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  • 1838
  • 5.Personal Hygiene In The 18th Century Was Abysmal5.十八世纪英格兰的个人卫生超级糟糕Imagine living in a society where people routinely fart in public, blow their noses into their hands, spit indoors, and relieve themselves in front of company. Sound like something from an OCD nightmare? It exactly what youd experience if you took your first time-traveling vacation in 18th-century England.想像在一个社会里,人们习惯性地在公共场合放屁和擤鼻涕、在室内随地吐痰、在别人面前随意大小便听起来像强迫症的噩梦吗?如果你乘坐时光机回到十八世纪的英格兰,你会发现那些都是真的 most people, hygiene was nothing more than a fancy word they couldnt spell. The average man on the street had breath that could strip paint, and social niceties were unheard of. It was far from uncommon to eat a meal with your hands, wipe those hands down your shirt, and then fart loudly bee spitting a wodge of mucus onto the floor. But what if you limited your journey to the homes of the upper classes? Sorry, but they were no better. While conversing after dinner, men would often pull out a chamber pot and relieve themselves in front of guests.Even if you spent your entire vacation avoiding other humans at all costs, youd still encounter their disgusting by-products. Human waste was so prevalent that any food, water, or milk you could get hold of was probably contaminated in the grossest way possible.对于大多数人来说,;卫生;只不过是一个他们都不会拼写的新奇词汇街上的行人呼吸着比油漆味还要刺鼻的气味,社交礼仪这种东西更是闻所未闻当你看到有人用手抓饭来吃,吃完饭直接把油擦到衣上,然后在随地吐一口痰之前放一记响屁,千万不要感到惊奇你在想如果把旅途设定在贵族的家中情况会不会好一些?对不起,是不会在贵族的家里,男人在饭后交谈时会拿出便壶直接在客人面前解手就算你使尽全身力气把自己与当时的人类隔绝,你也避免不了他们生活中的各种恶心的废物在当时,人类的垃圾是如此猖狂,以至于任何能够接触到的食物、水、或牛奶都会以它们最脏的形象出现在你面前.Ancient Mesopotamia Was Crawling With Pests.古美索不达米亚害虫满地爬Like Pompeii and medieval London, ancient Mesopotamia had little in the way of waste disposal and sanitation. The inevitable result was pests on an enormous scale. Unlike in London or Pompeii, we know that feral animals were actually encouraged by the Mesopotamians. It turned out they had a part to play in society: garbage disposal.跟庞培和中世纪伦敦一样,古代美索不达米亚在垃圾处理和卫生系统方面都不怎么样那么不可避免的结果就是害虫泛滥成灾了我们知道,跟庞培和伦敦不一样的是,美索不达米亚人是鼓励野生动物的这样的结果就是野生动物成为了社会中重要的一员,垃圾处理工To deal with piles of refuse, cities across Mesopotamia allowed feral dogs and scavenging pigs to run the streets. We dont just mean in the outlying and poor districts. Teeth and bones collected by archaeological expeditions show these animals got absolutely everywhere. Under the Hittites, feral pigs were even encouraged inside the palace of the king.More disgustingly, the widesp nature of garbage also meant every centimeter of your typical Babylonian city was crawling with big fat rats, fleas, and other disease-carrying pests. As a result, infection by plague and a horrible, messy death was an ever-present worry, and this worry was compounded by the presence of nasty, food-borne parasites like trichinellosis.为了处理大量垃圾,美索不达米亚各城市允许野和野猪在街上任意觅食这种现象不仅仅出现在边缘的平穷地区考古队从他们所收集的牙齿和骨头发现,这些动物遍布美索不达米亚在希泰族,甚至连国王的皇宫内也养着野猪来处理垃圾更恶心的是,满大街的垃圾意味着你所知道的每一个巴比伦城市都爬满了肥硕的老鼠、跳蚤和携带病菌的害虫所以,在当时染上瘟疫和死亡的恐惧是一个长期存在的、困扰着人们的问题而肮脏、食物滋生的寄生虫比如旋毛虫的存在则更加加深了这个隐患3.Georgians Stuffed Their Mouths With Dead People Teeth3.乔治亚人爱把死人的牙塞嘴里In 18, two of the greatest armies on Earth met the apocalyptic Battle of Waterloo, a bruising engagement that killed roughly 50,000 men. Aside from stopping Napoleon in his tracks and shaping European history, the battle had a strangely gross effect on one school of medicine: dentistry.18年,世界上两最强的军队展开了灾难性的滑铁卢战争,造成了大约五万士兵的死亡这场战争除了阻止拿破仑重建欧洲的进程,还有一个极其重大的影响,那就是医学中的牙医领域Prior to Waterloo, rotten teeth were one of the most feared ailments in British society. With no such thing as fillings or regular check-ups, bad teeth ruined many people lives. But when the battle was over, Europe suddenly found itself in possession of thousands of young corpses—each with a mouth stuffed full of healthy teeth. What followed was one of the grossest booms in product history. Pieced together from dead men jaws, dentures suddenly became widely available on the market. The Georgians went nuts them. decades, people willingly wore the smiles of men killed on the battlefield in place of their own. It wasnt until Claudius Ash began manufacturing porcelain teeth in the 1830s that this gruesome trend finally fell out of fashion.在滑铁卢战争之前,烂牙是英国最可怕的疾病之一因为没有补牙的材料及定期的牙齿检查,当时许多有烂牙的人都十分难受滑铁卢战争结束后,欧洲人突然意识到许多战死的年轻士兵嘴里有他们需要的健康的牙齿接踵而来的是制造业历史的一个繁荣阶段自从将从死者内颌取出的假牙接合在一起后,其在市场上便广泛流通开来乔治亚人简直都要疯了接下来的好几十年人们都心甘情愿地用那些死在战场的士兵的牙替换自己本身的烂牙这个奇怪的浪潮直到十八世纪三十年代克劳狄·艾什发明陶瓷牙之后才退去.Toilet Paper Used To Be Horrifying.可怕的厕纸As people who probably grew up with indoor flushing toilets and paper marketed as ;quilted; or ;extra comt,; it can be hard to appreciate how difficult our ancestors had it. Go back less than 0 years and using the bathroom used to be downright unpleasant. One of the most general methods wiping yourself was to use an old newspaper or catalog. The old Farmer Almanac even came with a hole so it could be hung up in outhouses. Not that we can blame our grandparents avoiding toilet paper. Until the 1930s, it was totally possible to buy paper that was full of splinters.生活在一个有自动冲洗马桶和;柔软;、;超舒适;厕纸的时代,现在的人们也许很难理解古时候人们的心情一百年以前,上厕所对人们来说是非常不舒的比如当时他们用的纸通常是旧报纸和杂志老杂志《农夫年历特意弄了个带洞的设计,好让它挂在厕所里十九世纪三十年代之前,带夹子的厕纸是非常常见的In 1935, Northern Tissue (now Quilted Northern) made a killing advertising its toilet paper with the tagline ;Splinter-Free!; The sheer success of the product shows us that even by the time FDR was in the White House, plenty of people were legitimately worried that wiping with the wrong paper would leave them sporting splinters in a very tender place. It only in the last 80-odd years that companies have finally overcome this painful obstacle.1935年,Northern Tissue(现在的Quilted Tissue)做了一个暴利厕纸广告,广告标语写着;Splinter-Free!;该产品的成功表明,即使富兰克林·德兰诺·罗斯福在任期间,白宫里仍有许多人担心用错厕纸会使他们的菊花不舒在过去的80多年里,该公司才解决了这个问题1.Roman Toilets Were Terrifying1.丧心病狂的罗马厕所If youre one of the many people who has a thing about peeing in front of others, be glad you didnt live in ancient Rome. Back then, the words ;public restroom; were taken very literally. Up to 50 people would sit in a circle doing their business in plain view of one another and, when they were finished, wipe themselves on a communal sponge as dirty and disease-ridden as, well, a shared butt-wiper. Sound like the worst toilet experience you can imagine? Were only just getting started.如果你是众多对公众场合小便心有余悸的人之一,就该庆幸你没有生活在古代罗马那时候,公众厕所就真是公众的厕所里,至少五十个人围成一个圈,每个人上厕所的时候都一览无余;完事后,他们再把脏兮兮甚至带着病菌的公共海绵当作厕纸使用听起来像是你能够想象到的最可怕的厕所经历?我们才刚刚开始变得有点恐怖而已Although Roman sewers were advanced the time, they were woefully inadequate by our standards. With no U-bend to speak of, toilets opened directly into dark drainage channels through which insects and what Discover Magazine calls ;biting creatures; frequently emerged. Thanks to the buildup of methane, it was also totally possible jets of naked flame to suddenly explode out the holes. This made the simple act of going to the toilet like playing the worst version of Russian roulette imaginable. Unsurprisingly, all this nastiness made the average Roman very wary of the toilet. Archaeological excavations have uncovered magic spells scrawled on bathroom walls to ward off demons and images of the goddess tuna designed to bring good luck. When your trip to the restroom could result in your ass getting bitten or badly burned, you probably need all the luck you could get.虽然罗马的下水道是当时最先进的,但跟我们现代的下水道系统相比,简直就是差太多没有;U;型弯头,厕所直接连通滋生昆虫和《发现杂志称做咬人生物的排水渠由于沼气的堆积,时不时会有明火从排水渠喷射出来这使得人们上一趟厕所就跟玩最险的一局俄罗斯轮盘赌一样毫无疑问的,这些会引起疾病的脏东西使罗马人对待厕所非常谨慎考古挖掘家在古罗马厕所里发现用来抵御恶魔的神秘符咒和幸运女神福尔图娜的神像当一个人上一趟厕所屁股都会被虫咬或被火烧的时候,他大概需要一整个世界的幸运翻译:哈利小王子 前十网
  • Everybody knows that our canine best friends senses far outstrip our puny human abilities. That why Duke will start howling long bee you hear a siren pass, and Princess knows if youve hidden a treat in your pocket. Not too long after the first wolves decided it might be smart to hang out with humans, humans began to figure out ways to put those canine senses to work.大家都知道我们人类最好的朋友——的感官远远要比人类灵敏,这就是为什么小Duke在你听到警报声之前就开始嚎叫,以及为什么小Princess知道你的口袋里藏了食物在第一次狼发现与人类闲逛挺不错的不久之后,人类就开始思考如何把这些犬科家伙的感官利用起来Dogs have helped people hunt centuries. Theyve helped herd domestic animals. In more recent times, it well know that dogs help police track down criminals and find illegal drugs and explosives. Dogs are brought in to find people who are trapped in disasters, and those keen noses also help dogs find cadavers. More recently, people have been finding ways to channel dogs super senses in new ways. Sometimes, it the dogs that teach us humans about their abilities. And it not all about smelling and hearing. Some dogs have uncanny abilities to know what going on with humans, emotionally as well as physically. Here are examples of impressive doggy detection. Even longtime dog owners might be surprised by some of them. Or you might discover the reason behind your favorite dog sometimes-quirky behavior.几个世纪以来,在人类狩猎中起了很大的作用,它们能帮忙看护家禽近年来,协助警察追捕罪犯并找到毒品和炸药的事已经妇孺皆知了在灾害发生时,还被带去搜寻被困人群,它们敏锐的鼻子能够帮助人类找到遇难者最近,人们一直在寻找新的方式将的超强感官用在新地方有时,的能力还需要它们自己告诉人类,并且这些能力并不总是关于嗅觉和听觉的一些甚至有着感知人类身心变化的异能以下是个令人印象深刻的侦查的例子其中一些例子甚至能够让长期养的人感到惊讶,或许你也能在其中找到你最喜欢的有时做出古怪行为背后的原因.Bee-killing Bacteria.杀死蜜蜂的细菌Honeybees are vitally important, and not just their honey — theyre important pollinators of food crops. But in recent years, there been a serious decline in the honeybee population. Among the biggest culprits are bacteria called American foulbrood.蜜蜂的重要性并不仅仅是因为它们会酿制蜂蜜,而是因为它们还是粮食作物重要的传粉者但近年来,蜜蜂的数量急剧减少,其中罪魁祸首便是一种叫美国幼虫病的细菌The bacteria microscopic spores sp quickly from beehive to beehive, killing the bee larvae. The spores can survive many years. tunately, if the bacteria are detected early enough, antibiotics can save the hive. decades, many states have had bee inspectors on their payrolls in an eft to keep the bacteria under control. But inspecting beehives bacteria is a time-consuming job humans, who must open each bee colony to look the infection. A human bee inspector might take a full day to inspect 50 beehives. tunately, with proper training, the same keen sense of smell that enables dogs to detect illegal drugs can be used to nose out the foulbrood bacteria. In the late 1970s, the state of Maryland started using dogs to help human inspectors. A well-trained dog can inspect as many as 0 beehives in less than an hour by sniffing. The canine inspector walks along rows of beehives, sniffing the bacteria. If a dog smells the foulbrood, it sits in front of the hive to alert its handler. Of course, the job has its hazards: A bee sting can be painful a dog delicate nose. tunately, inspections can be made during the cool months when bees are less active.这种细菌的微孢子通过蜂巢传播,造成蜜蜂幼虫死亡,而且这种孢子可以存活很多年幸运的是,如果这种细菌能够在早期被检测到的话,使用抗生素便能挽救蜂巢几十年来,许多国家为了控制住这种细菌,新增了蜜蜂督查员这个职位但对于人类来说,检查蜂箱内的细菌是一个耗时的工作,因为蜜蜂督察员必须打开每一个蜂箱察看蜂群是否感染,而察看50个蜂箱可能就会花费一整天的时间幸运的是,只要经过适当的训练,检测非法毒品的们同样也能够嗅出幼虫病细菌在世纪70年代末,人们开始利用来帮助蜜蜂督察员一只训练有素的能够在不到一个小时的时间内检查0个蜂箱这种沿着一排排的蜂箱工作,一旦嗅出幼虫病的味道,它们就会坐在感染的蜂箱面前,以此来警告自己的训导员当然,这种工作也有它的缺陷:蜜蜂的蛰咬对们脆弱的鼻子是十分痛苦的幸运的是,这种检查工作可以在凉爽的月份进行,而那时的蜜蜂不如其他月份活跃9.Creepy Crawlies9.令人毛骨悚然的爬行动物Humans dont have any trouble smelling an angry stinkbug. But insects with less noticeable odors often go undetected by humans until theyve done their damage.人类能够轻易的闻到一只臭椿的味道,但那些没有明显气味的昆虫却只有在对人类造成伤害后才会被发现Increasingly, pest-control companies rely on trained dogs to help them find termites and bedbugs, example. In the case of termites, humans sometimes see the damage the pests have caused to a structure, but have trouble finding where the termites get in. That when a termite-sniffing dog can save the day by finding the entry point as well as bugs and their eggs. As the bedbug problem grew in the U.S. early in this century, people turned to dogs help against them. One problem with bedbugs is they are so tiny — about the size of an apple seed — that they can go unseen until they reproduce enough to become a problem. In urban areas, there a growing demand bedbug inspections in real-estate transactions. By , a bedbug-sniffing beagle named Roscoe working an environmental company in New Jersey had gained considerable fame, even appearing on network TV shows. But as the use of bedbug-sniffing dogs grew, so did controversy over their effectiveness, as reports came in about dogs raising false alarms. Research has shown that dogs can smell bedbugs and termites, but a lot depends on how well a dog has been trained and how good its handlers are. In the late 1990s, Jose Peruyero, a mer police dog handler, began collaborating with entomologists at the University of Florida to improve training bug-detecting dogs. The National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) has been med to set standards insect-snigging pooch programs, and some states are considering certification pest-control dog teams.近来,虫害控制公司越来越依靠训练帮助他们找到白蚁和臭虫拿白蚁举例,人类能看到白蚁对建筑物造成的破坏,却很难找到白蚁是从哪儿来的这个时候利用的嗅觉来寻找白蚁的源头便可节省不少时间,该方法同样适用于寻找臭虫以及虫卵本世纪初,当臭虫问题在美国日益严重时,为了对付这些虫子,人们也向寻求帮助但对付臭虫时遇到了一个问题,这些虫子太小了,只有苹果种子那么大这样一来,它们很容易逃脱,直到繁衍地足够多时才会重新被发现在市区,房地产交易行业对臭虫检查的需求越来越大年,新泽西州一只专门为环保公司嗅臭虫的小猎罗斯科名气相当大,它甚至出现在网络电视节目上但是,随着这种嗅臭虫的们逐渐出现在人们的视野,有关于它们工作能力的争议也随之而来,比如曾有报告说们提供过虚假警报研究表明,们的确可以嗅到臭虫和白蚁,但这很大程度上取决于这只的训练效果和其训导员是否优秀世纪90年代末,一位前警犬训导员Jose Peruyero为了提高们嗅臭虫的能力,他开始与佛罗里达大学的昆虫学家合作全国昆虫气味检测犬类协会已经为嗅昆虫的们设置了标准,一些国家也正在考虑为虫害防治的小团队们颁发书8.Earthquakes8.地震Since ancient times, people have believed that dogs can sense earthquakes bee they happen. Early Greek records describe dogs howling bee an earthquake rocked the city of Helice in 373 B.C.E. In Japan and China, dogs and other animals are a vital part of the early warning system.自古以来,人们就相信能预警地震公元前373年,根据早期希腊记录描述,在海利斯城爆发地震之前曾拼命吠叫在日本和中国,和其他动物是早期预警系统中至关重要的一部分Many modern skeptics discount the idea that dogs can tell when an earthquake is about to happen. Dogs dont have any extra-sensory perception or magical powers, they argue. Geophysicists at the U.S. Geological Survey have said that despite many anecdotes, they have not found a strong connection between specific dog or other animal behavior and earthquakes. But Stanley Coren, the author of many books about dog intelligence and behavior, suggests that the explanation dogs ability to sense earthquakes has nothing to do with anything supernatural — and everything to do with dogs keen hearing. Coren studies suggest that dogs can hear the movements of rocks underground that happen just bee earthquakes. Dogs can hear sounds out of the range of human hearing, and they can hear sounds farther away than people can. Coren even found that dogs with floppy ears heard the seismic sounds bee the earthquake less than did dogs with pricked ears. It possible the skeptics are looking the wrong evidence. Not every dog will react the same way when it senses an earthquake. Some bark or howl; others may pace or stay close to their people. People who are close to specific dogs are likely to know more about what their behaviors mean.许多现代怀疑论者对可以判定地震何时发生的观点不予理睬他们争论说没有任何超感官知觉或者超能力美国地质勘探局(USGS)的地球物理学家称,虽然有许多奇闻轶事,但是他们还没有找到或者其他动物的特定行为与地震之间的关联但是撰写多本介绍智商和行为书籍的作者Stanley Coren认为,感知地震的能力与任何超自然的现象无关,而是与敏锐的听力有关Coren的研究表示能听到地震发生前地下岩石运动的声音可以听到人类能听到的声波范围,同时它们也能听到比人类宽得多的声波范围Coren甚至发现耷拉着耳朵的能听到的地震波比竖起耳朵的能听到的少怀疑论者可能不停地在寻找据当地震发生的时候,并不是每一只的反应都一样有一些会狂吠不止,有一些可能会来回走动或者紧紧地靠着它们的主人只有与那些亲密接触的人才会更清楚地知道它们的行为意味着什么7.Weather brewing7.天气变化Many dog owners have no trouble believing that their pets can sense thunderstorms. It all too common to be awakened at night by an anxious dog only to hear thunder half an hour later. Stories abound about distressed dogs alerting people that a tornado is coming. If your dog is trying to crawl under the couch, it may be time to take everybody to that interior room without windows.许多的主人对于他们的宝贝宠物能预感暴风雨深信不疑晚上在暴风雨即将到来的半小时前,主人被狂躁的叫醒实在是太常见了很多故事中都有讲过,紧张的是如何提醒人们龙卷风来了如果你的正试图爬到沙发下面,那么你最好带大家到没有窗户的室内房间去 those who know what to look , dogs also may predict other changes in the weather, such as a snowfall or the approach of rain. With thunderstorms and tornadoes, a dog keen hearing – about times as good as ours – comes into play. There are also good, scientific explanations why a dog can sense other changes in the weather. Dogs have much keener hearing than humans, of course, but their other sense are also sharper than ours. Bee the weather changes, there are changes in barometric pressure and in the static electricity in the air. Some humans are somewhat sensitive to these changes – think people who get headaches when a low-pressure system is on the way. Dogs are even more so. And the sense of smell can come into play as well. Some people say they can smell rain in the air. What they smell is chemical changes in the air; dogs, with their more sensitive noses, smell the changes even more. And dogs can smell the ozone in the air created by the electricity in lightning – even lightning that we dont yet see. Research suggests that the more dogs experience weather changes, the more they learn about the signs they sense.对于那些知道要寻找什么的,它们也可以预测其他天气的变化,比如降雪或者降雨对于暴风雨和龙卷风,的听觉比我们灵敏倍当然啦,对于为什么可以感知天气变化所存在的科学解释是:有着比人类敏锐得多的听力,当然,它们其他的感观也比我们更加灵敏在天气变化之前,空气中的气压和静电是有变化的有些人对这种变化很敏感,认为一旦有人头疼那么低气压的天气就要来了更是如此而且这种感觉几乎是一刹那的有人说它们可以闻到空气中雨的味道其实它们闻到的是空气中化学物质的变化,用它们敏锐的鼻子可能感觉的更多而且能嗅到闪电时空气中产生的臭氧——甚至我们都还没有看到闪电研究表明,经历的天气变化越多,它们从感知到的迹象中学到的就越多6.Diabetic Attacks6.糖尿病发病People with insulin-dependent diabetes can suffer from dramatic swings in their levels of blood glucose. Often, they cant tell when theyre about to have a severe drop in blood sugar that could cause them to collapse and even die. Sometimes, they arent aware when their blood sugar has dropped to dangerous lows. Not knowing when or where they might experience dangerous drops in blood sugar can make it difficult diabetic people to live full, active lives.患有胰岛素依赖型糖尿病患者的血液中,血糖水平会有很动通常,他们无法得知什么时候血糖急剧下降而导致他们晕倒甚至死亡有的时候他们根本不知道血糖水平已经下降到了一个危险的数值不知道何时何地血糖下降到危险水平让他们很难积极全身地投入到生活中Over the years, some diabetic people and those who work with them have noticed that dogs seem to be able to sense when blood-sugar levels are low, and sometimes even when those levels are about to drop dangerously. The answer seems to be that a dog super-sensitive nose can smell chemical changes in a person breath and skin that are caused by rapid changes in blood sugar levels. The dog sense of smell acts much like the breath detector used to check drivers alcohol in the blood, only it more sensitive. It takes training to take advantage of this canine ability. Since , an organization called Dogs Diabetics (DD) has been training medical assistance dogs specifically to detect dangerous blood-sugar changes. The dogs learn signals to alert their human companions, or the parents of children with diabetes. The training is expensive, and so are the assistance dogs. Not everyone with diabetes needs an assistance dog. They are most useful people who have frequent and unpredictable drops in blood sugar. They can be a great help parents monitoring young children, and young adults leaving home the first time.多年以来,一些糖尿病人以及那些与他们一起工作的人注意到,可以感觉到他们什么时候血糖水平过低,甚至有的时候是血糖即将降到危险水平的时候似乎是高度灵敏的鼻子可以闻到血糖变化从而引起呼吸和皮肤中化学物质的变化的嗅觉行为就像用来检查司机血液中酒精的呼吸检测器,只是它更为敏感一些要想利用的这项能力需要进行适当的训练自从年起,一个叫做Dogs Diabetics (DD)的组织已经在训练医用务犬,专门用来检测血糖变化会学到如何提示患者的伴侣或者糖尿病儿童父母的信号这项训练十分昂贵,务犬价格也很贵并不是每一位糖尿病患者都需要这样一只务犬它们对那些血糖水平变化频繁或者无法预测的患者更有帮助当然对父母监测小宝宝以及对第一次离开家的青少年也能起到很大帮助审校:哎呀 编辑:JK 来源:前十网 59
  • China is now capable of building the world first underwater vacuum tube train, a futuristic m of transportation that can achieve supersonic speed and reduce airborne noise, according to Chinese academics and scholars.据中国的学者和学术研究人员表示,中国现在有能力建设世界上第一条水下真空管列车--这种未来的交通方式,其速度可以超过音速、且能大幅度降低噪音;In order to build an underwater vacuum tunnel, China must bring th new ideas...about submerged floating tunnels, maglev trains and vacuum techniques. Currently, the country technologies are sufficient to carry out such a program,; Sun Jun, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Science and Technology Daily.中国科学院院士孙钧向《科技日报透露:“为了建设这样一条水下真空隧道,中国必须在水中悬浮隧道、磁悬浮列车以及真空技术等方面进行创新目前我国的技术已经足以完成这样的项目了”The vacuum tube train is a magnetic levitation line that utilizes evacuated tubes or tunnels. Due to reduced air resistance, the train could hit a theoretical speed of ,000 kilometers per hour using relatively little power, and its operation would not be affected by weather.水下真空管列车是一条真空管中的磁悬浮列车轨道由于空气阻力的降低,列车使用较小的功耗就能达到每小时00公里的理论速度,而且其运行不会受到天气影响The China Railway Tunnel Survey And Design Institute has finished a tentative research survey on the possibility of building a -kilometer underwater vacuum tunnel in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province.中国中铁隧道勘测设计院已经完成了对浙江舟山全长公里的水下真空隧道建设的可行性研究Once built, it would become China longest underwater tunnel, as well as the world first underwater vacuum tunnel, cutting the travel time between Fujian and Taipei - located 180 kilometers apart - to just minutes.一旦建成,这条隧道就将成为中国最长水下隧道、世界第一条水下真空隧道,使得往来福建、台北(相距180公里)两地的时间缩短到分钟The program has been welcomed by many scholars and experts, who note that China has built over 500 underwater tunnels over the past years, gaining rich experience and refined technologies.该项目得到了许多学者和专家的持,他们指出,中国过去年已经建成了500多条水下隧道,积累了丰富的经验和精湛的技术Sun, along with two other academicians, has called Chinese authorities to approve and support the program.孙钧和其他两名院士已经呼吁中国政府批准并持该项目 596
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