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奉新县注射丰唇一针多少钱宜春市第三人民医院文眉雾化眉雾眉漂唇多少钱Late sleepers more sedentary and find it harder to exercise, study found.  研究表明,晚睡的人都有久坐不动的习惯,很难坚持运动。  Night owls also make up more reasons not to be active。  夜猫子们也为自己不运动找了很多理由。  Adults should take 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week。  成人每周应做150分钟中等强度的运动。  Night owls who wake up late are less likely to take exercise。  夜猫子们起床晚,坚持运动锻炼的可能性也就很小了。  Latest research suggests night owls are more sedentary and feel that they have a harder time maintaining an exercise schedule。  最新研究结果表明,夜猫子久坐不动的生活方式,使他们在坚持锻炼健身计划上就变得比较困难。  Results show that later sleep times were associated with more self-reported minutes sitting, and sleep timing remained a significant predictor of sedentary minutes after controlling for age and sleep duration。  研究结果表明,晚睡次数和他们自己记录的久坐时间有关系,同时在控制年龄和睡眠持续时间等因素后,发现睡眠时间可以极大程度地推算久坐不动时间。  However, people who characterized themselves as night owls reported more sitting time and more perceived barriers to exercise, including not having enough time for exercise and being unable to stick to an exercise schedule regardless of what time they actually went to bed or woke up。  不过,那些自称夜猫子的人,说自己坐着的时间比较长,认为自己在运动上有各种障碍,包括没有时间运动,而且无法坚持按照健身时间表进行运动锻炼,实际上他们并没有考虑自己的上床睡觉时间或起床时间。  #39;We found that even among healthy, active individuals, sleep timing and circadian preference are related to activity patterns and attitudes toward physical activity,#39; said principal investigator Kelly Glazer Baron, associate professor of neurology and director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois。  “我们发现即使是健康又爱运动的人,睡眠时间和个人运动偏好也与活动模式和运动态度相关,”这项研究的首席研究员凯利·格雷泽·巴伦说,他也是芝加哥伊利诺斯州西北大学[微]范伯格医学院的神经学副教授和行为睡眠医学项目主任。  #39;Waking up late and being an evening person were related to more time spent sitting, particularly on weekends and with difficulty making time to exercise.#39;  ;晚上熬夜久坐的人,早上起床晚,尤其是在周末很难抽出时间进行运动锻炼。”  The research abstract was published recently in an online supplement of the journal Sleep, and was being presented Wednesday, June 4, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at SLEEP 2014, the 28th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC。  这项研究报告摘要最近被发表在在线杂志《睡眠》的增刊上,同时在6月4日明尼苏达州明尼阿波利斯举行的第28届睡眠协会年会上得以呈现。  The study group comprised 123 healthy adults with a self-reported sleep duration of at least 6.5 hours。  研究小组参考123名健康成人自己记录的至少6.5小时的睡眠时间。  Sleep variables were measured by seven days of wrist actigraphy along with sleep diaries. Self-reported physical activity and attitudes toward exercise were evaluated by questionnaires including the International Physical Activity Questionnaire。  用腕式睡眠活动记录仪记录了七天的睡眠情况,并做睡眠日记。通过调查问卷方式,包括通过国际体力活动的调查问卷,调查锻炼身体和运动态度的自我评定情况。  #39;This was a highly active sample averaging 83 minutes of vigorous activity per week,#39; said Glazer Baron。  “每周平均83分钟的剧烈活动已经属于运动量很大的范例了,”格雷泽·巴伦说。  #39;Even among those who were able to exercise, waking up late made it and being an evening person made it perceived as more difficult.#39;  “即使是能够运动锻炼的人,晚睡晚起或久坐不动也会使得坚持运动成为一件很困难的事情。”  According to Baron, the study suggests that circadian factors should be taken into consideration as part of exercise recommendations and interventions, especially for less active adults。  根据巴伦做的这项研究,建议应考虑把内分泌因素视为运动锻炼的一部分干预因素,尤其是不运动的成人更要把这个因素考虑在内。  #39;Sleep timing should be taken into account when discussing exercise participation,#39; she added。  “与参与运动锻炼的人讨论这个问题时,应该考虑到睡眠时间这个因素,”她补充道。  #39;We could expect that sleep timing would play even a larger role in a population that had more difficulty exercising.#39;  “我们会认为在夜猫子这类人群中,睡眠时间在其中起了比较大的作用,坚持按时运动锻炼就比较困难。 ”  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults get at last 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week and participate in muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week。  美国疾病控制和预防中心建议:成人每周坚持做150分钟中等强度的有氧运动,每周进行两天或两天以上增强肌肉力量的运动。 /201502/360381樟树市做眼角除皱手术多少钱 Whether a man is drawn to a woman#39;s body or her face may depend on whether he sees her as a short-term fling or a long-term lover, according to a new study that discusses evolutionary motivations in dating。一项探讨约会中进化动机的最新研究表明,男人关注女伴的身材还是其长相,取决于他把对方看做是短期的纵情对象还是看做长期恋人。Men who, for the purposes of the study, were considering just a fling with a woman were more likely to peek at a picture of her body than men who were thinking about a long-term relationship, the research found. The guys considering a long-term relationship showed a preference for looking at her face。研究发现,相较于那些考虑发展长期关系的男性,期待一夜风流的男性更可能去关注描绘女性身材的图片。而考虑长期发展的男性则对女性的长相有偏好。The findings may reflect men#39;s evolutionary drives, said study co-author Jaime Confer, a psychology graduate student at the University of Texas in Austin. Men who want a fling, she said, may be subconsciously looking to a woman#39;s waistline to judge the woman#39;s current fertility. Men looking for long-term partners, on the other hand, may be more interested in her face for clues of reproductive potential in the future。研究报告作者之一、德克萨斯大学心理学研究生杰米-康弗说,这些结果可能反映了男性的进化动机。她说,一个想要一夜情的男人潜意识地会去看女人的腰围,来判断她的生育能力。而想寻求长期伴侣的男人则更可能对女人的长相感兴趣,因为他想由此看出此女未来的生殖潜力如何。Previous studies have noted that a woman#39;s face reflects her youth and health, which can affect her future reproductive abilities. Lots of wrinkles might suggest she has few childbearing years left, for example. The body, on the other hand, holds clues as to how fertile a woman is right now. Waist-to-hip ratio can signal whether a woman is aly pregnant, and maybe even whether she is currently ovulating, according to previous research。此前已有研究表明,女性的面容可以反映她的年龄和健康状况,而年轻和健康与否可影响其潜在生殖能力。例如,长有很多皱纹可能意味着她几年后便不能再生孩子了。而另一方面,身体的种种特点可以显示出一个女人现在的生育能力如何。之前的研究显示,通过腰臀比例,人们可以看出一个女人是否怀,甚至可能判断出她是否正在排卵。Confer and her colleagues asked 192 men and 183 women, all heterosexual and in college, to consider entering into either a short- or long-term heterosexual relationship. The students were given a masked picture of a potential date, with boxes covering both the head and clothed body. They could choose to remove either the box covering the head or the box covering the body, but not both。康弗和同事要求大学里192名男生和183名女生(全部为异性恋)开始考虑进入一段短期或者长期的两性关系。同时学生们还拿到了潜在约会对象的照片,头和身体均被盒子遮住。受试者可以选择去掉头部的盒子,也可以选择去掉身体部位的盒子,只能择其一。On the whole, 61 percent of men and 69 percent of women chose to see the individual#39;s face. But among the men who were thinking short-term, the interest in viewing the woman#39;s face decreased. Of the men considering short-term relationships, 52 percent chose to see the body。总体来讲,61%的男生选择看对方的脸,这一比例在女生中为69%。但是那些想要短暂关系的男生对观看女性长相的兴趣就降低了。考虑短暂关系的男生中,52%的人选择看对方的身体。 /201507/384639Most people do a little decorating for the holidays, but for Bunny Williams it’s a major undertaking. Ms. Williams, the Manhattan interior designer, likes to focus on the mantelpiece — or in the case of her Connecticut house, which has five fireplaces, all five mantels.每逢节假日,大多数人都会在自己家里稍作布置,但对于邦妮·威廉姆斯(Bunny Williams)来说,这就是一项大工程了。威廉姆斯在曼哈顿做室内设计师,喜欢在壁炉架上下功夫。她在康涅狄格州(Connecticut)的别墅里有五座壁炉,也就有五处壁炉架可供她打理。“I have things on the mantel that I love,” said Ms. Williams, 70, who recently designed a line of stone fireplace surrounds for the British company Chesney’s. “But at holiday time, I take it all off and start over again. Every year, I try to incorporate something different while using some of my old favorite things.”“我会把自己喜欢的东西放在壁炉架上,”威廉姆斯说。她现年70岁,最近为英国奢侈壁炉品牌Chesney’s设计了一款石砌壁炉架。“但是在节假日里,我会把它们都拿下来,重新布置。每年我都会试着融入一些新东西,同时搭配一些我最喜欢的旧物件。”There are conflicting schools of thought on how to go about creating a composition. “Some people are very symmetrical; some people are not,” Ms. Williams said.在怎样布置壁炉架的问题上,人们分成了截然不同的流派。“有些人很注重对称美;有些人则不。”威廉姆斯说。But whether you prefer a balanced composition with pairs of objects or a free-form configuration, there is one principle that holds true, she insisted, “You need some things with height: Overscale is better than under scale.”但是,不管你是喜欢装饰品成对摆放的平衡布局,还是自由随性的不规则造型,有一个原则是不变的,她坚持这么认为,“你需要一些有高度的东西:超大号的饰品比偏小的饰品更好看。”Ornamental trees are an obvious choice, especially around the holidays. The ones Ms. Williams found at the Silverleaf store in the flower district were made out of sparkling leaves set in silver urns. “These are just fabulous,” she said, explaining that the color gave them a glamour above and beyond that of the average green topiary.装饰树显然是个很好的选择,尤其是在节假日期间。威廉姆斯在曼哈顿花卉区(flower district)的Silverleaf精品店找到了一些。它们由闪闪发亮的叶子和底部的银色小瓮组成。“这些树真是太漂亮了。”她说,并解释道,这种色泽能够赋予它们特殊的魅力,超越了一般的绿色修剪植物。She was also drawn to a cluster of silver-colored birds dusted with glitter, she said, because “glittery things make a room look festive.”同样吸引她的还有几只身上洒着亮粉的银色鸟儿。她说自己之所以被它们吸引,是因为“亮晶晶的东西能够让房间显出节日气氛。”But before you add sparkle, Ms. Williams said: “Start by layering garlands and greens. They can be real or artificial.”不过,在你准备为房间增添闪亮元素之前,威廉姆斯说:“你可以先用花环和绿色植物营造出层次感。植物可以用真的,也可以用人造的。”A five-foot-long artificial garland, like the one she found at Jamali Floral amp; Garden Supplies down the block, would be nice with little pine cones, she suggested: For fullness, “you’d use two of them on top of the mantel.”一条五英尺(约合1.5米)长的圣诞花环——比如她在贾迈利花卉与园艺用品店(Jamali Floral amp; Garden Supplies)找到的那款,搭配上小松果效果会不错。她建议说:为了让布局显得饱满,“你需要在壁炉架台面上装饰两条这样的花环。”If you want to add fresh flowers, she said, you might use something like the metal-wire flower-holder with glass bud vases that she found at Ronaldo Maia Flowers. “It makes flower arranging very easy,” she said. “You put a flower in each.”她说,如果你想点缀一些鲜花,就可能需要用到插花容器,比如她在Ronaldo Maia Flowers物色到的那款带有几个玻璃花瓶的金属丝花架。“它能让插花变得非常容易,”她说,“你可以在每只瓶里放一朵花。”You could also incorporate an unexpected element, Ms. Williams said, like the sea grass deer she found at Mecox, on the Upper East Side.威廉姆斯说,你还可以融入一些意想不到的元素,比如她在上东区的Mecox店里找到的那款海草鹿。Or for a more polished look, try adding a collection of mercury glass balls. “Mixing these with mercury Christmas trees would be very contemporary,” she said. “You could do a mantel with no greens, and all mercury and votives.”或者,如果你想打造更加光鲜的效果,可以尝试点缀一组水银玻璃球。“把它们和水银玻璃圣诞树搭配起来,会显得很有现代感,”威廉姆斯说,“你可以不用绿色植物装点壁炉架,而完全使用水银玻璃和许愿蜡烛。”The only rule is a simple one: Don’t be afraid to experiment.唯一的规则很简单:别害怕做尝试。“A mantel is like a blank canvas,” Ms. Williams said. “You can do so many things with it.”“一座壁炉架就好比一张空白的画布,”威廉姆斯说,“你可以在上面尽情发挥。” /201412/350219宜春美白针

宜春市第三人民医院祛痣多少钱江西省荣军医院韩式三点多少钱 If you get these signs from your man, then you should know he wants it tonight. Pay attention...如果你发现你的男人有这些迹象,那么你应该明白他今晚想要。你要注意了······Sometimes direct ways are not that much and subtle hints, even though involuntary, can be fun if you can decode them. Guys sometimes will never tell you that they want to get down and dirty with you directly. But there are certain hints that they will throw away and if you can catch them, then you know where it is all heading.有时他不会直接要求而是含蓄的暗示,甚至无意识的,如果你能发现其中的奥秘就会很有趣。但是那些可能被错过的暗示,如果你能抓住他,那么你就会找到前进的方向。Its all in the eyes: When a certain part of the brain gets excited, it shows in the eyes. So ladies, keep looking into his eyes and if they are dilated, you know there is something going on. Plus, he will play the staring game. Men tend to get visually excited and thus stare at their partner and so if you find him staring at you with dilated eyes, that your cue.眼睛:当大脑的某一部分被激发时,信息就会显示在眼睛里。因此女士们,看着他的眼睛,如果他的眼睛变大,你就会知道有些事情要发生。另外,他也会看着你。男人往往倾向于视觉上的兴奋,所以他会盯着自己的女朋友,所以,如果你发现他用大大的眼睛盯着你时,说明他需要你。Gets all cleaned up: Of course, he would want to smell attractive when he comes close to his woman. So if you see him cleaning up his act and taking special care of how he smells that particular evening, you should know there is something exciting coming up.洗澡:当男人接近女人的时候他希望闻到诱人的香水味。所以,如果你看到他在那个夜晚把自己洗的干干净净,你应该知道有一些令人兴奋的事情要来了。Gets touchy and personal: The build up starts early. So if he brushes past you, gently touches your face or simply gets touchy and physical, it means he is preparing the ground. And the touch can really be stimulating, both for men and women. So if he asks for a head massage or any other form of help that requires physical contact, that is a perfect hint.触摸:如果他与你擦身而过,轻轻触摸你的脸或者身体,这意味着他已经准备好了。无论对于男女来讲触摸都是令人兴奋的。所以,如果他要求你做一个头部或者其他的,这就是一个完美的暗示。Helps you out: Some days he will be extra nice and will switch on your favorite channel instead of insisting on watching a game or will help you in your daily chores. Being extra nice means there is something building up. Be y.帮助你:也许那些天他会格外照顾你,帮你做家务-打开你最喜欢的电视节目。格外照顾你意味着有些事情要发生了。你要做好准备。 /201503/363630樟树妇幼保健院点痣多少钱

宜春哪个美容医院最好People with a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder are at higher risk of dying young than those without the disorder, usually in automobile crashes and other accidents, suggests research reported on Wednesday, from the largest study of A.D.H.D. and mortality to date.周三,《柳叶刀》杂志(The Lancet)上发表了迄今关于A.D.H.D.(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,注意缺陷多动障碍)与死亡率的规模最大的研究,该研究报告:与无注意缺陷障碍者相比,确诊此疾病的患者的早逝风险较大,他们常在交通事故或其他意外中丧生。The study, an analysis of nearly two million Danish medical records, found that the odds that any individual with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder died young were still very low, about three in 1,000. But those with the disorder often had companion problems — drug abuse, for example, or antisocial behavior — that increased those odds.研究分析了近200万名丹麦人的病历,然后发现:注意缺陷多动障碍患者的早逝几率依旧很低,约为千分之三。但该疾病的患者往往并发有其他问题,例如药物滥用、反社会行为等,这些都会增加他们的早逝几率。Previous research had provided reason to suspect a link between attention deficits and mortality. But the new paper gives a clearer picture of the risks, and the possible reasons behind them, experts said. The study was published in The Lancet.既往已有研究怀疑注意缺陷与死亡率之间存在关联,并提出了一些理由。然而,专家指出,这篇新论文对死亡风险及其背后可能的原因都做出了更清楚的阐述。Stephen Faraone, a professor of psychiatry at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, said the findings should not panic parents of children with attention problems. “But this is a large, well-done study, and I see it as a red flag planted in the terrain, a reason to identify and treat A.D.H.D.” earlier rather later, said Dr. Faraone, who was not involved in the research.美国纽约州立大学上州医科大学(SUNY Upstate Medical University,位于锡拉丘兹市,又译雪城)的精神病学教授史蒂芬·法劳内(Stephen Faraone)表示,存在注意问题的患儿的家长无需因该研究结果而感到恐慌。“但是,我认为,这项大型、高质量的研究为我们敲响了警钟,并为及早识别并治疗A.D.H.D.提供了依据,”法劳内士补充道,他本人并没有参与这项研究。In the study, a research team led by Dr. Soren Dalsgaard of Aarhus University analyzed the medical histories of all children born in Denmark between 1981 and 2011. The team found that of 32,061 who had been given a diagnosis of A.D.H.D., 107 had died before age 33. That was roughly twice the rate of premature death among those without the disorder, after factors like age, psychiatric history and employment were taken into account.在这项研究中,丹麦奥胡斯大学(Aarhus University)的苏林·达尔斯高(Soren Dalsgaard)士领导研究团队分析了在1981年至2011年之间出生于丹麦的所有儿童的病史。他们发现,在32061名确诊为A.D.H.D.的患儿中,有107人在33岁之前死亡。在将年龄、精神病史和就业情况等因素纳入考虑后,患者的过早死亡率几乎是非患者的两倍。The risk was even higher in people who received a diagnosis at age 18 or later, the study found — possibly because of the severity of such cases, the authors wrote. They included researchers from the Lundbeck Foundation in Denmark, which funded the research, and the Child Study Center at Yale.研究发现,在年满18岁后确诊的患者中,上述风险还要更高——这可能是因为这类病例通常较为严重,作者写道。研究团队还包括来自丹麦伦德贝克基金会(Lundbeck Foundation,研究的资助方)和耶鲁大学(Yale)儿童研究中心(Child Study Center)的研究人员。But that heightened risk could also reflect a late diagnosis, Dr. Faraone said. Children with undiagnosed attention deficits often go off track, academically and socially, and by 18 may be living more recklessly than their peers.法劳内还说:这种高风险也反映出该疾病的诊断往往偏晚。患有注意缺陷却漏诊的儿童在学术和社交领域都更容易脱离正轨,他们在18岁前也很可能比同龄人更加冒失鲁莽。“If you look at the groups of problems that tend to go with A.D.H.D — conduct disorders, antisocial behaviors, substance use,” he said, “only one of these is easily treatable. And that’s A.D.H.D.”“看看这些经常伴随A.D.H.D.出现的问题吧:品行障碍、反社会行为、物质使用障碍,”他说,“其中唯一容易治疗的就是A.D.H.D.。” /201504/369446 宜春哪里绣眉好宜春哪里激光去痣比较好



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