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Campaign to mark " World No Tobacco Day"Sunday is the 22nd "World No Tobacco Day". Major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are holding campaigns to encourage smokers to kick the habit. On Sunday afternoon, China's hundred-million smokers are being called on to stop smoking for one hour. The hour begins at 5:31pm, marking the date of World No Tobacco Day. As the largest producer of cigarettes in the world, with most consumed domestically, the country aims to contribute one hour without cigarettes to tobacco control.The campaign also includes quit smoking camps. Smokers are invited to experience methods to break their habit in the camps and receive help to quit smoking from experts. A smoker said, "I have been smoking for more than 20 years since I was 15. The doctor just evaluated me as having a severe dependence. I think you have to overcome both physical and mental difficulties to give up smoking."The experts in the camps say strong willpower is not enough for quitters. Professor Lin Jiangtao, Respiratory Medicine Dept. of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said, "Smokers with severe dependence should apply comprehensive habit-breaking methods. Besides behavior and psychological therapies, sometimes medical treatment is necessary. The medicine can relieve the symptoms while trying to break their habit, and increase the chance of success."The experts also say tobacco addiction is not only a bad habit, but a serious chronic disease. Only 3 percent of people who quit smoking can stop for a year and not smoke again without medicine. They suggest that people wishing to quit should go to hospitals for professional instruction and treatment.05/72004。

In mens tennis, British star Andy Murray came up with one of the biggest wins of the year by defeating world number one Novak Djokovic in the Dubai semifinals. His reward was a tough final matchup against Roger Federer. The Swiss superstar has won the Dubai title four times, and looked for his 72nd career title.This hardcourt battle saw both players going the extra mile. Watch this rally in the sixth game of the opening set, Federer uses a drop shot, Murray recovers it, then the Swiss puts him away with a backhand volley winner.Federer tied the set 3-all.He broke Murrays serve at 5-all in the first. The Brit suffered a decisive letdown and Federer closed out the opening set 7-5.Then, Federer broke serve again to go ahead 3-1 in the second set. Murray struck back with two creative lobs to square the set at 3-3.But Federer was unstoppable late in the set. He hit a series of stinging forehands to reach match point, and sealed victory in straight sets. Federer claimed his 72nd ATP tour title. The 16-time grand slam winner talked about becoming the world number one again after claiming his fifth Dubai crown.Federer said: ;We will see how things are, maybe at Wimbledon or at the U.S. Open, I dont know, I mean, I obviously need to win a big one to get all the way to world number one but right now I am cementing my place in the top three,top four which is a great thing. I had a great run since the US Open which I am very pleased about it.; ;瑞士天王;费德勒3日在迪拜网球公开赛男单决赛中直落两盘战胜赛会3号种子默里,第五度在迪拜捧杯,这也是其生涯中第72个巡回赛级别的冠军。201203/173504。

Everywhere you go in China these days, you hear it muttered, from back alleys to the polished hallways of the National People’s Congress. Urbanization -- It represents a “huge engine”, the way for China to sustain economic expansion, and secure its aspirations to be a middle-income nation. But, if urbanization has driven rural population to the cities with demands for housing, why are there many newly built high-rises or even entire districts still empty?中国究竟有多少鬼城?城市化加速发展,莫名其妙的出现了一种“建了房子放在那里任其发展”的概念,于是中国有了越来越多的鬼城。市民表示“走道的人还没扫街的人多”,你在为买房着急的时候,“鬼城”里买一间送一间。201306/242461。

US singer and actress Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48, in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where she was staying as a guest. The news was revealed by her publicist Kristen Foster. The cause of Houstons death remains unclear, but police say there were ;no obvious sings of criminal intent;.One of the most celebrated female singers of all time.Whitney Houstons hits include I Will Always Love You and Saving All My Love For You.She was the most awarded female act of all time, with a total of 415 awards. She reached the peak of her career in the 1980s and 1990s, and sold more than 170 million albums and singles.But her later career was overshadowed by substance abuse and her turbulent marriage to singer Bobby Brown.They divorced in 2007, amid allegations of domestic abuse.In recent years drug use took its toll and the voice-once acnowledged as one of the finest in pop music- was badly damaged.Houstons background was steeped in soul and gospel music.Her mother was gospel singer Cissy Houston and she was cousin to singer Dionne Warwick.She began singing in church in New Jersey, and then in the night clubs of New York, and was a model before being signed by Arista Records.美国著名歌星惠特妮bull;休斯顿在美国洛杉矶比弗利山庄内的希尔顿酒店去世,享年48岁。惠特妮bull;休斯顿的发言人克里斯滕bull;福斯特刚刚宣布了这一消息。惠特妮是史上获奖最多女歌手,其专辑全球共计售出1.8亿张。惠特妮bull;休斯顿,1963年8月9日出生于美国新泽西州的纽华克,美国著名歌手、演员、电影制作人,早年曾任模特。其以强而有力的嗓音、一字多转音的感染力与宽广的音域为世人所熟知,并成为流行天后。201202/171017。

|.NapI~jtjd9y*n1*u^tY1Do+@T5Ubq[g@qPThis will show you the steps to remove Virus from your computer, before harm can be done.yim))bbsKDqP7HQWAxsz这个视频将会教你如何清除电脑中的病毒,在威胁电脑前就会有效果RVPfu|~FJpU。 SHzPq,vPbA#Q8(K,.+DQP#*LY%I4okNzV#3NBO~]-NO201203/175386。

Remove stubborn crayon or candle wax from your clothes without damaging the fabric by using these helpful tips.衣不小心染上蜡笔或蜡烛的顽固污渍,根据以下这些有益的小技巧,不需损坏布料就可轻松去除。You Will Need你需要Rubbing alcohol or solvent cleaner外用酒精或溶剂洗涤剂Towels毛巾Washing machine洗衣机Iron熨斗Heavy-duty liquid detergent重垢液体洗涤剂WD-40WD-40清洁剂Hair dryer (optional)电吹风(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Scrape the wax1.刮Start by using a dull knife or spoon to remove as much wax as possible.用一把比较钝的刀子或调羹尽可能多刮下一点蜡。Step 2 Blot with rubbing alcohol2.涂外用酒精Blot the area with rubbing alcohol, or your favorite solvent cleaner. Finish by washing according to fabric label instructions.用外用酒精或你最喜欢的溶剂洗涤剂涂抹污染部位。根据布料标签上的说明来洗涤。Step 3 Cover with towel and iron3.用毛巾和电熨斗处理Cover the area with a kitchen towel, then place an iron set on low heat on top. The towel will absorb the wax.用毛巾将该部位覆盖,然后把电熨斗设置较低温度放在上面。毛巾可以把蜡油吸掉。A hair dryer can be used if an iron is not available.如果没有电熨斗,也可以使用电吹风。Step 4 Apply liquid detergent4.使用液体洗涤剂Apply a heavy-duty liquid detergent to pre-treat the area. Let the detergent set. Then wash the clothing in the hottest water appropriate for that fabric.使用重垢液体洗涤剂预处理污染部位。让洗涤剂反应一段时间。然后用该布料能够承受的最热的水来洗涤。Step 5 Spray with WD-405.喷洒WD-40清洁剂Spray the waxed area with WD-40. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, then spray the other side for best results. With a little elbow grease, the stain and wax will be removed.在被蜡污染的地方喷洒WD-40清洁剂。静置几分钟,然后喷洒衣的另一面,以获得最佳效果。辛苦一下,污渍和蜡油一定能够清除。In 1903, Crayola introduced the black, brown, orange, violet, blue, green, red, and yellow crayons.1903年,Crayola公司引入了黑色,棕色,橙色,紫色,蓝色,绿色,红色和黄色的色铅笔。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/234686。

Calculate the probability that a potential hazard will pose a risk to your business with these tips.根据以下建议,评估潜在的威胁可能为你的企业造成风险的几率。Step 1 Identify hazards1.鉴别威胁Identify potential hazards by asking questions such as what could possibly go wrong; what vulnerabilities exist; and what assets must be protected.问一些问题,例如哪些方面可能出问题,存在哪些薄弱点,应该保护那些财产,通过这些来鉴别潜在威胁。A hazard is something that has the potential of doing harm.威胁指的是可能造成危害的事情。Step 2 Prioritize hazards2.优先排序Prioritize the identified hazards with a custom numerical ranking. that reflects your assessment of the relative severity of the hazard.通过自定义数值排序对几种威胁进行排序,这样可以反映出你对几种相关威胁严重程度的评估。Step 3 Assign scores3.评估分数Assign a numerical score to the probability that each hazard will occur.对每一项威胁发生的可能性进行评分。Search online for a chart to help assign probability scores.可以上网搜索图表帮助评分。Step 4 Multiply severity by probability4.将严重程度与可能性相乘Multiply the severity score by the probability that each hazard will occur. The product is the risk level associated with the hazard.将严重性评分与每项威胁发生的可能性相乘。结果就是与该威胁相对应的风险水平。Step 5 Manage risk5.管理风险Determine how the risk should be handled, and what management strategies are necessary to mitigate it. This depends on your appetite and tolerance for risks.思考一下怎样处理风险,有必要采取哪些策略来降低风险。这取决于你对风险的承受能力。The first serious attempt to develop a statistical approach to probability appeared in the 16th century.早在16世纪就已经发生了用统计学方法对风险几率进行评估的第一次严肃尝试。201302/225647。