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喜欢shopping的人大(微)概都知道window shopping吧?对,就是“橱窗购物”,也就是只看不买。爱逛街的女孩子们肯定都会说这个词。不过,今天我们要说的是主要针对男同胞的,似乎他们平时不怎么爱逛街,就算到了商场也是买了东西就走人。他们购物所花的时间就叫做shopping window。 Shopping window refers to the time period during which a guy is actually engaged in the shopping experience. This period can last from almost no time at all to literally hours for a metrosexual, and includes all forms of shopping, from the grocery store to designer boutiques. It should also be noted that this period can be increased through witty girl techniques such as handing a guy a blackberry loaded with brickbreaker to play or sitting him in front of a couch with sportscenter.Shopping window指某男逛街时的实际购物时间,我们就称其为“男性购物时间”。这个购物时间可能短到一秒都不到,而对都市美男来说,也可能会持续好几个小时;购物的类型也不拘一格,可能是去杂货店,也可能是去设计师专营店。另外,这个男性购物时间也可以通过借鉴一些女生常用的策略来延长,比如,给陪同的伙伴手里塞个装有打砖块游戏的黑莓手机让他玩,或者安排他坐在前面有sportscenter节目可看的休息沙发上。For example例句:Dude, I am totally down to go try on a few pairs of jeans right now, but I am letting you know that my shopping window is only about 45 minutes today.哥们儿,我现在要去试几条牛仔裤,不过我跟你说好,我今天的购物时间只有45分钟而已。 /201207/190287

Negotiate Before you sign a lease or renew your lease, take the time to talk to your landlord and try negotiating. Oftentimes if you are willing to sign a longer lease, your landlord may be willing to reduce your monthly rent. If he or she doesn't seem receptive to lowering your monthly rent, try getting him or her to include utilities or parking in your rent. 与房主协商在你签下合约或续签合约之前,花点时间跟你的房主协商一下。通常情况下如果你愿意签较长的租约,你的房主可能会给你减一些月租。如果他/她不太愿意给你减月租,那你可以试试让他/她包水电费或停车费。Have Roommates A foolproof way to save money on rent is to have a roommate or two. Take advantage of Craigslist or Roommates.com and find a couple roommates. Living with roommates is much cheaper than renting your own studio or one bedroom apartment.找一个合租人要省钱的可靠方式还是找一个或两个合租的室友。可以上Craigslist或Roommates.com找两个合租伙伴。和两个人一起合租比独自租下一个工作室或一室公寓便宜多了。DIY Decorating Make your apartment feel like a home by decorating frugally. If you enjoy photography, grab your camera and go take some pictures. Then use them as decorations around your apartment. Or, if you enjoy pottery, showcase your creations in your apartment.自己装饰房屋你可以自己简装一下公寓使之看起来更有家的感觉。如果你喜欢摄影,不妨带着你的相机去拍一些照片。然后用它们来装饰你的房间。或者,要是你喜欢陶艺,就在房间里摆上你的作品。Share Food With Your RoommateWith the price of groceries rising, a great way to save money is to share food with your roommate. Invest in a membership to Sam's Club or Costco, set up shopping days with your roommates, and buy in bulk. Then, just split the bill. Or, switch off cooking dinner every night. Cooking in bulk tends to be less expensive than just making one meal at a time. 和室友共享食物随着日用品费用的不断上涨,和室友共享食物是省钱的一大绝招。加入Sam' Club或Costco,设立“购物日”与室友一起购物,买大分量的食物。然后分摊账单。或者每晚轮流做饭。一次做几人份的饭比只做一人份的饭要省钱一些。Watch Your UtilitiesUtilities can add up quickly and be a total budget drainer. When leaving a room, turn off the lights. Don't leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth. Invest in energy efficient lighting. By making small changes to your utility usage, you can save big time.注意你的水电费不注意的话,水电这些费用会让你的花销直线上升直至破产。离开房间的时候,把灯关掉。刷牙的时候关掉水龙头。买个节能灯。花些心思在水电使用上,你可以节省一大笔钱。 /201105/135413



  People who rise early feel happier and more satisfied with life overall, compared to night owls.和夜猫子相比,早起鸟更快乐,整体生活的满意度更高。But the good news for stroppy teenagers is that most people become earlier risers as they age, and this change is also associated with greater feelings of happiness.对于那些难以控制自己的青少年而言,也有好消息。大部分人随着年龄的增长,会习惯早起,这种变化会让人有更强的幸福感。Researchers at the University of Toronto asked more than 700 people about their preferred time of day and how healthy and happy they generally feel.多伦多大学的研究人员询问了700多名人员,问他们最喜欢每天的什么时候,以及他们健康和快乐的程度。They then compared the responses of the group of younger adults aged 17 to 38 with older people ages 59 to 79.研究人员接着把17岁到38岁之间青年人的反应与59到79岁之间老年人的反应进行了对比。Only about seven per cent of young adults are morning larks, while by age 60 most people preferred to be up with the dawn. Just seven per cent of the oldest people in the study described themselves as night owls.青年人中只有7%的人是;早起鸟;,而到了60岁,大部分人都喜欢在黎明起床。在研究中,只有7%的老年人称自己是;夜猫子;。;We found that older adults reported greater positive emotion than younger adults, and older adults were more likely to be morning-type people than younger adults,; study researcher Renee Biss from the University of Toronto reportedly told LiveScience. The ;morningness; was associated with greater happiness emotions in both age groups.据报道,多伦多大学的研究人员芮妮-比什对生活科学网表示,;我们发现老年人的积极情绪比青年人要多。和青年人相比,老年人是‘早起鸟#39;的可能性更大。在两个年龄组中,‘早起鸟#39;更开心。;Morning types also tended to report that they felt healthier than the late risers, according to the study that published in the journal Emotion. The researchers said that this apparent health benefit could come from the extra sleep they would enjoy, as their sleeping schedule would fit with society#39;s expectations of rising early for work.根据发表在《情感》期刊上的研究,;早起鸟;也倾向于说自己比;夜猫子;要健康。研究人员说,这种明显的健康益处可能来自于;早起鸟;额外的睡眠,因为他们的睡眠时间表能适应社会所期望的早起工作。This extra sleep could not only make them feel more alert, but may also boost their immune system.额外的睡眠不仅会让他们更加清醒,而且还能提升他们的免疫系统。;Evening people may be more prone to social jetlag; this means that their biological clock is out of sync with the social clock,; Ms Biss said. ;Society#39;s expectations are far more organized around a morning-type person`s schedule.;;‘夜猫子#39;则更容易面临社交时差;也就是说他们的生物钟和社会时钟脱节了,; 比什女士说。;社会预期更多的是围绕着‘早起鸟#39;的日程安排。;;An evening person may go through their week feeling unhappy because they have to get up earlier than they would like to.; But Ms Biss said there was hope for night owls as it was possible for them to turn themselves into morning people.;‘夜猫子#39;在工作时可能会觉得不开心,因为他们不得不早起。; 但是比什女士说, ;夜猫子;也可以变成;早起鸟;。;One way to do it is to increase your natural light exposure early in the morning, and to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier,; she said. ;It#39;s easiest if you have a consistent schedule, to make sure you are waking up at the same time every day.;;其中一种方法是,增加早晨自然光线照射的时间,早睡早起。;她说。;如果你的作息时间比较规律,这是最容易不过的了,这样你每天都能在同一时刻醒来。; /201206/187874

  Recognize Where the Waste Is   In order to begin a time management program, you need to pinpoint exactly where you are wasting the most time. Likely, there will be many areas where you need better time management. Look at those areas and start working on them every day. Slacking off here or there won’t help you. Be rigid.  了解时间浪费在哪里   开始你的时间管理程序,你要非常精确的找出在什么地方你浪费了大量的时间。你很可能在许多地方更好的管理你的时间,审视这些,开始每天在这些事务上用心,对待任何事情都不要懈怠,那样对你是没有好处的。一定要严格要求自己。 /201008/110791Feeling regret about having bought something is a very unpleasant sort of unhappiness. Even with my under-buying ways, I sometimes come home with something I didn't really need to buy. Stores use extremely clever strategies to winkle customers into making purchases. Here are some strategies to make sure you don't make purchases you regret: 买了东西又后悔是种非常不愉快的感受。即便像我这种“少买”的人,有时还是会买回一些不需要的。商店采用极其聪明的手段引诱顾客消费。下面这些方法能让你买了东西不至于后悔:1. Be wary of the check-out areas. 留心收银台区。There are lots of enticing little items here; ask yourself if you really need something before you add it to your pile. How many times have I picked up a jar of Balmex?那里有许多诱人的小商品。在把它扔进购物车之前,问一问自己是不是确实需要这件东西。有多少次我拿起了一罐Balmex尿片? /201008/111204

  When London#39;s mayor accepted the Olympic flag in 2008 a Chinese farmer who was looking on inside the stadium says he was inspired to travel to the next host city for the Games by the only way he could afford - rickshaw.当伦敦市市长2008年在鸟巢完成奥运会旗交接时,正看着这一幕的一位中国农民决定骑上他的三轮车,一路骑到下一届奥运会的举办城市——伦敦去。骑三轮车去也是他唯一能负担起的去伦敦的方式。In two years Chen Guanming travelled about 60,000km through 16 countries, overcoming floods, war zones, mountain passes and temperatures of -30C. His aim, he said, was to ;sp the Olympic spirit;. He arrived in London on 9 July.在两年里,陈冠明骑行了约60,000公里,途径16个国家,经历过洪水、战争,爬山涉水,忍受过零下30度的低温。他的目标,正如他自己所说,是为了“传播奥运精神”。2012年7月9日,他到达伦敦。John Beeston from Norwood Green in west London discovered him at the top of Lower Regent Street looking ;completely lost and downhearted;.;At first I assumed it was a tourist rickshaw. Then I looked back and thought #39;No, this is something different#39;.;来自于伦敦西部诺伍德格林的约翰?比斯顿在小摄政街的街头发现了他,那时的陈冠明,看起来“迷了路并且无精打采”。“最开始我以为那是一个旅游观光人力车。随后我仔细看了看,认为‘这绝不是简单的旅游观光人力车,它很特别。’”Mr Chen has pictures on his three-wheeled rickshaw of him posing in front of international landmarks and a banner saying he is on a journey of 140,000km (86,992 miles) - which includes China.陈冠明的三轮车上挂着一些他在世界各地著名地标留影的照片,还挂着一个横幅,横幅上写着他的旅行跨越140,000公里,包括中国在内。Mr Beeston, who runs an insurance brokers and travels to China on business, was able to chat to Mr Chen who is unable to speak English. ;I spoke with my limited Mandarin, asking if he was Chinese and he burst into life.; He took him to Soho#39;s Chinatown where Mr Chen told his story and has since been showered with admiration and offers of accommodation. He has even been bought a Jamaican tracksuit top.比斯顿先生,是一位保险经纪人,曾经出差去过中国。他懂一些汉语,所以可以和不懂英语的陈冠明交谈。“我用我所会说的有限的汉语问他是否是中国人,后来他苏醒了。”比斯顿将陈冠明带到了中国的唐人街,陈冠明给大家讲了他的故事。唐人街的人们纷纷表示了对陈冠明的敬佩之情并为他提供了住宿的地方。还有人送了他一件牙买加上衣。#39;London is beautiful#39;伦敦很漂亮His story sounds so fantastical that few would give it house room, but the 57-year-old from Jiangsu province in eastern China, has the passport, press cuttings and book full of messages from around the world, to testify to his feat. ;It#39;s like telling people that a Martian has landed in the garden,; said Mr Beeston. ;But, what he#39;s done isn#39;t dissimilar to what Marco Polo did and the Italians named an airport after him.;陈冠明的故事听起来很不可思议,很多人不相信。但来自于中国东部江苏省的57岁的陈冠明有护照,有环游世界的简报和记录旅行信息的书籍,来明他的故事是真实的。“他的故事讲起来就像在告诉人们花园里住进了一个火星人。”比斯顿说。“但事实上,他所做的和环游世界的马可波罗没有什么大的不同,意大利人甚至还以马可波罗的名字命名了一个机场。”In the first countries - Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam - he had to wring his clothes out seven or eight times a day because of the sweat. It was about 38C. In Thailand, he was caught up in deadly floods. On trying to leave South East Asia he was refused a visa in Burma. ;They couldn#39;t find a Chinese one,; Mr Chen said.在马来西亚、泰国、越南时,陈冠明每天得多次拧干他汗湿的衣。当地的温度高达38摄氏度。在泰国,他还困于大洪水中。当他准备离开东南亚时,在缅甸,他被拒签了。“他们没遇到像我这样的中国人。”陈冠明说。Unperturbed, he backtracked and cycled to Tibet where he wended his way on his gearless bike up 7,000m high mountains. Having crossed Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran he ended up in Turkey where it was -30C and he says he spent four days snowed in. He says he supported himself couriering items along the way for people and through people#39;s donations.虽被拒签,但陈冠明并未灰心丧气,他原路返回骑车到西藏。他一路前行,骑着他没有传动装置的三轮车一直上到高达7000米高的山上。穿越过巴基斯坦,阿富汗和伊朗,陈冠明到达了零下30摄氏度的土耳其,在那儿,他被暴风雪围堵了四天。他说他通过送快递以及人们的捐赠撑他的旅行。 /201207/192732



  Classical: Upper class, personable, intellectual, unattractive and boring古典乐:上层阶级、和蔼、智慧、缺乏吸引力、乏味 /200909/83042

  Hi, I#39;m Charlotte Lawson, a registered, licensed dietitian here in Tampa Bay, Florida.大家好,我是夏洛特劳森。我是一位经过注册资格认的专业营养师,现位于佛罗里达州的坦帕湾。In these days, everybody is trying to save a little money. And when we are on a budget, how do we continue to eat healthy? Well, it can be as simple as just planning a list ahead of time and checking out your grocery ads. Know what you are going into, into the store, is an excellent way to avoid excess purchases.近日来,大家都在省钱。我们在限制消费的时候,如何保自己吃得健康呢?这十分简单,例如,你可以在买东西之前列清单,或是了解促销信息。了解你要去买东西的地方,例如超市,是一种很好的避免购买多余物品的方式。So, when you have that plan, try to stick to it. And don#39;t be afraid to purchase frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. As long as there isn#39;t any additives, such as salts or sugar, these are very excellent ways to have these nutritious foods on hand, that won#39;t spoil often. Sometimes, when we buy fresh produce, we#39;ll let it sit on our counter, and actually the nutrition value starts to diminish. So, these frozen and canned products that are often, sometimes, be cheaper, are still an excellent way to have a nutritious part of a meal.一旦你有了购物计划,就要严格执行。不要害怕购买冷冻的或是罐头果蔬。只要没有一些诸如盐,糖的添加剂。这些营养食物不仅方便食用,通常也不容易变质。当我们买一些新鲜的产品时,我们会摆在厨房的案台上。实际上,食物中的营养价值会流失。因此,这些常常或有时比较便宜的冷冻和罐头食品是一种在一餐中保营养的好方法。Also, don#39;t be afraid to buy meat alternatives. Meat can be a very expensive part of our meal, but looking at low-fat dairy or beans, or other legumes that have excellent sources of protein, may be a cheaper option for your meal. So plan, look for alternatives, and don#39;t be afraid to go outside the box when buying fresh or frozen. So, just make sure you are checking your nutrition labels to help guide you in those healthy choices.还有,不要害怕去买一些肉食替代品。肉食一点都不便宜。但是低脂奶制品,豌豆或其他豆类食物都含有非常丰富的蛋白质,而且比较便宜。所以,要准备买一些肉食替代品。还有,在选择新鲜食材还是冷冻食材的时候,不要害怕打破常规,要留意食物上的营养标签,在选择健康食物方面,这些标签可以给你一些;指导;。I#39;m Charlotte, and happy eating.我是夏洛特,祝您吃得开心。 /201201/168808


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