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The national environmental watchdog has declared that boosting efforts to cut air pollution in northern China, especially winter smog from the burning of coal, is a mission for this year.国家环保总局近日宣布,将努力减少中国北方的空气污染,特别是要减少冬季燃烧煤炭产生的烟雾,是今年的主要任务。Beijing has declared that it will wipe out coal use in its most rural areas by 2020.北京市近日宣布,到2020年,北京大部分农村地区将实现;无煤化;。As much as ;60 percent of smog content is caused by coal burning in the starting phase of each smog;, said Fang Li, an official with Beijing#39;s Environmental Protection Bureau.北京市环保局官员方力表示,百分之60的烟雾是在燃烧煤炭的开始阶段产生的。To start with, Beijing will replace coal-fired heating stoves with those powered by electricity or gas in 400 villages this year, before taking the campaign to the districts of Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai and Shijingshan by 2017, said Guo Zihua, a municipal rural development official.新农办村镇建设处官员郭子华表示,第一步,在2016年,全市400个村庄的燃煤采暖炉将替换成电采暖或燃气采暖装置。2017年,朝阳、海淀、丰台、石景山区也都将推广这一行动。Beijing#39;s downtown districts of Dongcheng and Xicheng eliminated coal burning last year, officials said.官方报道,去年北京市核心区(东城、西城)已经实现;无煤化;。The capital and other places in northern China experienced several smog alerts in November and December, when peak ings were many times higher than the national safety level.首都北京和其他北方地区在11月和12月经受了数次的雾霾侵袭,峰值数据是国家限定指数的很多倍。Burning coal for winter heating has been listed as one of the primary causes of air pollution, Chen Jining, minister of environmental protection, said on Monday at the annual meeting on environmental protection in Beijing.环保部部长陈吉宁周一在于北京召开的年度环境保护工作会议上表示,冬季燃煤取暖已被列为空气污染的主要原因之一。 /201601/422026China ‘may build 20 floating nuclear power plants’ in South China Sea中国也许会在南海造20个移动式核电站BEIJING: China may build mobile nuclear power plants in the South China Sea, state media reported on Friday, days after an international tribunal dismissed Beijing’s vast claims in the strategically vital waters.据报道,中国也许会在南海造移动式核电站。而数天前,一家国际仲裁法庭驳斥北京对该战略重要海域的主张。“Marine nuclear power platform construction will be used to support China’s effective control in the South China Sea,” the website of the state-run Global Times cited the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) as saying on a social media account.环球时报引述中国国家核能集团的话,称“海上核动力平台,能用于援中国在南海的有效控制。”The Global Times cited the report as saying that “marine nuclear power platforms will be used” in the islands and reefs of the Spratly chain in the contested sea “to ensure freshwater”.海洋核动力平台将为中国南沙岛礁提供淡水保障The original report was deleted from CNNC’s account on social media platform WeChat on Friday, and a staffer at the firm told AFP that it “needed to confirm” its accuracy.原来的报道被从核能集团公司的微信账号中删除。公司的一位员工对法新社记者说,需要实报道的准确性。“In the past, the freshwater provision to troops stationed in the South China Sea could not be guaranteed, and could only be provided by boats delivering barrels of water,” the Global Times cited the report as saying.过去,南沙岛礁驻岛官兵淡水供应得不到保障,只能通过小船往岛屿上送桶装水。“In the future, as the South China Sea electricity and power system is strengthened, China will speed up the commercial development of the South China Sea region,” it added.未来,得益于南海电力和能源系统建设力度加强,中国将加快南海地区的商业开发。 /201607/454808

Ant Financial, Alibaba Group#39;s financial service affiliate, announced last Tuesday that it has teamed up with 352 cities in 25 provinces to facilitate government-backed smart city projects, which its rivals - Baidu Inc and Tencent Holdings - also have their eyes on.阿里巴巴集团的金融务子公司蚂蚁金于上周二宣布,它已经与25个省份共352个城市合作,建设政府持的智慧城市项目,其竞争对手——百度公司和腾讯控股也关注这一项目。Ant Financial aims to offer cities a one-stop solution, including the establishment of credit systems and mobile public services, to advance the construction of new smart cities, said Ant Financial CEO Jing Xiandong during the China New Smart Cities Summit in Beijing on Tuesday.蚂蚁金CEO井贤栋在北京举办的中国新型智慧城市峰会上声称,蚂蚁金的目标是为城市提供一站式解决方案,包括建立信用系统和移动公共务,以推进新型智慧城市建设。Jing highlighted Ant Financial#39;s achievements in mobile public services, which he said now cover 150 million people.井贤栋强调了蚂蚁金在移动公共务方面的成就,他表示,现在该务已经覆盖1.5亿人。Users are able to make hospital appointments, pay utility bills and check for traffic tickets via Alibaba#39;s popular mobile payment tool Alipay, which currently has 450 million real-name registered users.用户可以通过阿里巴巴流行的移动付工具付宝(目前拥有4.5亿实名注册用户)进行医院预约、付公用事业账单和检查交通票据。A new smart city must focus on residents#39; needs and promote their quality of life, according to standards issued by the Standardization Administration of China on December 22.根据中国国家标准化委员会于12月22日发布的标准,一个新型智慧城市必须关注居民的需求并提高他们的生活质量。The two other Internet powerhouses in China also have their sights set on new smart city projects in recent days.中国的另外两家互联网公司近年来也对新型智慧城市项目有着自己的看法。Baidu signed a deal with Ningbo, East China#39;s Zhejiang Province, to move forward on local smart city projects by leveraging its artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing technologies.百度公司日前与中国东部浙江省宁波市签署协议,利用其人工智能、大数据和云计算技术来推进当地智慧城市项目。In November, Tencent said it would work with Jiaxing, also in Zhejiang, to achieve similar goals via its big data and cloud computing technologies.在11月,腾讯也曾表示将与浙江省嘉兴市合作,通过大数据和云计算技术实现类似目标。Each of the three giants have distinctive advantages that can be complementary to each other while helping governments#39; efforts in the construction of smart cities.三大巨头都有独特的优势,可以互补,同时帮助政府努力建设智慧城市。 /201701/487721

An Indian lawmaker wants her compatriots to stop spending so much money on weddings.印度的一名议员希望她的同胞不要在婚礼上砸这么多钱。Ranjeet Ranjan, a member of parliament from the eastern state of Bihar, plans to introduce a bill designed to curb excessive wedding expenses in India.来自印度东部比哈尔邦的一名议员兰吉特?兰詹计划提出一项议案来抑制印度过多的婚礼花费。The proposal, should it become law, would require families that shell out more than 500,000 rupees (00) on nuptials to donate 10% of the money spent to a special government fund. The money raised would be used to help poorer families pay for their own weddings.这项提案如果成为法律,它将要求每户婚礼花费超过50万卢比(7500美元)的家庭捐出10%的钱给一项政府特别基金。募集的资金将用来帮助贫穷的家庭付婚礼费用。The bill would also authorize the government to ;fix the limit of guests and relatives and number of dishes to be served; in order to prevent food wastage.法案将让政府有权“限制参加婚礼的宾客亲友的人数和菜量”以防止食物浪费。;In our country there are so many million people who don#39;t have two meals to eat everyday, and even they have to get their children married,; Ranjan said in an interview on Thursday.兰詹16日在一次访谈中说:“在我们的国家还有数不清的人每天连两顿饭都吃不上,而他们还要付儿女的婚礼费用。”The lawmaker did not elaborate on how wedding spending would be monitored. But one of her representatives said that ;police and other officials; will enforce the rules.这位议员没有详细说明将如何监管婚礼花费。不过她的一位代表说“警察和其他官员”将执行相关法规。Weddings are a huge industry in India, with an estimated 10 million taking place each year. It#39;s not uncommon for Indian parents to start saving for their children#39;s weddings decades in advance.婚礼在印度是个大产业,每年举行的婚礼估计可达1000万场。在印度,父母们提前几十年为孩子的婚礼存钱并不少见。The ceremonies are often lavish, multiple-day affairs, with many costing thousands -- sometimes millions -- of dollars. Guest lists run into the hundreds and can even stretch into the thousands.婚礼通常持续数天,极为奢华,很多婚礼都是花费数千——有时是数百万——美元。婚礼邀请的宾客多达数百人,甚至数千人。;You won#39;t believe how much they spend, just one lunch will cost 2 million rupees (,000),; Ranjan said. ;Many middle-income families do not have a lot of money, but because of Indian society they feel the need to put on a display.;兰詹说:“你都不敢相信他们居然花了这么多钱,仅仅是一顿午饭就能花掉200万卢比(3万美元)。许多中等收入家庭并没有很多钱,但因为身处印度社会他们觉得有必要撑撑场面。”Those who can, do. A Bangalore-based mining baron, for example, reportedly spent around million on Brazilian samba dancers and bouncers (among other things) for his daughter#39;s wedding in November.那些有钱的,婚礼肯定会大花特花。有一个班加罗尔的矿业巨头去年11月给女儿操办婚礼,据说在巴西桑巴舞者和保镖上就花了约7500万美元。Ranjan aims to introduce her bill in early March during the ongoing session of parliament.兰詹计划在三月初印度议会开会期间提出这一议案。 /201702/493470European trade policy has been thrown into disarray after Belgium’s government said it could not overcome objections in a regional parliament to an EU-Canada trade deal, despite weeks of talks to rescue the agreement.欧洲的贸易政策已陷入混乱,此前比利时政府称其无法解决一个地区议会对欧盟-加拿大贸易协定的反对,尽管有关各方已进行数周谈判来挽救该协定。The so-called Ceta pact is on the brink of collapse because of anti-globalisation objections in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of 3.5m people located a short drive from Brussels.瓦隆大区(Wallonia)的反全球化抗议意味着,欧盟与加拿大达成的《综合经济与贸易协定》(CETA)正处于崩溃边缘。瓦隆以法语作为主要语言,人口350万,距离布鲁塞尔只有一小段车程。Analysts say the power of a small region in one EU nation to frustrate a deal agreed on behalf of the bloc’s 500m people bodes ill for looming trade talks between the EU and a post-Brexit UK.分析人士称,一个欧盟国家的小小地方政府竟然有权力阻挠代表欧盟5亿人口签署的协定,对于即将开始的欧盟与退欧后的英国之间的贸易谈判是不祥之兆。The EU pact with Canada must be approved by all 28 member states before taking effect. Charles Michel, Belgian premier, supports the deal but said yesterday he could not sign it because Wallonia’s local parliament had voted against the agreement.欧盟与加拿大之间达成的协定,必须由所有28个成员国批准后才能生效。比利时首相夏尔.米歇尔(Charles Michel)持该协定,但他昨日表示,由于瓦隆地方议会投票反对该协定,导致他无法签字。The Ceta pact was to be signed at a long-planned ceremony on Thursday in Brussels. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, and Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, resolved in an emergency phone call to continue efforts to try to save the deal.该协定原定于周四在布鲁塞尔一场策划已久的仪式上签署通过。加拿大总理贾斯廷.特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)与欧洲理事会(European Council)主席唐纳德.图斯克(Donald Tusk)进行了紧急通话,决心继续努力挽救该协定。“We think Thursday’s summit is still possible. We encourage all parties to find a solution. There’s yet time,” Mr Tusk said on Twitter.“我们认为周四的峰会仍有希望。我们鼓励有关各方找到一个解决方案。我们尚有时间,”图斯克在Twitter上表示。The affair has humiliated EU leaders, who had hoped that the “new generation” Canadian deal would set a benchmark for the world and pave the way for an even bigger trade deal with the US.该事件令欧盟领导人蒙羞,他们本希望与加拿大的这个“新一代”贸易协定能为全球树立一个标杆,并为将来与美国达成更大的贸易协定铺平道路。“EU trade policy won’t survive in a world where trade agreements have to be ‘democratised’ by every single national parliament and sub-legislature across the EU before they see the light of day,” said Peter Mandelson, the former EU trade commissioner. “This is a dagger at the heart of European trade policy, which must revert to an exclusive EU competence.”“欧盟的贸易政策无法在这样的世界生存,即贸易协定必须由欧盟所有国家的议会以及下级立法机构通过‘民主化’表决后才能生效,”欧盟前贸易专员彼得.曼德尔森(Peter Mandelson)说,“这是插入欧洲贸易政策心脏的一把匕首,这样的政策必须恢复至由欧盟胜任机构独家决定。”John Clancy, senior adviser at FTI Consulting in Brussels, said the EU’s credibility had been damaged by the “political grandstanding” of the Walloon parliament. “The potential negative impacts are huge, including of course for a future EU-UK trade deal post-Brexit,” he added.布鲁塞尔的FTI Consulting高级顾问约翰.克兰西(John Clancy)表示,瓦隆议会的“政治秀”损害了欧盟的信誉。“潜在的负面影响巨大,当然包括对未来英国退欧后欧盟-英国贸易协定的影响,”他补充道。Efforts to placate the Walloons continue but officials are not optimistic after so many rounds of fruitless talks.安抚瓦隆人的努力仍在继续,但经过如此多轮毫无结果的谈判,官员们并不乐观。“Everyone bent over backwards to try to suit the Walloons. But at this stage politics trumps trade,” said a trade official in another member state.“大家都竭尽全力讨好瓦隆人。但事到如今,政治压倒了贸易,”另一欧盟成员国的贸易官员说。 /201610/473791

A Canadian miner claims it has unearthed the biggest diamond to be found for more than a century, with the discovery of a 1,111 carat gem-quality stone in Botswana.一家加拿大采矿公司声称在茨瓦纳发现了一颗重达1111克拉的宝石级钻石,为一个多世纪以来发现的最大钻石。Lucara Diamond has released photographs of the stone, which was discovered at its Karowe mine. It measures 65mm x 56mm x 40mm and pictures of the clear-looking gem show it to be the size of a small orange. Analysts said the stone was difficult to value but should be worth tens of millions of dollars.Lucara钻石公司公布了这颗在Karowe矿场发现的钻石照片。其尺寸为65 x 56 x 40毫米,照片上晶莹剔透的钻石看起来有一个小橙子大小。分析师表示,这颗钻石很难估价,但应该价值数千万美元。Des Kilalea, an analyst at R Capital Markets, said the stone would be worth at least m, based on previous sales, and possibly up to m. Another industry professional estimated its value at m to m. Lucara sold a similar type of stone, weighing 342 carats, for .55m in July.加拿大皇家资本市场(R Capital Markets)分析师达斯克拉利尔(Des Kilalea)表示,据以往的销售记录,这颗钻石至少值3500万美元,有可能高达5000万美元。另一名业内专业人士估计其价值在7000万美元到8000万美元之间。Lucara今年7月曾以2055万美元的价格出售过一颗重342克拉的类似品级钻石。To date, the largest diamond ever discovered is the “Cullinan Diamond”, which was dug out of a South African mine in 1905. That 3,106 carat gem was cut and set in Britain’s crown jewels.迄今为止,世界上最大的钻石是1905年在南非发现的“库里南钻石”(Cullinan Diamond)。这颗重达3106克拉的钻石被切割后,镶嵌在英国的王冠上。William Lamb, chief executive of Lucara, said the Karowe diamond — about twice the size of any stone sold recently — also had “historical significance” that could influence the value.Lucara公司首席执行官威廉瀠姆(William Lamb)表示,在Karowe开采出的这颗钻石还具有“历史意义”,可能影响其价值,该钻石比近期售出的大钻石都要大一倍。“I have been waking up at 4am every night this week,” he said yesterday. “It is an amazing feeling and a great position to be in... is the first stone of more than 1,000 carats for 100 years.”兰姆昨日表示:“这个星期每天夜里我都会在凌晨4点醒来。我感到神奇,感到幸运…这是一百年来人类开采到的第一枚超过1000克拉的钻石。”Lucara also announced finds of two other white diamonds: an 813 carat stone and a 374 carat stone. It said the weights remained subject to change as the stones have not yet been cleaned.Lucara还宣布发现了另外两颗白色钻石,一颗813克拉,另一颗374克拉。该公司表示这两枚白钻的重量可能会发生变动,因为钻石尚未被清洗。 /201511/411922

After receiving several complaints from loyal customers, the owner of an upscale Italian restaurant in Mooresville, North Carolina, has taken the controversial decision to ban children under the age of five. And, despite facing some backlash on social media, he claims that business has grown significantly.美国北卡罗来纳州穆尔斯维尔市的一家意大利高级餐厅在收到老顾客的不少投诉后,店主做出了禁止五岁以下儿童入内的决定,这一新规引发了争议。不过,尽管这一决定在社交媒体上引发了一些网友的强烈抗议,但店主却声称客流量有了大幅增长。Caruso’s describes itself as a “traditional, classy, intimate” restaurant but young children crying, screaming or playing on iPads at full volume and disturbing the other diners apparently didn’t fit in too well in that picture. So the owner, Pasquale Caruso, adopted a “no child under five” policy in January 2017, to ensure that his upscale eatery lives up to its reputation.Caruso#39;s餐厅对自己的定位是“传统、高档、私人”,但是儿童的哭喊、尖叫、全音量外放平板声音明显会影响其他顾客,这就破坏了餐厅的理念。所以在2017年1月,店主帕斯奎尔?卡鲁索制定了“五岁以下儿童不得入内”这一规定,由此保他的高档餐厅名副其实。“I had several customers complain, get up and leave because children were bothering them, and the parents were doing nothing,” Caruso told the Mooresville Gazette. “It started to feel like it wasn’t Caruso’s anymore, that it was a local pizzeria instead.”“因为熊孩子打扰到了别人,但是父母又不管,所以我的一些客人就投诉或起身走人。”卡鲁索告诉《穆尔斯维尔报》,“让人感觉Caruso#39;s餐厅变了,变得跟普通披萨店没什么区别。”Caruso added that he didn’t like taking this kind of decision, but in the end, he had to do what was best for his business. ‘I try to please everyone, and create a nice atmosphere, keeping the restaurant elegant. I want it to be a place where couples and friends can have a nice evening out,” he said. “I was starting to lose money and customers, because I had very young children coming in, throwing food, running around and screaming.”卡鲁索还说,其实他也不想做这种决定,但是最后为了餐厅,他不得不采取最佳解决方案。他说:“我试图让所有的客人都开开心心的,给他们创造一个精致的氛围,优雅的环境。我希望情侣和密友能在这里享受一顿愉快的晚餐。之前,这里有很多小孩子,他们乱丢食物,跑来跑去,大声尖叫,很多客人都不来了,收入也少了。”Yoshi Nunez, the restaurant’s manager, told the Washington Post that the final straw was a little girl using an iPad with the volume on high. Despite repeated requests from the staff, her parents refused to turn down the device, so they had to ask them to leave. “They were upset, but they didn’t seem to care about what the other guests thought. We tried to be nice about the situation, but we’re here to take care of customers and we can’t tell a parent how to control their kids,” he said.餐厅经理廖申?努涅斯告诉《华盛顿邮报》,他们最终决定采取这个措施是因为有个小女孩在餐厅里用平板电脑,声音开得特别大。工作人员提醒多次,但是小女孩的父母不愿意调低音量,所以工作人员就请他们离开了餐厅。“他们挺不开心的,但是他们似乎不关心别人的感受。我们尝试友善地处理这个问题,但是我们要顾及所有的客人,也不可能告诉父母要怎么才能管好他们的小孩。”他说。So in January, Caruso’s made the decision to ban children under the age of five. Since then, people have been voicing their opinions on the restaurant’s unofficial Facebook page, with many labeling the policy as a form of discrimination.所以在1月份的时候,Caruso#39;s就决定禁止五岁以下的儿童入内。自那以后,人们就在餐厅的非官方脸书主页上留言,很多人给这条规定贴上了歧视标签。“How you are legally allowed to discriminate amazes me!” one person wrote. “Next you will be kicking out all the elderly because they take too long to eat. Slippery slope!”“你们怎么能正大光明地允许歧视呢?难以置信!”一条留言如是写道,“下次你们就会因为老年人呆的时间太久把他们赶出去了!道德沦丧!”“Now that you have banned small children, who is next: blacks, Jews, native people? Shame on you!” another Facebook user commented.“你们这次是不许小孩子进来,下次又不让谁进呢?黑人?犹太人?土著人?真可耻!”另一位脸书用户道。But for every critical comment, there are several that congratulate Caruso’s for taking such a brave, albeit controversial decision. “Thank you for taking a stand,” several people wrote on its Facebook page.除了这些批评指责,还是有一些人认为这一规定虽然备受争议,但是餐厅做得非常勇敢,他们对餐厅表示祝贺。“谢谢你们能站出来反对这件事。”一些人在该餐厅的脸书主页上写道。“I’m the parent of 5… don’t bring little ones to a nice restaurant and expect them to quietly sit still for an hour. They CAN’T DO IT,” one person posted.“我是一个五岁孩子的家长……别把小孩带到高档餐厅里去,别指望他们能安安静静地坐上一个小时。他们做!不!到!”有人发表说。“When my husband and I go out to dine, we also do not want to hear children crying or misbehaving,” another said, adding that the limit should be upped to 10-year-old children.“我跟丈夫一起出去吃晚饭的时候,也不想听到有孩子大哭大闹,不想看到他们胡闹。”另一个人说,他还说年龄限制应该提高到十岁。Pasquale Caruso claims that the online support for his controversial policy is reflected in the success of his business. The number of reservations has risen significantly since words got out about the restaurant’s no-child rule, and the number of patrons has gone from 50 a day, to around 80.帕斯奎尔?卡鲁索说,虽然这一规定备受争议,但是他的生意越来越好,能看出来人们还是持他的。对儿童的限制政策传出后,预约人数大量增加,以前一天有50位客人,现在能到80位左右。“People don’t want to come in and spend money on a nice meal and an evening out, when there’s constantly food on the floor, loud electronic devices keeping kids entertained, and small children screaming. It was just the right decision for my business,” Caruso concluded.“如果地上都是食物残渣,孩子们为了开心又把电子设备的音量调到很高,小孩子大叫大闹,人们就不会想进来花钱吃一顿精致的晚餐,不会想来这里约会。这个决定对我的餐厅来说,是正确的。”卡鲁索最后说道。According to Eater, Caruso’s isn’t the first restaurant to adopt a no-child policy. Restaurants in Texas, Pennsylvania, California and countries like Italy, Australia or Korea have also banned young children or implemented measures for their control.根据芝加哥美食杂志《Eater》的报道,Caruso#39;s不是第一家禁止儿童入内的餐厅。德克萨斯州、宾夕法尼亚州和加州都有餐厅采取了这项规定,意大利、澳大利亚和韩国的一些餐厅也禁止儿童入内或对儿童采取限制措施。 /201704/504569

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