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宜春靖安县中人民医院眼部眼袋眼泡重睑价格高安妇幼保健人民医院耳朵缺损整形鼻翼缺损整形眼皮肥厚整形价格宜春靖安县中人民医院去眼袋多少钱 The manner by which a mother interacts with her friends serves as a role model for how an adolescent child develops his/her own peer friendships.妈妈们与朋友之间的相处方式,在一定程度上是给未成年孩子们处理自己同龄人间友情的一种示范。Unfortunately, teens often pick up on the negative elements in a relationship, such as conflict and antagonism, and then copy these attitudes into their own relationships.不幸的是,青少年往往会挑出那些处理友情的消极做法,比如闹别扭,对着干,然后把这些消极的态度搬到自己的友情处理模式中。The new study investigated a previously understudied association —how a parent’s friendships influence the emotional well-being of their adolescent children.新的一项研究调查表明,过去一项并未被充分研究的问题——家长的交友模式是如何影响他们的未成年孩子原本存在的纯洁情感的。For the study, doctoral student Gary Glick and Amanda Rose, Ph.D., studied the development of friendships and other peer relationships during adolescence and their impact on psychological adjustment.在读士加里格里克和哲学士阿曼达後瑟对于青少年如何处理友情的不同阶段发展变化、其他同龄青少年的交友方式及其对心理调适的影响,进行了研究和分析。They found that adolescents may mimic the negative characteristics of their mothers’ relationships in their own peer-to-peer friendships suggesting that mothers can serve as role models for their adolescents during formative years.他们在研究中发现,青少年模仿妈妈们在交友处理问题上一些不好的做法然后照搬到自己的交友模式中,这也同样表明了妈妈们在交友之道上对孩子们起到的模范作用是十分重要的。Additional findings suggest that adolescents internalize their reactions to their mothers’ conflict with adult friends which may lead to anxietyand depression.另外研究还发现,青少年孩子们面对妈妈们与成年朋友间的一些争执和对立产生的心理反应和采取的内心回应致使他们出现消沉和焦虑的心理症状。Previous research of this type focused on elementary-aged children, but MU researchers wanted to expand their study to focus on the formative adolescent years.以前对于这个问题的研究集中在了小学学龄的儿童上,研究学者们希望把研究对象扩大并集中在青春期形成阶段的青少年们。Youth ranging in age from 10 to 17 and their mothers were polled separately to measure perceived positive and negative friendship qualities in both groups.专家们对一些10到17岁的青少年进行实验研究,并将他们的母亲分开实验,在两组中分别地纪录了一些她们积极和消极的交友做法。Results showed that positive friendship qualities were not always imitated by adolescents; however, negative and antagonistic relationship characteristics exhibited by mothers were much more likely to be mimicked by the youth studied.实验结果显示,积极的关系处理做法并不总是被青少年们采纳;然而,消极的关系处理做法,甚至是一些对立关系的做法却更容易被孩子们模仿和接受。“We know that conflict is a normal part of any relationship —be it a relationship between a parent and a child, or a mother and her friends —and we’re not talking physical altercations but verbal conflicts,” Glick said.“我们都知道争执矛盾是任何人物关系中很正常的一部分 - 不论是家长和孩子的关系中还是母亲们的交友关系中 - 我们不是在说身体上的争执而是言语上的对立。” 士格里克这样讲道。“But being exposed to high levels of such conflict generally isn’t going to be good for children. Parents should consider whether they are good role models for their children especially where their friends are concerned. When things go awry, parents should talk with their children about how to act with their friends, but more specifically, how not to act.”“然而如此过激的对立暴露在孩子们面前是十分不可取的,这样对孩子百害无一利。家长们的应该考虑到自身的所作所为、言谈举止是否成为孩子们的榜样和示范,特别是当他们学到的举止言行影响到交友和朋友的关系上的时候。当发现苗头不对,家长应该和孩子们进行谈心,告诉他们该如何对待朋友,更重要的是,什么是不该做的。 /201312/269060Ears are supposed to be self-cleaning. So what#39;s behind the fascination some people have to help nature along?耳朵被认为有自我清洁功能。那为什么有些人还喜欢多此一举?Some 12 million Americans visit medical professionals annually for earwax removal. Millions more have it done at spas and ear-candling parlors, which theoretically suck out earwax with a lighted candle. North Americans also spent million last year on home ear-cleaning products, from drops to irrigation kits, according to market research firm Euromonitor International.约1,200万美国人为了清除耳垢而每年看医生。还有上百万人在水疗院和耳烛美容院清除耳垢,后者理论上是借助点燃的蜡烛把耳垢吸出来。根据市场研究机构欧睿国际(Euromonitor International)的数据,去年,北美人还花了6,300万美元购买各类家用清除耳垢产品,从滴耳液到灌耳工具包,不一而足。On Internet health forums, people wax rhapsodic about the guilty pleasure of having their earwax removed -- though some wonder if it#39;s wrong to enjoy it so much.在网络健康论坛上,人们狂热地讨论着挖耳垢的罪恶快感──尽管有些人怀疑如此爱挖耳垢是否有问题。Others are unabashed. #39;I absolutely love to have my ears cleaned, #39; says Holly Kile, an online business manager from Indianapolis who says she uses cotton swabs daily and has her ears candled every couple of months, as does her 12-year-old son. #39;It#39;s generally a competition to see who has the grossest things come out, #39; she says.还有些人不以为然。印第安纳波利斯(Indianapolis)的网络商务经理霍利?凯尔(Holly Kile)说:“我很喜欢把耳朵掏干净。”她说,她每天用棉签掏耳朵,每隔几个月用耳烛吸一次耳垢,她12岁的儿子也是如此。她说:“我们通常会比赛,看谁掏出的耳垢最多。”Doctors strongly discourage using cotton swabs or ear candling to remove earwax and say that unless it#39;s causing bothersome symptoms, earwax should be left alone.医生们强烈反对用棉签或耳烛清除耳垢,并称除非耳垢导致不良症状,否则应该不要去管它。Officially known as cerumen, earwax is part of the ear#39;s own cleaning system, designed to stop incoming dust, dirt, bacteria -- even bugs -- in the ear canal and ferry them out again. The wax and trapped debris are propelled along by the movements of the jaw, at about the same speed that fingernails grow. When it reaches the ear opening, the wax usually dries, flakes and falls out, often without the human host noticing.耳垢的正式名称是耵聍,它是耳朵自我清洁系统的一部分,目的是阻止进入耳道的灰尘、污物、细菌──甚至是虫子──并把它们赶出去。耳垢和沉积的废屑被活动的下颚推动,它的增长速度和手指甲大致相同。当耳垢到达耳道口时,通常会变干、变薄并掉出来,且通常不会被人类注意到。The process isn#39;t always smooth. Having too much earwax, or wax that is too dry or too sticky, can create a buildup. Much of that is genetically determined. #39;When it comes to earwax, choose your parents well, #39; says Richard Rosenfeld, chair of otolaryngology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn.这个过程并非总是一帆风顺。耳垢太多、太干或太黏都会导致耳垢堆积。这主要是由基因决定的。位于布鲁克林(Brooklyn)的纽约州立大学下州医学中心(SUNY Downstate Medical Center)的耳鼻喉科主任理查德?罗森菲尔德(Richard Rosenfeld)说:“在耳垢这个问题上,要选好父母。”Wearing ear-bud headphones, hearing aids or ear plugs for long periods can also interfere with orderly extrusion.长期戴耳塞式耳机、助听器或耳塞都可能影响耳垢的规律性排出。When excess earwax hardens or gets pushed back down the canal, it can become impacted, which afflicts approximately 10% of children, 5% of healthy adults and up to 57% of older patients in nursing homes, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery.当多余的耳垢变硬或被挤回耳道下方时,可能会导致耳塞。根据美国耳鼻喉-头颈外科学会(American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery)的数据,儿童的耳塞发病率约为10%,健康成人的耳塞发病率约为5%,而养老院中的老人耳塞发病率高达57%。Symptoms of earwax buildup include a feeling of fullness, itching, vertigo, pain, tinnitus (a persistent ringing in the ears) or coughing -- due to a nerve pathway that connects the ear with the diaphragm, explains Dr. Rosenfeld, who co-authored the American Academy of Otolaryngology#39;s 2008 guidelines for treating earwax.耳垢堆积的症状包括感到耳塞、耳痒、眩晕、耳疼、耳鸣(耳内持续鸣响)或咳嗽──美国耳鼻喉学会2008年耳垢治疗指南的作者之一罗森菲尔德士解释说,这与连接耳朵和隔膜的神经通路有关。Excess earwax is also the most common cause of partial hearing loss -- and the most treatable.耳垢过多也是部分听力丧失的最常见原因──也是最好治疗的。#39;Those are the happiest patients of my day. You clean out their ears and they say, #39;Oh my God, I can hear!#39;, #39; says Sarah Stackpole, an otolaryngologist (also known as an ear, nose and throat specialist) in New York City.纽约的耳鼻喉科医生萨拉?斯塔克波尔(Sarah Stackpole)说:“他们是我一天中见到的最高兴的病人。你为他们清除耳垢后,他们说:‘哦,天哪,我能听见了!’”Removing it at home is an option -- if you can do it safely.在家清除耳垢也是一种选择──如果你手法安全的话。That doesn#39;t mean poking cotton swabs, bobby pins or any other implement into the ear to retrieve it, doctors implore. Putting anything into the ear canal risks piercing the eardrum. In fact, attempts to dig earwax out generally pack it in further -- #39;like loading a Civil War cannon, #39; says Rod Moser, a physician assistant at Sutter Roseville Pediatrics, Roseville, Calif.医生劝告说,这并不是说可以用棉签捅、用发夹或其他工具伸进耳朵里挖。将任何东西伸入耳道都有令鼓膜穿孔的危险。实际上,越想把耳垢挖出来,通常越会把它捅得更深──加利福尼亚州罗斯维尔(Roseville)Sutter Roseville Pediatrics的医师助理罗德?莫泽(Rod Moser)说:“就像为加农炮装弹一样。”#39;Do not go mining for it, #39; adds Mr. Moser, who writes the Family Webicine blog for WebMD.为WebMD撰写“家庭网络医药”(Family Webicine)客专栏的莫泽说:“不要去挖它。”That edict also includes imaginative ear-cleaning implements such as bamboo ear spoons and miniature Samurai swords. (#39;When you#39;re going to war, you don#39;t take just any old weapon -- you take the baddest weapon you can find, #39; boasts the Katana/Sword Ear Pick Cleaner, sold for on Amazon.com.)专业人士的建议还包括不要用富有想象力的工具,包括竹挖耳勺和微型武士刀。(《武士刀耳挖勺》(Katana/Sword Ear Pick Cleaner)称:“当你打仗时,不要拿旧武器──否则就是选择了你能找到的最差的武器。”这本书在亚马逊网站(Amazon.com)上有售,价格为10美元。)Frequent cleaning can also strip the protective wax from the ear canal lining, leaving it exposed to moisture and vulnerable to the infection. #39;Some people -- and you know who you are -- are literally addicted to Q-Tipping their ears after every shower, #39; says Mr. Moser.经常挖耳垢可能会刮掉耳道内的保护性耳垢,导致耳道暴露在潮气中,容易感染。莫泽说:“有些人──你知道你属于哪种人──对每次淋浴后用棉签掏耳朵上了瘾。”Instead, doctors recommend softening impacted earwax with a few drops of mineral oil, baby oil, commercial ear drops or hydrogen peroxide. Then allow the loosened wax to work its way out naturally.医生建议的是用几滴矿物油、婴儿油、市面上有售的那些滴耳液或双氧水软化硬耳垢,然后让变软的耳垢自行掉出。If it still needs help, try gentle irrigation with a bulb syringe or tilt your head in the shower, say doctors. After a few minutes, straighten up and let the water run out again. #39;Water works just as well as a bottle of ear drops, #39; says Dr. Rosenfeld. But doctors say high-pressure water streams, including repurposed jet-tooth cleaners, can be damaging.医生们说,如果还不管用,就试着用洗耳球小心灌耳。或者在淋浴时歪着头,几分钟后,直起身让水再次流出来。罗森菲尔德士说:“水和10美元一瓶的滴耳液一样管用。”但医生们表示,高压水流,包括改造过的洗牙器,可能会造成伤害。Over-the-counter #39;ear vacs#39; are also generally ineffective. In a British study of 16 patients, published in Clinical Otolaryngology in 2005, none reported hearing better after using an ear vac. There was no improvement in visibility of the ear drum and in fact, no ear wax removed at all.一位母亲在清理儿子耳朵中的耳垢Another problem with do-it-yourself earwax removal: It#39;s hard to see what you#39;re doing, unless you pop for a pricey product like the Coden Ear Scope TV (0 to 0 on eBay), a lighted magnifying camera that relays images of your ear canal to a computer or TV screen.药店卖的“真空吸耳器”通常也没有效果。2005年英国一项针对16名病人进行的研究的论文发表在了《临床耳鼻喉科学》(Clinical Otolaryngology)上,这些病人中,没有人称使用真空吸耳器后听力有好转。鼓膜能见度也没有改善。实际上,耳垢根本没有被清除。Doctors are particularly scornful of ear candling. #39;I think it#39;s the work of the devil, #39; says Dr. Stackpole. The process uses a long, hollow cone-shaped candle. The patient lies down on one side, the bottom of the candle is placed in the ear and the other end is set ablaze, theoretically creating a vacuum inside that draws out the wax.自己挖耳垢还有一个问题:很难看到自己在做什么,除非你购买了像Coden Ear Scope TV(eBay上售价为150美元至300美元)这样昂贵的产品,它有一个发光的放大摄像头,可以将耳道中的图像传输到电脑或电视屏幕上。Many physicians -- and the Food and Drug Administration -- warn that it can drop hot wax into delicate ear tissues, cause burns or even set hair on fire. Doctors also say it doesn#39;t work -- that brown, gooey stuff inside the cone is candle wax, not earwax.医生们对耳烛尤其不屑一顾。斯塔克波尔士说:“我认为那是魔鬼干的勾当。”这种方法使用一根细长中空的锥形蜡烛。病人侧躺着,蜡烛底部放在耳朵上,并点燃另一端,这样理论上可以在内部产生真空,吸出耳垢。If softening drops and irrigation don#39;t work, it#39;s time to seek professional help -- from a nurse, physician#39;s assistant, primary-care physician or ear, nose and throat specialist. Many rely on drops and irrigation, but some also use small suction devices and a wired loop instrument called a curette. Some ENTs also have microscopes that attach to the wall and give them a 3-D view into the canal.许多医生──以及美国食品和药物(Food and Drug Administration)──警告说,这可能使热蜡滴入娇嫩的耳组织,导致灼伤,甚至点燃头发。医生们说,这种方法不管用──锥管内的棕色胶状物是烛蜡,而不是耳垢。Even trained specialists can get carried away when it comes to removing earwax, says Robert Folmer, an investigator at the National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research in Portland, Ore. He co-authored a 2004 survey in which 11 of 2, 400 patients at an Oregon hearing clinic said their tinnitus was caused by a professional earwax removal.如果软化滴耳液和灌耳不管用,那么是时候找专家帮忙了──可以是护士、医生助手、初级护理医生甚或耳鼻喉科专家。许多人依靠滴耳液和灌耳,但有些人也使用小吸管或被称作耳刮匙的铁圈形工具。有些耳鼻喉科专家还使用附在耳壁上的显微镜,好看到耳道中的3D图像。Other studies have found that eardrum perforation, infection and hearing loss occur at a rate of about 1 per 1, 000 irrigations. #39;Some doctors are really determined, but it isn#39;t like it#39;s a construction project, #39; Dr. Folmer says. #39;You#39;ve got to be gentle.#39; He suggests that patients ask a clinician what method they plan to use, and how many times they#39;ve done the procedure.使用耳刮匙让诊疗过程更像是“手术”,它有自己的诊疗标准,医疗费用可高达100美元。只用水冲洗不能保符合诊疗标准。许多药店的坐堂医生还提供60美元至80美元(根据方法而定)的清除耳垢务。Aside from earwax #39;overproducers, #39; who can benefit from a professional cleaning a few times a year, doctors say the average person should not require ear cleaning unless the wax is causing bothersome symptoms or impeding a doctors#39; ability to examine the eardrum. #39;I#39;d tell the doctor, #39;I really like my earwax. Leave it alone, please#39;, #39; says Dr. Rosenfeld.俄勒冈州波特兰(Portland)美国国家听力康复研究中心(National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research)的调研员罗伯特?福尔默(Robert Folmer)说,即使是训练有素的专家在清除耳垢时也可能会失手。他在2004年参与了一项调查,调查对象是俄勒冈州一家听力诊所的2,400名病人,其中11人称,他们的耳鸣是专家在清除耳垢时导致的。But some patients can#39;t. Dr. Stackpole says she gives earwax-removal addicts an antibiotic cream to dab at the opening of their ears once a day. #39;I do that rather than telling them to do nothing, because they are not capable of doing nothing, #39; she says.还有些研究发现,每1,000次灌耳中,大约会出现一次鼓膜穿孔、感染和听力丧失。福尔默士说:“有些医生很自信,但这不是盖房子。你必须手法轻柔。”他建议病人询问医生他们计划使用的方法,以及治疗将进行多少次。 /201401/273245宜春宜丰县去痘坑多少钱

宜春市第五人民医院下巴短小后缩歪嘴整形歪鼻整形要多少费用江西宜春激光祛疤多少钱 Most of us grew up hearing that we should warm up with a stretch. Strike and hold a pose, such as touching your toes, for 30 seconds or more, we were told, and you#39;ll be looser, stronger and injury-proof.我们是听着这样的告诫长大的:运动前要先做拉伸运动来热身。摆出姿势并保持——比如用手触脚尖——30秒或更久,然后我们的身体就可以变得更柔韧、强壮、不易受伤。But anyone who follows fitness science — or this column — knows that in recent years a variety of experiments have undermined that idea. Instead, researchers have discovered, this so-called static stretching can lessen jumpers#39; heights and sprinters#39; speeds, without substantially reducing people#39;s chances of hurting themselves.不过,所有关注运动科学(或本专栏)的人都知道,近年来有不少实验都明,运动前拉伸并不高明。研究者发现,所谓的静态拉伸会让跳高运动员跳得更低、短跑者跑得更慢;而且还不能显著降低运动受伤的风险。Now, two new studies are giving us additional reasons not to stretch.现在,又有两个新研究为我们提供了“不要拉伸”的新理由。One, a study being published this month in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, concluded that if you stretch before you lift weights, you may find yourself feeling weaker and wobblier than you expect during your workout. Those findings join those of another new study from Croatia, a bogglingly comprehensive re-analysis of data from earlier experiments that was published in The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. Together, the studies augment a growing scientific consensus that pre-exercise stretching is generally unnecessary and likely counterproductive.其中一项发表在本月的《力量与训练研究杂志》(The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research)上。研究称:假如你在举重前进行拉伸运动,你会感觉举的时候比预期力气更小、踉踉跄跄。此结果与另一项由克罗地亚科学家对以往实验进行的广泛深入的再次分析不谋而合,该项研究发表于《北欧医学与运动科学杂志》(The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports)。这两项研究巩固了一个日益强大的科学共识:通常情况下,在锻炼前做拉伸不仅没必要,还可能起反作用。Many issues related to exercise and stretching have remained unresolved. In particular, it is unclear to what extent, precisely, subsequent workouts are changed when you stretch beforehand, as well as whether all types of physical activity are similarly affected.锻炼与拉伸之间的很多关联尚不明朗。特别是:人们不知道准确来说,拉伸到什么程度会使接下来的锻炼受到影响;也不知道是否锻炼前拉伸对一切体育活动都产生相似作用。For the more wide-ranging of the new studies, and to partially fill that knowledge gap, researchers at the University of Zagreb began combing through hundreds of earlier experiments in which volunteers stretched and then jumped, dunked, sprinted, lifted or otherwise had their muscular strength and power tested. For their purposes, the Croatian researchers wanted studies that used only static stretching as an exclusive warm-up; they excluded past experiments in which people stretched but also jogged or otherwise actively warmed up before their exercise session.为了让新研究涉及范围更广,同时解释上述问题,克罗地亚萨格勒布大学(University of Zagreb)的科学家梳理了上百个以前进行过的实验。这些实验中,志愿者先做拉伸运动,然后或跳、或扣篮、或举重或进行肌肉强度与力量测试。基于研究目的,他们只选择用静态拉伸作为唯一热身运动的实验;剔除了那些让志愿者在锻炼前除拉伸外还慢跑过或做过其他动态热身的实验。The scientists wound up with 104 past studies that met their criteria. Then they amalgamated those studies#39; results and, using sophisticated statistical calculations, determined just how much stretching impeded subsequent performance.最后,符合他们选择标准的共有104项研究。他们综合这些研究的结果,利用复杂的统计计算方法确定拉伸对锻炼的影响程度。The numbers, especially for competitive athletes, are sobering. According to their calculations, static stretching reduces strength in the stretched muscles by almost 5.5 percent, with the impact increasing in people who hold individual stretches for 90 seconds or more. While the effect is reduced somewhat when people#39;s stretches last less than 45 seconds, stretched muscles are, in general, substantially less strong.统计数字——尤其是对于竞技型运动员的数字——发人深省。计算结果是:静态拉伸让拉伸后的肌肉强度下降约5.5%;进行过90秒以上拉伸活动的人下降程度更大;若短于45秒,则影响减轻。总体而言,拉伸过的肌肉强度普遍减弱。They also are less powerful, with power being a measure of the muscle#39;s ability to produce force during contractions, according to Goran Markovic, a professor of kinesiology at the University of Zagreb and the study#39;s senior author. In Dr. Markovic and his colleagues#39; re-analysis of past data, they determined that muscle power generally falls by about 2 percent after stretching.同时,肌肉的力量也会变差。该研究的通讯作者、萨格勒布大学运动学教授葛兰·马尔科维奇(Goran Markovic)将肌肉力量解释为肌肉收缩时产生力量的能力。他与同事对过去实验的再分析得出结论:拉伸后,肌肉力量降低约2%。And as a result, they found, explosive muscular performance also drops off significantly, by as much as 2.8 percent. That means that someone trying to burst from the starting blocks, blast out a ballistic first tennis serve, clean and jerk a laden barbell, block a basketball shot, or even tick off a fleet opening mile in a marathon will be ill served by stretching first. Their performance after warming up with stretching is likely to be worse than if they hadn#39;t warmed up at all.还有一个结果是:肌肉的爆发力亦显著降低——最高可达2.8%。也就是说,想从起跑线上立即起跑、将网球猛击出去、挺举杠铃、篮下盖帽、飞奔过马拉松第一程的人,都被拉伸“坑苦了”。他们以拉伸运动来热身比完全不热身表现得差。A similar conclusion was reached by the authors of the other new study, in which young, fit men performed standard squats with barbells after either first stretching or not. The volunteers could manage 8.3 percent less weight after the static stretching. But even more interesting, they also reported that they felt less stable and more unbalanced after the stretching than when they didn#39;t stretch.另一项新研究得到了类似结论。实验中,年轻健壮的男性志愿者被要求拉伸或不拉伸后做标准蹲举杠铃的动作。拉伸后,志愿者能举起的杠铃重量比不拉伸时轻8.3%。更有意思的是,志愿者们表示,他们觉得拉伸后比不拉伸时重心更不稳、身体更不平衡。Just why stretching hampers performance is not fully understood, although the authors of both of the new studies write that they suspect the problem is in part that stretching does exactly what we expect it to do. It loosens muscles and their accompanying tendons. But in the process, it makes them less able to store energy and spring into action, like lax elastic waistbands in old shorts, which I#39;m certain have added significantly to the pokiness of some of my past race times by requiring me manually to hold up the garment.为什么拉伸会影响运动能力,这两项新研究的作者还不清楚,尽管他们怀疑部分原因是拉伸的确起到了我们所期望的效果:让肌肉与肌腱松弛。然而,拉伸也让肌肉储存能量和做爆发性动作的能力变差,就好比旧短裤上的松紧带一样——我敢肯定它害得我之前的跑步比赛用时过长,因为我要提着裤子赛跑。Of course, the new studies#39; findings primarily apply to people participating in events that require strength and explosive power, more so than endurance. But ;some research speaks in favor; of static stretching impairing performance in distance running and cycling, Dr. Markovic said.马尔科维奇教授说:当然,新研究的结果主要适用于那些参加需要肌肉有强度和爆发力的比赛、而非耐力比赛的人们。不过有些研究也持静态拉伸不利于长跑和远距离自行车运动的说法。More fundamentally, the results underscore the importance of not prepping for exercise by stretching, he said. ;We can now say for sure that static stretching alone is not recommended as an appropriate form of warm-up,; he said. ;A warm-up should improve performance,; he pointed out, not worsen it.从根本上讲,研究结果强调了不要在锻炼前进行拉伸类准备活动的重要性。马尔科维奇教授说:“我们可以确切地说:仅仅做拉伸运动并不是热身的好办法。热身运动应该提高运动能力。”他指出,热身不应当使运动表现变糟。A better choice, he continued, is to warm-up dynamically, by moving the muscles that will be called upon in your workout. Jumping jacks and toy-soldier-like high leg kicks, for instance, prepare muscles for additional exercise better than stretching. As an unscientific side benefit, they can also be fun.他继续讲道:“动态热身才是更好的选择。事先活动一下即将利用到的肌肉。比如开并腿跳或高踢腿,比静态拉伸更能让肌肉为接下来的运动做好准备。即使不用科学眼光来看,动态热身也更有趣。” /201410/334698高安市中人民医院缩窄鼻翼缩小毛孔缩小鼻翼缩小鼻头多少钱

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