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宜春韩美美容医院治疗痘坑多少钱宜春韩美整形美容医院丰胸手术怎么样丰城除黄褐斑价格 Demand for in-flight WiFi has reached a new high among passengers in the Asia-Pacific region, with a new report showing that 90% of those surveyed in the region saying the availability of onboard connectivity would influence their choice of airlines.一份新报告显示,亚太地区乘客对空中WiFi的需求达到新高,该地区90%受调查者称,机舱内连接的可用性将影响其对航空公司的选择。The report, released by Inmarsat, a provider of global satellite communication services, revealed Chinese passengers are very likely to use in-flight WiFi.这份由全球卫星通信务提供商Inmarsat发布的报告显示,中国乘客很可能使用空中WiFi。Bill Peltola, Asia-Pacific regional director of Inmarsat Aviation, said, ;The high demand of Chinese fliers to use in-flight WiFi is driven by their motivation of communication activities, and increased appetite to use mobile messaging apps. ;Inmarsat航空部亚太总监比尔·裴托拉表示:“中国乘客积极的交际活动及其对使用移动通讯应用的兴趣增加带动了他们使用空中WiFi的高需求。”;Most Chinese passengers would choose low- and medium-priced packages that consist of basic messaging apps options. They remain price sensitive, and are less motivated by high-priced activities like streaming.; he said.他说:“多数中国乘客会选择包含基本通讯应用选择的中低价套餐,他们仍对价格敏感,对流媒体等高价活动的积极性较低。”Currently, only 3 percent of aircraft operating in the Asia-Pacific region offer in-flight Wi-Fi services. The report said two-thirds of respondents are willing to pay for unlimited internet usage during a flight, indicating the tremendous potential for airlines to use it as a differentiation point to attract more customers.不过现在,仅有3%的亚太地区飞机能够提供空中WiFi务。报告指出,超过三分之二的乘客愿意付费使用机舱内连接,这凸显了航空公司利用该项差异化务来吸引更多乘客的潜力。The survey also showed that 54 percent and 57 percent of Asia-Pacific fliers would choose in-flight Wi-Fi as their preferred service on short- and long-haul flights, compared with only 16 percent and 18 percent choosing traditional in-flight entertainment.该报告还显示,54%-57%的亚太地区乘客在短途和长途飞行中会选择空中WiFi作为优先务,而仅有16%-18%的乘客选择传统的机上作为机舱优先务。 /201606/448502Giving out free condoms at school is not a surefire way to avoid teenage pregnancy - or it might not be enough.在校园里发放免费避套并不是一个防止青少年怀的稳妥之法--或者说这可能还不够。Access to condoms in schools increases teen fertility rates by about 10 per cent, according to a new study by the University Of Notre Dame.圣母大学的一项最新研究表明,在学校里能够获得避套的情况下,青少年们的生育率提高了10%。However the increase happened in schools where no counseling was provided when condoms were given out - and giving out guidance as well as birth control could have the opposite effect, economists Kasey Buckles and Daniel Hungerman said in the study.在这份研究中,经济学家凯茜·巴克尔斯和丹尼尔·亨格曼表示,生育率有所上升的学校在发放避套的时候没有提供咨询务,而在提供生育控制措施的同时提供指导会起到正面的效果。Access to other kinds of birth control, such as the contraceptive pill, IUDs and implants, has been shown to lower teen fertility rates - but condoms might have opposite consequences due to their failure rate as well as the time and frequency at which they#39;re used.而其他避措施,例如避药和植入宫内避器,在降低生育率方面确有其效--但是由于破损以及使用时间和次数的原因,避套有可能带来相反的结果。Buckles and Hungerman looked at 22 school districts located in 12 different states, using data from the 1990s. Times have changed aly and teenagers today are overall less likely to have sex and less likely to become pregnant, they wrote. Most of the free condoms programs in the study began in 1992 or 1993 and about two thirds involved mandatory counseling.巴克尔斯和亨格曼在美国12个州的22个学区进行了调查,使用自20世纪90年代以来的数据。随着时间的推移,总体而言,如今的青少年发生性行为次数更少,怀几率也更小。研究中涉及的大部分免费避套项目开始于1992年或1993年,其中大约三分之二提供强制性咨询务。The 10 per cent increased occurred as a result of schools that gave out condoms without counseling, Buckles and Hungerman said. #39;These fertility effects may have been attenuated, or perhaps even reversed, when counseling was mandated as part of condom provision,#39; they wrote. Teenage girls were also more likely to develop gonorrhea when condoms were given for free - and again, the increase happened as a result of schools giving out condoms without counseling. Access to contraceptives in general has been shown to lower teen fertility, Buckles and Hungerman noted, or in some cases had no effect at all.巴克尔斯和亨格曼表示,青少年生育率上升10%是因为学校发放避套但没有提供咨询务。但是,提供避套时提供强制性咨询务可减弱甚至颠倒这种生育率影响。免费提供避套也会提高女生患性病的机率,而这也是学校没有提供咨询务导致的。总体而言,避措施降低了青少年生育率,但在某些情况下并没有任何效果。But condoms might have a different impact because of several factors, such as the fact that their failure rate is more important than that of other contraceptives. Condoms also rely #39;more heavily on the male partner#39;, which is an important factor given that an unplanned pregnancy will have different consequences for each gender, Buckle and Hungerman wrote.但是,由于失效等种种原因,避套可能产生不同的效果。鉴于意外怀会给双方造成不同的影响,避套也极大地取决于男性一方。使用避套的时间也是为什么它的效果与其他避措施不同的原因。Free condom programs in schools could have led to two additional births per 1,000 teenage women so far, Buckle and Hungerman found. This could increase to 5 extra births per 1,000 teenage girls if the country#39;s entire high-school-aged population had access to condoms.目前,巴克尔斯和亨格曼发现,学校的免费避套项目导致每1000名女生怀次数增加2次。如果全美的高中生都可获得免费避套,将导致每1000名女生的怀次数增加5次。Condom distribution programs could promote the use of condoms over more efficient birth control methods, drive schools to use their resources for condom distribution rather than more effective programs, or might encourage #39;risky#39; sexual behaviors, Buckle and Hungerman wrote. But these findings should be used with caution when reflecting on policy proposals, they added.此外,避法发放项目可能使更多人选择使用避套,而不是其他更有效的避措施,从而促使学校开展避套发放项目而不是其他更有效的项目,这或许也会怂恿“危险”的性行为。然而,巴克尔斯和亨格曼表示,在反思政策建议的时候,因谨慎使用这些研究发现。Health clinics based in schools that offered contraceptives were shown to significantly lower teen fertility in a 2014 study. #39;If health clinics can effectively combine contraception access and counseling, this may lead to very different effects than access alone,#39; Buckle and Hungerman said.在2014年的研究中,学校医务室提供避药极大地降低了青少年生育率。巴克尔斯和亨格曼表示,如果医务室能够有效结合避措施和咨询务,将可能产生与仅仅提供避措施非常不同的效果。 /201607/454499宜春去肥胖纹哪里疗效好

丰城市中人民医院切眼袋手术多少钱These stomach-churning images were taken by a group of rebellious teens who happily risked their lives for the ultimate tourist snap - taken 1381ft above the ground.  这些令人反胃的照片是由一群叛逆少年拍摄的,他们兴高采烈地冒着生命危险拍摄出了终极旅游快照!照片是在地面以上1381英尺高的地方拍摄的。  Andrej Ciesielski, 18, captured the incredible images after sneaking past security guards and scaling the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, China, with two pals.  18岁的Andrej Ciesielski和两个朋友偷偷躲过保安,一起爬上中国上海金茂大厦后拍摄了这些不可思议的图片。  The trio climbed ladders on the outside of the building to take pictures right at the very top - aware that the slightest slip would mean certain death.  这三人沿着这栋大楼外面的梯子爬上去,为了在最顶端拍照——尽管他们知道出一点儿错就意味着死定了。  Despite getting some top-notch snaps, the group were spotted by nearby office workers - and were met by police when they arrived back in the building#39;s lobby.  虽然拍摄了一流的照片,这群少年被附近的上班族看到了——然后当他们回到这栋大楼的大厅的时候遇到了警察。  Risky business: Police carted the trio off to a cell and they were questioned for seven hours.  冒险的事情:警察把这三个人带走了并关进了拘留室,而他们被审问了7小时。  The thrillseeking teens were let off by police and admitted that this was their third attempt at taking the stomach churning images.  寻求刺激的少年被警察带走了,他们承认这是他们第三次试图拍摄这种令人反胃的图片了。  Ciesielski said: #39;After we got caught by the police in Shanghai it will be impossible for other people to climb to the top of the building.#39;  Ciesielski说:“我们被上海警察逮住后,其他人再想爬上这栋大楼的顶点是不可能了。”  Ticking Shanghai off their photography bucket list, Ciesielski said he will now focus on other cities in the future.  把上海从他们的摄影遗愿名单上去掉,Ciesielski说现在他会把未来的注意力集中在其他城市。 /201603/434575宜春韩美整形美容医院乳头隆乳巨乳副乳哪家便宜价格 The saying goes: #39;It doesn#39;t matter where you came from. All that matters is where you#39;re going.#39;常言道:”你出生卑微并不重要,重要的是你是否志存高远“。But new research suggests that this might not be the case.但是新的研究表明,可能并非如此A study now suggests that children of supportive parents are richer and happier in later life.现在一项新的研究表明,有父母持的孩子在往后的生活中更加幸福和富有。Researchers from Kobe University in Japan found that mothers and fathers who help their children in their early years ensure they have higher salaries when they grow up.日本神户大学的研究员们发现,如果父母在孩子幼年时帮助他们,那么他们长大后工资水平会更高。They are also more likely to get high grades at school and have less chance of dying early.他们(孩子)也更有可能在学校获得高分,并且他们的早逝几率也变得更小了。(早逝,受教育不好会早逝?????什么理论)The study involved an online survey of 5000 men and women who were asked about their relationship with their parents.该项研究涉及了5000名男性和女性,在线调查了他们和父母的关系。Participants were asked to agree or disagree with statements like: ‘My parents trusted me’ and ‘I felt like my family had no interest in me’.诸如“我父母信任我”及“我感觉父母对我没兴趣”这样的陈述只能用同意或不同意来回答。The researchers used this data to split parents into six groups: supportive strict indulgent easygoing harsh and average.研究者根据数据把父母分成六个组:持型,严厉型,放纵型,随和型,苛刻型和正常型。In all three of these categories what was missing was the positive mentality that only children of supportive parents had.以上三种类型的孩子所缺失的是持型父母的孩子所具有的积极心态。They also earned less overall than children whose parents supported them.这些类型的孩子以后的收入也比持型父母的孩子来得少。Parents in the average category were a control to compare to the rest. 这里将正常型父母作为其他类型的参照标准。 /201606/451483宜春奉新县中人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱

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