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无锡看痔疮哪家医院好无锡二院治疗直肠癌价格探索世界奥秘之万里长城 8So when they left the sheltering walls of Dunhuang(敦煌), heading for the desert that local people referred to as "go in and you will not come out". They knew they had a little extra spiritual protection on their side. And this is where they finally left the protection of the wall and faced the dangers of the unknown. The Jade Gate(玉门关) at the end of the wall is famous for the poem that says of this lonely spot: The Yellow River runs up to the white sky; a lonely tower stands in a thousand mountains; spring never reaches the Jade Gate. The Great Wall was the start of a wonderful chain reaction for the Han Dynasty. The wall protected the caravans of the Silk Road. The caravans increased and prospered, and the Han grew wealthy and extended their territories to the north and west of the Great Wall itself. Tired at lapping at the base of a wall they couldn't breach, the nomads thundered west and conquered Central Asia and Eastern Europe, threatening the other great power of the ancient world, Rome. When Attila the Hun(匈奴王阿提拉), the Scourge of God(上帝之鞭), marched on Rome, he was so feared that Pope Leo(教皇里奥) went outside the gates to plead with Attila to spare the holy city. The meeting of pagan and pope never would have taken place without the Great Wall of China. Legend says that Attila, highly superstitious, retreated because the Pope's name meant the lion. But it was just a short reprieve for Rome. A later fatal invasion finally brought Rome to its knees, plunging Europe into five centuries of Dark Ages. While Europe suffered, China was entering its golden age, the Tang Dynasty, the richest and most powerful rulers in Chinese history. Scattered throughout the countryside are spirit guardians, protecting the tombs of China's most golden age. One of the few royal tombs excavated is that of Princess Yongtai(永泰公主), the daughter of an emperor. It reflects the luxurious life these internationally-minded aristocrats led, with their fashions imported down the Silk Road and their games of Polo.凉州词 王之涣黄河远上白云间, 一片孤城万仞山。 羌笛何须怨杨柳, 春风不度玉门关。lap: wrap or wind around (something); encirclethunder: move fast, noisily, and heavilyreprieve: temporary relief, as from danger or pain 200707/15848无锡脱肛治疗医院要多少钱 A group of six international companies has announced plans to build an ultra-high speed, undersea, fiber-optic cable under the Pacific Ocean, between Japan and the ed States. The project is meant to improve Internet and other telecommunication traffic between the U.S. and Asia, and comes as several other companies have begun similar ventures.  六家公司宣布计划在日本和美国之间敷设横跨太平洋的超高速光导纤维海底电缆,以改善美国和亚洲地区的互联网和电讯交通。与此同时,好几个其他的公司也开始进行类似的项目。Singapore Telecommunications, Internet search company Google, and four other companies plan to spend 0 million on the underwater communications link. They say it will be y for use by 2010. The new cable network, called y, will link Chikura, Japan, with the western U.S. city of Los Angeles, a distance of about 10,000 kilometers. The system will also connect to other Asian telecommunications cable systems.  新加坡电讯公司、专营互联网搜索的谷歌公司以及其他4个公司计划投资3亿美元铺设海底电缆。这些公司表示,这条海底电缆将在2010年投入使用。这条名为“UNITY”的电缆网络的两端,一端是日本的千仓,另一端是美国的洛杉矶,长度大约为1万公里。这条电缆通讯系统将跟亚洲其他电讯电缆系统连接。Fiber-optic cables are the lifelines for connecting Internet users on different continents. This latest project is part of a surge in new transpacific cable construction projects, driven primarily by increasing demand in Asia. 光导纤维是各大洲的互联网用户相互联络的生命线。有关公司宣布的这个最新的光导纤维电缆建设工程,是跨越太平洋之间的电缆建设热潮的一部分。这股热潮主要是亚洲地区不断增长的需求推动的。Martin Gutberlet is the Vice President for Technology and Research at Gartner's Singapore office. He says within two to three years, Internet traffic between the ed States and Asia could double. 马丁.古特伯赖特是加德纳技术和研究咨询公司驻新加坡办事处的副总裁。他说,在两到三年内,美国和亚洲地区之间的互联网通讯量可能翻番。"And lots of traffic will be actually generated in Asia, so therefore there is simply more capacity needed between the U.S. and Asia," he said. 他说:“互联网通讯量很多将是在亚洲产生的,因此美国和亚洲之间需要更大的通讯容量。”Gutberlet says that, based on current forecasts, now is the best time for companies to supply additional capacity between North America and Asia.  古特伯赖特说,按照目前的预测,现在是有关公司兴建增容工程的最好时机。eMarketer是一个互联网和电子商务研究公司。eMarketer, an Internet and e-business research company, predicts that by 2012, almost 50 percent of the world's Internet users will live in the Asia Pacific region. 该公司预计,到2012年,全世界将近50%的互联网用户在亚太地区。But, investments in undersea cable links are not without risk.  但是,在海底的光缆铺设投资并不是没有风险的。In December 2006, a strong earthquake near Taiwan damaged four large offshore cables, disrupting Internet service for millions of people across Asia. Service was not fully restored for weeks.  在2006年,台湾附近发生强烈地震,损坏了4条海底电缆,中断了亚洲地区成百万的互联网用户的通讯务。过了好几个星期之后,互联网务才完全恢复。Earlier this year, communications in large parts of the Middle East and Southeast Asia were affected after two undersea cables were damaged in the Mediterranean Sea.  今年早些时候,中东和东南亚地区许多地方的通讯因为地中海海底电缆受损而受到影响。Gutberlet says, aside from avoiding seismically unstable spots on the ocean floor, it is impossible to forecast such problems. 古特伯赖特说,在铺设电缆的过程中,除了避免太平洋洋底的地质不稳定的地点之外,人们不可能预测地震会造成什么问题。"So that is simply something which you can't plan for. And of course, if you have an earthquake, or if someone is, you know, hitting your cable with a boat, or a ship, then you simply have bad luck," he said. 他说:“这种事情,人们是无法计划预防的。当然,假如发生地震,或者假如船只碰坏了电缆,那你就只好自认倒霉。”And in 2000, during the dot-com bust, several telecommunications companies went bankrupt when too many competitors entered the market. 在2000年,在互联网公司纷纷倒闭的时候,好几家电讯公司因为大批竞争者进入市场而破产。Gutberlet says one of the reasons most underwater cables are laid by consortiums is to lessen the risks for a single company. At the rate the Asia Pacific's telecommunications market is forecast to expand, Gutberlet says the financial attraction of such ventures far outweighs the potential risks.  古特伯赖特说,海底电缆通常是一些公司联合铺设的一个原因,是他们力图减少一个公司所承受的风险。他说,按照目前亚太地区电讯市场预测增长的速度来看,从事这样的基本建设的盈利前景大大超过可能的风险。200802/28031无锡肛肠科gay

宜兴治疗急性肠炎医院20-year-old Danielle Evans is proof that dreams really come true. Come on in here, Danielle. This Arkansas native beat out some pretty stiff competition to become America's Next Top Model. And before she hits the runway, she's stopped by our buzzer. How are you and congratulations! Thank you. I'm great, I mean, I'm the new face of CoverGirl. What can I say, my life has completely changed. Just amazing.Now, you were watching the past 5 seasons before you ever(Right.) got on this show.(Right.) Did you ever imagine that this would be you? And you've overcome some pretty amazing obstacles. You were dehydrated, you were sick in Thailand; you've changed your look a little bit. Tell us what Tyra has done for you. Um, Tyra has done a lot for me. She's like a mentor to me, you know, she's giving me advice personally as well as, you know, modeling advice and I mean the experience was amazing. NO, I never thought in a million years, I would be standing here talking with you, you know, being the winner of America's Next Top Model, but it is great. Now you had a thick Arkansas beautiful southern drawl. That's changed. Tell me about that. You guys had a pretty heated discussion over that and, and your teeth. Yeah, Talk us, talk to us about that.Well, I'm from the south, and I'll never change who I am, I'll never deny my roots. I'll always be from the south, but I realize that to be in this industry you have to know when to turn it on and when to turn it off.(Danielle, I love you!) You know, so, it's all about compromise. Um, I didn't close the gap all the way. I still have some other which is my signature trademark, so, you know.You look beautiful (Thank you), congratulations, a 100,000-dollar contract with CoverGirl, a Ford model, you are gonna be in Elle magazine. 200809/49058无锡最好的肛肠科医院是 无锡治疗痔疮手术

无锡肝泰医院在哪Obama Takes More Aggressive Tone Toward McCain奥巴马反击麦凯恩:你非变革动力 Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took a more aggressive tone Wednesday in responding to attacks from his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain. The increasingly negative tone to the campaign for the White House comes amid polls showing McCain surging since last week's Republican convention. 美国民主党总统候选人巴拉克·奥巴马星期三用更加进攻性的口吻对共和党竞争对手、麦凯恩参议员的攻击进行反击。两党候选人在角逐白宫过程中反面语气越来越多,这是在民意调查显示共和党上星期召开全国代表大会以来麦凯恩的持率大幅上升的情况下出现的。On Tuesday, Senator Obama told a crowd in Virginia that John McCain would basically continue the policies of President Bush. 奥巴马参议员星期二在维吉尼亚州一次群众集会上说,麦凯恩基本上会延续布什总统的政策。Obama questioned McCain's claim to be an agent of change, adding "you can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig." 麦凯恩自称是变革的动力,奥巴马对他这种说法提出质疑。他还说,人们可以给猪涂上口红,但它还是一头猪。The McCain campaign pounced on Obama's comment as offensive and disgraceful, and said it targeted McCain's vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. 麦凯恩竞选团队猛烈抨击奥巴马的话是无理的、丢脸的。他还说,奥巴马的话是指麦凯恩的竞选夥伴、阿拉斯加州州长萨拉·佩林。Senator Obama denied that charge Wednesday in Norfolk, Virginia, and accused the McCain campaign of waging a negative campaign against him that uses lies and underhanded tactics.  奥巴马参议员星期三在维吉尼亚州诺福克竞选时否认对他的指责,并谴责麦凯恩竞选团队开展负面的竞选,使用谎言和卑鄙手段来诋毁他。"Then we go another year or another four years or another eight years without addressing the issues that matter to you," he said. "Enough! I don't care what they say about me, but I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phony outrage and Swift boat politics. Enough is enough." 奥巴马说:“我们可以按照现在的路线再走一年,或者四年,甚至八年,而不解决对你们来说是重要的问题。够了!我不在乎他们怎么说我,我非常热爱这个国家,我绝不允许他们利用谎言、伪装的愤怒和快艇老兵的政策再一次左右选举。这种情况不能再继续下去了。”The Swift boat reference is connected to Democrat John Kerry's presidential campaign in 2004, when he came under attack from fellow Navy veterans of the Vietnam War, who claimed he exaggerated his war record. 快艇老兵的说法是跟2004年民主党总统候选人约翰·克里有关。当时,他受到越南战争期间海军退伍战友的攻击,这些人指称克里夸大自己的越战经历。Obama's more aggressive tone in responding to the McCain campaign comes amid new polls that show the Republican ticket of McCain and Palin gaining on Obama and his vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden. 在此同时,新的民意调查显示,共和党总统候选人麦凯恩和佩林的持率超过奥巴马和他的副总统竞选搭档乔·拜登参议员。Palin has proven to be a very popular pick among social conservatives and among some women voters. 对那些社会保守人士和一些女性选民来说,挑选佩林是非常得人心的。The Republicans have also fashioned an appeal to centrist voters, with McCain and Palin now casting themselves as political mavericks bent on changing and reforming Washington. 共和党人还设法迎合中间选民。麦凯恩和佩林现在把自己说成是在政治上有独立主张,决心改变和改革华盛顿的人选。Palin and McCain appeared together Wednesday at a rally in northern Virginia. 佩林和麦凯恩星期三共同在北维州一个集会上露面。"Because my friends, let there be no doubt, we are going to win this election, and let me offer an advance warning to the old, big-spending, do-nothing, me-first, country-second Washington crowd-change is coming, change is coming, and it's coming to our nation's capital and we will clean it up," McCain said. 麦凯恩说:“朋友们,请相信,我们即将赢得这次选举。我在这里预先提醒华盛顿那些老资格的、花钱无度、无所作为、个人第一,国家第二的人,变革即将来临,我们国家的首都即将发生变革。我们要把一切打扫干净。”McCain's rise in the polls and the quick ascendancy of Palin as a national figure have eroded Democratic confidence, and have spurred Democrats to urge Obama to fight back more sharply against Republican attacks. 麦凯恩在民调中持率上升,以及佩林迅速成为全国知名人物,这些因素削弱了民主党的信心,民主党因此要求奥巴马对共和党进行更加猛烈的反攻。The McCain campaign has also formed a group of Republican women called the Palin Truth Squad, which will defend the Alaska governor against what the Republicans believe are unfair Democratic attacks. 麦凯恩竞选班子还组织了一个由共和党女性组成的组织,名字叫维护佩林真相小组。这个组织将维护这位阿拉斯加州州长,免受在共和党看来是民主党对她的不公正攻击。200809/48207 无锡肛门息肉保守治疗方法宜兴市肛肠检查多少钱



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