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UN Says 1 Million Burmese Children at Risk After Cyclone缅甸风灾后可能会有百万儿童染病  A ed Nations agency says that as many as one million children may be at risk of disease following Cyclone Nargis. The concerns come as efforts continue to persuade Burma's military government to grant greater access to international relief agencies. 联合国儿童基金会表示,由于纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的影响,缅甸可能会有多达一百万名儿童感染疾病。与此同时,国际社会继续努力说缅甸军政府当局准许更多的国际救援组织进入灾区。The ed Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, reports that tens of thousands of children are living outdoors, with little shelter from the monsoon rains. 联合国儿童基金会报告说,缅甸目前有成千上万的儿童露宿野外,缺少遮风避雨的设施。Shantha Bloeman, a UNICEF spokeswoman in Thailand, says children make up 30 to 40 percent of the victims of Cyclone Nargis, which hit Burma, also known as Myanmar, two weeks ago.  联合国儿童基金会在泰国的发言人布罗曼说,纳尔吉斯风暴的受难者当中,儿童占百分之三十到百分之四十。纳尔吉斯风暴两个星期前袭击缅甸。"The situation remains dire for children in Myanmar," said Bloeman. "Their physical and emotional well-being is of critical concern. Assessment reports indicate the destruction of homes, schools; water and sanitation systems are unrelenting threats to child survivors." 布罗曼说:“缅甸儿童的情况仍然很糟糕。他们的生理和心理状态最让人关切。评估报告指出,住宅、学校、饮水和卫生系统的毁坏,对幸存的这些儿童造成极大威胁。”Bloeman said Friday the children face diseases such as cholera, and are vulnerable to exploitation and sexual abuse. Aid groups are trying to ensure that children remain with families or relatives to protect them.  布罗曼星期五说,缅甸儿童面临霍乱等疾病的威胁,而且可能被迫为奴或被卖为娼。救援组织现在正努力确保这些幸存的儿童能够和自己家人或亲戚住在一起,接受保护。The ed Nations says up to 2.5 million people were affected by cyclone - the worst natural disaster in Burma in recent times. The official death toll is more than 43,000, but aid organizations estimate it could reach 128,000. 联合国说,受到风暴影响的多达两百到两百五十万人,这是缅甸近年来最严重的一次自然灾害。缅甸官方公布的死亡人数为四万三千多人,但是救援机构估计,实际死亡人数恐怕要多达十二万八千人。Pressure remains on Burma's military to allow international aid agencies greater access to the region to help survivors. A medical team from Thailand was due to arrive Friday to support relief efforts. 缅甸军政府目前继续面临著来自国际社会的压力,要求他们允许更多的国际援助机构进入灾区帮助幸存者。泰国一个医疗队计划星期五抵达缅甸,协助救援工作。Steve Marshall, a spokesman for the U.N. country team in Burma, says that some aid is reaching the region, but it is insufficient. He says a much bigger international effort is needed. 联合国驻缅甸办事处发言人史帝夫.马歇尔表示,一部分援助物资正在抵达灾区,但是远远不够。灾区急需更多的国际援助。"The issue of access in terms of our staff, as I've indicated, they are down there and they are working," said Marshall. "But the size of this for the government for the U.N. or for others actually requires a completely cooperative coordinated approach and it is too big for any one institution on its own to say it can look after things. It is simply too big." 马歇尔说,“就我们办事处的人员来说,他们已经在灾区,并且在参与救援工作了。但是这次灾害涉及的面太大了,因此缅甸政府,联合国,以及组织,各方面需要总体协调起来,单靠一个机构或者组织,是远远不够的。”Aid workers estimate that they have been able to reach less than a third of the storm's victims. 国际救援人员估计,到目前为止,他们能够帮助的灾民不到总数的三分之一。In the coming days, the U.N. humanitarian chief, John Holmes, will arrive in Rangoon to discuss relief efforts with the government. On Monday, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will meet in Singapore to discuss how to increase aid to Burma, which is a member. 在今后几天,联合国负责人道主义事务的副秘书长约翰.霍姆斯将抵达仰光,与缅甸政府讨论救援工作。下星期一,东盟将在新加坡举行会议,讨论如何加大对缅甸的援助。缅甸是东盟的成员国。 200805/39247

美国原汁原味访谈录:你的理财方式属于哪种? Eric Schurenberg is the managing editor of money magazine in this August issue, in which this quiz appears, you are here to tell us what we might find. Why is it so important to come up with your money personality type?Eric Schurenberg: Well, you know because people are just not rational about their money, you can't just say well you are always gonna do the smart thing because you'll think it through, instead the way you handle money is governed by behavior patterns, by your irrational thought, by your emotions, as so knowing the kind of prejudices that you go into money decisions with will help you make the right decisions, and avoid the same old mistakes.Ok, so after you take this quiz, you should find out if you're a guardian, that's, this discipline is the key to security, is guardian the best thing to be? Well, It's the one that most people are, most Americans are, is it the best thing to be. Well,you know, like all money types, there are good types and bad types. You have a lot of self-discipline if you're a guardian, ohh, financial security matters a lot to you, on the other hand, you are likely to be a little too conservative , and make choices that don't get you sometimes you have to take risks in the market to get ahead.Exactly. And if you get mostly Cs , if your answer are mostly Cs to our short pop quiz there, you are a guardian. On to the next one, the next personality type is an idealist, I think that's probably what I am, because money just isn't the top priority . That's right, you are more concerned with helping other people, and that's a good thing too for lots of reason, and doing fun stuff matters a lot too. But you know that's a good thing , it' also a good financial thing, because if you are not that concerned about money you are not chasing every squiggle of the stock market, and making decisions based on really short term thing; on the other hand if you don't have a financial plan , you may not reach your goals, so something you wanna pay attention to.OK! So, if your answer are mostly Bs, you are an idealist. ok what's next, Brian? I couldn't hear you: Artisans, this is interesting, Artisans, which I wouldn't figure to be a money personality type , so if your answers are mostly As, you are an artisan , what's an artisan?Artisans are people who are...they're willing to take risks, they go on gut instinct a lot. That’s a pretty good thing too. Sometimes you can, if you are willing to take risk, you buy a lot of stocks, and that sort of thing, you do...it works out for you in the long-run, on the other hand, artisans are not the type to do a series of long term financial plan, and so sometimes they have to put things into place like automatic savings plans so that they get that kind of a regular financial planning thing going.Ok, Rational, what Chad?If you said A to one of those questions, that was the one that said you strongly agree that financial advisors, you know, are great or whatever the quest of term was, right?I think so , I can't remember though, but good point, Eric saying you are right, Chad, Chad's always right, isn't he?and it kind of makes me nauseated .If your answers are mostly Ds, you are a rational personality money type. That seems to me the best way to be.Well, it has its strengthes and it has its weaknesses too. Rationals believe cool reason prevails and it means that you take a lot of satisfaction out of putting complex financial plans into place. That's a good thing for obvious reasons. The bad side is that you tend to think that you can outsmart the market, and the market is not a rational place, so soon that can get you into trouble.Eric Schurenberg from the Money magazine, thank you so much. If you wanna know more, if you wanna take this quiz, it's in Money magazine and the August issue. And you can learn a lot about yourself and possibly make yourself some money too.200707/15222

So let's go back to Sheffield to that whole plan by McDonald's to try and burn the waste and the leftovers from their burgers and the packaging to try and turn it all into household energy. Lucy Manning reports from Sheffield.Their ads say their customers are loving it, but what no one much likes is the amount of rubbish McDonald's and other big businesses generate every day. So the Golden Arches are trying to take on a greener tint. A pilot project in Sheffield will see 11 MacDonald's restaurants turn their waste into heat and electricity for local buildings. It works something like this: take a MacDonald's burger, chuck it away, take that and a hundred tons of rubbish each restaurant generates a year. And instead of taking it to a landfill, drive it down the road to an energy recovery plant, mix it up with some of Sheffield's other rubbish, burn it in an incinerator and get electricity and heat.We've got a real serious issue to address here in Britain overall. And that is there is just too much rubbish being buried in the land. There is too much waste going to landfill. I think it's incumbent on big, big businesses, business like McDonald's to try and find innovative solutions ‘coz we all have aspirations to send zero waste to landfill. But bringing that into reality is something of a challenge for us.MacDonald's has done much over the last few years to try and rebrand itself. And now like a lot of other companies, it's choosing to go down the green route. But will my filleted fish, milk shake and chips really make a difference to the planet.The amount of electricity and heat it creates is not gonna be that great. In fact, this entire scheme covering 11 stores is gonna provide the heat and electricity for about 50 homes, that's all, 50 homes. And even if you extended it across the whole of the MacDonald's estate, it would only be 5,000 homes. So it's good, but it's nowhere near enough.What more do you think needs to be done for McDonald's to go green? Well, there is an astonishing fact that they have released, haven't they? They've told us that each store, each individual MacDonald's produces 100 tons of waste a year, that is the most enormous amount of waste. And that what MacDonald's really ought to be working on now is trying to diminish that, trying to cut that to a reasonable level.But MacDonald's says it has tried to minimize packaging and improve recycling. Its delivery vehicles will soon be powered with used cooking oil and it hopes it can lead the way on dealing with waste.One things that MacDonald can't bring is scalability to positive programmes such as this, so if being proven out in its 11-restaurant green city trial, then the potential across 1,200 restaurant estate and across the broader food industry and general commercial waste is huge.But there're only around 20 of these energy recovery plants across the country and unless more are built, that's going to mean long drives for the rubbish, reversing any green benefits and green campaigners say no matter how hard MacDonald's tries to be environmentally-friendly, the fact (that) its core product is beef means it will always struggle. The vegetarian society has launched this campaign, warning people about what it calls the dangerous emissions from cattle, more deadly it says than the effect on climate change of the transport system across the world, but this link between diet and global warming may be more difficult for the Big-Mac-Generation to stomach.200805/39907

Ministerial-Level Korea Nuclear Talks Set for Singapore六方会谈下周将举行部长级会议  The State Department said Friday all six parties to the talks on North Korea's nuclear program will convene at the ministerial level for the first time next week in Singapore. The meeting will bring together Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her North Korean counterpart, Pak Ui Chun. 美国国务院星期五表示,参加北韩核项目问题六方会谈的各方将于下星期在新加坡首次举行部长级会议。美国国务卿赖斯和北韩外务相朴义春都将出席。The six-party meeting, on the sidelines of an ASEAN foreign ministers dialogue in Singapore, is being described here as an informal gathering. But it will nonetheless be a significant milestone in the Chinese-organized nuclear negotiations, which have been underway since 2003. 这次六方部长级会议将在东南亚国家联盟外长在新加坡举行论坛期间召开,被称为一次非正式会议。不过,在由中国主持的北韩核项目问题六方会谈中,这次会议仍然是一个重要的里程碑。北韩核项目问题六方会谈从2003年开始举行。North Korea agreed in principle in 2005 to give up its nuclear program in exchange for energy aid and diplomatic benefits from the other parties to the talks - the ed States, Japan, Russia, South Korea and host China. 北韩2005年原则上同意放弃核项目,以换取从参加会谈的其它各方得到能源援助和外交好处,这些国家是美国、日本、俄罗斯、韩国和东道国中国。A detailed agreement was completed last year, and the process gained momentum in late June when North Korea issued a promised declaration of its nuclear activities, and the ed States begun the process of lifting sanctions against the reclusive communist state. 各方去年完成了一份协议。北韩今年6月底申报先前保过的北韩核项目活动清单,美国启动了开始解除对这个与世隔绝的共产党国家的制裁的程序,使销毁北韩核项目的工作出现强劲的势头。Briefing reporters, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the ministerial-level gathering will be a useful follow-on to a heads-of-delegation meeting held earlier this month in Beijing. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克在向记者介绍情况时说,这次部长级会议是这个月初北京六方会谈团长会议的继续,非常有帮助。McCormack said the ministerial talks would be loosely structured and unlikely to produce any specific outcome. But, he said, the talks would be important in that in the wake of the North Korean declaration, the ministers will begin to chart the final phase of the process yielding a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. 麦科马克说,这次部长级会议的安排比较松散,不大可能产生具体结果。不过他表示,这次会议的重要性在于,在北韩申报核项目活动清单之后,各方部长将开始为朝鲜半岛无核化进程的最后阶段制定计划。"We have made progress up to this point, all the parties," said McCormack. "North Korea has made progress on fulfilling its commitments. We are doing so ourselves, as are the other parties to the six-party talks. And once we complete phase two, we are going to be moving to a crucial phase, phase three, and that phase ends with the de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula. There are no interim steps, and that means North Korea being completely out of the nuclear business." 麦科马克说:“到目前为止,参加六方会谈的各方都取得了进展。北韩在履行承诺方面取得了进展。我们自己也在取得进展,六方会谈其它各方都在取得进展。一旦我们完成第二阶段,我们就要进入关键的阶段,就是第三阶段,这个阶段最终要实现朝鲜半岛无核化。没有什么过渡性阶段,也就是说,北韩要彻底放弃核项目。”McCormack said there was no current plan for Rice to meet separately with her North Korean counterpart but he expects them to interact fully in the six-way session.  麦科马克说,赖斯目前没有单独会晤北韩外相的计划,不过他预计双方在六方部长会议上会充分互动。The agreement reached last year anticipates a formal ministerial level conference and McCormack said such a meeting will still be held, and that the Singapore discussion is not a substitute for it. 去年达成的协议预定要召开一次正式的部长级会议。麦科马克说,这个会议仍然会举行,在新加坡的这次会议不会取代正式的部长级会议。Rice is scheduled to be in Singapore next Wednesday and Thursday, on a foreign tour that takes her first to Abu Dhabi early next week for informal meetings with Gulf foreign ministers. 赖斯计划利用出访时间于下星期三和星期四到新加坡。在这次出国访问期间,她将首先于下星期早些时候到阿拉伯联合酋长国的阿布扎比出席海湾国家外长非正式会议。After the ASEAN-related meetings in Singapore, she visits Australia and New Zealand and attends a meeting of Pacific island leaders in Samoa. 赖斯在新加坡出现与东盟有关的会议之后,将访问澳大利亚和新西兰,并且到萨亚出席一个太平洋岛国领导人会议。200807/44329

Scripts:Investors in Shanghai and Hongkong are focusing on the shares of two of China's biggest banks: the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China--IC and the Bank of China, both posted surging profits on Thursday for the first half of the year. Our Asia Business editor Eunice Yoon is on board. She has more. Eunice, great profits from these two companies, what's powering them?Well, it's mainly Chinese economic boom, and more specifically the higher interest income that they've been earning, er... mainly from the corporate customers that they have, also the fact that both of these banks are expanding into new businesses. Er...they are really trying to diversify er... their businesses and they are moving more into credit cards, mortgage lending also wealth management and that's really helping both of these banks in terms of their earnings for the first half of the year. IC said that their numbers came in 62% higher at 5.4 billion dollars. And bank of China also said that theirs were up by 52%.And as IC and Bank of China diversify, do they run the risk of exposing themselves to the sub-prime crisis that's been hitting the US?Well, what's intersting is that yesterday both of the banks er... really were able to confirm what analysts had been suspecting all along that their exposure to the problems in the ed States really are very very limited. In fact, IC said that their exposure to the sub-prime debacle is 1.23 billion dollars. But you set that, er set that against their 1.1 trillion dollars in total assets, very small number. Also Bank of China said that their exposure is 9.7 billion dollars and even though a lot of analysts are saying that this is the largest exposure er... in terms of...for a lot of these Chinese banks, it's still only 1% of the 770 billion dollars that they have in total assets. So, er... people are saying:they have a very large capital base, they also have very strong operating earnings and so because of that this is a manageable problem for them.So, should the outlook for their share prices be pretty positive?Well, that's what, er,I mean, that's what a lot of analysts are saying that in the long run because people tend to bet on banks in order to use them er...really to ride on the coattails of the ecomomic boom and act as a proxy to the ecomomic growth in the country. Er...they are a good bet at least that's what a lot of prople tend to believe also because the banks themselves have been able to clean up their books, and in the past several years, the bad loan problem has started to subside, a lot of that is because the government has been injecting so much money into these banks, so the banks have also listed, so that's been a problem that has been subsiding. Er...but the one thing that some analysts are concerned about is the valuations. And if there,these share prices would get a little bit too expensive 'cause they are worried that the loan growth as well as the margins might not be sustainable.Alright, thanks for the...Notes:ride on one's coattail: to use your connection with someone successful to achieve success yourself 200807/44133

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