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Get into the zone and reduce stress with exercise through physical, mental, or spiritual techniques.通过身体,思想或精神技巧的锻炼来减少压力,放松心情。You Will Need你需要Plan计划Stimulation激励Buddy同伴Change改变Chair椅子Exercise class训练班Massage (optional)(可选)Steps步骤Always consult a physician before attempting to do any exercise or exercise plan.试图进行任何锻炼和锻炼计划之前一定要先咨询医生。STEP 1 Set a plan1.制定计划Set out a plan with conservative goals and stick to it. For example, commit to walking during your lunch hour three times a week.制定目标保守的锻炼计划,并坚持。例如,坚持午餐时间步行,每周三次。STEP 2 Stretch and stimulate2.做伸展运动,刺激神经系统Stretch to stimulate the nervous system and fight stress hormones. The resultant tightening of muscles will increase blood circulation compromised by high tension and inactivity. Merely moving has been shown to alter the brains stress hormones.做伸展运动,刺激神经系统,抵抗压力荷尔蒙。由此引发的肌肉紧张可以曾加受到紧张情绪和缺乏运动损害的血液循环。仅仅运动就可以改变大脑的压力荷尔蒙水平。Idly creating resistance by pushing against counters or twisting carefully while opening the fridge during meal preparation is still exercise of a sort that loosens and relaxes.漫不经心地制造阻力,推柜子,或者准备煮饭期间打开冰箱门时小心地扭动一下身体,这仍然是一种放松运动。STEP 3 Buddy up3.和朋友一起Buddy up with someone to create a friendly bond and an obligation to continue when your determination wanes. Knowing someone is also dedicated can motivate you, and is generally more fun.和别人一起,建立友情连接,当你的决心动摇时,会觉得继续运动是你的义务。直到别人也有决心可以激励你,而且更有乐趣。STEP 4 Change it up4.改变Change routines and try other types of conditioning to address prenatal, senior, or disability needs. Stay fresh and have fun, but stop at the first sign of pain. Listen to your body -- youre not in a race.改变常规,尝试其他类型的运动,解决前,老年人或者残疾人的需求。保持新鲜了乐趣,但是出现痛苦的迹象时立即停止。倾听身体的声音,你并不是在比赛。STEP 5 Slow the heart rate5.减缓心率Sit upright in a comfortable chair, one hand on your stomach and one on your chest. Inhale through your nose, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Push out by contracting abdominal muscles, feeling your stomach and hand move. This exercise will slow your heart rate, stopping stress before it begins.在一张舒适的椅子上坐直,一只手放在腹部,一只手放在胸部。通过鼻子吸气,缓缓地通过嘴呼气。收缩腹部肌肉,将空气挤出,感受腹部和手的运动。这项运动可以减缓心率,在压力开始聚集之前就将其制止。STEP 6 Get your heart rate up6.加快心率Join an exercise class in your area to maintain consistency and elevate endorphins. Do anything to get your heart going a little faster for at least 15 minutes a day. Even a few minutes can provide stress relief and improve overall health.加入你所在地区的训练班,保持健康,提高内啡肽水平。做任何事情,让你的心律比平时更快一点,每天至少15分钟。即使几分钟也可以减缓压力,改善整体健康状况。A 2010 study showed as little as 42 minutes of vigorous physical activity over a three-day period protects people from the effects of stress.2010年的一项研究发现,三天内进行42分钟充满活力的体育活动就可以防止压力造成的影响。视频听力译文由。 /201503/364561For example a 150 pound person would have to consume 340 mg of saccharine per day to reach the upper limit of the ADI例如,一个150磅的人要达到ADI上限,需要每天进食340克糖精,This is 9 to 12 packets of sweet n low or 28 ounces of Saccharine sweetened beverage.也就是9-12袋Sweet n Low或者28盎司含有糖精的饮品For sucralose the recommended ADI is 5mg per kilogram of bodyweight per day.而蔗糖素每天每公斤体重的建议摄入量为5毫克An overview by Crost and Munro reports that一份研究显示the consumption rate for heavy consumers is estimated at three mg per kilogram bodyweight per day.消耗蔗糖素较多的消费者每天每公斤体重的消耗量为3毫克The products shown here all contain some amount of sucralose.这里展示的产品都含有一定的蔗糖素To reach the ADI for sucralose a 150 pound person would have to consume 6 cans of diet cola made with sucralose per day.要达到建议摄入量,一个150磅的人需要每天饮用6罐含有蔗糖素的饮料After reviewing the consumption recommendations在了解了这些建议摄入量之后do you feel at risk for overconsumption of any of these sweeteners?你是否还为其中任何一种甜味剂的风险而感到担心呢?If so, which ones?如果有,是哪一种?Now lets finish up with some conclusions on the recommendations.最后我们来对这些建议摄入量进行一个总结All types of sugar mentioned Stevia, Aspartame, Saccharine and Sucralose我们提到的所有糖,甜菊糖甙,阿斯巴甜,糖精,蔗糖素are all approved for safety by the FDA ,who determines the ADI.根据制定每日建议摄入量的FDA的规定都是安全的,Added sugars are all nutritive at 4 calories per gram but contain limited nutrients.添加糖每克所提供的能量都为4卡路里,但其营养成分有限,Sweeteners can be nutritive or non nutritive.甜味剂既可以有营养也可以没有,But since they are much more sweeter than sugar you use much less.但是由于它们的甜度大于糖要达到同等甜度,它们的用量要小得多So the consumer products are considered non nutritive.因此这些产品被认为是没有营养的Added sugars are associated with cancer risk through its association with diabetes and obesity.添加糖通过对肥胖症和糖尿病产生影响,从而影响癌症的发病率But moderation of products with added sugar can reduce the risk of developing these conditions.但是通过对添加糖产品的一些改进,可以降低患糖尿病和肥胖症的风险The current research has shown that the mentioned sweeteners are not associated with cancer risk in humans.目前的研究表明,以上提到的甜味剂与人类的癌症无关,For each product the ADI varies对于每种产品来说每日建议摄入量是不同的if you eat a balanced diet focus on consuming fresh foods因此如果你拥有平衡的饮食,食用新鲜食品,and consume sweetened products in moderation your consumption of these products should be in the safe range with very little risk of cancer.利用甜味剂进行改进,将这些食品的摄入量控制在安全范围内,致癌的几率是微乎其微的201601/423824So Im going to teach you a traditional Chinese way.所以我将用传统的中式教学方式授课Now, Chinese students - they dont tend to waste other peoples time.中国的学生,他们不会浪费别人的时间Now, I would like to introduce this board here. OK. Now,现在请大家看这块黑板,好I have only picked Confucius es here.我选的都是孔子的名言I would like you to look at this -请大家看这条;Knowledge makes humble, ignorance makes proud.;;谦虚使人进步,骄傲使人落后;Think about it, its a very deep, erm, philosophy.好好想想,这是非常深奥的哲学Yeah. Its knowledge - make you a humble person.对,正是知识让你成为一个谦逊的人Ive no idea what humble means.我不知道谦逊是什么意思So, I wish you to look at those things and,我希望你们能看着那些名言and try to experience those philosophy.试着领会那种哲学Do you know how cute this is? This is way better than England.你知道这有多可爱吗,可比英国好多了For the teachers to control the class,老师们要是想控制课堂they will need to win over chatty kids like Sophie.他们就得争取苏菲这种爱聊天的孩子I think coping in the Chinese way theyre going to teach us,要对付他们采用的中式教育方法I think Ill find it all right,我觉得没什么大不了but I think I will be tired at the end of the day但一天下来我会很累because I think they will actually force you to learn.因为他们会逼着你学So now, you can leave and enjoy your lunch.现在,大家现在可以去吃午饭了Thank you.谢谢Chairs...推好椅子The Chinese school day is a 12-hour marathon.中式学校的一天是一场十二小时的马拉松After the seven oclock start, lunch comes early at 11.30 am,七点上课后,午饭时间很早,在十一点半and theres another meal break in the afternoon.下午还有一次加餐Cos of the early...the early start, everything seems a bit...因为...上学太早,一切都有点...I know its 11.30 now,我知道现在才十一点半but it seems like its meant to be lunchtime,但好像是该吃午饭了because Ive been up since, like, half-six anyway.因为我大概六点半就起床了Its quite easy so far,目前来看还很轻松we havent really come up with any lessons yet,我们还没开始上课but weve met a few people,但我们见到了几个人weve met all our teachers and they seem really nice.我们见到了老师们,他们看起来还挺好Despite the early start, best friends Rosie and Angelina are in a party mood.尽管上学很早,闺蜜罗茜和安吉丽娜的心情像开派对一样201512/418412Committing To The Downhill下坡的技巧Last time we started off just straight running down the hill and feeling those skis slide.在之前的课程中,我们从笔直滑下山坡开始,感受了雪板划过雪面的感觉And then we introduced a snowplough, or wedge,to give you your first feeling of a brake然后我们介绍了犁式制动,从而让你第一次拥有了制动的感受And we finished off with pushing the back of the ski out and turning the foot and changing direction nice and smooth.最后我们通过打开板尾,转动脚部来平缓流畅的改变方向This time were going to pick it up a step, weve found ourselves a wider, longer slope just to give you more time to do the run.在本次课程里,我们将要更进一步。让我们找到一条更宽更长的雪道,使你可以滑久一点And were going to start off by pushing the ski around and turning that foot and then committing to it.我们从转动雪板开始,并转动对应的脚,然后把一切都交给这条腿Standing on that lower ski and thats going to take you across giving you much better control.只要站在山下板上,让山下板带着你横穿过山坡,这将会给你带来更好的控制The basics are still really important.基础(姿势)仍然十分重要。My hands are going to be in front and Im going to be looking down the slope where Im going.我的双手将保持在(身体)前方,而我将目视着我所滑的斜坡的下方。Lets have a go.让我们试一试。Nice and relaxed keep those hands in front.放松的将双手保持在身体前方,运用犁式制动,将雪板后端打开并转动Snow plough, push the back of the ski around and then I can actually stand onto that downhill foot.再将雪板打开并转动,然后我可以完全靠左脚站住,把一切交给左边的雪板。Pushthe back of the ski around and I can really stand on the left foot committe to it.转动,然后我可以完全靠左脚站住,把一切交给左边的雪板。Really smooth.非常平顺。What you would have seen there is my body position was staying nicely lined up.你可以看到我的身体姿势(各关节的连线)是如此保持着一字排开的Im looking ahead, arms in front.我始终向前(坡的下方)看,双臂保持在身前The reason were on a nice flat slope here is so youre not intimidated.我们在如此一个较为平缓的坡上的原因是为了不让你感到害怕We really want to feel that commitment over the downhill ski.我们真的非常需要感受到你把一切都托付给山下板的这种感觉let the control and weight come onto it and its going to take you across the slope.让控制感和你的重心自然的放到山下板上,让山下板带着你横穿雪坡Arms in front looking where youre going and stay relaxed.双臂放在身前,看着你将要前进的方向,保持放松。Thats a good position.这就是一个不错的姿势。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201504/369098

If the stress of school is causing you to snap at your roommate, this guide will give you both some much needed space.如果学校的压力导致你对舍友歇斯底里,下面的指引将帮助你划分出必须的私人空间。You Will Need你需要Tall bookcase较高的书架Spring-tension shower rod弹簧淋浴杆Bed sheet or shower curtain床单或浴帘Hinged divider铰接分频器Cork boards软木板Bed canopy or mosquito net罩篷或蚊帐Lumber木材Pocket door kit工具箱Drywall不涂泥灰的石墙Soundproof tiles隔音砖Lag bolts方头螺栓Hospital curtains (optional)医院用窗帘(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Rearrange furniture1.重新安排家具Use large bookcases and dressers to break up the room into separate areas or zones to study, sleep, and watch TV.使用大的书架和梳妆台将房间分割成独立的区域,用于学习,睡觉和看电视。STEP 2 Use shower rods2.使用淋浴杆Use spring-tension shower rods and curtains or simple bed sheets to create privacy areas.使用弹簧淋浴杆和窗帘或者简单的床单来打造私人空间。Spring-tension shower rods dont require drilling or screws and can hold several pounds if using heavier curtains.弹簧淋浴杆不需要钻孔或螺丝,如果使用比较重的窗帘,可以撑几磅的重量。STEP 3 Purchase a hinged divider3.购买铰接分频器Purchase a three-panel hinged divider to block light and muffle sounds; attach optional cork boards for more note-posting space.购买有三个控制板的铰接分频器,阻隔光线和噪音。在更加私人的区域安装软木板。STEP 4 Hang a bed canopy4.悬挂罩篷或蚊帐Hang a bed canopy or mosquito net and reinforce it with a lightweight sheet to gain more privacy.悬挂罩篷或蚊帐,再悬挂一张比较轻薄的床单,获得更多隐私空间。Check out a hospital supplies store for hospital curtains that can be mounted easily from a drop ceiling.到医院用品商店购买医用窗帘,可以从吊顶开始悬挂。STEP 5 Build a false wall5.打造假墙Build a simple wood frame for a pocket door, cover it with drywall or soundproof tiles and temporarily bolt it to an existing wall using lag bolts.制作一个简单的木框架,用于制作门架,覆盖上石墙或隔音砖,或者用方头螺栓将它固定在已有的墙上。The Great Wall of China has been called the longest cemetery in the world because of the millions of people who died constructing it.中国的长城被称为世界上最大的墓地,因为数百万人在建造过程中死亡。视频听力译文由。201503/364195

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