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B. Keywords. mixed, uncertainty, longer term. Vocabulary. blue-chips, rally, holiday-shortened week, edge, clouded, strategist. Listen to the second news report, complete the news summary and five statements according to what you hear. US stock prices were mixed on Monday with the blue-chips in a rally mode. But volume was only moderate after a holiday-shortened week last week, showing lingering uncertainty among investors. The Dow Jones Industrial Average went up 75 points, less than 1%, to ,56. The S and P 500 Index gained 7 points, but the NASDOQ composite backed off an early rally, taking a loss of almost one composite , on weakness in selected technology stocks. The Dow Industrials actually got a boost from their technology components. Shares of Intel traded higher, after an analyst said the sales growth at the leading computer-chip maker could be stronger than expected. Microsoft Stock also edged higher. Retail stocks gained on stronger than expected sales over the Thanks giving weekend as the holiday shopping season got underway. However, analysis caution the retail picture is still clouded because many stores offered bargains to attract shoppers. Expects worry that higher oil prices and interest rates will make this a less-than-Merry Christmas season US merchants. The latest on the US economy points to slower growth. Sales of existing homes fell a steep 3.9% in October, their second monthly decline. Many analysts think uncertainty over the economy makes it increasingly likely that the major stock averages will close lower the year. But investment strategist Alan Skrainka says the longer-term looks better. No one can guess what will happen to the market over the next month. But over the long term, we think the market looks very good. If youre a long-term investor, this a very good entry point getting in the market. Because this is what youre been waiting . All the fear and uncertainty in the marketplace is setting us up some very good values in the market. 7宜春新建医院整形宜春腋窝脱毛价格Famous authors: Maya Angelou; Universal Studios; wise versus savvy versus clever; delicatessen; to end up versus to wind upWords:cageracismhighly acclaimedto banhonorary degreerituallecture circuitstudiotheme parkridesetfa?adewisecleversavvydelicatessendelito end upto wind up 3559SBm]C|YAp]Sb*CxF8k+Z7[!W9K3IIDA;J@o-3Za53R5]jnvAtShe was a fast eater. She liked to eat fast. She ate like a wolf. “I am like a wolf,” she said. He was a slow eater. He liked to eat slow. He ate like a turtle. “You are like a turtle,” she said. She didn’t talk at the dinner table. All she did was eat. He liked to talk at the dinner table. He talked about the news. He talked about the weather. He talked about sports. She listened to him talk. She nodded her head. That meant yes. She shook her head. That meant no. He talked. She listened. She never said yes. She never said no. She never said anything. All she did was eat.gKePQelsKI,APMa%W6Dl0U(tR)kogpha)N#)_tIas0-O| 075铜鼓县治疗黄褐斑多少钱

宜春新建医院眉毛切眉提眉价格宜春自体组织隆鼻This is where the school round start six children from Papa Westray, their school is on another island, and to get there this term early, they are taken to the skies. The day begins with Papa Westray airstrip, at once they’ve taken off, there is not far to go, because this is the world’s shortest scheduled air service.From here Papa Westray is only a mile or so away, the children would normally travel across by boat, but the ferry they use isn’t available at the moment. So they are flying high instead.The flight to neighboring Westray lasts just a couple of minutes, this hardly a moment to take in the spectacular scenery below. But as far as the kids are concerned, it’s a pretty cool way to get to school.Nobody else so probably would be Diana, so it’s great and us. Cause we’ll be the only ones that would be Diana at all probably, so it’s a great gift.You hardly get times in. She would just late. Because it’s only lasts two minutes then, Johnny shows us, we sure that. Once they’ve landed, it’s back to normality again with lessons at the Westray School. Loganair which runs Orkney into island air services are sold to this timetable to make sure the children get there each day until the ferry become available again. But now, going home means another take off with a quick hop back to Papa Westray. 88818Ji Won:Come on, Dad, the campus tour starts over there.吉文:来吧,爸爸,学校游园活动起点就在那里The guide is y to begin the walking tour.导游已经做徒步旅行的准备了Guide:Welcome, prospective students and your parents.导游:未来的学生和你们的父母们,非常欢迎My name is Jaime and Ill be conducting your tour today.我是杰米,今天将担任你们的向导This tour will last about an hour,这次旅行会持续大约一个小时,and well be making frequent stops so I can point out some of the most important buildings and areas on this campus.我们会经常停留这样我可以为你们指出在这个校园最重要的建筑和地区Ji Won:Dad, are you listening?吉文:爸爸,你在听吗?Guide:First, let stop on the quad.导游:首先,让我们在这里停下On your left, youll see the administration building.在你的左手边是政府大楼On your right are the student union and bookstore. Let continue.而右手边则是学生会和书店让我们继续Ji Won:Dad, stop checking your email.吉文:爸爸,别看你的电邮了You promised that youd make these campus visits with me and help me make a decision about which university to attend.你答应过让会带我参加学校的游园活动,帮助我决定上哪所大学Guide:Were passing the sports stadium on your left and the arts complex on your right.导游:我们正通过你左边的体育场和右边的艺术中心Those buildings there are the dorms.这些建筑是宿舍The research library is just ahead.前面则是科研图书馆Ji Won:Dad, where did you go?吉文:爸爸,你去哪里了?Guide:Let stop here a moment so I can point out the science buildings and research labs.导游:咱们在这儿停一会儿,这样你就可以继续参观科学建筑和研究实验室Is something the matter?有什么事吗?Ji Won:I think Ive lost my Dad.吉文:我觉得自己把亲爹弄丢了I think well have to take the self-guided tour!我想我们只能自由行了! 3685宜春激光祛痣多少钱Shanghai is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River on China's east coast, with a land area of more than 6,000 square kilometers and a population of million. It's the country's largest economic, financial and commercial center. Compared to Beijing, Shanghai looks more modern and fashionable but seems to lack places of historical interest and other symbols of China's past. But in fact, this vibrant international metropolis is also an ancient city with 700 years of history and culture behind it. The Bund area is the most famous tourist attraction in the city, often referred to as the contour line of downtown Shanghai. It's located on the western bank of the Huangpu River, which is known as the mother river of Shanghai. The area was the earliest settlement eigners in the city. Due to its advantageous geographic location, Shanghai was turned into an open port city in the 180s, and it grew into the most flourishing city in China as well as the financial and trade center of the Far East during the early decades of the th century. The Bund is a typical showcase of Shanghai's links with the Western world during this period of history. Since the 180s, dozens of Western-style buildings were erected in the area eign companies, banks, churches, apartments and hotels. Today the place is home to some 60 historical buildings of various Western architectural styles, such as Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque and Renaissance. At the Bund, visitors can take a cruise along the Huangpu River down to the estuary of the Yangtze River and fully enjoy the elegance and beauty of Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the best places shopping lovers. The city is nationally known as a shopper's paradise, and one of its major shopping districts, Nanjing Road, enjoys a reputation as the No.1 commercial street in China. The street is clustered with both old, time-honored brand stores and ultramodern shopping malls. Here you can find not only all types of Chinese goods, but also the most stylish products from all over the world. Food is always an essential part of a good trip. Shanghai is a haven everyone who craves delicacies from all over the country and around the world. You might feel overwhelmed by the great variety of Chinese and eign cuisines available, but it will be a great pity if you don't taste some delicious Shanghai snacks. The best place to sample the most authentic local snacks is Chenghuangmiao, a marketplace filled with shops, restaurants and food stalls. Here you can enjoy all kinds of tempting Shanghai delicacies. 03高安市中人民医院川字纹八字纹除皱唇纹哪家便宜价格

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