经在30岁的时候打破了吉尼斯世界纪录,成为了最长寿的猫,但是在同年五月份去世了The average lifespan of a cat is about years. However Nutmeg owners Liz and Ian Finlay say the secret to their cat long life is being spoilt rotten.普通猫咪的寿命大约是年,但是肉豆蔻的主人丽思和伊恩·芬利表示,他们让宠物猫长寿的秘诀就是溺爱The couple, from Tyne and Wear, confess to regularly feeding him treats including tuna, cream and hot roast chicken.来自泰恩威尔郡的这对夫妇称,他们通常喂肉豆蔻的食物包括金鱼、奶油和烤鸡Ian, 66, said: ;Nutmeg has been very well cared . He has his own room in the house.;66岁的男主人伊恩说道:“肉豆蔻得到了非常细致认真的照顾,它在这个家中甚至有自己的房间”Nutmeg has accompanied Ian and shop worker Liz, 6, through life as they celebrated landmark wedding anniversaries, moved home and mourned the loss of loved ones.肉豆蔻一直陪伴在伊恩和已经6岁的车间工人丽思的身边:无论是庆祝结婚纪念日、搬家或是当他们沉浸在失去亲人的苦痛中的时候Liz added: ;Nutmeg is like a lovable old grandpa. He is very gentle.;丽思补充说道:“肉豆蔻像是一位可敬的老爷爷他非常绅士”But she admitted: ;He has changed as he has got older – just like humans do. He is grumpier now and his meow is more like a growl.但是她也承认:“随着年龄的增加,它也在变化--就像人类一样现在的它性格暴躁而且声音更像是在咆哮”;He had a stroke last year and the vet told us we might want to consider putting him down. We decided that if he was going to die it would be with us at home, but he slowly recovered.;“去年它中风了,当时兽医告诉我们,可能要考虑放下它了我们当时想,如果它真的要死了,也要在我们的怀中、在家里离世,但是它竟然慢慢的康复了” 98

1.I’ll look into it. 我将会调查此事.How are you?I’m glad to meet you here. 您好!在这里见到您真高兴3.We haven’t seen you a long time. How are you getting along? 我们好久没见面了,您好吗?.Wish you a successful visit. 祝您访问成功5.Merry Christmas!圣诞快乐!6.Happy new year!新年快乐!7.Wish you good luck!祝您好运!8.Wish you a happy festival! 祝您节日愉快!9.After you,please,sir. 先生,您先请50.Thank you your compliment. 谢谢您的赞扬51.Thank you your kind understanding. 谢谢您的谅解5.What’s the matter?May I help you? 怎么了?我可以帮你吗?53.I have come to say good-bye. 我是来告别的5.I’d like to say good-bye to you all. 我要向你们大家告别了55.Good-bye then,and don’t get to keep in touch. 那么再见,别忘记了保持联系56.Good-bye then,and remember me to your parents. 那么再见,代我向您父母问好57.How long will you stay here?您在这里住多久?58.May I show you to your room,sir?Hope you’ll enjoy your stay in our hotel. 先生,我带您到房间去,好吗?祝您在我们饭店居住愉快59.Wendy,I’d like you to meet my friend,Sam. 温迪,我给你介绍一下我的朋友,山姆60.How do you like Beijing?您觉得北京怎么样?61.What’s your first impression of China?您对中国的初步印象如何?6.How do you like our hotel? 您觉得我们饭店怎么样?63.Help yourself to dinner,please. 请用餐6.We hope you will come and stay with us again. 希望您再次光临我们饭店65.We hope you had an enjoyable stay,sir. 先生,希望您在这里住的愉快66.Have a pleasant journey home. 祝您旅途愉快67.Thank you choosing our hotel,I hope you enjoy your stay. 谢谢您光临我们饭店,希望您在这里住的愉快68.Thank you very much,sir. Goodbye,hope you have a good flight. 先生,非常感谢您再见,希望您航程愉快69.We are very happy to have you here. Mr. brown. I do hope you are enjoying your stay with us. 布朗先生,我们非常高兴您住在我们饭店,我真心希望您在这里住的愉快70.See you tomorrow,sir. 先生,明天见71.Pleasant journey home. 祝您归途愉快7.Is there anything else that I can do you?您还有别的事情要我帮忙吗?73.Will it trouble you?这会打扰您吗?7.Would you mind if I ……?如果您不介意,我可以……吗?75.If we have any shortcoming,please point it out. 照顾不周,请多指正76.I’m sorry to disturb you. 对不起,打扰了77.I’m sorry,It’s our fault. 对不起,这是我们的错78.Thanks your reminding. 谢谢您的提醒79.We’ll try our best to take some measures so that you can be satisfied. 我们将立即采取措施,使您满意80.Good morning,Room Reservation,may I help you?早上好,客房预订处,请问我可以帮助您吗? 19355

A cat that appears to have human hands has captured the hearts of Twitter users to become the latest feline online sensation.近日,一只似乎长了人手的猫咪引起了推特用户的关注,成为了新晋网红The white and grey cat is carefully positioned so that it looks like the feline has miniature prosthetic human hands instead of paws.这只灰白相间的猫的拍摄位置很巧妙,使得其看起来没有爪子,而是一双微型假肢人手A series of images of the cat were shared online and within hours they had attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of users.有人在网上分享了许多这只猫的照片,在数小时内就吸引了数十万用户的注意The pictures, which have previously surfaced on Twitter and Tumblr, were shared by a woman known only as Emma who wrote: I always knew cats would make me famous.这些图片被一位名叫艾玛的女子分享到了推特和汤乐上,她说:“我知道猫肯定会让我出名”Emma post has been re-tweeted more than 1,000 times, liked by over 0,000 and attracted thousands of comments.艾玛的发帖已经被转载.3万多次,点赞万次,数千次Some viewers expressed admiration the cat, describing it as cute, while others were confused by the image.一些人表示很喜欢这只猫,认为它很“可爱”,而另外一些人则被这些图片搞糊涂了Twitter user Silla Rene said the cat was terrifying. Chalie Robinson agreed, writing: Maybe if the cat had a different face. It haunting.推特用户萨利·雷内称这只猫“很可怕”沙利·罗宾森也表示同意,他写道:“也许是因为这只猫的脸和其他猫不同,一直萦绕在我们心头”Another user, known only as Ciara, wrote: It so funny I cant stop laughing.但是另一名用户西娅拉则写道:“太搞笑了,我笑得停不下来了” 90

Many of the world tallest skyscrapers will make you queasy if you reached their summit.如果你到达世界许多天大楼的最高点,你一定会头晕目眩But these grand buildings could soon look like a bungalow in comparison to a three-mile high skyscraper envisioned by architects.但是,与建筑学家们所构想的这座三英里高的天大楼一比,它们可就成了小平房了They say that the mighty tower could be built by , using 3D printing technology to create walls that could withstand high winds and unique climates.建筑学家们表示,这座高楼可能会在年落成,使用3D打印技术建造出墙壁,可以抵挡强风和极端气候The skyscraper is the vision of Arconic, a materials science company based in New York, as part of its larger campaign called The Jetsons – an homage to the 196 cartoon, set in .这幢天大楼是位于纽约的材料科学公司--阿尔科尼西公司的设想,它是该公司大型活动“登家庭”的一部分,这一活动是为了向196年出品的以年为背景的动画片《登家庭致意Engineers from the firm are working with futurists to imagine how the world will look in 5 years.阿尔科尼西公司的工程师与未来派艺术家一起工作,来设想5年之后的未来世界The team has envisioned the Arconic tower – a three-mile-high skyscraper created using materials that are either in-development or have aly been brought to market.阿尔科尼西公司设想出一幢三英里高的天大楼大楼使用的材料全都是正在开发或已经问世的As well as being staggeringly tall, the tower will also have futuristic features, including smog-eating surfaces, and retractable balconies.除了高到极致,该大楼还很具未来主义特色,包括能够净化雾霾的外表涂层和折叠阳台Arconic is currently working on a project called EcoClean, a special coating that allows building to self-clean and purify the surrounding air.阿尔科尼西公司目前正在研究的一个叫EcoClean的项目,它是一种能帮助建筑物自我清洁并净化周围空气的特殊涂料Sherri McCleary, one of Arconic chief materials scientists, told Business Insider: The functional coating provides aesthetics, it provides maintenance benefits, and it also provides a benefit to the surrounding environment by reducing the content of pollutants around it.阿尔科尼西公司的首席材料学家谢丽·麦卡利在接受《财经内幕采访时表示:“这种功能性涂料不仅美观,维护保养起来也方便由于能减少附近的污染物,对周围环境也有好处” 957

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