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江阴治疗女性痔疮医院无锡医博肛肠医院治疗肛门疣病价格Todd: Now, Keiko, you said you lived in America.托德:惠子,你说过你曾在美国生活过。Keiko: Yeah.惠子:对。Todd: How long did you live in America for?托德:你在美国生活了多长时间?Keiko: I lived there for five years.惠子:我在美国生活了五年。Todd: Five. Thats a long time. What was it like when you came back to Japan?托德:五年。那是很长一段时间啊。你回到日本以后感觉怎么样?Keiko: It was quite difficult because I look Japanese and obviously I am Japanese but I act a little bit different from other people and the way I wanted to mingle with my friends was a bit different from how the Japanese people mingle with their friends, for example theres no hugs between friends. Those little things in daily life kind of shocked me a little bit. Or, even in university, Ive heard about this before, but in universities, you know people go to bathroom together, you know they always think about in a group, OK, what should we do, should we eat lunch, should we go to the bathroom, should we, you know, do this after school. Its kind of always in a group.惠子:感觉非常不同,因为我虽然是日本人,但是我和其他日本人的行为有些不同,我和朋友交流的方式也和日本人与朋友们交流的方式不同,举例来说,日本人朋友之间不会拥抱。这种日常生活中的小事会让我有点惊讶。我以前听说,在大学里面,人们会一起去浴室,下课后他们会经常几个人一起活动,一起做些事情、一起去吃饭、一起去浴室等等。总是几个人一起活动。Todd: Thats in Japan or in the U.S.?托德:这是日本的情况还是美国的情况?Keiko: In Japan. (In Japan) Yeah, is what I felt.惠子:日本。这就是我的感觉。Todd: Wow, so it was hard because everybody was always together all the time, like you couldnt be an individual, or?托德:哇,所有人一直都在一起,这很难,没有单独一个人的时间……Keiko: It was hard because I think in The States you are expected to have your own opinions where as in Japan its important to have harmony with other people and so you dont usually say, ;OK, this is what I want to do? Do you guys want to come with me or not?; It doesnt work like that. You say, ;OK, what do you want to do? You ask other people first and people ask each other, ;OK, what do you want?; You sort of, they come up with one thing that we want to do which takes about maybe fifteen minutes or twenty minutes just to do one thing and Im not criticizing, but it was just kind of a different culture coming back. And then, now Ive kind of got used to that culture now and I think its kind of one of the good things about Japanese cultures and Japanese people because they really do respect the other peoples opinions, even with friends, they dont take each other for granted so Im getting used to it, but when I just came back it was just little things.惠子:这很难,因为我认为在美国要有自己的想法,而在日本重要的是同其他人和睦相处,所以你不会说:这就是我想做的事情,你们想不想和我一起?一般不会说这种话。而是会说:好,你们想做什么?你会先问其他人的想法,人们会互相询问:你想做什么?然后他们会想出一件想做的事情,通常这件事需要大概15分钟或20分钟,只做这一件事,我并不是在批评这种做法,只是我回到日本以后感受到了另一种不同的文化。现在我已经习惯这种文化了,我认为这是日本文化和日本人的优点,因为他们非常尊重其他人的意见,即使是朋友之间,日本人也不会忽视彼此,现在我已经习惯这种文化了,不过刚回日本的时候这些小事让我很不适应。Todd: Right. Did you find that you had to change? Like, how did you have to change when you came back? Were you still yourself or did you have to adjust and how so?托德:好。你觉得你必须要改变吗?你回来以后要改变自己吗?你并没有改变,或者说你要适应这里的生活,你是怎么做的?Keiko: I tried not to say so much about, OK this is what I want to do? or I tried not to stand out so much in the way, but after awhile I just thought, OK, when you try to be somebody you cant because thats who you are and there are a lot of friends in university, they ask me, ;Do you think youre Japanese or do you think youre American?; because they felt that Im quite different.惠子:我尽量少说一些“这是我想做的事情”这种话,我尽量不让自己引人注目,不过一段时间以后,我认为这是在试图成为你不可能成为的人,因为大学里有很多朋友会问我:你认为你是日本人还是美国人?因为他们觉得我太与众不同了。Todd: Sure.托德:当然。Keiko: And I used to say, ;Well, Im Japanese but I grew up in the States and I used to explain that but then at the end, I thought, OK, well, I cant be Japanese and I cant be American. Im just myself, so that is a kind of attitude that I took I think from, yeah, in the later years in university and I just try not to really change or try to adapt.惠子:以前我会回答:我是日本人,不过我在美国长大,我会去解释,不过现在我想我既不算日本人,也不算美国人,我只是我自己,所以在大学的最后几年我一直持这种态度,尽量不去改变,而是去适应。 译文属 /201506/378996无锡市妇幼保健院看肛周疾病多少钱 52.Visit Doctor我要看医生Useful Expressions常用语句1.She has aly spent a lot of money.她已经花了很多钱。2.We saw that movie yesterday.我们昨天看了那部电影。3.I dont talk to the teacher.我没有和老师说话。4.I didnt know what to do.我不知道怎样办。5.I said to myself.我对我自己说。6.Ive never been to a doctor here.我在这儿从未看过医生。7.You know,Im very lucky.你知道,我很幸运。8.I havent been sick much.我不常生病的。9.I dont get sick easily.我不易生病的。10.I had to wait a long time in the waiting room.我必须在候诊室等候很久。11.The doctor was very busy with a lot of patients.医生非常忙碌地为很多病人看病。12.He asked a lot of questions.他问了很多问题。13.He said I had the flu.他说我得了流行性感冒。14.He gave me a shot and said to go to bed for a few days.他给我打了针,并吩咐我躺着休息几天。15.He gave me a prescription.他开给我一张药方。16.I took some medicine and went to bed at once.我了药就上床休息。17.The next morning,I aly felt better.第二天早上,我已好多了。18.You should see your doctor right away.你应该马上去看你的医生。19.I dont like to feel sick.我不喜欢生病。20.I cant do anything then.那样我什么都不能做。21.I just want to sleep.我只想睡觉。22.Please tell me your name and address.请把你的姓名和地址告诉我好吗?23.He is examining the patients now.他现在正在检查病人。24.The train for Chicago has aly left.去芝加哥的火车已经开了。25.The train for Detroit hasnt left yet.去底特律的火车尚未开出。26.We have aly listened to the old tapes.旧的录音带我们已经听过了。27.I dont like this weather.我不喜欢这种天气。28.Shes feeling better now.她现在感觉好多了。29.Her headache is worse.她头痛得很厉害。30.A big celebration will take place here soon.这里很快就要举行一个盛大的庆祝活动。31.The taxi should be here in a minute.出租车应该很快就到。32.Take a look at the clock,and tell me the time.看一下时钟,告诉我几点钟。33.What are you looking for?你在找什么?34.If youll go to the movies with me,Ill pick you up at 7:00.如果你要和我去看电影,我就7点来接你。35.He has a bad cold and a sore throat.他患了重感冒,而且喉咙发炎。36.I havent felt very well today.我今天感到不舒。Practical Conversation实用会话Q:Have you called the taxi,John?约翰,你叫了出租车没有?A:Yes,I have.It should be here in a minute.Put on your coat and hat.Then well be y.是的,我叫了,它很快就来,穿上你的外套,戴上帽子,那我们准备好了。Q:Here he is now.他来了。A:Good,Ill take the bags.You go ahead and get in.很好,我来拿行李,你先去上车。Q:Hurry,John.Its 6:25,and the train leaves at 6:35.约翰,快一点,现在是6点25分,火车6点35分开。A:Im hurrying.But your watch is fast.I have 6:20.我正在赶,但是你的手表快了,我的才6点20分。Q:No,its 6:25.Look at the station clock.不,是6时25分,看看车站的钟。A:Oh,yes,I guess youre right.Well I just have to pick up our tickets.Then we can get on the train.Ill get them and meet you right here.啊,是的,我想你是对的,我去拿车票,然后我们在这里碰面上车。Q:What are you looking for?你在找什么?A:Im looking for my key,but I cant find it.我正在找我的钥匙,但是找不到。Q:Are you y?你准备好了吗?A:Were y to go to New York.我们准备去纽约。Q:Where did it take place?在哪儿发生的呢?A:It took place right here.就在这儿发生的。Q:Where are John and Mary going?约翰和玛丽要去哪儿?A:They are going to New York.他们正要去纽约。Q:Where did he put the bags?他把行李放在哪里?A:He put them into a taxi.他把行李放在出租车内。Q:Where did they go?他们去哪里?A:They went to the station.他们去火车站。Q:Was it a bus station?那是公共汽车站吗?A:It was a train station.它是火车站。Q:Do you think Im right?你认为我对?A:Yes,I guess youre right.是的,我想你是对的。Q:Do you suppose its true?你想它是真的吗?A:Yes,I guess its true.是的,我想是真的。Q:Where does the train leave from?这火车从何处开出的?A:It leaves from gate 29.它是从29号门开出的。Q:Are you y to relax?你准备轻松一下吗?A:Yes,were y to take a break.是的,我们准备休息一下。Q:Did you always study at night?你经常在晚上读书吗?A:Yes,I studied every night.是的,我每天晚上都读书。Q:Did your friends frequently visit you?你的朋友时常来拜访你吗?A:Yes,they often visited us.是的,他们经常来看我们。Q:Did they usually eat in a cafeteria?他们常在自助餐馆吃饭吗?A:Yes,they frequently ate there.是的,他们常在那儿吃饭。Q:When did they frequently take a trip?他们常在什么时候旅行?A:They often went in the summer months.他们常在夏天月份去旅行。Q:Are you feeling better?你觉得好点吗?A:I still have a bad cold and a headache.我一直患有重感冒和头痛。Q:How are you getting along?你好吗?A:Fine now,thanks,just fine.现在还好,谢谢,还好。 /201503/361060我有个朋友不久前从中国来美国旅游,后来想留下来。现在的问题是,他没有工作许可,所以不能合法工作。最好的办法当然是申请工卡。不过,美国其实也有不少非法移民,他们找的都是付现金的工作,所以不用交税。英语里有个习惯用语,专门指这种交易:under the table. Under the table在桌子下面进行的交易,也就是不能见人的,而且往往是非法的。下面这个例子里的商人怀疑,他的竞争对手之所以很快就拿到了卖酒的许可,可能是私下里贿赂了管事的人。让我们听听他是怎么说的。例句-1:Ive been waiting for over a year to get a liquor license for my restaurant, and this guy comes along and gets one in two months. Im sure he must have paid the official under the table. How else could he have gotten one so fast?他说:我的餐馆申请酒牌已经一年多了,但是这个人刚来两个月就拿到了。我敢肯定,他一定是私下里给了管事的官员什么好处,要不然,他怎么能那么快就拿到呢?虽说见不得人,但是很多生意都是通过under the table办成的。有趣的是,中国人说在饭桌上谈事,意思是酒足饭饱后就好说话了,但是西方人却说,under the table,在饭桌下面办事。在一个高度廉洁、高度透明的体制中,公司为了得到政府的合约,应该通过公平竞争,而不需要私下里打通门路,行贿受贿: They should not have to compete under the table with kickbacks.******虽说under the table听上去在生意场上应该是由来已久了,但事实上,这个习惯用语最早出现于二十世纪二十年代,历史并不久远。当时,合法交易都是在桌面上完成的,所以,在桌子下面under the table进行的交易,就是指不光明磊落的。在下面这个例子中,我们要看看美国一个最可能从under the table得到的收入来源。你能猜到吗?让我们一起听听看。例句-2:I run a restaurant and I get a lot of young people asking me for part-time job as waiters, and they all want to be paid under the table, you know, cash. This way they can avoid paying taxes. Its easier for me because I dont have to put them in my books.这个人说:我有一家餐馆,很多年轻人都想在我的餐馆里打零工,做务员,而且都希望我能付给他们现金。这样他们就不用交税了。这样做其实我也愿意,因为我报帐的时候不用把他们包括进去了。对呀,在餐馆当务员赚的小费也是现金,难怪那么多年轻人喜欢在餐馆打工,赚的钱可以全部进入自己的腰包。而且呀,还有很多学生放假专门跑到旅游景点去打工呢!这也让我想起,很多墨西哥人为什么会愿意背井离乡到美国来打工,原因很简单,an American salary, even if below minimum wage and paid under the table, would be much higher than what they could earn at home. 在美国赚的工资,即使低于政府规定的最低工资,而且是私下里的现金交易,也要比他们在家乡赚到的多得多。 /201504/372373无锡微创治疗肛裂

常州市第七人民医院治疗便秘价格无锡治疗支原体哪家医院好排名哪里 Wendi: So I wanna know who your basketball team is?温迪:你在哪篮球队?Ken: Who my basketball team is?肯:我的篮球队?Wendi: Yeah.温迪:对。Ken: Oh, my favorite pro team?肯:哦,我最喜欢的职业篮球队吗?Wendi: Now, like whos your team?温迪:你在哪篮球队?Ken: Oh, OK. Im from Atlanta so my favorite team is the Hawks, unfortunately. For the past six or seven years, they have sucked it up royally and they havent been much to cheer for but therere signs of them turning it around. Theyve got a nice young core. Like we have the slam dunk champion on your team. A nice free agent pick-up recently. Hopefully in a couple of years well make the playoffs, something to cheer for.肯:哦,好。我来自亚特兰大,所以我最喜欢的球队是亚特兰大老鹰队。不幸的是,这六七年来,球队打得太差了,没有什么可庆祝的,不过现在已经有迹象表明球队正在好转。他们引进了一名年轻的核心球员。现在球队有扣篮大赛冠军。而且球队还签下了一名优秀的自由球员。希望未来几年我们可以打进季后赛,让我们可以欢呼庆祝。Wendi: Alright, in any basketball game Ive ever been to, its like, at half-time, those cheerleader girls come out and cheer. Whats the relationship between basketball and cheerleading?温迪:嗯,我看过几场篮球比赛,啦啦队会在中场休息时间出来表演。篮球和啦啦队之间的关系是什么?Ken: Its not the relationship between basketball and cheerleading so much as the relationship between the basketball fan and the cheerleader and that the basketball fan is normally a man, and men like to look at beautiful women moving around I think. Thats the relationship. Its just a crowd-pleaser more than anything else.肯:篮球和啦啦队之间的关系并不像篮球迷和啦啦队之间的关系那样密切,通常来说篮球迷都是男性,我认为男人喜欢看漂亮的女孩跳舞。就是这种关系。这其实就是取悦观众的表演。Wendi: Thats an honest answer, Ken.温迪:肯,你给出了诚实的回答。Ken: I dont think the players are any more motivated than they would be just because some girls are dancing around in skimpy outfits but the fans still love it.肯:我认为篮球运动员不会因为一些女孩穿着暴露的衣跳舞而更有动力,但是球迷喜欢看。Wendi: Fair enough.... Alright, if you think of all the teams you have ever been on, what characterizes the best type of teammate to have?温迪:有道理……好,你回想一下你参加过的球队,你认为最好的队友应具备什么特征?Ken: The best type of teammate to have is one who is a good leader. I like good leaders, like people who know how to win, know how to get their teammates involved in the game. They motivate you. They praise you when you do well. Theyll give you constructive criticism when youre not playing as well as you could be. But ultimately they know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the players on the team and theyll make the most of it based on what they feel is best for the team.肯:我认为最好的队友应该是那种优秀的领导者。优秀的领导者知道如何取得胜利,可以让队友融入比赛中。他们会激励你进步,在你表现出色的时候表扬你。而在你没有表现出应有水平时给你提出建设性的批评意见。说到底,他们知道球队中每名选手的优点和缺点,利用这些做出对球队最好的选择。 译文属 /201508/390354无锡普特彼有什么功效

无锡市锡山区治疗腹胀医院本期内容:Do not put all your eggs in one basket不要把所有鸡蛋都放到一个篮子里我们来看知识点,首先是短语,put something in something, 把某物放入某个里面再看发音,连读,put allDo not put all your eggs in one basket不要把所有鸡蛋都放到一个篮子里好啦,这就是今天的英语格言,see you next time.关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201612/483706 《地道英文闲聊脱口秀》收录了经典的地道的英语口语内容,脱口秀中包含许多纯正的英语习惯用语及英语句型,是学习英语口语,练习英语发音的很好的英语学习材料。在轻松的氛围中,英语学习爱好者可以很快掌握英语口语知识,了解国外的风土人情,逐渐培养良好的英语语感,是提高英语水平的必备英语学习教程。 /201504/372492无锡妇幼保健医院肛肠科常州肛肠科医院



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