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So, the average life expectancy in the U.S. and the U.K. is 78.1 years,美国和英国的平均年龄是78.1岁,but we know from more than 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies that you can add 10 years of life by boosting your four types of resilience.但我们从1000个同龄人的研究中看出,你可以通过增强这4种意志力来延寿10年。So every single year that you are boosting your four types of resilience,所以,在强化这四种适应力的每一天当中,youre actually earning .128 more years of life or 46 more days of life, or 67,298 more minutes of life,你确实多增加了0.128年的寿命,或者说46天的寿命,或是67298分钟的寿命,which means every single day, you are earning 184 minutes of life,这意味着每一天,你正在增加184分钟的寿命,or every single hour that you are boosting your four types of resilience,或者说,在强化这四种适应力的每一小时当中,like we just did together, you are earning 7.68245837 more minutes of life.就像是我们刚刚一起做的,你将多增加7.68245837分钟的寿命。Congratulations, those seven and a half minutes are all yours. You totally earned them. Yeah!恭喜你,你已经多增加七分半的寿命。你完全可以获得它。耶!Awesome. Wait, wait, wait. You still have your special mission, your secret mission.太惊奇了。等等,等等,等等。你仍然有特别的任务在身,你的秘密任务。How are you going to spend these minutes of bonus life?你如何利用那多增加出来的七分半的寿命?Well, heres my suggestion. These seven and a half bonus minutes are kind of like genies wishes.恩,我这里有个建议。这七分半的寿命有点像是向神许愿得来的。You can use your first wish to wish for a million more wishes. Pretty clever, right?你可以用第一个愿望在去许数百万个愿望。相当聪明,对吧?So, if you spend these seven and a half minutes today doing something that makes you happy,所以,今天如果你用这七分半的寿命作些让你快乐的事,or that gets you physically active, or puts you in touch with someone you care about, or even just tackling a tiny challenge,或锻炼你的身体,或联系你所爱的人,或甚至迎接小小的挑战,youre going to boost your resilience, so youre going to earn more minutes.你将会强化你的适应力,所以你将会多增加几分钟的寿命。And the good news is, you can keep going like that.而且好消息是,你能够一直像那样进行下去。Every hour of the day, every day of your life, all the way to your deathbed,一天当中的每一小时,生命的每一天,一直到你临终的每一天,which will now be 10 years later than it would have otherwise.这将比本来的应该有的寿命多十年。And when you get there, more than likely, you will not have any of those top five regrets,而且当你到那时,很有可能的,你将不会任何常见的遗憾,because you will have built up the strength and resilience to lead a life truer to your dreams.因为你已经建立起这些力量和适应力,引领你的生命迈向梦想。And with 10 extra years, you might even have enough time to play a few more games. Thank you.而且由于有额外的十年寿命,你也许甚至有足够的时间玩一些游戏。谢谢。201706/514786乐宁外教口语天天练No.72Let’s go!The early bird catches the worm.The early bird catches the worm means that the one who arrivesfirst has the best chance for success.Let’s go!The early bird catches the worm.The early bird catches the wormmeans that the one who arrivesfirst has the best chance for success.译文:我们走吧,早起的鸟儿有虫吃谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200611/9636

But now, notice there are two ways of seeing the cube, right?现在,你注意到了有两种方法来看那个立方体,对吧?Its a Necker cube.这是一个内科尔方块。Everybody can see the two ways of seeing the cube? OK.大家都可以看出两种看方块的方法吧?好的Can you see the four ways of seeing the cube?那你们能看出四种方法来吗?Because theres another way of seeing it.由于有不同的方法来看它。If youre seeing it as a cube floating in front of some circles,如果你让方块浮在圆圈之上,some black circles, theres another way of seeing it.那些黑色的圆圈,就有另一种看的方法。As a cube, on a black background, as seen through a piece of Swiss cheese.如果把方块当作放在黑色背景之上,就像是从一块瑞士奶酪的洞里看过去。Can you get it? How many of you cant get it? Thatll help.你们能理解吗?多少人不能理解?这样应该有所帮助。Now you can get it. These are two very different phenomena.现在你们明白了。这里有两个很不一样的现象。When you see the cube one way, behind the screen, those boundaries go away.如果你把方块当作是放在屏幕之后的,边界就没了。But theres still a sort of filling in, as we can tell if we look at this.不过仍然可以把它填充出来,如果你用这种方法去看。We dont have any trouble seeing the cube, but where does the color change?我们可以毫无障碍的看到方块,但是颜色是在哪里改变的呢?Does your brain have to send little painters in there?你的大脑在那儿放了小画家?The purple-painters and the green-painters fight over whos going to paint that bit behind the curtain? No.画紫色的画家和画绿色的画家,两者争着要在遮挡物之后涂色吗?不是。Your brain just lets it go. The brain doesnt need to fill that in.你的大脑就由它去了。大脑不需要填充它。When I first started talking about the Bradley, Petrie, Dumais example that you just saw当我第一次谈论到你刚刚看到的 Bradley, Petrie, Dumais的例子Ill go back to it, this one I said that there was no filling-in behind there.让我退回到它,这个。我说过在被挡住的地方是没有填充颜色的。And I supposed that that was just a flat truth, always true.我以为这是一个公理,总是对的。But Rob Van Lier has recently shown that it isnt.不过 Rob Van Lier最近明了它不是。Now, if you think you see some pale yellow -- Ill run this a few more times.现在,如果你觉得你看到了一些黄色--让我再做几次。Look in the gray areas, and see if you seem to see something sort of shadowy moving in there看这些灰色区域,你是不是好像看到有些阴影在移动yeah, its amazing. Theres nothing there. Its no trick.是的!那很神奇。那里没有东西。没耍花招。This is Ron Rensinks work,这是 Ron Rensink的作品,which was in some degree inspired by that suggestion right at the end of the book.在一定程度上,被书最后的暗示所激发。Let me just pause this for a second if I can. This is change-blindness.让我暂停几秒。这是盲变化。What youre going to see is two pictures, one of which is slightly different from the other.你会看到两幅图片,一幅与另一幅有些许区别。You see here the red roof and the gray roof, and in between them there will be a mask,你看这里是红色屋顶而那里是灰色,他们之间有个遮罩,which is just a blank screen, for about a quarter of a second.这里只是一个空白屏幕,在大概0.25秒。So youll see the first picture, then a mask, then the second picture, then a mask.所以你将看到第一幅图,然后是遮罩。再然后是第二幅图,然后是遮罩。And this will just continue, and your job as the subject is to press the button when you see the change.然后这会重复,你作为实验对象的工作就是当你看到变化的时候按下按钮。So, show the original picture for 240 milliseconds. Blank.所以是,原始图片出现240毫秒。空白。Show the next picture for 240 milliseconds. Blank.下一幅图片出现240毫秒。空白。And keep going, until the subject presses the button, saying, ;I see the change.;这会一直持续,直到实验对象按下按钮,表示“我看到变化了。”So now were going to be subjects in the experiment.好,现在我们就是实验对象。Were going to start easy. Some examples.我们从简单的开始。一个例子。201607/456046

We want to accelerate adoption of sustainable building and development practices.我们想要提高高承受性建筑及其应用的采纳度。We want more innovation.我们想拥抱更多革新。But a lot of times, whole categories of innovation --但是很多情况却是,目录上所有革新当中,ones that can help us live more beautifully -- turn out to be illegal.那些能够帮助我们生活更美好的,最终往往不合法。Todays regulations and codes were written under the assumption如今的法规和条例都是基于假设所写。that best practices would remain best practices, with incremental updates forever and ever.那些优质实践永远都是优质的,伴随着的只是不断叠加的升级工程。But innovation isnt always incremental.但是创新不总是叠加的。It turns out, how we feel about any particular new technique gets into everything we do:事实明,我们对任何新技术的看法会进入到我们生活的方方面面:how we talk about it, how we encourage people to study, our jokes, our codes.我们讨论它的时候,我们鼓励他人的时候,我们的笑话,甚至条例当中……And it ultimately determines how innovative we can be.这将最终决定我们能富有多少革新精神。So, thats the first reason we dont innovate in sanitation.这也是我们不愿在卫生设施体系当中革新的第一个理由。Were kind of uncomfortable talking about sanitation, thats why Ive gotten called ;The Poo Princess; so much.我们在一定程度上是不愿讨论卫生体系的,这也是我被如此频繁的被称为“大便女皇”的原因。The second reason is: we think the problem is solved here in the US. But not so.第二个理由是:我们认为这个问题在美国这儿已经被解决了。但事实并非如此Here in the US we still get sick from drinking shit in our sewage water.在美国我们依然会因为饮用含有粪便成分的阴沟水而生病。Seven million people get sick every year, 900 die annually.每年有700万人因此生病,一年会有900人死于此因。And were not taking a holistic approach to making it better. So were not solving it.但我们并没有运用一个更加彻底有效的方法来改善现状。也就是说,我们并没有解决问题。Where I live in Portland, Oregon, I cant take Echo for a swim during the rainy season,在我住的地方:俄勒冈州波特兰市,我都无法回应你在雨季游泳的感受,because we dump raw sewage sometimes into our river.因为我们时常把未处理过的污水直接倒进河里。Our rainwater and our sewage go to the same treatment plant. Too much rain overflows into the river.我们的雨水和污水会进入相同的处理池。这样,过多的雨水就会进入河流之中。201612/485546


  1_08 This is delicious. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. 嗯!嗯! This is delicious. 真好吃. This tastes great! 真是可口! I love it. 我太喜欢了. The flavor is awesome. 味道真棒. It’s out of this world. 太棒了. It’s mouth-watering. 真是好吃. I can’t get enough. 我欲罢不能. I could eat this all day.太好吃了,我不会吃腻. /200705/13651。

  When fast-fashion competitors like Zara started replenishing their stocks faster当像Zara等“快速时尚”竞争者加快存货周转率,from two collections a year to one collection a month,从一年两个时装系列提高到一个月一个时装系列,none of them have been able to keep up with the pace.传统的装企业就都跟不上其节奏了。Most of them are in great difficulties today.它们中的绝大多数如今都陷入了危机。Yet, with all of their shortcomings, those are the factories we know today.但是,尽管有这些缺点,这些企业都依然很知名。When you open the doors, they look the same as they did 50 years ago.当你打开门出去看看时,你会发现这些工厂和50年前一模一样。Weve just changed the location, the size, the way they operate.我们仅仅变换了工厂的位置、大小和运作方式。Can you name anything else that looks the same as it did 50 years ago?你们还能列举出任何五十年没有改变的例子吗?Its crazy. Weve made all the tweaks to the model that we could, and now we hit its limits.这太难以置信了。我们已尽我们所能对该模型进行调整,但目前已经达到了极限。After all of our attempts to fix the manufacturing model failed, we thought growth could come from elsewhere.在对修补工业模型做出的全部尝试都失败后,我们猜测经济增长或许可以来自其他领域。We turned to the tech sector -- theres been quite a lot of innovations there.我们转向科技行业--那里有相当多的创新活动。Just to name one: the Internet. We hoped it could produce growth.举一个例子:因特网。我们希望网络能够带来增长。And indeed, it changed our lives.事实上,它改变了我们的生活。It made big waves in the media, the service, the entertainment spaces.它对传媒业、务业和产业都带来了极大影响。But it hasnt done much for productivity.但是它并未对生产力带来多大改变。Actually, whats surprising is that productivity is on the decline despite all of those innovation efforts.实际上,令人惊讶的是,尽管有这么多的创新的尝试,生产力却一直在下降。Imagine that -- sitting at work, scrolling through Facebook,想象一下——上班的时候,刷刷Facebook,watching s on YouTube has made us less productive. Weird.在YouTube上看看视频,这都让我们的生产效率降低了。很奇怪吧。201703/498359

  For over 150 years, the British Chambers of Commerce has been an authentic voice at the heart of local business communities in every part of our country. Indeed, I will be attending an event for my local Chamber later this week. So Im delighted to have this opportunity today to express my thanks for all that you do, and to ask for your help as we work together to sp wealth and opportunity across every community in our ed Kingdom. At the heart of our Modern Industrial Strategy is a new approach to Government – not just stepping back and leaving business to get on with the job, but stepping up to a new, active role that backs business and ensures more people in all corners of the country share in the benefits of your success. So I very much welcome the chance for the Government to hear from you today about the steps that we can take to do this. The themes of your conference are exactly the issues on which this Government is focused. With your help, we can make sure that Britain is one of the most competitive places in the world to found or grow a business. We can grow these businesses in the regions and nations of the UK, and with the help of your global business network, support them to trade successfully all over the world. We can make sure that Britain leads the world in the industries of the future, and that our children and grandchildren are equipped to do the high-skilled, high-paid jobs that these industries will provide. And we can seize a historic opportunity for a global Britain to lead the world in shaping the forces of globalization so that everyone shares in the benefits of economic growth. In doing so, we will make Britain an even stronger, fairer and more successful country than it is today – a country that really does work for everyone. So I look forward to hearing the feedback from your discussions today, and I wish you all a very successful conference.201703/501436Hello, everybody. This past week, we lost an American icon and one of the most influential figures of her time – former First Lady Nancy Reagan. Born in New York City, and raised mostly in Chicago, Nancy Davis graduated from Smith College in 1943. As an actress, she appeared in 11 films. And off-screen, she starred in a real-life Hollywood romance with the love of her life, Ronald Reagan, whom she married in 1952. As President, I know just how important it is to have a strong life partner, and President Reagan was as lucky as I am. Nancy Reagan redefined the role of First Lady of the ed States. In addition to serving as a trusted advisor to her husband, and an elegant hostess for our nation, she was a passionate advocate for issues that touched the lives of so many. She raised awareness about drug and alcohol abuse. She was a staunch supporter of Americas veterans. And after her own battle with breast cancer and a mastectomy, she spoke in personal terms about the need for women to get mammograms. The American people were deeply moved by the love Nancy felt for her husband. And we were inspired by how, in their long goodbye, Nancy became a voice on behalf of millions of families experiencing the depleting, aching reality of Alzheimers disease. She brought her characteristic intelligence and focus to the twin causes of stem cell research and Alzheimers research. And when I signed an order to resume federal stem cell research, I was proud that she was one of the first phone calls I made. Nobody understood better than Nancy Reagan the importance of pursuing treatments that hold the potential and the promise to improve and save lives. Thats why, last year, my administration announced the Precision Medicine Initiative to advance our ability to tailor health care and treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimers by accounting for individual differences in peoples genes, environments, and lifestyles. Last month, we took new actions to foster more collaboration between researchers, doctors, patients, data systems, and beyond to accelerate precision medicine. And more than 40 organizations stepped up with new commitments in this cutting-edge field. Weve also launched the BRAIN initiative to revolutionize our understanding of how the human brain works. Thanks to the tireless efforts of people like Nancy Reagan, Ive never been more optimistic that we are getting closer to the day when every single patient can get the care they need and deserve. Ive never been more optimistic that we will one day find a cure for devastating diseases like Alzheimers. And I can think of no better way to honor our former First Ladys legacy than by working together, as one nation, toward that goal. Thanks, everybody.201603/431635Writing biography is a strange thing to do.撰写传记是一件不可思议的事情Its a journey into the foreign territory of somebody elses life,记下别人的一生就如异国旅程一样a journey, an exploration that can take you places you never dreamed of going这段旅程让你探索那些从未想过的地方and still cant quite believe youve been, especially if, like me, youre an agnostic Jew即使曾去过那里,你自己都不敢相信,尤其当你像我一样,是一位不可知论者、一位犹太人and the life youve been exploring is that of Muhammad.而你所探索的旅程就是“穆罕默德”的生平Five years ago, for instance,举例来说,五年前I found myself waking each morning in misty Seattle to what I knew was an impossible question:当每天在晨雾弥漫的西雅图醒来时,我常想到一个很困难的问题What actually happened one desert night, half the world and almost half of history away?隔着半个地球,半页历史,在沙漠中某个夜晚到底发生了什么事?What happened, that is, on the night in the year 610公元610年的某个夜晚,when Muhammad received the first revelation of the Koran on a mountain just outside Mecca?当穆罕默德在麦加郊外一处山上第一次领受古兰经启示时,到底发生了什么事?This is the core mystical moment of Islam, and as such, of course, it defies empirical analysis.这是伊斯兰教最关键的神秘时刻,那当然啦,是无法对其进行实例分析的Yet the question wouldnt let go of me.然而这问题挥之不去I was fully aware that for someone as secular as I am, just asking it could be seen as pure chutzpah.我完全了解像我这样的非宗教人士,问这样的问题真是放肆无礼And I plead guilty as charged, because all exploration, physical or intellectual,我承认这一点,因为肉体上或精神上的任何探索is inevitably in some sense an act of transgression, of crossing boundaries.都无法避免地有亵渎且冒犯之意201609/466923

  Id like you to come back with me for a moment to the 19th century, specifically to June 24, 1833.我希望先带你们回到19世纪,确切地说回到1833年6月24日。The British Association for the Advancement of Science英国科学促进协会正在剑桥大学,is holding its third meeting at the University of Cambridge.召开第三届大会。Its the first night of the meeting,会议举办的第一天晚上and a confrontation is about to take place that will change science forever.发生了一次大讨论,永久的影响了科学的发展。An elderly, white-haired man stands up.一个白发苍苍的老者站了起来,The members of the Association are shocked to realize that its the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge,与会成员惊讶的意识到,他是诗人塞缪尔·泰勒·柯勒律治,who hadnt even left his house in years until that day.而今天是他多年来的第一次公开露面。Theyre even more shocked by what he says.但是更让他们震惊的是他说出来的话。;You must stop calling yourselves natural philosophers.;“你们不应该继续自称为‘自然哲学家’了。”Coleridge felt that true philosophers like himself pondered the cosmos from their armchairs.柯勒律治认为真正的哲学家应该是像他那样,坐在自己的靠椅上思考宇宙万物的。They were not mucking around in the fossil pits哲学家是不应该在化石坑里面折腾的,or conducting messy experiments with electrical piles like the members of the British Association.也不应该像英国科学促进协会的会员们那样拿着电极做些恶心的实验。The crowd grew angry and began to complain loudly.人们变得愤怒并开始大声的抱怨。A young Cambridge scholar named William Whewell stood up and quieted the audience.一位名叫威廉姆·胡威立的年轻剑桥学者站起来让大家安静了下来。He politely agreed that an appropriate name for the members of the association did not exist.他很礼貌的承认还没有合适的名字来描述协会成员的身份。;If philosophers is taken to be too wide and lofty a term,;“如果‘哲学家’一词过于宽泛和崇高,”he said, ;then, by analogy with artist, we may form scientist.;“那么,类比‘艺术家’与‘艺术’的叫法,我们可以使用‘科学家’一词。”This was the first time the word scientist was uttered in public, only 179 years ago.这是‘科学家’一词首次为公众所知,至今不过179年。201609/469158


  And if you continue to work hard you will find opportunities that continue to be rewarding. 如果你愿意一直努力你将能够持续从工作和生活中得到回报I can only tell you that I came from a family with no connections and no contacts I wrote letters. I called. I knocked on doors. 我只想告诉你们 我出身于一个无关系无背景的家庭我四处写求职信 打求职电话 敲门找雇主I asked friends to keep their ears open for opportunities Thats probably why today, if I interview a recent college grad. 我请朋友帮我四处留意工作机会也许正因为此 我面试新近毕业的大学生时Who tells me he or she spent the summer curing cancer bringing peace to the Middle East. 如果他们跟我说暑期在治疗癌症为中东寻求和平And writing the Great American Novel, I might be impressed But Im certainly more likely to hire the person. 写了伟大美国的小说 这可能会给我留下深刻印象但我显然更愿意招那些Who tells me that he or she spent this summer working days, nights, and weekends for an auto-body shop. 告诉我 他们整个暑期没日没夜 没有周末地工作于修车厂Or a construction company in order to pay tuition or help with family bills There is no substitute for hard work in this life. 或是建筑公司 以此来付学费或分担家庭账单的人生命中没有东西能够替代努力And if youre willing to do it, if youre eager to do it then the likelihood youre doing it well keeps going up. 如果你愿意努力并渴望成功那么你真正成功的机会就会更大So tonight, when it gets to be Cove oclock, have one last Mac and Cheese then get to work. 所以今晚 到Cove时刻时 吃最后一份奶酪通心粉你就该去努力了And in the months and years ahead when life isnt all cookie pies, hash brown triangles, and market dogs. 在今后的岁月中当生活不再只是曲奇派 炸薯饼 热这些时Remember keep learning, live courageously. 记住坚持学习 勇敢地生活Work harder than everyone else and if you do the fruits of your labor will be as plentiful and bountiful as Gourdzilla. 比其他所有人都更加努力 这样做的话你们劳动的果实会像Gourdzilla一样丰硕Congratulations to all of you, and good luck in life祝贺你们所有人 预祝你们人生顺利201607/455125。

  第5课Whadja do last night? 你昨晚干嘛去? 5.知其然及其所以然  5、去哪里happy? 15、Whadja do last night? 昨晚你干嘛去了?   WhadjaWhat did you 美国口语 I went out and had fun with my friends.我昨晚和朋友出去玩了。 16、Didja have a good time? 玩的开心吗? (一种非常随意的表达方法)   didjadid you Sure.Did.It was a great trip. 玩的很开心。 Nah,the food was really bad.没有,吃的不太好。 17、Where wouldja like to go tonight? 今晚你想上哪儿?   WouldjaWould you Let''s go to the bars!让我们去酒吧。 Would you like some dessert?你需要一些甜点吗? 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2912

  Hi, everybody. Before you fire up the barbecue for the long weekend, I want to talk a little bit about the reason we get to celebrate Labor Day – and thats the Labor Movement that helped build this country and our middle class. For generations, every time the economys changed, hardworking Americans marched and organized and joined unions to demand not simply a bigger paycheck for themselves, but better conditions and more security for the folks working next to them, too. Their efforts are why we can enjoy things like the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, and a minimum wage. Their efforts are why we can depend on health insurance, social security, medicare, and retirement plans. All of that progress is stamped with the union label. All of that progress was fueled with a simple belief that our economy works better when it works for everybody. Thats the spirit thats made the progress of these past seven and a half years possible. Weve rescued our economy from another depression, cut our unemployment rate in half, and unleashed the longest string of total job growth on record. And weve focused on making sure that the gains of a growing economy dont just flow to a few at the top, but to everybody. Its why we took action to help millions of workers finally collect the overtime pay theyve earned. Its why I issued a call to raise the minimum wage, and when Congress ignored that call, 18 states and the District of Columbia, plus another 51 cities and counties went ahead and gave their workers a raise. Its why the very first bill I signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; why we gave paid sick days to federal contractors; why weve fought for worker safety and the right to organize. And weve made good progress. For a few years after the recession, the top one percent did capture almost all income gains. But that share has been cut by almost half. Last year, income for everybody else grew at the fastest pace since the 1990s. And another 20 million Americans know the financial security of health insurance. Im the first to say weve got more work to do in the years ahead. I know were in the heat of a more raucous political season than usual. But we cant get so distracted by the latest bluster that we lose sight of the policies that will actually help working families get ahead. The truth is: thats whats caused some of the frustration thats roiling our politics right now – too many working folks still feel left behind by an economy thats constantly changing. So as a country, weve gotta make some choices. Do we want to be a country where the typical woman working full-time earns 79 cents for every dollar a man makes – or one where they earn equal pay for equal work? Do we want a future where inequality rises as union membership keeps falling – or one where wages are rising for everybody and workers have a say in their prospects? Are we a people who just talk about family values while remaining the only developed nation that doesnt offer its workers paid maternity leave – or are we a people who actually value families, and make paid leave an economic priority for working parents? These are the kinds of choices in front of us. And if were going to restore the sense that hard work is rewarded with a fair shot to get ahead, were going to have to follow the lead of all those who came before us. That means standing up not just for ourselves, but for the father clocking into the plant, the sales clerk working long and unpredictable hours, or the mother riding the bus to work across town, even on Labor Day – folks who work as hard as we do. And it means exercising our rights to speak up in the workplace, to join a union, and above all, to vote. Thats the legacy we celebrate on Labor Day. And Im confident thats the legacy that well build upon in the years ahead. So thanks, everybody. Happy Labor Day and enjoy the long weekend.201609/464674

  And when Republicans in Congress didnt act,在国会的共和党人没有采取行动时,we used our executive authority to - Extend overtime coverage for over 4 million workers - boosting their wages by billion over the next decade.我们使用我们的行政授权--让400多万员工获得了加班工资--在下一个10年里他们的工资将增加0亿。Weve given additional paid sick leave to more than 1.1 million workers employed by federal contractors我们也让受雇于联邦承包商的110多万员工获得了额外的带薪病假and were requiring that those workers earn at least .10 per hour.我们正要求这些员工的最低小时工资标准是。10。Help to close the pay gap by fighting back against pay discrimination;通过反对付歧视,来致力于填补付空白;making salaries more transparent - so employees know what others are making doing the same job.让工资更加透明--因此雇员们知道同样的工作其他人能挣到多少。Weve closed the pay gap between men and women by 10 percent.我们已经填补了男女员工间10%的薪水差异。Not nearly enough - but its a start.不是已经足够了,而仅仅是刚刚开始。And we also called on cities and states to act across the country,我们也呼吁全国各城市,各州来行动,and mayors and governors are leading the way to raise the minimum wage.市长们,州长们在提高最低工资标准上在起到引领作用。Since the Presidents call to action to increase the nations minimum wage back in 2013,自2013年总统呼吁提高最低工资标准开始,every state from my state of Delaware and 18 others - and 55 cities - have raised their own minimum wage.每一个州,从我的特拉华州和18个其他的州--以及55个城市--已经提高了他们的最低工资标准。From Alaska to California, Nebraska to Florida - workers now have a shot at a paycheck they can actually live on and cut out of poverty.从阿拉斯加到加利福尼亚,从内布拉斯加到佛罗里达--员工们现在都有可以依赖其进行生活的薪资水平,并摆脱贫困。201612/484262

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