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樟树第二人民医院韩式隆鼻多少钱宜春市第七人民医院激光去斑多少钱Where did you get those flowers? I got them at the farmers market.你从哪买到这些花的?我从农夫市场买的。Did you notice how I pronounced the word them? I dropped the TH entirely. Em (loop two times).This is great news for people who have a hard time with the TH.你有注意到我是怎么发“them”这个单词的音的吗?我完全省略掉了th,Em(循环两次)这对难以发“th”音的朋友是个好消息。In this American English pronunciation , Im going to go over the pronunciation of the word them in conversation.在这节美式英语发音视频中,我要讲讲对话中单词“them”的发音。There are lots of words in American English that will sound different when theyre part of a sentence than they do on their own.美式英语里有很多单词单独发音和在句子中的发音不同。Them is one of these words.“them”就是这样一个单词。The word them on its own is pronounced with the voiced TH, th(loop two times), tongue tip just through the teeth, the-, the eh as in bed vowel.“them”单独发音时,先是th的音,th(循环两次),舌尖伸出牙齿,the-,然后是“bed”里面的元音ehSo the jaw will have to drop quite a bit for that: the- (loop two times). And finally, the M consonant. Them, mm (loop three times).所以下巴会因此下降不少。the-(循环两次)。最后是辅音M。Them,mm(循环三次)Lips come together to make that sound. Them.But, as part of a sentence, the vowel will reduce to the schwa. Them (loop two times).嘴唇合起来发那个音。Them. 但是,在一个句子中,元音将会弱读为弱元音。them(循环两次)All of a sudden, the word is very short, them, and very flat---them (loop two times)---compared to before: them (loop two times).和之前相比,them(循环两次)单词很短,很平,them(循环两次)But, it can reduce even further. We can drop the TH and have just em (loop three times). The schwa and the M sound.但是,还可以略读的更多。我们可以省略掉th,只发弱元音和M的音,em(循环三次)As always, when you reduce a word, you have to link it to the words around, so lets look at some example sentences.和大多数情况一样,略读单词时要把单词和前后的单词进行连读。我们来看一些例子。Ill take them with me. Take em (loop two times). So, the K sound is linking right up to that schwa. Take em (loop two times). Ill take them with me.Ill take them with me. Take em(循环两次). 所以,K的发音直接和弱元音连起来了。Take em(循环两次). Ill take them with me.Ill get them later. Get em (loop two times).Do you notice that the T here is not a true T? Its a flap T.Why?Ill get them later. Get em (循环两次).你有注意到这里的T并不是清音T,而是闪音T吗?为什么?Because when we connect the schwa-M sound, the T now comes between two vowels. Get em (loop two times). Ill get em later.因为当我们把弱元音和M连接起来的时候,T就成了两个元音之间的发音。Get em(循环两次)Ill get em later.I gave them to you last night. Gave em (loop three times). Again, no break between the V and the schwa. Gave em. I gave them to you last night.I gave them to you last night. Gave em(循环三次). 也是一样,在V和弱元音之间没有间隔。Gave em. I gave them to you last night.You can have them. Have em (loop three times). You can have them.We can buy them later. Buy em (loop three times). We can buy them later.You can have them. Have em (循环三次). You can have them.We can buy them later. Buy em(循环三次). We can buy them later.Reducing a word and linking it to the words around is a great opportunity to smooth out your speech and sound more American.略读和连读是使你的讲话更流利听起来更美式的一个好机会。So dont be afraid to pronounce them this way.Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.所以不要害怕用这样的方式发音。这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/515553丰城祛痣多少钱 Yes. There it is. You got it.对,就是这样。你做的对。See, the hair, the same gesture, the wind. Wonderful.看,这头发,这动作还有这风…完美。If you examine his pictures, he always is focused on some detail...or some narrative or conceptual thing that hes documenting.如果你研究他的作品,你会发现他非常专注于细节他会在意一些叙事性和概念性的东西。Do you like that were dressed alike, Bill?你喜欢看我们穿的一样么Bill?I said, do you like it that were dressed alike? Mm-hmm.我是说…你喜欢看我们两个穿的一样么?Weve been hanging around with each other for 60 years.我们认识有六十年了。Thats great. -We went to high school together.哦,这真棒。-我们高中是同学。Thats great. Yeah. Terrific.那很好,很棒。And we never had a fight.并且我们从没吵过架。Oh, good. Thats better.哦,那更好了。Thats better. Theres enough people fighting.那真太好了!世界上有那么多人在吵架。Watch these crazy cabdrivers.小心那些疯狂的司机。Okay, good-bye.好的,拜拜。So his photographs, rather than just paparazzi shots, are really evidence of what fashion is at any given moment in the world.他的照片绝不仅仅是仔队似的街拍,而是记录和见了时尚的发展。His archive is really not just an encapsulation of fashion, but of New York life, and I think its wonderful for fashion historians...that this did happen...That there was this one individual...who was willing to dedicate his life...to this fascinating manifestation of culture.他的成就不仅仅是记录了时尚更是纽约生活最真实的写照,并且我认为,这对于研究时尚发展史的人来说是一件很棒的事,真的有这么一个人一个如此独特的人奉献了他的一生去展现这迷人的文化。201608/460201TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/467986宜春电波拉皮除皱

宜春权威美容医院原味人文风情:This is Gudetama. Its an egg yolk with a little butt crack. Gudetama looks like a character someone gave up on—it has limbs but no fingers or toes; it has a mouth but no teeth. And yet, people cant get enough of it. You can find it on backpacks, cups, airplanes, credit cards, and it even has its own theme cafe. But Gudetamas cute looks arent the driving force behind its insane popularity. Its main attraction is its lazy personality.这是蛋黄哥。它是一颗有一条小股沟的蛋黄。蛋黄哥看起来像一个被人放弃的角色--它有四肢但没有手指或脚趾;它有嘴巴但没有牙齿。然而,人们有再多蛋黄哥都不嫌多。你可以在背包、杯子、飞机、信用卡上看到它的身影,它甚至还有自己的主题咖啡厅。不过蛋黄哥的可爱外貌并不是它爆红的主要因素。它主要吸引人的地方是它软烂的个性。 ;Can I go home now?;「我现在能回家了吗?」;Youre the star of the show...;「你是节目的主角耶...」Gudetama comes from a Japanese company called Sanrio. You might have heard of them. Theyre the creators behind Hello Kitty. In 2013, Sanrio held a company-wide competition to come up with a food-based character. And once people voted, Gudetama didnt end up on top.蛋黄哥出自一家叫三丽鸥的日本公司。你可能听过他们。他们是 Hello Kitty 背后的创造者。2013 年,三丽鸥举办了一场全公司的竞赛来构思出以食物为主的角色。而人们投了票,蛋黄哥最后并未得到第一名。Kirimichan, the salmon fillet, came in first. We actually started to release products based on the salmon fillet and its friends. Gudetama, the lazy egg, came in second, but we also released products based on Gudetama, and it really, really took off.鲑鱼君,一块鲑鱼排,获得首奖。我们真的开始发行以这块鲑鱼排和它的朋友为主的产品。蛋黄哥,一颗懒散的蛋,得到第二名,不过我们也发行了以蛋黄哥为主的产品,而它真的大受欢迎。The appeal of Gudetamas melancholy stands in contrast to the American concept of cuteness, which is pretty straightforward. The idea of cute represents goodness and optimism, while pessimism tends to define evil. This is evident in some of Disneys early films.蛋黄哥的郁闷吸引力和美国对可爱的看法十分不同,美国的可爱还满浅显易懂的。可爱这概念就代表良善和乐观,而悲观往往是邪恶的特性。这在一些迪斯尼早期的电影中显而易见。As you can see, there is a clear divide between good and evil. Villains are usually depicted as unappealing, scary, and old—draped in shadows and dark colors. Theyre meant to be identified as evil, which means that they can never be cute. But in Japan, theres more of a gray area to this. The word ;kawaii; is widely used to describe the quality of being like a child, which means that you can be cute and lazy at the same time.如你所见,好与坏之间有很清楚的分界。坏人通常被描绘成不迷人、可怕而且衰老的--掩盖在阴影和深色中。他们本该被视为是邪恶的,那也就代表他们永远不可能可爱。不过在日本,这比较有模糊地带。「卡哇伊」一词被广泛用来形容像孩子一样的特性,代表你可以同时又可爱又懒散。Yeah, kawaii is a fascinating idea to me. Its a very vulnerable kind of cute. Its forcing, like... Its youre so cute that you make people wanna take care of you.嗯,卡哇伊对我来说是个很有趣的概念。那是种很脆弱的可爱。那迫使,象是... 就是你可爱到让人想来照顾你。The term emerged in the 1970s and became a big part of Japanese culture. It was shown through fashion, handwriting, and even behavior. And many Japanese artists and academics believed that this popular culture on cuteness happened for a reason.这个词在 1970 年代出现,成为日本文化很重要的一部分。可爱被透过时尚、笔迹,甚至是行为表现出来。而许多日本艺术家和学者相信这种可爱流行文化的出现是有原因的。In Japan, the kawaii culture is often linked to the countrys post-World War II years.在日本,可爱文化常被和国家在二战后的那些年作连结。;...a message from the Japanese government. I deem this reply a full acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration.;「...来自日本政府的一则讯息。我将此回覆视为对波兹坦宣言的全然接受。」The idea is that because of its trauma and defeat, the country leaned into its vulnerability. And since then, the concept of kawaii has grown and even formed smaller subgroups.那见解是认为因为日本的的创伤和战败,这国家接受了自身的脆弱。而自那时起,卡哇伊这个概念便开始成长,甚至形成了一些较小的次级团体。This is kimo-kawaii, which is sometimes called ;gro-kawaii.; And there is yuru-kawaii. Yuru means relaxed and calm. According to cartooning expert Aya Kakeda, this particular group became popular because of the stress in modern society. She points out that in the U.S., people are drawn to spas and meditation for relaxation, but in Japan, yurus calm appearance brings comfort to a lot of people.这是丑萌,有时也被称作「恶心萌」。还有懒萌。Yuru 的意思是放松和平静。根据卡漫专家悬田阿也表示,这个类别变得受欢迎是因为现代社会的压力。她指出在美国,人们喜欢用 spa 疗程和冥想来放松,但在日本,懒萌角色的平和外表疗愈了许多人。You can also see a shift in Sanrios characters throughout the years. Theyve started giving them a personality to make them more relatable. When Hello Kitty came out in 1974, she was more traditionally cute than Gudetama, but she remained somewhat emotionless. She doesnt even have a mouth to smile or frown with, and that makes her more of a blank canvas—she can be whatever we want her to be. But many people feel a connection with Gudetama because of its gloomy personality. This approach to cuteness extends beyond appearances. It evokes a reaction. These characters can make you laugh or feel relaxed, and you can relate to them by observing their personality.你也可以看到三丽鸥的角色在这些年来的变化。他们开始赋予角色个性来让它们更亲切。当 Hello Kitty 在 1974 年问世时,她相较于蛋黄哥是种比较传统的可爱,不过她有一点没有感情。她甚至没有嘴巴来微笑或表示不满,那使得 Hello Kitty 比较像张空白画布--她可以变成我们想要的任何样子。不过很多人因为蛋黄哥忧郁的个性而感到和它有种连结。这种对可爱的诠释超越了外表。那激发出一种反应。这些角色能让你开怀笑或感到放松,而你可以透过观察他们的个性来产生共鸣。So at a time of confusion and turmoil all around the world, maybe this is just what we need—an egg yolk with a little bum thats just done dealing with life.所以在一个到处充满困惑和动荡的时代,或许这就是我们所需要的--一颗有着小屁股的厌世蛋黄。;Cant see the future.;「看不到未来。」;Today might be a better day.;「今天或许会是更美好的一天。」201706/513261宜春铜鼓县双眼皮多少钱 栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧!201605/443900宜丰县打botox要多少钱

铜鼓县减肥医院哪家好 Roosevelt insisted that the big capitalists recognize that they were mere capitalists.罗斯福坚持认为大资本家认识到他们只是纯粹的资本家And that the elected officials of the country, were the ones that the people had chosen.而该国的民选官员是人民群众选举出来的Nobody elected J.P. Morgan to anything.没有人选J·P·根当什么Nobody elected John D. Rockefeller to anything.没有人选约翰·D·洛克菲勒当什么But the people had, well, indirectly elected Theodore Roosevelt President and he was going to make the most of it.但是人们 至少是间接地选举 西奥多·罗斯福为总统 他会充分利用这一点Roosevelt quickly launches a campaign against the nations largest trusts and his first target is a railroad conglomerate owned by J.P. Morgan.罗斯福迅速发起了一场针对全国最大的那些托拉斯的运动 第一个目标就是J·P·根拥有的铁路企业集团Morgan demanded to see the President. So he stormed down from New York to Washington, went into the White House. And he said, I dont understand, he said, if we got a problem, send your man to my man and theyll fix it up.根要求会见总统 他从纽约冲到华盛顿 走进白宫 说 我不明白 有什么问题的话 你派个人 我派个人 他们解决了就好了And Roosevelt said, ;This is exactly the problem with Morgan. He acts as though Im just a rival boss or something.;罗斯福说;这正是根的问题所在 他以为我只是他的一个商业对手什么的;And Morgan, who thought that he could manipulate Roosevelt, discovered that Roosevelt could not be manipulated at all.而根原以为能够操纵罗斯福 发现他根本不受摆布Roosevelt refuses to back down from Morgan.罗斯福拒绝向根退缩He sues his company in Federal court.他将根的公司告上美国联邦法庭The first Government anti-trust case filed against a major corporation.这是第一桩政府起诉大公司的反垄断案201607/453039宜春韩美整形美容医院美容整形科宜春韩美整形美容医院腰腹部吸脂怎么样



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