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A French swimmer who has no arms or legs has announced his plans to swim around the world, Sky.com reported.据英国天空广播公司网站报道,一位四肢残缺的法国男子要周“游”世界Philippe Croizon and his partner Arnaud Chassery plan to link the world five continents, by swimming across the series of narrow straits that separate them.菲利浦·克劳森和伙伴阿诺德·乔瑟利计划通过穿越几条狭窄的海峡把被分开的五大洲连接起来The pair plans to leave France on May 6 the first leg of their journey, linking Australasia and Asia by swimming from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia.二人将于5月6日开启第一段征程——从巴布亚新几内亚游到印度尼西亚,把大洋洲和亚洲连接起来Over the summer, they will then cross the Red Sea (Asia to Africa), the Strait of Gibraltar (Africa to Europe), and the Bering Strait (Asia to America).夏天里,他们将游过亚洲和非洲之间的红海、非洲和欧洲之间的直布罗陀海峡、以及亚洲和美洲之间的白令海峡They plan to finish their tour by mid-August.环球“游”计划于八月中旬结束Having lost his limbs following an electrical accident, Croizon said he wants to prove he is still up the challenge.据悉,克劳森在一次电击事故中失去了四肢,他希望可以以此明自己依然不惧挑战 18Russian officials are coming under pressure to check if Disney new film Beauty and the Beast breaches the country law against ;gay propaganda;.俄罗斯官员将被要求审查迪士尼新电影《美女与野兽是否触犯了该国禁止“同性恋宣传”的法律Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky said action would be taken after the checks while an MP described the film as ;shameless propaganda of sin;.俄罗斯文化部部长弗拉基米尔?梅德尼斯基表示,审查过后将会采取相关措施一名国会议员将这部电影描述为“无耻的犯罪宣传”The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast features Disney first ever gay character and love scene.真人版翻拍电影《美女与野兽中出现了迪士尼有史以来第一位同性恋人物和恋爱场面A Russian law prohibits the sping of ;gay propaganda; among minors.在俄罗斯有一条法律禁止向未成年人进行“同性恋宣传”The legislation, which has angered human rights activists and the international gay commy, describes homosexuality as ;non-traditional sexual relations;.年的这条法律将同性恋描述为“非传统性爱关系”,触怒了人权分子和跨国同性恋团体Homosexuality was decriminalised in Russia in 1993 and the country officially removed it from a list of psychiatric disorders in 1999.1993年,同性恋在俄罗斯成为合法,1999年,俄罗斯正式将同性恋从精神疾病名单中删除However, homophobic attacks have been documented in recent years.但是,资料显示近年来仇视同性恋袭击事件时有发生Director Bill Condon has spoken of an ;exclusively gay moment; in Beauty and the Beast.导演比尔?康顿提到了《美女与野兽中的“专属同性恋瞬间”It involves LeFou, who is a sidekick of the film main antagonist Gaston.在同性恋片段中出现的有该电影主要反派加斯顿的同伙来福LeFou, played by US actor Josh Gad, tries to come to terms with feelings Gaston that swing between lust and admiration, as a side-plot to the main story.由美国演员乔什?盖德饰演的来福试图弄清自己对加斯顿的感情到底是性欲还是爱慕,这也是影片的一条副线The movie is due to be released in Russia on March.电影定于3月日在俄罗斯上映But Vitaly Milonov, an MP of the governing ed Russia party, urged the culture minister to hold a screening of the film bee it was released to see if it complied with the law and to ;take measures to totally ban; it if he found ;elements of propaganda of homosexuality;.俄罗斯执政党统一俄罗斯党的国会议员维塔利?米洛诺夫敦促文化部部长在电影上映前先举行一场试映会,看其是否符合相关法律,如果发现“同性恋宣传成分”,可以“发出全面禁令”His colleague Alexander Sholokhov said that if the scenes violated the law, the film should be banned from cinemas.米洛诺夫的同僚亚历山大?肖洛霍夫说,如果发现触犯法律的画面,应禁止该电影在影院上映;As soon as we get a copy of the film with relevant paperwork distribution, we will consider it according to the law,; Mr Medinsky said.梅德尼斯基表示:“一旦我们拿到电影拷贝带和相关发行文件,我们将依照法律考虑这些提议”Meanwhile, Russian actor Pavel Derevyanko told state-run TV Russia , ;I will not take my kid to this movie.;与此同时,俄罗斯演员帕维尔?杰列维扬科告诉国有电视台俄罗斯套说:“我不会带我的孩子去电影院看这个电影”When the first Beauty and the Beast trailer was released last year it had almost 0m views in hours.当《美女与野兽的第一预告片在去年发布时,仅一天时间就收获了1.3亿点击量Emma Watson plays Belle, the young girl who falls in love with a monstrous beast with a dark secret.艾玛?沃森扮演贝尔,那个与怀揣黑暗秘密的丑陋野兽堕入情网的年轻女孩Her suitors - the Beast and Gaston - are played by Brit stars Dan Stevens and Luke Evans.她的追求者——野兽和加斯顿——将分别由英国影星丹?史蒂文斯和卢克?伊万斯扮演The cast includes Ewan McGregor, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Kevin Kline and Stanley Tucci.演员阵容还包括伊万?麦格雷戈、古古?玛芭塔劳、凯文?克莱恩和史坦利?图齐In another groundbreaking moment, the film is to feature the first interracial kiss in a Disney live-action film.该电影的另一个突破性瞬间是迪士尼真人电影有史以来首个跨种族之吻The animated version of Beauty and the Beast came out in 1991.《美女与野兽动画版于1991年首映 63The Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been appointed visiting professor at the London School of Economics (LSE), where she will teach a Masters in gender and human rights.好莱坞明星安吉丽娜#86;朱莉近日被伦敦经济学院任命为客座教授,教授性别与人权硕士课程The Oscar-winning actress will join mer eign secretary William Hague as a lecturer at the university Centre Women, Peace and Security where she will help to teach students studying a Master degree.这位奥斯卡获奖女演员将和英国前外交大臣威廉#86;黑格一起在伦敦经济学院的女性、和平与安全研究中心做讲师,朱莉将会在那里给研究生上课Jolie Pitt, who has been a goodwill ambassador the UN Refugee Agency and is currently one of its special envoys, has been a vocal campaigner on refugee rights, and against the female genital mutilation and the use of rape as a weapon of war.朱莉#86;皮特一直是联合国难民署的亲善大使,现任高级专员特使她积极为难民争取权益,反对女性生殖器切割和将强奸作为战争武器She said: ;I am very encouraged by the creation of this master programme. I hope other academic institutions will follow this example, as it is vital that we broaden the discussion on how to advance women rights and end impy crimes that disproportionately affect women, such as sexual violence in conflict.朱莉说:“创办这一硕士课程令我倍受鼓舞我希望其他学术机构也能效仿,因为在如何提高妇女权利方面,以及终结冲突中的性暴力等对妇女的暴力行为有罪不罚现象,都亟待广泛的讨论;I am looking ward to teaching and to learning from the students as well as to sharing my own experiences of working alongside governments and the ed Nations;.“我期待在课堂上分享自己同政府及联合国一起工作的经历,同时我也期待在教学过程中能从学生那里学到东西”Lord Hague, who worked with Jolie-Pitt on hosting a four-day summit on ending sexual violence in war in London two years ago, said he was ;delighted; to be appointed.黑格勋爵两年前曾同朱莉一起在伦敦主持过一个为期四天的终止性暴力峰会,他表示获得委任很高兴 5765

Drowner: Help!! I’m drowning!!溺水者:救命呀!!我溺水了!!Helper: Don’t worry! Just do exactly as I say and you’ll be fine!帮手:别担心!照我说的做,你会没事的!Helper: Breathe air into your lungs instead of water!帮手:你要吸空气,不要吸水进到肺部呀!Drowner: I can’t…! I don’t think…!溺水者:不行呀我不认为Drowner: Glue…Glue…Glue…溺水者:咕噜咕噜咕噜(不断呛水中)Disappeared…(在水中沉没了)Helper: If he isn’t going to accept my help, why did he ask?帮手:他都不接收我的帮助,干嘛要问我呀?

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