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宜春市中医医院做去眼袋手术多少钱宜春有治红胎记的医院吗With gas prices key rocketing across the globe, we’d all love to find a way to save cash each time we fill up our vehicle, wouldn’t we? But forget coupons or shopping around or getting a car with a smaller engine… Just fill up in a bikini!随着全球油价不断飙升,每次我们为爱车加满油的时候,都想找一种能省钱的方法,难倒不是吗?还想用奖券、货比三家或是换辆发动机小的车诸如此类的方法来省油吗?其实只要穿着比基尼去加油就行了!Yep – gas station customers in Kiev have had a unique opportunity to get a whole tankful of gas recently totally free. No money traded hands. All you needed to do was turn up in a bikini, get pumping and you could drive away without paying.没错!乌克兰基辅市的加油站发明了一种奇艳的方法,让你能免费获得满满一箱汽油。一分钱都不用给哟。你所需要做的仅仅是穿着比基尼现身就可以了。One of the largest networks of petrol stations in Ukraine organized a campaign in which anyone who showed up in swimwear at a particular gas station during specified hours would receive free gasoline, according to representatives of the company.据乌克兰最大规模连锁加油站的相关人员介绍,日前该公司开展了一项促销活动,只要顾客身着泳衣在规定时段去特定加油站,就能获得免费的汽油。The petrol station turns its forecourt into a beachfront for its latest promotion of free fuel to bikini-clad customers.这场针对比基尼客户的促销活动是该公司最新的促销活动,为了起到宣传的作用,该公司已经把加油站的前院改装成了沙滩的样子。;I think (women do it ) in order to save their money, or to fill in their husband#39;s car. I think it#39;s mostly about money, not about fun.; said one customer.“我觉得(女士们之所以选择参与活动)只是为了省钱,或者把丈夫的车加满油。我觉得这只是出于钱上的考虑,而不是为了取乐。”一位顾客道。Some more wacky dudes had a go, but – being Ukraine – it was mostly just ridiculous trim girls with beach-y bods getting out of their cars to get the free gas.一些标新立异的男士也来尝试了一把。不过,毕竟这里是乌克兰,大多数尝鲜的顾客都是体型修长,有着小麦色肌肤,准备在沙滩上一秀真我的美女们。她们推开车门,莲步轻移,来为爱车领一箱免费的汽油。 /201608/461894樟树市治疗黄褐斑要多少钱

宜春韩美整形华尔兹脱毛锯齿线面部提升锯齿线悬吊除皱术多少钱宜春宜丰县麦格假体隆胸多少钱高安妇幼保健人民医院打溶脂针多少钱Eldest siblings tend to think they#39;re the kings and queens of the family. They were born first, so it only makes sense that they get the most attention and affection, right?家里的老大们倾向于认为他们是家里的国王和王后。他们先出生,所以他们理所应当得到最多的关注和爱,对吗?Youngest and middle children would beg to differ, but it turns out science mostly supports the eldest#39;s bragging rights.弟弟们并不同意,但其实大多数科学研究持长子长女的这种“特权”。Numerous studies have shown that birth order plays an important part in development. How much influence it has is a point of contention among experts, but regardless, there is something to be said about being the oldest one of the bunch.许多研究都已经显示,出生顺序在孩子的成长中起到重要作用,影响到底有多大一直是专家争论的焦点,但是不论如何,关于家里的老大,还是有些得说道说道。If you#39;re an eldest sibling, take a look at the benefits of your birth order below.如果你是家里的老大,看看下面列出的当老大的好处。1. Older siblings might be smarter.1.老大更聪明。Research suggests that eldest children have higher IQs on average than their younger siblings. In a 2007 study of 250,000 Norwegian young adults, firstborn men had an average IQ 2.3 points higher than their younger brothers.研究表明,长子比其弟弟平均智商更高。2007年一项针对25万挪威年轻人的研究显示,长子的智商比弟弟平均高出2.3分。Researchers believe the difference is due to environment rather than genetics. Eldest children often ;teach; their younger siblings, which can help them to better retain information, according to the authors. Also, as a family grows, parents have less time to spend with each child.研究者相信,这是出于环境原因而不是遗传原因。根据作者所述,长子长女经常教授他们的弟弟,这帮助他们更好地记住信息。并且,由于家庭成员增加,父母花在每个孩子身上的时间在变少。;Every time you add a child, you#39;re diluting the intellectual environment of everyone in the family,; the researchers wrote in the study#39;s conclusion.;每添加一个孩子,就要稀释每个孩子的知识环境,;研究者在总结中写到。2. They could be more responsible.2. 他们更有责任感。Forging the path for their fellow siblings means eldest children learn some serious responsibility early in life. According to Jeffrey Kluger, author of The Sibling Effect: What the Bonds Among Brothers and Sisters Reveal About Us, eldest siblings tend to be the ones that focus the most on family loyalty and traditional achievement. As a result, they#39;re often seen as more obedient and responsible.为自己的兄弟铺路,这意味着长子长女要较早地学着承担一些严肃的责任。《手足效应:兄弟间的关系告诉了我们什么》的作者杰弗里#8226;克鲁杰表示,长子长女倾向于成为更加关注家庭忠诚和传统成就的人。因此,他们看上去更加顺从,有责任感。3. They might be more successful.3. 他们也许会更成功。Not only do eldest children perform better in school, they also might be more successful in the professional world. According psychologist and New York University adjunct professor Ben Dattner, firstborns are achievement-oriented and eager to please their parents. Research also suggests they tend to dominate their younger siblings as an authority figure of sorts, making them acutely prepared to take on leadership roles in the professional world.长子长女不仅会在学校表现得很好,他们也会在职场更加成功。根据纽约大学兼职教授、心理学家本#8226;达特所述,长子长女以成就为导向,渴望取悦他们的父母。研究还表明,他们倾向于摆出权威姿态,;领导;自己的弟弟,这使他们在职场发挥领导作用时已经做出充分准备。Plus, their parents perceive them to be more accomplished. Go figure.此外,他们的父母认为他们应该更有本事,想想看吧。4. Eldest children follow the rules.4. 长子遵循规则。While middle children are thought to be the rebellious ones, oldest children are more likely to be rule-followers and stick to the status quo.年龄居中的孩子被认为叛逆,而长子长女更可能遵守规则,并坚持现状。;Firstborns tend to be responsible, competitive and conventional, whereas laterborns have to #39;distinguish#39; themselves and create a specific niche by being playful, cooperative, and especially, rebellious,; Belgian psychologists Vassilis Saroglou and Laure Fiasse wrote in a 2003 paper published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.;长子长女更有责任心,有竞争力,也比较传统,而弟弟更爱玩闹,更讲合作,也更叛逆,与长子长女有所区别,凸显特色;,比利时心理学家瓦西利斯和洛尔在2003年发表于期刊《个性与个体差异》的论文中写到。5. They may be more conscientious.5.他们或许更加认真。In a 2015 study, firstborns were found to be slightly more conscientious, more agreeable and less neurotic than their younger siblings—characteristics that could help them in the long run.在2015年的一项研究中,人们发现长子长女比他们的弟弟略加认真,更加和蔼可亲,且更不容易精神敏感——这样的品质能够长期帮助他们。A 2015 Australian study found that people who were more conscientious showed higher academic performance. Conscientiousness has also been found to be a major key to success.2015年澳大利亚的一项研究发现,更认真的人成绩更好,严谨自律的精神也被发现是成功的关键。Revel in the glory, eldest siblings. It#39;s hard to argue with science. But we#39;re sure your mom still loves you all equally.陶醉在荣光中,长子长女们。科学争辩太复杂。但是,我们相信你们的妈妈对你们的爱都是平等的。 /201604/437087宜春市botox除皱多少钱一支

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