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宜春韩美医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱樟树市做激光脱毛多少钱US in Deliberate Study of North Korean Nuclear Position美国仔细研究北韩对会谈的新立场 The State Department says the Bush administration is engaged in a careful study of North Korea's latest position on the six-party nuclear talks, as conveyed to a senior U.S. envoy late last week. Another top U.S. diplomat is still in the region consulting other parties to the talks.美国国务院说,布什政府正在根据北韩上周五向美国高级特使希尔表达的内容,仔细研究北韩在六方会谈方面的最新立场。美国另一名高级外交人员目前还在该地区同参加六方会谈的其它国家代表进行磋商。U.S. officials are refusing to comment on the substance of what Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill learned on a visit to Pyongyang that ended last Friday.美国助理国务卿希尔上星期五结束了对平壤的访问。美国有关官员拒绝透露希尔顿此行所获得的具体信息。But they do say the Hill mission has triggered a high-level review of the North Korean position that included a White House discussion Tuesday between President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.不过,他们说,希尔的访问使美国政界高层开始研究北韩的立场。星期二,美国总统布什和国务卿赖斯在白宫就这一问题进行了讨论。The Chinese-sponsored six-party talks, aimed at getting Pyongyang to scrap its nuclear program, have been deadlocked over North Korea's failure to submit a verification plan for the declaration of its nuclear holdings it made in June.由中国主办的六方会谈是为了促使北韩废除其核项目,谈判最近陷入僵局,原因是北韩没有交出对其在今年六月所作的核材料声明进行核实的计划。Pyongyang says the ed States reneged on a pledge to remove it from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, but U.S. officials say de-listing is dependent on a verification regime.北韩说,美国违反承诺,没有把北韩从持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,但美国官员说,除名的条件是北韩提交核实的计划。Hill met several North Korean officials, including Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun and a senior army general in a visit spanning three days.希尔在他三天的访问中会晤了几名北韩官员,其中包括北韩外务相朴义春和一名军方高级将领。A South Korean newspaper considered pro-Pyongyang said earlier this week North Korea gave Hill a new proposal along with an ultimatum to walk away from the talks if it is not accepted.韩国的一份亲北韩的报纸本周早些时候说,北韩向希尔提出了一项新的建议,并且发出了最后通牒,也就是,如果不接受提议,北韩就将退出六方会谈。At a news briefing Wednesday, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said he was not y to provide any details but reiterated Hill's depiction of his visit as useful.美国国务院发言人麦科马克星期三在一个新闻发布会上说,他不能透露具体细节,但是他重申,希尔说这次访问是有用的。"We will give you our full assessment of what Chris heard and the results of his discussion as we saw it," he said. "I think you heard him, as well as the secretary, characterize the discussions as useful. We will see if, in fact, in the end they are productive in moving the process forward."麦科马克说:“我们将会在以后透露希尔和北韩方面进行讨论的结果,并将全面评估希尔所获得的消息。希尔和赖斯国务卿已经说过,希尔这次访问是有用的。我们将看看这些讨论最终是否能起到作用,推动形势向前发展。”McCormack said Secretary Rice discussed the state of the talks by telephone with South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan, and that senior U.S. diplomat Sung Kim - Hill's deputy - is due back in Washington on Thursday, after consultations with parties in the region.麦科马克说,赖斯国务卿通过电话同韩国外交部长柳明桓讨论了六方会谈的形势,而希尔的副手金成正在这一地区同有关各方进行磋商,并将于星期四返回华盛顿。A senior official who spoke to reporters in Washington said the administration is being deliberate, thoughtful, and conscientious in its internal discussion of the talks.一位高级官员在华盛顿对记者们说,布什政府在内部讨论六方会谈时采取了仔细、周全和审慎的态度。Asked if the negotiations are in a do-or-die situation, the same official said the six-party talks will remain a useful mechanism regardless of whether they move forward right now.当被问到六方会谈是否处于危急关头时,这位官员说,不论六方是否能马上在谈判上取得进展,六方会谈都将继续成为一个有用的机制。North Korea announced last month it was taking steps to restore its partially disabled Yongbyon nuclear complex because of the negotiating impasse.北韩上个月宣布,由于谈判陷入僵局,北韩正在采取步骤恢复被部分拆除的宁边核反应堆。Spokesman McCormack said Pyongyang continues to move in the wrong direction with its activity at Yongbyon. He also said North Korea's reported test-firing of two short-range missiles into the Yellow Sea on Tuesday was neither advisable nor helpful in managing regional tensions.美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,北韩在宁边的活动说明它依然在执行错误的政策。他还说,据报道,北韩在星期二向黄海试射了两枚短程导弹,这是不明智的,对处理该地区的紧张关系毫无帮助。But he said it was not a technical violation of a 2006 U.N. Security Council resolution demanding an end to North Korea's long-range ballistic-missile program.不过他说,这次试射并没有违反联合国安理会2006年要求北韩停止其远程弹道导弹项目的决议。200810/52433高安市人民医院下颌角下颚下巴太阳穴哪家便宜价格 Well, serve your man according to my next guest, all women should be a wife first, a mother second, and then focus on their career third. She calls Hillary Clinton a lousy wife while saying Laura Bush is a great one. So, what gets? With me now is Dr. Vorenica Corpening. Doctor, good to have you here.Great to be here.You know a lot of people are gonna hear that and say, oh, Man! What do you say?I'd say that you were chosen to be a wife, and so you have to do your job as a wife just as well as you do your job as a physician, a lawyer, a politician. So when you're chosen, your husband expects you to meet the needs of him; you expect him to meet your needs. So therefore, you need to do what you need to do as a wife first and put that at the top of your priority list.All right, now you said you had, and you were telling me during the break you have? 3 kids, right?I have 3 sons.All right, and, and you've been married for almost 20 years?Yes.And you put your husband ahead of the kids?I do, I do things like take him to lt;thegt; train station every morning, pick him up at night. I work my schedule around my life as a wife, and then my life as a mother, and my children also understand that there is time where mum and dad are spending time together, and they are aside. And, your argument is it makes for better parenting that way anyway, when the couple is tight, close, makes for better kids down the road, right?It does because what has happened is that women have lost their way, and they don't know what it means to be a good wife and how do they learn that. They learn that through how their mother and father interacted at home. So we have to teach women and men what it means to be a good partner and then marriages would be much more successful.Um, you said Hillary Clinton was bad at that, Laura Bush is good at it. What did you mean?Hillary has been trying to be in front of her husband the whole time, and further her own career. When her husband was the most powerful man in the world, she wasn't behind his vision; she was behind her vision and (she) always has; whereas Laura Bush although she is a professional and a very intelligent woman, she always follows her husband and is behind his vision.You, you know there're gonna be women listening to this say, well, you know, we are not slaves! We are not second-class citizens, you, you, you seemed to give that image.I absolutely, I absolutely, I am not telling people to be a servant, em, you have to look at...(inaudible) Does your husband like worship the ground you work on? I mean if you're here doing all this for him. If you were my wife, I would say, man, I'm gonna take you out every night. I'm gonna...You are not, you are not superwoman. But Let's think about women like Nancy Reagan and Coretta Scott King, those are women who supported their, the vision of their husbands so well that even when their husbands were faltering and even when they were dead. They kept their vision alive.All right, but what if you have a husband that er has a cheat on you left and right? chasing interns, I mean why be loyal to a guy like that?Well, it probably started because one thing that Hillary does not give Bills is admiration, and she definitely looks like the type of woman that when he says I want some, she'd say, noway, I don't feel like .....Hey, hey, hey. All right, so you are saying that you, you women just have to be a little more sycophantic to their husbands?Well, there is a time to step back. And When you walk into the house, it's a time to step back and let your husband feel like he is in charge even though you know that there're, the decisions are being made side by side. You let him be forward and so there's peace in the home. All right, even if it's the man deciding the peace.The women are deciding the peace too, and the women who decide peace (are) the best.So you are actually getting your way by making him think he's getting (it)…You interestingly do get your way cause you are not having a fight about it anymore.All right, I'd like you to come home and talk to my wife, Doctor. Doctor Veronica Corpening, thank you very very much. (Thank you) In fact there're gonna be a few e-mails on this particular segment.200809/48179Im a little bit concerned about something.我对一些问题有点担心。;Im a little bit concerned...; Doesnt that mean something bad?“我对一些问题有点担心。”这是不是不好的意思。Yes, Anna, Paul is using a polite turn of phrase to say he is unhappy about something.是的,安娜,保罗正在用礼貌的方式表达他对某事不满意。Lets see what hes got to say....看看他要说什么……I think you need to work on your telephone manner.我想你需要改进你的电话谈话技巧。Work on my telephone manner?改进我的电话谈话技巧?It means the way you talk on the phone is not good enough and you have to improve it – to work on it to make it better.这意味着你的电话谈话方式不够好,你需要改善它,使它变得更好。Perhaps you should think about …也许你应该想想……Perhaps you should think about – thats a polite way of telling you to do something!也许你应该想想……这是一种礼貌的方式告诉你要怎么做某事。Anna, are you listening to me?安娜,你在听我说话吗?Yes, sorry, I was just sort of, err, talking to myself.是的,对不起,我只是在自言自语。Could you repeat what you said please?你能重复一下刚才说的吗?Right, Ill start again.好的,我从头再说一遍。I said: Im a little bit concerned about your telephone manner.我说:我有点担心你的电话谈话技巧。You need to work on the way you speak to clients.你需要改进你跟客户说话的方式。Perhaps you should think about being a bit more polite to clients; its important for the image of the company.也许你应该考虑对客户说话时更礼貌一些,这对公司形象很重要。Oh okay.好的。You can go now – take another biscuit with you – thats my last chocolate wafer, you lucky thing!你现在可以走了,拿一块饼干吧,这是我最后的巧克力薄饼,幸运的人! /201701/483836宜春市比较好的美容院有哪些

宜春哪家医院的激光脱毛好啊amass ---- 积攒(及物动词) 英文释义(transitive verb) To gather a large quantity of something. 例句Over the past year my negligent brother amassed a lot of bills, and now I am trying to help him pay them.在过去一年,我那粗心的弟弟积攒了很多账单,如今我在努力帮助他还账。 /201609/466474江西省荣军医院美容中心 宜春万载县去除鱼尾纹多少钱

宜春市第三人民医院雕眉粉黛眉海藻眉飘眉哪家便宜价格 Clinton Wins Puerto Rico Primary民主党这个星期或产生总统候选人  U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton has won Sunday's Democratic presidential primary contest in the commonwealth territory of Puerto Rico, soundly defeating rival Senator Barack Obama by a two to one margin. The Clinton victory comes near the end of the U.S. presidential primary season, and will only slightly erode Obama's lead among party delegates that will determine the Democratic presidential nominee. 美国参议员克林顿星期天赢得民主党在美国领地波多黎各举行的总统候选人初选,以二比一的优势击败对手奥巴马参议员。克林顿在即将结束的党内初选中赢得这项胜利,只能稍稍缩小奥巴马已经领先的党代表票数上的优势。这些党代表将决定民主党的总统候选人提名。Conventional wisdom holds that, at this point, Hillary Clinton has only the faintest hopes of securing the Democratic nomination. Nevertheless, she is finishing the primary season on a strong note. In recent weeks, she has scored overwhelming victories in the states of West Virginia and Kentucky. Now, she adds Puerto Rico to her win column. 普遍的看法是,在目前情况下,克林顿参议员要想夺取民主党提名的希望已非常渺茫。但是无论如何,她仍然以强劲的姿态结束初选过程。最近几个星期,克林顿在西维吉尼亚州和肯塔基州都赢得压倒性胜利。现在,她又赢得了波多黎各。Exit polls in the island territory showed her winning among all age groups, and among both men and women. Puerto Ricans may vote in primary contests, but not in the presidential election in November. 对投票后选民的民调显示,克林顿在波多黎各的民主党初选里,赢得了所有年龄层和男女两性的选民的持。波多黎各人可以在党内初选投票,但是没有权利在11月的总统大选时投票。Obama still holds a comfortable lead among party delegates accrued from states and territories that have held primaries and caucuses since the beginning of the year. But Clinton's recent victories have, by some calculations, put her ahead in the popular vote tally of all ballots cast in the primary season to date. 奥巴马仍然掌握著自今年初以来各州和属地党内初选的党代表总票数的领先地位。但是克林顿最近的胜利,按照某种计算方式,使得她在迄今为止的普选票数上领先。Clinton highlighted her popular vote totals in a victory speech to supporters in Puerto Rico. 克林顿参议员在波多黎各对持者发表胜利演说时,强调了她在普选总票数上的胜利。"More people have voted for us than for any candidate in the history of presidential primaries," said Hillary Clinton. "We are winning the popular vote. And it is important where we have won. We are winning these votes in swing states and among the very swing voters [that] Democrats must win to take back the White House." 克林顿说:“比起美国总统候选人初选历史上的任何参选人,我们赢得的票数都更多。我们在普选票数方面打了胜仗。这是一场重要的胜利。我们赢得了那些中间州里的举棋不定的选民的选票,这是民主党要夺回白宫必须赢得的。”Clinton added that so-called "super delegates" - party elders and elected officials who may endorse any candidate - will ultimately decide who becomes the Democratic presidential nominee. She urged super delegates to pick the strongest candidate to go up against Republican John McCain in November, and said she is that candidate. 不过,克林顿补充说,所谓的超级党代表将最终决定谁能成为民主党总统候选人。所谓超级党代表是指民主党的民选官员和知名人士,他们可以自由选择属意的候选人。她敦促这些超级党代表选择最强而有力的候选人在11月大选时对抗共和党的麦凯恩,而她就是这样的候选人。But the Obama campaign counters that Clinton's popular vote argument is flawed, since it does not take into account vote tallies from many caucus states. Furthermore, Democratic Party rules do not mention the popular vote as a criterion for determining a presidential nominee, a point made by Obama campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs on A's "This Week" program: 但是奥巴马阵营反驳克林顿普选票数领先的说法。奥巴马阵营说,这是因为克林顿没有将许多举行基层党团会议选举州的票数计算进来。再说,民主党的规则是并不将普选票数作为决定总统提名人的标准。奥巴马阵营发言人吉布斯对美国广播公司的“本星期”电视节目说:"The nomination is decided by the number of delegates that you have, and I think that the winner of the majority of those delegates will soon be Senator Obama," said Robert Gibbs. “总统候选人提名是由你所获得的党代表票数来决定,而我认为,获得大多数党代表票数的胜利者即将属于奥巴马。”Saturday, Clinton picked up two dozen delegates when the Democratic Party reinstated primary votes from Florida and Michigan. Those states had been stripped of their delegates after moving up their primary dates in violation of party rules. The party opted to count each delegate from those states as a one-half vote.After the Puerto Rico primary, Obama stands less than 50 delegates away from clinching the nomination, with just two states - Montana and South Dakota - left to vote. There are more than 150 super delegates who have yet to endorse either candidate. Party leaders are pressuring all remaining super delegates to make their preference known after the final primaries this Tuesday. Should they do so, the Democratic presidential nominee will likely be known sometime this week. 在波多黎各初选之后,奥巴马现在只差不到五十张党代表票数就可以赢得民主党提名,现在只剩下两个州蒙塔纳州和南达科塔州还没有举行初选。目前还有超过一百五十名的超级党代表还没有决定他们的选择。民主党领导层已经施压,要求所有尚未表态的超级党代表在本星期二最后的党内初选结束后,做出选择。如果情况这样发展,那么,民主党的总统提名人将可能在本星期某个时刻产生。 200806/41038宜春奉新县去除黄褐斑多少钱宜春袁州区瑞兰美白针多少钱



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