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丰城市红十字会医院眼尾纹眼周眼线眼纹多少钱高安市除晒斑多少钱PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER EIGHTEENMr. Rochester's Story[-----1-----]. I felt weak when I stood up, because I had not eaten anything all day. When I opened my bedroom door, I saw Mr. Rochester. He was sitting in a chair outside my door. He looked at me with the face of an unhappy man."I've been waiting for you all this time, Jane." he said quietly. "I've been listening. I haven't heard you shout or scream or cry, not once. Aren't you angry with me? But [-----2-----]. Can you ever forgive me?"I knew he was telling me the truth. In my heart, I forgave him immediately."Shout at me, Jane! Tell me how terrible I am!" he said."Sir, I can't right now. I am tired and weak. I need some water."[-----3-----] and carried me to the library. He put me in front of the fire and gave me some water and a galss of wine. Slowly, my body began to feel better. Mr. Rochester bent to kiss me, but I must turned my face away."What!" he cried. "You won't kiss me! It's because I'm married, isn't it!""Yes, sir.""I know you very well, Jane. I know how firm and strong you are when you've decided to do something. You're planning to destroy my chances of happiness with you. You will treat me like a stranger. You will tell yourself, 'That man lied to me, and tried to marry me when he couldn't. I must be cold to him,' and you will be!" 填空 :1、Sometime in the afternoon I woke up from a long sleep下午不知什么时候,我从长睡中醒来。2、I never meant to hurt you我本无意伤害你。3、He took me in his arms他双手将我抱起。隐藏Vocabulary Focusforgave:宽恕forgive的过去时,它的过去分词是forgiven。共有几种表达法:1、forgive sth.2、forgive sb.3、forgive sb. for sth./doing sth. Article/200905/71893樟树瑞兰美白针多少钱 8 Across the Plateau 第8章 穿越高原 On November 21st,the Norwegians killed thirty dogs. 11月21日,挪威人杀了30条。 ;They were happy,;Amundsen said.;And now tney#39;re going to die quickly.We need three sledges,and eighteen dogs, to go to the Pole.; ;这些活泼欢快,;阿蒙森说,;现在,它们很快就要丧生了。我们只需要3辆雪橇、18条,便能到达南极。; When the dogs were dead,the other dogs ate them.The men ate them,too.They were good friends,Bjaaland wrote in his diary.And now they are good food.Two days later,the dogs were fst.Then,in a snowstorm,they began the journey again. 这些处死后,活着的吃它们的肉,大家也都吃。它们是我们的好朋友,比阿兰德在日记里这样写道,现在又成为好食物。两天之后,群都养胖了。随后,他们冒着暴风雪再度踏上旅程。 After the snowstorm,there was fog,and in the fog,they got lost on an ice river with hundreds of big holes in it.They could see nothing,and it was very dangerous.In four days they moved nine kilometres.But the ice is beautiful,Bjaaland wrote.Blue and green and white.This is a wonderful place ;but I don#39;t want to stay a long time. 暴风雪过后,浓雾弥漫。在隐有无数大冰洞的冰河上,他们完全被裹在茫茫浓雾之中,什么也看不见。这太危险了。4天内,他们仅前行了9公里。但是这些冰层非常美丽,比阿兰德这样写道,蓝、绿、白三色。这是个迷人的地方,然而我不愿久留。 After the ice,there were strong winds and bad snowstorms.They could see nothing in front of them.But every day,they travelled twenty-five or thirty kilometres.Then,on December 9th,the sun came out.They were at 88deg;23prime;South;175 kilo-metres from the Pole. 走过冰河之后,又遇到凛冽的寒风和可怕的暴风雪。他们眼前一派茫茫,什么也看不见。但是每天,他们仍旧要走25至30公里。当时,也就是12月9日,太阳出来了。他们到达南纬88deg;23prime;的地区,距南极175公里。 Five more long days,Bjaaland wrote.That#39;s all now.But where is Scott? 再过5个漫长的日子,比阿兰德这样写,一切便完成了。可是斯科特在哪儿呢? For four days,Scott#39;s men stayed in their tents near the mountains.There is a bad snowstorm outside,Oates wrote.It#39;s too cold for the ponies,and our clothes and skis are bad,too. 4天来,斯科特的人一直留在大山附近的帐篷内。外面下着可怕的暴风雪,奥茨这样写道,这太冷啦,令小马不堪忍受。我们的衣与滑雪板也都坏了。 On December 9th,Oates killed the ponies.They were tired and ill and they could not walk up to the plateau.Then Meares and his dogs went back to Cape Evans.;We can pull the sledges ourselves,;Scott said.;We can do it;we#39;re all strong men.; 12月9日,奥茨杀了几匹小马。这些马又累又病,不可能登上高原。这时,米尔斯与他的群返回开普埃文斯。;我们可以自己拖雪橇,;斯科特说,;我们能够做到:我们个个都是身强力壮。; There were two sledges and eight men.They went twenty-four kilometres a day.On December 31st,Scott said to Teddy Evans,and the men on the second sledge:;You can#39;t ski well.Leave your skis here.;So they pulled their sledge twenty-four kilometres without skis. 两辆雪橇与8个人,每天走24公里。12月31日,斯科特对特迪;埃文斯以及那些拖着第二辆雪橇的人说:;既然你们不太会滑雪,不如将滑雪板丢在这儿。;于是,他们没穿滑雪板拉雪橇走了24公里。 Next day,Scott went to Teddy Evans#39;s tent.;You are ill,Teddy,;he said.;You can#39;t come to the Pole.Take two men and go back,tomorrow.; 第二天,斯科特来到特迪;埃文斯的帐篷内。;你病了,特迪,;他说,;你去不了南极了。明天带着两个人回去吧。; Teddy Evans was very unhappy.;Two men,Captain?;he said.;Why not three?; 特迪;埃文斯非常不满。;两个人,队长?;他说,;为什么不是3个人呢?; ;Because Bowers is going to come with me,;Scott said.;He#39;s strong;we need him.; ;因为鲍尔斯将同我一道前进,;斯科特说,;他身体很棒,我们需要他。; ;But;you have food on your sledge for four men,notfive!;Evans said.;And Bowers has no skis!; ;但是;;你们雪橇上装的食物是供4人食用的,而不是5人!;埃文斯说,;再说鲍尔斯的滑雪板也扔了!; ;I#39;m the Captain,Teddy!;Scott said.;You do what I say.Take two men and leave Bowers with me!; ;我是队长,特迪!;斯科特说,;你照我的话去做。带两个人走,将鲍尔斯留给我!; Oates wrote to his mother:I am going to the Pole with Scott.I am pleased and I fell strong.But in his diary he wrote;My feet are very bad.They are always wet now,and they don#39;t look good. 奥茨给他的母亲写信说:我正跟随着斯科特向南极进发。我感到欣喜,而且感到精力旺盛。但是他在日记里却是这样写的:我的脚已经非常糟糕了,现在总是湿漉漉的,看来状况不妙。 On January 4th Scott#39;s men left Teddy Evans and went on.Scott,Oates,Wilson and Edgar Evans had skis,but Bowers did not.They were 270 kilometres from the Pole. 1月4日,斯科特一行离开了特迪,继续上路了。斯科特、奥茨、威尔逊、埃德加;埃文斯都有滑雪板,然而鲍尔斯没有。他们距南极还有270公里。 December 14th 1911 was a warm,sunny day.Five Norwegians skied over the beautiful white snow.It was very quiet.No one spoke.They were excited,and happy. 1911年12月14日,天气暖和,阳光明媚。5个挪威人在美丽的白雪上滑行着,四周非常安静,没人讲话。他们感到兴奋、欣喜。 ;Six more kilometres,;Bjaaland thought.Is there a British flag?I can#39;t see a flag,but; ;再走6公里,;比阿兰德心想。英国国旗到达那儿了吗?我一面旗帜也没见到,但是;; ;Look!;Hassel said.;What#39;s that over there?; ;瞧!;哈塞尔说,;那儿是什么?; Bjaaland left his sledge and skied quickly away over the snow.;What is it?;he thought.;Is it;?No!; 比阿兰德丢下他的雪橇,在雪地上飞快滑行赶去看。;这是什么?;他心想,;难道是;;?不!; ;It#39;s nothing!;he called.;There#39;s nothing there; no-thing!; ;没东西!;他高声叫着说,;什么东西也没有;;啥也没有!; Three kilometres,two.;Roald!;Hanssen called to Amund-sen.;Go in front of me,please.It helps my dogs.; 还有3公里,还有2公里。;罗阿尔!;汉森高声呼唤着阿蒙森,;请你走在我前头,这对我的群有帮助。; ;That#39;s not true,;Bjaaland thought.;His dogs are running well today.But Hanssen wants Amundsen to be first.The first man at the South Pole!; ;不是这回事儿,;比阿兰德心想,;他的今天表现不错。汉森是想让阿蒙森成为第一人,第一个到达南极的人!; They skied on and on,over the beautiful snow. 他们继续向前滑行,在这美丽的雪原上滑行。 ;Stop!;Amundsen said.He waited quietly for his men.;This is it,;he said. ;停下!;阿蒙森说。他静静地等着他的属员。;就是这儿,;他说。 Bjaaland looked at him.;But there#39;s nothing here,;he said. 比阿兰德看着他。;可是这儿没有任何东西,;他说。 Amundsen smiled.;Oh yes there is,;he said.;There#39;s something very important here,Olav.Very,very important.; 阿蒙森笑了笑。;啊,不对,有东西,;他说,;这儿有样非常重要的东西,奥拉夫。非常非常重要。; ;What#39;s that,Roald?; ;什么东西,罗阿尔?; ;Us.We#39;re here now.Isn#39;t that important,Olav?; ;我们这些人!我们现在站在这儿,难道还不重要,奥拉夫?; The four men stood on the snow,and looked at him.Then,slowly,they all began to laugh. 4个人站在雪地里,看着他。渐渐地,大家开始大笑起来。 Article/201202/172720宜春哪个医院溶脂好

宜春中医院疤痕多少钱World Cup Fever Hits Asia 世足热蔓延全亚When France and Senegal kick off on May 31 in the opening game of the 2002 soccer World Cup Finals, they will be making history. For the first time, the only international sporting event to rival the Olympic Games in popularity will be taking place in Asia. In another first, two countries, rather than one, will play host to the tournament.Many people were skeptical about allowing Japan and South Korea to jointly stage soccer’s biggest tournament. After all, historically, the two nations have been enemies. Nevertheless, both of them have successfully hosted the Olympics in the past, and both are eager to take to the world stage once again.With a huge amount of prestige at stake, the Japanese and Korean authorities have been working hard, and spending big, to make sure World Cup 2002 is a success. If past evidence is anything to go by, fans of the “beautiful game” around the world are not likely to be disappointed.It is impossible to say when soccer was first played. People have been kicking objects around for fun since time immemorial. The modern version of the game, however, clearly began in 1863, in England. That was when the London Football Association published the first set of soccer rules. Besides setting the rules, the association gave the game its formal name: association football. The popular term “soccer” is thought to be derived from “association.”England may have set the rules, but many people argue that the game’s spiritual home is Brazil. The South American country is home to the world’s most successful and admired national team. Famous for their free-flowing, elegant style, often referred to as “samba soccer,” the Brazilians have carried home the World Cup trophy no fewer than four times. Despite some poor results recently, it would be foolish to dismiss Brazil’s chances in World Cup 2002.A famous Scottish coach, when asked if he really thought soccer was a matter of life and death, replied, “no, it’s more important than that.” He was joking, of course, but there is no denying the passion with which soccer fans all around the world follow their favorite teams.For many, losing a big match is a fate worse than death. Brazil’s defeat on home soil in the 1950 World Cup final, for instance, was described as a national tragedy. When the Italian team returned home after losing a game to North Korea in 1966, they were pelted with tomatoes by disappointed fans.At World Cup 2002, Asian soccer fans are likely to be every bit as enthusiastic as their European and South American counterparts. Judging from the overwhelming ticket sales in Japan and South Korea, organizers are confident that the tournament will be one of the best-attended World Cups in history.5月31日当法国和塞内加尔在2002年世界杯足球赛的开幕赛开球时,他们将创造历史。第一次,这项唯一能与奥运会的受欢迎程度相匹敌的国际运动赛事在亚洲举办。另一个第一,则是由两个国家而不是一个国家担任比赛的主办人。许多人对于让日本和南韩联合举办足球界最盛大的赛事持怀疑的态度。毕竟在历史上,两个国家曾经是敌人。无论如何,他们过去都曾成功地举办了奥运会,两个国家都希望能再度成为世界的舞台。用极高的声望做赌注,日本和韩国的有关当局一直在努力工作,并花了大笔钱财来确保2002年世界杯足球赛的成功。如果过去成功的例子可以依循,世界各地“漂亮球赛”的球迷们就不太可能会失望。很难说人们第一次玩足球始于何时。自古以来人们为了取乐就将身边的东西踢来踢去。然而球赛的现代版本确实是在1863年始于英国。当时正是伦敦足球协会出版了第一套足球规则。除了制定规则,这个协会还为球赛取了一个正式的名称:英式足球。众人皆知的名称“足球”被认为是由“协会”这个词衍生而来。英国人也许制定了足球的规则,但许多人认为足球灵魂的故乡是巴西。这个南美洲国家是全世界最成功、最为人欣赏的球队的家乡。巴西人以自由、文雅的踢球风格闻名,常被认为是“桑巴足球”,他们抱回世界杯的奖杯足足有四次。尽管近年来战绩有些不太好,但小看巴西队在2002年世界杯足球赛的获胜机会是愚蠢的。当一位著名的苏格兰教练被问到他是否真的认为足球是生死攸关的事,他回答:“不,它比生死重要。”当然他是在开玩笑,但是世界各地的球迷追随他们喜爱球队的热情是无可否认的。对许多人来说,输掉一场重大的比赛是比死亡还要悲惨的命运。举例来说,巴西在1950年世界杯足球赛中主场的失败,被形容为国家的惨剧。当1966年意大利队输掉对朝鲜的球赛回国后,被失望的球迷们用西红柿扔掷。在2002年世界杯足球赛中,亚洲的球迷很可能和他们欧洲和南美的同道中人一样热情。从日本和韩国疯狂的入场券销售来判断,主办单位有信心这届比赛将成为历史上票房最好的世足赛之一。 Article/200803/28379宜春市人民医院光子脱毛手术多少钱 The three brothers went out on the river almost every day, weather permitting. They tied some rowboats behind their boat to use as floating trash cans. They picked up all the trash they could see floating in the river. Friends joined them. Then friends told other friends, and by the end of the first year there were more than 200 volunteers helping the Green Fleet clean up the river. In the first 365 days, the brothers estimated that they had removed more than 10 tons of trash from the river. Their work was creating a cleaner-looking and cleaner-smelling river.Corporations got involved and donated money and materials. By the end of the second year, the Green Fleet had grown to four boats and four barges. The brothers appeared on radio talk shows and on local and national TV shows. Activists throughout the nation began organizing their own Green Fleets.The Green Fleet got bigger and better every year. Five years after its inception, the three brothers were able to go snorkeling on weekends in their river. Unfortunately, a year later, Manny accidentally stuck himself with a hypodermic needle while picking up a dirty plastic bag. He got an infection but didn’t see a doctor until it was too late. At Manny's funeral, his brothers vowed to carry on their volunteer work until they were too sick or old to do it any longer. To honor Manny, the St. James city council voted to rename the city's largest park after him. Article/201106/138786宜春隆鼻手术多少钱

靖安县妇幼保健人民医院祛疤痕多少钱Guardian On The Road 05We drove home then finding it easy to find the freeway and talking about this strange happening all the way home. Amazingly not even thinking of our situation of fuel. We made it all the way home and in the front of our house my mom opened up the paper this woman had put into her hands. To her amazement it was 5 one hundred dollar bills! She just started crying. She said she could not take this and that in the light of day she would take this back to the woman. I agreed and felt so shamed that I was thinking this woman was going to try to hurt us. When we got inside the house everyone was in an uproar. There had been a terrible accident on the road we normally went home on. Many cars piled up and many fatalities. We were both shocked. I started crying then realizing that we would have been there at just that time had we not been approached by our "Angel". We looked at each other and begin to tell everyone about our experience.   The next morning as mom said, we headed out to find that woman’s home to return her "gift". We could not even find the exit this woman had directed us to. We searched for a couple of hours and still could find no inkling as to where we had been the very night before. We were very quiet on the ride home and emotions ran deep. I know that this was truly our "Guardian On The Road". I believe in angels, and someday I believe I will see her again.   我们回家的时候发现找高速路很容易。我俩一路上谈论着刚才的怪事。奇怪的是我俩根本就没有想汽油的事情。我们一直开到家,妈妈在屋子前将那女人放在她手里的纸摊开。居然是5张100美元的钞票!妈妈大叫起来,说不能接受这个,第二天白天会把它还给那女人。我同意了,为自己之前怀疑那女人会伤害我们而深感惭愧。我们踏进家门,所有人都异常激动。在我们经常走的那条路上发生了严重的交通事故。许多车追尾,很多人遇难。我们很震惊。我意识到如果不是我们的“天使”降临身边,我们那时也应该在那条路上,便哭了起来。我和妈妈对视一下开始给大家讲我们的遭遇。  第二天早上我们按妈妈所说,到那个女人家里去归还她的“礼物”。却连她指给我们的那个高速路的出口都找不到。我们找了几个小时,还是找不到前一晚我们看到的那个路标。回家的路上我和妈妈沉默着陷入沉思。我确信那就是我们的“路边天使”。我相信天使的存在,也相信有一天我还会再见到她。 Article/200812/59857 有声名著之黑骏马 Chapter8黑骏马Black.Beauty英文原著下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/50193宜春铜鼓县镭射去痘印价格宜春祛胎记费用



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