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无锡/专治痔疮的医院常州第二人民医院肛肠外科无锡/市人民医院治疗肛乳头瘤价格 Is your hair dry and lifeless? Wander over to the kitchen and concoct a remedy.你的头发是否非常干枯,毫无生气?到厨房去调制一种配方吧。You Will Need你需要2 eggs2个鸡蛋5 tbsp. olive oil5汤匙橄榄油Fork, whisk, or blender叉子,拂子或搅拌器Plastic cap, shower cap, or plastic wrap塑料帽子,浴帽或塑料覆盖物Shampoo洗发水Steps步骤Step 1 Mix eggs and olive oil1.混合鸡蛋和橄榄油Mix eggs and olive oil and beat well.将鸡蛋和橄榄油混合,搅拌均匀。Step 2 Apply to your hair2.涂抹Apply to your hair and distribute throughout.涂抹在头发上,分散均匀Step 3 Cover your hair3.覆盖头发Cover your hair with a plastic cap, a shower cap, or plastic wrap.用塑料帽子,浴帽或塑料覆盖物把头发包好。Step 4 Wait4.等待Wait 30 minutes before peeling off the plastic. Treat yourself to a manicure or a facial while you wait.等待30分钟,然后将塑料覆盖物除掉。等待的时间可以修理指甲或做面部护理。Use a conditioning hair mask at least once a month to keep those tresses looking their best.每月至少一次使用护发发膜,让头发达到最佳状态。Step 5 Shampoo and condition5.洗发护发Shampoo your hair; do not rinse out the mask before washing.用洗发水洗头发;洗头之前不要清洗掉发膜。Step 6 Rinse6.清洗Rinse, apply conditioner, and rinse again.清洗,涂抹护发素,然后再次清洗。Contrary to popular belief, hair and nails do not continue to grow after death.与传统的观念相反,头发和指甲死亡之后不会继续生长。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/230347无锡/女人有痔疮治疗医院要多少钱

无锡/第九人民医院看肛门异物好不好演讲简介:阿兰·德波顿检视我们对成功和失败的看法,质疑它们所代表的意义。成功都是配得的吗?失败呢?听他机智地解答我们对成功的迷思,帮助我们摆脱势利,重新寻回对工作的热情。201210/202904常州市治疗慢性肠炎哪家医院好排名哪里 In 2007, one in eight Americans was born abroad.截至2007年 八分之一的美国人是在国外出生的My mothers Cuban and my dad is Australian,我母亲是古巴人 我爸爸是澳大利亚人my mother is black, my fathers white.我母亲是黑人 我父亲是白人But America is this melting pot.但美国就是这样一个大熔炉You know, Im a black latino with freckles.我是个会长雀斑的拉丁美洲黑人And thats kind of America.这就是美国Were this melting pot and we always have been.我们就是这个大熔炉 我们一直都是Weve been the place that people are desperate to get to人们不顾一切想要来到这里because they know once there,因为他们知道 一旦来到了这里their story can be written.他们就能书写自己的传奇It can be anything.一切皆有可能Each society in the past created tremendous innovations in civilizations.每一个社会在过去的文明发展中都进行了大量的创新All of a sudden we have them all here.忽然之间 这些创新我们一应俱全Its not just one philosophy.不是一种价值体系Its many, many philosophies which makes for a very creative country.而是很多很多种价值体系造就了这个充满创造力的国家In the past 20 years,在过去的20年间two-thirds of new immigrants have come from Latin America and Asia.三分之二的新移民来自拉丁美洲和亚洲I think this theory that you can be anything that you want in America我觉得这种在美国一切皆有可能的理论is not a theory. Its a truth.不是一种理论 而是事实Its a basic truth that plays itself out in every immigrant story.这是一个在每个移民的经历里都体现得淋漓尽致的基本事实Its really what America has always been about.美国的故事真的一直都是这样Coming from someplace else.来自异国他乡Coming to a place where you can rise up with your own sweat,来到一个可以靠你的汗水和努力and your own hard work and achieve something better than what you might have had elsewhere.出人头地的地方 取得在其他地方不可能取得的成就So for me the immigration experiment in America will never end because really thats what defines us as a nation.所以对我来说 美国的移民尝试永远不会结束 因为这才是我们国家的独特之处I think Americans are a collection of incredible souls and beings我觉得美国人就是一群神奇的人 who believe we are all in this together.相信我们都是休戚相关的This is a country where you can take chances.这是一个充满机遇的国家Youre allowed to try anything to achieve success你能够竭尽全力取得成功and failure is always there.但失败总是难免的and in order to try things and have failure there为了尝试新事物 学会面对失败you have to be brave.你必须变得勇敢Theres a large can-do attitude in the ed States.美国有着一种人定胜天的精神I think Americas a land of opportunity again because,there were no set rules.我认为美国是一片机会之地的另一个原因是这里没有陈规教条We sort of invented it as we went along.我们差不多是一边前进一边制定规则Its this belief that wherever you are in every moment of history有这样一种信念 无论你身处何时whatever your circumstances身处何地that radical progress is possible.都有可能实现突破性的进展 /201305/238138无锡/肛周脓肿很痛治疗医院要多少钱

无锡/男性痔疮治疗医院要多少钱Here, our journey heads northwards我们深入中国北地into one of Chinas wildest places原始地区的旅程开始了Leaving Kashgar and the Silk Road behind离开了喀什和丝绸之路we travel into the Tianshan我们一路来到天山or heavenly mountains.或称天国之山This great mountain range defines the border这座伟岸的山脉坐落于between Chinas most northwestern province中国最西北省区and neighboring Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan与塔吉克斯坦和吉尔吉斯斯坦的边境交汇处Its majestic peaks are nearly as high as the Himalayas他的宏伟顶峰几乎逼近喜马拉雅山巅峰Forming a natural great wall形成了一座天然长城For much of the year its bound up in ice尽管常年冰雪覆盖But the glacial melt water allows evergreen forests to grow但她的冰川融水却为常绿森林的成长提供了丰足的水源a far cry from the desert south of here与南部沙漠遥相呼应These mountains are the gateway这些山脉成为了to some of Chinas most surprising people and places深入中国最神奇居民和他们家园的关口 /201209/197628 委内瑞拉总统查韦斯病逝201303/229195无锡/便秘流血治疗医院要多少钱无锡/直肠炎治疗医院




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