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The lawyer for a suburban Minnesota police officer who killed a black driver during a traffic stop last week says the officer was reacting to Philando Castiles gun, not his race. The attorney did not elaborate on how Castile presented the weapon or what led up to the fatal traffic stop and shooting. The Castiles fiance took of the aftermath of his shooting has Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holders asking themselves: What are the dos and donts if you are stopped by police?Rick Ector is the owner and operator of Ricks Firearm Academy and offers CPL classes, womens classes and instructor classes in Metro Detroit. Ector joins Stateside to give advice on what to do if youre a CPL holder and you get pulled over in Michigan.Listen to the full interview above.GUESTRick Ector is owner and operator of Ricks Firearm Academy.201607/454263What makes adolescents so vulnerable to developing addictions to substances like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs?是什么使得青少年轻而易举就沾染尼古丁,酒精及毒品?More vulnerable than any other age group.尤其是青少年,他们似乎比其它任何年龄群都抵不住诱惑。Is it a result of peer pressure?是来自同辈的压力吗?Of wanting to fit in? In a word, no.想融入群体?一言以蔽之,不是。Socio-cultural elements do play their role.社会文化因素是主要原因。However, scientists who analyzed the results of many studies on this subject believe the susceptibility of adolescents to substance addiction also has to do with the state of development of a particular region in adolescent brains.科学家分析了许多相关研究调查,他们认为青少年对物质成瘾的敏感性与大脑内部某特定区域的发展情况有关。They interpreted that the region of the brain that monitors impulse and motivation isnt fully formed in adolescence.他们解释说大脑控制神经冲动和动机的区域是在青春期形成的。This area of the brain experiences a lot of activity and change during adolescence.大脑的这个部分在青春期经历许多活动并改变。Its due to this brain regions hyperactivity and quick-fire change that adolescents are more likely than children and adults to want to try out new experiences, to be impulsive and take risks.由于青春期大脑的这个部分的极度活跃比小孩和速射大人都大,所以青少年更想尝试新的体验,更冲动和更愿意冒险。 201503/364414

The Tibetans had the deep abiding instinct and understanding the nature of the human existence.西藏人对于了解自然界中人类存在的原由拥有相当大的兴趣。Why are humans born? Where have they come from? And where do they go?为什么人类会诞生?他们从哪里来?曾经到哪里去?First, through their native traditions, and later on through the media of Buddhism.首先,透过他们的传统,接下来再透过佛教作为媒介。Tibetans explored the nature of human existence, what it means to be a human being.西藏人找到了人类存在的本质和身为人类代表的意义。At the height of Torlings influence, it massed considerable wealth from donations made by pilgirms.托林寺盛世时信徒的捐献令寺方累积庞大的财富。By Kings reign, legend has it, the Torlings influence and wealth was so great it began to shadow the practical needs of the kingdom.在赤扎西扎巴德国王的统治下据说托林寺的庞大影响及财富开始为古格王朝带来阴影。Guge relyed on a great pool of laber to work the irrigation schemes, grow the barley and raise the herds.古格王朝依赖庞大的劳力来兴建灌溉沟渠,种植青稞,饲养牛羊。But as more and more men flocked to the monasteries, King saw his human resources dwindle and the economy became to suffer.但越来越多人涌入庙寺为僧,赤扎西扎巴德发现他的人力正在短少经济开始陷入困境。By 1630, relations between the king and his brother had reached the all-time low.到了1630年国王与胞弟之间的关系下滑至最低点。A bitter dispute broke up between them, a power struggle between the monastery and the monarchy, between religion and state.他们之间爆发激烈争执,僧院与政权,宗教与国家之间爆发权力争夺。In the mix of all attention, all that was needed was a tiny spark to bring about the beginning of the end for Guge.在这样紧张的气氛下,只要一点小火花就会启动古格王朝的灭亡齿轮。For centuries, the abandoned ruins of Guge and the kingdom once flourished here remained a mystery and virtually unknown to the West.几世纪来古格王朝的遗址及曾盛极一世的王朝对西方世界仍是个谜团。Its remote location in the area of highlands of west Tibet kept it preserved almost intact.地处西藏干旱高原使得遗址保存非常完好。 译文属201604/437217

A Kim in his counting house一位在账房的朝鲜领导人The regime suffers none of the consequences of its misrule朝鲜政权没有受到暴政所带来的恶果A powerful army usually depends on a strong economy. Not in North Korea. Per head, the country has more soldiers than any other: 1.2m out of a population of 25m. As well as a huge conventional arsenal, it also has a dozen nuclear warheads and spends perhaps billion a year on a nuclear programme that involves rocket launches and nuclear tests—the latest took place last week, the fourth since 2006. Yet the performance of the economy over the past four decades has been little sprightlier than that of the Great Leader, Kim Il Sung, since he was embalmed in 1994.一强大的军队通常依赖于经济繁荣。但在朝鲜却不是这样。如果算人均军人数,朝鲜比任何一个国家军人数量都要多:2500万的人口中有120万名军人。除了常规的大批军械外,朝鲜还拥有12枚核弹头,每年花费大约30亿美元在核项目上,其中包括导弹发射和核武器测试—就在上周朝鲜进行了最新一次测试,这是自2006年来的第四次测试。但是在过去的四十年里,朝鲜经济仅仅比1994年被防腐处理的“伟大领袖”金日成在位时稍稍富有生机一点点。North Korea suppresses most economic data. But as far as we know, from the 1950s to the 1970s its economy outgrew capitalist South Korea, as a Stalinist state marshalled all resources towards production. Today the Norths per capita GDP is only one-40th of the Souths—a wretched 0 a year or so, by UN estimates. The blame rests squarely with the Kim dynastys ruinous policies. Yet the regime of Kim Jong Un, the third Kim on the throne, pays no penalty for the peoples suffering. Rather, it funnels money to itself, the elites and the nuclear programme.朝鲜封锁了其大部分经济数据,但就我们了解,从上世纪50年代一直到70年代朝鲜的经济增长速度要快于资本主义国家韩国。这是因为作为一个斯大林主义国家,朝鲜那时将全国的资源都投入到了生产当中。如今朝鲜的人均GDP只有韩国的四十分之一。据联合国估计,其人均GDP大约只有可怜的600美元每年。这直接归咎于金王朝毁灭性的政策。。但是金王朝的第三代当权者金正恩的政权却没有为人民所受的苦痛付出任何代价。甚至,它还在为自己,为朝鲜精英层,为其核项目敛财。In a recent paper for South Koreas Asan Institute, Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC tries to estimate the scale of North Koreas economic catastrophe. Given the paucity of data, Mr Eberstadt used “mirror statistics”: estimates of the countrys trade divined from other countries records. He then made adjustments for population growth and inflation. It is no straight proxy for output, but useful nonetheless.来自华盛顿特区美国企业研究所(the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC)的尼古拉斯·埃伯施塔特(Nicholas Eberstadt)在其最近为韩国峨山研究院(South Koreas Asan Institute)撰写的一篇报告中试图估计出北朝鲜的经济灾难的规模。由于缺乏数据,他使用“镜像统计数据”:也就是用与他国的贸易记录来估计朝鲜的贸易量。然后他再根据国家的人口和通胀情况对估计出来的数据做出调整。得出的结果虽然不是朝鲜产出的直接指标,但是却是有用的。Mr Eberstadt found that North Koreas per-capita exports last year were no higher than at their peak in the late 1970s, while per-capita imports were two-fifths lower. North Koreas economic underperformance is remarkable for a country that is neither a failed state nor at war, he says.埃伯施塔特发现,朝鲜去年的人均出口没有上世纪70年代达到贸易顶峰的时候高,人均进口则下降了五分之二。他还说:朝鲜经济既没处在动荡中,也没处于战乱中,但经济却萎靡不振,这实在太不寻常。What went wrong? The collapse of the Soviet Union, upon which the North had long relied for cheap machinery and oil, certainly hit it hard in the 1990s. Weakened by bad weather, centrally run agricultural production collapsed in the 1990s, leading to a famine in which hundreds of thousands of people died. International sanctions in response to North Koreas nuclear bomb-testing have also hurt.究竟哪里出错了呢?朝鲜过去长期依赖前苏联低价进口给他们的机器与石油,上世纪90年代苏联解体对它造成了严重打击。在同一时期,糟糕的天气使由朝鲜中央领导运营的农业生产产量猛降,饥荒袭来,致使成千上万人丧生。由于朝鲜进行核弹实验,国际社会对其进行制裁,这对其经济低迷也有影响。But the biggest problem, Mr Eberstadt argues, is that North Korea has the worst business environment of any functioning state: worse even than Cuba, Venezuela or Zimbabwe. It has no property rights or rule of law, no legal private trade and a currency prone to confiscation: in the government wiped out small traders savings by declaring old banknotes invalid and swapping only a few for new ones.但是埃伯施塔特认为,朝鲜最大的问题在于该国的商业环境是所有运作正常的国家中最糟糕的,甚至比古巴,委内瑞拉和津巴布韦还不如。在朝鲜没有产权,没有法制,没有合法私营贸易,而且你的钱还很有可能遭到充公。年,朝鲜政府宣布旧钞作废,进而没收了小型贸易商的积蓄,并只交换了少量的新钞。A striking feature of the Norths economic decline is the quantities of foreign aid that accompanied it. North Korea has a long history of shaking down donors—first the Soviet Union, then, after 1991, America and South Korea, and most recently China. The total amount of transfers is impossible to quantify. But Mr Eberstadt estimates the sum from the Norths two biggest historical backers, Russia and China, by taking its balance of trade deficits with each of them as an approximation of net resource flows into the North—assuming that the surplus is a debt that will not be repaid. That surplus amounts to billion, in todays money, between 1960 and 2013.北朝鲜经济下滑的一个很明显的特征就是伴随着经济下滑而增长的外国援助量。北朝鲜在敲诈援助者方面可谓是经验老道了。它第一次敲诈的是前苏联,然后在1991年之后依次敲诈了美国,韩国,最近一次则是中国。朝鲜接受的援助总量无法量化估计。但是埃伯施塔特将俄罗斯和中国(两个历史上朝鲜最大的靠山)与朝鲜的贸易逆差看成是流入朝鲜净资源的近似值,从而估计出俄中对朝鲜的援助总量。这一方法的假设条件是将差额部分视作一项不用偿还的负债。从1960到2013,这一数据换算成现值总计达450亿美元。The money seems to have helped the Kims live like god-kings and still have enough left over to pay the army, the secret police and various suppliers of nuclear materials. Yet Rüdiger Frank, an economist at the University of Vienna, thinks that increased supplies of hard currency may also have helped the informal markets for food and basic supplies that burgeoned as a response to the famine. These black markets are the single most benign transformation in North Korea in the past few years. Most North Koreans now depend on them for their livelihoods. The state usually turns a blind eye, since its central planning system, which is supposed to apportion goods, has broken down. Besides, the elites demand their cut.这一大笔援助似乎让金氏家族过上了国王般的生活,还剩下足够的钱用来付军队,秘密警察和各种核材料的供应商。但是维也纳大学的经济学家弗兰克(Rüdiger Frank)认为硬通货供应量的增加也助长了朝鲜的黑市交易。为了应对饥荒,这种供应食物和生活必需品的黑市快速发展壮大起来。在过去几年,朝鲜的黑市就是一场良性的变革。大多数朝鲜人依赖黑市来维持他们的生活。由于本来应该起到分配商品作用的中央计划系统崩溃,政府通常对此睁一只眼闭一只眼。另外,那些朝鲜精英们也想在黑市买东西时得到些折扣。Some see in such markets the seeds of deeper economic reform. And Mr Kim seems keener than his father to promise prosperity to his people, and even a modicum of leisure. North Koreas capital, Pyongyang, now boasts a dolphinarium and a water park, and even a ski resort to its east. As high rises go up, the capitals fashionable sip espressos in upmarket bars.有些人从这类市场中看到了深化经济改革的种子。并且相比于他的父亲,金正恩似乎更加热切的希望给他的人民带去繁荣昌盛甚至给他们一点休闲活动。如今平壤新建了一所海豚馆和一所水上公园,在其东边甚至建了一滑雪胜地。随着一幢幢高楼拔地而起,平壤的时尚饮品浓咖啡进入了高档酒吧。Yet the regimes old habits are unchanged. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the state is squeezing the donju, North Koreas new successful class of traders. According to DailyNK, a news source with informants in the North, donju are worried that they will be forced to hand over hard-currency savings to make up for the “massive dollar bomb”—ie, the expensive nuclear test—that was detonated last week.但是金氏政权的旧习仍未改变。民间传闻,政府正在打压donju。donju是指朝鲜新兴的成功贸易商阶层。据朝鲜新闻提供源“今日朝鲜”透露,donju担心政府会强迫他们交出硬通货储蓄以此来资助“大规模美元炸弹”——例如上周进行的花销不菲的核试验。In the absence of direction from the top, there are limits to how much can change. A new policy that seems to have been quietly rolled out from 2013 allowed farmers to retain 30% of a new production target, plus any excess over the target, to sell on informal markets. Yet local officials are not distributing the promised shares, perhaps to make up a shortfall at cooperatives, according to a report by Radio Free Asia.由于缺乏高层的指挥,改变是有限的。一项似乎从2013年悄然开始的新政策允许农民保留新产量目标的30%。另外超出目标的部分可以留下拿黑市出售。根据亚洲自由广播((Radio Free Asia))的一篇报导,地方官员并没有给农民之前所承诺的份额,这或许是为了弥补合作社产量短期下滑的影响。Meanwhile, the few foreign investors brave enough to enter North Korea must contend with an unpredictable and predatory state. In November the biggest such, Orascom, an Egyptian telecoms company that set up the Norths first 3G mobile net- work, said that it thought it had lost control of its joint venture, and has not been able to repatriate its profits.同时,少数有勇气进入朝鲜的外国投资者不得不与这个无法预测并且损人利己的国家作斗争。其中最大的一家是埃及电讯公司Orascom,该公司在朝鲜建立了首个3G移动网络。在去年11月,它宣称自己已经失去了对合资企业的控制,无法将其利润汇回埃及。China remains North Koreas lifeline. Most products for sale in the Norths informal markets are from China. Last year North Korea sold over billion of minerals to China, chiefly coal. As Chinas economy slows and the price of coal falls, the North will suffer. But the regime has a solution: putting its scant resources into military power. This serves as a “battering-ram for international extortion”, as Mr Eberstadt puts it. Alas, it seems to work.中国仍然是朝鲜的生命线。北朝鲜黑市的大部分产品都是来自中国。去年朝鲜向中国销售了总价值超过10亿美元以煤炭为主的矿物。随着中国经济的放缓,煤炭价格逐下滑,朝鲜将受到重创。但是金氏政权有一个解决方法:将其匮乏的资源用于军事武器。埃伯施塔特将这种做法看成是朝鲜对国际社会进行勒索的一种强硬手段。不幸的是,这种方法似乎起作用了。翻译:倪凌晖 校对:戴秀平 译文属译生译世201602/427424

Were back with the first lady of the ed States,Michelle Obama.回来我们继续采访的是美国第一夫人 米歇尔·奥巴马And were talking about the ;Selma;.And Oprah, of course produced that movie.我们刚刚讨论了;塞尔玛游行; 还有奥普拉 当然 她制作了那部电影Were both friends with Oprah.Oprah is my neighbor.我们都是奥普拉的朋友 奥普拉是我的邻居And so were probably better friends.But...uh...But you hang out with her sometimes too.所以可能她关系跟我更好一些 但是 呃 但是你也偶尔跟她约出去玩Yeah, every now and then.Do you know...Whens the last time you saw her?是啊 时不时地 那你知道 你上次见她是什么时候We screened ;Selma; At our home.So a while ago. I saw them...在我家里拍摄;塞尔玛游行;那次 看来有一阵子了 我看见他们...I saw the screening that she screened in Santa Barbara,So I saw her,but I just saw her last weekend.我看了她在圣塔巴巴拍得那场戏 我看见她了 不过我上周刚见过她Yeah well, I was still on her magazine cover first.好吧 我依然还是她杂志封面的第一No, no. I just...It...Well, maybe first the way it worked out.等等 我只是...好吧 也许你的那期封面先出版的But I was first on it.And then yours came out first...Something like that.但我是最先拍完封面的 然后你的那期领先了...差不多就是这样Look, its not important who knows her better.Its not important. Its not important.你看 咱俩谁更了解她并不重要 这并不要 不重要But on the count of three well say her middle name.Because Im sure you know her middle name. Okay?那么我数到三我们一起说她的中间名 因为我敢肯定你知道她的中间名 没问题吧One, two, three...Michelle. -Carol.No, do you really know it? I do know it.一 二 三...米歇尔 卡萝尔 不会吧 你真得知道吗 我是知道的I dont know it. - I just found out today.Its ;Gail;.Yeah, I did know that. - Its ;Gail;.我并不知道 我今天才知道 是;盖尔; 是的 我记起来了 是;盖尔;I did know that.But you were saying your name.我记起来了 可是你刚说了自己的名字Yeah, she was named after me.Yeah, of course.So lets talk about...对 她用了我的名字 是的 当然 那么我们来谈谈...This is the 5th Anniversary of...The ;Lets Move; Campaign.Which is so important.今年已经是五周年了 ;动起来;运动 意义很深远的一项运动And its really in the shot that we have to,I mean, the health of these kids right now is not good.这是我们迫在眉睫 必须要做得事情 我是说 现在小孩子的健康状况并不好 /201602/426190

It feels like all three of you have been living under there. Something that.感觉你们三个 一直住在那底下Melanie, if the stalactites grows from the ceiling of the cave,梅拉妮 如果说钟乳石是从洞穴的顶上长下来的what formation grows from the caves floor?什么东西是从洞穴的地上长上去的Do you... have you heard of the stalactites?你听说过钟乳石吗Yes, I have.So thats the one that grows from the ceiling.听说过 那么它是从顶上长下来的What grows from the floor?Theres another one that sounds like that. Right?什么是从地上长上去的 还有一个词听起来和它差不多 对吧Oh. Oh. Okay.Stalactite. Yes. Stalactite, and then the.哦 知道了 钟乳石 是的 钟乳石 然后是Stalag... Stalag...mite?Alrigt.Yes! Heather,A grown up is generally anyone over the age of 18.石 -石笋 答对啦 好的 希瑟 一般18岁以上就是成年人了What American General was born on December 5th, 1839.出生于1839年12月5日的美国将军是哪一位呢Americans General?Eh..Eh, General Lee?No.Custer?Yeah!!美国将军 是李将军吗 不是 是卡斯特吗 耶Thats all we have time for. You all win.Alrigt.时间到 你们都赢了 好了I have to drop you all in some points,but you cant all drop by once.我得跟你们;再会;了 不过你们不能同时掉下去So we are gonna start with you, Nicole.I will see you in a minute. Bye.妮可 我们先从你开始 待会儿见 拜 /201601/420909

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