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That thou art blamed shall not be thy defect,骂你责你并不是你的过失, slander mark was ever yet the fair;因为美人从来难逃流言蜚语The ornament of beauty is suspect,世人的猜忌无异是美人的装饰,A crow that flies in heaven sweetest air.恰如孤鸦飞鸣点缀碧空如洗So thou be good, slander doth but approve才高德广,则谗言只能明Thy worth the greater, being wood of time;你该领受更大的尊重,世不你欺 canker vice the sweetest buds doth love,毒虫恶蛆最偏爱娇花嫩蕊,And thou presentt a pure unstained prime.当心呀,你正当妙龄,纯洁无疵Thou hast passd by the ambush of young days,你已越过青春路上的潜敌,Either not assaild or victor being charged;或安然脱险,或得胜班师,Yet this thy praise cannot be so thy praise,然而对你这样的赞美还远远不够To tie up envy evermore enlarged为你堵住日益扩大的嫉妒之口If some suspect of ill maskd not thy show,倘若恶意的猜忌遮掩不住你的真相,Then thou alone kingdoms of hearts shouldst owe.那你独自一人将拥有多少心灵之邦 5。

每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高啃嚼语段:When they approached the village of Marlott a tear rolled down her cheek.当他们临近马勒特村时,一滴泪珠从她的面颊上滚落下来;Why are you crying?;he asked coldly. “为什么要哭?”他冷冷地问道;I was only thinking I was born over there.; “我只是在想,我出生在那儿”;Well, we must all be born somewhere.; “嗯,我们都是要出生在某个地方的”;I wish I had never been born,there or anywhere else!;she said quietly. “我希望我从没出生过,不论是在那儿还是在别的任何地方!”她轻声说;Well,you shouldnt have come to Trantridge if you didnt want to You didnt come love of me, anyway.;“哦,如果你不愿意你就不应该到纯瑞脊来反正,你也不是因为爱我才来的”;That quite true.If I had ever loved you,if I loved you still,I could not hate myself my weakness as much as I do now.;“一点儿不错如果我曾经爱过你,如果我仍然爱着你,我就不会像现在这么恨自己的软弱无能了”He did not look at her.他没有看她She added,; I didnt understand your intention until it was too late.;她继续说道:“当我明白了你的企图时,已经太晚了”语段精讲:第一、词汇学习1. weakness双语释义:lack of strength, power or determination[U.N.] 软弱,无勇气,无决心典型范例:He thought that crying was a sign of weakness.他认为他哭就可以求得帮助. intention双语释义:purpose or aim[adj.] 意图; 目的典型范例:What do you think was the author intention in this passage?你认为作者写这一段的用意是什么?第二、短语学习1. anywhere else:其他的地方范例:That true, but I dont want to take time to shop anywhere else this morning if I can help it. 话一点儿也不错,可是今天早晨,既然能对付,我不愿再费功夫到别处去买了 Indeed, I do not see that you could possibly place her anywhere else. 的确,我看不出你还有什么更合适的地方安置她The life here is more intense, more violent, more rutted than life anywhere else. 这里的生活比别处紧张,比别处狂热,比别处更积重难返了If we can pick up any other loans he made anywhere else, well and good.假使我们可以探出他在别的任何地方搞到的其他任何借款,那就好极了 . love of:(名词性短语)爱某人范例:His love of languages inclined him towards a career as a translator.他对语言的热爱促使他从事翻译工作Search of knowledge and love of study are inseparable. 追求知识与爱好学习是不可分割的 Love of life got the man through those days in the jungle. 对生命的热爱使那人挺过了在丛林中的那些日子A woman has an inherent love of beauty. 女人天生爱美 3. hate sb. sth:因某事而恨某人范例:He is a kind of disgusting, but I can not hate him it somehow. 他是个讨厌鬼,但我说不上来为什么不讨厌他 I despise him himself, and hate him the memories he revives! 对他本身,我可瞧不起他,而且为了他所引起的回忆而憎恨他!第三、语法点拨1. Well, you shouldnt have come to Trantridge...要点:这句话使用了虚拟语气,谓语结构式should not have done,这是情态动词的虚拟语气的用法,它表示过去的事情本不应该做的但是又做了. I could not hate myself my weakness as much as I do now.要点:这个句子结构是:主语+谓语+as+副词+as+句子3. I wish I had never been born,there or anywhere else!要点:这个句子中的主句有wish这个动词,其后面跟的宾语从句要使用虚拟语气这里是指苔丝对过去的事情的不可实现的愿望,用的是过去完成时态:had been born第四、语句赏析Tess I wish I had never been born,there or anywhere else!赏析:这句话道出了苔丝对自己的生活极其厌倦和痛苦,她根本就不想活在这个世界上想轻生,但是有没有勇气所以只是希望当初母亲没有把她生下来,这样就不用受苦了由于家庭的压力,由于攀附金钱的父母,是她的父母而导致她嫁给这个可恶的亚力克,导致让她在不知情的情况下失去女孩的贞洁可以看出苔丝的内心已经对这个世界体会不到的乐趣,而是痛苦在折磨着她年轻的心灵,让这个年轻的心灵而变得干涸和枯萎Tess If I had ever loved you,if I loved you still, I could not hate myself my weakness as much as I do now.赏析:苔丝说的这句话体现出了她是个爱憎分明的女孩子,对爱负责任,对自己负责任 01。

I wish I didnt take life so seriously我希望我的生活不是一成不变I wish I lived more我希望我过的更加精I wish I gave more happiness to my family我希望我给了家人更多幸福I wish I knew how precious life was我希望我明白生活的宝贵How fleeting, How special时光飞逝,弥足珍贵and at the same time fragile and insignificant而同时又那么脆弱,那么得微不足道I wish I didnt give up on my dream so easy我希望我没有轻易的放弃自己的梦想One day your life will flash bee your eyes有一天,往事将涌现脑海Make sure It worth watching必定要让一切值得回忆When we look back on our lives in our last breaths在我们弥留之际,我们回忆一生We will all wonder我们都会想Did my life mean anything?我的生命有价值吗?Did my life mean anything to this world?我的生命对这个世界有意义吗?Was I loved?我曾被爱过吗?Did I have an impact on anyone else life?我对别人的生活有任何影响吗?Did I matter?我重要吗?We wont be worried about our bills我们将不再为生存而担忧We wont be worried about our hair我们将不会为华发而担忧We certainly wont care about our favourite TV show我们当然也不会在意我们最爱的电视节目We wont spare a second thought others opinions and judgements我们不会浪费任何时间在意别人的看法和评价DID I MATTER?(我们只会在意)我重要吗?Bee you reach that last breath而在你还没有到生命即将结束的时候Today might be the time to make a change今天也许就是做出改变的时刻Make your life matter!让你的生命重要起来吧!One day It will all be over终有一天,一切都将结束There will be dates either side of a dash每个生命都有开始和结束Make sure that dash is not empty不要让生命过程空空如也Make sure it is full of life full of living保它充满生命气息生机勃勃Oscar Wilde once said奥斯卡·王尔德曾说“To live is the rarest thing in the world.世界上最稀罕的事就是生活Most people exist, that is all.”大多数人只是活着,仅此而已And he was right.而他说对了Dont live like everyone else, existing.不要如他人一般,只是活着Be extraordinary.让自己不同寻常Live every moment with passion and wonder让生活的每一刻都充满和奇迹Dont take anything or anyone granted!不要轻看任何事任何人What is important to you你看重什么What dreams do you have你梦想什么Go get them!去追求它们!What are you waiting ?!你还在等待什么?You only have one shot你只有一次生命If you miss the target at least you will live with pride knowing you have no regrets!如果你没有成功,但至少你的生命充满骄傲,没有遗憾Who do you love? Who has loved you?你爱着谁?谁又爱过你?Tell them! Tell them now!告诉他们,现在就告诉他们You never know when it will be your last chance.你永远不知道这是否是你最后的机会Dont take this magical thing called LIFE granted不要将奇妙的生命想得理所当然Keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs在别人失去理智的时候,请保持清醒Trust yourself when everyone else doubts you当所有人都质疑你的时候,相信自己Take pride when the haters appear别人嫉恨你的时候,保持自己的骄傲Master your dreams when all others give up on theirs当所有人放弃梦想的时候,把握你的梦想Be the Captain when everyone else is content being the crew当别人满足于做小人物的时候,你要成为掌舵人Be the lion when all others are playing sheep当别人懦弱如绵羊,你要坚强如狮子Be the leader when all others are following当别人随波逐流之时,你要成为领路人Live each day as if it may be your last on earth把每天都当生命最后一天度过It may be.也许那真是最后一天Leave Your Legacy让世界留存你的传奇更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 865。

同化之后的发音类似于汉语里面的zh发音What did you say?She heard your beautiful voice.You made your bed by yourself, didn’t you?Who would you like to speak to?How did they find you? 80。

Cherise: Rise and shine! Isnt it a lovely day? I love getting back to nature. There nothing like going camping. How did you sleep?雪妮丝: 快起来!真是美好的一天啊!我爱回归大自然的感觉没有什么可以比得上户外露营了!你睡得怎么样?Evan: That was the most miserable night of my life!埃文:昨晚真是我人生中最悲惨的一晚!Cherise: Really? What happened?雪妮丝:真的吗?发生了什么事情?Evan: I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I heard a bear. I got up, stubbed my toe, and tripped. I have scratches all over my arms, not to mention these bruises on my legs. See?埃文:我半夜里被一只熊惊醒了于是我就起床,却踢到了脚趾头,而且还摔了一跤现在我的手臂上全是伤痕,更不用说腿上的淤青了看见没?Cherise: Oh, dont you know that there arent any bears this late in the year?雪妮丝:欧,你难道不知道,这么晚是不会有熊出没的?Evan: How should I have known that? This was my first time camping.埃文:我怎么可能知道?这是我第一次去露营Cherise: All right. Why are you holding your neck like that?雪妮丝:好吧你为什么像那样昂着脖子?Evan: I couldnt get comtable at all sleeping on the ground. I woke up with a crick in my neck.埃文:在地上睡觉我很不习惯醒来时脖子就抽筋了Cherise: Stop moving around like that or youll really hurt yourself.雪妮丝:别像那样乱转,不然你真会伤到自己Evan: Oh, I have a cramp in my shoulder! It hurts!埃文:啊,我的肩膀抽筋了!真疼!Cherise: I told you not to twist around like that. Just let it work itself out.雪妮丝:我告诉过你不要团团转慢慢会好的Evan: All of this had to happen to me after getting a stitch in my side and a charley horse hiking five miles yesterday. Ive had it! Im going back to civilization.埃文:昨天徒步行走了5英里后,我的腹部就剧烈疼痛起来,腿也抽筋得厉害我受够了!我要回到文明世界去!Cherise: How are you getting there?雪妮丝:你怎么回去呢?Evan: What do you mean? Im walking.埃文:你什么意思?我走回去Cherise: Without food or water? Youd better wait me or you may end up bear bait after all!雪妮丝:不带食物和水吗?你最好等我一起回去,不然就要葬身熊腹了!原文译文属! 11。

When ty winters shall besiege thy brow,四十个冬天将会围攻你的额头,And dig deep trenches in thy beauty field,在你那美的田地上掘下浅槽深沟Thy youth proud livery so gazed on now,那时,你如今令人钦羡的青春华Will be a tottered weed of small worth held将不免价落千丈,寒伧而又鄙陋Then being asked where all thy beauty lies,如有人问起,何处尚存你当年的美色,Where all the treasure of thy lusty days,或何处有遗芳可追寻你往昔的风流,To say within thine own deep-sunken eyes,你却只能说:;它们都在我深陷的眼里;Were an all-eating shame and thriftless praise.这回答是空洞的颂扬,徒令答者蒙羞How much more praise deserved thy beauty use,但假如你能说:;这里有我美丽的孩子If thou couldst answer, This fair child of mine可续我韶华春梦,免我老迈时的隐忧;,Shall sum my count, and make my old excuse,那么孩子之美就是你自身美的明,Proving his beauty by succession thine.你如这样使用美,方值得讴颂千秋This were to be new made when thou art old,如此,你纵然已衰老,美却会重生,And see thy blood warm when thou feelt it cold.你纵然血已冰凉,也自会借体重温 5871。


The Pros and Cons of Interview面试的利弊It often happens that a number of applicants with almost identical qualifications and experience all apply the same position.许多资历与工作经验几乎相同的求职人员竞聘同一职位,这是常发生的情况In their educational background,special skills and work experience,there is little, if anything,to choose between half a dozen candidates.从他们的教育背景,特殊技能及工作经验方面来看,有五六个应聘者难分高下,How then does the employer make a choice?那么招聘者如果做出选择呢?Usually on the basis of an interview.通常是通过面试来确定There are many arguments and against the interview as a selection procedure.对于将面作为一种招聘人才的方式,人们的意见褒贬不一The main argument against it is that it results in a wholly subjective decision.反对面试取人的主要理由是面试会导致完全主观性的决定As often as not, employers do not choose the best candidate,they choose the candidate who makes a good first impression on them.招聘者往往选择的不是最好的,而是给他们第一印象良好的应聘者Some employers, of course,reply to this argument by saying that they have become so experienced in interviewing staff that they are able to make a sound assessment of each candidate likely permance.当然,对这种反对意见,一些招聘者会说他们自己在面试员工方面经验丰富,能够对每一个应聘者可能会有的表现作出合理的评估The main argument in favour of the interview—and it is, perhaps, a good argument—is that an employer is concerned not only with a candidate ability,but with the suitability of his or her personality the particular work situation.赞同面试的主要理由—或许这还是一个很好的理由—是认为招聘者不仅看重应聘者的能力,还要看应聘者的个性是否能适应特殊的工作环境Many employers, example,will overlook occasional inefficiencies from their secretary provided she has a pleasant personality.比如,对于许多雇主来说,如果他们的秘书具有很好的性格,偶尔的工作失误他们并不在意It is perhaps true to say, theree,that the real purpose of an interview is not to assess the assessable aspects of each candidate but to make a guess at the more intangible things,such as personality, character and social ability.,也许可以说面试的真正目的不是评估每一个应聘者可评估的方面,而是对其无形的方面进行推测,比如,个性,性格及社交能力Untunately, both the employers and applicants jobs,there are many people of great ability who simply do not interview well.不幸的是,无论是雇主还是应聘者,许多人能力很强但面试表现不佳There are also, of course, people who interview extremely well,but are later found to be very unsatisfactory employees.当然,也有人面试很成功,但后来的工作表现并不令人满意Candidates who interview well tend to be quietly confident,but never boastful;direct and straightward in their questions and answers;cheerful and friendly,but never over-familiar;and sincerely enthusiastic and optimistic.面试表现良好的求职者往往很自信,但从不自夸;提问和回答时,言语坦诚直率;乐观友好,但从不过分亲密;真挚,热情,乐观向上Candidates who interview badly tend to be at either end of the spectrum of human behaviour.面试不佳的人往往会表现出人力行为的两种极端,They are either very shy or over-confident.他们或者非常羞涩,或者过于自信They show either a lack of enthusiasm or an excess of it.他们或者缺乏热情,或者热情过度They either talk too little or never stop talking.他们或者只言片语,或者喋喋不休They are either over-polite or rudely abrupt.他们或者过度礼貌,或者鲁莽粗鲁 0。