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栏目简介:《美国熊孩子Kids React是轻松听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容主要是美国的孩子们对一些事物的反应,这些react反应非常的有意思,能够提高英语学习爱好者的学习兴趣,帮助英语学习爱好者在轻松愉快的氛围中掌握一些英语知识,轻松、幽默、风趣,尽在美国熊孩子栏目中 3。

6 Cougar In The Country第6单元 郊野的美洲狮The McAlister family lives in a small house in a valley on the west coast of Canada. There were few neighbors near their house. They had lots of land that lead out to the mountains.麦阿里斯特一家人住在加拿大西海岸一个山谷里的小屋里他们家附近邻居很少,很多通到山里的土地都是他们的The McAlister’s had several encounters with raccoons, squirrels, goats and other mountain animals that would come searching food. They once had a bear in their back yard looking through the garbage. One summer day, Mrs. McAlister was at home with the two children. Mr. McAlister was at work.麦阿里斯特家遇到过几次正在觅食的浣熊、松鼠、山羊和其他山里的动物有一次,他们还在后院遇到一只在垃圾堆里觅食的熊某个夏日,阿里斯特太太和两个小孩待在家里,阿里斯特先生则去上班The two children were playing in the backyard. As Mrs. McAlister was finishing up, she heard her oldest daughter scream. She looked up and saw a cougar perched on the fence y to pounce on the youngest child. Mrs. McAlister ran outside to save her children. At first, she screamed and waved at the giant cat trying to scare it. But the cat hissed at the woman and came closer.两个小孩在后院本来玩得好好的,结果阿里斯特太太吃完东西时,却听到大女儿的尖叫声她抬头一看,看到一只美洲狮停在篱笆上准备扑向她最小的小孩,于是阿里斯特太太赶紧跑出去救她小孩一开始,她一边尖叫一边向那只大猫挥手想要把它吓住,可是那只猫对她嘶嘶叫着越靠越近Then Mrs. McAlister grabbed a shovel in the yard and swung it at the cougar. Finally, the cougar ran off and Mrs. McAlister held her children and was thankful they were safe.于是阿里斯特太太抓起后院的一把铁锹对着美洲狮挥来挥去最后美洲狮跑开了,阿里斯特太太抱着她的孩子,很欣慰他们都平安无事 1998。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻71.Arnold SchwartzeneggerWhy did Arnold Schwartzenegger and Maria Shriver decide to tie the knot?They were trying to breed a bulletproof Kennedy.Notes:1.Why did Arnold Schwartzenegger and Maria Shriver decide to tie the knot?为什么阿诺·施瓦辛格和玛丽娅·施瑞佛决定结婚?表示“结婚”,除了用“get married”,还可以用“tie the knot或get hitched”, “knot”除了有..(绳)结”的意思,也可 以表示人与人之间的情谊,所以把两个人之间的情谊绑起来,便引申为结婚;“hitch;表示“用绳子套住”,所以“把两 个人套住;(get hitched),也可引申为结婚. They were trying to breed a bulletproof Kennedy.他们想生一个防弹的肯尼迪proof是一个组合语素,通常接在名词后面,表示“防… 的;耐…的”,如:waterproof(防水的)、fireproof(防火的)#8; 阿诺197年出生于奥地利.他妻子的母亲是约翰·肯尼迪总统的女儿,父亲是197年民主党副总统候选人, 肯尼迪总统在1963年遭击暗杀身亡阿诺是现任的美国加州州长,他的妻子也是来自政治世家,这个笑话暗喻他们的孩子从政的几率很高,而且将会是一个有防弹身体的总统,不会和肯尼迪总统有同样的结局,因为阿诺健壮的体格看来刀不人,他的孩子当然是虎父无犬子本节目可可原创节目,。

Love Marathon 爱情马拉松 break up with sb 与某人分手 Physically and mentally 身心同时地 rom-com 轻松的爱情喜剧 Get over a breakup 走出失恋阴影 Time heals all wounds 时间会抚平所有伤痕主播:十七 373。

讲解Today’s key word is FitnessFitness 健身,健康It means the quality or state of being fit, good physical condition; being in shape in condition.Here is an example:Your fitness goal should determine(决定) the way you exercise.你的最终的健身目标决定了你应选取的运动方式那大家的健身目标是什么呢?今天我们一起来聊聊一个奇葩小伙的虐心的fitness goalIn the US, a fitness trainer has lost 70 pounds in six months after he purposely gained the same amount. Just like it has never happened bee.曼宁在他的新书里写道:“许多人通常都以遗传或其他因素作为超重的借口,但实际上是否超重应该取决于你自己是否想保持健康”His view sounds reasonable but his clients don’t buy it at all. When he thought he failed to push them over to the light side, he came up with an idea.为了更好地理解客户面临的困难与挑战,他决定亲身尝试一下 心里也许在说:“有什么难的? 老子可以吃胖了再减给你们看!”He gave up the fitness center and started eating junk food and soda. Within six months, he went from about 190 pounds with a -inch waist to over 60 pounds with a 8-inch waist.除了身材的变化,Manning的妻子也看出他与以往很不一样她说: ;He was so insecure -- saying Im so fat. I look so horrible, constantly complaining about how he looks;What Manning didnt realize bee is that the effects of weight gain could be way more than physical.It affected his self-confidence. Then he became nervous when he was back in the fitness center.曼宁说,他没有意识到体重增加造成的影响,那改变了他的人际关系,甚至影响了他的自信印了那句老话:No zuo no die, why you try? You zuo you die, why you cry?曼宁重回健身房(fitness center or gym),并称:“我最大的体会是,肥胖不仅仅是生理问题,与饮食、工作等因素有关,更为关键的是它也是精神和心理问题”尽管许多专家都说在如此短的时间快速增肥又快速减肥,非常危险但曼宁表示他不后悔,广大持者们也表示深受曼宁的减肥故事的鼓舞所以朋友们,让我们以健康为前提,好看为目的,坚持健身吧! 500。

1 My first and my last1 第一次与最后一次George was a rich publisher. When he was 35, he bought a small plane and learned to fly it. He made rapid progress, soon became very good at flying and made his plane do all kinds of tricks.乔治是个富有的出版商,他35岁时买了架小型飞机,并开始学习驾驶他进步很快,不久,就能很娴熟地驾机并可以做各种各样的特技飞行了George had a friend. His name was Mark. One day George offered to take Mark up in his plane. Mark thought, “Ive been traveled in a big planes several times, but I have never been in a small one, so I will go.”乔治有个朋友名叫马克一天,乔治主动邀请马克乘他的飞机上天兜一圈马克心想:“我乘大客机飞行过几次,还从来没有乘过小飞机,我不防试一试”They flew upwards. George did various tricks in the air.升空后,乔治在空中做了各种各样的飞行特技When they came down again, Mark was very glad to be back safely. And he said to his friend in a trembling voice, “Well, George. Thank you very much those two trips in your plane.”当他们着陆后马克很高兴能够安全返回地面他用颤抖的声音对他的朋友说:“乔治,非常感谢你让我乘小飞机做了两次飞行”George was very surprised and asked, “Two trips?”乔治非常吃惊地问:“两次飞行?”“Yes, my first and my last. I wont fly with you ever,” answered Mark.“是的,我的第一次和最后一次我再也不坐你的飞机了”马克答道 350。

级NBA选秀状元,NBA巨星勒布朗·詹姆斯专访,他是NBA有史以来最为全能的球员之一,也称小皇帝在今年六月他和他的球队夺得总冠军,他获得NBA总决赛最具价值球员 How about that?怎么样?There. Im, Im understanding innovation of my life.我在这里我,我了解我生活的变化Well, now you get this out of your system.好了,现在你从自己的系统中脱离Youre y to go back and clear to play basketball?你准备回归并明确准备打篮球吗?Right now I play no ball, right now.现在我不打球,现在Now I was on you. I was furious at you.现在我很关注你我对你感到恼怒I just thought, you know, you dont care, do you?我只是想,你知道,你不在乎,不是吗?That was on me?那是针对我吗?Yeah. I just thought the opporty was there.是的我只是想在那里有机会Bye, god, Im gonna to stick out a clean look and leave that city.上帝,再见,我要外表一身干净的离开那个城市Yeah. I heard on it, so from you.是的我已经听说了,所以从你的角度You know, I thought we were friends.你知道,我想我们是朋友We are friends. That why, you know.我们是朋友这就是为什么,你知道的This is my fifth time on here with you, David.大卫,这是我第五次与你在这里You must, you must get tired of puns likes me wise off.你必须,你一定对我的双关语感到厌倦了You know what, you know what brought me here.你知道吗,你知道是什么让我来到这里It was our shoot out we had outside.这是我们在外边就商量好的I showed you something, I did.我向你展示了一些东西,我的确如此You did.Yeah.你确实这样You know. You showed me that it was a great man.你知道你向我表明这是一个伟大的人And I was coming over here, say, you know, sit down and then I would go, leave without that.我正来这里,说,你知道,坐下来,然后我就走,离开这You must be a good man.你一定是一个好人Thank you very much.非常感谢你This championship changes many things in your life, doesnt it?今年的锦标赛改变你生命中的许多东西,不是吗?Absolutely. You know, away from being ring lets on Wednesday night to,绝对的你知道,在周3夜里你就早早戴上戒指,you know, having a ring.你知道,拥有一枚戒指Having a ring.拥有一枚戒指On Thursday night.在周四晚上Yeah.So it changes that.Yeah, hold on.是的所以它确实改变了是的,等等注:听力文本来源于普特 189577。