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江西宜春市韩美医院治疗腋臭多少钱宜春韩美整形美容医院治疗疤痕怎么样宜春铜鼓县中人民医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 Michael Phelps is famous for listening to music at swimming competitions. 众所周知,菲尔普斯喜欢在游泳比赛前听音乐。The nineteen time gold medalist is known to wear his headphones right up until jumping into the pool for a race. 跳入泳池比赛前,这位19枚奥运金牌得主酷爱戴上耳机听音乐。Now many olympics fans are wondering just what hes listening to. 现在许多奥运迷都在好奇他听什么。Phelps hasnt revealed his musical selections for the RIO games, but theres a good chance it is mostly hip hop. 菲尔普斯没有透露他在里约奥运会听什么音乐,但很有可能是嘻哈。The swimmer has previously declared his fandom of rap stars like Eminem, young Jeezy and Lil Wayne.此前菲尔普斯宣布自己是说唱歌手艾米纳姆、杰伊·詹金斯和李尔·韦恩的歌迷。译文属。201608/459535The U.S. Air Force deployed B-52 bombers to Qatar on Saturday to join the fight against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. It is the first time they have been based in the Middle East since the end of the Gulf War in 1991.周六,美国空军在卡塔尔部署B-52轰炸机,在伊拉克和叙利亚加入打击伊斯兰国。这是自1991年海湾战争结束以来首次在中东地区部署B-52轰炸机。U.S. Air Forces Central Command said it last flew the long-range bombers operationally in the region in May 2006. 美国空军中央司令部表示,上次在该地区飞行远程轰炸机是在2006年5月。They were used then as part of the war in Afghanistan, and during a U.S.-led military exercise in Jordan in May 2015.它们被用于阿富汗战争,以及2015年5月在约旦美国领导的军事演习。Air Force Lieutenant General Charles Brown, commander of U.S. Air Forces Central Command, ;The B-52 demonstrates our continued resolve to apply persistent pressure on Daesh and defend the region in any future contingency.;美国空军中央司令部司令,空军中将查尔斯·布朗“B-52轰炸机表明了我们继续致力于向Daesh组织持续施压,在任何未来意外事件中保卫该区域。”Daesh is the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State militant movement.Daesh是伊斯兰国激进运动的阿拉伯语首字母缩写。译文属。201604/436569宜春市第七人民医院腿毛脸毛唇毛除毛汗毛哪家便宜价格

靖安县去除眼袋多少钱I have never,I swear to god,I never heard of a jazz game.Really?我对天发誓 我从没听说过爵士乐 真的吗I though every teenage boy had their jazz games.Sounds like a punishment.我还以为每个青少年都有爵士乐 听起来像是惩罚Well,you know,it was eye opening.The way it worked,you would just wander through the history of jazz.那让我开阔眼界 游戏是这样的 你就漫游在爵士的历史里You really didnt do anything.You were just a passive participant.你什么都没做 你就是个被动的参与者Theres no game aspect of it?Its just wandering through jazz?里面没有游戏的元素吗 你就漫游在爵士乐中吗Youre a jazz audience member.Like imagine call of duty but instead of storming barracks,you just like quietly listen to jellyroll Morton play.你是爵士观众 想象一下《使命召唤》 但你不是冲进军营 而是安静地听着杰利·罗尔·莫顿演奏So that I wanted become a musician.I got really into it.I used to wear a fedora.然后我想成为音乐家 我真的很沉迷 我以前带着软呢帽Oh,god,how old were you at the time?I was 14,It wasnt great.天啊 你那时多大n 14岁 那可不棒Youre 14 year-old wearing a fedora trying to be a hipster jazz guy?你14岁 带着软呢帽 想成为爵士乐音乐迷Right,but I would dress up like a normal 14 year-old boy until my neck and then from the head up,是啊 但我直到脖子的穿着打扮像是14岁的男孩 然后头以上I wear the haberdashery of a old cool black guy,but then from here down,it just be like a bugle boy,ironically played trumpet.我穿着老黑人的饰 但是脖子以下只是个吹喇叭的男孩 这很讽刺 我吹的是小号And one day I was walking along the street and a guy pulled up in the car next to me,一天我在街上走着 一个人在我身边停了车and he rolled down the window and I was wearing my fedora and he just quietly went,lose the hat and drove away.摇下窗户 我带着软呢帽 他小声说 取下帽子 然后他就开走了He saved your life.My guardian angel.他救了你的命 我的守护天使You went to a jazz camp then?That right,I went to.Was that a summer camp?那时候去了爵士乐营啊 是啊 我去过 那是夏令营吗Yeah,it a summer camp for the unfortunate youths who decided jazz the center pieces of their lives.是为那些不幸的年轻人开办的夏令营 他们决定了爵士乐是他们生活的中心部分201608/460622宜春第一人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 A woman in Texas shot her two teenage daughters,killing both of them,before a responding police officer shot and killed the mother, authorities said. 当局称,德克萨斯一名妇女杀了两个十几岁的女儿,随后被警方击毙。The woman shot her 19 and 17 year old daughters late Friday afternoon in the Westheimer Lakes-North neighborhood near the Houston suburbs of Fulshear and Katy, the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office said. 本德堡县警长办公室称,周五下午晚些时候在休斯顿富尔希尔和凯蒂郊区附近的韦斯特海默湖区,这名妇女开射杀19岁和17岁的女儿。They also said after someone called 911, a Fulshear police officer shot the mother when she refused to put down her weapon. 他们还说,随后有人拨打911,当这位母亲拒绝放下武器,富尔希尔警察开将其射杀。The daughters were found on the street with gunshot wounds. 两个女儿受伤倒在街上。The 19 year old died at the scene; the 17 year old died at a hospital, the sheriffs office said.警长办公室称,19岁的女儿当场死亡,17岁的女儿在医院去世。译文属。201606/451066宜春韩美整形美容医院做祛疤手术好吗

宜春学院附属医院激光祛痘手术多少钱 Renewable energy in Scotland苏格兰的可再生能源之路Caution to the wind小心风力How independence might threaten one of the SNP’s favourite industries独立是否会威胁苏格兰民族党的柱产业之一Twenty minutes from the centre of Glasgow, the tussocky expanse of Eaglesham Moor is popular with dog-walkers and cyclists. These days they enjoy some 90km (56 miles) of paths that have been built on the moor around Whitelee, Europe’s second-biggest onshore wind farm, by the operator, ScottishPower. The site’s appeal is twofold: it is close to a large number of electricity-consuming homes; and a barren moor makes a less controversial place to scatter 215 turbines than, say, a picturesque Highland mountainside. Whitelee’s success—it has expanded twice since starting operations in —reflects the growth of Scotland’s renewable-energy industry as a whole.距格拉斯哥市中心20分钟路程的地方,有一处由伊格尔沙姆沼泽蔓延开的草丛一直备受遛者和自行车爱好者的追捧,而这些天他们又可以尽情漫步在新修建的96千米(56英米)长的沼间小径上,这些小路位于欧洲第二大陆上风电场怀特里附近,由苏格兰电力公司建造。选址在这里具有双重意义:它既靠近需要大量消耗电力的住宅区,同时与如画的苏格兰高地山腰相比,它贫瘠的沼泽地质也是分散安置215个风力涡轮机的不二选择。怀特里风电场的成功——自年开始运营至今已扩大了2倍规模,整个反映了苏格兰再生能源产业的发展。In 2011, for the first time, renewables were the second-biggest source of electricity generated in Scotland, accounting for 27%, behind nuclear power but ahead of coal and gas; in England, renewables generated only 6% of the total. Stand, buffeted, on Eaglesham Moor and you get an inkling of why: around a quarter of all Europe’s wind energy crosses Scotland’s land mass and surrounding waters. Factor in its potential in tidal and wave energy, plus an expertise in North Sea oil and gas that can be transferred to greener industries, and the notion of Scotland as a “Saudi Arabia of renewables” does not seem too far-fetched.2011年,可再生能源的发电量第一次占据了苏格兰总发电量的27%,成为苏格兰电力的第二大来源——位于核电之后,煤气电力之前;而在英格兰,可再生能源的发电量只占据了6%。如果你置身于伊格尔沙姆沼泽,也许就能对其原因略窥一二了,全欧洲的风能大约有四分之一是从苏格兰的陆地和周围水域穿过的。正是因为有它潜在的潮汐能和波能,再加上能将北海里的油气资源转移到绿色产业中的专利技术,苏格兰被称为“可再生能源中的沙特阿拉伯”也就不难理解了。The political climate helps, too. At Westminster, bickering within the coalition, especially over wind farms, has stymied progress over renewables. By contrast, the Scottish National Party (SNP), which runs Scotland’s devolved government, has spent years talking up the country’s renewable-energy prowess and British dependence on it. With some justification: Scotland exported 26% of the electricity it generated to the rest of Britain in 2011, and transfers to England are at a record high. The SNP touts energy as a central plank of an independent Scotland’s economy, should voters opt for separation in next year’s referendum.然而,政治气候也在其中起了推波助澜之用。在威斯敏斯特,联合政府内部经常有争吵,尤其关于风力发电厂。这已经阻碍了可再生能源产业的进步。相比之下,苏格兰民族党,也就是苏格兰自治政府的执政党,几年来一直致力于可再生能源技术的进步,以期获得英国政府对其电力输出的依赖。公平地来说:就2011年一年,苏格兰就向英国其他地区输入了其总电量的26%,达到了对英格兰输电量的最高值。如果在下一年的独立公投中苏格兰人赞成脱离英国独立的话,能源产业有望成为苏格兰独立经济体的核心产业。Alex Salmond, the first minister, vows that Scotland will generate the equivalent of 100% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2020. That pledge might be tough to meet should oil and gas prices fall, making renewables look costlier; but his administration has at least backed his words with action. Within the devolved arrangements, planning decisions are Scotland’s main lever over energy policy. Since 2007, when Mr Salmond first took office, his ministers have approved many more applications for large wind farms (ie, those with a generating capacity of over 50MW) than the Westminster government has for England and Wales. Foreign firms have noticed this enthusiasm for the sector: Areva, Gamesa and Samsung have all said they will open factories making kit for offshore turbines in Scotland.苏格兰首席部长萨尔蒙德(Alex Salmond)许诺,到2020年苏格兰有望实现电力完全无碳化。但如果油气价格下跌,可再生能源随之上涨,这一承诺便很难实现。不过,萨尔蒙德当局政府仍为实现这一目标付诸实践。在任期间,苏格兰将谋划决策作为控制能源政策的主要手段。自2007年萨尔蒙德先生第一次上台起,当局政府通过了大量的大型风力发电厂的申请(例如,产能功率大于50MW),远远超过了威斯敏斯特政府供给给英格兰和威尔士的发电厂数量。苏格兰政府对能源板块的大力扶持吸引了全球许多知名企业关注:法国的阿海珐集团、西班牙的歌美飒公司以及韩国的三星公司已经决定在苏格兰开设工厂建设海上发电基地。But external factors have helped, too. In particular, a European Union directive requires Britain to derive 15% of its energy demand from renewables by 2020. Generators of such energy get subsidies from a Westminster scheme funded by consumers throughout Britain. That is a major boon to Scotland’s renewables industry. It is also, potentially, the cause of its biggest worry—one among several.其中同样也有外部作用,尤其是欧盟促进可再生能源使用指令,其要求到2020年,英国必须有15%的电力来源于可再生能源。为此,英国制定由消费者投资的威斯敏斯特计划,向可再生能源发电厂颁发特殊津贴。这对也的确是一个促进苏格兰的可再生能源产业发展的重大利好消息。然而,这也产生了一个潜在的问题——几个中最严重的问题。Not everyone is as sanguine about wind farms as the ramblers on Eaglesham Moor. Elsewhere, the proliferating turbines are contentious. As in England, the two strands of environmentalism—the push for green energy and the desire to keep nature pristine—still conflict. Moreover, for most other sites, transmission costs are high. National Grid, which operates the British transmission system, charges electricity generators according to their location relative to demand; Scotland’s windiest spots tend to be remote. Meanwhile, as Professor Paul Younger of Glasgow University points out, Scotland still needs to plug an impending gap in its supply of “baseload” energy (power that is available day and night, regardless of the weather). Buying more gas is the likeliest solution对于风力发电厂,不是每一个人都如同伊格尔沙姆的漫游者一样乐观。在其他地方,涡轮机数量的增加是备受争议的。在英格兰,两派环境保护论仍然争论不休——一方希望推动绿色能源发展,另一方则希望保持自然的纯洁性。此外,对大多数其他地方来说,输电费用也很昂贵。负责英国电力运输的国家电网,根据电厂与需求地的远近来收取费用;而苏格兰风力最强点则位置偏远。同时,正如格拉斯哥大学的Paul Younger教授所说,弥补“基本装载”能源的供给仍是苏格兰的当务之急(指无论天气好坏,白天晚上都能利用的能量)。要解决这个问题,购买更多的天然气是最优选择。Beggar they neighbour乞求他们的邻居But, despite the SNP’s enthusiasm for both, the biggest shadow over Scotland’s renewables industry is cast by independence. A separated Scotland would probably remain part of the same British energy market: all sides benefit from a system that allows the easy transmission of electricity from England’s power stations to Scotland when the winds are calm up north, and from Scotland’s wind farms to the south on days when they have excess capacity.但是,尽管苏格兰民族党既大力扶持可再生能源产业,又持独立,独立问题还是使苏格兰的可再生能源产业笼罩在大片的阴影之下的元凶。脱离英国的苏格兰可能还会保留部分英国能源市场:要想双方实现共赢,只有建立一个这样的系统才有可能,当北部无风时,则允许由英格兰发电站向苏格兰自由运输电力,当北部风电厂发电量过剩时,就从北部运往南部。The worry is the impact that independence might have on how Britain applies that EU directive. At the moment, no one knows exactly what that will be; but Britain’s government might well prefer to invest in its own renewables industry rather than subsidising Scotland’s, or to buy cheap renewable energy from elsewhere in Europe. Scotland’s competitively priced onshore-wind power would probably find a buyer, but more expensive offshore, tidal and wave energy could be a harder sell.担忧的是,若苏格兰脱离了英国而独立,那么英国要如何实现欧盟促进可再生能源使用指令所指定的指标?到那个时候,没有人会知道将会变成什么样;但是英国政府也许宁愿加大对本国可再生能源产业的投资,也不会向苏格兰寻求帮助,或者从欧洲其他地方购买廉价的可再生能源。而苏格兰的陆上风能由于价格具有竞争优势也许容易找到买家,不过更为昂贵的近海风能、潮汐能以及波能就很难卖出了。Fergus Ewing, Scotland’s energy minister, suggests that England, which itself faces an energy shortfall, will need Scottish power regardless: “England will need Scottish energy to keep the lights on by 2015,” he says. But it would be ironic if independence were to undermine one of the SNP’s flagship industries.苏格兰的能源部长费格斯·尤因 (Fergus Ewing)指出,面临的能源短缺的英格兰无论怎样都会需要苏格兰的能源:“英格兰一直到2015年都需要来自苏格兰的能源把灯点亮,”他说道。如果因为独立而破坏了苏格兰的柱产业之一,可真是令人啼笑皆非。翻译:朱大素译文属译生译世201610/470647宜春韩美整形美容医院打瘦脸针宜春铜鼓县中人民医院美容整形科



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